Computing and calculating and counting (G06)

G   Physics(388263)
G06            Computing; calculating; counting(53073)

ulti-input adder by module two // 2614370
FIELD: computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering and can be used in digital computing devices, as well as in end fields GF(2ν) elements formation devices. Technical result is achieved by using new activation function in hidden layer, use of synaptic weights ωi,j, equal to one, which enables to eliminate synaptic weights multipliers from formal neuron structure, as well as elimination from neuron structure of output layer of unit,implementing activation function calculations.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of system expenses required for multi-input adder realization by module two.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and apparatus for obtaining information // 2614137
FIELD: physics, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of Internet technologies, particularly to the method and device of obtaining information. A method for obtaining information is proposed, comprising: receiving the information associated with at least one video element in the video, each video element being an image element, a sound element, or a video clip played; and displaying the associated information in the specified moment; resolving the problem of less efficiently obtaining information, allowing to display associated information in the video element in the terminal in the specified moment, and increasing the efficiency of obtaining information.EFFECT: invention provides the efficient information obtaining on the Internet.8 cl, 25 dwg

Objects monitoring system, objects monitoring method and monitoring target selection program // 2614015
FIELD: telecommunications.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to facilities video surveillance and monitoring system. Disclosed is facilities monitoring system, containing: first image forming device generates state image by capturing state, appearing in first zone; second image forming device generates monitoring target image by locking monitoring target, located in second zone; specific state detecting device detects characteristic state from state image; monitoring target analysis tool analyses monitoring target status, using state image, based on which characteristic state is detected; and monitoring target distinctive feature selection device selects from monitoring target image distinguishing feature, used to set monitoring target based on monitoring target status.EFFECT: technical result is provision of monitoring target selection, using which object can be automatically selected, which, is supposed to be reason for specific state based on images recorded by cameras.15 cl, 8 dwg

Peripheral control device having preset error states, and control method thereof // 2613982
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: to control peripheral control device (108, 112, 116) performing reception through controller (102), connected to peripheral control device (108, 112, 116), data from control system (122), remote from controller (102), in order to ensure peripheral control device (108, 112, 116) operation under error absence conditions; detection (306) of error state occurrence and providing peripheral control device (108, 112, 116) operation (506) based on data, coming from control system (122), if error state occurrence is not detected. Besides, providing peripheral control device (108, 112, 116) operation (508) in case of error state occurrence based on instruction, relating to specified error state, which is recorded in controller (102) memory, and consisting in provision of peripheral control device operation in first position during first time interval and second position during second time interval.EFFECT: enabling possibility to maintain fluid medium preset level in reservoir even in case of error state occurrence.26 cl, 7 dwg

Device for solving backpack problem // 2613854
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a clock pulse generator (CPG), elements AND and OR, groups of counters, groups of registers, groups of multipliers, adders, comparison circuits, a trigger, delay elements.EFFECT: modeling the backpack filling process with various objects so that the total cost of the filled backpack would be maximum at restricting the method of concessions on the total backpack weight and volume with mandatory placing a number of different subjects in the backpack.1 dwg

ethod of personal identification by digital facial image // 2613852
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method of personal identification by a digital facial image includes the stages of generating in the visible and infrared light of recognizable facial images identical in size and location in the frame, of determining the coordinates of the eye pupil centers by an IR image, of incorporating a colour image in the reference frame by the determined coordinates of the pupil center, of converting colour images to greyscale ones, and of calculating images of intensity and directions of brightness gradient to form three images of recognizable face, i.e. binary image of the brightness gradient intensity, greyscale image of the gradient directions and pasteurized colour image, the total correspondence of which to the reference images in the database influences the acceptance of identification.EFFECT: reduction of errors and time of recognizing a person's face image.9 dwg

Device for modeling screen plane process functioning during operation // 2613850
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises blocks of random number generators, groups of blocks for performing and controlling quality of the operative maintenance based on failures and recoveries, triggers, conditioners, time interval generators, elements AND and OR, differentiating elements and delay elements, pulse counters, random number generators, clock (counting) pulse generators, team generators, random pulse generators, random pulse sequence generators, random time interval generators, random length pulse generators and decoders.EFFECT: high measurement accuracy.4 dwg

Optical character recognition of image series // 2613849
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: current images from the series of the original document images are received, wherein the current image, at least, partially, overlaps the previous image from the series of images. The optical character recognition (OCR) of the current image is performed to receive the recognized text and the its corresponding text markup. The reference points are determined for each current and previous image of the corresponding plurality. Each reference point is associated with, at least, one textual artifact of the textual artifact plurality. The corresponding reference points of the current and the previous parameter images for converting the previous image coordinates to the current image coordinates, are calculated using the coordinates. At least, a part of the recognized text is connected to the cluster from the plurality of the symbol sequence clusters, using the coordinate conversion. A line-median is determined for each cluster, representing a cluster of the character sequences.EFFECT: final recognized text is obtained with this line-median, corresponding to, at least, part of the original document.20 cl, 12 dwg

Detecting "fuzzy" image duplicates using triples of adjacent related features // 2613848
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for identifying the fuzzy image duplicates is proposed. The method comprises the stage, at which identifying the plurality of triples of the adjacent related features (TARF) is performed, based on the rating of the singular points CORNER, for each of the image-requests, wherein each TARF consists of a singular spot point (BLOB) and two angular singular points (CORNER). Further, according to the method, images from the collection of images are detected by the index entries, associated with, at least, the TARF of the said plurality of, at least, one image-candidate, which contains, at least, one TARF coinciding with the TARF of the said plurality of the TARF image-request.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of search and retrieval of images from the image collection.22 cl, 6 dwg

Identification of chinese, japanese and korean script // 2613847
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: document image is received in the method of determining, whether the text contains Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters. The received document image is binarized. The connected components are searched on the binarized document image. Based on the received connected components, the set of fragments is detected and the document orientation is determined. The hypothesis of the language affiliation is formulated for each fragment from the set of fragments. The probability assessment is calculated for the hypothesis of the language affiliation. The set is selected from the set of fragments having the highest probability assessments. The hypothesis of the language affiliation is verified for each fragment from the subset of fragments. The decision about the presence of Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters is made on the basis of, at least, testing the hypothesis about the fragment language of the selected subset.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of determining the presence of Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters in the text.20 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and system for extracting data from images of semistructured documents // 2613846
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: text representation of the document image is obtained in the process of extracting data from the fields to the document image. A graph is constructed to store attributes of the document text fragments and the links between them. A cascade classification is made to calculate the attributes of the document text fragments and the links between them. A set of hypotheses is formed about the text fragment affiliation in the fields on the document image. A combination of hypotheses is selected. And data extracting is done from the fields on the document image based on the selected combination of the hypotheses.EFFECT: saving computing resources.15 cl, 8 dwg

Device for measuring characteristics of random processes // 2613844
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: first target sequence averager (16), the fourth detector (17), the second target sequence averager (18), a subtractor (19) and the fourth divider (20), the output of which is the fifth device output, are further introduced into the device for measuring the characteristics of random processes.EFFECT: improved accuracy of determining the m parameter of the random process with the Nakagami distribution.1 dwg

Control method and system for intelligent terminal device // 2613775
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: in the embodiment of the present invention there is a control method and system for an intelligent terminal device to solve problems with labour-consuming hand operations and with the wear of the switch, connector and headset interface facility, caused by frequent mechanical effect. The method includes establishment of a wearing state for a headset receiver, connected to an intelligent terminal device including a put-on and took-off state, and management of the application execution status in the intelligent terminal device and/or of the mode of intelligent terminal device in accordance with the receiver wearing state.EFFECT: increased service life of the mechanical part of the headset, and energy saving for the intelligent terminal device.12 cl, 7 dwg
ultifunctional protected micro-computer // 2613763
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises an extra-large integrated circuit "system on chip", wired and wireless ports of the input-output data, placed in the general protective shield made of a multilayer protective material, as well as a remote control. Casings of the wired information input-output ports, arranged in the casing holes, are made of a multilayer protective material or a standard material and are provided with caps made of a multilayer protective material.EFFECT: providing the device with the integrated protection from external influencing factors while maintaining the functional device capabilities.4 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of encoding and decoding images, device for encoding and decoding and relevant computer programmes // 2613740
FIELD: physics, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technologies of encoding / decoding video data. The decoding device is proposed comprising: a means for receiving a bitstream representing at least one encoded image. The device also comprises a means for identifying the predetermined plurality of blocks subsets of said at least one encoded image from the bitstream, each subset of said plurality comprising at least a series of consecutive blocks. The device also comprises a means for entropy decoding of the first number of consecutive blocks in the first subset of blocks and for entropy decoding of a second number of consecutive blocks in the second subset of blocks.EFFECT: invention provides more efficient data stream decoding due to improved adaptation of the encoded data stream to a particular kind of decoding.2 cl, 14 dwg

ethod, device and terminal device for apis movement control // 2613739
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method comprises the stage of capturing the first touch operation. If the second screen touch operation is captured while capturing said first screen touch operation, the movement direction and the movement distances for said second screen touch operation are determined. Wherein determining the second touch operation movement includes determining the angle between the horizontal direction and the direction determined by the coordinates of the starting and ending points of said second touch operation. Depending on the resulting value, the application can be moved either vertically or horizontally.EFFECT: provision of interface movement control by means of determining the direction and determining the angle between the touch operations.9 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for detecting placement and location by virtual reference images // 2613735
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: autonomous process creates a database of features from the existing topographic charts, which is subsequently used. The virtual reference images of the expected situation are created using the computer graphic techniques, highlighting features for the directory features consisting of the feature vectors based on the machine vision and associated with the 3D-coordinates of the localized features. These data are stored in the aviation system in the form of the database models, for example, and allow to provide navigation close for the reference trajectory and for the planned lighting conditions.EFFECT: extension of means in the non-autonomous process for recognizing the feautres.4 cl, 5 dwg

Video capture in data input scenario // 2613734
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: method of detecting the target fields in a physical document, comprising the following: information receiving by a processing device for identifying the data field in the physical document; receiving by the video stream processing device comprising multiple frames. Each frame comprises a part of the physical document; frame selection by the video stream processing device from multiple frames in a video stream; identification by the processing device of one or more text zones in the selected frame; processing by the processing unit of each of one or more identified text zones in the selected frame to identify data of each from one or more identified text zones of the selected frame, and for selection of data of one from one or more identified text zones that conform to a set of attributes associated with the data field; comparison by the data processing device of one from one or more selected text zones of identified frame with data of one or more text zones of the subsequent frame; update by the data processing device of one from one or more selected text zones of the selected frame, if the data of one or more text zones of the subsequent frame itself provides a better fit to a set of attributes; and providing by the processing device of the displayed field, containing data of one from one or more identified text zones for presentation in a user interface.EFFECT: efficient identification of target fields in a physical document using video stream of a mobile device.20 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for recognizing radio signals // 2613733
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method for recognizing radio emissions, which consists in the fact that the signal information part is selected to form the recognition features of the radio signals by the structural and temporary construction. The selected signal part is digitized and processed. Then the number of the most informative approximation coefficients is estimated for the continuous wavelet transformation, the signal vector is formed based on the number of the most informative coefficients. The integral indicator is calculated by using the energy characteristic indicators of the signal and the wavelets. The wavelet function, providing the maximum contrast of the radio signal feature - scalograms, is selected by the maximum value of the integral indicator. The signal scalogram is constructed by the continuous wavelet transformation, which is taken as the recognition feature.EFFECT: enhancing the contrast of the radio recognition features.8 dwg

3d interlaced video // 2613729
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to three-dimensional [3D] video data video processing technologies. Disclosed is video processing device for three-dimensional 3D video information processing from medium and for selection mechanism processing, implemented as a function on medium, wherein 3D video information comprises 3D video data. Device contains input facility for receiving from medium of selection mechanism and 3D video data according to 3D interlaced format, having resolution, corresponding interlaced frame package format. Device also includes video processor for 3D video information processing and selection mechanism and pixel data 3D display signal generating, wherein 3D display signal is 3D video data according to display format. Device also contains selection mechanism, which is provided with possibility of controlling 3D video information processing by state register reading and 3D interlaced and interlaced conversion display format selection.EFFECT: technical result is expansion of video processing mechanism functional capabilities, enabling selection of three-dimensional video information two-dimensional version, when three-dimensional playback is impossible.12 cl, 3 dwg

Vector type command at field of galois multiplication, addition and accumulation // 2613726
FIELD: physics, computer science.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the computer engineering and, particularly, to vector processing in a computer environment. The technical result is achieved by the processor getting machine instruction for execution, containing the opcode field, to provide the operation code, identifying the operation of the vector type at Galois field of multiplication, addition and accumulation, the first register field, that is used to designate the first register, containing the first operand, the second register field, used to designate the second register, containing the second operand, the third register field, used to designate the third register, having the third operand, the fourth register field, used to designate the fourth register, containing the fourth operand.EFFECT: invention provides the efficiency increase of computing at Galois field.20 cl, 32 dwg

Friends recommendations method and server and terminal for this // 2613724
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the friend recommendation means in the terminal. Generate information of the first interested keyword through the analysis of the first terminal event information. Receive the information of the second interested keyword of the second terminal. Compare the information of the first interested keyword and information of the second interested keyword. Display the information, recommending the user of the second terminal as a friend, based on the result of comparison. At that, the first interested keyword generation contains a summary of information about the event in the first interested keyword of the higher level, and at that, this information of the first interested keyword is configured into the form of a matrix, from which the plurality of the first feature vectors for the transmission to the second terminal is obtained.EFFECT: invention provides the increase of accuracy of the friends recommendation in a social network.14 cl, 38 dwg

Sharing and transferring message content between users // 2613723
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method, computer medium and a system for sharing and transferring messaging content. Method comprises displaying messaging content that is associated with a user, receiving, on a user’s computer, a selection of least a portion of content for sharing with one or more recipients, sending a request to recipient for sharing at least a portion of content, receiving, at recipient's computer, a request for sharing said at least a portion of messaging content with recipient, accepting/rejecting, by recipient, of sharing with user of said at least portion of content after recipient accepts sharing of at least portion of content, enabling sharing of at least portion of content, providing access to messaging content which is associated with user, and transferring and storing said at least portion of messaging content to recipient.EFFECT: technical result is providing access to shared messaging content.10 cl, 13 dwg

Bucket swing automated control for excavator // 2613699
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: system and method for bucket swing compensatory control are proposed. The method includes the compensation determination direction by at least one processor opposite to the current direction of the bucket swing, and the application of the maximum available torque of the swing in compensation direction when the bucket acceleration exceeds the predetermined acceleration value. The method may also include determining the current excavator state and the implementation of these steps when the current excavator state is the state of swing to the truck or the state of return for tightening. When the current excavator state is the state of soil excavation, the method may include limitation of the maximum available swing torque and enabling increasing the rotation torque to the maximum available swing torque for a predetermined time period when the bucket is pulled to a certain position along the course length by at least one processor.EFFECT: invention provides a system and method for controlling the excavator rotation bucket using the compensation method.40 cl, 13 dwg

ethod and system for helping patient // 2613580
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medical equipment, namely to means of helping people with memory impairment in social interactions. System is configured to determine whether user identifies person and, if user doesn’t identify person, provision of information identifying that person to user, and contains one or more sensors for measuring physiological characteristics of user, wherein system is configured to determine emotional state of user based on measured physiological characteristics, and identifies whether user identifies person by determining emotional state of user. Method of using system consists in measurement by means of sensors of physiological characteristics of user interacting with person, determining emotional state of user based on measurements of physiological characteristics and determination, whether user identifies person on basis of certain emotional state of user, wherein if user doesn’t identify person, provision of information identifying that person to user. Method includes computer-readable medium. In second version, method involves stages, at which measured physiological characteristics are transmitted to base station, which establishes correspondence of physiological characteristics with level of stress, receiving signal from base station transceiver, which indicates level of stress, it is determined by processor, that user doesn’t identify person on basis of level of stress, person is identified, information on person is provided by means of processor and stored in memory for user so that user identifies person.EFFECT: use of inventions allows to improve possibility of social interaction for people with memory impairment.28 cl, 6 dwg

ultiple priority device // 2613536
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises: a group of the N external request inputs Z0, Z1, …, Z (N-1) (where the input Z0 has the highest priority), R external output groups of the U senior unit pointers in the unitary code "1 of N" (where R≤N, and the 0-th group has the highest priority (rank)), where N external request inputs are divided into K groups (where K=]N/4[ - greater whole), are introduced to the K modules of the groups l0, l1, …, 1(K-1) connected in series between each other by the tires 20, 21, …, 2(K-2) of the amount transfer, the 0-th module of the groups 10 comprises the first half-adder 3, the second single-charge adder 4 with the transfer input CI, the first 5, the second 6, the third 7 decoders, each i-module of the groups 11, 12, …, 1(K-1) (where i=1, 2, …, K-1) comprises the third single-charge adder 8i with the transfer input CI , the fourth adder 9i without the transfer input, the fifth adder 10i with the transfer input CI, the sixth adder 11i without the transfer input and the seventh adder 12i with the transfer input CI, the fourth 13i, the fifth14i , the sixth 15i and the seventh 16i decoders, wherein all the decoders contain a group of the address inputs and an enable input E.EFFECT: expanding the functionality of forming R groups of the senior unit pointers in the unitary code 1 of N in the seniority order of the priorities.3 dwg,1 tbl

ethod for detecting malicious software and elements // 2613535
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method involves the analysis of programmes or messages that meet the suspicion criteria or criteria groups, and the creation of a message indicating the result of malicious elements detection, wherein in a server, or a browser, or a communication channel therebetween a filter system is inserted, which analyzes the transmitted documents taking into account the database including the data on the known safe elements, and if the document contains unknown potentially malicious elements absent in the safe elements database, the received document is decomposed into a plurality of individual ones containing the unknown potentially malicious elements from which files are created, the number of which correlates with the number of decomposed elements, after which one or more sets of files are composed from decomposed elements, which are subjected to the dynamic detection for tracking the deviations from the normal client programme behaviour as a result of malicious elements actions, and the document is transmitted to the browser without the identified malicious elements.EFFECT: increasing the malicious programmes and elements detection reliability.12 cl, 1 dwg

Shifter // 2613533
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: shifter comprises a bidirectional shift matrix of dimension NxM, where M=log2N, from M elements cascade 2AND-2AND-2AND-3OR and 2AND-2AND-2OR, block for shifts number modification comprising a group of (M-2) OR elements, the first group of (M-1) AND elements and a group of (M-1) EXCLUSIVE OR elements, shift direction control unit comprising the second group of the (M-1) AND elements, a group of (M-1) AND elements with prohibition input, a group of (M-1) NO elements and the third group of (M-1) AND elements, zero result flag forming comprisng the first, the second and the third AND elements with prohibition input, the first and the second OR element and AND-NO element, four control inputs of direction set and the shift type.EFFECT: increased speed, possibility to set the amount of logical shift in the bits range between 0 and N or more than N.1 dwg, 3 tbl

Self-adjusting interactive system, method and computer readable data medium of comments exchange between users // 2613530
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: interactive self-adjusting system of comments exchange between users of at least one social network using a client-server technology. The system comprises an access module, a user profile creation module, a user profile reliability evaluation module. Reliability evaluation module is designed to calculate the user's rating, which shows the confidence level of this user's comments. If, at least, two other users with large ratings mark the user's comments as unreliable or abusive, the system performs blocking comments from this user.EFFECT: confidence evaluation implementation of users' comments by means of user ratings automatic lock of the user with a low rating.23 cl, 16 dwg

ethod and device for load sharing // 2613528
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to load sharing during data transmission over a network. Load sharing method, including configuration of public network addresses in form of address pools, after receiving traffic transmitted by user devices, grouping user devices according to models of traffic transmitted by user devices, assignment, by central processor units (CPU), public network addresses for user devices and transmitting private network addresses of user devices to public network addresses, wherein each of said address pools includes a plurality of address units, and each of plurality of address units corresponds to one CPU, each group of users includes a plurality of units of users, and each of plurality of units of users corresponds to one CPU.EFFECT: efficient balancing of load sharing during implementation of NAT on multiple CRU.10 cl, 5 dwg

Device for solving appointment problems // 2613523
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device includes a group of m meters of 31…3m, a group of decoders of 41…4m, a group of registers, a group of flip-flops, a group of adders, a group of encoders. The introduced groups of the second encoders, the AND, OR elements, and the comparison circuits provide the ability to work in two problem formulation versions of finding an optimal solution.EFFECT: improving accuracy of the device operation by optimizing the problem solution in two problem formulation versions of finding an optimal solution.1 dwg

Display control device and display method // 2613479
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices and methods of controlling display. Display control device which controls display of a new image obtained by photographing using an imaging device, connected via a network, comprises a receiving unit and a control unit. Receiving unit is configured to receive through network said image. Control unit is configured to select from plurality of images, displayed on first display screen, an image which must be displayed on second display screen, on which a plurality of images can be displayed, and to display first display screen and second display screen with possibility of switching in response to user operation so that selected image is taken away from first display screen and displayed on second display screen. Said new image is displayed on first display screen when said new image corresponds to a predetermined condition and a predetermined number of images is already displayed on first display screen.EFFECT: invention enables to accelerate and simplify control of inspected images.16 cl, 16 dwg

ethod and device for telecommunication network electric power consumption space-time control depending on power supply system conditions // 2613350
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to telecommunication network electric power consumption control systems. Mains has electric network central control unit, which controls mains components working state, and telecommunication network has telecommunication control unit, which controls telecommunication network components, wherein mains control unit and telecommunication control unit are connected to each other via network, in order to exchange information in digital form.EFFECT: technical result consists in optimization of electric power consumption space-time control depending on load in mains conditions.16 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Systems and methods for operation interpretation with maintenance of anonymity in application to drill rigs // 2613218
FIELD: drilling of soil or rock.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling at deposit processes designing means. In particular, disclosed is method of creating and using supporting anonymity operations database at oil deposit, containing: determining performance indicators set of operations, to be performing for opposing to performance indicators unprocessed data for formation of works performance indicators for each parameter on oil deposit, represented in set; aggregation of multiple performance indicators parameters for generating of statistical indicators for each parameter on oil deposit in set, wherein statistical indicators are generated from unprocessed data, which are not directly available on request; storing of statistical indicators for each parameter on oil deposit in set on available data medium; generation of performance indicators index for each statistical value by comparing corresponding performance indicators parameter with reference value, and identification of efficiency losses using performance indicators parameters.EFFECT: proposed technical solution provides comparison of works with outside organizations without violation of confidentiality and ownership right for unprocessed data.21 cl, 5 dwg

Hessian multiplication on vector approximation methods in wave field full inversion // 2613216
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geophysical exploration, and, particularly, to seismic data processing. Method of depths area physical properties discrete model determining, which is model or depths model, by measured geophysical data iterative inversion, obtained from depths area, and containing: target function Hessian matrix approximation, which then is multiplied by vector describing Hessian multiplication on vector using computer, with help of single simulated direct wave propagation and single target function gradient calculation, in depths modified model, besides, it is necessary to use only three direct wave or backward wave spreads, wherein this approximation is based on approximation equation for Born scattered pressure field , where Hessian multiplication on vector is approximated by gradient calculating using as artificial excess, then calculating model parameters direction in space for updating to current model by Hessian matrix inversion multiplying by target function gradient, where Hessian matrix inversion is iteratively calculated using conjugated gradients method, wherein approximation of Hessian multiplying on vector is used to estimate Hessian matrix multiplication on environment disturbance vector, performing linear search for model updating amplitude determination using calculated direction, addition of model updating to current model to generate updated model and use of updated model for geophysical survey.EFFECT: technical result is increased rate of value assessing, known as Hessian multiplication on vector, which occurs in certain methods for numerical solution of partial differential equations.14 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for power supply and power supply with usb interface for load time-division multiple access system // 2613179
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used in load time division multiple access systems. Power supply with USB interface comprises: USB interface, smooth switching circuit and DC/DC conversion circuit, which are connected in series. From output of DC/DC conversion circuit power is supplied to loading time-division multiple access system. Power supply source also comprises a capacitor, first end of which is connected between smooth switching circuit and DC/DC conversion circuit, and second end is grounded. Said capacitor is used for limitation of input current of DC/DC conversion circuit. Value of capacitor is selected in accordance with voltage on capacitor, when loading time-division multiple access system is operating or not operating, maximum current allowable for output via a USB interface, input voltage of DC/DC conversion circuit, voltage and current required by load time division multiple access system, and period of operation of load time-division multiple access system.EFFECT: technical result consists in compensation of power at reduced capacitance in circuit of connector, providing compensation of power, ensuring working parameters of power supply source with USB interface.8 cl, 8 dwg

Automated equipment monitoring device for electric substation // 2613130
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: automated equipment monitoring device for electrical substation comprises a computer connected to a sensor for metering the parameters of substation equipment. The computer is designed as a microprocessor-based data acquisition and processing unit. The sensors themselves are installed outside the sensors and connected with them using one or two fiber-optic cables. The cables are respectively connected to optical signal generator and receiver, either integrated or separated. The microprocessor and sensors are arranged in a single housing, which is fitted with a power supply, a display and an interface module. The sensors are connected to the personal computer by means of electrical or fiber optic connection. The sensors can be formed as current, voltage and temperature sensors. The microprocessor comprises a microcontroller connected with a Profinet and / or Ethernet communication module, ROM and RAM-1 memory as well as with a data controller to which RAM-2 with the ring buffer and the switching board with input sensor signals are connected. The microprocessor unit output is connected via Profinet and / or Ethernet network with the operator station.EFFECT: improvement of reliability and versatility of monitoring devices.2 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for refinement of search results in database // 2613039
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of refining search results of objects in a database. Method involves presenting a user with a set of database objects, each of which is associated with one means allowing user to signal relevancy, and one means allowing user to signal irrelevance of object relative to its search, assignment, depending on user signalling, a weight to object descriptors from set of objects which a user considers relevant or irrelevant to search, calculation of total result of weights associated with each descriptor of set of objects results, initialising a relevance index for each object result, comparing each object result with total result and increasing or decreasing relevance index of object for each object result depending on weight of said descriptor in total result, presenting user with object results in order of their calculated relevance index.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of accuracy of data search.14 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for controlling terminal device with use of gesture, and device // 2613038
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method of controlling a terminal device using the gesture, comprising the stages, at which the gesture video segment is obtained, containing a predetermined number of image frames, each image frame in the gesture video segment is divided into a plurality of location areas; wherein each area comprises the same number of pixels; it is determined whether the user's finger is moved in each of the gesture video segment frames by detecting whether the area in which the user's finger is located in each gesture video segment frame is changed, the information of user gesture tracking in accordance with the user's finger location in each gesture video segment frame is obtained, while determining that the area, in which the user's finger is located in each gesture video segment frame, is changed; the search in the current relationship of the correspondence between the gesture tracking information and the operation in accordance with the gesture tracking information is performed, the operation corresponding to the user's gesture tracking information is received, and the specified operation is carried out.EFFECT: efficient control of a terminal device using a gesture.10 cl, 8 dwg

Calculator of range rate of moving object // 2613037
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: calculator of radial velocity of the moving object comprises a delay unit, a complex conjugation block complex multiplication, averaging unit, a phase calculation unit correcting measurement limits, a multiplier, a key calculation unit module, the first memory unit, a control unit, a threshold unit, a second memory unit , the timing, the first and second two-channel keys, additional averaging unit, an additional delay unit, an additional block of complex conjugation and additional complex multiplication unit connected in a certain way and performing between-period correlation processing raw samples.EFFECT: improving the accuracy of measuring the speed due to the smaller number of functional transformation and expansion of the range of uniquely measured radial velocity while maintaining a clear distance measurement.11 dwg

Rapid establishment of compliance with content addressing // 2613034
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: in the method of effective establishment of compliance with content addressing, request is reseived and tree structure, ordered by one or more query fields, is generated. Message is analyzed and search in the tree structure is performed using the content of one or more fields of the message. Compliance between the value of the message content and the value of the stored in the tree structure request content is determined. The message is accepted, if the message content matches one or more values of the request content.EFFECT: increased efficiency and performance in establishing the compliance between the message and the request by the context.19 cl, 13 dwg

ulti-data type communications system // 2613030
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to network communication technologies. Method comprises steps of receiving, in a processor, a request for call initiation via a channel, identifying, in a processor, a set of call participants, associated with said channel, receiving, in processor, a sequence of messages associated with said call, wherein sequence of messages includes at least a type of real time multimedia data, including real time voice messages, and type of sent data, including one or more specific fragments of content for use by members of said set of call participants, as message exchange within set of call participants, and transmitting, in processor, a sequence of messages to said call, including transmitting type of sent data sent during at least part of real time voice message.EFFECT: technical result is higher data rate.48 cl, 11 dwg

Automated system of forming extended register of stroke // 2613029
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: system of forming the extended register of stroke comprises the automated information system of a medical institution (AIS MI) and departmental automated systems (AS), in which personal data of the population and the relevant population categories are registered, as well as the automated system of hydrometeorological service and the automated system of a technical inventory bureau. Wherein the AIS MI is connected by bidirectional data transmission channels to all departmental AS on said territory. The AIS MI comprises as its part software controlling the needed additional data collection from the departmental ASs, morbidity registers, in particular stroke registers, are formed, and stable causal relationships between the morbidity rate growth of particular groups and categories of the population and the parameters of adverse influencing factors affecting the growth of these diseases are established as well.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the population morbidity rate data.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and device for file backup // 2613028
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method includes the request for a specific hash value in the local backup database and, if the above hash value is found to be recorded in the local backup database, the cancel of the file backup on the backup server; wherein, before cancelling the file backup to the backup server, the request whether the hash value is marked as loaded into the local backup database; the file backup on the backup server is cancelled, if it is detected that the hash value is marked as loaded; the request to the backup server whether the file corresponding hash value has been successfully downloaded, if it is detected that the hash value is not marked as downloaded; wherein if it is detected that the file corresponding to the hash value is successfully downloaded, the hash value is marked as downloaded into the local backup database, and the file backup on the backup server is cancelled.EFFECT: provision of the possibility to avoid the repeated backup of the same file with different access paths to the file.22 cl, 17 dwg

Quantum generator of random numbers // 2613027
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a source of photons, a single-photon detector, a time measuring unit, a clock master, a discriminator, a processor.EFFECT: improving the quality, reliability and speed of generation.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of preparing documents in markup languages while implementing user interface for working with information system data // 2613026
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: stages of the method for preparing the documents in markup languages while implementing the user interface for working with the information system data are carried out, while at the method stages: metadata are formed for at least one entity class, its attributes and data sets, the data sets elements comprising at least data sets fields and the aggregate functions of data sets; the template of presentation of above entity class is formed, consisting of at least one document formed in at least one markup language; the link of the template with the entity class is formed and saved; the template is displayed, the links of the template elements with the entity class attributes, data sets, their fields and aggregate functions are formed and saved. Wherein the link is formed and saved, containing the identifier of a previously selected template element and the identifier of an entity class attribute, or a data set, or a data set field, or an aggregate dataset function, selected at the previous step.EFFECT: reducing the time spent for the documents preparation.19 cl, 14 dwg

ethod and device for screen rotation control // 2613025
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method for determining the rotation direction of the mobile terminal screen includes fixing the initial direction of the mobile terminal display screen without performing the rotation and obtaining the initial position of the mobile terminal, when the mobile terminal screen is switched in the full-screen display mode; monitoring the mobile terminal actual position in real time and determining the rotation direction of the mobile terminal screen by comparing the position in real time and the initial position.EFFECT: screen rotation control with the possibility to determine the need for screen rotation by comparing the mobile phone positions in order to eliminate the unwanted screen display rotation and to improve the user interface.11 cl, 15 dwg

Device for techno-economic evaluating research and development work // 2613022
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises: the first 1ij and the second 2ij (i=1, …, n; j=1, …, k) group of registers, the third group of registers 3j(j=1, …, k), the fourth register 4, the fifth register 5, the first 6ij and the second 7ij (i=1, …, n; j=1, …, k) group of taking the logarithm, the sixth 8ij and the seventh 9ij (i=1, …, n; j=1, …, k) group of registers, the eighth register 10, a group of the first 11i and the second 15i (i=1, …, n) adder, the first 12ij, the second 13ij and the third 14ij (i=1, …, n; j=1, …, k) group of multipliers, the third adder 16, a group of the first 17i and the second 18i (i=1, …, n) division units, the third 19 and the fourth 20 division units, the fourth 21j (i=1, …, n) adders, a group of the fifth 22i (i=1, …, n) division units, the ninth register 23, a group of the tenth 24i (i=1, …, n) registers, the fifth adder 25, the sixth division unit 26, a group of the fourth 27i (i=1, …, n) multiplication units, the sixth adder 28, a group 29i (i=1, …, n) of the subtraction units, the seventh adder 30, the seventh division unit 31, the eleventh 32, the twelfth 33 and the thirteenth 34 registers, the first 35 delay element (DE), the second DE 36, the third DE 37,the fourth DE 38, the fifth DE 39, the sixth DE 40, the seventh DE 41, the eighth DE 42, the ninth DE 43, device outputs 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, an entry 50.EFFECT: increasing reliability and performance by reducing the hardware.1 dwg

ethod and server for storing two-dimensional objects on machine-readable medium // 2613020
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to storage of two-dimensional objects. Method for storing two-dimensional objects on medium includes: obtaining first two-dimensional object; saving first perimeter by storing first part of first perimeter and second part of first perimeter; obtaining second two-dimensional object, wherein second part of perimeter is common part of perimeter for first and second two-dimensional objects; checking logic hierarchy of second and first two-dimensional objects, and when second two-dimensional object is included into first two-dimensional object, saving second perimeter by storing third part of perimeter and link to second part of first perimeter; in response to that second and first two-dimensional objects are adjacent two-dimensional objects, saving second perimeter by storing third part of perimeter and link to second part of first perimeter, at that link includes an instruction for interpretation of extreme points of second part of first perimeter.EFFECT: technical result is reducing required memory resources by storing link to common part of perimeter.12 cl, 13 dwg

Orthogonal coding source and receiver // 2612896
FIELD: geophysics.SUBSTANCE: method of inversion of simultaneous encoded geophysical data sources for evaluation of model parameters (41) of physical properties,especially adapted for examinations without geometry registration system of stationary receivers, such as for instance marine seismic survey with moving source and receivers. Function (32) coding used for sources to generate one or more samples of simultaneous encoded data sources (35), as well as for their simulation (34) are orthogonal or pseudo orthogonal in relation to cross-correlation. Besides receivers are also encoded, wherein coding of receiver is configured to make certain receiver less sensitive to sources, that is not listened during examination (38). Coding function can be time band filters, different from each other along central frequency, phase or both.EFFECT: effectiveness of method can be additionally increased by grouping several sources in super-source, grouping corresponding samples in super-sample and then using said encoding strategy.29 cl, 3 dwg