Controlling and regulating (G05)

G   Physics(391163)
G05            Controlling; regulating(32106)

ethod and smart terminal handling device // 2628558
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: smart terminal control method is meant to be used in the intelligent house and comprises a safe region job step and a step of the first smart terminal localization at the moment near the local terminal. Further, one makes an assessment whether the specific first smart terminal is located in the defined safe area. When in a situation, where the first smart terminal is located in the defined safe area, sends the parametric control command to the targeted second smart terminal, that corresponds to one or more intelligent household electric appliances, according to the programmed parameter setting or changes on-site parameter setting according to the programmed parameter setting. Along with this, the mentioned programmed parameter setting is comprised of the data on the current time and the data on the environmental condition indoors.EFFECT: more easy and more precise smart terminal handling indoors.17 cl, 14 dwg

ethod and device for air purification management // 2628557
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: with air purification, target quality of the purified air is obtained. The current quality of the air being purified is determined. The rate of production for an air purifier is defined in accordance with the target and current quality. The purification duration, necessary for the rate of air purifier production is calculated in accordance with the efficiency of purification. The cleaner is activated and the remaining time is displayed in real time according to the duration of purification. Control devices for air purification are also proposed.EFFECT: improved air purification.13 cl, 7 dwg, 2 tbl

Device for controlling the accumulating device // 2628527
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for controlling the amount of energy stored in the storage device includes a control unit that is configured to adjust the power received through the input of the control device based on the amount of energy stored at a current time in the storage device and which is further configured with the output of the regulated power through the output of the control device to the storage device.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the storage device in conjunction with the load, in particular with the lighting device.15 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of data analysis, data analysis device, data analysis system and media of information // 2628487
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: distribution information log database is clustered in which characteristic image element of pattern formed on the surface of component is associated with at least one of the product information relating to the product equipped with the component, and distribution information regarding the distribution of the product on the basis of characteristic image element; and analysis, by statistical processing of one or both distribution information and product information associated with the characteristic image element belonging to each group obtained through clustering.EFFECT: providing technology for managing product distribution.20 cl, 14 dwg

Silent operation method and equipment of automatic cleaning device, and electronic device // 2628421
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of silent operation of the automatic cleaning device is that commands of silent operation are received, a noiseless route is planned, in accordance with the command of silent operation, switched to silent mode and cleaning operations are performed in accordance with a noiseless route. The silent operation of the automatic cleaning device comprises a command receiving unit configured to receive a silent operation command, a route planning unit configured to schedule a noiseless route, according to a silent operation command and a mode switching unit configured to switch to a silent mode and perform a cleaning operation in accordance with a noiseless route. The electronic device comprises a processor and a memory for storing instructions used by the processor. Herewith the processor is configured to perform a silent operation.EFFECT: reducing the impact on the user caused by high noise activity.17 cl, 16 dwg

Device for voltage control // 2628403
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: voltage control device comprises of a three-phase transformer. The primary winding of each phase of the transformer includes series-connected network and control part, wherein the first outputs of the control part are connected to the output of the network part in each phase. Thus, a common point is formed. The second outputs of the control part are connected to the first outputs of an uncontrolled reactor of each phase. The second outputs of the uncontrolled reactors of all three phases are interconnected forming the first neutral. The first outputs of thyristor keys are connected to the common connection point of the control and network parts of the first and second phases. The second outputs of the thyristor keys of the first and second phases are combined together to form the second neutral, to which the common connection point of the network and control parts of the third phase primary winding is connected.EFFECT: simplification of design, improvement of control characteristics and increase of reliability.3 cl, 4 dwg
Intelligent hybrid modular building management system (smart house) "insyte" // 2628289
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: intelligent hybrid modular building management system (smart house) contains a controller which is configured to work in a wired network RS-485 using the Modbus protocol and in a wireless network using the ZigBee protocol. Actuating wired modules are connected to the controller using wired network RS-485, intended for connection to the controller of sensors and actuating devices. Actuating wireless modules are connected to the controller wireless networks using ZigBee protocol, intended for connection to the controller of sensors and actuating devices.EFFECT: combining wired and wireless protocols in one system.1 cl

Device for identifying accelerometer parameters // 2628279
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device for identifying accelerometer parameters comprises a constant storage unit, five sum formation units, nine difference formation units, twenty one product units, three division units, three units of raising to the minus one power, three squaring units, a sin formation unit, connected in a certain way.EFFECT: reduced computational cost and increased response speed when correcting dynamic error of acceleration sensors under parametric uncertainty.1 dwg

ethod of warning detection of failure in the device, computer program, system and module for warning detection of failure in the device // 2628146
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method is performed in at least one observable device in a group comprising at least two devices, the observed device has at least one first parameter correlated with at least one second parameter of the at least one second device in the group, mentioned parameters represent the state variables of the mentioned devices. The method comprises: predicting the value of the first parameter based on the measured value of the second parameter; comparison of the predicted value of the first parameter and the measured value of the first parameter; and analysis of the result of the comparison carried out at the comparison stage in order to detect a potential failure.EFFECT: providing preventive failure detection.15 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of bringing the aircraft in the landing start point // 2628043
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft's current coordinates are measured in order to bring the aircraft to the landing start point, the route section is previously plotted as a straight line of the specified path, which is tangential to the arc of the aircraft's awning turn to exit to the axis of the runway at the landing start point with the heading towards its center, the route from the point of return by an arc of a preliminary turn of a given radius is defined for exit of a given path by a straight line tangential to it, four possible routes of combinations of right and left preliminary and pre-departure turn are constructed, the length of their way is calculated, a fly is performed along the route with the minimum path length to the point of the landing start point.EFFECT: shortening the time of bringing the aircraft to the landing start point.2 dwg

Control method for dynamic balancing of helicopter main and steering rotor blades // 2628034
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: for the control of dynamic balancing, metrological examination is carried out to estimate the validity of signals from sensors and measurement systems, anomalous emissions in the measurement sequence are rejected, training measurement arrays are accumulated first for the helicopter hover condition without turning in the horizontal plane. Then in various modes and at various speeds of horizontal flight and then in all controlled flight modes, individual tolerance limits of dynamic symmetry parameters are formed, the current dynamic symmetry parameters are measured and compared with the tolerance limits. The control is carried out online on board the helicopter and on ground registered data processing device, after the flight, taking into account the results of the previous operation.EFFECT: regular reliable control of the balance of the main and steering helicopter rotors and their blades is ensured.1 dwg
ethod for managing operation of valve drive for balancing valve // 2628005
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: balancing valve is tuning to the adjustable set point of the balancing parameter. The tuning drive is mounted with connection to the valve drive and is designed to adjust the mentioned set point. The set point is adjusted with respect to the control valve connected to the same flow system as the balancing valve, operating below the critical threshold value.EFFECT: possibility to change the set point according to the needs of the monitored system to achieve a better hydraulic balance.9 cl, 4 dwg
Device and method for controlling wireless sensor performability // 2627984
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for controlling wireless sensor performability contains a reception block, a memory block, an analysis block and a control block. The interrogation block is adapted to request the readings from the wireless sensor and to store them in the memory block. The memory block is adapted to store the signals from the sensor. The analysis block is adapted to identify the noise component in the stored signals from the sensor and to calculate the value of the SD (standard deviation) of the noise component and to record this value in the memory block. The control block is adapted to detect changes in the received signals from the sensor as the difference between two successive signals from the sensor and the issuance of a fault signal, if changes in signals from the sensor do not exceed 6 SDs for a predetermined time Tcont. Moreover, the above-mentioned blocks are functionally connected to each other directly or indirectly via communication links. The method for controlling the wireless sensor performability is also stated.EFFECT: increasing the reliability and accuracy of the sensor failure detection.11 cl
Device and method for controlling sensor performability // 2627976
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for controlling sensor performability contains a reception block, a memory block, an analysis block and a control block. The reception block is adapted to receive signals from the sensor and to store in the memory block. The memory block is adapted to store the signals from the sensor. The analysis block is adapted to identify the noise component in the stored signals from the sensor and to calculate the value of the SD (standard deviation) of the noise component and to record this value in the memory block. The control block is adapted to detect changes in the received signals from the sensor as the difference between two successive signals from the sensor and the issuance of a fault signal, if changes in signals from the sensor do not exceed 6 SDs for a predetermined time Tcont. Moreover, the above-mentioned blocks are functionally connected to each other directly or indirectly via communication links. A method for controlling the sensor performability is also stated.EFFECT: increasing the reliability and accuracy of the sensor failure detection.14 cl

Self-organizing ehydraulic servo system with modular oscillation // 2627956
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: self-organizing ehydraulic servo system with modular oscillation comprises a summation unit, a tunable controller, a control grid, a detector, an oscillating circuit, a cellular automaton, a target asset that are linked in a definite way.EFFECT: system simplification and its reliability growth.2 dwg

ethod and device for controlling intelligent home power source // 2627940
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method includes: after successful automatical pairing an intelligent router with many intelligent home power sources, obtaining addresses intended for intelligent home power sources through an intelligent router and obtaining information on a variety of home electrical appliances connected to the intelligent home power sources; establishing a correspondence between the information regarding home electrical appliances and the addresses of intelligent home power sources and obtaining a set of management information for the home electric appliance by the user, searching for the address of the intelligent home power source connected to the home electrical appliance from matching and sending control instructions to the intelligent router according to the control information and the address of the intelligent home power source to control the intelligent home power source to perform a corresponding operation. The device includes a receiving module, an establishment module, and a control module. Intellectual control of intelligent home power sources is implemented.EFFECT: expanding functionality, simplifying operation of the user and using home power source.13 cl, 9 dwg

Valve and method for controlling valve // 2627755
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: locking valve element can move between the closed position and the fully open position. There is a drive device designed to change the position of the locking valve element. There is a control unit that contains electronic memory adapted to receive and store the value of the limiting value of the valve opening degree. Said value of the limiting value of the valve opening degree characterizes the selected intermediate position between said closed position and said fully open position of the locking valve element. The control unit controls the drive device in such a way that it limits the movement of the locking valve element by the positions from said closed position to said selected intermediate position. There is a valve system containing such a valve, and a method of controlling the valve.EFFECT: simplifying the design and simplifying the control of the valve having the function of balancing.14 cl, 10 dwg

System and method of flow-control valve optimum adjustment // 2627287
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: flow-control valves network is contained in the completion network, located along the isolated zones of the borehole at least of one multi-zone borehole lateral hole. The data is obtained from the bottomhole in multi-zone borehole and processed on the processor system modules, that may be used in the selected combinations. The examples of such modules include the network completions modules, deconvolution modules, optimizing modules and/or the inlet-outlet modules. The modules are configured to process the collected data, so as to contribute to the adjustment of the flow-control valve settings in the flow regulators network to upgrade the required target function.EFFECT: efficiency increase of the system and method of the flow-control valve optimal adjustment.20 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of analysing aircraft collected flight data for the purpose of their division by the flight phases // 2627257
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: to analyze the flight data collected during the aircraft flight, the flight state model is determined corresponding to a particular flight phase, data is extracted from the collected flight data relating to characteristic aircraft parameters, the state model initialization criterion is calculated corresponding to its initial state, the plurality of state model transition is calculated based on flight data; flight data is divided for their binding to the flight phases. The flight data analysis system includes a processing module, a storage module to store the state models.EFFECT: sustainable data collection with division by flight phases.10 cl, 3 dwg

Integrated and combined system of actuation of trackless vehicle doors for goods and passengers transportation // 2627253
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: system is executed, with at least a central electronic control unit inside the cumulative vehicle system that provides and processes the first part of the door actuation system control functions. The system also comprises at least another electronic control unit in the other component of the cumulative system. The other component of the system is responsible for controlling other functions and handles, in addition to other functions, the second part of the door actuation system control functions. The control input and output signals are received by the central electronic control unit via multiplex communication over a common bus from at least one vehicle door and/or provided to at least one vehicle door.EFFECT: increased reliability of the door actuation system for a trackless vehicle for goods and passengers transportation.21 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for complex monitoring and controlling state of multiparameter objects // 2627242
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: in the method of complex monitoring and controlling the state of a multiparameter object, the parameters of the object, the pre-commissioning assessment of the measured values are calculated at a given time, and the state matrices are formed. Before the start of the monitoring, the terminal time of parameter measurement and the complex of influence means are set. The time required to change the limit values is determined for each means. The critical values of the nonconformity signs of the parameters' values are determined. The efficiency matrix of the state correction is formed. In the course of monitoring, the state matrices, the values of the nonconformity signs of the parameters' values and the end time of the measurements are combined. Dependencies of the nonconformity signs are determined. Predictive estimates of the time points for reaching critical values are calculated for the determined dependencies. The means of influence are chosen from the state matrix. The guiding decisions are formed and transferred to the means of influence.EFFECT: reduced response time to the current anomalous changes in the parameters of the objects.1 dwg, 4 tbl
Device for interaction with membrane, designed for enlarging the cycle life of membrane // 2627022
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: fluid flow controller comprises a channel for fluid flow between the inlet and the outlet; control chamber forming part of a channel for fluid flow; a membrane adapted to the pressure in the control chamber perception; and first and second devices to communicate with the membrane adjacent to the control chamber. The first device to interact with the membrane includes an annular member comprising a clamping portion that is configured to clamping the peripheral edge of the membrane, and a support portion having a first curved surface. A second device for interacting with the membrane includes a support plate for the membrane, whereby the biasing member housed in the loading chamber, applies force to the membrane. Mentioned membrane supporting plate has a second curved surface. Mentioned first and second curved surfaces respectively adjoin the first and second diaphragm portions that move in response to pressure changes in the control chamber, thereby reducing the stress concentration occurring at mentioned first and second parts of the membrane during operation of fluid flow controller.EFFECT: reduction of stress concentration in the membrane.13 cl, 9 dwg

Suboptimum energy system // 2626798
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: suboptimum energy system contains a heat generating unit with a primary AC winding that is the object of control. The output of the unit is connected to the input of the control unit using measuring gauges. A surveillance camera is included in the control unit, which is a physical object sensor. The control unit includes an image stabilization device, a background adaptation unit, a motion detection unit, a foreground blob extractor, an optical flow vector determining unit, an image stabilization unit, a suboptimum interference filtering unit, an illumination analysis unit, a noise analysis module, a threshold value selection unit, a filter factor selection unit, a filter selection unit, a preprocessing module, a contrast enhancement unit, an image training and recognition device, a normalization unit, a training unit, a feature selection unit, a recognition unit, an intellectual decision-making unit and a target control unit.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the energy system.1 dwg
ethod and system of remote monitoring energy installations // 2626780
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the method of remote monitoring and forecasting the state of technological objects related to turbo-aggregates, data are received from the monitoring object; on the basis of this data, a reference sample of performance indicators is formed and the state matrices are built from the components of the sampling points. Based on the MSET method, empirical models are built by the state matrix for predicting the state of an object. The components of the residuals are determined from the difference in the components of the observed point and the point simulating the state of the object. The discrepancy is determined, reflecting the influence degree of the object performance on the deviation of the indicators of the object parameters. Incoming information is analysed from the control object. The degree of deviation of the object parameters is determined from the indicators of empirical models and the discrepancies are identified for such indicators. The calculated faults are ranked. The empirical models are updated based on the filtered sample and a deviation signal is generated from the control object parameter based on the updated model.EFFECT: forecasting accuracy increase.25 cl, 3 dwg

Submersible vehicle control method // 2626778
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in order to control the submersible vehicle, measure the current values of the heel and trim angles of the submersible vehicle, generate the propellers control signals based on the resulting thrust vector, using the program device, which is automatically formed taking into account the heel and trim angles, measured by means of the gyro package on the submersible vehicle board, and the software device information, which determines the spatial movement of the submersible vehicle without taking into account the current values of its heel and trim angles.EFFECT: precise movement of the submersible vehicle along the specified trajectory, taking into account the disturbances.2 cl, 2 dwg

Drilling-riveting machine for riveting of curvilinear panels // 2626520
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: machine contains an upper power head, a support-leveling device for the panel, a control system and three distance-measuring sensors for measuring the distance to the panel surface. The distance-measuring sensorare are able to synchronously rotate by a given angle in a vertical plane passing through a series of riveting, by means of synchronous rotation mechanisms. A control unit for the mentioned mechanisms, a signal amplifier and a digital analogue transducer are provided in the machine. The distance-measuring sensors provide simultaneous measurement of the distance to the panel surface and the transfer of measured values via the digital analogue transducer, amplifier and control unit to the control system. The control unit is connected to the rotation mechanisms by a feedback interface to allow the distance-measuring sensors to rotate by a given angle.EFFECT: increased accuracy of the panel alignment relative to the axis of the power head during its positioning at the riveting pitch.2 dwg

Device for forming program control signals // 2626437
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: program control signal generation device contains a navigation system, first, second and third tracking control systems for dynamic objects, as well as adders, quadrators, a square root extraction unit, multiplication units, a division unit, a signal setter and an integrator.EFFECT: formation of the rate of change of the parameters of each of the splines that form the trajectory of the motion of dynamic objects, so that the program points move along these trajectories at the required speed.1 dwg

Device and method for evaluation of vehicle attitude angle and position // 2626424
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device sets the current particle distribution range as a predetermined range using a filter. And it also dissipates particles in the given current distribution range to estimate the vehicle attitude angle and position by means of an image. The camera is mounted on the vehicle. The vehicle has front wheels and rear wheels, moves in front to rear direction and performs a turn in the vehicle width direction. The device also comprises a vehicle speed determination module and a particle distribution current range assignment module. The particle distribution current range assignment module is configured to expand the current distribution range when the vehicle speed becomes high.EFFECT: higher accuracy of evaluation of vehicle attitude angle and position.6 cl, 20 dwg

ethod and device for determining interconnections of production process parameters // 2626336
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: possible discrete values of the production process parameters are determined. The probabilities of finding each parameter in each of the possible values are then determined. After that, the correlation between all parameters characterizing the production process is determined, statistical methods of information processing are used to determine the dominant parameter of the production process, which has the greatest impact on the production process and on the remaining parameters of the production process.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of production processes, increasing the productivity, reducing the consumed resources.4 cl, 9 tbl, 4 dwg

ethod for technical diagnostics of locomotive equipment and device for its implementation // 2626168
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method includes requesting and receiving of diagnosis data from the onboard microprocessor locomotive control system in the form of equipment current technical condition parameters, statistical processing based on correlation analysis and formation of a warning signal in the event of equipment failure prediction. During statistical processing, the said diagnostic data are divided into groups relating to the same type of hardware assemblies. Correlation analysis was performed in each group for each parameter by correlation coefficients calculation. Equipment failure is predicted if the correlation coefficient differs from the average value by more than 2%. Technical diagnosing device includes means for connecting to the locomotive on-board microprocessor control system and a processing unit configured to implement the described method.EFFECT: improved accuracy of failure prediction.2 cl, 2 dwg

Systems, method and computer program for "man-machine" integrated interface of engine generator // 2626088
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: in engine management system (EMS), "man-machine" interface (NMI) can be used to change operation mode settings of multiple engine generators controlled by engine control unit (ECU). NMI can provide authorized users possibility of regulating multiple operation mode settings of engine generators in accordance with authority levels of these authorized users. ECU may constitute an independent system that operates independently of EMS. EMS may be connected with ECU by connection network, wherein changes in operation mode settings performed by entering via NMI are stored up to EMS power turn off. Changes in operating mode settings can also remain valid even at connection break in connection network that connects EMS with ECU.EFFECT: improved accuracy of calibration and tuning of engine generators.24 cl, 7 dwg
Solar battery test box // 2625624
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: solar battery test box comprises a supply equipment (1) in the positive rail of which impulse regulating element (IRE) (2) is incorporated, to the driving point of which the connected in series pulse-length modulator (3) and first adder amplifier (4) are attached. The continuous regulating element (CRE) (10) is attached to the IRE (2) power lead by virtue of one outlet, the other power lead of which is attached to the simulator device general accessible terminal via the second current meter CM2. The diode unit (5) is attached to the IRE (2) output pin through the plus outlet, and to the simulator device positive output pin (20) through the minus outlet. The function generator (FG) (6) is attached to the simulator device, to the first adder amplifier (4) one summing inlet via output pin through the UGR (7) and to the second adder amplifier (8) countdown inlet via output pin. The second adder amplifier outlet is attached to the CRE (10) control inlet through the power amplifier (9). The first current meter (15) is attached to the general outlet through one power lead, to the simulator device negative output pin (21) through the other power lead, and the data pin is attached to the first summing inlet of the second adder amplifier. The microcontrol unit is attached to the FG (6) control inlet through the first control outlet, and to the scaler (16) control inlet through the second control outlet. The scaler (16) is attached to the capacitor (18) and resistor (19) tapping point through the one outlet, to the second summing inlet of the second adder amplifier (8) through the other outlet. The capacitor (18) is attached to the simulator device positive output pin (20) through the one outlet, and to the simulator device negative output pin (21) through the other outlet via the resistor. The third current meter (14) is attached to the supply equipment (1) negative rail through the one power lead, to the general outlet of the simulator device scheme through the other power lead, and to the countdown inlet of the first adder amplifier (4) through the data pin. The bias supply (13) is attached to the other summing inlet of the first adder amplifier via the switching arrangement (12) the control inlet of which is linked to the data pin of the second current meter (11).EFFECT: simulator device is functional when CRE exiting the running regime, and as well has a chance to regulate the outlet capacity within the limits of 500 nF - 1000 nF.2 dwg

Level meter for system of automatic transfer of viscous liquid under high pressure operating in continuous mode // 2625262
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: lever meter consists of a thin-wall float with an open bottom placed in a tank, a tube made of a non-magnetic material is inserted inside its opening, the end of the tube placed inside the float is plugged and its lower end is tightly fixed to the bottom of the tank so that the inner volume of the tube is connected to the atmosphere, and Hall-effect devices connected to the automation unit, contacting with a permanent magnet fixed to the float and put on the tube are placed inside the tube. The height of the float and the length of the tube are chosen so that the float in its lower position hangs on the plugged end of the tube, not being able to sink to the bottom of the tank. Guides which provide a vertical position of the float are fixed on the body of the tank, while the elements of the guides, contacting with the surface of the float, have a spherical shape.EFFECT: increased reliability and accuracy of level measurement.4 cl, 1 dwg

Automatic control method of energy distribution in electric ladder-type power transmission lines // 2625161
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: automatic control method of energy flow distribution in ladder-type power transmission lines from an electrical substation to several consumers with variable loads is based on the usage of controlled shunt reactors of a transformer type at the beginning of each transmission line that regulate the voltage rate at the beginning of lines, characterized by the fact that the control signal is formed by comparing of some reference voltage with the voltage incident on each transmission line with a known resistance, because of that current is measured in a line as a function of changing consumer load, and the reference voltage value in each autoregulation channel of static or astatic type is set equal to a voltage drop in a power transmission line with average current rate under the load of each consumer. Announced method is expedient for using with several sufficiently extended power transmission lines from one electrical substation supplying consumers without intermediate branches of lines.EFFECT: automatic maintenance of constant voltage for all consumers connected to an electrical substation by separate power lines, regardless of the variation in load values among consumers.2 dwg

ethod of modeling damage evaluation caused by network and computer attacks to virtual private networks // 2625045
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method of modeling the damage caused by network and computer attacks to virtual private networks is that a communication system including N structural elements and connections between them, where n=1, 2,…, N, unfold to the working state, fix destabilizing effects on its structural elements, according to the obtained data, a simulation model of the communication system is formed, destabilizing effects are modelled thereon; according to the simulation results, the imitation model of the communication system is reconfigured and the probability of its functioning disturbing from destabilizing effects is calculated; the functioning of the system under conditions of exogenous destructive effect also the data are counted and stored on the mn number of actions to the n-th element of the communication system, the number Nb of the communication system elements subjected to destructive external effects, and the simulation model is formed by the data obtained, reconfiguring it after each effect, the calculated reliability value of the communication system opening structure affecting a party with a predefined threshold confidence level is compared, when exceeding the values of the calculated reliability above the threshold a functioning network connection is proactively reconfigured. The parameters of the network traffic of the subscribers of the "White" List of IP addresses are measured, the parameters of functioning the virtual private network element are determined, in which it is possible to provide the subscriber with the required communication services, the measured parameter values are stored in memory cells, the maximum deviation from the statistical values of the measured parameters is set and the values of parameters of normal subscriber behavior from the "White" List of IP addresses are described, physical models of normal subscriber behavior of virtual private network, computer and network attacks and attack detection systems are created, the models in the database are stored, the places are determined and the sensors of the attack detection systems are placed, the desired values are defined for the speed attack detection systems, the "White" Lists of IP addresses of the virtual private network subscribers are defined and supplemented, the rules of the network traffic filtration are defined and supplemented, based on behavioral criteria, including analysis of the measured parameters of the attacks, options for reconfiguration of the virtual private network are developed, simultaneous effects of several different computer and network attacks of the virtual private network are simulated with different load network traffic of the virtual private network subscribers, the performance of the detection system is measured, the system performance of the effecr detection is evaluated.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of simulation results by simultaneous simulating the destructive effects of several network and computer attacks, increasing the security of VPN elements, by evaluating the projected damage to the VPN element and conducting a proactive VPN reconfiguration based on this evaluation.5 dwg

ethod and device for identification of the aircraft and indication of aircraft type during parking at the output for passengers or at the parking place // 2624642
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft (5) is positioned and stopped at the specified location using a non-contact measurement of the distance between the aircraft and fixed point. The distance is displayed on the annunciator (6) installed in front of the pilot of the aircraft, for example, on the terminal building (7), and the location of the aircraft (5) relative to the stopping point of the aircraft, as well as the type and model of a parked aircraft, are shown to pilot via the annunciator (6). The said distance measurement and display are activated by computer system (20) of the airport or manually, and information (17), transmitted by the aircraft (16), is received via the antenna (16), wherein the information (17), transmitted by the aircraft (5), is receive by means of a directional antenna (16), located in conjugation with said annunciator (6) and guided to the parking place, on which the aircraft is expected to arrive. The antenna (16) is connected to the docking control system (18). From this information (17), at least the aircraft identification code is extracted, and aircraft type and model information is obtained from a specific identification code from data base, that stores aircraft identification codes (14), and is transmitted to the control system (18), which controls the annunciator (6) in the parking lot, where the aircraft with the read identification code is parked, and the type and model of the aircraft are displayed on the annunciator.EFFECT: improving the safety and efficiency of parking.11 cl, 6 dwg

ultichannel pulse current stabiliser (versions) // 2624635
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: multichannel pulse current stabiliser contains N power channels, feedback device and control unit connected to each other, and load which is activated between the consolidation point of 1-N channel outputs and common wire, the control unit is connected to the control input of each channel. Each channel contains an input filter, a key element, a transistor as a discharging key, according to the first version, and an output filter, consisting of a throttle and an output condenser. The inductance value is chosen based on the short time of the transient processes, the phases of the PWM-signals of channel control are shifted relative to each other by 2π/N. The condenser capacity is chosen to be minimal, while the duration of the period quarter of the LC-filter must be less than the maximum permissible duration of the leading edge of the pump pulse.EFFECT: increased reliability and simplified pulse current stabiliser.2 cl, 5 dwg

Large-sized object position controlled device // 2624599
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention relates to the devices, that provides objects moving of the large size and weight according to the six coordinates, in particular, to change the single unit installation position relative to the other. The device to control the large-sized object position contains the base, where the plate with the central hole is installed, as well as two screw drive mechanisms to move the plate in two mutually perpendicular directions, and two trolleys mounted on the rails. The base made as the frame with the plate attached from the bottom, and the plate, using the screw ball joints with axial bearings is installed on the base plate. At that the platform for placing the object with the ability to rotate about the plate central hole axis is installed on the plate, and the trolleys are made in the form of T-shaped plates, installed parallel to the base plate, having the vertical gap with respect to each other.EFFECT: expansion of the device functionality due to the large object movement provision along the three coordinates, the ability to rotate relative to three mutually perpendicular axes and increase of the device carrying capacity.5 cl, 6 dwg

Surface mobile boarding facility (smbf) of unmanned flying vehicle (ufv) and the way of uav landing on the smbf // 2624522
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: surface mobile boarding vehicle of the unmanned flying vehicle (UFV) contains the vehicle with the mooring device mounted on it. The mooring device contains the platform, equipped with the braking, holding and fixing device of the unmanned flying vehicle on the platform and the safe landing device. The braking, holding and fixing device of the UFV on the platform consists of two L-shaped rods mounted from the sides at the platform end parts on the rotary mechanisms. The free ends of the L-shaped rods are connected by the bar, on which the brake bands are attached at the same distance from each other. The braking discs are installed at the beginning of the platform below it. Each braking disc contains the coil with the brake band of the required length. The safe landing device is made of several impact plates located on the platform.EFFECT: landing provision of the unmanned flying vehicle of various dimensions, weight, landing speed without using the chassis and the parachute and without the need to equip the unmanned flying vehicle with the special control equipment.2 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl

Adaptive control system with filter-corrector for dynamic objects with periodic coefficients // 2624489
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: combined adaptive control system with a filter-corrector (FC) for the dynamic objects with periodic coefficients contains a regulation block, a block of specifying coefficients, the first block of the summation, a FC, n of the first multipliers, n of the second multipliers, n of the second summation blocks, n of the delay blocks, the third multiplier, an integrator, the fourth multiplier, the third summation block, united in a certain way. The FC has the fourth summation block, an integrator, the fifth summation block, united in a certain way.EFFECT: precise compensation of non-stationary changes in the internal coefficients of the object.2 dwg

Agricultural navigation inductor // 2624213
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: agricultural induction inductor is made in the form of a multiprong star formed by underground working wires. These wires are connected to the current source by means of three-position normally open two-input switches whose inputs are connected to the output terminals of the current source.EFFECT: increasing the uniformity of the magnetic field along the working wire to improve the accuracy of locating.1 dwg

Packaging device control system // 2624185
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: packaging device control system is disclosed, wherein the packaging device comprises a plurality of functional units configured to perform the sequence of operations, including packaging formation or receiving, packaging filling with liquid or solid contents and packaging sealing. The control system comprises a plurality of signal inputs, each of which is configured to receive signals indicative of the status or measured values from the corresponding of the said functional units; graphical user interface configured to provide interaction with the packaging device operator; and a processor configured to process the said received signals and to control operation of the said graphical user interface, wherein the processor is configured to identify from the said signals an event when any of the said functional units interferes with any other functional unit in the sequence and after any such identified events allow the graphical user interface to provide an indication of it in the displayed representation of the packaging device functional units. Also disclosed are a packaging device, method, and a computer program.EFFECT: increased system reliability.17 cl, 9 dwg

Automatic control method and system // 2624136
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the automatic system control method, the output variable of the actuator is fed to the input of the controlled object, the actual value of the output variable of the controlled object is measured, which, together with the command value of the input variable of the controlled object, is used to generate a control signal that is applied to the input of the actuator by using a negative feedback on the output variable of the controlled object. According to the invention, it is automatically controlled in the adaptive range by the regulation factor k=ε2/ε2 due to the identity of the investigated error ε1 to the standardized equivalent ε2 of the desired error, which is adapted over the range, when comparing the product of the input E and the output U of the variables with the normalized equivalent of their maximum values at each instant of time, corresponding to the power polynomial of the arithmetic mean of the command input and output variables of the controlled object.EFFECT: achieved automation systems management in Adaptive range due to adaptive signal evaluation on programmatically controlled critical.4 cl, 5 dwg

Intellectual microprocessor system for determining the value of technical losses of electricity // 2624001
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a current sensor, an ambient temperature sensor, a temperature sensor for connection conductors, a microcontroller, a first and second transceivers, a read-only memory, an information display device, characterized in that a second microcontroller, a third microcontroller, a fourth microcontroller, digital three-phase meter, digital single-phase multifunction meter, digital voltage sensor, digital reactive power meter, first receiving device, a second receiver, a third receiver, a fourth receiver, a first transmitter, a second transmitter, a third transmitter, a fourth transmitter, a fifth transmitter, sixth transmitter, a seventh transmitter, a three-phase symmetrical transformer, a reactive power compensator, a switchgear, a voltage regulator, a control unit configured as a microprocessor, consisting of a data acquisition unit, an analysis unit for current indicators, a decision block, a loss determination unit.EFFECT: continuous monitoring and recording of the level of electric power losses in the network, increasing the accuracy of loss determination.5 cl, 1 dwg

Autopilot system and method // 2623792
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: autopilot system to control the helicopter flight includes a cyclic control handle, a processing unit, a driving device, an input device on the cyclic control handle. The autopilot system includes a sensor device, a processing device generating control signals for actuators, and an autopilot display. The autopilot system includes a processing unit with the ability to select multiple flight modes. The autopilot for use with a helicopter rcomprises a main rotor system with cyclic control, a sensor device forming a set of sensor output data indicative of the helicopter flight, a drive unit and a control device.EFFECT: possibility for the pilot to select the flight mode from a set of specified modes, helicopter control with only one hand using the control handle.28 cl, 12 dwg

ethod of determination of optimal periodicity of control of processes state // 2623791
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: to determine the optimum periodicity of the control, the conditions for the operation of the monitoring object are evaluated, the failure rate is determined, and a number of approximating functions that meet the specified requirements are specified. Specifying the accuracy of the approximation, the limits and the step of changing the parameters of the approximating functions. Forming a lot of data on the time and nature of the impact of destabilizing factors, fixing them and dividing into homogeneous groups. Approximating the values of the parameters of the destabilizing factors of each of the homogeneous groups by approximating functions with a given accuracy. Determining the frequency of each obtained function. A variational series of values of the frequencies of all the functions obtained is constructed, the maximum frequency value and the optimal control period are determined.EFFECT: determination of the optimal periodicity of object state control.2 dwg
ethod of identifying characteristics and disturbances of dynamic objects in stochastic automatic control systems // 2623464
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of identifying characteristics and disturbances of dynamic objects in automatic control stochastic systems. To identify characteristics and disturbances of dynamic objects control object output quality parameters are measured, random implementations of Monte Carlo method are simulated, for which control object observed characteristics and disturbances acting on control object are stored. For each random implementation “discrepancy” and “extra discrepancy” are determined, defined as deviations and relative deviations of quality output parameters in simulating and during tests, respectively. Determining such implementation, for which minimum “extra discrepancy” is maximum. Values in this implementation are stored as identification parameters.EFFECT: enabled higher precision of dynamic control object identified characteristics and disturbances.1 cl

ethod of reducing the speed and time loss in implementation of maneuvre of specified configuration by unmanned aerial vehicle of volplane type // 2623361
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: to implement the maneuver, the initial boundary guidance problem is divided into a set of intermediate boundary problems, in which the required values of the control parameters for the aerodynamic bank and the angle of attack, calculated for each reference point in each guidance cycle, are small throughout the guidance time, and stick force on the aerodynamic controls of an unmanned aerial vehicle is formed.EFFECT: reducing of speed and time of motion loss of unmanned aerial vehicle.3 dwg, 2 tbl

Fully parameterizable e-mail warnings and procedures control system designed for an aircraft // 2623281
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: control system comprises software core, core parameterization tool containing configuration file conversion module, four low-level cells containing a program mechamism. For control system parameterization, the configuration file configuration area is checked, the configuration file is converted to binary parameters database in a certain way. To develop the control system, the configuration area for tasks is defined, program mechanisms are programmed by each of the low-level cells, logic parametrization is carried out to perform the tasks of each cell. To caryy out the control system maintenance, the configuration file is convered in a certain way, control system parametrization is carried out using the binary parameters database.EFFECT: ensured development and updating of the warnings and procedures control system.7 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl

Way to manage the process of intrauterine separation of oil-water emulsion by acoustic impact // 2622931
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: way is to select the frequency of the oscillation ƒ1 from first source of ultrasound exposure with the direction of wave propagation, matching the flow direction, so that a plot of L is equal to the distance between the sources, run fading condition and Wherein Al(0)=A2(L), where A1(0) and A2(L)-amplitude acoustic oscillations in emulsion directly near sources, A1(L) and A2(0)-amplitude acoustic oscillations at a distance L from sources, measure flow rate and create frequency fluctuations of ƒ2, less than ƒ1, and the direction of wave propagation, opposite to the direction of traffic flow, so that where c is the speed of sound w-emulsion flow rate.EFFECT: enables to increase the degree of flocculation of oil globule.2 dwg, 1 ex