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Clock synchronisation method and device therefor // 2613865
FIELD: radio engineering and communication; radar and radio navigation.SUBSTANCE: proposed method and device relate to communication engineering and radar and can be used for comparison of time scales spaced apart over long distances. Device which realises disclosed method of synchronising clocks, comprises a relay artificial earth satellite, first A and second B ground stations, each having time and frequency standard 1, unit 2 heterodynes: first 2.1, second 2.2 and third 23 heterodynes, multiplier 4, mixers 5, 13 and 24, first intermediate frequency amplifier 6, power amplifiers 7 and 12, duplexer 8, transceiving antenna 9, pseudorandom signal generator 3, clippers 10 and 15, buffer storage devices 11 and 16, correlators 17 and 26, controlled delay unit 18, multipliers 19 and 29, low-pass filter 20, extreme controller 21, microprocessor 22, second intermediate frequency amplifiers 14 and 25, threshold unit 27, switch 28, phase doubler 30, narrow-band filters 31 and 32, phase detector 33 and inverting amplifier 34.EFFECT: engineering problem of invention is increasing noise immunity and accuracy of synchronising remote time scales by providing symmetry of frequencies fH2 and fH3 of second and third heterodynes relative to frequency f2 of main receiving channel fU2-f2=f2-fH3=fpr2.2 cl, 4 dwg

Passive hydrogen frequency standard // 2613566
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: frequency standard includes a quantum discriminator 1 with a coupling loop 2 of its resonator frequency tuning, a frequency converter 3, an amplitude detector 4, phase shifters 5, 13, synchronous detectors 6, 14, a crystal oscillator 7, a modulator 8, a modulating frequency oscillator 9, a frequency multiplier 10, a generator of harmonics 11, a tunable frequency synthesizer 12, a rectangular pulse oscillator 15 and a digital-to-analog converter 16, the output of which is connected with the coupling loop 2 for frequency tuning of the quantum discriminator resonator 1, and its second input is connected to the synchronous detector output 14 made by the digital and the second input connected to the second output of the rectangular pulse generator 15.EFFECT: reducing the temperature coefficient of the device frequency and improving the frequency stability of the time averaging 1 per day.3 dwg

Energy storage device using springs operating for torsion // 2613014
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: energy storage device, which employs twisting springs for conversion of energy generated by the energy generation device in the energy accumulated in the form of the springs energy, comprises several gears, several limiters of the twisting force value, several unidirectional bearings for the torque transfer, several energy storage units, several gears increasing the speed of rotation.EFFECT: energy storage plant can have a series or a parallel configuration, which increases efficiency of energy storage and use.8 cl, 13 dwg

Clock with capsule with clockwork and capsule latch in clock case // 2612747
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: clock contains a case with a capsule and a clockwork, a cover covering the case on one side, glass placed on the opposite side of the case, and a latch for fixing the capsule inside the case. The capsule case is equipped with a supporting shoulder, and the fixing element wall of the capsule latch is equipped with a biasing end at one wall edge resting on the supporting platform on this shoulder. Resilient legs are connected to the wall of the supporting element on the biasing edge and extend outward against the wall towards the opposite wall edge at the angle to the surface of the biasing edge till the other supporting platform on the inner clock case wall. The capsule latch is also proposed in the clock case retaining the capsule in the predetermined position.EFFECT: invention provides a reliable capsule fixation with the clockwork in the clock case with a minimum damaging effects of the latch on the case wall of the clock and the capsule.40 cl, 9 dwg

ethod for clock synchronization and device for its implementation // 2612127
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device for synchronizing clocks that implements the inventive method comprises a center (40) for information processing and three ground points A, B and C, each of which comprises a standard (1) of frequency and time, heterodynes (2.1 and 2.2), a generator (3 ) of pseudorandom signals, a switch (4), mixers (5, 13, 19, 28, 30), an amplifier (6) of the first intermediate frequency, power amplifiers (7 and 12.1), a diplexer (8), a two-way transmission antenna (9), clippers (10 and 15), buffer memories (11 and 16), a meter (17) of delays and their derivatives, a phase shifter (18) for 90, amplifiers (14 and 20) of the second intermediate frequency, a phase shifter (21) for -90, an adder (22), multipliers (23 and 34), a narrowband filter (24) and an amplitude detector (25), a key (26), a unit (27) of reference frequencies, an amplifier (19) of the third intermediate frequency, filters (31 and 35 ) lower frequencies, a meter (32) of Doppler frequency, a correlator (33), an optimizing peak-holding controller (36), a unit (37) of variable delay, a indicator (38) of distance and communication lines (39.1, 39.2, 39.3). The information processing center contains phase doublers (41.1, 41.2 and 41.3), dividers (42.1, 42.2 and 42.3) of phase by two, narrow-band filters (43.1, 43.2 and 43.3), phase meters (44.1, 44.2 and 44.3), correlators (45.1, 45.2 and 45.3), multipliers (46.1, 46.2 and 46.3), filters (47.1, 47.2 and 47.3) of lower frequencies, optimizing peak-holding controllers (48.1, 48.2 and 48.3), adjustable delay units (49.1, 49.2 and 49.3) and a computer (50).EFFECT: improved accuracy of synchronization of remote time scales by precise and unambiguous measurement of angular coordinates of the satellite relay and improved accuracy of determination of its location and movement in space.2 cl, 6 dwg

Swivel bracelet // 2611293
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: swivel bracelet (100) includes the first element (6) pivotally connected to the second element (9) by the third swivel (8) along the axis (D). Compensating element (1) is enclosed between the said first and second elements (6, 9) to prevent any direct contact between the said elements radially to the said axis (D), and to limit their relative angular displacement. Compensating element (1) is made as a single piece from a resilient material and comprises at least one first extensible and compressible thickening (3) at the first end, and at least one second extensible and compressible thickening (4) at the second end, on each side of the central extensible layer (2). The said first thickening (3) and the said second thickening (4) extend relatively to the said layer (2) and have a cross section larger than the cross section of the said layer (2) in a plane extending perpendicular to the said axis (D). Also we offer watches comprising the said swivel bracelet.EFFECT: depreciation of relative movements between bracelet links, which ensures protecting and reducing noise when striking or rubbing one element against the other.19 cl, 22 dwg

Economical watch cylinder // 2609401
FIELD: physics, clocks.SUBSTANCE: watch cylinder (1) with the drum (2) concentric to the drum axis (3) in the direction (D), designed to accommodate the drum spring (4), which engages with said drum (2) and a bush (5) concentric to said axis (3) of the cylinder and directed along this axis. The above-mentioned bush (5) is rotated in an opening (21) of said drum (2) and includes the first abutment surface (51) of the bush limiting the axial movement of said bush (5) in said direction (D) relative to the inner surface (22) of said drum (2) and the second abutment surface (52) of the bush, located opposite the first abutment surface (51) of the bush and limiting axial movement of the said bush (5) relative to the outer surface (23) of said drum (2) which is located, on the one hand, between said first abutment surface (51) and said second abutment surface (52) and, on the other hand, can freely rotate around said bush (5).EFFECT: invention provides economical operation of the clock mechanism.19 cl, 6 dwg

echanism for display and correction of state of two different time variables // 2609399
FIELD: physics, clocks.SUBSTANCE: clock mechanism (1) for the display and correction of two different time variables for clocks (1000) including a running gear (2), which actuates the first display mechanism (3) for displaying the first measured time value and the second display mechanism (4) for displaying the second measured value, wherein said running gear (2) includes an adjusting element (50). The said first (3) and second (4) display mechanisms respectively comprise the first (30) and the second (40) drive mechanisms that share a common drive mechanism (10) which is driven by the said running gear (2) and regulates the motion of one of the said display mechanisms (4, 3) by means of instantaneous movements, or of the other said mechanism (3, 4) by means of slow movements. The display mechanisms include the first (300) and the second (400) correction mechanisms that share a common correction mechanism (100) actuated by said adjustment element (50), which is independent from said common drive mechanism (10) and includes a friction protection device (54).EFFECT: invention provides display and correction of the state of two different time variables for clocks.7 cl, 12 dwg

Watch with worldwide time display function // 2609398
FIELD: physics, clocks.SUBSTANCE: watch includes the mechanism (10) actuating the primary displaying means (2) interacting with additional primary displaying means (3), correcting means (4) for said primary displaying means (2) for setting the time for a particular location, the secondary displaying means (5) that can move relative to said additional primary displaying means (3) and contain geographic landmarks (6) for different time zones. The mechanism (10), synchronously with the primary displaying means (2), actuates said secondary displaying means (5), the structure (7) carrying the first screens (8), each of which is superimposed on the geographical landmark (6), and, depending on the time of day, changes the position under the action of torque transmitted by the driving means (9), which is greater than the resistance force generated by the friction means (11) connected to said structure (7).EFFECT: invention is a watch with the worldwide time display function.14 cl, 9 dwg

Drum shaft and mainspring // 2609397
FIELD: physics, clocks.SUBSTANCE: method (21) of manufacturing the drum shaft (10) for clocks, comprising: - drawing the blank to form a continuous profile (30), projecting or deepened relative to the bearing sector (2) having an axis (DC) of additional treatment, parallel to the blank axis, and the section of which mates with the section of the response engaging means (3) to be performed on said shaft (1); - machining the entire outer contour of the shaft (1) during the further processing operation. The drive member (100) comprising: - the predetermined helical mainspring (10) comprising the engaging means (13) at the inner end (12), having a predetermined profile (14); - the shaft (1) manufactured in this manner and containing the bearing sector (2) for supporting said first wrap (11) and the receiving engaging means (3) having a response profile(314) with respect to said profile (14) for joint turning with the said mainspring (10).EFFECT: invention contributes to the strength of the clock running gear.15 cl, 50 dwg
Rotary bezel system // 2609193
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: present invention is aimed at watch body ring (3), including peripheral flange, on which circular rotary bezel system (1) is installed with possibility of rotation, characterized by, that said rotary bezel system is independent module, including annular bezel (7), annular support element (5), toothed element (19) and spring devices (9), elastically interacting with said fasteners by latching, said spring devices and said toothed element are retained in axial direction by bezel and/or support element, said rotary bezel system also includes fasteners (27) for mutual interlocking of spring devices, support element and bezel.EFFECT: spring device locking.26 cl, 10 dwg

Capillary device for display indicator of fluid medium and method of connection of fluid limiter with capillary tube (options) // 2608062
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: capillary device for displaying indicators of fluid medium containing fluid limiter and capillary tube. Limiter comprises through hole of small diameter. Capillary tube is made with possibility of filling of at least two immiscible additives fluid media. Fluid limiter is tightly connected with at least, one end of the capillary tube thus to communicate inner and outer surfaces of the capillary tube through the through hole fluid limiter. Inner surface of the capillary tube is preliminarily processed and is resistant and hydrophobic.EFFECT: proposed device ensures high degree of controllability of boundary surface or meniscus in between, at least two enclosed in a capillary tube fluid media with prevention of mixing.20 cl, 18 dwg

Flexible anchor escapement mechanism with movable frame // 2607339
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: anchor escapement mechanism (100) for clock mechanism (900) or clock (1000) including at least one balance (300) and at least one anchor escapement wheel (400). Transmission of pulses between balance (300) and anchor escapement wheel (400) is performed by means of flexible mechanism (500) of a single part including at least one contact spindle (600) interacting with said anchor escapement wheel (400) or with said balance (300), respectively, and at that the said consisting of a single part flexible mechanism (500) is connected with at least one flexible plate (700) to fixed structure (800) of said clock (1000) or to the said at least one anchor escapement wheel (400).EFFECT: determination of time.11 cl, 12 dwg
Device for measuring time // 2606934
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: proposed is a device for measuring time, an integral part of which is a bellows for storage and transfer of a fluid medium performed when implementing an accurate indication of the fluid medium in a capillary pipe. Bellows is equipped with a housing made from a flexible moisture-resistant material. Housing of the bellows comprises a top, a bottom parts and an outer part of a harmonica shape. Outer part of the harmonica shape is characterized by a longitudinal length and is tightly connected along the top and the bottom contours between the top and the bottom parts, respectively. In at least one of the said parts of the housing there is at least one inlet or outlet hole. At least one of the top or the bottom parts of the housing extends from the outer part contour, which is made of the harmonica shape, in fact, inside the housing to reduce its inner volume.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency and accuracy of time measurement.19 cl, 4 dwg

Flexible anchor mechanism with balance without roller // 2606342
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is clock anchor mechanism (120), including balance (300) without roller and anchor wheel (400), transmission of pulses between which is performed using flexible, whole mechanism (500), connected by means of, at least, one flexible plate (700) with fixed structure (800) or with given wheel (400). Oscillations are supported by balance springs (121), terminated with balance spring head (122), which is movable during use and which is directed by flexible moving element (123) with flexible plates (124), which center (125) of rotation is located coaxially to given balance (300), in given balance spring head (122) pin is inserted (127), which moves along this wheel (126) cam (128) profile.EFFECT: during oscillations this balance spring head (122) moves relative to its locking position under action of force, applied by this balance spring (121), and given pin (127) supports and controls oscillations.12 cl, 4 dwg

Wheel with flexible gear rim // 2606192
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: hour wheel (10) containing teeth (2) with compensation of play, each of which includes tab (3) projecting from tab base (31), and resilient strip (4) projecting from strip base (41) opposite to said tab (3), from which it is separated by front recess (5), and inner profile (43) of which on opposite to said tab (3) side restricts rear recess (6), wherein above mentioned strip base (41) is limited, towards said wheel (10) rotation axis (D), by above mentioned front recess (5) inner end (51) and above mentioned rear recess (6) inner end (61). Said inner end (61) is located closer to above mentioned axis (D), than above mentioned inner end (51), and passes on above mentioned axis (D) side under above mentioned tab base (31) or under above mentioned front recess (5) internal extension (52) in direction to above mentioned rotation axis (D).EFFECT: disclosed is hour wheel with flexible gear rim.13 cl, 14 dwg

Clock mechanism having contact pair without lubrication // 2605828
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: described is clock mechanism (100), comprising pair (1) of components with first component (2), including material, taken from first group, including solid monocrystal (SiO2), natural diamond, micro- or nanocrystalline CVD diamond, solid monocrystalline diamond and amorphous carbon DLC, and having first friction surface (21), configured to interact with second friction surface (31), contained in second opposite component (3), and second component (3) includes, at least in its second friction surface (31), material with high boron concentration higher than 10 atomic percent, and in special embodiment, said second opposite component (3) includes at least one ceramic material containing boron.EFFECT: clock work.31 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of making flexible multistable-element // 2605502
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: method of making flexible multistable-element (5): - silicon component (S) is made by etching with cross bar (P) connecting two ends (E1, E2) of rigid body (MU), cross-section of which is more than ten times greater than section of said cross bar (P), - SiO2 is formed at 1,100 C during such time, so as to obtain at said crossbar (P) a first ratio (RA) exceeding 1, between section of first peripheral layer (CP1) SiO2 and section of first silicon core (A1), and, on said body (MU), second ratio (RB) between section of second peripheral layer (CP2) SiO2 and section of second silicon core (A2), which is less than one hundredth of said first ratio (RA), - cooling to ambient temperature to deform said crossbar (P) by deflection, when said body (MU) cools down and is compressed stronger than said crossbar (P).EFFECT: disclosed is a method of making flexible multistable-element.25 cl, 37 dwg

Device for time scales comparing and synchronizing // 2604852
FIELD: communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to remote facilities time scales comparison and synchronizing devices using fibre-optic communication line, connecting facilities. Each facility contains events timers with time scale generating generator attached to them at first facility and intermediate generator at second facility, optical pulses receivers and computers. Second facility intermediate generator is connected to time scale generating generator and computer of this object. Optical pulse generators of both facilities are connected to inputs of corresponding splitters-couplers units. Splitters-couplers units include fibre-optic splitters, connected to fibre-optic couplers and splitters. Fibre-optic multiplexers are connected to inputs of optical pulses receivers and splitters, which are also connected with fiber optic communication line, connecting two remote facilities. Computers of both facilities are connected to time intervals information transmitting system, for example, Ethernet network, wireless network.EFFECT: technical result is increased permissible distance between facilities, higher accuracy of comparing or synchronization, higher reliability and efficiency of communication.1 cl, 2 dwg

Clock assembly, in which bottom mainplate is centered and fixed relative to middle part // 2604301
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to clock assembly (1) containing middle part (4) interacting when supported with bottom mainplate (2) and screw (6) for attachment (5) of the said bottom mainplate (2) to the said middle part (4) due to interaction with axial (D0) hole (7) of the said mainplate (2) in order to press flange (10) on first chamfer (8) of the said mainplate (2) and on second chamfer (9) of the said middle part (4). Said first chamfer (8) is either conical or spherical and/or the said second chamfer (9), which is either conical or spherical, interacts with the said flange (10) on at least two surfaces or in two points in the assembled position, wherein the said mainplate (2) and the said middle part (4) are assembled with each other, and in the position, whereat the said screw (6) is fully screwed into the said hole (7).EFFECT: proposed is a clock assembly, in which the bottom mainplate is centered and fixed relative to the middle part.23 cl, 46 dwg

Oscillators periodically synchronized by trigger mechanism // 2604292
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to clock (1) containing first resonator (R1) vibrating with first frequency (f1) and connected with main gear (T2) to main power source (B2) via main trigger mechanism (D2). According to the invention the clock has second resonator (R2), vibrating with second frequency (f2), less than the first frequency, and interacting with main trigger mechanism (D2) to synchronize maintaining vibrations of first resonator (R1) up to the said second frequency (f1).EFFECT: proposed are oscillators periodically synchronized by a trigger mechanism.11 cl, 7 dwg

Chronograph mechanism with low magnetic sensitivity // 2604172
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chronograph mechanism (1), containing resonator (3) with balance-spring (5), installed between bridge (2) and bottom plate (4), wherein balance (7) is made of ferromagnetic material. According to invention chronograph mechanism includes balance spring magnetic polarization device (15), made with possibility to maintain preset of balance spring (7) polarization state and including permanent magnetization device, which generates magnetic field in balance spring plane so, that balance spring (7) in the absence of external magnetic field was in state of complete or almost complete magnetic saturation.EFFECT: invention relates to watches industry.11 cl, 1 dwg

Anchor device for clock trigger // 2603954
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: anchor device (3000) for release mechanism (7000) containing structure (7), whereon balancer (2) and trigger wheel (5000) are installed, wherein said anchor (3000) comprises pallets (3002) to interact with trigger wheel (5000) and flexible element (5) with several stable states. Anchor (3000) interacts with balancer (2) via tabs (3001) of anchor (3000) first part (3100), connected by flexible element (5) either with said structure (7), or with anchor (3000) second part (3200), whereon pallets (3002) are installed and which is connected with fixed structure (7) or with said first part (3100) by flexible element (5).EFFECT: flexible element (5) comprises strip (9), pre-stressed for bending in form of S or in form of Z, wherein anchor device (3000) comprises rotary axis (90), determining node in middle of said strip (9).16 cl, 32 dwg

Chronograph mechanism with column wheel, as well as clock article comprising such chronograph mechanism // 2603591
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chronograph mechanism pusher device comprising rotary control part (56), installed on first spindle (55) with pawl (52), and intermediate lever (58) installed on second spindle (59). Intermediate lever can be driven by push button and comprises distal portion, which can actuate rotary control part (56). First spindle (55) and second spindle (59) are located in mechanism peripheral part on both sides of push button (67, 69), and rotary control part and intermediate lever run from their respective spindles towards each other.EFFECT: pawl (52) may pull column wheel (40) one of tooth engagement (42) teeth in front of it when pressing pushbutton, and then return sliding on tooth tip.8 cl, 13 dwg

Column wheel and chronograph mechanism containing column wheel // 2603590
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to three-stroke mechanism control wheel (40), in which there is bushing (46) set in superstructure center, having axial symmetry of n-th order, wherein superstructure contains n-th number of radial arms (48) and n-th number of columns (44), passing parallel to column wheel axis of rotation, wherein columns are uniformly distributed along column wheel circumference and separated from each other by n-th number of cavities, forming same number of holes between columns.EFFECT: according to the invention in column wheel width of columns (44) exceeds width of holes between columns, as well as by that arms (48) width is less than one half of columns (44) width.11 cl, 10 dwg

echanical clock with functional modules modular unit // 2603576
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical modular unit (100) with mechanical clock functional modules (1), each of which is produced from sub-assembly (1A), bearing clock specific function components for conversion of motion between sets of input (3) and output (4) wheels. Said sub-assembly (1A) comprises adjusting components, which are irreversibly fixed after adjustment of said clock function and functional testing on test bench, wherein preliminarily adjusted module (1), produced from sub-assembly (1A) conversion using adjusting components irreversible fixation, includes, at least, one bearing surface (5) and location detection (6) facility for module (1) detection and positioning relative to another mechanical modular unit (100) element or relative to platinum, by means of bearing surface (5) support on additional bearing surface, which is contained in other element or platinum.EFFECT: mechanism functioning.26 cl, 4 dwg

Flexible regulator for clock mechanism // 2603571
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: device of flexible regulation during rotation for a clock mechanism enabling one element to rotate relative to another element around the Z axis of rotation determining the axial direction having structural plates (4a, 4b), each of which includes element (6) of attachment comprising body (13a, 13b) and functional part (10) extending from the body to one end (8), herewith the attachment element and the functional part are separated by at least one slot (12) into at least two parts (17) flexibly connected to each other and running in radial direction (X, Y), transverse relative to the axial direction, herewith the device also contains zones (9, 11) of attachment, arranged on opposite axial ends of the device of flexible regulation and serving for attachment to the said elements.EFFECT: proposed is a device of flexible regulation during rotation for a clock mechanism.18 cl, 10 dwg

Flexible regulator for clock mechanism // 2603570
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: device of flexible regulation during rotation for a clock mechanism enabling one element to rotate relative to another element around the Z axis of rotation determining the axial direction having structural plates (4a, 4b), each of which includes element (6) of attachment comprising body (13a, 13b) and functional part (10) extending from the body to one end (8), herewith the attachment element and the functional part are separated by at least one slot (12) into at least two parts (17) flexibly connected to each other and running in radial direction (X, Y), transverse relative to the axial direction, herewith the device also contains zones (9, 11) of attachment arranged on opposite axial ends of the device of flexible regulation and serving for attachment to the said elements.EFFECT: proposed is a device of flexible regulation during rotation for a clock mechanism.16 cl, 10 dwg

Impact-resistant bearing for chronometer // 2603236
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: impact-resistant bearing for chronometer comprises resilient structure (10) and central section (14), resting on said resilient structure, on said central section there is blind hole (16A), intended to receive chronometer revolving gears system trunnion. Resilient structure and central section are formed by solid part (6), formed by monocrystalline quartz, and blind hole has, at least partially, shape of truncated or non-truncated triangular pyramid, whereon trunnion end thrusts butt-to-butt. Invention also relates to similar type impact resistant bearing production method, wherein solid plate is processed in monocrystalline quartz anisotropic etching bath.EFFECT: preferably on two sides of plates two corresponding masks (20, 26) are placed for simultaneous quartz etching on both sides.15 cl, 10 dwg

agnetic hinge // 2602476
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: element comprises a shaft-like part, having at least a region of ferromagnetic material in direction of its longitudinal axis. Selected element comprises ferromagnetic material at least at level of first end and second end of shaft-like section respectively of longitudinal axis. On both side of first end and on side of second end, a magnetic field is generated at first pole tip and a second magnetic field is created on second pole tip of same direction and opposite orientation, respectively. Each field provides attraction of element to corresponding pole tip and causes unbalance between first and second magnetic fields, surrounding element, leading to difference of forces acting on element, as a result, one end of element can be held down to contact surface of one of pole tips, and other end is kept at a distance from contact surface of other pole tip. Unbalance between magnetic fields occurs near air gap formed between contact surfaces, wherein magnetic fields are asymmetric. Invention also discloses a device, correcting position of clock element during rotation, magnetic hinge, clock mechanism, clock, based on principle, disclosed in method given above.EFFECT: disclosed is a method of aligning clock element by correcting position of said element during rotation.29 cl, 14 dwg

Date display mechanism backlight // 2601944
FIELD: instrument making; lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to at least one time measuring or scientific instrument indicator illuminating device. Invention discloses illuminating device (1) of at least one indicator (2), built-in into housing (3) under time measuring instrument or scientific instrument (100) opening (4), wherein device (1) includes phosphorescent light source (5) installed inside housing (3), external light energy collection device (6) in said phosphorescent light source (5) from said housing (3) ambient environment and at least one light component (10) in form of either said phosphorescent light source (5), or relay optical element (50) connected with said phosphorescent light source (5) using light energy transmission device (7), and wherein indicator (2) illuminating light component (10) is provided either on said opening (4) opposite side relative to said indicator (2), or from said opening (4) periphery, and control device (8) is provided for movement of damper (9) inserted between light component (10) and indicator (2).EFFECT: disclosed is indicator backlight.17 cl, 14 dwg

Sliding spring containing additional bends to accumulate energy // 2601518
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building. Clock drum (21) includes housing (23) to receive rotary shaft (25) and at least one spring (27). Helical spring is arranged between the housing inner wall and outer wall of the rotary shaft. Device (22) to increase the torque of at least one spring contains additional bends (24) for energy accumulation. Bends are made integral with the said at least one spring and in addition to the spiral shape of the spring. Bends are rectangular in the cross section and form periodic changes in relation to the spiral trajectory. Clock mechanism has a clock drum.EFFECT: provided is increased energy capacity of the spring.8 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of forming and conducting group measurement of frequency // 2600539
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to providing uniformity of measurements and can be used to solve problem of forming and conducting group measurement of frequency. Method of forming and conducting group measurement of frequency involves intragroup comparisons of frequency standards, storing result of intragroup comparison and determining actual value of unit frequency of group measurement using result of intragroup comparisons and stored previous result of intragroup comparisons.EFFECT: technical result is high accuracy of determining actual values of frequency units, reduced time for determination of actual value of group measurement frequency unit.1 cl

Welded bimetallic external clock element // 2600298
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: intended for use in production of clock, jewelry and imitation jewelry. Method of making of external clock element (100) consists in the fact that there are metal base (10) made from the first material, which is titanium and/or the first titanium alloy, at least one metal patch (20) made from second material containing the second metal selected from gold, platinum or palladium and/or second alloy containing at least gold, platinum or palladium. Patch (20) has thickness (E) greater than or equal to 0.5 mm. At least one patch (20) is attached to base (10) by welding for production of bimetallic workpiece. Patch (20) and base (10) are heated to temperature higher than the melting point of patch (20) and base (10). Then bimetallic workpiece is subjected to deformation and/or machining to make composed element (100) finished. Said method is used for production of external clock element and clock or wrist watch, including external element.EFFECT: higher corrosion resistance and preservation of mechanical properties of products are achieved.30 cl, 23 dwg

Clock with function for displaying sunrise or sunset in any place on earth // 2600090
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: clock includes means (17) of displaying sunrise and sunset, taking into account seasonal changes, said means includes sphere (17), reconstructing globe, shell (23) arranged concentrically relative to sphere and arranged, so as to separate section of Earth, where it is currently night, from other section, where it is currently day, while indicating position of Earth terminator. Sphere is designed to be brought into movement so that it can rotate at a rate of one revolution in 24 hours about first axis (X-X) of rotation directed parallel to plane of clock face, and shell is installed, so as to turn about second axis (Y-Y) perpendicular to plane of clock face. Means of displaying sunrise and sunset also includes one-year cam (35) installed with possibility of rotation at a rate of one revolution in one year and rocker (37), interacting with cam. Cam has a profile, which displays Sun inclination relative to equatorial plane. Device includes kinematic chain (31) made so, that plane of Earth terminator forms with polar axis an angle equal to angle of inclination of Sun relative to equatorial plane. Device includes a calendar mechanism configured to display date and month, wherein one-year cam (35) is kinematically connected with calendar mechanism.EFFECT: provides visibility of entire surface of Earth.13 cl, 13 dwg

Barrel comprising additional resilient energy accumulation means // 2599611
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to barrel (11, 21) having box (13, 23) for receiving pivot shaft (15, 25) and at least one spring (17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 77), said at least one spring spiral being mounted between internal wall of box (13, 23) and outer wall of pivot shaft (15, 25), and can be twisted to accumulate mechanical energy. According to invention barrel (11, 21) further comprises device (12, 22, 22') to increase torque of said at least one spring, including additional resilient means (14, 24, 24') for energy accumulation, which are provided in addition to spiral shape of said at least one spring, wherein said resilient means are connected to said at least one spring so that torque of barrel (11, 21) can be customised in accordance with tension of turns of said at least one spring.EFFECT: invention involves field of clock mechanisms.14 cl, 7 dwg

Vernier recirculating time-code converter of high speed // 2598975
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and can be used for constructing digital converters of single nanosecond time intervals. Converter has a recirculator of start-pulse and a recirculator of stop-pulse, made on element OR, first input of which is connected to bus "stop-pulse" of the converter, second input - with the output of the delay line of stop-pulse, and the output - with the first input of an element AND, output of which is connected to the input of the delay line of stop-pulse and to the inverting input of pulses counter. Recirculator of start-pulse has an element OR, first input of which is connected to bus "start-pulse" of the converter, second input - with the output of the delay line of start-pulse, and the output - with the first input (m+1)-of the input element OR and with the input of the m-discharge delay line, m-outputs of which are connected to the D-inputs of appropriate m D-triggers and to the corresponding inputs (m+1)-of the input element OR, output of which is connected to the C-input of additional D-trigger and to the first input of the element AND, output of which is connected to the input of the start-pulse delay line, and the second input is connected to the second input element AND of the stop-pulse recirculator and with inverting output of additional D-trigger, D-input of which is connected to inverting input of the pulses counter of the stop-pulse recirculator, and the direct output - to the C-inputs of m-D-triggers, R-inputs of which are connected to the control input of the pulses counter 5, with R-input of additional D-trigger and with bus "initial plant" of the converter. At that the stop-pulse delay line of the stop-pulse recirculator has delay time equal to delay time of the start-pulse delay line of the start-pulse recirculator.EFFECT: technical result is in increase of conversion performance m times.1 cl, 2 dwg

Universal timepiece // 2598558
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: universal timepiece comprises a first dial bearing geographical labels which correspond to different time zones and which define a circuit of 24 hours, second dial bearing a 24 hour circle which is concentric to first dial and configured for rotation. At second dial bearing time markings are arranged opposite geographical labels of first dial to indicate local time. Timepiece comprises manual means to shift selectively some of geographical labels by 1/24th of a revolution, to make it possible to change, by one hour, local times associated with geographical labels during a change from wintertime to summertime or from summertime to wintertime. Manual control means comprise a manual control member, configured to be activated from outside of timepiece and moving sectors clock face, which are located in first dial and are designed to control said control member for angular displacement by 1/24 turn relative to first dial. On movable sectors of dial there are geographic reference points, which correspond to items, in which there is transition to summertime. Said means include, on one side, multiple sprockets, rotating in first dial so that each of them is kinematically connected to one of moving sectors of dial, and on other opposite side programming disc configured to rotate with help of control member. On programming disc there are multiple pins, each of which can interact with one of sprockets to turn after bringing into rotation programming disc.EFFECT: fast determination of time in different time zones at transition from winter to summer time and back.3 cl, 8 dwg

Clock with permanently coupled oscillators // 2598557
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to timepieces (1) containing a first oscillator (15) oscillating at the first frequency (f1) and connected to the energy source (9) by a gear train (5), and another second oscillator (35) that oscillating at the second frequency (f2) and is connected to the second gear train (25). Second gear train (25) is connected to the first gear train (5) by an elastic coupling unit (41) to synchronize the rate of the two oscillators (15, 35), using the same energy source (9).EFFECT: to synchronize the rate of two oscillators.16 cl, 4 dwg

Clock with coating containing polymer brushes // 2598377
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to clocks, including first substrate, a second substrate with low friction for reduction of friction coefficient and wear of the first substrate relative to the second substrate, wherein at least one of said substrates coated with said device with low friction, containing a coating containing branched polymer brush, swollen under action of captured solvent.EFFECT: use of coating containing polymer brushes in watchmaking in order to increase efficiency and reliability of displacements.15 cl, 2 tbl, 35 dwg

Clock with connected oscillators in chronograph mode // 2598299
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to clocks (1) containing first oscillator (15) vibrating at first frequency and first gear (5) with source (9) of energy, for time display and chronograph system (51), containing second gear (25) connected with first gear (5) via connecting device (44), for selective measurement of time. According to invention chronograph system (51) also includes second oscillator (35), which is connected to second gear (25) and oscillates at second frequency.EFFECT: besides, second gear (25) is connected with first gear (5) by elastic connecting device (41) for synchronization of both oscillators (15, 35) speed, using same energy source (9), when connector provides said measurement of time.14 cl, 4 dwg

odular clock mechanism with functional modules // 2598280
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical clock mechanism (100) in the form of a modular unit. It includes at least one mechanical modular unit (1) to perform a specific function of the clock, which is preliminarily irreversibly adjusted by means of an irreversible fixation of adjusting and/or assembly components (9) contained in functional module (1) after adjusting the said specific function of the clock and performing functioning control on the test bench, herewith at least one preliminarily adjusted functional module (1) is irreversibly attached to mounting plate (10), which is contained in the said mechanism (100) or is contained in another preliminary adjusted functional module (1) of the said mechanism (100), or is irreversibly attached to another preliminarily adjusted functional module (1), which is contained in the said mechanism 100.EFFECT: functioning of the mechanism.13 cl, 29 dwg

ethod of decoration incrustation in watch facing element by electroplating and facing element made using said method // 2597575
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of facing elements incrusted with at least one decoration. Method of producing facing element (4) of watch incrusted with at least one decoration (1), besides, it includes the following successive steps: decoration (1) is taken consisting of front part (2) and rear part (3), which must be respectively protruding from lining element and serve as fastener of said decoration in the above facing element; template (5) is taken sized as per facing element (4), besides, this template contains cavity (6) suitable to dimensions of front part (2) (1) (fig. 1 and 2), then decoration (1) is mounted into template (5), front part (2) (1) fills cavity (6) made in template (5); template (5) is filled galvanically with metal (7) to obtain required facing element (4) and template is removed (5) from obtained facing element (4).EFFECT: technical effect consists in creation of a new method of making facing elements.9 cl, 8 dwg

Wake up alarm providing device // 2597020
FIELD: sound.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to acoustics, particularly, to the alarm clocks. Device comprises a sound producing unit, for providing an audible wake up signal during an alert period, and a control unit. Control of awakening signal is performed so that it contains localised and diffused sounds. Thus the sum of the peak sound intensities of the diffuse sound exceeds the maximum sound intensity of the localized sound during the first part of the alert period, and that a ratio of the sum of the peak sound intensities of the diffuse sound to the maximum sound intensity of the localized sound is decreased during the subsequent part of the alert period The device also comprises a digital reverberation unit, two loudspeakers located at different angles, clock. Wherein the control unit generates a signal so, to the first part of the period of signalling and the next part of the signalling occur only once during the period of signalling.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency of user awakening.11 cl, 6 dwg

Clock mechanism, comprising module, whereon set of wheels is installed engaging with another set of wheels, pivoted on base, on which the said module is installed // 2596977
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: clock mechanism (30), which includes module (36), in which first set (18) of wheels engaged with second set (32) of wheels is installed, which is pivotally turns on base (4) on which module is mounted. Mechanism includes module installation facility made up of cam (40), at least, most part of outer circuit (42) of which has shape of Archimedean spiral. Cam is configured so that provides possibility of adjusting distance between centres (L) between first and second sets of wheels during cam turning around centre of Archimedean spiral. Cam is preferably calibrated.EFFECT: invention also relates to method of adjusting distance between centres of these two sets of wheels, using said cam for optimising efficiency of engagement of these two sets of wheels.10 cl, 6 dwg

Device and method of watches fastening element with adjustable angular orientation // 2596972
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device for attachment of first element 1 of watch, which contains first threaded section 11, to second element 2 of watch, which contains second threaded section (22), said device comprises intermediate element 3 for angular orientation of first element 1 relative to second element 2. Intermediate element 3 comprises third threaded section 31, to interact with first threaded section 11 of first element 1, and fourth threaded section 32 designed to interact with second threaded section 22 of second element 2. Thread pitch of third threaded section 31 and fourth threaded section 32 are different.EFFECT: fixation of element.11 cl, 7 dwg

Clock with worm gearing // 2596462
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for measuring time, in particular, to clock mechanisms and can be used in the watch industry in production of watch. Wrist watch has a housing, clock face, clock mechanism with transmission switch system, switch transmission system is a worm pair that consists of minute bushing worm, which transmits rotation to worm hour wheel fitted on axle shaft, wherein minute bushing worm turns simultaneously with minute axis. Also, labor costs for manufacture of hours and metal consumption of the proposed mechanism are reduced.EFFECT: technical result is the reduction of the number of parts in a watch, reduced play, resulting in increased accuracy of displaying time.17 cl, 9 dwg

Watches with indication of sabbath day and method for sabbath indication on watches // 2596457
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to clockworks. Watches having a housing, a face, a clock mechanism additionally contain a mechanism to indicate the day of Sabbath in the form of a kinematic chain able to display on the face each elementary indicator of the six week days, herewith indication of the seventh day of Sabbath is performed by a separate indicator on a separate aperture of the watches face.EFFECT: development of a special, built-in in watches calendar device and special watches indicating the order of incoming days of the week corresponding to the Bible days of creation, with separate indication of the seventh day (Sabbath), the rest day, that is important for believers when executing religious precepts.11 cl, 14 dwg

Clock mechanism // 2596124
FIELD: watches and other time measuring instruments.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a clock mechanism, comprising bottom side and display apparatus, wherein said clock mechanism is located between first and second reference planes that are parallel to each other, first reference plane is tangent to said lower side, and second reference plane is located on side of a display means, said clock mechanism has a kinematic unit comprising a body. Housing (10, 11) comprises at least two body arranged on both sides of reference axis perpendicular to first and second reference planes on each of said bodies are beam (30) and anchor, which together respectively a modular anchor mechanism (16a, 16b), at same time each beam is installed with possibility of rotation around axis of rotation of corresponding element. Housing also contains at least one support element, having at least one support surface (36), on which there is at least one of said modular anchor mechanisms (16a, 16b) so that rotation axis of balance beam (30) of said modular anchor mechanism (16a, 16b) is inclined relative to said reference planes and cross them, point of intersection of axis of rotation of beam (30) with first reference plane is located closer to reference axis than cross point of said rotation axis of beam (30) with second reference plane.EFFECT: device of a clock mechanism is disclosed.14 cl, 4 dwg

Specified demand display device // 2596103
FIELD: measuring devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to specified demand display device. Specified demand display device comprises: combined scale for indicating time and power consumption, time display unit for indicating time using combined scale, unit for gathering information on power consumption for obtaining data on power consumed to current time in given time segment for this specified value of demand, including current moment in time, display unit achieved target to indicate ratio between power consumption within given time segment registered by acquisition of information on power consumption, and required specified value established for this purpose, time segment, unit for receiving signals of alternating current to receive AC signals using alternating current pulses in power transmission line, unit for generating information on time for generating information on time based on obtained signals of alternating current, transmitting unit for transmitting generated information on time using radio waves in housing, receiving unit for receiving information on time of using radio waves transmitted inside housing, and control unit indication unit of time to time display control unit by means of obtained information on time.EFFECT: invention allows electric energy consumers in different media to determine value of demand, which do not differ from those that are defined by electric companies, which enables to consumers determine ratio between such values demand and preset values demand and facilitate timely measures on energy saving.8 cl, 16 dwg