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ethod for manufacturing watch case // 2627214
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacturing watch case is proposed, wherein an inner part of the case is moulded, machined to produce two grooves for subsequent fixation of the decorative insert in them, a casting mould is produced for casting the decorative insert, forming the geometric pattern of the required watch case. Part of the casting mould shape is the inner part of the case, obtained earlier. Then waxing; casting and cutting of the decorative insert; final milling and polishing of the watch case are carried out.EFFECT: reduction of the weight of the precious metal in the product with simultaneous rigidity of the product.5 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of impulse delay time measuring in the communication line // 2627200
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method is performed by measuring the time of the impulse passing through the communication line upto the unmatched load and back to the output impulse duration of the shaper, installed at the communication line input. At that the resistor at the communication line input is closed for the charging time of the communication line distributed capacity and is disclosed to receive the signal, reflected from the communication line end, when closing its load.EFFECT: increase of the accuracy and reliability of the results, while reducing the complexity of measurements.2 dwg

ultichannel device for measuring time intervals // 2627136
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device includes a measurement channel consisting of two time slot boundaries fixating triggers which are connected respectively to the control inputs of two multivibrators which outputs are connected to the inputs of the pulse counters and to the input of the phase detector which output is connected to the reset input of the time slot boundaries fixating triggers. The device also comprises the second pulse generator, a reference frequency generator, a reference frequency measuring unit, to which inputs the outputs of the second pulse generator and a reference frequency generator are connected, a controller, to which inputs the output of the reference frequency measuring unit, the output of the phase detector and outputs of the counters are connected. The first output of the controller is connected to the second inputs of the multivibrators to activate the forced generation mode, and the second output of the controller is the output of the time-interval metre, a multivibrator frequency measuring unit, to which inputs the outputs of the multivibrators and the output of the reference frequency generator are connected, and the output of the multivibrator frequency measuring unit is connected to the input of the controller which calculates the measured time interval.EFFECT: simplification of the device.2 cl, 3 dwg

Chronometer with world time function // 2627024
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: chronometer with world time function contains a mechanism (27, 29, 31, 25, 19, 19H, 19E, 20, 20H, 20E, 21, 21E, 21H, 22, 22E, 22H, 23, 23E, 23H, 11, 11A, 12, 12A, 13, 13A, 14, 14A, 15, 15A, 17) of winter / summer time switching, which can be intermittently driven by the clock mechanism for selectively moving individual geographic reference points located on a dial (3) by 1/24 turns to change local time by one hour for these geographic reference points when switching from winter time to local time or from summer time to winter time.EFFECT: improved accuracy.7 cl, 9 dwg

Watch with removable clock-operated capsule // 2625907
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: watch contains a case, a case cover, a removable clock-operated capsule and strap fastening lugs. The watch additionally contains a spring and a retainer fastened to the case. An annular groove is provided on the removable capsule case, and there is a protrusion for contacting the annular groove on the retainer. The strap fastening lugs are removable. The invention also relates to a method for rapidly changing the configuration of the aforementioned watch, in which, by pressing against the cover of the watch case, an elastic force arises from the spring, breaking the lock and pushing the removable capsule along the guide, to which the retainer serves.EFFECT: ease and speed of replacing the clock-operated capsule without compromising the integrity of the case, the design of the watch is greatly simplified, and the performance of the watch is improved.7 cl, 4 dwg

Watch regulating element // 2625733
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: watch regulating element (1) contains a balance wheel (2) which oscillates about the axis (D) and is subjected to the torque applied by the torsional return means (4). The balance (2) comprises fastening means (10) forcing it to oscillate together with a torsional wire (5), which forms the above-mentioned torsional return means (4) especially for the above-mentioned balance (2). The largest cross-section size of the useful section (51; 52) of the above-mentioned torsional wire (5) which is subjected to torsion is less than 100 microns, the smallest cross-section size of the above-mentioned useful section (51; 52) is less than 50 microns, the total length (LT) of the above-mentioned torsional wire (5) is less than 6 millimeters, and the above-mentioned regulating element (1) comprises tensioning means (400) of the above-mentioned torsional wire (5).EFFECT: improved accuracy.26 cl, 15 dwg

Detail of clock mechanism // 2625254
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: subject of the present invention is a metal shaft movement, at the ends of the stems, characterized that as a metal for its manufacturing used austenitic steel, austenitic alloy of cobalt or nickel austenitic alloy with the aim of limiting its susceptibility to magnetic fields, as well as the fact that at least the external surface of specified at least one pin subjected to hardening at a certain depth to the center axis.EFFECT: increasing the surface hardness.13 cl, 5 dwg

Illuminated clock indicator // 2624716
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: clock (100) including a mechanical clock mechanism (10) with a clock indicator (4) including a light energy source (5) and a thin, elastic, mobile component (1) that deforms during operation, in particular, a balancing spring, at least, partially transparent, which transmits and diffuses light, which varies depending on the stresses in the elastic and deformable region. The said active or passive light source (5) injects light into one portion of the said mobile component (1) that conducts and diffuses light in, at least, one region of the mobile component (1) or the entire mobile component (1).EFFECT: indicator is visible in the dark.25 cl, 8 dwg

agnetic or electrostatic resonator // 2624713
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: clock resonator (6) comprising a movable component (7) having a ring-like shape extending around the axis and configured to oscillate about the axis (A), and a drive element (8), on which the torque acts inside the clock mechanism (10). This resonator is an annular magnetic or electrostatic resonator (6), the mobile component (7) of which is periodically excited by the action caused by the movement of the said drive element (8). The drive element (8) is designed to exert a non-contact force on the movable component (7). The mobile component (7) includes the first number of the first polar elements (76) magnetized or electrically charged with the first angular pitch, and the drive element (8) includes the second number of the second pole elements (86) magnetized or electrically charged with the second angular step and arranged such that the movable component (7) together with the drive element (8) form a mechanism that reduces or increases the speed.EFFECT: improveming the resonator.21 cl, 22 dwg

External element with improved mounting // 2624621
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the middle portion (20, 200) of the watch body comprising at least one outer member (30), the noted outer member is secured to the middle portion in the fastening region by elastic fasteners (70), characterized in that the noted middle portion further includes at least one hole (26, 206) opening in the fastening region of the noted elastic fastening means, allowing the user to act on the noted elastic fastening means, deforming them, for separating the outer (30) from the noted middle part.EFFECT: reliable fastening.19 cl, 12 dwg

Program wheel of calendar mechanism // 2624432
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: calendar mechanism comprising a program wheel device 100 for the calendar mechanism, wherein the program wheel 100 comprises: a 13-day program wheel that performs a full revolution every month, is driven by a clock mechanism, and drives the gear (16-24) to display days of the month, and a software gear of 43 months, which performs a full revolution every year; the program wheel (13) days and the software gear (43) months are installed coaxially.EFFECT: improvement of the mechanism.9 cl, 14 dwg

Clock capable to indicate together time and physical quantity // 2623913
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: clock or the like are presented, containing: a dual-use scale for indicating together time and physical quantity; a physical quantity receiving unit to obtain information on the physical quantity; a target storage receiving unit to receive target storage, which is a physical quantity, which shall be stored in the time interval to the current time; a time displaying unit to display time on the dual-use scale; an actual storage receiving unit to receive actual storage, which is the physical quantity value stored to the current time; and a difference displaying unit to display difference obtained from the actual storage and the target storage by using the current time as the starting point.EFFECT: clock improvement.14 dwg

ethod of forming internal time scale of devices comparing and synchronizing time scale and fiber-optic reflectometers and device for its implementation // 2623840
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method and device of forming the internal time scale of the devices comparing and synchronizing the time scale and the fiber-optic reflectometers, are based on the generation of optical pulses and their direction to the circulator, recording the moment of pulse emission by the photodetector, a circulator and a semitransparent mirror located between the circulator outlet and the inlet to the investigated fiber-optic line, in reflectometry, or to the fiber-optic line connecting remote objects, in synchronization of time scales. Herewith the radiation moment of an optical pulse in the line is fixed by a photodetector in the same channel as the pulse coming from the line.EFFECT: increasing the comparison and synchronization accuracy of the remote object time scales by using the fiber-optic communication lines.2 cl, 1 dwg

Time transmission signals modem through the satellite communication duplex channel // 2623718
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: modem can be used in the very long baseline radio interferometry (VLBI), in the single time and frequency service, as well as for the information exchange between the ground stations, spaced into the long distances, using the geostationary ESV-repeater. The modem contains the geostationary ESV-repeater, the first A and the second B ground stations, each of which contains the reference 1 of time and frequency, the heterodynes 2 and 3, the transmitting-receiving antenna 4, the duplexer 5, the power amplifiers 6 and 16, the mixers 7 and 14, the amplifier of the first intermediate frequency 8, the clippers 9 and 17, the memory units 10 and 18, the correlators 11 and 24, the pseudonoise signal generator 12, the switch 13, the amplifier 15 of the second intermediate frequency, frequency selector 19, the narrowband filter 20, the amplitude detector 21, the threshold unit 22, the key 23, the adjustable delay unit 25, the remultiplier 26, the lowpass filter 27, the extreme regulator 28 and the range indicator 29. The geostationary ESV-repeater 30 includes a transmitting-receiving antenna 31, the duplexer 32, the power amplifiers 33 and 40, the heterodyne 34, the mixer 35, the third intermediate frequency amplifier 36, the total frequency amplifier 37, the amplitude detector 38 and the key 39.EFFECT: increase of the noise immunity and reliability of the time transmission through the duplex satellite communication channel by suppression of the false signals, received via additional channels, and automatic measurement of the inclined range up to the geostationary ESV-repeater in order to monitor its position in the orbit.5 dwg

Device for displaying periods forming annual cycle // 2622822
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: object of the present invention is a device for displaying the periods, which form an annual cycle sequence for a clockwork containing an indicating element (1) for indicating the said periods. The displaying device includes, at least, a control mechanism for the display duration of the said periods comprising, at least, a drive element (2) to drive the indicating element (1) serving to drive the indicating element (1) at the time of changing the period; a cam (4) controlling the display duration of the said periods, and a driving means of the cam; the first central gear wheel (6) with two inputs and one output; the first input is formed by the supporting drive wheel (8) committing one turn in the base period, the second input is formed by the actuating element (10) interacting with the said cam (4); the output is formed by the said drive element (2) of the indicating element (1); the said cam (4) comprises a profile arranged so that the actuating element (10) interactings with the first central gear wheel (6) to move the drive element (2) of the indicating element (1) forward or backward depending on the period length relative to the base period.EFFECT: device improvement.11 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of clock synchronization and device for its implementation // 2622511
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device, implementing the proposed method contains the artificial earth satellite and five ground stations, each containing the frequency and time standard 1, heterodynes 2.1 and 2.2, the pseudo-random signal generator 3, the switch 4, the mixers 5, 13, 19, the amplifier 6 of the first intermediate frequency, the power amplifiers 7 and 12, the duplexer 8, the transmit and receive antenna 9, the clippers 10, 15, 33, 39 and 45, the buffer memories 11, 16, 34, 40 and 46, the amplifiers 14, 20 of the second intermediate frequency, the meters 17, 35, 41 and 47 delays and their derivatives, phase shifters 18, 21, 27 for 90, the adders 22, 28 and 50, the multipliers 23, 29, the narrowband filters 24, 30, the amplitude detectors 25, 31, the switches 26, 32, 38, 44, the signal processing units 48.1, 48.2 and 48.3, units 49.1, 49.2 and 49.3 of time series formation of the total electronic content, the threshold unit 51, the computer 52.EFFECT: extension of the functional capabilities of the known technical solutions by determining the propagation velocity and the direction of the ionospheric disturbance arrival, caused by various destabilizing factors, due to the restoration of the ionosphere total electron content spatial distribution according to the atmosphere continuous electromagnetic transmission probing data by the repeated signals.2 cl, 5 dwg

Ceramic element encrusted by decoration of composite ceramics // 2621229
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method comprises the following steps: a) forming a ceramic or metal body by sintering; b) etching, at least, one recess on one surface of the ceramic body, forming a relief cavity for decoration; c) changing the state of the bottom surface of, at least, one recess in order to increase its contact surface; d) filling, at least, one recess by the composite ceramics so as to form the said decoration, and e) aligning the composite ceramics so that the composite ceramics remains only in the groove of, at least, one recess. At the step d) the recess is filled with an organic matrix containing ceramic particles of carbide, oxide or titanium nitride, silica, alumina, or zirconia, followed by cross-linking and hardening the matrix. The matrix is formed from an epoxy resin, polyamide, polyurethane, or silicone.EFFECT: improving the visual quality of the ceramic element while achieving high wear resistance.25 cl, 6 dwg

Device for permanent fixing of metal insert // 2620941
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the element (10), including the base (11), having at least one recess, forming the shaped cavity for the sign and completely filled with galvanically deposited layer (16), so that the element (10) is the incrusted at least by one metal sign with improved visual quality. The element (10) contains the device for permanent fixing of indicated at least one metal sign, which is at least one through-hole (14) in the element (10) and at least partially filled with the galvanically deposited layer (16) for improving fixation at least one sign to the element. The indicated through-hole (14) has the first end, communicated with at least one recess and the second end, communicating with the other side of the mentioned base.EFFECT: reliability increase of the signs fixation.23 cl, 11 dwg

Push-button for clock with integrated valve // 2620870
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: push-button of the clock device to correct the displayed time, coupled with the decompression valve within the single control device. It essentially comprises the first spring (10) of the push-button return, which is followed by the second spring (13) made in such a way that it can be compressed and act as a valve spring.EFFECT: improving the device reliability.9 cl, 6 dwg

Annular swinging weight and clock containing such swinging weight // 2620489
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: annular swinging weight (3) for a self-winding clock comprises a driving ring (5) with an annular transfer part (11) provided with a coaxial toothing (15) for winding the clock, and a heavy sector (7). The heavy sector (7) is attached to the driving ring (5). The driving ring (5) includes a plurality of resiliently deformable connection elements (9), which can be elastically deformed and connected the annular transfer part (11) to the second annular part (13). A self-winding clock mechanism comprising a swinging weight, and an automatic clock comprising the said clock mechanism are also provided.EFFECT: possibility of damping the swinging weight movement in the axial direction.11 cl, 6 dwg

Device for measuring small time interval // 2620191
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device for measuring a small time interval consists of the first signal sensor, the second signal sensor and an OR element, a block of series connected delay lines, a counter, a block of matching elements and a secondary processing block. Technical result is achieved with the introduction of two high-speed triggers with the installation to its original state and the two matching elements. The elements of the device are interconnected according to the block-diagram of fig. 1.EFFECT: increasing the resolution without increasing the cumbersomeness of the device.2 dwg
ovable part of the clockwork for the hidden installation // 2619804
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: movable part (1) of the clockwork, intended for installation on the rotary axle, consisting of the transparent part (2), having the hole (5); the metal toothed rim (3) going along the circumference of the transparent part (2); the metal clutch (4), tightly inserted in the hole (5) and having the hole (6) for fastening on the rotary axle; the toothed rim (3) and the clutch (4) are made in the additive method directly on the transparent part, so that the radial tolerance between the clutch hole 6 and the toothed rim (3) is less than 0.01 mm.EFFECT: reliable fastening.16 cl, 5 dwg

Device for displaying clock dates with signs of large size // 2619734
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device includes a means for indicating tens, adapted to selectively display four separate characters, a means for indicating units, adapted to selectively display the numbers from 1 to 9 and zero. The means for indicating units includes a first upper plate (2) and the first lower plate (3), at least, partially overlapped in the display area (5). The first upper plate is adapted to the stepping rotation about an axis, and the sequence is located thereon, formed by eight characters evenly spaced circumferentially, from which seven characters are respectively represented by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and an incomplete or absent eighth character associated with, at least, the first hole (A8E, A8G) opening the lower plate (3). The first lower plate is adapted to the stepping rotation about an axis and includes evenly spaced characters or character elements (P8, P9, P0), which are visible, when combined in the display area with the said, at least, one first hole of the first upper plate (2). The first upper plate (2) and the first lower plate (3) are designed to be sequentially displayed in the area (5) of the first full cycle formed by the sequence of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 displayed by the first upper plate, and then by the sequence of numbers 8, 9, 0, each of which is composed by overlapping one of the said characters or character elements (P8, P9, P0) of the first lower plate (3) on the said, at least, one hole (A8E, A8G) connected to the eighth character of the first upper plate (2) of the second full cycle, identical to the first full cycle and the third irregular cycle. The third cycle is composed of a sequence of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, completed in accordance with the current month length, first with all or a part of the said sequence of numbers 8, 9, 0, and then, if necessary, with number 1 displayed by the first upper plate.EFFECT: simplifying the use of the updated device for displaying the clock characters at the end of a month comprising less than 31 days.5 cl, 9 dwg

Outer part based on photo-structured glass // 2619732
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the outer part (21, 61) comprising the first section (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 , 18, 19, 20, 23, 25, 27, 33, 35, 43, 45) based on the photo-structured glass, at least, one second section (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 , 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 25, 27, 33, 35, 43, 45) based on, at least, one second material. According to the invention, one surface (24, 28, 30, 31) of the first section is integrally formed with the second surface section.EFFECT: solid outer section.11 cl, 5 dwg

Personal alarm system // 2619645
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: personal alarm system comprises means adapted to be worn close to the eye of the subject. The eye includes an eyelid, eyelid detector configured to determine the state (open or closed) of the subject's eyelid, a radiation source installed on the device and adapted to emit radiation in the first wavelength range into the subject's eye in the visible spectral region above approx. 590 nm, and a controller. The first wavelength range is chosen so as to allow the subject to perceive the radiation as a specific colour light that after passing through his/her eyelid, and the radiation source is adapted to stop the radiation, if the subject's eyelid is open. Subject awakening is carried out by the personal alarm system or a system adapted to wake the subject by radiation emission in the closed eyelid, comprising means for radiation source carrying near the subject's eye, means for subject's eyelid state determination (closed or open), means for radiation emmission in response to eyelid closed state determination.EFFECT: application of inventions expands the range to wake alarm devices.18 cl, 8 dwg

Clock with analemma and method of displaying analemma // 2619096
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: clock with an analemma contains a body, a dial, a clockwork, an analog time indicator, a drive annual wheel, an analemma module containing a contour of the analematic "eight" and a sun pointer, while the analemma module additionally contains a radius cam and an angle cam kinematically connected with the drive wheel, while the angle cam drives the analemma disk wheel by means of the transfer mechanisms, and the radius cam transmits motion to the sun pointer by means of the transfer mechanisms so that, when the analemma disk rotates, the sun pointer moves strictly along the trajectory indicated by the contour of the analematic "eight".EFFECT: simplifying the clock design with the analemma, reducing the overall clock dimensions with the analemma with simultaneous increasing the accuracy in displaying the true time on the clock and displaying the magnitude of the sun declination.10 cl, 9 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of clock synchronization and device for its implementation // 2619094
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for the clock synchronization realizing the proposed method, comprises a standard 1 of frequency and time, local oscillators 2.1, 2.2, a dither signal generator 3, a switch 4, mixers 5, 13, 19, 28 and 30, an amplifier of the first intermediate frequency, and power amplifiers7 and 12, a duplexer 8, a transceiving antenna 9, clippers 10 and 15, buffer memories 11 and 16, amplifiers 14 and 20 of the second intermediate frequency, a meter 17 of the delays and their derivatives, phase shifters 18 and 21 at 90, adders 22, 41, 44 and 48, multipliers 23 and 34, narrow-band filters 24 and 39, an amplitude detector 25, a key 26, a reference frequency block 27, an amplifier 29 of the third intermediate frequency, low frequency filters 31 and 35, a meter 32 of Doppler frequencies, a correlator 33, an extreme knob 36, a variable delay block 37, a range indicator 38, phase inverters 40, 43 and 46.EFFECT: increasing the noise immunity and the synchronization accuracy of the remote time scales by suppressing false signals received on the direct transmission channel and on the intermodulation channels.2 cl, 6 dwg

echanism of indicating time by flexible indicating element on indicator shaft and clock containing such mechanism // 2619032
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: mechanism of indicating time by the flexible indicator element on the indicator shaft, containing an indicator roller, a flexible indicator element, a system of placing and feeding the flexible indicator element, is characterized by the fact that the indicator roller is adapted to move along its axis and/or to rotate around its axis. The flexible indicator element and the indicator roller are engaged with each other to generate images of the Roman hour numerals on the indicator roller field. The clock contains a body, a dial with an aperture, a means for the time indication, a clock mechanism. The clock is characterised in that the time indication means provides the time indication mechanism with the flexible indicator element on the indicator shaft.EFFECT: this display allows to increase the size of the time numbers on the display surface without increasing the dimensions of the clock device, the wear of the clockwork elements is reduced, higher clock performance is provided with such display mechanism due to the presence of only one easily removable element.18 cl, 11 dwg, 1 tbl

Part containing ceramic element // 2619013
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: clock part comprises a ceramic element (3) designed to fit to the casing (5). The part includes an interaction device (7) comprising a deformable insert (2) to fix the fit between the ceramic element (3) and the casing (5) and a coupling means between the insert (2) and the ceramic element (3). The coupling means comprises protrusions formed on the ceramic element (3) and designed to increase the local roughness in order to reduce the relative movement of the said ceramic element (3) and the said insert (2).EFFECT: reliability of elements fixing.8 cl, 3 dwg

Spring balance for clock // 2618739
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: clock unit (1) including a balance spring column (3) attached to the platinum (2) and a balance spring (4) wound (6) around the inner end (7) of the shoe (9), and the outer end (8) made integral with the above-mentioned column (3) of the balance spring. The above-mentioned column (3) of the balance spring and/or the above-mentioned shoe (9) includes brake means (10) for interacting with at least the first winding (61) during the accelerations caused by compression or expansion of the above balance spring (4), which are larger than the setpoints set, to change the resultant stiffness of the aforementioned balance spring (4) when at least the above-mentioned first coil (61) is locally connected to the above-mentioned braking means (10), positioned on the first inner tab (16; 19) and the second outer tab (17; 97) contained in the above-mentioned column (3) of the balance spring and/or in the above-mentioned shoe (9), which includes a first inner tab (96) and The second outer tongue (97), each of which includes the above-mentioned brake means (10).EFFECT: increasing the reliability.19 cl, 5 dwg

Clock rotor // 2618442
FIELD: physics, clock.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a rotor for use in a clockwork with self-winding. Given rotor comprises a basic part (1) made of composite material and elements (9) of heavy metal. The main part includes an inner portion (5) and a peripheral portion (3), wherein the peripheral portion has holes with heavy metal elements set in.EFFECT: document describes structure of clock rotor.11 cl, 5 dwg

Clock balance shock-proof spring // 2616895
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: shock-proof mechanism (1) for the adjustment clock mechanism (100) comprising a balance spring (2) with a strip (20) wound with a number of turns (3); the inner turn (4) is fastened to the sleeve (6) having a common axis with the aforementioned balance spring (2) with respect to the rotary axis (D), and the outer turn (5) is fixed to the fixing element (7). At least, one turn (3) of the balance spring (2) includes, at least, one finger (8) connected with this turn (3) and moving without any contact during nominal stretching or compressing the balance spring (2) in the movement restriction groove (10) contained in the flange (11) of the mechanism (1), and this groove (10) is designed to restrict the finger movement (8) relative to the rotary axis (D), when the sleeve rotation angle (6) exceeds the predetermined nominal value.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.14 cl, 14 dwg

Balance clock spring // 2615595
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: balance spring (1) comprising two pairs (50) of coils, each of which is formed of the adjacent coils (51, 52) respectively comprising locking means (11) and quincuncially staggered auxiliary locking means (12), together defining for each pair (50) the corresponding maximum angular displacement (CA) of the coils during their local connection at the accelerations of the balance spring (1), which are larger than the desired values in order to limit the amount of the active coils. The locking means (11) and the auxiliary locking means (12) of the pairs (50) define different values (CA) of the maximum angular displacement to limit gradually the amplitude of turning between the ends (3, 4) of the balance spring (1) during the accelerations, which are greater than the desired values, wherein one of the above pairs (50) interacts with the abutment earlier than the other pair, to change gradually the resulting stiffness of the balance spring (1) by using the sequential deactivation or reactivation of its coils (5).EFFECT: improving the device reliability.8 cl, 3 dwg

Solar panel and chronometer including solar panel // 2615213
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: solar panel (3) under the present invention, over which the pointer, mounted on the pointer shaft (6) inserted into the through hole (3a) in the central part of the solar panel, moves (7), includes a plurality of the solar cells (11-16 ) arranged substantially in a circle, and these solar cells (11-16) form a spiral shape with the substantial separation so that the pointer is located over the two of the solar cells plurality (11-16). Accordingly, the pointer (7) can always be located over the two of the solar cells plurality (11-16), and thus, the area reduction of the light-receiving surface may be distributed under the influence of the pointer (7) between the two solar cells (11-16). At the result, the output current lowering of the solar cells (11-16) plurality, over which the pointer is located (7), can be eliminated, and the output current of all the solar cells plurality (11-16) can be raised.EFFECT: creation of the solar panel suitable for the output current increase by reducing the area attenuation of the receiving surface due to the influence of the pointer by the solar cells plurality, and the chronometer including the solar panel.8 cl, 10 dwg

ethod for measuring time interval and device variants of its implementation // 2615159
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: method is carried out by periodic changing the phase of the counting pulses, filling the analyzed time interval with the sequence of the repeated time intervals, and averaging the single values, each of which is received in the different phase of the counting pulses. The base of the devices, that implement the method, includes a controlled delay line, counting and arithmetic units, as well as a counter, in a simplified version - a trigger controlling the delay line.EFFECT: enhancing the functionality of the method and the device implementing it, respectively, by reducing measurement errors in the conditions, when averaging by the classical way does not improve the accuracy.16 cl, 8 dwg

Clock synchronisation method and device therefor // 2613865
FIELD: radio engineering and communication; radar and radio navigation.SUBSTANCE: proposed method and device relate to communication engineering and radar and can be used for comparison of time scales spaced apart over long distances. Device which realises disclosed method of synchronising clocks, comprises a relay artificial earth satellite, first A and second B ground stations, each having time and frequency standard 1, unit 2 heterodynes: first 2.1, second 2.2 and third 23 heterodynes, multiplier 4, mixers 5, 13 and 24, first intermediate frequency amplifier 6, power amplifiers 7 and 12, duplexer 8, transceiving antenna 9, pseudorandom signal generator 3, clippers 10 and 15, buffer storage devices 11 and 16, correlators 17 and 26, controlled delay unit 18, multipliers 19 and 29, low-pass filter 20, extreme controller 21, microprocessor 22, second intermediate frequency amplifiers 14 and 25, threshold unit 27, switch 28, phase doubler 30, narrow-band filters 31 and 32, phase detector 33 and inverting amplifier 34.EFFECT: engineering problem of invention is increasing noise immunity and accuracy of synchronising remote time scales by providing symmetry of frequencies fH2 and fH3 of second and third heterodynes relative to frequency f2 of main receiving channel fU2-f2=f2-fH3=fpr2.2 cl, 4 dwg

Passive hydrogen frequency standard // 2613566
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: frequency standard includes a quantum discriminator 1 with a coupling loop 2 of its resonator frequency tuning, a frequency converter 3, an amplitude detector 4, phase shifters 5, 13, synchronous detectors 6, 14, a crystal oscillator 7, a modulator 8, a modulating frequency oscillator 9, a frequency multiplier 10, a generator of harmonics 11, a tunable frequency synthesizer 12, a rectangular pulse oscillator 15 and a digital-to-analog converter 16, the output of which is connected with the coupling loop 2 for frequency tuning of the quantum discriminator resonator 1, and its second input is connected to the synchronous detector output 14 made by the digital and the second input connected to the second output of the rectangular pulse generator 15.EFFECT: reducing the temperature coefficient of the device frequency and improving the frequency stability of the time averaging 1 per day.3 dwg

Energy storage device using springs operating for torsion // 2613014
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: energy storage device, which employs twisting springs for conversion of energy generated by the energy generation device in the energy accumulated in the form of the springs energy, comprises several gears, several limiters of the twisting force value, several unidirectional bearings for the torque transfer, several energy storage units, several gears increasing the speed of rotation.EFFECT: energy storage plant can have a series or a parallel configuration, which increases efficiency of energy storage and use.8 cl, 13 dwg

Clock with capsule with clockwork and capsule latch in clock case // 2612747
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: clock contains a case with a capsule and a clockwork, a cover covering the case on one side, glass placed on the opposite side of the case, and a latch for fixing the capsule inside the case. The capsule case is equipped with a supporting shoulder, and the fixing element wall of the capsule latch is equipped with a biasing end at one wall edge resting on the supporting platform on this shoulder. Resilient legs are connected to the wall of the supporting element on the biasing edge and extend outward against the wall towards the opposite wall edge at the angle to the surface of the biasing edge till the other supporting platform on the inner clock case wall. The capsule latch is also proposed in the clock case retaining the capsule in the predetermined position.EFFECT: invention provides a reliable capsule fixation with the clockwork in the clock case with a minimum damaging effects of the latch on the case wall of the clock and the capsule.40 cl, 9 dwg

ethod for clock synchronization and device for its implementation // 2612127
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device for synchronizing clocks that implements the inventive method comprises a center (40) for information processing and three ground points A, B and C, each of which comprises a standard (1) of frequency and time, heterodynes (2.1 and 2.2), a generator (3 ) of pseudorandom signals, a switch (4), mixers (5, 13, 19, 28, 30), an amplifier (6) of the first intermediate frequency, power amplifiers (7 and 12.1), a diplexer (8), a two-way transmission antenna (9), clippers (10 and 15), buffer memories (11 and 16), a meter (17) of delays and their derivatives, a phase shifter (18) for 90, amplifiers (14 and 20) of the second intermediate frequency, a phase shifter (21) for -90, an adder (22), multipliers (23 and 34), a narrowband filter (24) and an amplitude detector (25), a key (26), a unit (27) of reference frequencies, an amplifier (19) of the third intermediate frequency, filters (31 and 35 ) lower frequencies, a meter (32) of Doppler frequency, a correlator (33), an optimizing peak-holding controller (36), a unit (37) of variable delay, a indicator (38) of distance and communication lines (39.1, 39.2, 39.3). The information processing center contains phase doublers (41.1, 41.2 and 41.3), dividers (42.1, 42.2 and 42.3) of phase by two, narrow-band filters (43.1, 43.2 and 43.3), phase meters (44.1, 44.2 and 44.3), correlators (45.1, 45.2 and 45.3), multipliers (46.1, 46.2 and 46.3), filters (47.1, 47.2 and 47.3) of lower frequencies, optimizing peak-holding controllers (48.1, 48.2 and 48.3), adjustable delay units (49.1, 49.2 and 49.3) and a computer (50).EFFECT: improved accuracy of synchronization of remote time scales by precise and unambiguous measurement of angular coordinates of the satellite relay and improved accuracy of determination of its location and movement in space.2 cl, 6 dwg

Swivel bracelet // 2611293
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: swivel bracelet (100) includes the first element (6) pivotally connected to the second element (9) by the third swivel (8) along the axis (D). Compensating element (1) is enclosed between the said first and second elements (6, 9) to prevent any direct contact between the said elements radially to the said axis (D), and to limit their relative angular displacement. Compensating element (1) is made as a single piece from a resilient material and comprises at least one first extensible and compressible thickening (3) at the first end, and at least one second extensible and compressible thickening (4) at the second end, on each side of the central extensible layer (2). The said first thickening (3) and the said second thickening (4) extend relatively to the said layer (2) and have a cross section larger than the cross section of the said layer (2) in a plane extending perpendicular to the said axis (D). Also we offer watches comprising the said swivel bracelet.EFFECT: depreciation of relative movements between bracelet links, which ensures protecting and reducing noise when striking or rubbing one element against the other.19 cl, 22 dwg

Economical watch cylinder // 2609401
FIELD: physics, clocks.SUBSTANCE: watch cylinder (1) with the drum (2) concentric to the drum axis (3) in the direction (D), designed to accommodate the drum spring (4), which engages with said drum (2) and a bush (5) concentric to said axis (3) of the cylinder and directed along this axis. The above-mentioned bush (5) is rotated in an opening (21) of said drum (2) and includes the first abutment surface (51) of the bush limiting the axial movement of said bush (5) in said direction (D) relative to the inner surface (22) of said drum (2) and the second abutment surface (52) of the bush, located opposite the first abutment surface (51) of the bush and limiting axial movement of the said bush (5) relative to the outer surface (23) of said drum (2) which is located, on the one hand, between said first abutment surface (51) and said second abutment surface (52) and, on the other hand, can freely rotate around said bush (5).EFFECT: invention provides economical operation of the clock mechanism.19 cl, 6 dwg

echanism for display and correction of state of two different time variables // 2609399
FIELD: physics, clocks.SUBSTANCE: clock mechanism (1) for the display and correction of two different time variables for clocks (1000) including a running gear (2), which actuates the first display mechanism (3) for displaying the first measured time value and the second display mechanism (4) for displaying the second measured value, wherein said running gear (2) includes an adjusting element (50). The said first (3) and second (4) display mechanisms respectively comprise the first (30) and the second (40) drive mechanisms that share a common drive mechanism (10) which is driven by the said running gear (2) and regulates the motion of one of the said display mechanisms (4, 3) by means of instantaneous movements, or of the other said mechanism (3, 4) by means of slow movements. The display mechanisms include the first (300) and the second (400) correction mechanisms that share a common correction mechanism (100) actuated by said adjustment element (50), which is independent from said common drive mechanism (10) and includes a friction protection device (54).EFFECT: invention provides display and correction of the state of two different time variables for clocks.7 cl, 12 dwg

Watch with worldwide time display function // 2609398
FIELD: physics, clocks.SUBSTANCE: watch includes the mechanism (10) actuating the primary displaying means (2) interacting with additional primary displaying means (3), correcting means (4) for said primary displaying means (2) for setting the time for a particular location, the secondary displaying means (5) that can move relative to said additional primary displaying means (3) and contain geographic landmarks (6) for different time zones. The mechanism (10), synchronously with the primary displaying means (2), actuates said secondary displaying means (5), the structure (7) carrying the first screens (8), each of which is superimposed on the geographical landmark (6), and, depending on the time of day, changes the position under the action of torque transmitted by the driving means (9), which is greater than the resistance force generated by the friction means (11) connected to said structure (7).EFFECT: invention is a watch with the worldwide time display function.14 cl, 9 dwg

Drum shaft and mainspring // 2609397
FIELD: physics, clocks.SUBSTANCE: method (21) of manufacturing the drum shaft (10) for clocks, comprising: - drawing the blank to form a continuous profile (30), projecting or deepened relative to the bearing sector (2) having an axis (DC) of additional treatment, parallel to the blank axis, and the section of which mates with the section of the response engaging means (3) to be performed on said shaft (1); - machining the entire outer contour of the shaft (1) during the further processing operation. The drive member (100) comprising: - the predetermined helical mainspring (10) comprising the engaging means (13) at the inner end (12), having a predetermined profile (14); - the shaft (1) manufactured in this manner and containing the bearing sector (2) for supporting said first wrap (11) and the receiving engaging means (3) having a response profile(314) with respect to said profile (14) for joint turning with the said mainspring (10).EFFECT: invention contributes to the strength of the clock running gear.15 cl, 50 dwg
Rotary bezel system // 2609193
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: present invention is aimed at watch body ring (3), including peripheral flange, on which circular rotary bezel system (1) is installed with possibility of rotation, characterized by, that said rotary bezel system is independent module, including annular bezel (7), annular support element (5), toothed element (19) and spring devices (9), elastically interacting with said fasteners by latching, said spring devices and said toothed element are retained in axial direction by bezel and/or support element, said rotary bezel system also includes fasteners (27) for mutual interlocking of spring devices, support element and bezel.EFFECT: spring device locking.26 cl, 10 dwg

Capillary device for display indicator of fluid medium and method of connection of fluid limiter with capillary tube (options) // 2608062
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: capillary device for displaying indicators of fluid medium containing fluid limiter and capillary tube. Limiter comprises through hole of small diameter. Capillary tube is made with possibility of filling of at least two immiscible additives fluid media. Fluid limiter is tightly connected with at least, one end of the capillary tube thus to communicate inner and outer surfaces of the capillary tube through the through hole fluid limiter. Inner surface of the capillary tube is preliminarily processed and is resistant and hydrophobic.EFFECT: proposed device ensures high degree of controllability of boundary surface or meniscus in between, at least two enclosed in a capillary tube fluid media with prevention of mixing.20 cl, 18 dwg

Flexible anchor escapement mechanism with movable frame // 2607339
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: anchor escapement mechanism (100) for clock mechanism (900) or clock (1000) including at least one balance (300) and at least one anchor escapement wheel (400). Transmission of pulses between balance (300) and anchor escapement wheel (400) is performed by means of flexible mechanism (500) of a single part including at least one contact spindle (600) interacting with said anchor escapement wheel (400) or with said balance (300), respectively, and at that the said consisting of a single part flexible mechanism (500) is connected with at least one flexible plate (700) to fixed structure (800) of said clock (1000) or to the said at least one anchor escapement wheel (400).EFFECT: determination of time.11 cl, 12 dwg
Device for measuring time // 2606934
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: proposed is a device for measuring time, an integral part of which is a bellows for storage and transfer of a fluid medium performed when implementing an accurate indication of the fluid medium in a capillary pipe. Bellows is equipped with a housing made from a flexible moisture-resistant material. Housing of the bellows comprises a top, a bottom parts and an outer part of a harmonica shape. Outer part of the harmonica shape is characterized by a longitudinal length and is tightly connected along the top and the bottom contours between the top and the bottom parts, respectively. In at least one of the said parts of the housing there is at least one inlet or outlet hole. At least one of the top or the bottom parts of the housing extends from the outer part contour, which is made of the harmonica shape, in fact, inside the housing to reduce its inner volume.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency and accuracy of time measurement.19 cl, 4 dwg

Flexible anchor mechanism with balance without roller // 2606342
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is clock anchor mechanism (120), including balance (300) without roller and anchor wheel (400), transmission of pulses between which is performed using flexible, whole mechanism (500), connected by means of, at least, one flexible plate (700) with fixed structure (800) or with given wheel (400). Oscillations are supported by balance springs (121), terminated with balance spring head (122), which is movable during use and which is directed by flexible moving element (123) with flexible plates (124), which center (125) of rotation is located coaxially to given balance (300), in given balance spring head (122) pin is inserted (127), which moves along this wheel (126) cam (128) profile.EFFECT: during oscillations this balance spring head (122) moves relative to its locking position under action of force, applied by this balance spring (121), and given pin (127) supports and controls oscillations.12 cl, 4 dwg