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Device for protecting and inspecting state of optical surfaces of optical device lens // 2614352
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: disclosed device relates to optical-electronic instrument-making and is intended for protecting optical surfaces of optical devices from contamination, mechanical damage and inspecting the state of optical surfaces of optical device lenses without removing the protective cover at all phases of testing optical devices and can be used in optical devices for spacecraft. The disclosed device for protecting and inspecting the state of optical surfaces of an optical device lens comprises a protective cover with an opening, on which is mounted means of inspecting the state of optical surfaces, an illuminator and a locking member. The means of inspecting optical surfaces is provided with a rotary unit, a focusing unit, as well as a photographic recorder for recording inspection results. The illuminator is installed on the rotary unit and the protective cover is provided with a sliding element.EFFECT: providing reliability of inspecting the state of all optical surfaces of a mirror lens with a large entrance pupil diameter during ground tests of optical devices in spacecraft without removing the protective cover.3 dwg

Device for protecting and inspecting state of optical surfaces in focal plane of lens of optical device // 2614335
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: disclosed device relates to optical-electronic instrument-making, is intended for protecting optical surfaces of optical devices from contamination, mechanical damage and inspecting the state of optical surfaces in the focal plane of the lens of an optical device without removing the protective cover at all phases of testing the optical device and can be used in optical devices for spacecraft. The disclosed device comprises a protective cover with two openings, to one of which is mounted an illuminator and to the other - means of inspecting state of optical surfaces in the focal plane of the lens of the optical device. The inspection means is focused on the optical surface in the focal plane of the lens of the optical device, and the device is equipped with protective caps which are fitted in place of the illuminator and the inspection means and are fastened by locking members during storage of the optical device.EFFECT: providing reliability of inspecting state of optical surfaces in the focal plane of the lens of an optical device during ground tests of optical devices installed on spacecraft without removing the protective cover.4 dwg
ethod for producing prussian blue/polypyrrole composite coatings with stable electro chromic transition // 2614290
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods for preparation of stable electrochromic coatings based on Prussian blue and a conductive polymer component. It can be used for production of electrochromic coatings on optically-transparent electrodes for architectural, building and automotive applications. Disclosed a method for production of Prussian blue- polypyrrole nanostructured composite coating with stable redox- and electrochromic transition on the surfaces of optically-transparent electrodes by a single-stage sedimentation in a mixed solution of ferrous nitrate (III) and hexacyanoferrate (III) as oxidising agents, and pyrrole monomer with a nitrate supporting electrolyte as a reducing agent with pH 1.0±0.2, within 48 hours.EFFECT: invention provides a simple single-stage method for production of Prussian blue- polypyrrole electrochromic nanostructured composite coatings on optically-transparent electrodes.2 cl, 4 ex

Optical system of thermal imaging device // 2614167
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: optical system consists of the input object lens sequentially arranged along the optical axis, forming an intermediate image and including the first positive, the second negative and the third positive convex-concave lenses of the projection object lens comprising the first bi-convex, the second negative concavo-convex and the third positive convexo-concave lens, and the photodetector with a cooled diaphragm.EFFECT: improving the quality of the system image in the entire view field maintaining the size and reducing weight.2 dwg, 2 tbl

Low bending loss optical fibre // 2614033
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to optical fibres, having low bending losses. Two variants of an optical fibre are disclosed in the declared group of inventions . In the first variant, optical fibre includes the first inner shell area, having the outer radius r2 more than 8 microns, and the refractive index Δ2, and the second outer shell area, enclosing the inner shell area, having a refractive index Δ4, where Δ1>Δ4>Δ2. The difference between Δ4 and 2 Δ is more than 0.002%, Δ4 is more than 0.0%, and the mentioned fibre has a number of MAC> 7.5. In the second variant, the disclosing optical fibre consists of the first inner shell area, having the outer radius r2 more than 9 microns, and the refractive index Δ2, and the second outer shell area, enclosing the inner shell area, having a refractive index Δ4, where Δ1>Δ4>Δ2, the difference between Δ4 and Δ2 is more than 0.002%.EFFECT: invention reduces the optical fibres bending loss .18 cl, 4 dwg, 8 tbl

Acousto-optic polarization transformer of laser radiation (versions) // 2613943
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: acousto-optical device for converting the laser radiation polarization, consists of the first and the second acousto-optic cells, in which there is a collinear or non-collinear diffraction. The first cell carries out the input beam division into two beams, one of the two output beams of which falls on the second cell, which provides the Doppler shift of the second beam at the output, equal at sign and value to the Doppler shift of the first beam. Also, the device includes a half-wave phase plate, which rotates the polarization direction of one of the beams at 90°, an optical delay line for providing the predetermined phase difference of the two beams and the polarization prism, which provides a coherent summation of the two beams at the system output.EFFECT: providing the opportunities to transform the input linear polarization of the laser beams into the arbitrary elliptical polarization and reducing the optical losses.2 cl, 3 dwg

Plasmon pulse generator of terahertz frequencies // 2613808
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: plasmon pulse generator of the terahertz frequency includes a spaser in the passive Q-switching mode based on the active medium placed in the resonant structure formed in a thin metal film, placed on the substrate, an active medium pumping means, an output means of the generated plasmon pulses. The resonant structure is a channel with a rounded bottom, in which the active medium is placed in the form of quantum dots. The active medium pumping means is in the form of the ultraviolet radiation source. Herewith one part of the quantum dots is open to the said radiation source, and the other part is shielded.EFFECT: providing the generation possibility of the optical plasmon pulses with the terahertz frequency and the subsequent integration possibility into the advanced plasmon circuits.10 cl, 10 dwg

Image capturing device and control method // 2613586
FIELD: image forming devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of recording images and a device for capturing an image. Device includes an image forming element, a focus detection sensor unit, a capturing unit and a control unit. Control unit is configured to obtain in each interval between each of exposures during continuous capturing mode information used in determining focus adjustment mode, used for each of intervals, and determining, in each interval between each of exposures during continuous capture, either a first focus adjustment mode to calculate defocusing value based on a signal output by image forming element, or a second focus adjustment mode to calculate defocusing value based on focus detection signal output by means of sensor unit, as focus adjustment mode, which is used for each of intervals between each of exposures, based on obtained mode information.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of accuracy of focusing and increased speed of continuous capturing.12 cl, 4 dwg

Orientable contact lenses with light sclera // 2613585
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to contact lenses. A contact lens has a center, a central part around the center, having a light color, a peripheral portion with stabilizing elements, and a picture gradually becoming transparent in the direction to the outside diameter of the lens. The part of a light color gradually turns from opaque to translucent to transparent in the direction from the inner diameter to the outer diameter of the said peripheral portion.EFFECT: invention provides improvement of the appearance of sclera.23 cl, 4 dwg

Athermalised lens for infrared spectrum // 2613483
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: lens can be used in thermal imagers for spectral region of 8–12 µm. Lens has four components, first of which is a positive meniscus made of oxygen-free glass IKS-25, second one is a negative meniscus made of zinc selenide, third one is a negative meniscus made of germanium. Menisci concave surfaces face the image plane. Concave surface of the third meniscus is aspherical with a conic constant within the range of 0.32 to 0.46. Fourth component is a positive lens made of germanium with a convex first surface, facing an object plane, and with a flat or concave second surface. Ratios are met: ϕ1:ϕ2:ϕ3:ϕ4=(1.44÷1.80):-(0.8÷1.18):-(0.62÷1.00):(1.38÷1.56), D4/f'=0.16÷0.31, D6/f'=0.22÷0.40, where ϕ1, ϕ2, ϕ3, ϕ4 – relative optical power of the first, second, third and fourth components, respectively, D4, D6 – air gaps between the second and third and between the third and fourth components, respectively; f' – equivalent focal distance of the lens.EFFECT: technical result – increased field of vision and aperture ratio, reduced length of the lens.1 cl, 4 tbl, 3 dwg

Base photodetector of facet view system // 2613349
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: base photodetector of the facet view system is designed in the from of the micro-cells, each of them comprises a microlens, wherein the device is in the form of eighteen microcells, each of them is provided with a photodetector, on which the image of the corresponding microlens is projected, wherein the photodetectors are of regular hexagonal shape to form a central ring of the adjoining from the first to the sixth photodetectors of the first group with the emitter followers included at their corresponding outputs, the output signals of which are summed by the first analog adder. Herewith the central ring is closed with the peripheral ring consisting of the adjoining from the seventh to the eighteenth photodetectors of the second group with the emitter followers included at their corresponding outputs, the output signals of which are summed by the second analog adder. The device further comprises six parallel adders of the partial sums.EFFECT: reducing image distortion regardless of the ommatidia inclination angle.2 dwg

Optical telescope // 2613048
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: optical telescope includes a sealed casing like a pipe with an optical system disposed therein, including mirrors and a sliding visor disposed on the casing over the optical telescope entrance pupil parallel to its optical axis. The telescope is installed in the central cup zone shaped as an inverted truncated cone. Herewith the outer cup surface, the outer entrance pupil surface and the optical system mirror surface are covered with the electrically insulated conductive shells connected to the power supply located in the cup, and having an electric charge at the predetermined polarity changing frequency depending on the change of day or night at this lunar surface.EFFECT: providing the mechanical protection and protection of the optical telescope elements from the charged lunar dust particle.1 dwg

ethod and device of auto focus // 2612892
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of auto focus includes selecting an object in the viewfinder using touch, obtaining the first target spatial data. Next, the determination of the object position changes based on the image content in the viewfinder, is performed. The calculation of the second spatial data of the target object according to the first spatial data and the data of the position change. Performing auto focus on the target object according to the second spatial data.EFFECT: provision of the moving object auto-focus by eliminating the manual focus operation with the contents change of the found view.19 cl, 13 dwg

Dynamic stabilization zones for contact lenses // 2612541
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine. Ophthalmic device comprises: contact lens requiring rotational stability on eye, wherein contact lens is made of material for lenses; and dynamic stabilization zone, built in contact lens. Dynamic stabilization zone is made with possibility of rotation by angle of rotation for optimum visual acuity and has material deformable at eye temperature; and eyelids form contact angle with dynamic stabilization zone, which varies during movement of eyelids through dynamic stabilization zone. Method of producing ophthalmic device involves following stages: contact lens is obtained; and dynamic stabilization zone is included in contact lens, material deformed at eye temperature is introduced in dynamic stabilization zone.EFFECT: use of given group of inventions enables fast autopositioning of contact lens.23 cl, 9 dwg

Optical element, lighting system and luminaire to provide zenith lamp appearance // 2612393
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Optical element contains plate (100) and plurality of collimating devices (104). Optical element is intended for installation in front of light source comprising light-emitting surface (106), wherein optical element is made with possibility to obtain zenith lamp appearance. Plate (100) is arranged in parallel to light-emitting surface (106) and made transparent, wherein one of its sides has reflecting surface (102), which is placed in parallel to light-emitting surface (106). Reflecting surface (102) is light-reflecting in specified spectral range for producing blue light radiation. Plurality of collimating devices collimate light portion received from light source, for collimated light beam 112 production in specific direction. Each of collimating devices has one of plate (100) plurality of holes (104).EFFECT: technical result is higher efficiency of illumination.11 cl, 7 dwg
Silicone hydrogel therapeutic soft contact lens // 2612121
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: lens includes a non-through depots, filled with drug substance. Lens diameter is 14.3-15 mm. The lens edge has a 1 mm wide chamfer with radius 1 mm greater than the inner lens radius. Depots are arranged as a grid on the outer lens surface except for the pupillary area, 5.0-8.0 mm in diameter or in annular recesses on the inner peripheral surface of the lens. Depots have the form of a hemisphere with microgrooves on the inner surface. The outer lens surface contains 50-750 depots. The inner lens surface contains 50-300 depotsm, from 1 to 3 in each 1.0 mm wide annular recess. A hemispheric depot has a diameter of 100 microns and depth of 30-40 microns. The microgrooves are located in a quantity of 5-100 and have a length of 5-10 mm and a width of 500 nm - 4 microns.EFFECT: possibility of therapeutic MCL saturation with lipophilic and macromolecular materials with different optical density, increased range of applied medical means, increased accuracy of drug dosing due to the maximum approach of depots with drugs to the diseased tissue, expanding the indications for lens application.5 cl, 2 dwg, 2 ex

Contact lens with pearlescent sclera // 2611930
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine. Contact lens comprises: colorless central area corresponding to the size and location of the pupil of the user; central part, which surrounding a colorless central area and has a size corresponding to a size and location of user’s iris; peripheral part corresponding to a scleral eye region, and having a ring form; and pearl pigments based on mica, included in the peripheral part and made with possibility of obtaining a scleral region corresponding to a scleral eye part. In this central part has one or more colors and/or pattern formed from one or more colors. Peripheral part is located around the central part and extends to the surrounding edge of the contact lens.EFFECT: using the given invention allows to impart eye moist, bright, glossy and sparkling appearance.11 cl, 8 dwg

Liquid crystal display device // 2611688
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: liquid crystal display device includes: a liquid crystal panel; diffuser, arranged behind liquid crystal panel; light-guide element and a case. Case has a hole at back, light-guide element is installed so that it covers said hole. Light-guide element includes a first prism, which includes a first surface for collection of incident light, on which external light falls from above, and a first inclined surface, that is lower than first surface for collection of incident light and which reflects light falling from first surface for collection of incident light, and on which external light falls from behind.EFFECT: technical result is improved brightness of display due to use of external light.33 cl, 13 dwg

ulti-fibre optical connector // 2611687
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fibre-optic data transmission systems. Proposed assembly of fibre-optic connector and cable includes a fibre-optic cable and fibre-optic connector, relative to which is attached first and second reinforcement elements. Said fibre-optic cable includes a protective cover, having a profile elongated in cross section, which forms a major axis and minor axis, wherein major and minor axes of protective cover, are generally perpendicular to each other, and also includes a plurality of optical fibres contained inside protective cover, wherein fibre-optic cable further includes first and second reinforcement elements, arranged on opposite sides of optical fibres. Said fibre-optic connector includes a connector housing, in which a multi-fibre ferrule is installed. Multi-fibre ferrule forms a major axis and a minor axis, wherein major and minor axes of multi-fibre ferrule are generally perpendicular to each other, wherein major axis of multi-fibre ferrule is generally perpendicular to major axis of protective cover, and minor axis of multi-fibre ferrule is generally perpendicular to minor axis of protective cover. Structure of connector housing and multi-fibre ferrule enables to install multi-fibre ferrule in connector housing with lateral side in direction parallel to major axis of ferrule.EFFECT: technical result is creation of a multi-fibre connector, which can be easily used for jointing configurations and direct sealing.38 cl, 19 dwg

Device for automatic alignment of two-mirror telescope system to given direction of output radiation // 2611604
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device includes a main mirror (MM) 4, a secondary mirror (SM) 5, the first flat mirror-simulator 6 of the optical MM axis 4, rigidly connected with the MM 4 and perpendicular to the optical MM axis 4, and the second flat mirror-simulator 7 of the optical SM axis 5 rigidly connected with the SM 5 and perpendicular to its optical axis; the first photoelectric autocollimator (ACF) 8; the first periscope system 9; two slope drives 10, 11 and three linear displacement drives 12, 13, 14, SM 5 ; the first 16 and the second 17 pentaprisms. The first 6 and second 7 mirror-simulators are optically connected to the first ACF 8. The device includes a lens with the central axial hole 18, rigidly connected to the MM 4, a luminous mark 19, rigidly connected with the SM 5 located on its optical axis near its top and in the focal lens plane 18; the third flat mirror-simulator 20 of the optical MM axis 4, rigidly connected to the MM 4 and perpendicular to the optical axis; the second ACF 21, the first and the second rotary diamond prisms 22 and 24 with actuators 23 and 25 optically connected with the second ACF 21, a diagonal mirror 26 with two tilt actuators 27 and 28, between the MM 4 and the SM 5 .EFFECT: safety in the automatic alignment of the two-mirror telescope system and the parallel of the primary mirror optical axis rays emerged from the system.5 cl, 3 dwg

Evaluation method for quantity of hydroxyl groups on internal surface of photonic-crystal waveguide // 2611573
FIELD: nanotechnologies.SUBSTANCE: invention may be used for evaluation of a quantity of hydroxyl groups on the internal surface of glass photonic-crystal waveguides with a hollow core (PCW with HC), as well as with selectively soldered external shells, used for production of structural components of sensors with chemical modification of their internal surface. The evaluation method of a quantity of hydroxyl groups on the internal surface of glass PCW with HC is based on the measurement of a position of local maximums of the transmittance spectrum of a PCW with HC sample and subsequent chemical modification of the internal surface up to the full saturation of the internal surface with superficial hydroxyl groups. Then, the measurement of new positions of local maximums of the transmittance spectrum of the modified sample and the building-up of a linear relationship of a position of a local maximum to a quantity of hydroxyl groups for the local maximum, which has changed its position for a larger absolute magnitude than other ones presented in the transmittance spectrum of the sample, are performed. After that, a quantity of superficial hydroxyl groups for the analogous sample according to the built-up linear relationship during the measurement of the transmittance spectrum is evaluated.EFFECT: reducing of time for preparation of PCW with HC samples, simplicity and increasing of sensitivity of the process and usage of standard equipment for the measurement of transmittance spectra of PCW with HC.3 dwg

Apochromat lens // 2611335
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: objective lens consists of ten single lenses where the first and the last lenses are negative meniscus lenses with their convex sides facing an object, second lens is convex-convex, third, sixth and eighth ones are negative lenses with first concave surface, fourth, fifth and ninth lenses are positive lenses with first convex surface. The following ratio is observed for the fourth positive and the last negative lens: β4=β10<75⋅10-7 1/K, while the other lenses match the following ratio: |β|<35⋅10-7 1/K, where β4, β10, β are temperature factors of material refraction index of the fourth, last and the other lenses, respectively, K is Kelvin degree.EFFECT: ensured heat stability of objective lens, expanded operation spectre range, field of view and focus distance without deterioration of image quality.2 dwg, 1 tbl

Hinge mechanism for fluid filled lens assembly // 2611286
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to liquid-filled lenses. Proposed lens assembly, filled with liquid, comprises a frame; liquid-filled lens arranged in frame; temple arm portion; a reservoir, located in a housing; tube for liquid passage connecting reservoir with liquid-filled lens; and temple arm base having a first end for connection with temple arm portion, and a second end for connection with frame in assembly, and first and second ends of base are configured to bend around rotation axis of hinge. Base is made with a passage, having a shape at which tube for liquid passage can pass from first end of base to its second end, size of said passage enables tube to bend without twisting when temple rotates between open position, wherein first end of base has a surface with projections and recesses for engagement with surface of temple portion. Entire hinge mechanism can be placed inside volume of temple portion and frame. In frame assembly can be used a spring having an end, which includes a surface with projections and recesses, in case when temple portion rotates, end deflects sideways to a small projection, force at end of bend accumulating energy which is released, when temple portion forces end to move from projection, wherein temple portion (900) then accelerates and turns into folded or unfolded position, and base includes a U-shaped bend to facilitate bending around rotation axis of hinge.EFFECT: adjustment of optical force for compensating for change of natural depth of focus of eye, which depends on pupil size of wearer of glasses, and which, in turn, depends on ambient illumination level.9 cl, 23 dwg

icrostructured optical fibre for second-harmonic broadband generation // 2611213
FIELD: physics, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of the fibre-optic technology and can be used in the nonlinear fibre frequency converters of the ultrashort pulses. The microstructured optical fibre for the second-harmonic broadband generation in the infrared optical range of the pumping wavelengths is made of the transparent material and has two air electrode holes located in the cross section of the fibre diameter, and a fibre core located between the electrode holes in the central part of the fibre. The fibre core is formed with the adjoining anode hole and the air holes of the microstructured membrane having a smaller size in comparison with the anode hole located in the cross section between the anode and the cathode holes.EFFECT: simplification of the fibre manufacturing process, as well as the number minimization of the microstructured membrane holes needed to ensure low-loss of the waveguide mode and optimum overlap of the light-guiding mode with the formation area of the quadratic nonlinearity in the temperature Pauling.6 cl, 9 dwg, 1 tbl

Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system // 2611209
FIELD: image forming devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a photoelectric conversion device and to an imaging system. Photoelectric conversion device according to the invention includes a pixel, which includes a photoelectric conversion unit, a reset transistor and an amplification transistor, which outputs a signal from the photoelectric conversion unit. Photoelectric conversion unit includes the first electrode, the second electrode, a photoelectric conversion layer and an insulating layer placed between the photoelectric conversion layer and the second electrode. Photoelectric conversion unit alternately performs accumulation and discharge operations in accordance with the voltage between the first electrode and the second electrode. Between two successive discharge operations of multiple discharge operations the reset operation, when the reset transistor resets voltage at the second electrode, is performed multiply.EFFECT: invention provides improvement of the dynamic range.20 cl, 21 dwg

Broadband multimode optic fibre optimized for multimode and single-mode transmissions // 2611203
FIELD: communication.SUBSTANCE: proposed invention relates to fibre-optic communication, more specifically to an optic fibre optimized to provide both single-mode and multimode transmission. Proposed optic fibre has an optical core and an optical shell surrounding the optical core, herewith the optical core has a gradient refraction index profile with minimum refraction index n1 and maximum refraction index n0. This optic fibre has numerical aperture NA and radius of the optical core a both satisfying criterion C of optic communication quality described by the following equation: C=NA-0.02×α, where Δ – rated refraction index difference; and by that the said minimum and maximum refraction indexes n1, n0 and radius a of the optical core are selected of such values, that NA > 0.20, α > 10 µm and |C| < 0.20.EFFECT: technical result is creation of an optic fibre, which is simple in fabrication, considerably reduces the mode noise at the wavelengths of 1,310 nm and 1,550 nm, at the same time providing a wide mode frequency band at the wavelength of 850 nm, and also provides a wide mode frequency band for multimode long-range transmission and supports the main mode similar to the one required for single-mode transmission.15 cl, 8 dwg, 2 tbl

High-aperture lens // 2611106
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: lens can be used as a photographic lens. High-aperture lens consists of two optical components, separated by an air gap. First component consists on beam path of three positive menisci and one negative meniscus, whose convex surfaces face object plane, third positive and fourth negative menisci glued together. Second component consists of a meniscus which is glued from a biconcave and biconvex lenses with radii equal in magnitude, whose convex surface faces image plane. Following ratios are met: 1.59<n1=n2<1.64, 1.72<n4=n7<1.77, 1.5<n5<1.6, where n1, n2, n4, n5 and n7 – refraction indices of material of first, second, fourth, fifth and seventh lenses, respectively, for spectral line D.EFFECT: technical result is high aperture ratio, larger angular field in object space and improved manufacturability.1 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl
Fibre-optic cartridge, system and method // 2611105
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: fibre-optic cartridge comprises body limiting front and opposite rear parts and closed inner part. Cable entry point is determined in body for cable entry inside cartridge. Cable included in cable entry point, is attached to cartridge body, and fibres pass in cartridge body and form end sealing connectors. Connectors are connected to adapters positioned on front part of cartridge. Front side of adapters determines connection point of cables intended for connection with fibres, connected to rear part of adapters. Cable includes shell, protective element and fibre, which enters into cartridge. Protective element is squeezed in squeezing tube and is installed on cartridge body, which allows fibres pass beyond squeezing tube inside cartridge body. Protective cap for compensation of cable tension is provided at cable entry point. Cable entry point is located in rear part of cartridge body opposite to front part. Adapters are arranged linearly along front part in one embodiment and extend in lengthwise direction parallel to main surfaces, limited by top and bottom parts of cartridge body. Cable at cable entry point passes parallel to longitudinal direction before entering cartridge body. Inside cartridge body cable bending radius limiters are located, which provide distribution of cable fibres passing from cable entry point to connectors on rear part of adapters. In one embodiment, unit of adapters with multiple adapters is made, including front end, rear end and inner structure, which provide conjugation with fibre-optic connectors at front end, for example SC or LC connectors. Unit of adapters can be detached from the rest part of cartridge. Rear part of unit of adapters forms rear clamp, which holds bushing with longitudinal cut and mounting socket and connector socket, in which sealed inner fibre is embedded, or rear end unit of adapters determines hole to receive SC or LC socket. Cartridge can be used on frame by fixed installation relative to frame or moving assembly, for example, at different sliding appliances to allow access to selected cartridge, thereby improving access to selected front connector, which is attached to cartridge.EFFECT: faster, easier and more accurate connection/disconnection of fibre-optic cables from different sources.29 cl, 38 dwg

High-aperture lens // 2611100
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in imaging devices. High-aperture objective consists of four lenses lying on beam path: first and second lenses are single positive meniscus, concave sides of which face image. Third lens is single negative meniscus, concave side of which faces image. Fourth lens is single positive meniscus, concave side of which faces image. First and fourth lenses are made of germanium, and second and third ones are made of zinc selenide. Radius of second optical surface on beam path in magnitude is equal to radius of sixth optical surface on beam path.EFFECT: technical result is high image quality at reduced dimensions.1 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl

Ophthalmic device with variable optical properties, including liquid crystal elements with nano-sized droplets of liquid crystals // 2611076
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: device for ophthalmic lens comprises insert with variable optical properties, containing front and rear curved elements. Rear surface of front curved insertion component and front surface of rear curved insertion component have different radii of curvature. Power source is built in insert in area containing non-optical zone. Insert comprises layer formed of drops of liquid crystal material, density of drops is characterized by spatial non-uniformity, capable to cause spherical focusing, change in refraction index, violation of light polarization, change of focal characteristics of lens, change of light polarization state or change of rotation of polarization plane. In compliance with second version, insert additionally contains intermediate curved element.EFFECT: technical result is smooth and complex variation of optical properties of lens, increased amplitude of such changes without increasing amount of liquid crystal material and absence of negative effect of dispersion on lens.16 cl, 18 dwg

Endoscopic examination system and method of gas turbines examination // 2610973
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Endoscopic system 10 comprises endoscope 12 and data processing device 16, in which endoscope 12 comprises image recording device 13, herewith endoscope 12 is configured able to transmit records of images from image recording device 13 from inside gas turbine 11 to data processing device 16, herewith endoscopic system 10 is made with the possibility of positioning and adjustment in a certain manner in gas turbine 11 of endoscope 12 containing image recording device 13 introduced into gas turbine 11. Also disclosed is a method for examination of a gas turbine.EFFECT: invention allows to ensure good reproducibility of examination results, low duration of tests and increased quality of tests at examination of gas turbines.13 cl, 7 dwg

Rulable multi-directional prism cluster retroreflective sheeting // 2610926
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: retroreflective prism sheeting comprises a plurality of discrete clusters of cube corners that are separated from one another on all sides by a textured surface. Each of cube corners in each cluster has a base edge that is not collinear or parallel with base edges of cube corners on either side of it. Array of cube corners clusters is rulable, and cube corners have different orientations. Four or more of cube corners in each cluster may have edges that converge into a central point within cluster, and cube corners of clusters may include at least two symmetrical pairs of cube corners.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing insensitivity of retroreflective prismatic sheet material to turning, as well as high contrast when viewed at short distance.29 cl, 23 dwg

Device for shaping uniform distribution of intensity of laser beam // 2610920
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for shaping uniform distribution of intensity of a laser beam in its cross section includes coaxially located in the direction of laser radiation: a hollow truncated photometric shaper (PMS) made in the form of a truncated cone, the inner surface of which is coated with a diffusely reflecting coating, a diffusely transmitting convex-concave lens, a biconcave lens. Herewith the said elements are coaxial.EFFECT: technical result achieved at implementation of the proposed device is higher level of radiation intensity of the laser beam within the area of the outlet window (up to Emax=0,351 relative units) at a high degree of uniformity (0,96…0,99).4 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of making fibre bragg gratings in non-photosensitive fibre-optic guides // 2610904
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to optical instrument-making and can be used in making fibre Bragg gratings of a refraction index. The method comprises using pulsed radiation of a femtosecond laser, which is focused by a microlens through the polished lateral face of a transparent ferrule into the core of a non-photosensitive fibre-optic guide with a protective coating. The non-photosensitive fibre-optic guide is moved by a high-precision linear positioner with constant velocity V. The space between the non-photosensitive fibre-optic guide and the inner walls o the ferrule is filled with an immersion liquid for compensating for curvature of the lateral surface of the non-photosensitive fibre-optic guide. The refraction index of the immersion liquid is selected equal to the refraction index of the ferrule. The focal position is adjusted before manufacture using a piezoceramic positioner on which the ferrule is mounted. The piezoceramic positioner is also used to adjust the position of the focusing point inside the core of the non-photosensitive fibre-optic guide during manufacture.EFFECT: invention increases accuracy of making fibre Bragg gratings, improves strength characteristics and increases the rate of manufacture of fibre Bragg gratings.6 cl, 4 dwg

Fluid-filled lenses and filling mechanisms thereof // 2610783
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fluid-filled lenses and can be used in ophthalmology, photonics, digital telephones, cameras, microelectronics. Disclosed actuator for a sealed, fluid-filled lens comprises: a housing; a reservoir disposed within housing; a compression arm having a first end, which is fixed, and a second end of which is not fixed. Compression arm is disposed adjacent to reservoir and bends and compresses reservoir. Actuator of sealed, liquid-filled lens comprises a slider arranged to slide inside housing and arranged so that it adjoins compression arm, wherein sliding of slider from first end of compression arm to second end of compression arm causes, slider to push second end of compression arm, thereby compressing reservoir.EFFECT: providing adjustment of optical force for compensating for change of natural depth of focus of eye which depends on pupil size of wearer of glasses, and which, in turn, depends on ambient illumination level.6 cl, 29 dwg
Stereoscopic indicator displaying three-dimensional information through windscreen of aircraft // 2610620
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: stereoscopic indicator system displaying three-dimensional information through the windshield of the aircraft contains information sensors, an on-board computer, a display with alternate playback images of two-dimensional projections of the three-dimensional information virtual space, a light-combining unit for combining images of the real out-cabin environment with images of two-dimensional projections of the three-dimensional information virtual space, received from the information sensors. The system also contains an active binocular filter comprising an aperture that is uniform for both binocular viewing zones with two mutually adjacent areas of alternate binary changing the optical transmission, the common boundary between which corresponds to the boundary between the two zones of the binocular viewing.EFFECT: obtaining stereoscopic images of the out-cabin environment.4 cl, 2 dwg
Fibre-optic guides polyimide coating and preparation method thereof // 2610503
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fibre-optic guides novel heat-resistant soluble polyimide coatings and their production method. Produced coatings are characterized by satisfactory adhesion to fibre both in presence of keying agent, and without it. In disclosed method coating is formed from solution of ready homo- or copolyimide of specified structural formula. Method of coating making involves light guide drawing from workpiece, its drawing through spinneret, containing polyimide solution and solvent removing with heating, wherein polyimide is used in form of solution with viscosity of 2,400–18,000 MPa×s, and solvent is removed by heating in furnace at 50–350 °C. As polyimides solvents aprotic solvents are used. Proposed method, which uses polyimide, rather than its precursor (corresponding polyamide acid), enables avoiding stage of polyamide acid high-temperature cyclization to polyimide and need for polymer solution multiple application on light guide, which provides reducing time and power inputs for manufacturing of soluble heat-resistant coating.EFFECT: coating can be easily removed using corresponding solvent.4 cl, 1 tbl, 5 dwg, 15 ex
ethod of producing crystals of thallium halide // 2610501
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the production of materials, which are transparent in the infrared spectral region that can be used for manufacturing optical elements, that are transparent in the wavelength range from 0.4 to 25 microns; production of uncooled detectors c- and g-radiation for nuclear physics methods of diagnosis and monitoring, as well as the manufacture of optical fibers IR. A process for producing crystals of thallium halide for the infrared optics involves the synthesis of thallium halide reacting molten metal thallium, taken in excess, with the pairs of halogen in a vacuum, at a temperature at 10-30°C below the melting temperature of the resulting halide of thallium, which is carried out in a horizontally mounted container, made in two containers connected by a constriction of the hollow axis and rotating around its longitudinal axis at a speed of 120-150 rev/min, the separation of the excess metal from the ingot synthesized thallium halide, thallium halide purification obtained by vacuum distillation and melt crystallization directly followed by growing crystal.EFFECT: simplification of the process of crystal growth, and improvement of their optical quality.2 dwg, 2 ex

n-activated hexafluorosilicates for use in light-emitting diodes // 2610273
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a luminophor containing M2AX6 alloyed with tetravalent manganese. Herewith M contains univalent cations, at least including potassium and rubidium, wherein A includes a tetravalent cation, at least including silicon, wherein X includes a univalent anion, at least including fluorine, and wherein M2AX6 has a hexagonal phase. Invention also relates to production of the luminophor, as well as to a lighting device and a display device with a liquid crystal display using the luminophor.EFFECT: proposed luminophors have a narrow-band or a line radiation in the red region of the spectrum, therefore, they provide higher spectral efficiency for the purpose of lighting.14 cl, 4 dwg

ultiple-component fibre for laser radiation source, consisting of passive and alloyed with rare-earth elements glass fibres, with common polymer shell, on outer surface of which metal wire is wound in helical fashion // 2609721
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser fibre equipment, in particular to production of new types of active laser media. Device represents multiple-component fibre for laser radiation source, including active fibre, having light conductor, alloyed by, at least, one type of rare-earth element, and light-reflecting cladding layer. Besides, at least, one pumping optical fiber guide, which is in optical contact with active fibre, wherein glass active fibre and glass pumping light guide are covered with, at least, one polymer shell layer. Around optical fibre polymer shell metal wire or band is wound.EFFECT: technical result i fibre laser generating efficiency stabilization.6 cl, 3 dwg

Counter electrode for electrochromic device and its manufacturing method // 2609599
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a counter electrode and an electrochromic device and its manufacturing method and can be used in the manufacture of smart glass or translucent structures with electrically controlled light transmission variable. A process for preparing a counterelectrode comprises obtaining the active layer having a high capacity for intercalation of lithium ions of the composition containing in % by weight in terms of dry substance: material with a high intercalation capacity - from 70.0 to 99.8;. electroconductive additive - 0.1 to 10.0; binder - 0.1 to 10.0; stabilizer - from 0.0 to 10.0, and the solvent - the rest. The ingredients of the composition are mixed and then applied by available printing methods on the substrate surface with a transparent electrically conductive material so that the surface area ratio, is free from the opaque material, is 92÷97%. Lithium cobaltate LiCoO2 and/or lithium ferrophosphate LiFePO4 and/or lithium manganate LiMn2O4 are used as materials with high lithium intercalation capacity.EFFECT: invention provides improvement of electrochemical stability of the counter electrode, as well as increase in the number of working dye-bleaching cycles in the electrochromic device, that is the technical result of the invention.8 cl, 6 dwg, 4 ex

ethod of forming a multiplane image and a multifocal stereoscopic display // 2609285
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: method of forming a multiplane image is based on combination of two two-dimensional images, spaced apart in depth along the optical axis of the eye by means of a mobile multifocal display. Said display comprises two eyepieces, which form false images. Said eyepieces are multifocal eyepieces of two planes-images.EFFECT: technical result is increased angular field of view and depth, higher image contrast, reduced deviation of the formed stimulus of eye accommodation, as well as simplified design and expanded range of means for this purpose.26 cl, 3 dwg

Controlled anti-glare scattering filter // 2609278
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: controlled anti-glare scattering filter comprises series-installed optically transparent systems using an optically transparent dielectric substance, thin optically transparent substrates and series of liquid crystal films, whose opposite surfaces have an electrode system, wherein the surfaces of the optically transparent dielectric substance have orientation marks. The also comprises a signal processing and control system, which includes a sensor for measuring intensity and direction of arrival of polarisation components of optical radiation, a processor, a sensor for measuring spatial position of optical radiation receivers relative to the filter. The filter also comprises a forming system, from whose output of which control potentials are distributed between electrode systems, wherein molecules of the liquid crystal films of the filter under the action of control potentials form, through one of the orientation marks, spatial optical anisotropy which scatters radiation passing through the filter. The filter also includes an irradiator, on one side of the surface of each liquid crystal film there are systems of narrow electrodes, which on the entire length comprise adjoining leads - systems of narrow, short electrodes, arranged orthogonally and/or at an angle to the narrow electrodes, having a given length, which determines their degree of contribution to optical anisotropy in liquid crystal films when control potentials are applied on corresponding electrodes. The distance between the narrow electrodes and the spacing between leads also determine their degree of contribution to optical anisotropy. On the opposite sides of the surface of each liquid crystal film there are systems of short optically transparent electrodes or systems of narrow electrodes, which comprise adjoining leads - systems of narrow, short electrodes, arranged orthogonally and/or at an angle to the narrow electrodes.EFFECT: production of an easily producible and efficient anti-glare filter, adaptive to sources of polarised and non-polarised radiation.14 cl, 1 tbl, 17 dwg

Lens with multi-segment linear meniscus wall // 2608974
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: optical lens comprises front lens, back lens, cavity formed between them, volume of saline solution and oil contained in cavity, meniscus located between them, meniscus wall formed in cavity on inner surface of front lens, along which meniscus extends. Meniscus wall comprises multiple parts, each in form of separate truncated cone, formed on front lens. Through one or both of front lens and back lens channel is formed filled with conducting material in electrical connection with output made so, that applying of electrical potential to it causes change in shape of meniscus.EFFECT: providing more stable and reproduced for controlling movement of liquid meniscus at application of electric potential.29 cl, 15 dwg

Stereoscopic video observation device and transmittance control method // 2608613
FIELD: telecommunications.SUBSTANCE: stereoscopic video observation device comprises an optically transmissive head-mounted display configured to present video observed when a three-dimensional image in a virtual three-dimensional space is projected into a real space. Transmittance changing section is configured to change transmittance of light passing through optically transmissive head-mounted display. Shutter control section sets a lower limit value of light transmittance that can be changed by transmittance changing section depending on location and speed.EFFECT: technical result consists in possibility of monitoring external environment through head-mounted display depending on change of position and speed of movement.8 cl, 9 dwg

Local lighting device // 2608541
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Device (14, 22) includes tubular reflector, having reflecting inner surface (16), which contains first section (15a), having input aperture (17a) and output aperture (17b), larger than said input aperture, and second section (15b) having input aperture (18a) and output aperture (18b), substantially, identical in size, second section (15b) input aperture (18a) is located next to said first section (15a) output aperture (17b); light sources array (1), containing plurality of light sources (2), arranged to emit light into said tubular reflector first section (15a) through said first section (15a) input aperture (17a). Optical focusing element (21) is located between first section (15a) output aperture (17b) and output aperture (18b) of said tubular reflector second section. Said first and second sections, light sources array and optical focusing element are arranged with possibility to form uniformly mixed colors collimated light beam, output through second section (15b) output aperture (18b). Optical axis (19) extends from light sources array (1) to second section (15b) output aperture (18b), wherein first section (15a) has convex shape, visible from optical axis (19).EFFECT: technical result is enabling possibility of colour mixing in wide operating range, including implementation of out of focus scaling parameters setting, frequently used to produce spots with soft edges.13 cl, 6 dwg

Optical system of thermal imaging device with two fields of view // 2608395
FIELD: heat engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in making thermal imaging devices with cooled matrix photodetectors. Optical system for thermal imaging device with two fields of view consists of arranged along optical axis first component, containing first positive, second negative and third positive convex-concave lenses, second component, having first negative concave-convex, second biconvex and third negative concave-convex lenses, third component, containing first biconvex, second negative concave-convex and third positive convex-concave lenses and photodetector with cooled diaphragm. Second component is installed with possibility of input/output into optical path. First component second and third lenses are installed with possibility of joint movement along optical axis.EFFECT: technical result is improvement in operational capabilities due to system efficient operation at change of temperature in two fields of view while maintaining overall dimensions, decreasing weight and high image quality.1 cl, 3 dwg, 3 tbl
Silicone hydrogels having improved curing speed and other properties // 2608391
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to silicone polymers and hydrogels obtained therefrom. Disclosed is a silicone polymer, having a whole light transmissivity of at least 90 %, obtained from reactive components containing (i) at least one silicone component, which is a (meth)acrylate ester, and (ii) 2-hydroxyethyl acrylamide. Also disclosed is a silicone hydrogel containing said polymer; a contact lens and an ophthalmic device made from said materials.EFFECT: disclosed material enables to obtain an ophthalmic device with faster curing to achieve a high level of light transmission and high oxygen permeability.23 cl, 5 tbl, 6 ex

Laser probe with electrically oriented light beam // 2608324
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: laser probe comprises case with tubular shape, forming internal region and hole at far end; optical waveguide, located inside case and configured to emit light beam propagating in first direction, and cell of beam orientation. Cell is located inside case remotely from optical waveguide so, that it receives at least part of light beam, and contains electrooptic element of shape with different thickness. Cell is made with possibility of obtaining voltage from plurality of electrodes and orientation of light beam from first direction in second direction in response to change of refraction index of electrooptical material, caused by voltage, obtained from plurality of electrodes. Part of light beam passes through first part of electrooptical element and other one passes through its second part, where first part has larger thickness than second one.EFFECT: increased quality of light distribution.10 cl, 11 dwg

Scalable optical switches and switching modules // 2608300
FIELD: optical communication system.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to an expandable optical switch system based on optical switching device, which are designed in modular form for expansion of switch system in order to achieve required switching for optical communication system, as well as to optical networks, including an expandable modular optical switching capability. Disclosed group of inventions includes an optical switching device with expansion connections, expandable optical switch device, optical ring network and optical switching network node. Optical switching device with expansion connections comprises a photonic integrated circuit, photonic integrated circuit comprising N input optical ports, where N>1, an input light-path associated with each input port, M optical output ports, where M≥1, an output light-path associated with each output port, a bypass optical switch block associated with each output port, P expansion input ports, where P≥1, an expansion light-path associated with each expansion input port and connecting with an associated bypass switch block, a plurality of optical switching elements and associated light-paths forming a network of connections between input light-paths and a by-pass switch block associated with an output light-path.EFFECT: technical result is providing support of linear expansion of integrated arrays and optical switching modules and enabling expansion for different common optical switching architectures, as well as providing an expandable optical switching systems of linear scalable optical switching modules for any main classes of architectures of an optical switch.36 cl, 36 dwg