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Four-element lens // 2607738
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used as a photographic lens. Lens consists of two components. First component comprises two single lenses – plane-convex, by convex side facing object space, and concave with concave side facing object space. Second component is in form of glued convex-concave negative meniscus, by convex side facing object space, and a biconvex lens. Between refraction indices n1, n2, n3, n4 of first, second, third and fourth lenses, respectively, for D spectral line ratios are met 1.5<n1=n4<1.6, 1.6<n3<1.7, 1.6<n2<1.7, n3<n2. Air gap between components of lens varies from 0 to 0.4 ƒ’, where ƒ’ is focal distance of whole system, wherein image quality in center remains unchanged.EFFECT: technical result is high aperture ratio, wider angular field in object space and possibility of portrait photography with variable artistic perception of photography.1 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl
Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system // 2607727
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: photoelectric conversion device has light-receiving elements, arranged on plane of image generation. Light-receiving element include a plurality of portions of photoelectric conversion, built in a first direction parallel to plane of image formation, through insulating portion, and a light guide portion, extending along plurality of portions of photoelectric conversion. In first plane, parallel to plane of image generation and crossing light guide portion, maximum width of light guide portion in first direction is greater than maximum width of light guide portion in second direction, parallel to plane of image generation and orthogonal to first direction.EFFECT: invention can improve accuracy of dividing light into a plurality of portions of photoelectric conversion.11 cl, 10 dwg
Optical fibre and optical transmission system // 2607676
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to optical fibres. Optical fibre with low attenuation is proposed, which is made with possibility to use as optical transmission line in optical access network, it is glass optical fibre, based on quartz, and includes core, comprising central axis, optical cladding, surrounding core, and protective cover surrounding optical cladding. Core contains GeO2 and has relative difference of index of refraction Δcore, based on optical cladding, greater or equal to 0.35 % or less or equal to 0.50 %, and has volume v of index of refraction greater or equal to 0.045 µm2 and less or equal to 0.095 µm2. Protective cover has relative difference of index of refraction ΔJ, greater or equal to 0.03 % and less or equal to 0.20 %. Core glass has fictitious temperature greater or equal to 1,400 °C and less or equal to 1,590 °C. Residual tension in core is compression stress with absolute value greater or equal to 5 MPa.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of losses in optical fibre, when used as optical transmission line in optical access network.22 cl, 6 dwg
Full spectrum led illuminator // 2607645
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Device for outputting light to a light guide to illuminate an imaged object comprises a plurality of solid-state light-emitting sources, each independently supplied with energy, independently controlled and emits light at wavelength, different from wavelengths emitted by other light-emitting sources. Device also includes a heat sink configured for thermal coupling of plurality of solid-state light-emitting sources and conduction of heat formed by plurality of solid-state light-emitting sources, optical elements intended for collection, collimation and combination of radiation from plurality of solid-state light-emitting sources into a combined light beam, intended for optical coupling with light guide.EFFECT: higher illumination brightness with full spectrum of visible radiation.4 cl, 4 dwg
Powered ophthalmic lens with smartphone events sensor // 2607640
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to contact lenses for eyes, equipped with electronic display means. For this purpose, ophthalmic contact lens comprises mechanism for notifying the user of smartphone event, providing first functionality to powered ophthalmic contact lens and receiver, capable of wirelessly receive of smartphone event data from preset smartphone source electrically coupled with mechanism of notification. Besides, the lens has conducting tracks, electrically connecting notification mechanism and receiver, and soft part of lens to encapsulate notification mechanism and receiver. Notification mechanism comprises vibration device to provide mechanical motion felt by user.EFFECT: technical result is enabling user to get notification of smartphone event using powered ophthalmic contact lens.19 cl, 7 dwg
ethod of producing a mixture of liquid crystal with polymer for display equipment and optoelectronics // 2607454
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mixtures of the liquid crystal (LC) with the polymer in the form of the formed product, which can be used in display equipment and optoelectronics. Method of producing a mixture of LC with the polymer in the form of the formed product includes mixing of at least one borosiloxane with low molecular weight thermotropic LC, formation of the product from obtained mixture, provision of mechanical action on it, causing at least uniaxial deformation of the product by at least 100 % value, and subsequent termination of mechanical action.EFFECT: invention provides to simplify the known technique of producing a mixture of LC with the polymer for display equipment and optoelectronics due to exclusion from the process of the volatilizable and inflammable organic solvents, stages of the components dissolving and drying, as well as to expand the range of techniques for producing such mixtures.1 cl, 3 ex
Binder fibre for fibre-optical unit // 2607334
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to binder fibre for fibre-optic unit. Binder fibre for fibre-optic unit comprises flat colour composite fiber such as islands at sea, which contains a component of the sea of flat colour composite fibres of "island in sea", having a melting onset temperature of 100 °C or higher and peak of melting temperature from 120 to 150 °C. Besides, flat colour composite fibre of type "island in sea" has width from 0.5 to 3.0 mm and thickness of 0.15 mm or less. Note here that flat colour composite fibre of type "island in sea" has degree of thermal shrinkage of 1.0 % or less after heating at 100 °C for 3 hours.EFFECT: technical result – preservation of core shape of the optical fibre and the absence of adhesion with adjacent binding fibres or cores of the optical fibre.5 cl, 7 dwg, 2 tbl, 17 ex
Faraday isolator with stabilization of insulation // 2607077
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to optical engineering and can be used as element of optical isolation on basis of Faraday effect for lasers, subjected to effect of surrounding medium. Faraday isolator stabilizing degree of isolation has series-arranged on optical axis, polarizer, magnetooptic rotator, installed in magnetic system with help of holder, part of which is made of material, coefficient of thermal expansion of which considerably exceeds thermal expansion coefficients of other materials of insulator, and analyzer. Field created by magnetic system of insulator has such longitudinal inhomogeneity in region of magnetooptical rotator, that at elongation of holder under temperature effect magnetooptical element moves in area of larger magnetic field to compensate reducing angle of plane turn polarization by magnetooptical rotator, caused by decreasing value of its Verdet constant.EFFECT: technical result lies in stabilization of degree of isolation by Faraday isolator in wide temperature range of ambient medium, while maintaining constant coefficient of passing on live pass.4 cl, 2 dwg
Space-based solar optical telescope (versions) // 2607049
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for measuring parameters of active areas of the solar photosphere and chromosphere with a high angular resolution in the conditions of the near and the far space. Solar optical telescope includes a primary concave mirror and a field mirror installed in its focus able to turn a light beam reflected from it. Primary concave mirror is made with the minimum thickness from a quartz glass, on the working surface of which a dielectric coating is applied reflecting the solar radiation in a given spectral wavelength range and transmitting the radiation not used for the analysis. Dimensions of the inclined field mirror confine the image area in the square size of the investigated section of the solar surface. In the first version the field mirror reflects a light beam onto the secondary mirror reflecting the light beam onto arranged in series a rotary mirror and a collimator. In the second version – onto a lens transmitting the light beam onto arranged in series a rotary mirror and a collimator.EFFECT: providing high spatial resolution, effective protection against thermo-optic effects and the minimum weight.2 cl, 5 dwg
Laser projector // 2606995
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wrist computers. Proposed laser projector comprises a body with a power supply, a radiation source and an optical module, wherein radiation source used is a semiconductor laser, optical module used is a set of prefabricated holograms, mechanically movable into radiation beam of laser emitter. Said holograms are placed along a circle, and movement of circle is carried out by means of a step motor. Hologram is made by means of holographic recording on photosensitive material.EFFECT: higher energy efficiency, simplified design, improved weight and overall dimensions of device.3 cl, 5 dwg
Illumination device, luminaire and lighting system // 2606946
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Illumination device comprises housing (5) with plurality of compartments (3), each compartment comprising respective light emission window (15), light source (11), and stack of crossed prismatic sheets (10). Light issued by light source (11)during operation propagates through prismatic sheets and subsequently through light emission window. Orientation of stack of sheets (10) is different for each compartment, thus causing each compartment to issue a different beam of light. Light source (10) of each compartment is separately switchable, thus enabling easy setting of type of beam issued form illumination device. Optionally diffuser (17, 23) is provided at one side or at both sides of stack of prismatic sheets.EFFECT: high contrast, brightness and uniformity of illumination.14 cl, 10 dwg
Radiation source and light conductor device // 2606933
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: present group of inventions relates to light-curing devices polymerisation of filling materials, comprising a light guide and light-generating device. Disclosed device comprises at least two light sources, preferably, semiconductor light sources, particularly light-emitting diodes, radiation of which is collected by a reflector and fed into light guide. Light sources differ from each other by colour of light and/or emission spectrum and are configured for separate control to change colour of light, and/or radiation spectrum, and/or spectral radiation power. Light guide has at least one mono-fibre section and one multi-fibre section, wherein radiation of light sources is fed into mono-fibre light guide section.EFFECT: adaptation of light colour and/or radiation spectrum, and/or spectral power for purpose of analysis.24 cl, 2 dwg
Cable tray organizer and its application // 2606932
FIELD: telecommunications.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to telecommunication organizers containing trays for fibre-optic cables, in particular, to a tray device. Tray device (10) for a fibre-optic cable includes plate (20) with slots and multiple trays (40) installed on this plate (20) able to turn relative thereto between first (46) and second (48) positions. Plate (20) includes multiple elastic tabs (70) interacting with trays (40). On rib (50) of each tray (40) there is rounded surface (52) and fillet (56); herewith each fillet (56) engages with one of elastic tabs (70) to hold trays (40) in one of positions (46, 48). At turning each tray (40) between the first and second positions (46, 48) fillet (56) unbends tab (70). Tab (70) and fillet (56) hold trays (40) in the selected positions unless the said trays (40) are moved.EFFECT: technical result is providing the possibility of creating devices and methods ensuring the possibility of turning trays to allow access to a specific tray.24 cl, 12 dwg
Device for optical fibers processing // 2606804
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a device for processing optical fibers. Claimed device for optical fibers processing includes a pair of rollers, intended to be located in the gap formed between the first element with optical fibers, containing one or more optical fibers enclosed in a shell, and drive mechanism in rotation of the rollers, designed for pulling the first element with the optical fibers by the contact between the outer surface of the first element with optical fibers and rollers, wherein a first roller of said pair of rollers includes on its peripheral contact surface the first groove adapted to locate the first element with the optical fibers, and having a shape that provides accommodation therein of the first element with the optical fibers so that less than half the cross sectional area of the first element with the optical fibers protrudes from the first groove, and the second roller from said pair of rollers includes a peripheral contact surface contacting with the surface of the first element with the optical fibers.EFFECT: technical result is to provide a device capable of effectively and securely handling optical fibers, reducing the force generated by rollers, and acting on the outer surface of the element with the optical fibers, and in order to avoid changing the shape of the element with optical fibers when shell or optical fibers are damaged and to eliminate the possibility of overcoming the gap between the rollers of element with the optical fibers during transportation, and the elimination of process stops and unproductive losses of starting materials.11 cl, 5 dwg
Chirped microstructural waveguide and preparation method thereof // 2606796
FIELD: nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nanotechnology, in particular to production of optical fibre. Chirped photonic-crystal fibre consists of a central wave guide core and a structured cladding in form of an array of capillaries, diameters of which increase from centre to periphery. Centres of capillaries increasing on diameter are located on radial axis of central core, and lines drawn through contact point and centres of capillaries, form equilateral trapeze. Structured cladding additionally includes an array of more rigid glass retaining capillaries or insert cylinders, filling space between working capillaries, wherein sizes of inserts also increase from centre to periphery. Method of making chirped photonic-crystal fibre involves heating an initial workpiece and drawing pipes and cylinders of required diameters, assembling stacks of a certain topology and neck in fibre. With help of guide tube, length of which is 1/4–1/5 of length of assembled stack, a hollow core is formed. Further, method includes attaching on guide tube a first row of working capillaries laid along its edge, in gaps between touching working capillaries is laid and attached a first row of retaining capillaries. Similarly, next rows of working and retaining of capillaries are formed. Assembled stack is placed into a support tube, secured by retaining capillaries, and is drawn into a fibre with required parameters.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities of assembly of structures of microstructured fibres, as well as reduced dispersion.2 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of changing direction and reduction of divergence of radiation of semiconductor vertically emitting laser // 2606702
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of changing direction and reduction of divergence of radiation of semiconductor vertically emitting laser involves measurement of VCSEL beam pattern. Radiation model is used for simulation of diffraction grating to provide required turn of radiation and propagation diagram. Based on model diffraction grating is made. Diffraction grating and emitter crystal are heated. Diffraction grating is placed and glued to emitter crystal.EFFECT: wider range of methods of changing direction and reduction of divergence of radiation of semiconductor vertically emitting laser.1 cl, 2 dwg
Fibre-optic connector // 2606700
FIELD: telecommunications.SUBSTANCE: known are mechanical fibre-optic connectors for telecommunication industry. Fibre-optic connector (100) includes housing (112), made with possibility of connection with intake part, gripping device (140), intended for optical fibre (135) gripping. At that, gripping device (140) has gripping element (142) for gripping of fibre and drive cover (144) made with possibility to be engaged with gripping element (142); bushing body (120) located in housing (112). At that, bushing body (120) comprises ferrule (132) rigidly fixed in bushing body (120) hole (121), in ferrule (132) a central hole is made, which determines axis, and body part (123) located in essentially central part of bushing body (120) and including opening (122) to receive gripping device (140). At that, gripping element (142) comprises plastic material, and has central hinge, which connects element first and second levers, and wherein first part of gripping element (142) has channel for gripping of fibre, designed to grip optical fibre (135) located in it when actuating drive cover (144); bearing part (116) intended to hold bushing body (120) in housing (112). At that, bearing part (116) contains fibre part (119) clamping protective shell intended for optical fibre (135) protective shell part (136) clamping, and shank (180) attached to part of bearing part (116). At that, when attached to bearing part (116) shank (180) actuates part clamping protective shell fibre (119) of bearing part (116).EFFECT: technical result is creation of fibre-optical connector, having compact length and allows termination directly on operation site without use of connector termination platform or separate crimping tool.8 cl, 21 dwg
Two-channel optoelectronic system // 2606699
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for homing heads, electro-optical systems for detecting, identifying and automatic tracking, in particular, in the on-board equipment operating in several spectral ranges. System comprises the first channel and the second channel coaxial to the first one and installed in front of it. First channel comprises a main mirror, a secondary mirror (B3), reflecting spectral radiation Δλ1=8–12.5, lensed aberration compensator (LAC) and a photo receiver of spectral range radiation Δλ1. Second channel has a main mirror, B3, transmitting spectral radiation Δλ2=0.4–0.7 mcm, LAC, installed in the central screening zone of the first channel, and a photo receiver of spectral range radiation Δλ2. Spectral dividing coating is applied on a convex surface B3. LACs of both channels are made with positive linear increase β: 0.8<β<1.2.EFFECT: increase of image quality, increase of aperture ratio of the second channel up to the aperture ratio of the first channel, providing athermality of both channels, design simplification, reduction of weight and overall dimensions.5 cl, 1 dwg, 1 app
ethod of creating multiview images and optical film for its implementation // 2606676
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: method of making large-size multiview images, which includes use of optical film with array of superlenses, formed by two arrays of positive microlenses fixed relative to each other. Wherein in one direction along surface of optical film number superlenses ranges from 0.5 to 225 per inch. In focal plane of each superlens or equidistant to surface of optical film at distance from focal plane of each superlens array of static or dynamic elementary images is placed. To create multiple-aspect image between observer and optical film array of elementary images is placed between focal plane of superlenses and optical film.EFFECT: technical result consists in increasing size of elementary images, reduction of resolution of elementary images, simplifying use of additional arrays of elementary images, reduction of visibility of lens elements of optical film for viewer and reducing consumption of optical material in production of optical film.25 cl, 11 dwg
ethod for controlling retroreflectivity by application of printed pattern to retroreflective film and sheeting produced thereby // 2606598
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: retroreflective sheet material, which can be a beaded retroreflective sheet or prismatic retroreflective sheet, has a base, having a first surface and a second surface, with a plurality of retroreflective elements, located on second surface of base to form retroreflective sheet material, corresponding to initial level of retroreflectivity. Material also comprises a printed image, arranged on opposite surface to change level of retroreflectivity. Image occupies an area making up 30 % to approximately 100 % of area of second surface. Material of printed image also enables to select length of transmitted wave.EFFECT: proposed solution consists in improvement of inspecting and improvement of retroreflectivity of both beaded and prismatic sheet materials without need to combine different types of reflecting materials.18 cl, 6 dwg
Protective element with two-dimensional periodic colour-filtering grating // 2606543
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: protective element for valuable document, which includes a colour-filtering grating. Grating has connected highly refractive metal base layer (3), which defines plane of grating. Above base layer (3) there are protrusions with highly refractive, metal surface elements (5), which form two-dimensional regular pattern (6) and extend in parallel to plane of grating and are spaced apart from base layer (3) by intermediate dielectric (4) at a distance which is greater than thickness of base layer (3) and surface elements (5). Regular pattern (6) in at least two directions, extending parallel to plane of grating, has periodicity (p1, p2) from 100 nm to 800 nm, preferably from 200 nm to 500 nm.EFFECT: technical result consists in creation of protective element with two-dimensional periodic colour-filtering grating, which, on one hand, has good colour-filtering properties, and on other hand, simple method of printing.12 cl, 15 dwg, 1 tbl
Piezoelectric single-mirror two-axis optical deflector // 2606520
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to optics, particularly, to optical devices for control over position and direction of optical beams in space and can be used in optical information-measuring systems. Piezoelectric single-mirror two-axis optical deflector consists of housing, mirror in holder, two hinges, central base, actuating drives, heels, pushers, sensors and control system. First hinge is made in form of flat torsion spring, one end of which is secured on holder with mirror, other is on central base, second hinge is also made in form of flat torsion spring, one end secured on central base, and other is on housing. Second hinge is arranged perpendicular to first hinge.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of design while maintaining fast operation speed, accuracy during mirror deviation angles development, reliability and reducing device weight and overall dimensions.4 cl, 2 dwg
Fibre-optic cable winding machine // 2606242
FIELD: communication equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of communication, specifically to structures for mounting fibre-optic cables on overhead electric lines. Proposed fibre-optic cable winding machine comprises a running carriage, a cable carriage with a reserve drum of optic cable, a cable-to-rope connection mechanism, herewith the running carriage consists of a frame including end brackets and threaded studs, wherein onto the latter able to run about the stud axis running rollers with motors are fixed, which in their turn are attached to plates welded to nuts same as the ones retaining the plate against displacement from its position, also to the plates on the opposite side from te motors bar-counterweights are fixed, to which storage batteries and the machine control unit are suspended, and on the end brackets there are four support wheels with support pin-rollers arranged able to revolve about the own axis, as well as with possibility of rotation around the axis of the support wheel, herewith to one of the brackets the cable carriage is attached with the help of a bushing with a longitudinal slot for the rope, on which there is an axle mechanically connected with an electric drive, and on the axle there is a detachable shaft holder, on the ends of which there are detachable reserve drums with fibre-optic cable, and each reserve drum has electric drives, as well as to the axle a guiding device is fixed in the form of two cases with clamping mechanisms for the optic cable, and a connection mechanism for the fibre-optic cable attachment to the rope with clamps.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of time resources for mounting a fibre-optic cable on high-voltage power transmission lines at sections between intermediate straight supports with supporting suspension-insulator strings.1 cl, 5 dwg
acro initiator, containing hydrophobic segment // 2606127
FIELD: ophthalmology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to moistening agents for contact lenses. Moistening agent for contact lenses is disclosed, which contains block-copolymer of certain structure, consisting of hydrophilic and hydrophobic segments, wherein molecular weight of hydrophobic segment is 300–1,800. Solution of said moistening agent is also disclosed, as well as method of improving wettability of lens with it.EFFECT: technical result - disclosed moistening agent allows to significantly increase wettability of treated lens and reduce absorption of lipids and proteins with preservation of optical characteristics of lens.24 cl, 4 tbl, 18 ex

Backlight device and display // 2605781
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: backlight device comprises support element, in which light-guiding plate, and light source circuits are installed. Support element has space for arrangement of printed circuit board in the area located along longitudinal direction of end surface of light-guiding plate and passing from the side of end surface of light-guiding plate to back surface of light-guiding plate. Light source includes bending printed circuit board, containing first and second sections, and bending line is a dividing border between them. First section comprises multiple light-emitting chips arranged in rows, and second one includes tightly packed part of light-emitting microchips interconnection structure. Light-emitting microchips are divided into two or more units for partial excitation of light-emitting microchips. In each unit microchips are connected in series. Parts of interconnections allocated from each unit are oriented along printed circuit board width in direction of mentioned second section of bending printed circuit board.EFFECT: at second section of bending printed circuit board mentioned parts of interconnections are oriented in longitudinal direction of printed circuit board parallel to each other.10 cl, 12 dwg

Luminaire // 2605690
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering and can be used in luminaires that enable use of more sparsely distributed light sources. Luminaire comprises planar top and bottom light guide layers (10, 11) that are optically coupled together by at least one optical coupler (12a, 12b), which allows passage of light from top light guide layer (10) to bottom light guide layer (11). At least one optical coupler is an edge coupler for coupling adjacent edges of top and bottom light guide layers. Luminaire has scattering element (14), to create light radiation from emitting surface of bottom light guide layer (11). Upper light guide layer (10) comprises first (16a) and second (16b) light sources in cavity (17), which turned from each other and are arranged to emit light to corresponding one of lateral sides of cavity in opposite directions, parallel to longitudinal axis, so that light passes along longitudinal axis of top light guide layer (10).EFFECT: high uniformity of illumination brightness and good colour mixing.12 cl, 20 dwg

Transparent multilayer film // 2605568
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multilayer polymer film materials, which can be used in window glazing of building structures and vehicles, and concerns transparent multilayer film. Film contains: transparent polymer film; transparent multilayer placed on top of transparent polymer film, this transparent multilayer has one or several layers of metal oxide and one or several layers of metal layered alternately; pressure-sensitive adhesive layer placed above and in contact with transparent multilayer; double-axially oriented polypropylene layer placed above and in contact with layer of adhesive sensitive to pressure; and layer of hardened resin placed over said polypropylene layer.EFFECT: film has excellent solar radiation shielding, high transparency, heat-insulating ability and resistance to scratching, as well as it can reduce mechanical stress applied by rubber roller during fastening of film and is protected from deterioration by corrosion in salty water.15 cl, 5 dwg, 5 tbl, 20 ex

Shiftable presbyopic contact lens // 2605526
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: shiftable presbyopic contact lens comprises optical zone and pseudo-truncation, asymmetric relative to vertical meridian, wherein radial position of maximum pseudo-truncation thickness in any lens meridian is generally same, owing whereto arc is formed, representing part of concentric circle circumscribed around geometric center of lens.EFFECT: technical result is improved presbyopia correction.14 cl, 7 dwg

Fluid-filled lenses and actuation systems thereof // 2605521
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: actuator assembly for an adjustable fluid-filled lens comprises a temple piece-having a hollow center fluidly connected to the adjustable fluid lens with a possibility of the fluid pass to the fluid lens, fluid inside the hollow center fluidly, and a magnetic element in the assembly, which includes also a magnetic slider slidably attached to the temple piece, magnetic element slidably disposed within the hollow center and magnetically coupled with the magnetic slider, and a pusher. Pusher is configured to move in an axial direction during the operation of the magnetic element. Movement of the magnetic element relative to the temple piece changes the optical power of the fluid-filled lens by changing an amount of fluid in the adjustable fluid-filled lens.EFFECT: technical result is a possibility of correcting resolution by changing the optical power of the fluid-filled lens at the expense of changing an amount of fluid in it.6 cl, 25 dwg

Device for inspecting objects // 2605157
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment. Device for inspecting objects (2), such as bottles and similar containers comprises at least one chambers system (3) for display of inspected object (2) located in control and adjustment position (1.2, 1a.2) and optical device (1a.1) located between control and adjustment position (1.2, 1a.2) and chambers system (3). Optical device is made in form of optical system (6, 6a) for deviation and conversion of beams, having, at least, two mirrors (7, 12) with concave mirror surface, installed between control and adjustment position (1.2, 1a.2) and chambers system (3). At that, at least one mirror is parabolic (7) and one mirror is elliptical (12). At that, elliptical mirror (12) is located behind parabolic mirror (7) on beams path from control and adjustment position (1.2, 1a.2) to chambers system (3).EFFECT: technical result consists in enabling possibility of chambers system operation with reduced aperture angle for object inspecting simultaneously on both sides.13 cl, 5 dwg

Retractable beam splitter for microscope // 2604958
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to microscopy. Microscope lighting system comprises at least one light source to generate two collimated light beams to object surface, where two collimated light beams at least partially overlap, and retractable beam splitter in microscope line of sight. Beam splitter provides reflection of part of two collimated light beams to object surface so, that they partially overlap on the surface of object, and is retracted beyond microscope line of sight, when lighting system is not used. Retractable beam splitter enables to use non-coaxial illumination without reducing illumination level, which reaches operator when beam splitter is taken away from operator line of sight.EFFECT: as a result one system can be used for producing lighting of different types.26 cl, 15 dwg

ethod and apparatus for ophthalmic devices including gradiently-ordered shaped liquid crystal layers and dielectric layers // 2604571
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: declared group of inventions describes methods and apparatus for providing an ophthalmic lens with a variable optic insert. Ophthalmic lens device with a variable optic insert comprises a front curve surface and back curve surface and at least a portion within the optical zone of the ophthalmic lens device. Besides, front surface and back surface are configured to form at least a part of one chamber. At least the first layer of dielectric material, thickness of which may vary at least within the optical zone of the device, can promote formation of an electric field through the liquid crystal layer. Power source is configured to supply insert with variable optical properties included in the ophthalmic lens. In some embodiments ophthalmic lenses are cast from silicone-hydrogel. Different elements of the ophthalmic lens can include a liquid crystal layers to electrically control optical characteristics.EFFECT: possibility of changing the lens to provide accommodation of vision.40 cl, 21 dwg

Glass-free stereoscopic video system with remote binocular filter // 2604210
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: glass-free stereoscopic system includes two nematic liquid crystal layers with mutually orthogonal directions of initial homogeneous orientation of nematic liquid crystal molecules. Axis for an ordinary ray of first nematic liquid crystal layer is orthogonal to the axis for an ordinary ray of second nematic liquid crystal layer and corresponding electric control algorithm of liquid crystal layers.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of stereo image brightness due to increased speed of device for perspective image separation - remote binocular filter, which allows to implement the maximum optical transmission of the latter during the entire display of a stereo image.1 cl, 13 dwg

Objective lens for infrared spectrum // 2604112
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in thermal imagers sensitive within the spectral range from 8 to 12 µm. Lens has four menisci, from which first, second and fourth menisci on beam path are positive, and third one is negative. All meniscus by concave surfaces face image plane. First and fourth menisci are made from germanium, and second and third are from zinc selenide. Third meniscus is made movable along the optical axis. Following relationships are satisfied: φ1:φ2:φ3:φ4=(0.70÷0.78):(0.18÷0.57):-(1.0÷1.78):(1.9÷2.5), where φ1, φ2, φ3, φ4 are relative optical powers of first, second, third and fourth menisci, respectively; D2/f′e=0.6÷0.7, where D2 is air gap between first and second menisci, f′e is lens equivalent focal distance.EFFECT: technical result is increase in manufacture ability, image quality with lens extended production and assembly tolerances, invariance of lens focal distance with lens thermal compensation in temperature range from minus 40 °C to +50 °C.1 cl, 4 dwg, 2 tbl

onitoring and recording device with locally-adaptive optical protection // 2604110
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for viewing real-time scenes with protection of optical sensor of device and/or vision of a viewer from unnecessarily bright light. Device has series-arranged on one optical axis optical sensor, spatial light modulator and display unit, as well as a processor module, data output of which is electronic output of the device for a signal of brightness normalized image of external spatially distributed light source which is optically connected to the input of the display unit.EFFECT: wider dynamic range of optical protection, improved accuracy of local adaptation of optical protection.1 cl, 3 dwg

Autostereoscopic display device // 2603947
FIELD: image forming device.SUBSTANCE: autostereoscopic display device has a display device having array of spaced pixels (50), optic device comprising array of columns (51) of light guides and autostereoscopic lens device (49) containing multiple biconvex lenses above the light guide device. Columns (51) of light guides contain a side wall, which tapers outwardly to define the shape of a funnel with a pixel or pixels at the smaller base of the funnel. Biconvex lenses pass in the direction of the pixel column or are inclined at an acute angle to the direction of the pixel column. Each lens covers multiple widths of columns of pixels, which differently limit the angular distribution of light in different sides from the underlying pixel.EFFECT: reduced crosstalk on the display.12 cl, 11 dwg

Telescope // 2603820
FIELD: test and measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instrumentation, namely, to telescopic optical systems used for sight axes parallelism measurement of two or more controlled optical systems in visible spectrum range. Telescope consists of spherical concave mirror, eyepiece, two plane-parallel plates, on one side of each of them grids with strokes are located, wherein on each grid only one stroke is applied passing through plane-parallel plate center. Plane-parallel plates are arranged between spherical concave mirror and eyepiece with air gap between them, where eyepiece front focus is located. Grids with strokes face each other and each grid with stroke is arranged with possibility to displace perpendicular to applied stroke in planes, perpendicular to telescope optical axis so that when viewed in eyepiece reticle is visible formed by two movable grids strokes. Between grids fixed field stop is also located, limiting telescope field of view.EFFECT: technical result is creation of telescope, which allows to measure sight axes parallelism of two or more controlled optical systems with simple design.1 cl, 1 dwg

Non powered concepts for a wire frame of fluid filled lenses // 2603704
FIELD: ophthalmology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fluid-filled lenses and in particular to variable fluid-filled lenses. Invention comprises tweezer assembly which compresses a reservoir of solution in a first vertical direction by lateral disposition of a slider mounted on the outside of the housing. Assembly may also be shaped to provide compression of the reservoir in a second horizontal direction by lateral disposition of a slider. In another embodiment, a housing may contain a piston that moves laterally within the housing and collapses the reservoir disposed adjacent to the piston and also within the housing. Housing may contain a plurality of compressible domes each of which can be compressed to cause a local compression on the reservoir disposed within the housing. Compression of the reservoir causes liquid inflation of a lens module.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of binocular vision.32 cl, 12 dwg

Fluid-filled lenses and their ophthalmic applications // 2603520
FIELD: ophthalmology.SUBSTANCE: fluid lens assembly including a front rigid lens, a semi-flexible membrane, fluid layer therebetween, which contains a uniform thickness membrane, configured to be strained and have ratio of stresses in the range of 2.0:1 to 3.0:1, and a contoured coating covering the entire surface of the membrane. Membrane can bloat from minimum to maximum level of convexity. Front lens has negative optical power. Stiffness of semi-flexible membrane is a function of the direction of applied mechanical or hydrostatic voltage. Coating thickness of the membrane varies along the whole length of semi-flexible membrane.EFFECT: technical result - facilitation of continuous adjustment of the lens to obtain additional correction for compensating for change of natural depth of focus of the eye.19 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl

Optical system of thermal imaging device with two fields of view // 2603449
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: optical system of thermal imaging device consists of fixed along the optical axis of the stationary first component having a first negative, a second positive and a third negative convex-concave lenses, the movable second component comprising a first negative, the second positive and a third positive concave-convex lenses, the fixed third component comprising a first positive concave-convex lens, second negative convex-concave lens and a third positive biconvex lens, and a photodetector with a cooled diaphragm. Movable second component is installed with possibility of input/output to the optical path.EFFECT: longer of focal distance while maintaining of value of tele-shortening coefficient and image quality.1 cl, 1 dwg, 3 tbl

Fluid filled adjustable contact lenses // 2603439
FIELD: ophthalmology.SUBSTANCE: fluid filled adjustable contact lens comprises front and rear surfaces; lens chamber located between them comprising a front membrane, attached to the rear membrane, reservoir fluidly connected to the lens chamber actuator configured to transfer fluid back and forth between the lens chamber and the reservoir; sensor configured to sense movement from the user and transmit a control signal processor configured to actuate the actuator upon receipt of the control signal from the sensor. Front and rear surface of the lens are configured for neutralization of astigmatism, created by deformation of the lens chamber. Fluid transfer changes the optical power of the lens by changing the curvature of the front membrane, that results in change of curvature of the front surface of the lens. Reservoir and actuator are arranged inside the lens.EFFECT: technical result - possibility of setting up lens continuously in required range of optical power.8 cl, 4 dwg

Optical device with anti-fog coating // 2603396
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to optical devices, for example, such as optical and safety glasses, face shields. Device comprises a transparent optical component, a transparent electroconductive coating layer on surface of optical component, a power supply. Coating contains transverse cross-linked mesh which contains polythiophene, thiophene-functionalised carbon nanostructures, and a cross-linking agent based on a transition metal. Coating layer can act as active anti-fog coating, and is intended to prevent drop condensation of water vapour on surface. Invention also relates to a substrate having a first surface and having on said surface a transparent electroconductive layer, comprising a cross-linked mesh containing poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene), polystyrene sulphonic acid, thiophene-substituted carbon nanotubes, and a cross-linking agent.EFFECT: invention ensures prevention of fogging during application of said composition on surface of such devices as face shield, glasses, including their protective and safety modifications, eyepieces and other similar devices.14 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex

Holmium laser for parametric light generator pumping // 2603336
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: in holmium laser for parametric light generator pumping including pumping source and arranged in optical resonator two-pass active element, Q-switch, made from material with crystalline structure, new feature is, that Q-switch combines functions of polarizer and spectral selector and represents acoustooptical filter based on paratellurite crystal, with shape, providing alignment of diffracted beam axis at crystal output with optical resonator axis.EFFECT: technical result is higher efficiency of parametric light generator pumping and accuracy of spectral analyses, as well as laser simplified optical circuit and reduced power consumption.1 cl, 1 dwg

Fluid meniscus lens with concave meniscus wall in form of torus segment // 2603239
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: ophthalmic lens comprises front and rear curved lenses, each of which has external and internal surfaces of arched shape, cavity between them containing volume of physiological solution and volume of oil, forming liquid meniscus boundary between them, meniscus wall formed in front curved lens and having general shape of flattened cone, concave along direction of optical axis, and first fold, adjoining meniscus wall containing first angular element to limit position of contact between external peripheral edge of boundary between liquid meniscus and meniscus wall.EFFECT: technical result is improved control of meniscus movement.30 cl, 10 dwg

Light-guide structure, holographic optical device and imaging system // 2603238
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a guide structure used for mapping a combination of virtual and background images. Light-guide structure comprises the first part, the second part adjacent to the first one, as well as the first and the second holographic optical elements. First holographic optical element is located on the surface of the first part and is configured to input light beams radiated by an external display device to the first part so that to provide after one full internal reflection inside the first part the light beams propagation through the joint of the first and the second parts to the second part and formation of the first and the second projections of the exit pupil in two planes. First plane passes along the light-guide structure perpendicular to the first and the second parts, and the second plane is perpendicular to the first plane. Second holographic optical element is located on the surface of the second part and is configured to provide after at least one full internal reflection inside the second part the light beams output from the second part and combining the first and the second projections of the exit pupil in one position. First and second parts have different thickness or different refraction indices.EFFECT: technical result is the increase of the field of view.28 cl, 21 dwg

Unit of connection of fibre-optic cable with connector having fibre locking means // 2603237
FIELD: communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems for fibre-optic communication and can be used for attachment of one or more fibres in a fibre-optic cable. Invention covers a unit of connection of the fibre-optic cable with a connector. Unit has an optical connector, a fibre-optic cable and a locking means. Optical connector comprises a body and a tip assembly containing a tip and a spring. Fibre-optic cable comprises at least one light guide in a cable shell and at least one reinforcement element to increase resistance of the fibre-optic cable to tensile load. Fibre-optic cable is attached to the optical connector, herewith at least one light guide passes from the fibre-optic cable throughout the length of the optical connector. Locking means provides fixation of at least one light guide to at least one cable shell and to at least one reinforcement element.EFFECT: technical result is providing a high-tenacity connector.21 cl, 7 dwg

Faraday isolator for non-polarized laser radiation // 2603229
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to optical engineering, namely, to Faraday isolators for non-polarized laser radiation. Faraday isolator has series-arranged on the optical axis: a polarization beam splitter, a magnetooptical element mounted in a magnetic system made using permanent magnets, a half-wave plate and a polarization beam connector. Polarization beam splitter, the magnetooptical element and the polarization beam connector are made and installed so, that two laser beams with orthogonal polarizations pass through the said magnetooptical element in parallel at a distance ensuring mutual thermal effect of the beams on each other for reduction of temperature gradient in the magnetooptical element.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of thermo-induced impairments of high capacity radiation passed through the Faraday isolator.3 cl, 3 dwg

Uv radiation blocking silicone-hydrogel composition and silicone-hydrogel contact lens based thereon // 2602815
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to blocking UV radiation with silicone-hydrogel compositions and contact lenses based thereon. Disclosed is a UV radiation blocking silicone-hydrogel composition containing, wt%: hydrophilic silicone macromer (25-55), UV radiation blocking monomer (0.5-2), first hydrophilic monomer (30-60), cross-linking agent (0.2-2) and a polymerisation initiator (0.2-1). Hydrophilic silicone macromer has general formula: V-L-S-(L′-V′)x, where V and V′ independently represent polymerisable groups based on ethylene, L and L′ independently represent a covalent bond or binding group, S is a siloxane group containing, as a substitute apart from alkyl groups, a group selected from , , and *-CH2O(CH2CH2O)f-CH2CH2OCH3, and x equals 0 or 1. Also disclosed is a silicone contact lens comprising a UV radiation blocking silicone-hydrogel composition.EFFECT: technical result is silicone-hydrogel contact lens obtained based on disclosed composition has improved hydrophilic properties and wettability for efficient prevention of lipid and protein deposits compared to existing silicone-hydrogel contact lenses.21 cl, 3 tbl

Solid-state image pickup device and electronic camera // 2602754
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: solid-state imaging device according to present embodiment includes a second image sensor having an organic photoelectric conversion film transmitting a specific light, and a first image sensor which is stacked in layers on same semiconductor substrate as that of second image sensor and which receives specific light having transmitted second image sensor, in which a pixel for focus detection is provided in second image sensor or first image sensor.EFFECT: technical result is implementing a method for autofocusing independently of pixel for forming images without using complex processing of interpolation of pixels and complex optical system.19 cl, 14 dwg

Fibre optic ribbon cable having enhanced ribbon stack coupling and methods thereof // 2602747
FIELD: cables.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fibre optic cables. Fiber optic ribbon cable includes jacket (320) of the cable, jacket having cavity defined therein, an optical element including optical fiber and extending within the cavity of jacket, and dry water-blocking element (340) extending along the optical element within cavity. Dry water-blocking element is wrapped around the optical element with at least a portion of dry water-blocking element disposed between another portion of dry water-blocking element and optical element, thereby defining overlapping portion of the dry water-blocking element. Optical element interfaces with overlapping portion to provide direct or indirect coupling between optical element and jacket.EFFECT: technical result - higher coupling force without complication of fibre optic cable production.15 cl, 32 dwg