Investigating or analysing materials by the use of electric, electro-chemical, or magnetic means (G01N27)

G   Physics(393877)
G01   easuring; testing(233827)
G01N27                 Investigating or analysing materials by the use of electric, electro-chemical, or magnetic means (g01n0003000000-g01n0025000000; take precedence;measurement or testing of electric or magnetic variables or of electric or magnetic properties of materials g01r)(11014)
G01N27/02 - By investigating impedance(1075)
G01N27/04 - By investigating resistance(146)
G01N27/22 - By investigating capacitance(1087)
G01N27/28 - Electrolytic cell components(120)
G01N27/32 - Calomel electrodes(27)
G01N27/327 - (19)
G01N27/333 - (96)
G01N27/34 - Dropping-mercury electrodes(11)
G01N27/36 - Glass electrodes(28)
G01N27/38 - Cleaning of electrodes(23)
G01N27/401 - (1)
G01N27/403 - (11)
G01N27/404 - (6)
G01N27/406 - (27)
G01N27/407 - (64)
G01N27/409 - (12)
G01N27/41 - Oxygen pumping cells(364)
G01N27/411 - (11)
G01N27/413 - (5)
G01N27/414 - (9)
G01N27/416 - (283)
G01N27/417 - (50)
G01N27/419 - (5)
G01N27/447 - (23)
G01N27/453 - (16)
G01N27/85 - Using magnetographic methods(180)
G01N27/87 - Using probes(122)
G01N27/90 - Using eddy currents(1369)

Device for measuring physical parameters of material // 2642541
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device for measuring physical parameters of the material comprises a primary transducer made in the form of a length of a long transmission line with a signal and screen conductors, a space between them is intended for filling with controlled material, an amplitude detector, a generator of sounding signal made on the basis of a harmonic signal shaper tuned by frequency, measuring and control device, and first and second additional sections of transmission line with signal and screen conductors. The input of first section is connected to the input of primary converter, and the output of this section is connected to the input of amplitude detector. The input of the second section is connected to the output of the generator, and the output of this section is connected to the input of the primary converter. The input of the first and the output of the second additional sections are introduced inside the primary converter. The connection of signal conductors of the first and second sections to the signal conductor of the primary converter is inside the primary transducer directly in the area filled with controlled material. The first and second additional sections in the area of connection with the primary converter are in the form of electric inputs providing sealing of the primary transducer and transmission of the probing signal to the area occupied by the controlled material.EFFECT: increased measurement accuracy, expanded range of working pressures, increased sensitivity in materials measurement with low dielectric permeability.9 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for quantitative determination of phenibut in microcapsules by capillary electrophoresis // 2642275
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method for quantitative determination of phenibut in microcapsules using capillary electrophoresis involves an analysis in a quartz capillary with effective length of 0.5 m, internal diameter of 75 mcm, under the influence of an electric field using a leading electrolyte solution, followed by spectrophotometric determination of the reaction products, 10 mM solution of 10-aqueous sodium tetraborate with pH of 9.2 is used as the leading electrolyte, the analysis is carried out at a voltage of +20 kV, temperature of 30°C and detection wavelength of 193 nm.EFFECT: increased accuracy of determination.2 ex, 7 dwg, 2 ex

ethod of obtaining nanostructured gas sensor for ozone // 2642158
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technology for producing high-sensitivity resistive gas sensor for ozone based on oxide films in the system In2O3 – SnO2. Method for obtaining a nanostructured gas sensor for ozone involves the joint crystallization of salt solutions or their coprecipitation, in this case, solutions of precursor salts are used as initial reagents (SnSO4, In(NO3)3*xH2O), oxide powders are obtained by the sol-gel method of co-crystallization and coprecipitation, after which the resulting powders are calcined at 120–400 °C and fired at 650 °C to obtain a solid solution based on In2O3 with the size of NPD ~ 27–29 nm, then a paste with an ethylcellulose-based binder [C6H7O2(OH)3-x(OC2H5)x]n and turpentine are made, and in the first series 10 % by weight of ethylcellulose and 5 ml of turpentine are added to the sample of the powder, and for the second series, the powder is mixed with 30 % by weight of ethylcellulose and 8 ml of turpentine, then, after vigorous stirring the resulting paste is applied to corundum substrates by screen printing, after which the samples are fired at 700 °C for 5 hours in the first stage and then at 1,100 °C for 3 hours.EFFECT: technical result is an increase in the sensitivity of the sensor.1 cl, 3 dwg

Displacement controller // 2642148
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: displacement controller comprises an eddy current sensor, the winding which is connected via the connecting cable to an output of a high-frequency generator, an input condenser and a high-pass filter whose output via a rectifier, a low-pass filter and an amplifier is connected to the indicator. According to the invention, a temperature measurement channel is introduced in the displacement controller, containing a DC power supply, an additional low-pass filter, an additional amplifier and an additional indicator, the output of the DC source is connected via the additional low-pass filter and connecting cable to the winding of the eddy current sensor, in addition, the output of the power supply is connected to the input of the additional amplifier whose output is connected to the additional indicator.EFFECT: expansion of the functionality of the device by measuring the temperature in the working gap of the eddy current sensor.1 dwg
ethod for obtaining and processing images of fast running process, formed by proton radiation and device for implementing method // 2642134
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: proton beam is directed at an angle to the magnetic field lines, after study field irradiation three images are rejected by the magnetic field of the proton beam by rotating focus using three magneto-optical lens systems at three converters of the registration systems, the first of which is formed without change of the beam intensity and with a consistent change in the beam intensity by attenuation, depending on its deflection by a magnetic field in mutually perpendicular directions, the treatment is carried out by dividing the images rejected of a magnetic field between a beam and the image beam to pass through its study field taking into account the inverse transform of the error function with the computation of the scattering angles of the proton beam in the magnetic field and the subsequent reconstruction of the image components of the magnetic induction vector in mutually perpendicular directions, by which the fields of the study field deformation is determined.EFFECT: expanding the functionality of the device.3 cl, 21 dwg

Sensor membrane with low temperature coefficient // 2641966
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: glucose sensor is encapsulated containing the glucose oxidase enzyme contained within the crosslinked hydrophilic copolymer in contact with the surface of the electrode. The copolymer has the first units of the monomer of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, the second monomer units of the structural formula (V), where Y is -O-; R2 is methyl; and z is an average value of 2 to 250; and the third units of the methacrylate derivatives containing hydrophilic cross connection of the formula (IIIa), where w is in the range of 0-10. A method for manufacturing a glucose sensor and a method for measuring the glucose level in an analyzed object are also disclosed.EFFECT: creating a sensor, in which cross-linked polymer has a permeability for glucose, not dependent on temperature, and gives the ability to generate analytical signals, which are beyond the control of temperature in the range of temperatures.23 cl, 9 dwg, 3 tbl, 4 ex

System of capacitive sensors of measuring moisture in grain tank // 2641635
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: each grain tank contains a data acquisition unit connected to a plurality of capacitive humidity measurement cables, wherein each comprises a plurality of sensor assemblies disposed along it in steps. Each sensor assembly comprises a pair of longitudinally extending capacitive plates of a capacitive humidity measurement sensor arranged in parallel and spaced apart to form a gap extending longitudinally between the capacitive plates. In the longitudinal gap between the capacitive plates circuit board is placed containing a microprocessor, memory and a temperature sensor. The outer housing provides a hermetic enclosure located around the circuit board, capacitive plates and a longitudinal section of humidity measurement cable that passes through the holes in each longitudinal end of the housing and condenses them.EFFECT: reducing the measurement error.20 cl, 14 dwg

Spectrometer with capacity transimpedance amplifier with displacement // 2641614
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: spectrometers include integral conductance-type detectors, whereby an integral conductance-type detector integrates ion current from the collector generating variable voltage. The detector comprises of a collector, configured to receive ions in the spectrometer, a dielectric and a plate, covering the collector on the opposite side of the dielectric. The detector also includes an amplifier. A conductance-type detector with displacement is proposed.EFFECT: possibility of expanding dynamic range and noise reduction.38 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of manufacturing multi-electrode gas-analytical chip based on titanium dioxide nanotube membranes // 2641017
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing multi-electrode gas-analytical chip based on titanium dioxide nanotube membranes include formation of ordered array of nanotubes TiO2 from titanium by electrochemical anodization in fluoride electrolyte with the consequent dissolution of the titanium substrate in methyl alcohol with the addition of bromine, and washing the resulting membrane in alcohols and drawing it from the solution to the chip substrate surface on which the strip electrodes are formed (or were preformed earlier) to enable electrical measurements of resistances of the membrane sites. In the operation the chip is exposed to the gas environment, the resistance change in segments of titanium dioxide nanotube membrane is recorded, placed between each pair of the strip electrodes, and the vector signal is treated from the entire set of segments by methods of pattern recognition to determine the gas composition.EFFECT: producing a highly sensitive and gas-selective multi-electrode gas analyzer chip in a simple method with a low cost.5 cl, 9 dwg

Semiconductor sensor of ammonia trace substances // 2641016
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of gas analysis, in particular to detecting devices used for recording and changing the ammonia content. The sensor consists of a semiconductor base, executed in the form of a polycrystalline film gallium antimonide (1), and the substrate as which the electrode area (2) of quartz resonator (3) serves.EFFECT: sensor according to the invention, with a significant simplification of the technology of its manufacture, allows to determine the content of ammonia with a sensitivity several times higher than the sensitivity of known sensors.3 dwg

On-stream analyzer of general sedimension of diethylene glycol (onsgs) // 2640962
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device contains a registration and control unit consisting of a calculator with software including an algorithm for calculating the numerical values of the degree of sedimension of the DEG that is connected by transmitting cables to the information input and display terminal, a discrete module for controlling the absorption gas dryer and analogue module for conversion of signal received from the conductometric sensor connected to the calculator and power supply unit, a measuring module consisting of signals transducer and conductometric sensor, connected to the signal converter by special cable.EFFECT: ensuring the safety of measurement process, increasing the service life, reducing the cost of repair and maintenance of process equipment, reducing decision-making time in the event of abnormal situations, the possibility of predicting the accumulation of inorganic impurities.7 cl, 3 dwg

Analyzer of snow accumulation // 2640752
FIELD: tool engineering.SUBSTANCE: snow accumulation analyzer includes a number of support structures and a receiving data processing and analysis board (1) common to all supporting structures. Each support structure is a fixing post with a transmitter-receiver (2) and an open polymeric surface (4), on which the sensor (3) of the potential of the electrostatic field is fixed. Mentioned sensor (3) is configured to continuously transmit, via the transmitter-receiver (2), a signal about the potential of the electrostatic field generated by the snow onto the receiving data processing and analysis board (1). Receiving board (1) of data processing and analysis is performed with the possibility of systematization of indicators of the potential of the electrostatic field of snow surfaces.EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities.2 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

System and method of measuring section surface level in multiphase fluids // 2640090
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system for determining the composition of the fluid includes: a reservoir system for fluid, a sampling node; and a system of resonant sensor containing electric resonant converter connected to the said sampling node, wherein the system of resonant sensor measures the value of the real and imaginary parts of the impedance spectrum associated with electrical resonant converter located in the vicinity of the fluid, and each measured value of the real and imaginary parts of the impedance spectrum associated with electrical resonant converter in the vicinity of the fluid, whatever is used to determine fluid composition.EFFECT: determining the level of the interface in the fluids.26 cl, 21 dwg

ethod for determining component concentration in two-component gas mixture // 2639740
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: method for determining component concentration in a two-component gas mixture placed in a measuring chamber based on the use of the thermal conductivity of a controlled gas mixture, at first the mass m of the controlled component id calculated in the gas mixture according to the formula m=ρ vc (λcm1+λcm2-λcm12)/λcm2, where ρis the density of the controlled component, vc is the volume of the chamber, λcm1 is the thermal conductivity of the first component, λcm2 is the thermal conductivity of the second controlled component, λcm12 is the thermal conductivity of the gas mixture. Then, taking into account the mass of one molecule of the second controlled component, the concentration of the required parameter is determined.EFFECT: increased accuracy of measuring the concentration of a component in a two-component gas mixture.1 dwg

Flaw detector for welds // 2639592
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: flaw detector includes hardware and software. The flaw detector contains additional operating units: generation, filtering, signal processing. The generating unit controls the generator and transmits the integrated and amplified signals to the exciter coils of the eddy current converters, which create an electromagnetic field that induces eddy currents in the electrically conductive monitoring object. When a defect is detected, the field changes and changes the voltage and the output voltage difference of the measuring coils of the converters. The voltage difference in the form of a signal carries information about the defects of the monitoring object. The signal passes through the amplification unit and the filtering unit, which are controlled by the software filtration unit associated with the software generation unit. The change in the filtering frequency occurs simultaneously with the change in the generation frequency. The signal is transmitted to the amplitude detector, through the analogue-to-digital converter to the software signal processing unit and the measurement results are output to the personal computer screen.EFFECT: detection of defects in small-sized welds at a large depth in the metal against the background of a signal from natural macrostructural inhomogeneities.3 ex, 12 dwg

ethod for manufacturing sensors for determination of concentration of sugars and hydroxy acids // 2639494
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to the diagnostic method for determining the concentration of sugars and hydroxy acids by increasing the conductivity of the polymer layer on the surface of the electrode when reacting with the mentioned structures, and can be used to analyze biomolecules, as well as cells which contain structural fragments of sugars or hydroxy acids. For this purpose, a polymer sensor layer is synthesized by electrochemical polymerization of aminophenylboronic acids on the electrode surface. The obtained coating is a conductive substituted polyaniline, characterized by the ability to increase conductivity as a result of the reaction of functional substituents (boronic acid groups) in the polymer with hydroxy acids and sugars. The determination is carried out in an electrochemical cell using a chemical sensor, i.e. an electrode modified with a conductive polyaminophenylboronic acid. An increase in the conductivity of the polymer coating on the surface of the electrode in the presence of the analyzed sample is a signal which is recorded by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The quantitative content of the desired component is determined by a calibration curve.EFFECT: provides accurate determination of the concentration of diols, polyols, mono- and polysaccharides, hydroxy acids and glycosylated biomolecules in model solutions, physiological liquids, medical preparations and food objects.5 cl, 3 tbl, 3 dwg, 4 ex

Electromagnetic well flaw detector (versions) // 2639270
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: electromagnetic well flaw detector comprises a generator inductance coils, measuring inductance coils, and additional measuring inductance coils spaced apart from the generator coil, an electronics unit, wherein the additional measuring inductance coils are removed from the generator inductance coil at a distance providing the optimum working zone of influence of the generator inductance coil on them, which is selected from the condition from 0.01 to 2L, and are spaced apart along the device axis at a distance selected from the conditions of 0.01 to 2L, where L is the length of the main probe. Moreover, each additional measuring inductance coil in the amount of one or more pieces is mounted on a separate magnetic core.EFFECT: improving the resolving power of a flaw detector, increasing the sensitivity to small-size flaws and determining their accuracy due to selecting the optimal position distance of the measuring coil from the generator coil to provide the working zone of influence of the generator coil to the measuring coil.2 cl, 3 dwg

Device for control of concentration of dangerous gases // 2638915
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for environmental monitoring, in particular for automatic continuous monitoring of the concentration of combustible gases (methane - CH4, oxygen - O2 and carbon monoxide - CO) in residential, communal and industrial buildings in order to detect the excess of permissible concentrations and timely take effective measures to reduce gas pollution. Device for monitoring the concentration of dangerous gases contains methane sensors CH4 1, carbon monoxide CO 2 and oxygen O2 3, amplifier 4 signals, analogue switch 5, analogue-digital converter 6, micro-computer 7, memory element 8, information display 9, alarm device 10, interface device 11 with the personal computer, control device 12, clock 13, power supply unit 14, relay windings 15, 16 and 17, multivibrator 18, multivibrator relay coil 19, transmitter 20, generator 21, modulating code generator 22, phase manipulator 23, telegraph key 24, power amplifier 25, and transmit antenna 26. The remote-control station contains receiving antenna, high frequency amplifier, tuner, heterodyne, mixer, intermediate frequency amplifier, phase shift keying detector, spectrum analyzers, phase doubler, comparator, threshold block, delay line, key, buzzer, phase divider, narrowband filter, phase detector, registration unit, phase stabiliser of the reference voltage, frequency detector, trigger and double balanced switch.EFFECT: improvement of noise immunity and the reliability of determining the identification number of premises, buildings, where a leakage of dangerous gases occurred, by eliminating the phenomenon of reverse operation of the second type.3 dwg

Device for checking wheels of railway rolling stock // 2638891
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in claimed device, a rolling wheel pair of railway rolling stock passes through a space-limited magnetic field, which is formed by means of railway rails by which a corresponding railway vehicle is guided. Between the railway rails (2; 3), there is an electromagnet (4; 5), on which in this case a measuring winding for record magnetic flux changes is arranged. Wherein the railway rails (2; 3) are connected by means of an electromagnet-shaped cross member (6), on which the measuring winding (5) for recording the magnetic flux changes is arranged.EFFECT: possibility to check railway rolling stock wheels in various embodiment versions in a short time, in particular, checking railway rolling stock wheels can be carried out in the motion mode.6 cl, 2 dwg

Transparent product with moisture sensor // 2638864
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: product includes one or more moisture sensors, monitoring the moisture penetration to control the performance of the moisture-resistant barrier. The moisture sensor includes a moisture-corroding object or sensor element, for example a strip or wire, the resistance of which varies depending on the corrosion. The sensor may also include two dissimilar metals, for example a bimetallic sensor, or two similar metals having different physical dimensions.EFFECT: invention provides the creation of a product with a sensor for monitoring moisture penetration, which allow to control the performance of the windscreen, the characteristics of which are outside the permissible limits.20 cl, 13 dwg
Device for creation of voltage on protective screen of ion current collector of ion mobility spectrometer // 2638824
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: one of the embodiments of the device for the creation of voltage on the protective screen of the ion current collector is to use a voltage follower that can be implemented in a feedback operational amplifier, in an emitter or common-drain follower. To stabilise the voltage level and exclude pulsations on the protective screen, at the output of the voltage follower, at least one capacitor and one resistor are installed. Another embodiment of the device for the creation of voltage on the protective screen of the ion current collector is to use a controlled bipolar voltage source with fast switching of polarity of output voltage, for example implemented on the basis of two independent controlled voltage sources, one for the positive and another for the negative polarity, each equipped with at least one capacitor and one resistor to limit the pulsations and drift of the output voltage and at least one key for switching the output voltage to the protective screen when switching polarity.EFFECT: possibility of controlling the voltage level on the protective screen independently for positive and negative polarities for flexible adjustment of the electric field in area of the collector and optimizing the collection of ions of different polarities, high speed of switching voltage polarity on the protective screen, absence of voltage drift on the protective screen after switching polarities, reduction of frequency compensation and time of setting potentials in the high voltage divider.5 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for diagnostics of moisture sensor with use of heater from condensate // 2638222
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: method for diagnostics for capacitive moisture sensor comprising a heater and a storage readout element which individually identifies the deterioration of the heater characteristics, the temperature readout element or the storage readout element. According to this method, the individual sensor elements can be replaced and compensated to enable further operation.EFFECT: increased reliability in diagnostics of the moisture sensor.20 cl, 12 dwg

Control system and control method for internal combustion engine // 2638134
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: control system for internal combustion engine comprises a sensor based on a limit current, the control system comprises an electronic control unit configured for performing scanning with gradual decrease of voltage applied to the sensor from the first voltage (V1) to the second voltage (V2); receiving the critical value (Ip) of sensor output current during the execution of the scanning process from the sensor output currents, while the voltage of a certain range is applied to the sensor. The critical value is predicted basing on the output signal; and determination of SOx concentration in exhaust gases is based on said critical value and the basic value, said basic value is the value of sensor limit current with the value of the sensor limit current corresponding to the concentration of oxygen having a constant value.EFFECT: providing accurate determination of sulphur oxides concentration in exhaust gases of the engine.5 cl, 11 dwg
Integrated circuit with nano-conductive sensors in field transistors, manufactured by chemical method, sensor device, method of measurement and method of manufacture // 2638132
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: integrated circuit (IC) (100) contains a semiconductor substrate (110); an insulating layer (120) above the said substrate; the first transistor (140) on the said insulating layer, the said first transistor comprises an open channel area (146) between a source region (142a, 142b) and a drain region (144); and a wave voltage signal generator (150) conductively connected to the semiconductor substrate to supply the first transistor with a voltage bias during the signal capturing period, wherein the wave voltage signal generator is configured to generate an alternating bias voltage signal (300) comprising a periodically increasing amplitude. In addition, a sensor device is disclosed including such IC and a measurement method using such IC.EFFECT: necessity of using a separate reference electrode is eliminated.15 cl, 8 dwg

Sensor for fluids with wide dynamic range based on nano-wired platform // 2638130
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises: a substrate, an insulating layer disposed on the substrate, a plurality of individually addressed nanowires arranged on the said electrically insulating layer, each nanowire of the said plurality of nanowires covered with an insulating material, a plurality of nanowires configured to detect the presence of a substance in the fluid sample by measuring the electrical characteristic of the nanowire of the plurality of nanowires, each said nanowire has a length, a width, and a thickness, a sample compartment for containing the said fluid sample, the said sample compartment being arranged to cover, at least, a portion of each nanowire from the said plurality of nanowires, the said length, the said width, and the said thickness of the respective nanowires being dimensioned to form different ranges of the substance detection.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency.19 cl, 4 dwg

Integrated circuit with nano-conductor sensors, measuring device, method of measurement and method of manufacture // 2638125
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: integrated circuit (100) is described, comprising a substrate (110); an insulating layer (120) on the said substrate; and the first nano-conductor element (140a) and the second nano-conductor element (140b) adjacent to the said first nano-conductor element on the said insulating layer; wherein the first nano-conductor element is disposed so as to be exposed to a medium containing the analyte of interest, and wherein the second nano-conductor element is protected from the said medium by a protective layer (150) on the said second nano-conductor element. The integrated circuit according to the invention comprises the substrate, the insulating layer on the said substrate, the first nano-conductor element and the second nano-conductor element on the said insulating layer, wherein the first nano-conductor element is a source node of the first transistor and the second semiconductor element is a source node of the second transistor, the said first and the said second transistor have a common drainage node, wherein the first nano-conductor element is disposed so as to be exposed to the medium containing the analyte, and wherein the second nano-conductor element is disposed so as to be protected from the of said medium by the protective layer on the said second nano-conductor element. A measuring device including such IC, a method of measurement using such IC, and a method of manufacture of such IC are also provided.EFFECT: simplify the sensor configuration and improve measurement reliability.14 cl, 6 dwg

Semiconductor sensor of carbon oxide // 2637791
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: according to the invention the sensor comprises of a semiconductor base (1) made as a polycrystalline film of a substitutional solid solution of composition (CdTe)0.95(InSb)0.05. The polycrystalline InSb film (CdTe)0.95(InSb)0.05 is deposited on the electrode pad (2) of the piezoquartz resonator (3).EFFECT: with significant simplification of its manufacturing process, the invention provides for the determination of carbon oxide content with a sensitivity higher than the one of the known sensors.3 dwg

Approximation method for definition of geometric sizes of discontinuities in ferromagnetic products and device for its implementation // 2637376
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is implemented as a device containing a magnetizing unit, Hall sensors, amplifiers, ADCs and processing unit where they register and determine the maximum values of axial and azimuthal components of defect scattering field, the width and the length of the defect. Using the algorithm and the database of signals from defects, they determine the parameters of the defect, the signals of which are closest to the measured ones, and these parameters are considered to be the parameters of the measured defect.EFFECT: improving the accuracy of determining the parameters of defects.2 cl, 3 dwg

Sensor with its hull sealing from synthetic rubbers with different elasticity // 2637375
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: sensor (10) is described in the application for determining, at least, one property of the gas being analyzed in the space filled with it. Such a sensor (10) having a housing (12) with an opening (14), through which, at least, one connecting wire (18) and, at least, one sealing element (20) is withdrawn from the housing (12), especially a bushing, which, at least, partially, surrounds the connecting wire (18) and has, at least, one first portion (28) and, at least, one second portion (30), of which the first portion (28) is more deformable than the second portion (30), characterized in that the sealing element (20) is made of, at least, one polymer material containing, at least, one plasticiser, wherein the first portion (28) and the second portion (30) comprise a plasticiser in the polymer material in different amounts.EFFECT: reliable sealing on the boundary surfaces between the sealing element and the housing, and between the sealing element and the connecting wire.12 cl, 6 dwg

Spectrometer with integral capacity transimpedance amplifier // 2637181
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: describes spectrometers that include integral capacity detectors. The integral capacity detector integrates the ion current from the collector, converting it into variable voltage. The detector consists of a collector configured to receive ions in a spectrometer, a dielectric and a plate overlapping with the collector and located on the opposite side of the dielectric. The detector also includes an amplifier.EFFECT: noise reduction.24 cl, 6 dwg
Connector and installation with this connector for chronic stimulation of electro-excitable cells // 2636890
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: connector for chronic stimulation of electro-excitable cells comprises a base and a lid configured to be sealed to each other, a microelectrode array made in the form of an array of metal microelectrodes formed on the substrate, with a tray for a culture of cells and with perimeter contact surfaces connected by conductive tracks with microelectrodes, and a board with a hole, with a projection, with pressure spring contacts, connected by conductive tracks. The base is formed with a hole for the board projection, the lid is formed with a hole covered with a filtering membrane, the microelectrode array is mounted on the bottom of the base. A board is installed above the microelectrode array. A tray with a cell culture is made protruding through the hole of the board. The board projection is made protruding from the perimeter of the base through the hole for the board projection and is connected to the external connector. The board pressure spring contacts are located coaxially with the contact areas of the microelectrode array with a possibility of interaction with them. An installation for chronic stimulation of electro-excitable cells, in which a connector is used, is disclosed.EFFECT: provision of control of electro-excitable cells stimulation under sterile conditions of their development.12 cl, 5 dwg
ethod of monitoring technical rail track state // 2636827
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: according to the method for monitoring the rail track, an acoustic signal is transmitted to the rails, the reflected signal is received by acoustic sensors, and the signal is processed by the signal processing system. The track state is judged based on the analysis of the obtained data. A deformation wave is used as the acoustic signal source, occuring in the rail as the rolling stock moves. Reception of reflected signals is carried out continuously in the movement of the composition. Electromagnetic-acoustic transducers are used as acoustic sensors.EFFECT: functionality is extended and the reliability of the rail track monitoring method is increased.3 dwg

Control and display of absorption state of absorbent article // 2636813
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method for controlling the absorption state of an absorbent article, that comprises providing a recording unit, receiving an absorption state of the absorbent article, and recording data indicative of the received absorbent state of the absorbent article in the recording unit. Receiving the absorbent state of the absorbent article and recording the data indicative of the received absorbent state of the absorbent article are continuously performed to the recording unit during the control period of the absorbent article. The invention further relates to the recording unit for carrying out this method. In addition, the invention relates to the method for processing the data indicative of the absorption state of the absorbent article, that comprises receiving the data sets indicative of the absorption state of the absorbent article. Each of the data sets indicates the absorbent state of the absorbent article for a portion of a continuous period of time and mapping and/or displaying the data in a continuous form. The invention further relates to the data processing unit for performing these data processing methods.EFFECT: reliable and effective fault detection.23 cl, 7 dwg

Nitrogen dioxide sensor // 2636411
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the area of the gas analysis, in particular to the detecting devices used for registration and measurement of nitrogen dioxide trace components. The invention can be used in ecology. The sensor comprises of a semiconductor substrate (1) made in the form of a polycrystalline film of indium antimonide. A polycrystalline InSb film is deposited on the electrode pad (2) of the piezoquartz resonator (3).EFFECT: according to the invention the sensor provides, with a significant simplification of the technology of its manufacture, the determination of the content of nitrogen dioxide with a sensitivity several times higher than the sensitivity of the known sensors.3 dwg

ethod of electromagnetic defectoscopy-thickness measurement in multi-column wells // 2636064
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method includes excitation of a non-stationary electromagnetic field by current pulses in generator coils of different lengths and measurement of the EMF induced in the receiving coils by eddy currents flowing in the metal magnetic tubes under investigation. Herewith all the generator coils are excited by a current pulse of duration T simultaneously. Then they are successively disconnected with interval Ti from the generator, starting with a short generator coil, and sequentially with each measuring coil corresponding to the disconnected generator coil, the EMF (E) is measured as a time function of E(tj,). And the signal from the latest, long measuring coil is recorded as a decay constant according to the given mathematical expression.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of measurements by eliminating the influence of the electromagnetic and geometric characteristics of the near magnetic metal tube on the results of measurements at later times in subsequent pipes.3 dwg

Superconducting wire non-destructive examination method // 2635844
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: measurement method of the ratio Cu/non Cu in the superconducting wire with the prescribed outside diameter DO, specific conductance σc of the cooper cover and specific conductance σs of the superconductive core resides in the fact that the test samples, comprised of the section wires, are inserted in advance one-by-one into the cavity of the passing through eddy-current converter. These test samples have the same parameters DO, σc and σs, as the manageable wire has, and the known, changing from the sample to the sample ratio Cu/non Cu. One measures the input by the samples eddy-current signal with the help of the electronic unit, which is plugged into the eddy-current converter output, and, in conjunction with the measurement, obtains the calibration relationship between the eddy-current signal and the ratio Cu/non Cu. The manageable wire is moved through the passing through eddy-current converter, the eddy-current signal is measured with the help of the electronic unit, which is connected to the eddy-current converter output, the current line coordinate of the wire manageable section is registered by dint of the movement sensor, the dependency of the eddy-current signal change is obtained along the manageable wire, and the ratio Cu/non Cu is also obtained with respect to this dependency with the help of the preliminarily received calibration curve. In obedience to the invention, one carries out the control measurement of the ratio Cu/non Cu by virtue of the electrical method on a periodic basis. For doing this, one generates the electric current l along the manageable wire section, measures the generated by this current decrease in current U at a section of the specified length ℓ, and estimates the average ratio Cu/non Cu at this section with account of the parameters DO, σc, σs and ℓ in respect to the ratio U/I. Then one puts the obtained value Cu/non Cu in correspondence with the average value of the eddy-current signal, which is measured at the same section, and one corrects the calibration curve according to the obtained correspondence.EFFECT: making it possible to enhance the measurement reliability.2 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of centering following-stabilizing device of high-speed flaw detector and device for its implementation // 2635813
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: during the movement of the following-stabilizing device, an alternating transverse magnetic field is created by pairwise placed permanent magnets with oppositely directed poles, the alternating magnetic field of which, when moving along the rail and crossing the transverse magnetic field of the rail, excites the eddy currents that create magnetic fields directed towards each other, and the resultant magnetic field, which does not depend on the movement speed. At least, two permanent magnets with parallel longitudinal magnetic axes and poles facing in opposite directions are fixed on each of the parallelogram pendulum suspension pendants of longitudinal rocking.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of measurements of the mobile flaw detector at high speeds of its movement.2 cl, 4 dwg

System and method for inspecting underwater pipelines // 2635751
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method comprises the steps of detecting defects along a underwater pipeline using a submerged module using a magnetic tomography method (MTM module) in the immediate vicinity of the underwater pipeline; and determining the position of the submerged MTM module under the water and thereby locating the defect. The method further comprises determining the position of the submerged MTM module relative to the surface vessel; and the determination of the absolute position of the surface vessel.EFFECT: improving the accuracy of the defect detection.15 cl, 7 dwg, 3 tbl

Device for measuring volume fraction and partial pressure of oxygen in gases // 2635711
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device for measuring volume fraction and partial pressure of oxygen in gases contains a potentiometric solid electrolyte cell, a gas path, a heater, a thermocouple and a temperature controller, in this case, in order to improve the accuracy under changing conditions of oxygen partial pressure in the environment, the potentiometric solid electrolyte cell has a working measuring electrode made of a gas-permeable porous platinum, in contact with analysed gas, a sealed reference chamber with a reference electrode made of gas-permeable porous platinum applied on opposite side of the solid electrolyte of working measuring electrode in the reference chamber for creating support medium with known partial pressure of oxygen. Analytical calibration characteristic which connects volume fractions of oxygen in reference and analysed chambers is used to determine volume fraction of oxygen, and analytical calibration curve which connects total pressure in reference and analysed media is used for determination of partial pressure of oxygen.EFFECT: increased measurement accuracy of volume fraction and partial pressure of oxygen in analysed gas.1 tbl, 1 dwg
ethod for determining adhesion strength of coatings to substrate // 2635335
FIELD: nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method includes selecting a coverage area, performing an impact on a selected area, recording the impact data, analyzing which the adhesion of coatings to substrate is judged, when selecting the coverage area, a number of coating areas is eliminated, containing together at least seven single-dimensional piezoelectric nanoscale objects, for each of the selected areas an electric field is applied in the power-microscopy mode of the piezo-response, and areas topography and images of the piezo-response are recorded in form of image, when visually analyzing which the presence of step transitions in the piezo-response images is revealed, that characterizes the separation of single one-dimensional piezoelectric nanoscale objects of selected areas into a part of nanoscale objects rigidly fixed to the substrate, and a part of nanoscale objects that are not fixed on the substrate, from the topography images of selected areas the total amount of nanoobjects on areas is determined, and by piezo-response images the number of nanoscale objects is determined on the areas, characterized with by transition, by relations (A) between the total number of detected nanosacle objects and the number of nanoscaleobjects characterized by step transition, the adhesion strength of the entire coating is judged, at A<0.3 the absence of adhesive strength is determined, at A>0.7 the maximum adhesive strength is determined. The claimed method allows by non-destructive effects on a non-continuous nanostructured coating to determine its adhesion strength.EFFECT: determination of adhesion strength of coatings by performing non-destructive actions.5 dwg
Device of magnetic flaw detection of rails // 2634806
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for magnetic flaw detection of a track contains electromagnetic coils mounted on the axes of the wheel pairs and exciting a constant magnetic flux on the sections of the rail located between the contact spots of wheel pairs with the rail and the magnetic field anomaly detectors installed on these sections of rails, on the axes of wheel sets of neighboring cars.EFFECT: increasing the detection ability of the magnetodynamic flaw detector at high speeds.3 dwg
Device for express-analysis of product quality // 2634803
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device for the express-analysis of product quality includes one piezosensor with a sensitive film coating for the sorption of marker gases, built into the support of the detection cell cover, and devices for exciting oscillations, fixing and displaying piezosensor signals. The device detection cell is made in the form of a removable cylinder with a mark limiting the volume of the analyzed samples, the cylinder is hermetically connected with a gas analyzer cover by a nozzle or a thread so that the piezosensor is inside the cylinder and does not contact with a liquid or solid sample, and all parts of the gas analyzer are miniature device for exciting oscillations, a microprocessor for recording the piezosensor signal and a power supply element (accumulator or batteries) are located in the same housing above the analyzer cover and connected to the signaling device, which operation is determined by change rate of piezosensor signal during sorption of marker gases of the gas phase over the liquid or solid sample, depending on their concentration and indicating the quality of the analyzed object, on one of the side surfaces of the power supply unit a switch of smooth trigger threshold establishment of the signaling device, preobtained by test-sample, a push button and a device availability indicator are placed, in the bottom part of the body ouputs for a charging device and a bar for connection with the detector are placed. The analysis time for liquid and solid samples is 15-30 seconds, and piezosensors are reconstructed and stored in a miniature tank with a sorbent on the bottom.EFFECT: increased assortment of analyzed products, reduced energy consumption, increased mobility and compactness of the proposed device, reduced analysis time.1 dwg
ethod for direct conductometric quantitative determination of chlorides // 2634789
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: quantitative determination of potassium chloride is carried out by direct measurement of the wash water conductivity with a concentration from 0.10 to 2.25% at a temperature of 20°C, and the calculation of the chloride concentration is carried out according to the calibration chart or by the formula.EFFECT: creation of an express method for the quantitative determination of chlorides in wash water used for the purification of ferrocin, which is easy to implement in production conditions and provides the pharmacopeial quality of the ferrocin substance, the optimum flow rate of washing distilled water, and also shortens the duration of the ferrocin purification and filtration stages.3 dwg, 2 tbl
ethod and device for diagnosing technical parameters of underground pipeline // 2634755
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: essence of inventions is limited to the realisation of the possibility of conducting diagnostic monitoring of technical parameters of an underground pipeline in the presence of adjacent pipelines with a current in immediate proximity - less than 2 metres. When performing diagnostic monitoring of the technical parameters of the underground pipeline, the main generator uses GPS to feed the working current to the pipeline having an installed base PFC, and the auxiliary generator uses a microcontroller to work in a pulsed asynchronous mode, which is not more than 20% of the operation time of the main generator. The time for the main generator to supply the working current to the pipeline and the time for recording this BSDU current is synchronised with GPS located in the BDSU and the generator. The isolation of the surveyed pipeline against the background of interference from adjacent pipelines is performed in the operation mode of both generators by creating a large total current in the pipeline, and also by excluding currents which differ from the base value of the PFC. Diagnostic control of the technical parameters of the underground pipeline is carried out in the auxiliary generator disable mode.EFFECT: increased reliability and accuracy of diagnostic control during complex survey of technical parameters of underground pipeline.4 cl, 3 dwg

Device for eddy current defectoscopy of ferromagnetic pipes on side of their inner surface // 2634544
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device contains a constant current source, a magnetization system, an eddy current transducer, an electronic unit, a phase shifter. The magnetization system consists of a cylindrical magnetic core with an H-shaped longitudinal section and a winding connected to the output of a constant current source, located on the central rod and made in the form of two identical sections connected and installed with an axial gap symmetrically relative to the center of the magnetic core. The eddy current transducer is placed in the gap between the windings of the electromagnet on a cylindrical frame coaxial with the magnetic core. AC generator is connected to the exciting winding of the eddy current transducer and the electronic unit connected to the output of the eddy current transducer by its input. The electronic unit is capable of amplitude-phase processing of the signal and is connected to the output of the alternator via the phase shifter. The constant current source is adjustable. When the intensity of the magnetic field H produced by the magnetization system changes, the phase difference between the signals associated with the effect of the defects and the signals associated with the influence of the structural inhomogeneity of the metal change. The magnitude of the magnetic field intensity is chosen so that the changes in the applied voltage on the measuring winding of the eddy current transducer, related to the effect of defects and the influence of noise due to the structural heterogeneity of the metal, differ in phase as much as possible. The conditions favourable for separating the signal from defects occur when H<<Hts, where Hts is the intensity of the magnetic field required for the technical saturation of the metal.EFFECT: increased reliability of control by suppressing the influence of interfering factors associated with the electromagnetic heterogeneity of the metal, without bringing it to the state of technical saturation.2 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of experimental determination of surface heat-transfer coefficient and device for its implementation // 2634508
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: at the boundary of the fluid-solid surface, preheating of the heat exchange surface (1), made of a non-conductive material, is carried out by passing a current of high magnitude through the conductive layer (2) - a thin metal foil with a high temperature coefficient of resistance glued onto this surface. In the flow of the cooling medium, the cooling rate of the heat-exchange surface (1) is measured, for which a minimum current is passed through the foil (2). The current is sufficient to measure its electrical resistance, the value of which determines the temperature of the foil by the resistance thermometer. The heat-transfer coefficient is determined by the cooling rate of the heat-exchange surface (1) under steady-state conditions.EFFECT: reduction of the error in determining the heat-transfer coefficient due to the use of the same elements for heating the heat-exchange surface and measuring its temperature, as well as the labour intensity of the experiments.4 cl, 3 dwg

Device and method for detecting targeted biomolecules // 2634388
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: device includes an electrically conductive membrane mounted on an electrically non-conductive support and an electrically conductive membrane connected to the electrical circuit with the biological recognition component immobilized on it, a voltage source and a resistance monitoring device. The method includes feeding a fluid sample to the membrane, monitoring the membrane resistance, where, if the resistance is greater than the threshold resistance, a signal is output to detect the target biomolecule.EFFECT: highly specific and rapid detection of the target biomolecule.15 cl, 21 dwg, 5 tbl, 3 ex

ethod for magnetic flaw detection and device for its implementation // 2634366
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for magnetic flaw detection of steel pipelines from the inner surface, consisting in that a bipolar magnetisation system, providing axial magnetisation to technical saturation of the pipeline section between its poles, is moved along the inner surface of the pipeline, the signals, proportional to the induction of the magnetic scattering fluxes over the inner pipeline surface, are recorded by using the magnetosensitive elements, and the presence and parameters of the metal continuity defects in the pipeline wall are judged according to the aggregate of the received signals, wherein two pipeline sections, located with an axial clearance from the different sides against the plot magnetized by the main magnetization system, are magnetized by using two additional bipolar magnetization systems in the axial directions counter to the magnetization directions of the main magnetization system.EFFECT: extending the scope of pipelines with a smaller internal diameter or a greater wall thickness.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of producing electroconducting films on surface of oxide glasses for determination of moisture content in air // 2634137
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: on the surface of the substrate by lifting it in a horizontal position at a constant speed, ranging from 4⋅10-5 up to 9⋅10-5 m/s, a film of poly (N,N-dimethyl-N,N-dimethylamino) -acetate is applied from an aqueous solution of the reacting components: a polymer such as poly-N,N-dimethyl-3,4-dimethylenepyrrolidium chloride (PDMPC) and a potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) 3,4-dimethylenepyrrolidinium cyanide (PHDMPC). The content of PDMPC in the solution is from 0.2 to 0.5 wt %, when the weight ratio of the modifier: polymer is equal to (2.3±0.1):1.EFFECT: increasing the response, microhardness, homogeneity, and sensitivity of the film to the content of water vapour in the air, increasing the shelf life of the resulting heterostructure.4 dwg, 3 ex
ethod for measuring distribution function of colloidal particles by size in aqueous solution // 2634096
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method is proposed comprising placing the studied colloidal solution in a cell, which represents a flat capacitor, polarizing the solution under the action of an external electric field with a strength of 1-103 V/cm, measuring the characteristics of the medium, their computer processing. According to the invention, the measured characteristics of the medium are the frequency dependence of the impedance Z(ω) and angle of ϕ(ω) phase shift, on the basis of which an expression for the actual ε' and imaginary ε" dielectric capacitance is obtained by computer processing, the sum of which is described by the formula , where E is the electric field strength, di, ni and τi- the dipole moment, the concentration of particles in the suspension and the particle relaxation time of the i-th type, and the dipole moment is a function of the particle radius di=d(ri), from the obtained expression for dielectric capacitances a distribution histogram of colloid particles is constructed by computer processing, the histogram ordinate is proportional to the radius ri of the colloidal particle of the i-th type, and the center of the column along the abscissa axis is located in the value of the average particle concentration of the i-th type.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and reliability of determining the size distribution of colloidal particles.1 cl