Chain wheels (F16H55/30)

Chain actuator for push circuits of noble conveyors or cutting machines // 2627969
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: chain drive (1) contains the drive shaft (3). Drive power or drive torque is transmitted to the link chain (2) by means of the elements (4) that perform the functions of the teeth of the sprocket. Elements (4) are inserted directly into the drive shaft (3) into the sockets (6). The sockets (6) have a depth (X) and the elements (4) have a free tooth height (Y) that is measured between the outer circumference (U) of the drive shaft (3) and the engaging line (WL) of the chain link (2). The ratio of the depth (X) to the height (Y) of the free tooth is between 1:1 and 1:2.5 and preferably not more than 1:2.EFFECT: required stability of the elements that perform the function of the teeth of the sprocket, with their coupling areas in the sockets, a reliable transfer of force from the drive shaft to the link chain.6 cl, 3 dwg

Roller chain gearing // 2531698
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: chain gear consists of a roller chain with even number of links, and of chain wheels with even number of teeth. The pitch of internal links (t1) is greater than the standard pitch (t) and respectively the pitch of chain wheel teeth is increased. Circumferential width of one tooth (1) out of each pair of adjacent teeth (1, 2) is increased. Wedge angle of widened teeth is greater than the standard wedge angle and is determined according to the proposed dependence.EFFECT: invention allows for the improvement of chain gear operation kinematics and increase of its service life.2 cl, 2 dwg

Belt transmission system // 2505448
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: self-aligning system of pulley and drive belt comprises drive belt, pulley, frame and aligning flange. Belt comprises multiple ledges, each having aligning groove separating the ledge in first and second segments. Pulley can engage with the belt inner surface. Aforesaid frame outer round ring and can revolve. This system comprises multiple ring teeth extending radially and axially from said ring. Said teeth are located between adjacent ledges of the belt. Aligning flange extends radially between adjacent ring teeth and can be fitted in aligning groove and extends radially not further from rotational axis than ring teeth.EFFECT: ruled out fouling of pulleys.35 cl, 9 dwg

Drive sprocket of intermediate shaft, driven sprocket of intermediate shaft and set of drive and driven sprockets of intermediate shaft // 2493458
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: in a shaped wheel of a drive sprocket there is a central hole with enclosing surface for installation on a hub of a driven sprocket. On enclosing surface along the generatrix there is a groove for a pin and two grooves for fasteners. In shaped wheel of driven sprocket there is also one hole for a pin and two attachment holes. A set of drive and driven sprockets of intermediate shaft includes drive and driven sprockets similar to the above, each of which includes a shaped wheel having a hole for pin (16) and two attachment holes (17).EFFECT: improving strength and reliability of connection of drive and driven sprockets.3 cl, 6 dwg

Sprocket provided with possibility of dirt removal (versions), and belt drive system containing such sprocket // 2477402
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: sprocket provided with possibility of dirt removal includes housing (105); a lot of teeth (101) projecting out of the housing; a lot of grooves (102) in alternating location with teeth; at that, a belt tooth is arranged in each groove; cavity (103) located radially inside each groove and interacting with the groove. In addition, cavity (103) includes mounting seat (111) for support of the belt. Mounting seat (111) is located between the groove and cavity (103). Cavity (103) includes surface (104) located at angle (θ) relative to axial direction (A-A).EFFECT: possible dirt removal.9 cl, 5 dwg

Driven sprocket of lower support of demonstration installation // 2466317
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: driven sprocket (1) of lower support of demonstration installation has shank (2) with round hole (3) and projection with flat support surface (6) at least in its lower part. Flat support surface (6) is formed with insert (4) made from the material the strength of which is higher than that of shank material.EFFECT: invention allows enlarging the sprocket service life.8 cl, 8 dwg

Chain transmission // 2455542
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: chain drive includes a drive with the driving (10) and driven sprocket and an endless chain, performed with alternating links of two steps of different size. On the sprocket an additional contour of engagement with a bearing hinge is made. Teeth (11, 12) of the sprocket, contacting with a bearing hinge, are made with different side profiles, corresponding to the geometry of mating hinge of the load-bearing chain link. The bearing hinge is additionally equipped with roller (13), which provides running-in of the side profile of the teeth sprocket in contact with the bearing link. The axis of the bearing hinge are made compatible with a pitch circle in relation to the leading sprocket.EFFECT: invention can reduce the load on the sprocket teeth and chain links.3 cl, 4 dwg

Sprocket // 2446332
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed sprocket comprises round disk with multiple teeth and tooth spaces and, at least, one noise shield to reduce noise in chain running onto sprocket. Said noise shield includes mounting lug for engagement with sprocket and elastic element fitted thereon to attenuate chain running on sprocket. Elastic element comprises protective jacket or protective coating. Noise shield is arranged between segments of circular segment and below teeth of sprocket. Said segments are defined by geometrical lines between sprocket center and tooth spaces. At least one noise shield is arranged in every segment of circular segment.EFFECT: decreased wear, longer life.12 cl, 10 dwg

Chain transmission (versions) and its constituent elements // 2439398
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: chain transmission includes sprockets (1, 2) and rope (3) with balls (4) fixed on it. Rope is entered to longitudinal slots or holes of balls, and plugs (10) serving for rope tension are entered to threaded or clearance holes perpendicular to them. In the second version of chain transmission the rope has bushes fixed on it. For compensation of pitch increase during the rope drawing at the bushes there made are longitudinal threaded holes into which threaded plugs or screws are introduced. In the third version of chain transmission the flexible transmitting element is represented with two and more ropes which are entered to transverse grooves or holes of bushes and fixed in them. In the fourth version of chain transmission, in order to obtain closed rope loop, its ends are entered on both sides to transverse holes of closing ball or bush, which are assembled of two halves. In the fifth version of chain transmission the sprockets are provided with elastic teeth the sides of tops of which and on the side of cavities throughout the length of teeth, or on the side of their end surfaces, or in staggered order, or in various combinations there made are slots in radial direction.EFFECT: invention allows increasing the service life of chains and sprockets, increasing heat resistance, reducing friction, compensating the chain pitch increase during the rope drawing, improving stability of transmission ratio and reducing the sensitivity of chains to misalignment of axes.17 cl, 15 dwg

Sprocket with higher hoisting capacity // 2434169
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: sprocket (23) has outer circular surface (26) and fulcrum pin, recesses for chain horizontal links and recesses for chain vertical links. Recesses for chain vertical links are separated by teeth 36. Side face 39 of tooth in contact with loaded chain vertical link features special profile and sizes. Chain sizes are selected so that vertical link does not come in contact with tooth side face by its front part unless definite load is applied on the chain. Contact between tooth side face and front part of chain appropriate link occurs only definite load is exceeded.EFFECT: sprocket that allows increased load on chain links.29 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

Guiding roller facilitating increased service life of chain // 2421642
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: guiding roller (8) for link chains, for example, for round-link chains or chains out of profile steel, has recesses (28) along perimetre for horizontal links of chains and recesses (35) for vertical links of chains. Recesses (35) for vertical links of the chains are separated from each other with teeth (36). Sides (39, 41) of teeth (36), where a vertical link of the chain adjoins under load, are calculated and profiled by a special procedure. The calculation ensures a gap between the vertical link of the chain with its front part and the side surface of the tooth untill the chain is loaded to a specified load. Side surface of the tooth and front part of the corresponding vertical link of the chain contact only after specified load onto the chain.EFFECT: raised efficiency of chain.29 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

Chain wheel for chain drives // 2418215
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chain wheel for chain drives with rotation axis D and two chain link boxes 20, 30 arranged along chain wheel edges nearby each other and sifted relative two each other that cross chain wheel in inclined position. Each box 20, 30 has lateral wall and opposite wall, and webs 31, 21 arranged along circumference. To simplify producing chain wheel for inclined chain links and improve force distribution, this invention proposes make box lateral and opposite walls form support surfaces inclined to rotation axis D and run to box base section.EFFECT: simplified design, better distribution of forces at chain loading bearing links.19 cl, 13 dwg

Chain drive or rotary device, and chain belt and chain wheel // 2401789
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rotary device for chain drive or rotary device for extraction or transportation devices incorporating chain traction. Rotary device for chain and chain wheel incorporated therewith are proposed. Note here that lateral surfaces of bends in chain belt horizontal links are lower, in every case, than equatorial line, and that they represent concaved recess, while receiving horizontal recesses of chain wheel have their lateral surfaces of teeth made barrel-like protruded to mate concaved lateral surfaces of aforesaid bends.EFFECT: reduced specific compression force between to parts.22 cl, 10 dwg

Sprocket for chain gears // 2380597
FIELD: engineering industry.SUBSTANCE: sprocket for chain gears includes hub and gear rim with even number of teeth and symmetric profile. Profile of working surfaces of each teeth of sprocket, which is located between two standard teeth, is made along internal equidistant line.EFFECT: increasing life time of chain and sprockets.3 dwg

Chain gear // 2375618
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to general machine building and can be implemented in any of its branches where mechanic gears of rotary motion are used. The chain gear consists of two or more wheels-gears connected with chain (3). The gear corresponds to a unit wherein gear rim (K) consists of a set of separate sector parts connected with disk (4) of a gear with fit ring (6). Connections of gear rim (K) with disk (4) and fit ring (6) contain a system of slots and lugs facilitating adjustment of diametre of initial circumference of the gear and consequently its step bringing it to correspondence with the step of the chain by its wear. Adjustment is carried out with angular turn of the disk relative to the fit ring with tap wrench (8) with gear.EFFECT: increased operation life of chain, reduced cost for spare chains for facilitation of required resource of chain gear.6 dwg

otorcycle suspension system and sprocket used in said system // 2310116
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed motorcycles suspension system contains first sprocket including hub with cross slot on outer surface and ring engaging with hub and provided with surface for engaging with belt, and stop member engaging with hub to hold ring on hub. Ring is made with profile and projection on inner surface for relative engagement with slot. Sprocket is connected to wheel. Ring is made of polymeric material. Motorcycle suspension system contains also frame member, hinged lever connected to frame member in point of turning, said ring being connected by axle to hinged lever, and shock absorbing member arranged to connected hinged lever and frame, and second sprocket installed for engagement with first sprocket. Sprocket of motorcycle suspension system has hub, ring engaged with hub through adhesive material. Ring has profile on outer surface for engagement with belt and radially directed projection passing crosswisely on inner surface of ring. Inner diameter of ring is smaller than outer diameter of hub. Hub is provided with slot for engagement with projection. Ring is made of polyurethane.EFFECT: prevention of rotation between hub and detachable working surface.5 cl, 10 dwg

Chain wheel for underground mining // 2302367
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chain wheel for underground mining, particularly, to chain scraper conveyor with chain drive. Proposed chain wheel with first rim consisting of first tooth elements uniformly spaced over perimeter of chain wheel body and at least one second rim axially displaced relative to first rim and consisting of other tooth elements uniformly distributed over perimeter. Sides of tooth elements pointed to each other are provided with cavities which serve as contact surfaces of lying links of chain. Contact surfaces in cavities of each tooth element consist of wear lining made of wear-resistant material.EFFECT: increased service life of chain wheels.26 cl, 10 dwg

Flexible sprocket // 2266450
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: flexible sprocket comprises hub, rim, and flexible members that connects them and arranged over the periphery of the sprocket. The rim and hub have conical-cylindrical openings arranged concentrically over the periphery parallel to the axis of the sprocket. The conical parts of the openings face internal sides of the rim and the hub. The flexible members are made of flexible cylindrical rods and arranged in the conical-cylindrical openings of the hub and rim. The space between the hub and rim allows the flexible rods to be flexibly bent and the rim to be self-adjustable in the plane of the gearing.EFFECT: prolonged durability.1 dwg

Sprocket for rollers of chain gears // 2266449
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: sprocket comprises asymmetrically shaped teeth. The working and back sides of each tooth of the sprocket has different evolvent shape.EFFECT: enhanced durability.2 dwg

The sprocket chain drive // 2158862
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to a closed high-speed chain drive roller and gear chains

Asterisk large diameter for single or multi-row chain of transmission // 2116533
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in chain transmission construction, road, agricultural, etc

Driven sprocket of the chain drive // 2114346
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in a variety of aggregates containing duhvalova and mnogogolovye chain transfer

A method of manufacturing involute sprocket // 2110374
The invention relates to the field of transmission with a flexible coupling, namely the chain transmission