Using externally-actuatable means (F16H48/30)

Power distribution mechanism of the vehicle transmission system // 2618830
FIELD: automobile production.SUBSTANCE: power distribution mechanism (PDM) in a vehicle transmission system includes two-stage reduction gear system. PDM input link is indirectly connected to the engine, and the output links are indirectly connected, for example, through the semi-axles, with drive wheels of the vehicle. Three planetary gear rows - zero, the first and the second are included into PDM. The zero row, directly related to the mentioned input link, is the simple differential. There the brake elements T1 and T2 are provided with differential braking effect on the gear system links and the electronic control system of the mentioned braking elements, connected to the steering gear with the ability to turn the steering wheels of the vehicle. The gear part is formed with three cylindrical three-links planetary gear rows. Its input link is connected to the links, at least of two planetary gear rows. The brake elements control system is made using the principle of pulse width modulation of pressure in the friction contact pairs of braking elements.EFFECT: increase of technical-operational or tactical-technical characteristics.4 cl, 4 dwg

Differential drive axle of vehicle // 2594269
FIELD: transport. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to differential drive axles of vehicles. Differential drive axle comprises two coaxial, opposite conical gears, connected by pinion unit with mechanism for its forced rotation. On one of gears of satellites is installed a hydraulic motor, which is powered by working fluid from an external source. EFFECT: higher maneuverability. 1 cl, 1 dwg

Electric bridge // 2592198
FIELD: transport. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle electric axle. Electric bridge for four-wheeled vehicle comprises traction motor coaxially arranged on bridge; first planetary gear connected with traction motor and first side of bridge; second planetary gear connected with traction motor and second side of bridge. First and second planetary gears form differential mechanism. Torque vectorisation unit comprises motor arranged coaxially on bridge, to provide change of torque distribution between first and second sides of bridge. Electric motor torque vectorisation unit is connected to first and second planetary gears. EFFECT: higher rate of change of torque on drive axle. 12 cl, 11 dwg

Axle assembly with distributed-torque drive mechanism // 2569722
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle axle assembly with distributed-torque drive. Axle assembly comprises input element, first planetary gear, differential gear assembly and second planetary gear. First planetary gear has the first transmission input driven by input element. Differential gear assembly comprises housing, first and second output elements arranged in differential gear housing. Second planetary fear incorporates plant carrier connected with differential gear housing for joint rotation. Note here that sun gear of the first planetary gear is engaged with sun gear of second planetary gear and fixed therewith.EFFECT: decreased skidding at insufficient or excessive rotation.18 cl, 10 dwg

Electronically-controllable locking differential with control system under instrument panel // 2548830
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electronically-controllable locking differentials. Electronically-controllable locking differential comprises an electromagnetic coil and control system. The control system comprises a module under instrument panel of an automobile and a circuit interacting electrically with the above module. The circuit comprises a switch and a fixing component. The circuit is off when power supply of the control system is off and is in stand-by mode when power supply is supplied to the control system. When the switch is switched on and retained in this position current passes through the above circuit in order to actuate the fixing component, at that differential is actuated. The fixing component includes a double-pole two-position control relay that contains the first switch, the second switch and a coil. When the switch is switched on and retained in this position current passes through the above circuit thus actuating relay, the second switch is closed and differential is actuated.EFFECT: simplification of design and improvement of reliability is attained.18 cl, 4 dwg

Electronically-controllable locking differential with control system // 2547668
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electronically-controllable locking differentials. Differential comprises magnetic coil (50) and control system based on wire harness for logic control of the differential operation; the system comprises a circuit (56). The circuit contains a locking switch (62), which is coupled electrically to the first power supply source and designed to lock power supply of the differential. Double-pole double-throw control relay (72) coupled electrically to the locking switch (62) comprises the first switch (74), the second switch (76) and a coil (78). The second switch (76) is designed to "overjump" the locking switch (62). The circuit is deenergised when power is not supplied to the wire harness and is in standby mode when power is supplied to the wire harness. When the locking switch (62) is activated current passes from the initial point through the circuit in order to activate the relay (72), at that the first switch (74) is closed to excite the differential and the second switch (76) is closed so that current "overjumps" the locking switch (62) and the differential becomes activated.EFFECT: higher reliability of a device is reached.20 cl, 3 dwg

Drive and vehicle equipped therewith // 2502001
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with first and second versions, proposed drive comprises two motors, reduction gears, one-way and two-way transmission. Every reduction gear consists of three rotary elements. One-way transmission transmits one-way torque from motors to drive axles. Two-way transmission transmits two-way torque from motors to drive axles. One-way and two-way transmissions are arranged at power train section between motors and drive axles. In compliance with second version, one of three rotary elements of one of reduction gears and one of three rotary elements of the other reduction gear are engaged. Proposed vehicle incorporates one of aforesaid drives.EFFECT: smaller sizes, higher efficiency.19 cl, 16 dwg

Differential transmission with cleaning function // 2481515
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: lubricant is forced to transmission running gears and clutch increased-friction discs. Clutch discs are engaged by said lubricant under pressure. Valve assembly with slide valve responds to clutch pressure to release portion of said lubricant from clutch discs into lower crankcase and transmission to remove dirt accumulated in clutch discs. Said slide valve is arranged to make lubricant flow only at valve intermediate displacement to minimize whatever pressure drop in transmission and clutch.EFFECT: higher reliability.19 cl, 5 dwg

Self-locking differential of wheeled transport facility // 2445534
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed differential comprises differential gearing with central gear wheels rigidly engaged with drive wheel semi-axles 16, 16', locking device including servo drive, coupler with its drive half-coupling 14 rigidly engaged with pinion frame 17 while driven half-coupling 13 is fitted in splines of one of said semi-axles to axially displace thereon and engaged with servo drive. Control member comprises angular speed transducers, measurement and comparison circuit with its output connected to servo drive, hydraulic pumps 3, 3' coupled with semi-axles and, via hydraulic lines, with double-sided hydraulic cylinder 7. Hydraulic cylinder pistons are coupled with spring-loaded rods 8, 8' coupled, in their turn, with control cylinders 9, 9' to shut off in turn said hydraulic lines 11, 11'. Note here that shut0ff hydraulic line communicates with control cylinder 12 of servo drive via check valve 20 and restrictor 21.EFFECT: simplified automatic locking, faster operation.1 dwg

Lock mechanism of mechanically locking differential // 2408810
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: improved differential mechanism consists of locking mechanism connected with mechanism (53) of centrifugal load or with lock member interacting with mechanism (53) of centrifugal load to decelerate differential action in differential mechanism.EFFECT: improved design.22 cl, 20 dwg

Controllable interwheel (interaxial) differential // 2376515
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automobile production field, and also transportation equipment. Controllable interwheel (interaxial) differential contains casing (1), in which there are located input shaft (2) with toothed wheel (3), intermediate shaft (4), output shafts (7,8), controlling drive, shaft (5) of controlling drive with toothed wheel (6), lock-up clutch, shaft (9) of blocking mechanism with bevel gear (10), installed on inetrmidiate shaft (4) follower gear (11) of main drive and transmission toothed wheels (12, 13), connected to follower gear of main gear, two symmetric cycloidal reducer (CR), drive pinions (14, 15) of which are implemented at one with driving heliac wheels of these CR and are installed on controlling shafts. Intermediate bodies of revolution consists of duplex in pairs satellites (26, 27), which are installed on eccentrics (22, 23) controlling shafts and connected to each other by means of conical enveloping toothed wheels (24, 25), blocking toothed wheel and control drive (8). In the second version of implementation of controllable inter-wheel (inter-axial) differential it is used one control shaft, on which there are installed stages of front and back CR.EFFECT: invention provides improvement of passability and steerability of vehicle.3 cl, 2 dwg

Differential for vehicle // 2266448
FIELD: transport mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: differential comprises housing (1) with spider (2) and satellites (3), differential gears (4) and (5), locking hydraulic clutch, planet gear, and control system. The locking hydraulic clutch has housing (6) provided with driving friction disks (7) and driven friction disks (8) connected with housing (1). The control system comprises control unit (14), electric motor (15), pickups (16) of angular velocity, pickups (17) of torque, pickups (18) of linear velocity, and pickups (19) of angle of rotation of the steering wheel. The planet gear has carrier (12) provided with two rows of satellites (10) and (11), solar gear (13), and epicycloid gear (9). Solar gear (13) is connected with one of the differential gears (9), carrier (12) is connected with electric motor (15), and epicycloid gear (9) is connected with housing (6).EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.1 dwg

Latching differential of a wheel transport carrier // 2265766
FIELD: the invention refers to transport machinery.SUBSTANCE: latching differential has a differential gear 4, a blocker and a control device. The control device has a scheme of measuring and comparison and sensors of a wheels angular speed in the shape of tachometers 11 and 12, kinematically connected with half-axles 9 and 10. The scheme of measuring and comparison includes differential links 13 and 14 and summing units 15 and 16 of angular accelerations, and an electro-chain of connection to a servo-motor 22 has intensifiers 19 and 20 and a relay of time 21. Differential links 13 and 14 are electrically connected with the sensors of wheels angular speeds. The differential realizes automatic blocking only at skidding of any driving wheel and does not react to other exterior disturbing influences. The control device works on the principle of comparison of an angular speeding up of a skidding wheel with given critical meaning equal to maximum possible speeding up at which skidding is still impossible.EFFECT: decreasing of dynamic loads on transmission and drive and increasing reliability and longevity of a vehicle.1 dwg

Differential lock control system of wheeled vehicle drive axle // 2246060
FIELD: transport engineering; transmissions of wheeled vehicles.SUBSTANCE: proposed differential lock control system contains fluid medium supply source with reducing 7, three-position distributor 11, two-chamber cylinder consisting of control space A of lock-up clutch 4 formed by its housing and movable partition 34, and additional diaphragm chamber 6 having its control space Б arranged coaxially and in series relative to control space of lock-up clutch 4. Movable partition 34 is connected with pressure disk 29 by means of rod 30 rigidly connected by one end with pressure disk 29. Rod 30 interacts with diaphragm 32 of additional diaphragm chamber 6, and it passes in its middle part through central part of movable partition 34, being rigidly connected with support plate 33 interacting with partition 34. Space Б of additional diaphragm chamber 6 communicates with three-position distributor 11 selectively communicating said spaces with drain main line 14 and reducing regulated valve 7.EFFECT: increased capacity owing to automatic reduction of locking at cornering of vehicle and decreased skidding of leading wheel.2 dwg

The differential lock of the vehicle // 2242656
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in vehicles terrain

The differential lock of the vehicle // 2242655
The invention relates to transport machinery and can be used in vehicles terrain

The mechanism koloskova locking differentials vehicle // 2221949
The invention relates to the transport industry, in particular to locking mechanisms of the inter-axle and cross-axle differentials vehicle terrain, wheel formula 44

Automatic locking center differential of the vehicle // 2200888
The invention relates to a transport engineering

A limited-slip differential wheeled vehicles // 2162974
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular, for use in wheeled tractors, graders and road cars

The differential lock of the vehicle // 2156903
The invention relates to a transport engineering