Arrangements for suppressing or influencing the differential action, e.g. locking devices (F16H48/20)

F16H     Gearing(13641)
F16H48/20                     Arrangements for suppressing or influencing the differential action, e.g. locking devices(116)

Differential with torque limit // 2645181
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: selectively locking differential comprises a plurality of torque sensitive hairpins, an outer casing, a first semi-axial gear with teeth, a second semi-axial gear with teeth, a planetary gear shaft. The shafts of the planetary gear are connected by two gears for rotation, each of which contains teeth engaging with the teeth of the first and second gears. A ring with teeth of a hairpin, sensitive to the torque, connect the ring to the outer casing.EFFECT: improved device reliability.22 cl, 20 dwg

Hydromechanical clutch // 2607493
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, in particular to safety resilient damping couplings. Hydromechanical clutch comprises two half-clutches. Half-clutches are articulated via gear differential transfer mechanism and reversible hydraulic pump. Pump is connected with one of transfer mechanism degrees of freedom and hydraulically connected with hydraulic damper and drain tank. Controlled valve connects reversible hydraulic pump pressure line and hydraulic damper hydraulic space with drain tank. Transfer mechanism can be made in form of conic differential gear.EFFECT: enabling elimination of hydraulic impact during coupling recovery.3 cl, 3 dwg

Self-locking differential // 2502906
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: self-locking differential comprises drive housing to accommodate half-axle element engaged by half-axles. Outer surface of said half-axle elements has helical grooves with opposite coiling direction, solids of revolution to fill one closed channel made in said drive housing with one section open to make segments of said solids of revolution fit in said helical grooves. One end of engaged half-axles has one groove. One channel is made at one of drive housing ends.EFFECT: higher reliability, longer life.2 cl, 2 dwg

echanism of differential lock (versions) // 2462633
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: mechanism of differential lock comprises a case (1) of the lock mechanism fixed by bolts (2) on a case (3) of the unit. In the case (3) there is a shaft (6) of a front axle drive. At the right side of the shaft (6) of the front axle drive on splints there is a coupling (10) of differential lock, which engages with a carrier (11) of differential. In the case (1) of the lock mechanism there is a sensor (14) of lock switching, with the help of a stem (15) joined with a fork (13) in a transfer gearbox (version 1) or directly with the stem (15) in driving axles (version 2). The fork (13), coupled with a coupling (10) of differential lock, is installed on the stem (15), arranged as a whole with a piston (16). The piston (16) is pressed with a return spring (17) and is installed in a body (18) of the differential lock mechanism. The body (18) of the differential lock mechanism is installed into a hole of the case (1) of the lock mechanism in the transfer gearbox (version 1) or in the case (3) in driving axles (version 2). The piston (16) rests against an adjustment nut (21) with external thread. A cover (23) of the lock mechanism is fixed to the case (1) of the lock mechanism with bolts (24) and has a hole (25) for compressed air supply.EFFECT: improved operational properties of a device.2 cl, 3 dwg

Procedure for synchronisation of rotation of output shafts of differential // 2435089
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: procedure for synchronisation of rotation of output shafts of differential consists in braking gears-satellites connected to braking or blocking elements corresponding to viscous coupling. Gears-satellites rotate only at moments of mismatch of rotation of output shafts gears actuating braking or blocking elements.EFFECT: raised passability of vehicle.2 dwg

Torsion device for torque distribution control // 2424130
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to torque control devices for transport facilities. Elastic elements 4 sensitive to twisting loads are integrated in shaft 1 coupled with axle 2 to form link that divides said shaft 1 into two relatively moving parts. Said elements form assembly to convert relative mobility into physically controlled effort 5. Said assembly 5 comprises hollow rotary part 6 secured to one moving part of link 3 and arranged coaxially with another part. Rotary part 6 is provided with cam profiles 7 cut therein. Said profiles interact with round ends of tags extending from disk 9 fitted on shaft 1. Besides, disk 9 is coupled with control lever 12 suspended at its central part on swinging axle 13. Lever end 12 opposite said disk 9 is coupled with actuator. Control lever 12 is coupled via drive 14 with switch 15 of connector 16 with permanently cutin axle 17. Control lever 12 is also coupled via drive 19 with braking system control member 20.EFFECT: higher safety.4 cl, 2 dwg

Differential with limiting slippage and differential throw-in control mechanism // 2413890
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed differential comprises device 35 to limit rotation of output gear 23 relative to crankcase 11 and drive device 55 to shift device 35 from OUT into IN state. Device to limit rotation of output gear comprises element 47 arranged nearby one crankcase axial end face to move between first OUT position of aforesaid device and second IN position. Measurement assembly is arranged nearby one crankcase axial end face and comprises sensitive element 71 and wall element arranged between device 35 to limit rotation of output gear 23 and drive device. Said wall element has non-ferromagnetic section between sensitive and moving elements. Motion between first and second positions causes change of electromagnetic flux that communicates sensitive element and moving element.EFFECT: registration of differential state variation without increasing its overall dimensions.9 cl, 6 dwg

Self-locking differential // 2411405
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: self-locking differential consists of case (1) wherein there are arranged axle (2) with satellites (3), and half-axle gears (4) of friction clutches. Hold-down devices (7) are installed between satellites and half-axle gears; one end of hold-down devices is made as a half-ring inserted in a circular groove on satellites (3). Their other ends rest with back sides on a half-axle gear and on the end of the friction clutches; case (1) of the differential functions as a support for this end. Hold-down devices (7) create additional forces to half-axle gears. Additionally, hold-down devices turn due to friction around satellites creating additional pressure onto the friction clutches.EFFECT: increased durability and improved operational properties of differential.3 dwg

Differential with interlocking // 2407933
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: pinion frame-cartridge with sun gears embraced by controlled band brake is arranged alongside of differential in axle housing. Each sun gear engages with two helical central gears with identical toothed rims. Note that one of the latter is rigidly coupled with differential pinion gear, while another one is arranged in differential pinion gear to move along its rotational axis and splined via semiaxle with nearest sun gear of differential.EFFECT: fast interlocking in-out without breakage of power flow to drive wheels.1 dwg

Improved locking differential // 2404387
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: interlocking device of differential includes coupling element (1) having the channel intended for retention of spring (7) coaxially with pin (3, 4) located in appropriate second coupling element. Passage for spring through lateral side (11, 12) of coupling element is formed with slot (10) passing through side wall of the above coupling element and being the part of inner surface of coupling element (1).EFFECT: reducing the time required for manufacture and manufacturing costs.6 cl, 3 dwg

Differential // 2397390
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed differential comprises output shafts inter-articulated by at least one differential pinion. The latter is articulated with housing via at least one idle body, free revolving in said housing aligned with differential pinion geometrical axis. Differential pinion and idle body surfaces that fair are displaced with respect to differential pinion geometrical axis.EFFECT: simplified design.8 dwg

Device for automatic hydraulic blocking of differential // 2376514
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to lock engines of differential. Mechanism of automatic blocking of differential consists of hydraulic pump with toothed wheels, two valves, isolated in open condition by springs and intermediate shafts with intermediate toothed wheels. Mechanism of hydraulic blocking of differential is in the space between differential pinion and axle shaft gear and is enclosed into case. Toothed wheels of hydraulic pump are blocked with two intermediate toothed wheels, which are engaged with other couple of intermediate toothed wheels. Intermediate toothed wheels are blocked to differential pinions. Casing is filled by working liquid for major part of its volume and by its journal bears on two bearings, compressed into semi-axial toothed wheels.EFFECT: increasing of mechanism durability and providing of blocking of differential at growing of difference between number of revolutions of wheels.3 dwg

Vehicle differential with automatic locking of wheels // 2351820
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle transmissions, particularly, to differentials with automatic wheels locking. The proposed differential comprises drive housing accommodating moving ball closed chains incorporating with half-axle components. The said components are fitted aligned on half-axles. The drive element represents a plate, the ball chains being fitted in the holders furnished with axles mounted in through slots of the drive housing at equal radial distance from the drive housing axis. The ball chains are arranged so as to allow the balls to pass along the variable-depth figurate paths arranged in symmetry on the flange opposite end faces. The said flanges seat on the aforesaid half-axle elements.EFFECT: higher reliability, compact design.6 cl, 6 dwg

Sixteen-stage gearbox // 2349816
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed gearbox incorporates an input and output shafts running in bearings and a lay shaft arranged parallel to the said input and output shafts. The output and lay shafts are furnished with the supports in the gearbox housing intermediate wall. The input shaft rear end is fitted in the output shaft end. The input shaft comprises a reverse drive gear and three forward running gears made integral with the aforesaid shaft. The input shaft supports also dual-direction gear free running thereon and accommodating a two-position coupling. One driven gear runs free on the output shaft end, while two other driven gears are fitted on the output shaft unfixed with a three-position coupling arranged there between. Three drive gears, dual-direction gear and three forward running driven gears in mesh with the input and output shaft gears run on the lay shaft. The reverse gear is fitted unfixed on the lay shaft to engage with the additional reverse gear. The said lay shaft supports two unfixed three-position coupling seating between the lay shaft gears. Similar coupling is fitted on the output shaft end.EFFECT: reduced metal input, higher efficiency.2 dwg

Wheeled vehicle differential gear // 2347123
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles, in particular to self-locking differential gears and can be used in both transfer box and wheel gears. The propose vehicle differential gear comprises the housing, final drive, differential gear housing with half shaft gears and cams fitted therein. The said half shaft gears are in mesh with differential pinions. The said cams are helically-cammed with half shaft gears to get in contact with the push rods furnished with rollers. The thrust bearing is fixed on the reduction gear housing, the bearing movable race features a cam-like surface to interact with push rod rollers. The bearing cage inner surface features helical grooves or a diametral bore with through holes. The coupling holds the cage down to the thrust bearing fixed race with the help of plate spring.EFFECT: mechanical control over differential gear capable of distinguishing between slipping and normal operating conditions.9 dwg

Bevel gear // 2341385
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: bevel gear contains casing (1) with opposite axle shaft gears (2, 3) axis of channel whereof forms acute angle with casing rotation axis of channel. On differential pinion axis (6) collets (10) are installed capable of shift along axis. Pinions (4, 5) engage with collets and penetrating into narrowed zone located between axle shaft gears are seized transmitting torque to stopped axle shaft gear and stopping slippage.EFFECT: increase of bevel gear slippage properties.5 dwg

Self-locking differential // 2332601
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport machine building, in particular, to automotive and tractor driving axles. The self-locking differential incorporates housing (2), driven gear wheel (1), output half-axles (7), two free travel mechanisms, driving gear coupling (4) with end face trapezoidal teeth and two driven half-couplings with the like teeth rigidly coupled with the free travel mechanism driven cages (6). Gear coupling (4) with the end face trapezoidal teeth is linked with housing (2) to axially move. The distance along the axis between the tooth crests of one and the tooth space of the other driven half-coupling equals the axial distance between the driving coupling (4) crests. The number of end face teeth of each half-coupling is a multiple of the number of locking bodies (8) of the free travel mechanisms. Both such mechanisms are arranged so that, on cutting in, the driven half-coupling crests get aligned with the driving coupling (4) tooth spaces. The driven half-coupling and driving coupling (4) teeth feature an identical profile.EFFECT: higher safety of vehicles and simpler design of self-locking differential.2 dwg

Self-blocking differential of vehicle // 2324607
FIELD: mechanic.SUBSTANCE: the self-blocking differential contains a power-driven shell with lids, in which half shaft elements are placed coaxially and connected with the half shaft. The half shaft elements, on their external surface, have spiral grooves with a semi-circular cross-section, the direction of which is reverse to that of the spiral, rolling elements (balls) filling the closed channels in the power-driven shell, in chains. The closed channels contain working grooves open for inserting ball segments into the spiral grooves. The longitudinal bypass channels and the side return channels are formed by slots in the lids and cuts around the perimeter of the distribution washers installed on the half shaft elements. The distribution washers have a diameter equal to the working groove dimension.EFFECT: increases reliability of self-blocking differential.2 cl, 1 dwg

Self-blocking differential of vehicle // 2324606
FIELD: mechanic.SUBSTANCE: the self-blocking differential contains a power-driven shell with lids, in which half shaft elements are placed coaxially and connected with the half shaft. The half shaft elements, on their upper surface, have spiral channels running in a direction opposite the spiral, odd number of rolling elements (balls), one closed channel containing a working groove open for inserting ball segments into the spiral channels of the half shaft elements; a longitudinal return channel with dimensions equal to the ball diameter, connected by intermediate channels made in the lids of the power-driven shell. The outside surface of the intermediate channels in the longitudinal section has a radius equal to 1.25 diameters of the ball; and their wall, at the outlet to the zone of connection to the return channel, contains a straight section. In the lids, a slot with dimensions equal to those of the working groove is made for placement of spiral channels of the half shaft elements in the intermediate channels area.EFFECT: increased reliability of self-blocking differential.4 cl, 2 dwg

Vehicle self-locking differential // 2321503
FIELD: transport engineering; vehicle transmissions.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in differential drives of vehicles with possibility of automatic wheel locking. Proposed self-locking differential of vehicle contains drive case accommodating axle-shaft members coupled with axle shafts and provided on outer surface semi-round in cross section screw grooves of opposite hand of helix, solids of revolution in form of balls filling, in chain, closed channels made in drive case and containing working grooves opened to dip ball segments into screws of axle-shaft members, longitudinal bypass channels and side return channels. Inner part of case consists of three parts. On extreme parts working grooves are made with opposite direction of helix relative to each other and to screw grooves of axle-shaft members. Middle part is made with width not exceeding diameter of balls and is furnished with through axial holes corresponding to size of diameter of balls. Angle of tilting of working and screw grooves to longitudinal axis is 74-76°. Side return channels in longitudinal section are made with sizes steplessly increasing from diameter of ball on ends of channels to 1.5 diameter of ball in central part of channels. Longitudinal bypass channels in cross section are made to size of diameter of ball, and inner side of channels is made at angle of 1-2° to center of bypass channel, with stepless transition in place of connection.EFFECT: improved reliability and efficiency of locking.4 cl, 3 dwg

Vehicle self-locking differential // 2319875
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in differential drives of wheeled vehicles made for automatic locking of wheels. Proposed self-locking differential of vehicle contains drive case 1 accommodating axle shaft-members 4, 5 arranged coaxially to each other and coupled with axle-shafts 2, 3. Said axle-shaft members are provided with helical grooves 6, 7 on outer surface with opposite hand of helix, solids of revolution in form of balls 8 filling in line at least one closed channel 10 made in drive case. Part of said channel is opened to dip segments of balls into helical grooves. Closed channel 10 is made rectangular in longitudinal section, with rounded off outer angles 12. Cross section of legs of rectangular closed channel is equal to diameter of balls 8. Number of balls in channel is odd.EFFECT: simplified design of differential, reduced overall dimensions, increased manufacturability, strength and efficiency at self-locking.4 dwg

Vehicle positive locking differential // 2304243
FIELD: mechanical engineering; vehicle transmissions.SUBSTANCE: proposed differential contains case 1, side gears 2, and 3, planet pinions and locking device. Locking devices is made in form of ring shifter 7 connected with drive 8, pushers 10 arranged inside axles 9 of planet pinions, intermediate members and locking members. Differential includes also elastic stop, and spring inserts 17 and 18 placed between case 1 and rear surfaces 20 and 21 of side gears 2 and 3. Grooves are made on end face front surfaces of side gears 2 and 3. Said grooves have wavy profile corresponding to profile of locking members, and number of radial grooves is even.EFFECT: prevention of failure of differential lock caused by wedging of locking members between side gears, and falling out of locking members at unlocking, provision of stepless row of values of locking coefficient.5 cl, 6 dwg

Vehicle differential lock mechanism // 2303537
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to increase cross-country capacity and stability of vehicle at braking. Proposed differential lock mechanism contains locking device in form of friction mechanism including two members 1 and 2. Friction mechanism consists of pack of friction disk 3 and steel disks 4, two control pistons 7, air feed head 8 with union 9. Members 1, 2 of clocking device are connected by pairs of gears 10, 11, 12, 13 with axle-shafts 14, 15. Device is furnished additionally with air fed control system consisting of angular velocity pickups 16, 17, electronic control unit 18, electromagnetic control valve 19, relief valve 20, change-over switch 21, connecting air lines and electric wires.EFFECT: increased cross-country capacity and stability of vehicle.2 dwg

ethod to control differentials of multidrive wheeled vehicles // 2298486
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of control of differential locking of multidrive wheeled vehicles and it can be used at designing of systems to control tractive forces of driving wheels of multidrive vehicles and carrying out investigations of wheeled vehicles. proposed method of control of differential locks comes to locking of differential for definite periods of time at threshold values of mismatching of mechanical parameters of driving wheels intercoupled by said differential and unlocking differential at expiration of definite of time or at achievement of threshold value of steerability index. Unlocking of differentials at achievement of threshold value of steerability index is carried out individually, starting from differential whose locking has greater effect on steerability of wheeled vehicle.EFFECT: enlarged range of control of traction forces on driving wheels to increase cross-country capacity and traction and speed properties at provision of required steerability of multidrive wheeled vehicles.1 dwg

uscular drive // 2270780
FIELD: transport engineering; bicycles.SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for devices automatically changing gear ratio without interruption of power flow. Proposed drive contains two differentials. Force sensor 5 is installed between input shaft 8 and common input of both differentials, namely power differential 1 and regulating second differential 2. Said force sensor 5 cuts in braking device 4 at rise of load, said braking devices is idling at direct drive and is connected with regulating input of second differential 2. As a result, output gear 21 of second differential 2 starts rotating and self-braking drive 3 releases carrier 25 of power differential 1. Proposed drive automatically changes over from direct drive to drive with changed gear ratio. Moment of changing over can be regulated by tensioner 6 of spring 19 of force sensor.EFFECT: facilitated selection of step-down gear in wide range of gear ration depending on individual capabilities of user.1 dwg

Differential // 2267676
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: differential comprises housing (1), cross-shaped or straight shaft (5) of satellites, a number of satellites (4), and gear pair (2) of semiaxles. When gears (2) of semiaxles cooperate with satellites (4) the gear ratio changes at least in two stages. The number of stages is multiple to the number of teeth in satellites (4) and gears (2) of the semiaxles.EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.16 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl

Vehicle differential with automatic locking of drive wheels // 2249134
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed differential has case 1 which accommodates coaxially installed axle-shafts of drive wheels, cages 7, 8, driven bushings 3, 4 with splines for connection with drive wheel axle-shafts coaxially installed in cages. Case 1 is made in form of cylindrical bushing on inner surface of which longitudinal wedging cavities for rollers 5, 6 are made. Each roller in each cavity can move along driven bushing from one wedging position into the other. Cages 7, 8 are made in form of hollow cylinders with rectangular holes on surface whose number corresponds to number of longitudinal wedging cavities for rollers. On end face surface of cages 7, 8 at least one slot is made on end face surface of one cage and hole with rigidly fitted-in pin on end face surface of other cage. Pin of one cage gets into slot of other cage forming movable link for angular displacement of cages in relatively opposite directions.EFFECT: improved reliability, roadability and safety of vehicle.5 dwg

A limited-slip differential // 2238459
The invention relates to the field of engineering, in particular to driving axles for cars and motorcycles supplied by the differential mechanisms to ensure non-rigid kinematic connection between the two wheels of the axle

The differential of the vehicle // 2238458
The invention relates to transport machinery and can be used in a four-wheel drive

Self-locking differential cam // 2235931
The invention relates to the transport industry, in particular to the structure of the cross-axle differential mechanisms

A limited-slip differential and four-wheel chassis // 2226159
The invention relates to the automotive industry and can be used, in particular, in the automobile and minigroove cars

Gear differential soft lock // 2221948
The invention relates to the field of engineering

Bevel differential with high internal friction // 2207466
The invention relates to vehicles, particularly to a differential mechanisms

The automatic differential lock vehicle // 2184291
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in vehicles terrain

The mechanism of forced transverse differential lock vehicle // 2165043
The invention relates to the field of mashinostroenia and can be used in vehicles terrain

Differential drive // 2162973
The invention relates to the field of engineering, in particular to actuators

Car differential // 2158386
The invention relates to a transport engineering

The magnetic clutch of the vehicle // 2158384
The invention relates to transport machinery and relates to a magnetic clutch vehicles

Car differential // 2154761
The invention relates to a transport engineering

Self-locking conical differential // 2090793
The invention relates to the field of transmission

Limited slip differential (options) // 2076965
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used as a limited slip differential-drive off-road vehicles and tractors

Single-ended differential // 2057268
The invention relates to transport machinery and can be used for devices distribution power vehicles

Transfer case // 2048657
The invention relates to transport machinery, transmission vehicles

The differential of the vehicle // 2044942
The invention relates to vehicles, in particular for the transverse differential, and can be used in other similar mechanisms

Transfer case // 2041407