The intermittently-acting members being shaped as worms, screws, or racks (F16H29/20)

Rack-type race bicycle // 2477240
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with reciprocating pedals. Pedal 23 is fitted on pusher 21 provided with gear 20. Spring-loaded rack 16 has teeth on its both sides to engage with overrunning coupling 13, 14 and gear 20. Extra rack 22 is a stationary element. Gear 20 interacts with stationary rack teeth and those of spring-loaded rack 16. In pedal downward travel, spring-loaded rack stroke is doubled due to addition of two motions. Pusher translation with gear 20 and rotation driven by engagement od gear 20 with fixed rack 22.EFFECT: increased speed.3 cl, 4 dwg

Stepless transmission // 2298714
FIELD: mechanical engineering, namely, stepless mechanical transmissions, possible use in drives of various mechanisms and machines for stepless adjustment of speed of rotation of working organs from zero to given value.SUBSTANCE: driving element of stepless transmission is made in form of resilient coil, capable of changing step by means of control mechanism. Resilient coil is represented by a split collar 6, positioned between barrel of driving shaft and external cylindrical bushing of control mechanism. Stepless transmission also contains adder of movements, made in form of toothed transmission, driven link of which is held on driven shaft 16, and driving links are kinematically connected through sleeves and driven element, made in form of at least two spring-loaded pushers 19,20, with split collar 6.EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities of stepless transmission, ensures smooth change of speed and possible setting of zero speed, and also ensured continuous movement of driven element.4 cl, 15 dwg