Gearings for conveying rotary motion with intermittently-driving members, e.g. with freewheel action (F16H29)

F16H     Gearing(13641)
F16H29                 Gearings for conveying rotary motion with intermittently-driving members, e.g. with freewheel action (freewheels f16d0041000000)(511)

Gear - pulse variator // 2636440
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: impulse variator includes coaxial input and output main shafts, a pair of coaxial bevel gears, supplied with free-wheeling mechanisms, with an axis of rotation intersecting perpendicular to the axis of the main shafts and engaged with the bevel gear fixed to the output shaft, a regulating ring with the possibility of deflecting it to a limited angle around its diametral axis perpendicular to the axis of the main shafts. The axis of a pair of conical wheels is able to rotate in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the main shafts. On this axis of wheels, a rocker lever is mounted that is inside the perimeter of the deflectable ring, which does not rotate relative to the body and always occupies a position perpendicular to the geometrical axis of the ring, due to continuous moving contact with the latter by means of rotation bodies. The free-wheeling mechanisms are associated with the rocker lever.EFFECT: variator, compact and technological in manufacture, capable of perceiving large loads with stepless regulation.2 dwg

Impulsed changed rotation transmission // 2629765
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: impulsed changed rotation transmission (ICRT), containing in the kinematic chain the main motion transmission of more than two-free-wheeling mechanisms(FWM). Each FWM is made by connecting the co-axially mounted oscillating element and the rotational element, corresponding to the oscillating element. The relative angular acceleration between the oscillating element and the rotational element, connected through the FWM does not exceed 0.4*π2 *ϑ * ωa/N, where: π is number; -the oscillation frequency of the mentioned oscillating element; ωa - the average speed of the oscillating element rotation during the period of its main movement, that is, at a time when the FWM, associated with this oscillating element is closed; N is the amount of FWM in the kinematic chain of the main motion.EFFECT: increase of the impulsed changed rotation transmission.12 cl, 10 dwg

Combined transmission // 2628554
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: transmission comprises a drive pulley rigidly fixed to the input shaft, a driven pulley fixed to the output shaft and a gear train comprising a drive gear rigidly fixed to the input shaft in engagement with the driven gear wheel rotatably fixed to the output shaft. The transmission additionally contains an override clutch fixed to the output shaft, on which the driven pulley is mounted. The belt drive is located outside the casing.EFFECT: increased transmission reliability and durability while reducing the risk of injury.5 cl, 5 dwg

High-torque variator of nonrycing type // 2622178
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: variator contains a housing (1) installed in the input (2) and output (3) shafts, a gear change mechanism with a control handle (17), mounted on the input shaft with the possibility of joint rotation, a spatial cam (4), a three-shaft gear differential, the drive shaft of which is the output shaft. The shafts of the differential wheels (24a, 24b) are equipped with two drive mechanisms. Each of the mechanisms includes a pair of shafts mounted on the bearings in the housing parallel to the input shaft and a pair of overrunning couplings, with the drive wheels of the differential kinematically connected to the shaft by driven coupling halves. Each leading half-coupling is kinematically connected with the oscillating shaft. On the oscillating shafts, the levers (6) that are in contact with the spatial cam are installed carousel in one plane, with the possibility of changing the handle of the relative position of the spatial cam and the levers. The axes of the oscillating shafts are set at the same distance from the axis of the input shaft. The axes of each pair of oscillation shafts are mounted in a plane passing through the axis of the input shaft. The planes are perpendicular to different pairs of vibrational shafts, and the vibrational shafts in each pair are kinematically connected to the possibility of rotation with a uniformly differently directed angular velocity, for example, a chain transmission (19).EFFECT: simplification and cheapening of construction.9 dwg

Pulse variator // 2620278
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pulse variator contains a rotation transmitting means included in the kinematic chain of the main movement with cyclically pulsating gear ratio - a pulsator and a variator part including a generator of the mechanical vibrations (GMV), a means of regulating the oscillation amplitude of the GMV, freewheel mechanisms (FWM). The pulsator contains two rotational links of the main movement (RLMM) - one master, another slave - hooked by the cam, wherein such cam is fixedly mounted on the satellite of the toothed cam planetary gear mechanism or on the parallelogram mechanism, one side of which is RLMM.EFFECT: increased efficiency, reduced wear.9 cl, 6 dwg

Rack and impulse variator with single-shaft eliminator // 2617245
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed rack pulse variator with single-shaft straightener mechanical vibrations, racks main motion (ZRGD) which are arranged in pairs and meet each other in the reciprocating slides. Reciprocating slides to the opposite direction ZRGD hooked each with a crank or eccentric with the formation of the Scottish mechanism.EFFECT: downsizing.2 cl, 2 dwg

Pulse variator // 2617227
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pulse variator contains a generator of mechanical vibrations (GMV), containing two crankshafts or eccentrics, the GMV oscillation amplitude regulation device, mechanical vibrations rectifier (rectifier) with free-wheel mechanism. The rectifier includes a single shaft of the major motion - rectifying shaft, which is made hollow bored and mounted over the shaft connecting the cranks or eccentrics.EFFECT: sizes reduction.11 cl, 1 dwg

Crank-and-rod mechanism // 2613748
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, more specifically to rotary motion into progressive or oscillating ones converting mechanisms. Crank-and-rod mechanism consists of crankshaft (1), articulated with driven link (2), which can be slide or rocker, crank rods (3) and (4) and crank rod-yoke (5). Crank rods (3, 4) and crank rod-yoke (5) form hinged three-link element. Crank rod-yoke (5) has movable support (7) in guide (6).EFFECT: enabling increase in functional capabilities.6 cl, 14 dwg

Pulse variator // 2586803
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to pulse variators. Pulse variator consists of case, drive shaft, swash plate equipped with internal sleeve with axis and bearing fitted in mid ring connected by axles with outer ring having journal, mechanism to vary inclination angle of washers, transfer links in form of bevel gears with free running mechanisms and drive shaft with conical gear. Inner sleeve through axial compression spring is connected with friction coupling installed coaxially on driving shaft with possibility of axial movement. Friction half-coupling is made to interact via bevel friction surface with disc, rigidly connected with conical gear and driven shaft.EFFECT: higher stability of operation at low angles of deviation of swash plate and easy implementation of high gear ratio, reduced load on free-wheel mechanisms and reduced non-uniformity of output shaft rotation.1 cl, 3 dwg
Reduction gearbox // 2582747
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to step-down reducers. Step-down reduction gear includes high-speed and low-speed shafts and cams, aligned with each other in pairs opposite their eccentricities and rigidly planted on high-speed shaft. Cams are introduced in interaction with low-speed shaft through double-arm levers pivotally mounted in housing. Drive arms of said levers have slots surrounding each of paired eccentrics, and driven arms are introduced in interaction with low-speed shaft by intermediate links.EFFECT: enhancing of functionality is achieved.6 cl, 5 dwg

Impulsive drive for constant speed // 2581285
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to impulsive drives. Impulsive drive constant revolutions comprises housing, input and output shafts and free-wheel mechanisms. Output shaft is made in form of hollow cylinder with spherical inserts in it to receive cylindrical supports made integral with bushings. Torque from input shaft is transmitted to sleeve by means of free travel mechanisms, in turn are engaged.EFFECT: reduced dimensions and weight of drive.1 cl, 2 dwg

Stepless transmission // 2565463
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the stepless transmissions. The stepless transmission includes washer (I) with adjusted inclination coupled with automatic servo mechanism (C) installed on the drive axle (A). The system with inclined washer drives the oscillating ring, also known as rotating element (D), by means of two opposite bearings (B) secured in the rotating element. The rotating element drives two additional opposite elements of the mechanical drive called rods (E). The force transferred by the rods is applied to arms of the opposite levers called rocking arms (F), having slew radius with start point on the central line of the transverse axis (M), in the centre of the transmission. At one side inside the half-axle (P) the transverse axle is installed, it transfers by means of the free stroke coupling the continuous rotation only in one direction, at that at the another side the elements configuration is symmetrical. On the internal side of the assembly there are helical bevel gears (K) with external engagement build in the half-axle. The output or driven axle (H) is the axle of the pinion (G), located symmetrically between both tooth-wheels, at that the centre of this pinion in on the axis that coincides with input axle of the transmission, and output axle can have transversely oriented output rotated by 90°, or output inclined relatively to the input axle. During the drive axle rotation the torque is transferred to the pinion from one of the tooth-wheels.EFFECT: improved device design.4 cl, 9 dwg

Straightener of mechanical pulse oscillations // 2563380
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: straightener of mechanical pulse oscillations contains casing of gear clutch with internal teeth, installed on the output shaft, disk with external teeth, two driven wheels with installed solenoids, and central gear wheel installed on the output shaft, two intermediate gear wheels with fixed axes, control box, angular speed transmitter secured on the clutch casing, rotating contact device supplying electric current under signal from control box with solenoids of the driven disks.EFFECT: operation durability is ensured.1 dwg

Device and method for vehicle control // 2533954
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle cornering control. Vehicle control module to be used in a vehicle including internal combustion engine, electric motor, accumulator and transmission, where gear shifting in transmission is disabled when vehicle cornering is determined by means of cornering detector. When accumulator charging state meets the first charging condition and vehicle cornering termination is determined electric motor assistance boosting is enabled, and gear shifting in transmission remains disabled. The invention also refers to vehicle control method according to described above device.EFFECT: smooth acceleration during cornering.19 cl, 7 dwg

Vehicle drive system // 2530207
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drive system for vehicle with two engines. Drive system (1) contains the first and the second engines (ENG1 and ENG2), the first and the second transmissions (TM1 and TM2), the first and the second one-way clutches (OWC1 and OWC2), actuation target element (11) which connects with output elements (121) of the first and the second one-way clutches (OWC1 and OWC2) via clutch mechanisms (CL1 and CL2) and transmits rotational power to driving wheel (2), main electric motor/generator (MG1) which connects with actuation target element (11), auxiliary electric motor/generator (MG2), which connects with output shaft (S1) of the first engine (ENG1), accumulator (8), timing mechanism (20), and controller (5).EFFECT: decreased fuel consumption.17 cl, 40 dwg

Working element of tillage cutter // 2519883
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: working element of the cutter comprises a main shaft, a carrier with axes. The racks are movably mounted on the axes. One ends of the racks are made in the form of knives, and on the other their ends the rotating rollers are placed, rolling on the cam. The cam is fixed on the gear housing. The cam and the rollers have a conical shape. The leash is freely placed on the gear housing. One end of the leash is fixed by the handle, and the other end fits into the groove of the cam with the ability of longitudinal movement of the cam relative to the gear housing.EFFECT: reduction of energy consumption during cutting, reduction of spreading and excessive dispersion of soil, maintaining a constant angle of cutting of the blade and providing optimum conditions of cutting soil regardless of the forward velocity of the cutter.3 dwg

Planetary polirimetric optics positioning system in astronomical spectrograph // 2510473
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: planetary mechanism comprises a photometer consisting of a disc (1), which is equipped with an axle (2), having openings that are equidistant from each other and from the centre of the disc, in which light filters are located. The axle (2) interacts with the disc through a free-wheel clutch (3). In the openings of the disc there are rotatable adapters (4), the outer surface of which is in form of gear wheels which interact with a central gear wheel (5), immovably mounted on the axle (2). The disc interacts with the base through another free-wheel clutch (7). Directions of the working strokes of the free-wheel clutches (3, 7) are opposite.EFFECT: along with the possibility of moving the light filters, the invention enables to turn each of the light filters about its own axis.1 dwg

echanical stepless transmission, method of mechanical stepless transmission control, synchronous-adaptive scheme // 2502003
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: mechanical stepless transmission comprises a master and a slave shafts installed in a body coaxially, an eccentric arranged on a master shaft covered with a hollow intermediate shaft, on the external surface of which there is a master element fixed rigidly of one transmitting mechanism. Master elements are joined by one with the body and/or with the slave shaft. Besides, the transmission has a master shaft, and its end part with the intermediate link with profile flats, is freely placed into a socket of the master shaft with slots for placement of round bodies. During rotation they separate from the centrifugal force and occupy the orbit limited with the shell and capability to fix the set shifts in the transverse direction forcedly with the help of available combs, contacting with a worm, moving the orbit from round bodies, putting them in turns into contact with the profile flats of the intermediate link. The method of control consists in selective fixation of rotation frequencies with application of the synchronous-adaptive scheme; as a pedal is pushed, the lever turns the lever at the specified angle for submersion of rollers into the intermediate link at the correlated value, which will correspond to the certain frequency of slave shaft rotation and torque transmission. The synchronous-adaptive scheme makes it possible to combine a group of lever devices in a coordinated manner.EFFECT: compactness and higher resource of a device.3 cl, 4 dwg

Variator // 2484335
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: variator comprises input shaft whereto external torque is applied, set of driven gears, variable crank, variable input link, unidirectional couplings, set of crankshafts and set of working links. Driven gears are arranged around input shaft at one radius, each being shifted relative to the other one through definite angle. Variable crank is arranged in variable input element to vary radius of rotation. Variable input link is coupled with input shaft. Unidirectional couplings are fitted on inner surface on every gear to run in one direction. Crankshafts are arranged inside said unidirectional couplings to turn in housing. One end of every working link is connected with variable crank while opposite end is engaged with each of crankshafts to run therewith.EFFECT: decreased overall dimensions, longer life.7 cl, 5 dwg

Rotary movement transfer mechanism // 2482353
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: rotary movement transfer mechanism includes a housing, in which an eccentric drive shaft, a driven shaft and intermediate link located on the drive shaft are installed with possibility of being rotated. The mechanism housing is provided with a central gear with satellites and free-wheel mechanisms with inlet and outlet links. Central gear is rigidly attached to the intermediate link. The inlet link of each free-wheel mechanism is connected to the corresponding satellite, and the outlet link of each free-wheel mechanism is connected to a hinge installed on the mechanism housing. Rotary movement is transferred to the outlet shaft through kinematic connection to the intermediate link.EFFECT: improving reliability and durability of rotary movement transfer mechanism and increasing the mechanism efficiency.8 cl, 5 dwg

Rack-type race bicycle // 2477240
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with reciprocating pedals. Pedal 23 is fitted on pusher 21 provided with gear 20. Spring-loaded rack 16 has teeth on its both sides to engage with overrunning coupling 13, 14 and gear 20. Extra rack 22 is a stationary element. Gear 20 interacts with stationary rack teeth and those of spring-loaded rack 16. In pedal downward travel, spring-loaded rack stroke is doubled due to addition of two motions. Pusher translation with gear 20 and rotation driven by engagement od gear 20 with fixed rack 22.EFFECT: increased speed.3 cl, 4 dwg

Pulse variator of transport vehicle // 2475667
FIELD: motor vehicle industry.SUBSTANCE: pulse variator includes a drive shaft and a driven shaft, mechanism for conversion of rotation of drive shaft to torsion oscillations of pulsating shaft with possibility of controlling the span of those oscillations. Pulsating shaft is connected to the shaft of reversible hydraulic machine of volumetric displacement. Its housing is installed on bearings inside an oil tank. The first inlet-outlet channel of reversible hydraulic machine has the possibility of being interconnected with the tank through the first channel with a check valve and through the second channel parallel to the first channel, which is provided with a safety valve. The second inlet-outlet channel of reversible hydraulic machine is interconnected with the tank through the channel that is open constantly. Housing of reversible hydraulic machine is connected to solar gear of planetary reduction gear, the epicycle of which has an additional gear rim of external engagement, which is kinematically connected to drive shaft of pulse variator. Carrier of planetary reduction gear is connected to drive shaft of pulse variator.EFFECT: simplifying the device and improving reliability of pulse variator.3 dwg

Oscillatory mechanism of high-torque variator of non-friction type // 2475663
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: mechanism includes a housing, an input shaft and an oscillatory shaft that is perpendicular to it, which are installed on bearings in the housing, as well as wobble plate mechanism. The latter includes a bell crank, which is put on trunnions of input shaft, forced inclination angle variation device of bell crank relative to the axis of input shaft, and a wobble plate forming together with the bell crank a rotating pair. A support fork interacting with the wobble plate by means of trunnions is installed in the housing with possibility of rotation. Oscillatory shaft is provided with a balance arm, and wobble plate is provided with a tubular guide having the possibility of being rotated and crossing the bell crank axis at right angle; a ball roller is arranged in the above guide and forms a back-and-forth pair together with the balance arm.EFFECT: simplifying the design and improving operating characteristics of the mechanism.16 dwg

Variator // 2438057
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: variator consists of driving and driven shafts, of mechanism of conversion of driving shaft rotation into vibrations of pulsator and of device for control of amplitude. A free-running coupling is installed between the pulsator and the driven shaft of the variator. The mechanism of conversion of rotation of the variator driving shaft into vibrations of the pulsator is made in form of a cardan shaft of asynchronous cardan gear changing value of sharp bend of its pivots with a device controlling amplitude of the pulsator. An inlet pivot of the cardan shaft is connected with the driving shaft of the variator. An outlet pivot of the cardan shaft corresponds to the pulsator and is coupled with the driven shaft of the variator through the free running coupling.EFFECT: simplification of design of variator.4 dwg

Pulse variator // 2410589
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to machine building, particularly, to pulse variators. The pulse variator consists of a case, of a driving shaft, of a driven shaft, of a swash plate equipped with an internal bushing and a bearing installed in an intermediate ring. With its axes the intermediate ring is connected with an external ring equipped with journals. Relative to journals the said axes are arranged at an angle equal to a double value of angle of a dividing cone of transfer members in form of conic gears mounted on the said journals by means of a free-wheel clutch mechanism. The conic gears engage the conic wheel rigidly coupled with the driven shaft. Also, the mechanism of change of swash plate angle is equipped with two tooth sectors engaging two cylinder gears. Rack bars facilitate kinematic link between the cylinder gears and the internal sleeve of the bearing of the mechanism changing angle of incline of the swash plate.EFFECT: expanded range of control of gear ratio, improved weight-dimension characteristics of variator, reduced non-uniformity of output shaft rotation.4 dwg

Rectifier of oscillations of high-torque variator of non-friction type // 2409780
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: mechanism consists of oscillating and driven shafts, of variator shaft kinematically tied with oscillating shaft, and of pair of overrunning gear clutches with driving and driven half-clutches. The driving half-clutches are kinematically coupled with the oscillating shaft and rotate multi-directionally; they are made in form of central gears with rim engaging satellites installed on the driven half-clutches; their axles are spring-loaded to stops on the driven half-clutches. Also, the driven half-clutches are attached to the driven shaft. On the driven shaft there is mounted a slider with holders of the satellite axles. The mechanism also consists of a device for release of the satellite axles from the stops at overrunning. The slider is driven form a cam variator mounted on an input shaft.EFFECT: raised efficiency of oscillation rectifier.5 dwg

Oscillating mechanism of non-friction high-torque variator // 2409779
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: mechanism consists of unidirectional rotating cam-driving link installed in case, of driven link, of control arm, and of device of conversion of unidirectional rotation of cam into oscillating rotation of driven link with smooth change of peak-to-peal value by means of control arm. The device of conversion includes two-arm rocker installed in the case and contacting the cam; the rocker is kinematically coupled with the driven link. The device further includes a conic tooth gear, a lever with a conic tooth sector, and a winker installed in the case and turned by means of the control arm. The winker is equipped with journals whereon there is secured the lever. Also, a circular shaped slot contacting the lever is made in the two-arm rocker. A conic tooth sector of the lever is coaxial to the journals, while the tooth gear is coaxial to rotary axis of the winker, is engaged with the conic tooth sector and corresponds to the driven link of the mechanism.EFFECT: simplified design and improved operational characteristics of mechanism.15 dwg

Pulse variator with controlled transit modes // 2400661
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: pulse variator consists of generator of mechanic oscillations, of regulating mechanism and of rectifying mechanism. The rectifying mechanism consists of summing and differential mechanisms, driven shafts of which are coupled with brakes (14, 14', 15, 15') by means of controlled transmission gears (17, 17', 18, 18') with varied gear ratio. The generator creates oscillating motion of driven links with trapezoid law of variation of their velocity and with phases successively set off relative to each other at a quarter-period and successively summed. By means of controlled transmission gears brakes operate at continuous torque under an optimal mode at any gear ratio of the variator; brakes operation is synchronised with generator operation.EFFECT: increased reliability, service life and efficiency of variator.2 dwg

Facility for conversion of reciprocating-rotary motion into rotary in one direction // 2390675
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: facility consists of case, and of input, output and intermediary axes. The intermediary axis is installed in the case perpendicular to the input axis. At least two components of engagement performing mutually reverse rotary motions are rigidly fixed on the output axis. Also the said components of engagement are made in form of an overrunning or ratchet clutch. At least three components of torque transfer tied between them are arranged between the components of engagement; the components of torque transfer can perform mutually reverse rotary motions to transfer torque to the output axis in one direction.EFFECT: raised efficiency of facility operation, and enhanced functionality.4 cl, 2 dwg

Ball hydro-resistant clutch with regulated rotating frequency of output shaft // 2374525
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, in particular to clutches. Ball hydro-resistant clutch consists of driving or driven units, between which there are placed balls and rests, and preservative valve assembly. Driving an driven units are implemented with ability of its creeping relative to each other. One of units is implemented in the form of inclined disc, fixed on shaft, and other in the form of nave. At peripheral part of nave it is installed not less than two opposite located hydraulic actuators, filled by operating fluid, and piston, and engaged with rests. Additionally balls are located between faceplate of inclined disk and rests. For regulation of effort on rests nave allows controllable bypass valve. Regulation of rotation frequency of output shaft is implemented by means of management of creeping process of driving unit relative to driven.EFFECT: providing of smooth increasing of rotational moment at output shaft of clutch with ability of continuous duty with any rotation frequency of driven unit from zero up to maximal.4 dwg

Cam pulse variator // 2352840
FIELD: engineering industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to engineering industry, and namely to gears for stepless speed control of output member movement. Cam pulse variator consists of a housing, and drive shaft, driven shaft, and converting mechanisms located therein, each of which includes a cam installed on drive shaft, a lever interacting with the cam and having the possibility of swinging, a spring, free wheel mechanism located on driven shaft, and control mechanism. Lever consists of a quadrant, and free wheel mechanism includes ring gear kinematically connected by means of gear to the lever quadrant; at that reference diameter of lever quadrant is bigger than reference diameter of free wheel mechanism ring gear. Converting mechanism includes swinging carrier installed with one of its ends on driven shaft, and with the other one - on the lever axis. Control mechanism includes the axis installed in the housing, and on the axis there fixed is a fork with thrust flanges, each of which interacts with the appropriate converting mechanism.EFFECT: providing the possibility of obtaining not only reduction but also acceleration mode, and minimising the impact of unbalanced moving masses of the device on the device housing.3 dwg

Pulsed variable-speed drive // 2335678
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pulsed variable-speed drive incorporates a mechanical oscillation generator, a control mechanism and a rectifying mechanism. The rectifying mechanism additionally contains the adding and differentiation mechanisms with brakes on driven rollers and the brakes cut in/out device. The generator produces oscillatory motion of the driven elements with a trapezoidal law of their phase and speed variation shifted, relative to each other, by one quarter of the period. The brakes operation is timed with the generator operation.EFFECT: higher transmitted power and drive reliability.2 cl, 2 dwg

echanical stepless gear // 2334143
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: mechanical stepless gear incorporates a drive and driven shafts, an eccentric converter fitted on the drive shaft furnished with eccentricity adjustment mechanism (16), free-wheel mechanisms (FWM) arranged in a star-like manner and aligned with gears (10) in mesh with sun gear (11) fitted on driven shaft (18). FWM drive elements (7) are linked to the aforesaid converter, driven elements (8) are linked,through torsion shafts (9), to gears (10). The converter crank is fitted on idler shaft (2) arranged inside the drive shaft with eccentricity equal to the crank radius and geared around its axis by the eccentricity adjustment mechanism. The latter provision serves well to make the crankpin with diameter sufficiently small for the crank to be linked, via a crank mechanism, to the rockers of FWM drive elements (7).EFFECT: converter additional adjustment and higher reliability.1 dwg

Variable-speed drive // 2331002
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, to infinitely variable speed transmissions and can be used in whatever devices that require an infinitely adjustable speed. The variable-speed drive incorporates a drive and driven shafts, pins rigidly attached to one the above shafts, grips fitted on the second shaft guides, links fitted on the said grips and interacting with the said pins, springs arranged on the links and interacting with the shaft cylindrical surface. The drive and driven shafts are linked by an elastic element, the driven shaft being fitted to travel between the drive shaft crosswise axis of symmetry and the area the grips operate.EFFECT: automatic variation of gear ration with varying resistance of the drive shaft.2 dwg

Pulse drive // 2328640
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pulsed drives designed to vary output shaft r.p.m. and can be used in various machinery. The drive incorporates a post, a motor, a driving shaft with a cam, a driven ratchet wheel with a pawl provided with a tooth to interact with the said ratchet wheel and a hole to interact with the cam. Note that the drive is furnished with the pawl position control system. The control system consists of an electrical magnet mounted onto the post nearby the pawl tooth and designed to hold out of contact with the ratchet wheel, and another electrical magnet arranged opposite the pawl medium part and designed to press it against the ratchet wheel.EFFECT: automatically controlled gear ratio.3 dwg

Ratchet wheel drive // 2321787
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ratchet wheel drives designed to reduce speed of rotation at constant gear ratio. Proposed ratchet wheel drive has post, driven ratchet wheel with external teeth, driving shaft with cam shaped to curve close to Archimedean spiral, rocker pusher with roller, pawl hinge-mounted on pusher and engaging by tooth with ratchet wheel, and second rocker pusher with pawl arranged in one plane with first pusher so that its roller moves in antiphase relative to first one.EFFECT: provision of uniform rotation of driven shaft at small axial dimensions.4 cl, 2 dwg

Automobile stepless mechanical transmission // 2318681
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to stepless mechanical transmission on base of inertia impulse transmission. Proposed transmission consists of input shaft 1 rigidly connected with housing of impulse mechanism 2 mechanically coupling with intermediate shaft 3 in which two overrunning mechanisms are installed, main mechanism 4 and output mechanism 5. Outer race 6 of main overrunning mechanism is connected with transmission case by means of cam clutch 7. Inner clutch member 8 of one of cam clutches is rigidly connected with housing of impulse mechanism. Clutch member 9 of second clutch is rigidly connected with flywheel 10 of output shaft. Outer race 11 of one of cam clutches is arranged on intermediate shaft between housing of impulse mechanism and main overrunning mechanism. Outer clutch member 12 of second cam clutch is installed on intermediate shaft between flywheel of output shaft and main overrunning mechanism. Outer clutch member 12 is rigidly connected with cam clutch 7 of main overrunning mechanism.EFFECT: provision of transmission of torque from flywheel of output shaft to input shaft and vice versa.3 dwg

High-torque non-friction variable-speed drive // 2313019
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for stepless change of gear ratio in transmissions at high transmitted power. Proposed variable-speed drive contains input and output shafts, vibratory mechanism set into operation by input shaft with pair of vibratory shafts operating at relative 90° phase shift, flywheels, three-shaft gear differential mechanically coupled with output shaft by carrier and pair of vibration equalizers. Driving shafts of vibration equalizers are vibratory shafts, and driven shafts are shaft of differential gears. Variable-speed drive is furnished with flywheel rigidly connected with shafts of differential gears with inertia moment J applied to said shafts. Inertia moment J is related to moment on carrier Mc according to expression Mc<4Jω2(λ/π)u, where ω is speed on input shaft, λ is swing of vibrations of vibratory shaft and u is gear ratio between vibratory shaft and shaft of differential gear.EFFECT: improved operating characteristics, simplified design and reduced cost of variable-speed drive.2 cl, 5 dwg

Ratchet gear // 2310786
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ratchet gears designed to reduce speed of rotation at constant gear ratio. Proposed ratchet gear contains post, driven ratchet wheel, drive shaft with cams profiled to curve close to Archimedean spiral and installed in opposite phase, pushers with fitted on antifriction bearing whose inner race encloses corresponding cam, and pawls hinge-coupled with pushers and engaging with ratchet wheel. Axes of drive and driven shafts cross at right angle. Pushers are made in form of sliders constantly resting by their planes of plane square to axis of drive shaft.EFFECT: reduced weight and overall dimensions, increased load capacity, improved smoothness of operation of ratchet mechanism.10 cl, 7 dwg

Infinitely variable transmission // 2310113
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: infinitely variable transmission comprises clutch (3), driving shaft (1), driven shaft (2), and eccentric converter with constant eccentricity arranged uniformly over the periphery of the free-running mechanism. The driving member of free-running mechanism (7) are connected with the converter, and driven members are connected with gearing wheels (10) through torsional shafts (9). The gear wheels engage the central gear wheel that is connected with the epicyclic pinion of the adding planet set (13) by means of accelerating planet reduction gear. The solar pinion of the set engages the driving shaft, and the carrier engages the driven shaft.EFFECT: enhanced reliability.1 dwg

Self-adjusting toothed planetary variator // 2309311
FIELD: mechanical engineering, automobile construction, in particular, rotational speed changing technique.SUBSTANCE: variator has speed regulating mechanism made in the form of toothed differential mechanism, drive for speed regulation mechanism, planetary working frame 4 and planetary balancing frame 5, frame guide 11 and frame rotation casing 12. Frames 4, 5 are meshed with central toothed gear 3 and are placed, in conjunction with said gear, within frame guide 11. Two planetary working toothed gears 6, 10 are fixed within frame 4. Planetary working toothed gear 6 is fixed through cardan drive 8 and shaft 9 to variator housing 7 to rotate relative to frame 4. Planetary toothed gear 10 is connected through second cardan drive 8, intermediate toothed gears 21, 22 and toothed gear 23 to variator driven shaft 24 to run around first planetary working toothed gear 6. On increase of rotational speed or adjustment, frames 4, 5 are offset by centrifugal force relative to rotational center of drive shaft 1. On offsetting of frames, radii of rotation of planetary working gears 6, 10 relative to rotational center of drive shaft 1 are increased and transmission ratio is changed.EFFECT: increased efficiency and provision for transmission of great powers by toothed transmission.12 dwg

Variator // 2304734
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: variator comprises housing (1), input shaft (2) with pins (8), output shaft, mechanism for changing gear ration that is provided with provided with handle (18) fit on the pins for permitting rotation in the plane of the axis of the input shaft by means of the handle and defines a single member, two cams (71) and (72), and three-shaft gear differential. The carrier of the differential is connected with the output shaft. The shafts of the differential wheels can rotate with a phase shift of 90° by means of the driving mechanisms. Each driving mechanism has rockers (101) and (102) that are in a contact with the different cams and connected with the shafts of the differential by means of the overrunning clutches. The planes of vibration of the rockers of different driving mechanisms are perpendicular and pass through the axis of the input shaft.EFFECT: enhanced performance, simplified design, and reduced cost.9 dwg

Stepless transmission // 2298714
FIELD: mechanical engineering, namely, stepless mechanical transmissions, possible use in drives of various mechanisms and machines for stepless adjustment of speed of rotation of working organs from zero to given value.SUBSTANCE: driving element of stepless transmission is made in form of resilient coil, capable of changing step by means of control mechanism. Resilient coil is represented by a split collar 6, positioned between barrel of driving shaft and external cylindrical bushing of control mechanism. Stepless transmission also contains adder of movements, made in form of toothed transmission, driven link of which is held on driven shaft 16, and driving links are kinematically connected through sleeves and driven element, made in form of at least two spring-loaded pushers 19,20, with split collar 6.EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities of stepless transmission, ensures smooth change of speed and possible setting of zero speed, and also ensured continuous movement of driven element.4 cl, 15 dwg

Toothed free-wheel clutch // 2298711
FIELD: mechanical engineering, possible use for connecting shafts during transmission of high power and high connection frequency, may be used as reverse free-wheel clutch, for example, in high momentum variable-speed gears.SUBSTANCE: clutch contains toothed planetary transmission, carrier of which is the driving half-coupling, and satellites, engaged with central wheel, held on driven half-coupling. Force stops are made on carrier, a pair for each satellite. Disks, spring-loaded to force stops and coaxial to respective satellite, are held on each satellite. Force stops are positioned on carrier with possible movement of satellite centers in tangential direction during transfer of rotation.EFFECT: improved operation characteristics, increased efficiency.5 dwg

Pulse variable-speed drive // 2297565
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: pulse variable-speed drive comprises generator of mechanical oscillation, control mechanism, and straightening mechanism. The straightening mechanism additionally has adding mechanism with two output shafts, controlled clutches for connecting the adding mechanism with the generator of mechanical oscillations, and device for control of clutches.EFFECT: enhanced reliability.4 cl, 2 dwg

Transmission for tansmission systems in devices for metering of granulated materials // 2292504
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transmissions with interrupted-action drive members whose gear ratio is changed by adjusting path of motion, arrangement of hinge joint or working length of rocking connecting member. Proposed transmission contains input crankshaft 5 and output shaft 6 of drive. Pair of coaxial free-wheeling wheels 8 is secured on drive output shaft 6. Free-wheeling wheels 8 are provided with joints 10 with movable support point means which are active ones. Opposite end of each joint is set into reciprocating oscillation relative to support point means by eccentric device. Said eccentric device is arranged on drive input crankshaft for converting reciprocating oscillation of drive input crankshaft 5 into interrupted rotation of each-wheeling wheel 8. Interrupted rotation of each free-wheeling wheel 8 sets drive output shaft 6 into rotation. Drive input crankshaft 5 has one pair of cranks with eccentric pins 11. Each joint 10 has corresponding member similar to connecting rod. Said connecting rods are connected by one end with corresponding free-wheeling wheels 8, and by end are hinge-connected with eccentric pins 11 of drive input crankshaft 5 for rotation and translational motion relative to eccentric pin 11. Each pin of support point permits adjustment within the limits of connecting rod member. Each pin of support point is connected by one end on stationary transmission for sliding in seat made in wall of housing 3. Other end of support point pin is connected with connecting rod so that pin of support point forms center of rotation, each pin of support point being connected with adjusting devices for adjusting gear ratio between drive input crankshaft and drive output shaft of transmission. Transmission is used to control transmission to corresponding metering members of metering device of granulated materials and/or powder materials and it can be used in agricultural sewing machines.EFFECT: provision of uniform operation of free-wheeling wheels connected with drive output shaft to provide operation of transmission members independently from any elastic displacement means.16 cl, 7 dwg

Drawworks // 2287479
FIELD: oil producing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling of deep oil and gas wells and it can be used in lifting complexes and drawworks of electrified drilling rings. Proposed drawworks contains drum, gearbox, belt and auxiliary brakes, main and emergency drives. Gearbox is made in form of variable-speed drive with spherical converting mechanism with rocking holder. Holder trunnions are furnished with overrunning clutches and bevel gears. Said bevel gears are in meshing with bevel wheel. Extension of said wheel is driven shaft of variable-speed drive. Inner ring of converting mechanism is hinge-connected by guide with bushing installed for movement on drive shaft. Radial-thrust bearing is fitted on bushing. Bearing has additional outer bushing with brought out lever. Driven shaft of variable=speed drive and shaft of drum are arranged in parallel relative to each other and are mechanically intercoupled by chain drive. Driven shaft is connected additionally with emergency drive by pneumatic clutch.EFFECT: simplified design, provision of stepless control of drum speed, dispensing with complex, bulky expensive and insufficiently reliable electric drive with thyristor controls.2 cl, 2 dwg

Vibration mechanism for high-moment variator // 2263840
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: mechanism comprises control handle, driving and driven shafts mounted in the bearings of the housing, and device for converting rotation of the driving shaft into vibration rotation of the driven shaft, with vibration amplitude being changed by means of the control handle. The device has intermediate vibration shaft that is mounted in the bearing inside the housing and provided with the eccentrically mounted ball bearing and connected with the driving shaft for permitting rotation vibration with a constant amplitude, plank with the slot mounted in the ball bearing and pivotally connected with the housing, and bushing set in the slots of the driven shaft and provided with the pin mounted in the slot of the plank. The control handle is kinematically connected with the bushing for permitting movement of the driven shaft along the bushing.EFFECT: simplified structure and reduced cost.8 dwg

Vibratory mechanism for high-torque variable-speed drive // 2263240
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanisms for converting rotation of drive shaft into vibration of driven shaft with steplessly changing amplitude and it can be used in non-friction variable-speed drives, positive displacement adjustable hydraulic machines and other devices. Proposed mechanism contains control handle, driving and driven shafts installed in housing on bearings, and device converting unidirectional rotation of drive shaft into vibratory rotation of driven shaft with possibility of changing swing by control handle, including tilted crank installed on trunnions of driven shaft and mechanically coupled with driving shaft. Mechanism is provided with carrier made on driving shaft and bevel gear wheel mounted in housing for turning by control handle and planet pinion also installed on carrier, hinge coupled with tilted crank and forming internal engagement with bevel gear wheel. Number of teeth of plant pinion is half as much as that of wheel.EFFECT: improved service characteristics, simplified design, reduced cost.8 dwg

Pulse variator // 2258853
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: pulse variator comprises housing (1), driving shaft (2), rocking washer (4), mechanism for changing the inclination of the washer, transmitting links made of conical pinions (12) and (13) provided with freewheel gears (11). Conical pinions (12) and (13) with freewheel gears (11) are in engagement with splined shank (15) that cooperates with splined bushing (16) of driven shaft (17). Driven shaft (17) is provided with additional conical gear wheel (18) whose axis of rotation is in coincidence with the axis of rotation of driving shaft (2) and driven shaft (17). The conical gear wheels (14) and (18) are interconnected through shell (19) so that they are arranged on different sides of conical pinions (12) and (13) with freewheel gears (11) and define the unit that impulsively moves along the axis of rotation and engages conical pinions (12) and (13) or main conical gear wheel (14) or additional conical gear wheel (18).EFFECT: improved design and expanded functional capabilities.2 cl, 4 dwg