eans for guiding or supporting belts, ropes, or chains (F16H7/18)

F16H     Gearing(13641)
F16H7/18                     eans for guiding or supporting belts, ropes, or chains (construction of pulleys f16h0055360000)(21)

Chain guide // 2626444
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: chain guide with the guide shoe contains the guide shoe and the plate, reinforcing the guide shoe. The guide shoe includes the groove, formed on the rear side of the guide surface. The plate can be inserted into the groove from below. The guide shoe has the area of high clamping forces in the attachment point area or the tensioning device contact point. In the low pressing forces area, the guide surface contains the slot. If there is the slot in the high pressing forces area, then its width is smaller than the groove width.EFFECT: service life increase.6 cl, 12 dwg

Guide of the chain // 2621817
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: subject of the invention is a guide of the chain with a guide shoe. The guide shoe (110) comprises a guide surface (111), a plate (120), a plate body with an insertion hole (133) and a fastening element (114). The insertion of the plate into the housing is done not from the bottom, but in the other direction.EFFECT: effective heat removal.10 cl, 26 dwg

Chain guige // 2610729
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a guide for the chain. The guide comprises a groove with a slot into which a plate is inserted in the bottom. The width of the plate section with a flat surface formed on the end surface of the plate, which is in contact with the other element is made longer than the width of the flat surface section formed on an end surface section which is not in contact with any other elements.EFFECT: invention enhances the service life of the chain guide.10 cl, 15 dwg

Belt transmission // 2603288
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, and more specifically, to belt transmissions. Belt transmission comprises drive and driven pulleys, belt and tensioning device. Tensioning device is made of two levers, connected to each other with adjacent ends by means of hinge. On hinge axis tension roller with flanges is arranged. One tensioning device lever free end is connected with one support by axis, and second lever free end has possibility of displacement along longitudinal slot made in it, on other support retainer. At every tensioning device lever by one bracket are fixed, which are interconnected by resilient element. Tensioning device is installed outside belt transmission loop.EFFECT: enabling higher reliability.1 cl, 2 dwg

otorcycle front wheel drive // 2559857
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: front wheel drive includes driving sprocket connected with engine shaft, driven sprocket connected with front wheel. The driving sprocket is connected with driven sprocket using one roller chain located in flexible power guiding casing.EFFECT: higher reliability of front drive and motorcycle weight reduction.24 cl, 9 dwg

Dynamic variator // 2519302
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to transmission mechanisms and can be used in power takeoff devices. A dynamic variator comprises a guide link in the form of a sprocket wheel (1) of internal engagement, an inertial element in the form of an endless chain (2), a driven link 93), a supporting wheel (5), a pressure roller (6). The endless chain (2) is set inside the sprocket wheel (1) and interacts with it along the inner side of its circumference. The supporting wheel (5) is installed on the driven link (3) and can shift in radial direction. At the guide link rotation the chain is involved in the rotation and is pressed to the inner surface of the sprocket wheel due to the centrifugal force. Shifting of the supporting wheel (5) in radial direction provides for infinitely variable adjustment of torque value at the output shaft and for chain tension in shutdown mode.EFFECT: invention is aimed at infinitely variable adjustment of transmission ratio.6 dwg

Belt gear system, and belt used in above said system // 2507424
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: belt gear system includes an endless belt enveloping drive pulley (1) and at least one driven pulley (2-4), which are flat pulleys. Power transmission between pulleys is performed actually through a flat working surface of the belt. On outer belt surface there is a lot of projections passing in longitudinal belt direction, which interact with annular grooves of restricting pulley (5, 6), which allows restricting belt movement for power transmission in transverse belt direction.EFFECT: maintaining a stable belt operating mode; improving transmission efficiency and durability of a belt.10 cl, 8 dwg

Belt transmission system // 2505448
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: self-aligning system of pulley and drive belt comprises drive belt, pulley, frame and aligning flange. Belt comprises multiple ledges, each having aligning groove separating the ledge in first and second segments. Pulley can engage with the belt inner surface. Aforesaid frame outer round ring and can revolve. This system comprises multiple ring teeth extending radially and axially from said ring. Said teeth are located between adjacent ledges of the belt. Aligning flange extends radially between adjacent ring teeth and can be fitted in aligning groove and extends radially not further from rotational axis than ring teeth.EFFECT: ruled out fouling of pulleys.35 cl, 9 dwg

The transmission device movement (options) // 2167351
The invention relates to a device, to ensure the normal operation of machinery