Stroke limiting stops, e.g. arranged on the piston rod outside the cylinder and and (F16F9/58)

Hydraulic damper // 2628552
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic damper (10) contains the piston valve (22) fixed at the end of the piston rod (11), the base valve (27), the tank chamber (15). The base valve includes the compression side channel (31). The first coil spring (28) is provided between the first valve (24) and the base valve, and the second coil spring (23) is provided between the first valve and the piston valve. The compression side channel is closed by the first valve near the maximum compression state, reducing the oil flow rate, entering the tank chamber. The second valve (33), passing through the first valve centers and the base valve, regulates the oil flow rate, entering the tank chamber (15), when the pressure is equal to or exceeds the specified level of the pressure in the oil chamber (21b). In the second embodiment, the third valve is provided on the lower part of the first valve.EFFECT: damping force characteristic change.3 cl, 30 dwg

Hydraulic damper (versions) // 2572025
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic damper contains cylinder, rod guide, piston, piston rod and dampening element, located between the rod guide and piston to absorb force created during the device full elongation. The dampening element contains coil spring, located around the outside diameter of the piston rod, and two locks - top and bottom, secured to the securing areas, made at both ends of the coil spring to locate the piston rod in the central hole of the shaft. Diameter of the central part, created between securing areas of the coil spring, is below the diameter of the securing part.EFFECT: reduced noise level.9 cl, 4 dwg

Damper's bearing structure // 2374508
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bearing structure of damper in hydraulic actuator. Structure for fixation of damper (72a, 72b) is located in hydraulic actuator. Coats (14, 16) are installed on of the cylinder (12) casing. Piston (18,) is installed inside the cylinder (12) casing. Damper groove (70a, 70b) contains the first and the second grooves. The first groove (74) is open from the side of end surface. The second groove (76) is located adjoining to the first groove (74) and expands relative to it. According to the first version damper groove (70a, 70b) is formed on the end surface of piston (18) perpendicularly to its axis and is directed to covers (14, 16). According to the second version damper groove is formed on the end surface of cover (14, 16) perpendicularly to its axis and is directed to piston (18). Damper (72a, 72b) contains basic element (80) and expanding relative to its guideline element (82).EFFECT: creation of structure providing easy and reliably install damper on piston or covers.7 cl, 17 dwg

Telescopic element with internal stop to be overcome // 2358169
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: telescopic element includes cylinder where rod with piston is installed so that it can slide telescopically. The internal stop mechanism is overcome by exceeding the preset effort when rod leans against walls inside the cylinder in the direction of compression. The internal stop mechanism is provided with stopping item, which continues inside the said rode in the open hole and projects behind it. The stopping item is retained on rod by means of pin.EFFECT: simple design.4 cl, 1 dwg