Special means providing automatic damping adjustment and and (F16F9/50)

ethod of vehicle carrying elastic support rigidity control and devices for its implementation: carrying controlled amortizer, carrying controlled elastic member console, carrying controlled device and carrying controlled console // 2619505
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of carrying elastic support rigidity control consists in using the internal space of the spring, capable of being completely compressed in one plane. A working volume is created, which together with the rigidity of the spring can make the total rigidity variable and adjustable according to the programs set in the electronic device. The carrying controllable shock absorber comprises a single structure of a conical compression spring and a hermetic high-strength elastic sheath or several such springs with sheaths connected through controllable bypass devices with low and high pressure vessels. Electronically adjustable clamping devices have brake pads with a drive and brake rods. The shock absorber is operated by an electronic device. The carrying controlled console is designed to be used as a device that complements the design of the elastic suspension element. Standard shock absorbers are used as damping elements. The carrying controlled device comprises a closed working volume formed by a conical compression spring. The first and last coils of the spring are made in the form of closed rings and rigidly connected to the bases of the device to form a sealed internal volume or several such volumes connected through controllable bypass devices with low and high pressure vessels. Electronically adjustable clamping devices have brake pads with a drive and brake rods. Operation is carried out by an electronic device. The carrying controlled console is designed to be used as a device that complements the design of the elastic suspension element. Standard shock absorbers are used as damping elements.EFFECT: increased suspension compression stroke, variation of the ground clearance height in a wide range, ability to adjust the characteristics of the shock absorber.14 cl, 3 dwg

Vehicle shock-absorber // 2594317
FIELD: transport. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. The shock-absorber includes cylinder, rod-piston, piston, three working cavities in each one of which there are internal and external springs with opposite direction of turns. The springs of each cavity are made with different tension. Cylinder has in each cavity one delivery and one drain hole. Delivery holes are connected by pipelines with electrically driven valves connected with delivery main line. The drain holes are connected by pipelines with adjustable throttles the outputs of which are connected into one main line attached to drain line via electrically driven valve. The electrically driven valves and adjustable throttles are assembled into valve and throttle units installed on the cylinder. Throttles and valves are controlled via data bus and signal amplifier unit by electronic control unit. The control unit receives signals from operating mode and various sensors selector. EFFECT: wide range of shock-absorber characteristics adjustment, higher design reliability, manual and manual with automatic correction control of shock-absorber. 1 dwg

Suspension device // 2591836
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device of vehicle suspension. Suspension comprises damper and working force adjustment mechanism intended for adjustment of inclination or vehicle in transverse direction, or vehicle inclination in lengthwise direction. Shock absorber includes cylinder with working fluid, piston divides cylinder inner chamber into two chambers, piston rod, channel connecting two chambers located in channel of mechanism creation of damping force braking fluid flow in piston displacement, and control mechanism of damping force depending on position of piston rod, damping force adjustment mechanism is configured to provide one of following characteristics in range when piston rod is protruded from cylinder beyond first preset position, damping force extension zone is located in soft mode, and damping force compression zone is in hard mode, in range, when piston rod is pulled in cylinder beyond second preset position, damping force zone extension is in hard mode, and damping force compression zone is located in soft mode.EFFECT: improved comfort during movement and improved stability of controllability.7 cl, 18 dwg

Control valve of clutch for hydraulic oscillation damper // 2575910
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: traction control valve for telescopic hydraulic shock-absorber contains a discharge pipe (10), that inside is divided to the compression chamber (CC) and traction chamber (TC), a piston (20), hollow in axial direction, and having a traction channel (22), a compression chamber (21), a rod (30), and its internal end (31) is connected with the piston, and external end (32) - with vehicle. The valve also contains a counterpressure chamber (CPC) driven by the piston inside the hollow casing (50), comprising cap top part (50A), containing the sealing plug (60) and return spring (65), and its bottom wall (57) is secured to the axial rod (30) extension (33), and on it one through hole (57a) is provided, and cap bottom part (50B) tightly connected with the cap top part and containing the inertia seal (70), and which bottom wall (58) is limited by wall of bottom (52) of hollow casing. The sealing plug also contains the movable to cover of the top part of the hollow casing of the counterpressure chamber.EFFECT: easy design of the valve ensuring easy adaptation to the shock-absorber piston.9 cl, 3 dwg

Elasto-damping support of rotor with active control // 2569208
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: support has casing, bearing and damper. The bearing is installed in casing. The damper is installed between the casing and bearing. Sensor of vibration movements is installed in the damper. The sensor is connected via analogue-digital converter, microcontroller and digital-analogue converter with the executive piezomechanism. The piezomechanism is connected with pressing ring. The ring is installed with possibility of the damper switching on/off.EFFECT: increased reliability and fatigue life of the rotor support.2 dwg

agnetic rheological shock-absorber // 2561610
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock-absorber contains casing with the hydraulic cavity filled with the magnetic rheological liquid. The channel connects two parts of the cavity. Stock contains wires and magnet. The magnet contains two concentric solenoids. The control device changes current in the magnet winding depending on speed of the piston movement. The solenoid sensor supplied to the control device the electric signal proportional to speed of the piston movement. The speed sensor is made in form of the solenoid winding secured on the stock and moving in the magnetic field of the neodymium magnet.EFFECT: improved damping characteristics.2 dwg

Railway car damper // 2558402
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. This damper comprises cylinder and rod coupled with the bogie and body. Said rod is fitted in said cylinder and coupled with piston. Said piston is fitted in said cylinder to slide therein. Chambers of rod and piston side are composed inside the cylinder by said piston. Tank is intended for storage of fluid. First open/close valve is arranged at first channel to connect the chamber from rod side with chamber of piston side. Second open/close valve is arranged at second channel to connect the chamber with said tank on piston side. The pump is designed to be actuated at predefined rpm to feed fluid from said tank to the chamber on rod side. Engine can drive said pump at preset rpm. Section type determination unit defines the type proceeding from the rpm change between preset turn rate and actual engine rpm.EFFECT: possibility to define section type without receipt of data from vehicle control device.10 cl, 5 dwg

Built-in quick-action shutoff valve // 2519328
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building. A shock absorber comprises a cylinder, a piston casing with compression and return channels, a piston rod. The first valve unit including the first valve disk and the second valve unit are engaged with the piston casing. A normally open valve receiving the piston travelling is connected to the piston rod and comprises the second valve disk. A shock absorber as per the second version additionally comprises a tube embracing the cylinder and forming a container chamber, and a base valve unit set between the working chamber and the container chamber. A shock absorber as per the seventh version additionally comprises the second piston with a channel engaged with the cylinder and set inside one of the working chambers. Other versions of a shock absorber are characterised by the location of the second valve disk.EFFECT: faster action of valve units in a shock absorber.66 cl, 14 dwg

Adaptive shock absorber // 2500936
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber includes an external tube-reservoir and a working cylinder, which form an annular cavity. A solid piston with a stock is arranged inside the working cylinder in a movable manner. There are through working openings in upper and lower parts of shock absorber walls. Bypass valves are installed at the bottom and the stock guide. There is a restricted closed cavity in the annular cavity, which attaches upper and lower working openings to the inlet cavity of the adjustable electromagnetic valve. A bypass valve is installed on the lower working opening. The valve gate is movably located on outer surface of the guide sleeve by means of a spring. A control gate pressed to the pusher with the spring is movably fixed on the inner surface of the guide sleeve. There are through segmented tangential slots made on side cylindrical surfaces of the guide sleeve, valve and control gates.EFFECT: improving reliability and simplifying the design of shock absorber.2 cl, 13 dwg

Oscillation damping method and device for its implementation (versions) // 2482347
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: inclination angle of relationship between resistance force modulus and deflection speed modulus of an elastic member is changed if current resistance force modulus differs from the specified value. The specified value of resistance force is changed depending on current deflection of the elastic member. The specified current value of resistance force is set so that it is directly proportional to modulus of current deflection of elasticity force, which is corrected to resistance force vector, of the elastic member of its static value. The device for implementing the method represents a hydraulic telescopic damper, in which the resistance force, the modulus of which depends on the modulus of deflection variation speed, is created during the suspension deflection variation. As per the first version, the damper includes a bar fixed at the compression chamber bottom. The bar has a four-sided variable cross-section in the working section of its length. At the damper compression, the bar is retracted into inner cavity of the stock. As per the second version, the damper includes two bars, as well as a compensating chamber that is separated from the compression chamber with a partition wall and partially filled with liquid. The bars are made in the form of a rotation body and installed inside the first and the second guide elements respectively with possibility of longitudinal movement.EFFECT: preventing resonance, and minimising the resultant force acting on the under-spring mass of the transport vehicle.17 cl, 10 dwg

Adaptive shock absorber of suspension of transport vehicle // 2479766
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber includes an operating cylinder, inside which a piston with a hollow stock moved in the guide and covered with a cover plate from above is arranged in a movable manner. A limiting sleeve enclosing a stock is installed in the operating cylinder. Upper working through openings are made in lower part of the stock. A tube is rigidly and concentrically fixed inside the stock on the piston. A spring-loaded valve with through lower working openings is installed on lower tube end in a movable manner in axial direction. A closed cavity between a stock and the tube is connected via a pipeline to an inlet cavity of the controlled electromagnetic valve. Shock absorber includes a control unit, an accumulating tank and a controlled hydraulic differential valve with electromagnetic control. The inner tube cavity is connected to the outlet cavity of the electromagnetic valve. Through tangential openings (throttle and valve one) are made on the plunger and the sleeve. A bypass valve is arranged on side cylindrical surface of the tube.EFFECT: improving reliability and simplifying the design of shock absorber.11 dwg

Adaptive shock absorber of suspension of transport vehicle // 2474739
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber includes an external tube-reservoir fixed in the stock guide and forming an annular cavity with a working cylinder. A piston with a stock is arranged inside the cylinder in movable manner. Upper and lower through working openings are made in the cylinder walls. Bypass valves are installed at the bottom of the cylinder and in the guide. Shock absorber includes a control unit and an adjustable electromagnetic valve of indirect action, which is installed in the tube-reservoir. Main valve pressed with a spring to the housing is arranged in the cavity of the main valve. Spring-loaded valve of direct action, which is rigidly connected to the electromagnet armature connected to the control unit, is arranged in the cavity of the control valve. A restricted closed cavity connecting an above-piston cavity through upper working opening to inlet cavity of electromagnetic valve is formed in annular cavity by means of a closed element. Below-piston cavity is connected via lower working opening through bypass valve to inlet cavity of electromagnetic valves, and annular cavity is connected to its outlet cavity.EFFECT: improving reliability and simplifying the design of shock absorber.10 dwg

System for damping vertical vibrations of railway passenger car body // 2470201
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. The system contains vertical hydraulic dampers installed under body. Each damper is made as piston pump with discharge and free-flow intercommunicating via throttle chambers for working fluid. The throttle is equipped with rod of variable cross-section with thrusts for end positions. Throttle rod movement drive is made as return spring and solenoid. Solenoid core is connected with throttle rod. Solenoid coils are attached to output terminals of control unit. Input terminals of control unit are connected with electric power source and oscillation frequency sensors installed on body in the area of each damper location. Control unit provides automatic change of end positions of throttle rod by solenoid electric power switching on or off according to indications of corresponding sensors of body vibration frequency.EFFECT: design simplification and improvement of car movement smoothness.3 cl, 1 dwg

Automotive suspension adaptive damper // 2469225
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: damper comprises working cylinder, control unit and accumulation tank. Piston with hollow rod is arranged inside working cylinder to displace therein. Said rod is closed by cover with elements for attachment to vehicle. Indirect-action controlled solenoid valve comprises distribution chamber and serial inlet chamber, outlet annular chamber, gate chamber and that of control valve. Working cylinder top cylindrical part accommodates limiting bush surrounding said rod. Rod bottom section has through upper working openings. Tube with spring-loaded valve with through lower working openings arranged at its lower end, inside said rod in piston, and rigidly secured therein. Closed cavity between rod and tube at rod top is communicated with inlet chamber of said controlled solenoid valve while tube top is communicated with distribution chamber of said solenoid valve.EFFECT: higher reliability, simplified design.8 dwg

Automotive suspension adaptive damper // 2469224
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: damper comprises external tube secured on rod guide, idle cylinder and working cylinder with piston secured on rod. Indirect-action controlled solenoid valve is arranged inside said tube. Valve inlet communicates with chamber composed by said working and idle cylinders. Valve outlet communicates with chamber made by idle cylinder and tube. Working cylinder piston and rod end chambers are communicated with chamber made by external tube and idle cylinder by means of bypass valves arranged in rod guide and base. Working cylinder walls have through working walls to communicate piston and rod end chambers with chamber made by working and idle cylinder. Bypass valve is arranged at lower working opening.EFFECT: higher reliability, simplified design.9 dwg

Damper and automotive seat with damper // 2463498
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper comprises reservoir to accommodate viscous fluid. Web divides reservoir inner into two chambers. Opening made in web allows communication between said chambers via variable-cross-section adjustable duct. Said opening is provided with viscous fluid restrictor. The latter comprises adjustable duct shaping element with through hole arranged to displace linearly. Annular elastic element is arranged between shaping element face and web side surface. Seat comprises backrest, headrest, actuator and retainer. Unlocking appliance incorporates mechanism for converting load in rotation and mechanism incorporating said damper.EFFECT: damper stiffness adjusted in response to impact force, adjustable headrest.25 cl, 23 dwg

Simple bearing controlled pneumatic damper // 2413104
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic damper consists of case and hollow piston forming closed working volume for working medium and of fasteners of device or system. A free of fastening edge of the case is equipped with a device consisting of brake shoes and a drive pressing them at a proper moment to external surface of the hollow rod with required force. The first and the second additional closed volumes are communicated with working volume by means of valve units and are made as separate tanks of high and low pressure with devices of automatic inlet and outlet of working medium from closed working volume. A processor controls operation of devices for inlet and outlet and also operation of a drive of the brake shoes. By means of sensors the processor continuously tracks specified working parametres of the damper according to one or a rank of programmed damping characteristics. The tanks can be replaceable, while the processor is common for several dampers.EFFECT: simplified design, upgraded quality of damping and reliable contact of vehicle wheel with road bed.4 cl, 1 dwg

Low resistance spring // 2409481
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: spring comprises air spring 1, unloader vessel 2, compressor 3, pickup of pressure difference between unloader vessel 2 and air spring 1, unloader valve 7, pickup of position C of spring connection with receiver of oscillations relative to point A of spring connection with oscillation source, air pump 9 with outlet 10 and inlet 11 valves. Tube 5 communicates compressor 3 and unloader vessel 2. Tube 6 communicates air spring 1 and unloader vessel 1. Tube 12 communicates inlet valve 11 with intake tank 14. Tube 13 communicates unloader valve 7 with intake tank 14. Air spring 1 is additionally communicated via tubes 5 and 6 with unloader vessel 2 and compressor 3. Pressure difference pickup is communicated with sir spring 1, unloader vessel 2 and unloader valve 7. Position pickup 8 is communicated with compressor 3 and unloader valve 7.EFFECT: ruling out transport facility body vibrations.1 dwg

System of active vibration protection and stabilisation // 2406620
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used to control vibrations of damped mass and to stabilise its static position. Said system comprises suspension that incorporates hydraulic engine with double-acting electro hydraulic booster. Hydraulic engine plunger is articulated via flexible element with stabilised mass. Hydraulic engine power cylinder casing is coupled via flexible element with wheel axle or vehicle frame. Said system incorporates controller to generate control law on the basis of preset reference properties of motion and current state of stabilised mass and hydraulic engine plunger. One of controller inputs is connected via acceleration transducer with stabilised mass, while another input is connected via power cylinder casing current collector and double-way rod bars with feedback potentiometre. The latter controls power cylinder plunger positions at every time interval. Controller output is connected with electro hydraulic booster input.EFFECT: reduced accelerations, higher accuracy of stabilisation.1 dwg

Damping system of vertical vibrations of railway passenger car body // 2386063
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: system includes vertical hydraulic dampers installed under the body, car body vibration frequency sensors installed on the body in location area of each damper, car speed sensor, control unit, electric power supply. Each damper is made in the form of piston pump with pressure and free flow cavities for working liquid, which are interconnected with each other through a throttle. Damper is equipped with throttle stock with possibility of regulating resistance coefficient owing to covered throttle hole. Stock of throttle of each damper is equipped with the drive made in the form of electromagnet the core of which is connected to throttle stock. Outputs of car body vibration frequency sensors, car speed sensor, electric power supply are connected to control unit inputs. Coil of electromagnet of each damper is attached to the appropriate control unit output. Control unit provides automatic supply of the required value of the necessary electric signal to electromagnets of each damper.EFFECT: increase of quality of vibration protection.2 cl, 1 dwg

Vibration isolator // 2382254
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices of vibroprotective engineering. Vibration isolator contains the first and the second basis, bearing resilient element and damper, fixed between basis, control assembly, stiffness corrector, displacement pickup and electromagnet. Damper is implemented in the form of goffered cylinder, in butt of which it is installed throttle and built-in the second electric valve. The second electric valve is connected to the second outlet of control assembly. Stiffness corrector consists of hydraulic cylinder with piston and rod and two springs, installed inside the "П"-shaped frame. Over- and under-piston cavities of hydraulic cylinder are connected by channel with built-in the first electric valve, connected to the first outlet of control assembly. Rod is pivotally fixed on the first basis, and ends of springs - on casing of hydraulic cylindera and on "П"-shaped frame. Displacement pickup is installed on the first basis and is connected to inlet of control assembly. Electromagnet is fixed on "П"-shaped frame and is connected to the third outlet of control assembly. Limb of magnet is connected by rod to casing of hydraulic cylinder.EFFECT: there is achieved reliability growth of vibration isolator and effectiveness of objects protection against force impact by means of reduction of number of switching of stiffness corrector.3 dwg

Dynamic damper // 2374520
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices of vibroprotective technology and is provided for reduction of oscillation intensity of object connected by bearing resilient member with basis. Damper contains oscillator, control assembly, the first and the second speed transducer, executive setting, electrically connected to outlet of control assembly. Oscillator is implemented in the form of mass connected to object by resilient member. The first speed transducer is installed on object and is connected to the first outlet of control assembly. The second speed transducer is installed on the basis and is connected to the second inlet of control assembly. Executive device is implemented in the form of hydraulic cylinder with pin and rod. Over-piston and under-piston cavities of hydraulic cylinder are connected to the first channel with built-in electric valve and the second channel with built-in throttle. Electric valve is electrically connected to outlet of control assembly. Hydraulic cylinder is pivotally fixed on object. Rod is pivotally fixed on the basis.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of object vibroprotection.2 dwg

Vehicle hydro pneumatic shock absorber // 2361134
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive machine building, particularly, to automotive cushioning systems. The proposed shock absorber comprises hydraulic cylinder filled with working fluid and accommodating piston and rod, and hydraulic accumulator. The rod lower part is furnished with radial throttling orifices and spring-loaded control plunger with edge covering aforesaid orifices. The said radial throttling orifices are spaced along the rod length so that the said control plunger jumps the orifices in turn, thus gradually varying the total flow section. The control plunger is fitted in the piston, outside the working fluid flows, and can deviate from its normal position only under gravity.EFFECT: higher comfort and controllability of vehicle in running over irregular road coat.3 dwg

Dynamic dampener // 2354867
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mechanical engineering, particularly to dampeners of vibrations of mechanical engineering equipment. The dynamic dampener of vibrations consists of a case, divided into three chambers by means of elastic elements in form of membranes and an insertion. The upper and lower chambers are filled with magnetic liquid, while the middle one is filled with air. Systems of channels arranged in the insertion connect the upper and lower chambers. The case of the dampener is enveloped with a coil connected to a control block. From the sensor of vibration acceleration installed on the projecting rod of the insertion signals are transmitted to the control block.EFFECT: expanding working range of frequency damping and its regulating.1 dwg

Hydraulic shock absorber for vehicle // 2303180
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic shock absorber comprises hydraulic cylinder (1) and rod with piston (2). The piston is provided with throttle openings (3) and receives the relief compression valve (4) and relief delivery valve (5). The shock absorber receives outer pipeline (6) for communication the top and bottom spaces of hydraulic cylinder (1), step motor (11) provided with mechanical drive (12) for control of compression (8) and delivery (10) cock-throttles, and control unit (13) connected with step motor (11). The pipeline receives, connected in parallel, the unit composed of by-pass valve (7) and compression cock-throttle (8) connected in series and unit composed of by-pass valve (9) and delivery cock-throttle (10) connected in series.EFFECT: improved shock absorbing.1 dwg

Hydraulic shock absorber of automobile suspension // 2297561
FIELD: transport engineering; suspensions.SUBSTANCE: proposed suspension hydraulic shock absorber has hydraulic cylinder, rod with piston, throttling holes made in piston, and compression valve and rebound valves. Sock absorber contains additionally external liquid flow main line secured between upper and lower spaces of hydraulic cylinder, with compression bypass spring valve and rebound bypass spring valve installed in parallel with external main line and device to adjust compression ratio of springs of bypass valves. Said device includes step motor and worms with floating nuts installed in compression and rebound valve housings, worms being mechanically coupled with step motor. Worms with floating nuts are set into rotation by step motor simultaneously, owing to corresponding arrangement of bypass valves, and provide synchronous adjustment of compression ratio of valve springs owing to translational displacements of floating nuts along worms. Shock absorber has control unit electrically coupled with step motor.EFFECT: provision of adjustment of resistance of shock absorber depending on required smoothness, accuracy and operative control within required range owing to adjustment of are of cross section of throttling holes.1 dwg

Adjustable single-tube gas-filled shock absorber // 2263238
FIELD: transport engineering; vehicle suspensions.SUBSTANCE: proposed adjustable single-tube gas-filled shock absorber contains cylinder, rod, piston fixed on rod, hydraulic space of cylinder filled with working liquid and divided by piston into upper and lower parts, and bypass connecting upper and lower parts of cylinder hydraulic space. Shock absorber is furnished with piston travel inductive pickup made in form of upper and lower windings placed in cylinder and connected with shock absorber resistance control device, dc/high-frequency ac voltage automatic converter connected with shock absorber resistance control device and rectifier connected with piezoelectric element installed in bypass to change its capacity.EFFECT: dispensing with flexible valve element, enlarged control range of shock absorber characteristics, simplified adjusting device.2 dwg

Blade shock absorber // 2253771
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle suspensions and steering systems. According to invention, single-tube gas-filled shock absorber contains cylinder and piston. Shock absorber has upper and lower coils of piston displacement inductive pickup with magnetic field, cylinder hydraulic space divided by piston into upper and lower parts and connected with hydraulic space of energy converter. The latter includes impeller installed on shaft and consisting of band ring and turnable blades located between ring and shaft bead and coupled with step electric motor through differential two row planetary mechanism and worm mechanism. Step electric motor provides changing of through section of impeller channels by means of control device connected with upper and lower coils.EFFECT: effective utilization of energy of vehicle vibrations, dispensing with elastic valve members.2 dwg

The shock absorber // 2184891
The invention relates to the field of engineering and devices vibration protection technology and can be used in transport machinery to protect human operator from broadband random kinematic perturbations

Dual-chamber pneumatic shock absorber // 2139458
The invention relates to vibration protection technology and relates to the creation of devices used in transportation to protect the operator from vibration