Pneumatic suspension device with integrated control valve and rod-like actuation means // 2636986
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic spring includes an integrated system of control valves for compressed air supply to a cavity (6) for creating spring pressure formed between a shell (1), a pipe (3) of pneumatic spring and connecting said structural elements with an resilient element of a pneumatic suspension (5). The control valve system consists of a separate air intake valve (8) and a separate air outlet valve (9). The air inlet valve (8) is arranged opposite the air outlet valve (9) with the drive pushers facing each other (8a, 9a). Mechanical actuating means located therebetween and acting thereon include a switching rod (10) arranged on one side on the shell (1) or pipe (3) of the pneumatic spring. The guides (11a, 11b) which are opposite and intended for each of the drive pushers (8a, 9a) of the switching rod (10) sliding influence the drive pushers (8a, 9a) for the position-dependent actuation stroke of the valve.EFFECT: providing reliable air inlet and outlet to or from the cavity to create spring pressure at any stroke position.12 cl, 4 dwg

Viscosity friction damper // 2635935
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: damper comprises a body with filling holes and with membrane elements. A rod is installed in a central hole of a central partition. The body is provided with flanges mounted on its end faces. A high-pressure bypass valve is communicated with a bypass opening of the partition. A valve is installed with the possibility to change area of flow section of the bypass hole. The membrane elements are made in the form of a stack of membranes. The junction of the membrane stack with the rod and the damper body is detachable with the possibility for sealing thereof by installation of sealing gaskets at conjugation locations.EFFECT: increased efficiency of rod oscillations amplitude reduction with protected object connected thereto.2 cl, 1 dwg

Shock absorber // 2570243
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber contains a cylinder with work fluid. The piston is inserted in the cylinder and separates the cylinder to two chambers. The piston rod is connected with the piston. The damping valve is installed in the first channel. The through section regulation mechanism is installed in the piston and regulates the through section of the second channel based on the piston rod position. The damping force decreases for tension and increases for compression in the set rod position at large extension. The damping force increases for tension and decreases for compression in the set rod position at small extension. In the shock absorber under the second option the damping force decreases for tension and compression in set rod position at small extension. In the shock absorber under the third option the damping force decreases for tension and compression in set rod position at large extension. The damping force increases for tension and decreases for compression in the set rod position at small extension. The shock absorber under the 4th option is installed between the wheel and body of the vehicle. Mechanism regulating the vehicle height is installed in parallel with the shock absorber.EFFECT: extension of dampening characteristics.16 cl, 25 dwg

Hydraulic shimmy damper for aircraft landing gear // 2527612
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper comprises hollow housing (10), cylinder piston (20) with the piston head, which forms two active hydraulic cameras, rod and deflecting units. A hydraulic compensator (40) is made with the internal volume of fluid medium, which is much greater than the volume of fluid medium removed from the housing. A hydraulic manifold (30) is located between the housing and hydraulic compensator. The control manifold is connected to the hydraulic compensator and establishes the passage between cameras. Manifold contains the interchangeable hydraulic valves (CV1, RV1; CV2, RV2) of the cartridge type for throttling of fluid medium flowing from cameras into the passage, allowing fluid medium to flow freely into cameras from the passage.EFFECT: decrease of sensitivity to variations of oil temperature, absence of cavitation, simplification of damper adjustment.4 cl, 3 dwg

Vehicle adjustable shock-absorber (versions) // 2480644
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock-absorber contains reservoir, hydraulic cylinder with compression valve, rod with piston. The piston is equipped with bypass valve and rebound valve. The casing of shock-absorber force control valve is tightly connected to the hydraulic cylinder and has outlet channel with shutoff element. The outlet channel is connected to the hole in hydraulic cylinder. The shutoff element is connected to the membrane. The membrane is mounted in membrane chamber made with the possibility of exerting external control influence on membrane. According to the first version membrane chamber is fixed on reservoir in shock-absorber. According to the second version membrane chamber is fixed on the casing of shock-absorber force control valve in shock-absorber.EFFECT: extension of possibilities to control shock-absorber's force at simultaneous increase of rod's strength.2 cl, 3 dwg

System for damping vertical vibrations of railway passenger car body // 2470201
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. The system contains vertical hydraulic dampers installed under body. Each damper is made as piston pump with discharge and free-flow intercommunicating via throttle chambers for working fluid. The throttle is equipped with rod of variable cross-section with thrusts for end positions. Throttle rod movement drive is made as return spring and solenoid. Solenoid core is connected with throttle rod. Solenoid coils are attached to output terminals of control unit. Input terminals of control unit are connected with electric power source and oscillation frequency sensors installed on body in the area of each damper location. Control unit provides automatic change of end positions of throttle rod by solenoid electric power switching on or off according to indications of corresponding sensors of body vibration frequency.EFFECT: design simplification and improvement of car movement smoothness.3 cl, 1 dwg

Flow control valve for hydraulic adjustable dampers // 2460914
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic damper comprises high-pressure tube 10. Piston 14 divides tube 10 into compression chamber CC and draft chamber CT communicated via piston 14. Hydraulic fluid tank 14 communicates with compression chamber CC. Control valve VC communicates draft chamber CT with tank 20 and comprises tubular case 40 with radial channel open toward tubular case inner chamber and tank 20. Locking rod 60 displaces axially in tubular case 40 between control valve open and closed position to communicate draft chamber CT with tank 20. Actuator A displaces locking rod 60 in tubular case 40.EFFECT: higher tightness, fine adjustment.23 cl, 12 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2457375
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises hollow case accommodating hydraulic cylinder to make working fluid chamber. Hydraulic cylinder piston and rod are arranged to produce piston and rod ends. Damping device is arranged between case and cylinder and furnished with cover coupled with structural element accommodating restrictor and safety valve to communicate said piston and rod ends with said chamber. Cover has annular groove with seal fitted therein and is arranged to make drain chamber communicated with aforesaid chamber. Annular groove with support and sealing elements fitted therein is arranged at structural element on rod side. Safety valve is made up of plunger with flanges and cylindrical guide housing locking element to move relative plunger flange for contact with seat arranged on structural element for communication of rod en with drain chamber and, further, with aforesaid chamber. Cover seal is made up of sealing scraper. Annular grooves in cover and structural elements are open toward drain chamber wherein adjusting washer with annular ledge is arranged to lock sealing scraper. Said locking element has toroidal grooves on working fluid flow path at safety valve open.EFFECT: simplified design, expanded operating performances.4 cl, 4 dwg

Vehicle hydro pneumatic shock absorber // 2361134
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive machine building, particularly, to automotive cushioning systems. The proposed shock absorber comprises hydraulic cylinder filled with working fluid and accommodating piston and rod, and hydraulic accumulator. The rod lower part is furnished with radial throttling orifices and spring-loaded control plunger with edge covering aforesaid orifices. The said radial throttling orifices are spaced along the rod length so that the said control plunger jumps the orifices in turn, thus gradually varying the total flow section. The control plunger is fitted in the piston, outside the working fluid flows, and can deviate from its normal position only under gravity.EFFECT: higher comfort and controllability of vehicle in running over irregular road coat.3 dwg

Controlled hydraulic shock absorber // 2316685
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: controlled hydraulic shock absorber comprises telescopic hydraulic two-tube shock absorber. The rod of the shock absorber is made of a hollow rod provided with the flange having a groove for roller thrust bearing and vertical slots from the other side. The hollow of the rod receives the hollow rod of by-pass valve for permitting vertical movement. The top section of the rod is provided with trapezium right thread, and the bottom section is provided with the stop for the spring of the valve. The driven pinion is screwed on the threaded part of the rod of the by-pass valve. The bottom of the driven pinion abuts against the roller thrust bearing that is mounted in the groove in the flange of the hollow rod. The second driven pinion is screwed on the threaded part of the valve rod. The top side of the pinion abuts against the roller thrust bearing. The third roller thrust bearing is interposed between the driven pinions. The driven pinions engage the driving gears mounted on the shaft of the electric motor. The control unit is connected with the electric motor and receives the signal from the pickups of suspension vibration and velocity pickup.EFFECT: improved shock absorbing.

A pneumatic spring suspension vehicles // 2180715
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and for the creation of a pneumatic springs