Details (F16F9/32)

Telescopic suspension device, equipped with prestressing pretension precautions system // 2641539
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: telescopic suspension device is made with the possibility of connection with the hub of the wheel, containing the first tube, second tube moving sliding on the first tube, and a spring located inside these tubes, and optionally contains the cap regulation prestressing of the main spring. The control plug of the prestressing pretension of the main spring contains the pre-stressing system of the main spring in accordance with the user's weight. The bicycle frame contains a suspension device.EFFECT: increase the accuracy of suspension adjustment by the user.9 cl, 20 dwg

Device for sealing air suspension system // 2628841
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: air suspension system has an integrated control valve (4) for supplying compressed air to the air cavity (6). The sealing device is located between the inner edge surface of the guide tube (1) and the outer edge surface of the shock absorber (3) and/or between the inner edge surface of the outer tube (2) and the outer edge surface of the shock absorber (3). The support ring (7) is located at the distal end of the guide tube (1) and/or at the distal end of the outer tube (2). The distal end of the guide tube (1) and/or the distal end of the outer tube (2) comprises a clamping area (8) on the inner edge surface of the support ring (7), which has a larger internal diameter than the surrounding area. The inner diameter increases stepwise, resulting in the formation of an arm (9). The sealing element (10) is located axially between the end surface of the support ring (7) and the arm (9), and an annular washer (11) is positioned between the sealing element (10) and the end surface of the support ring (7).EFFECT: tightness between the shock absorber and the guide tube, as well as tightness between the shock absorber and the outer tube are ensured.7 cl, 2 dwg

Suspension of stand type and helical compression spring for suspension // 2615644
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is related to the vehicle suspension. Suspension (11) of stand type comprises a lower seat (13) of the spring, an upper seat (14) of the spring, a helical compression spring (12), which comprises a wire (40), molded in the form of the spiral, and is located in the condition, in which it is compressed between the lower seat (13) of the spring and the upper seat (14) of the spring, and a shock absorber (15), which comprises a cylinder (20) and a stem (21), which is inserted into the cylinder (20), besides, the shock absorber (15) stretches via the inner part of the helical compression (12) spring. The central axis X1 of the helical compression spring 12 is displaced towards the outer side of the vehicle relative to the axis X2 of the shock absorber (15). Wire (40) of the helical compression spring (12) comprises a part (40a) of the larger diameter wire at the side of counter-displacement of the helical compression spring, a part (40b) of the smaller diameter wire at the side of displacement of the helical compression spring and a part (40c) of the wire of variable diameter.EFFECT: invention provides for possibility of even distribution of helical compression spring tension.6 cl, 4 dwg

Suspension and spiral compression spring for suspension // 2611279
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to suspension by swinging arms. Suspension by swinging arms (11) with comprises lever element (20), spring lower seat (22), spring upper seat (23) and spiral compression spring (21), which is located between spring lower seat (22) and spring upper seat (23) and in compressed state presses lever element (20) down. Spiral spring (21) wire (40) comprises part (40a) of large diameter wire, which is located on side near turning axis (31) and has diameter (d1) of wire, which is more, than wire (40) average diameter.EFFECT: enabling possibility of spiral compression spring uniform tension distribution.4 cl, 6 dwg

Plain bearing from synthetic resin // 2597257
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a plain thrust bearing, specifically to plain bearing from synthetic resin used as plain thrust bearing in post-type suspensions (McPherson suspension) for four-wheeled vehicle. Thrust bearing (1) from synthetic resin has upper housing (2) from synthetic resin, lower housing (3) from synthetic resin applied on upper housing (2) with the possibility of rotation around the axis relative to upper housing (2), unit (5) of the bearing from synthetic resin placed between upper housing (2) and lower housing (3), sealing element (8) from synthetic resin, as an integral part having flexible internal edge circular sealing section to seal the gap between radial internal edge sides of housings (2, 3), a flexible outer edge annular sealing section to seal the gap between radial external edge sides of housings (2, 3), connection sections located in a deepened slot of lower housing (3) for interconnection of the inner edge annular sealing section and the outer edge annular sealing section.EFFECT: technical result is creation of a plain bearing from synthetic resin able to reliably prevent the ingress of dust etcetera on the sliding surfaces without deterioration of sliding characteristics due to dust ingress and the like, reduced time for assembling and prevention of separation due to vibration, which increases durability and degree of compaction and ensures smoothness of steering for a long time.4 cl, 37 dwg

Suspension device // 2591836
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device of vehicle suspension. Suspension comprises damper and working force adjustment mechanism intended for adjustment of inclination or vehicle in transverse direction, or vehicle inclination in lengthwise direction. Shock absorber includes cylinder with working fluid, piston divides cylinder inner chamber into two chambers, piston rod, channel connecting two chambers located in channel of mechanism creation of damping force braking fluid flow in piston displacement, and control mechanism of damping force depending on position of piston rod, damping force adjustment mechanism is configured to provide one of following characteristics in range when piston rod is protruded from cylinder beyond first preset position, damping force extension zone is located in soft mode, and damping force compression zone is in hard mode, in range, when piston rod is pulled in cylinder beyond second preset position, damping force zone extension is in hard mode, and damping force compression zone is located in soft mode.EFFECT: improved comfort during movement and improved stability of controllability.7 cl, 18 dwg

Electrical household appliance // 2570524
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: assembled dumper/detector comprises a module (1) of the sensor displacement, having a coil (4) and a coil housing (2) for placing the coil (4) into it, and/or the coil support (6) for supporting the coil (4), and a damper (30) of telescopic type for the household appliance, having a damper housing (20) and a piston (22) made with the ability of movement in it and located on the same axis with it. The portion of the piston (22) comprises material or is formed from material designed to alter the electromagnetic field of the coil of the module of the sensor displacement. The module of the sensor displacement is located so that it is worn over the part of the damper housing. The electrical household appliance using the damper/detector is a washing machine, or a washing machine with function of drying, or a drying machine.EFFECT: assembly and operation of the damper/detector is facilitated.34 cl, 6 dwg

Thrust cap // 2568003
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. The cap for installation of the damper tube contains partially cylindrical part of the external surface. The resilient squeezing tab contains element of the form closure to connect the cap with the protective element of the oscillations damper. The squeezing tab contains area shifted backward in uninstalled state of the cap in radial direction inside. The backward shifted area contains spacer element. The squeezing tab during the cap installation is unclamped in radial direction outwards.EFFECT: easier installation process.6 cl, 4 dwg

Plain bearing from synthetic resin // 2557640
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: thrust plain bearing (1) comprises an upper casing (2), a lower casing (3) from synthetic resin overlapped onto the upper casing (2) and able of rotation around the axis (O) along the circle (R) in respect to the upper casing (2), a unit (5) of the plain bearing from synthetic resin placed in the annular space (4) between the upper casing (2) and the lower casing (3), and a sealing element (8) from synthetic resin to seal the respective opposite protruding-to-outside ends of the gap (6) on the internal periphery side and of the gap (7) on the external periphery side in the radial direction (X) between the upper casing (2) and the lower casing (3). Therewith one annular end of the gap (6) and the gap (7) respectively is communicated with the annular space (4).EFFECT: development of a plain bearing from synthetic resin able to prevent entering of dust onto sliding surfaces without sliding characteristics being deteriorated, resulting in reduced time for assembly and prevention of disconnection caused by vibration, thus durability and sealability are improved and steering smoothness is provided.8 cl, 37 dwg

Bearing assy // 2526305
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a bearing assy used as a support for a tubular element, in particular, to a lower bearing of the sliding tube of shock-absorber strut of the aircraft landing gear. Bearing (2') assy comprises body (3') supporting the first and the second annular supporting portions with the supporting surfaces, which contact with inner tubular element (1') in the areas distanced from each other in the axial direction. The annular supporting portions are represented either by separate supporting rings (4") installed in body element (3') with the supporting surfaces of different diameters, or by one supporting ring (4"), which can bend in the radial direction and is supported in such a way that the second annular supporting part can bend under effect of a load in the radial direction, while its supporting surface will occupy a position with a diameter bigger than the diameter of the supporting surface of the first annular supporting part (4"). Supporting ring (4") is installed in body (3') in seat (5") with shaped base (7") or conical base (9").EFFECT: removal of a pinpoint contact between a tubular element and a supporting ring reducing wear and pressure.13 cl, 5 dwg

Flexible bush, gas spring unit comprising it and method of unit assembly // 2520643
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building. A flexible bush comprises a flexible wall, a ring reinforcing element completely embedded in the flexible wall near an open end, and a holding element. The holding element is installed so that its surface is open along the flexible wall. The outer dimension of the holding element is more than the inner dimension of the ring reinforcing element. A gas spring unit comprises the second end element shifted longitudinally from the first end element. The second end element comprises an end face wall, a side wall and a holding protrusion. The flexible bush is attached between the first and the second end elements. The open end of the flexible bush is inserted along the side wall of the second end element. An assembly method includes the following operations. Installation of the holding element along the open end of the flexible wall. Installation of the flexible wall open end and holding element near the holding protrusion of the end element. Forced movement of the flexible wall open end and holding element along the holding protrusion.EFFECT: improved reliability of unit performance in tension mode.17 cl, 33 dwg

Device for detecting overpressure and collision in shock absorber // 2489695
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: detection device includes hollow housing (11), in which piston (14) is tightly installed and provided with possibility of being moved with sliding. The piston receives pressure in the chamber through inlet (12) of the housing interconnected with that chamber. The piston is retained in the position of pressure overcoming by means of retention device (21). The latter has the possibility of releasing the piston when the specified pressure threshold is achieved or exceeded. The piston is moved in forced manner under action of pressure to indication position. The piston is rigidly attached to pin (27) projecting out of the housing inlet. The pin has the possibility of forced movement with force overcoming of the retention device.EFFECT: activation of the device both in case of overpressure and collision.5 cl, 3 dwg

Thrust plain bearing // 2473825
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed bearing 1 has top housing 3 made from synthetic resin with seat surface 10 for mount device 9 arranged on car body side and annular bottom surface 2, bottom housing 5 made from synthetic resin and annular thrust plain element 6 from synthetic resin. Annular top surface 4 is made integral with bottom housing 5 opposite surface 2, and seat surface 25 of suspended cylindrical spiral spring 7. Said housing is fitted on top housing 3 to rotate about axis O of housing 3 in direction Z. Thrust plain element 6 is arranged in annular clearance between surface 2 and surface 4 and features annular thrust surface sliding to thrust against surface 2 or surface 4. Mount surface 10, working surface and part of surface 25 where against thrusts spring 7 are fitted on bearing axle 1.EFFECT: efficient bearing to reduce load from car body.8 cl, 11 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2413887
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: inside cylinder tube and hydraulic damper there are arranged inter-communicating piston cavity and controlled cavity. Both cavities are filled with oil in a pressurised state. Additionally, there is installed a piston travelling in axial direction in the piston cavity and a rod connected to the piston. A flexible element is installed in the control cavity in a position forming a reservoir in the control cavity by means of compression of oil with pressurising force; impact effect is damped so, that the flexible element is forced to elongate and contract when oil flows in/out of the reservoir due to travels of the rod.EFFECT: simplicity and reduced dimension of design of hydraulic damper, retaining constant amount of oil in piston cavity.10 cl, 3 dwg

Damper's bearing structure // 2374508
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bearing structure of damper in hydraulic actuator. Structure for fixation of damper (72a, 72b) is located in hydraulic actuator. Coats (14, 16) are installed on of the cylinder (12) casing. Piston (18,) is installed inside the cylinder (12) casing. Damper groove (70a, 70b) contains the first and the second grooves. The first groove (74) is open from the side of end surface. The second groove (76) is located adjoining to the first groove (74) and expands relative to it. According to the first version damper groove (70a, 70b) is formed on the end surface of piston (18) perpendicularly to its axis and is directed to covers (14, 16). According to the second version damper groove is formed on the end surface of cover (14, 16) perpendicularly to its axis and is directed to piston (18). Damper (72a, 72b) contains basic element (80) and expanding relative to its guideline element (82).EFFECT: creation of structure providing easy and reliably install damper on piston or covers.7 cl, 17 dwg

Plain bearings for suspension strut // 2361127
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to plain bearing for suspension strut of four-wheel vehicle. Proposed bearing comprises upper collar (3) made in synthetic rubber and furnished with circular lower surface (2), lower collar (5) made in reinforced-synthetic rubber and applied on the said upper collar to revolve about its axis. The said lower collar has also circular upper surface (4) arranged opposite surface (2), and circular thrust part (6) made in synthetic rubber and arranged between surfaces (2) and (4). Lower collar (5) has surface (36) making a seat of cylindrical spring (61) and arranged on lower surface (25). Lower collar (5) comprises circular thrust section (12), upper cylindrical section (24), formed entirely on upper surface (23) of section (12). Surface (4) and lower cylindrical section (26) are formed on lower collar (5). The lower cylindrical section (26) is formed entirely on surface (25) of circular thrust section (22). Note here that surface (25) of section (22) arranged on radially outer surface (26) makes surface (36) of the seat of spring (61). Note also that sections (12), (24) and (26) comprise multiple tapered chambers.EFFECT: reduced vehicle suspension weight and running gear cost.13 cl, 6 dwg

Hydrogasifier // 2071574