With a single cylinder (F16F9/19)

Power unit hydraulic mounting with adaptable characteristics // 2646215
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic mounting contains a housing, a cover, not less than four springs, not less than three pistons, assembled on the axis and forming not less than four working cavities for the working fluid circulation. The main piston is attached to the axis with locknuts, the outermost pistons have fluoroplastic seals. The packing seals are made on the holes for axis moving. The fittings for working fluid supply and discharge are located on the housing and connected to the pump and the tank with the working fluid through the system of pipes and solenoid operated valves. The solenoid operated valves are connected to the control unit by wires.EFFECT: adjustability of the elastic-damping characteristics, the vibration damping in various operating modes efficiency improvement.2 cl, 1 dwg

Cylinder-piston unit with piston valve // 2620282
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: cylinder-piston unit (10) contains a cylinder (11) and a piston (61) having a longitudinal opening and guided in it by a piston rod (51). The piston (61) is sealed against the internal walls (12) of the cylinder and separates the displacement space (91) from the equalization space (92). There is one discharge piston (31) in the equalization (92) or displacement space (91). The discharge piston (31) is supported by a compression spring (33) and sealed against internal walls (12) of the cylinder. One disc valve together with the surface on the side of the displacement space limits the path. The path cross-sectional area, multiplied by the reciprocal length of the path and the reciprocal arithmetic mean deviation Ra of the bounding surface profile, is less than 50.EFFECT: high damping and braking power.6 cl, 10 dwg

Two-way damper // 2608986
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building. Two-way damper contains cylinder body, including fluid chamber and damping mechanism, placed inside fluid chamber. Damper mechanism includes two pistons, separately displaceable in axial direction on rod under action of fluid pressure. Pistons form first and second piston chambers, as well as fluid accumulation chamber, formed between them. Resistance paths are formed between pistons external surface and piston chamber inner surface. Unidirectional flow paths are made with possibility to block fluid flow-over in one direction by means of piston displacement relative to rod. Drive comprises drive rod and moving element, connected to two-way damper rod.EFFECT: enabling reduction of damper structural elements number, simplification of design and reduction of dimensions.7 cl, 5 dwg

Vehicle shock-absorber // 2594317
FIELD: transport. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. The shock-absorber includes cylinder, rod-piston, piston, three working cavities in each one of which there are internal and external springs with opposite direction of turns. The springs of each cavity are made with different tension. Cylinder has in each cavity one delivery and one drain hole. Delivery holes are connected by pipelines with electrically driven valves connected with delivery main line. The drain holes are connected by pipelines with adjustable throttles the outputs of which are connected into one main line attached to drain line via electrically driven valve. The electrically driven valves and adjustable throttles are assembled into valve and throttle units installed on the cylinder. Throttles and valves are controlled via data bus and signal amplifier unit by electronic control unit. The control unit receives signals from operating mode and various sensors selector. EFFECT: wide range of shock-absorber characteristics adjustment, higher design reliability, manual and manual with automatic correction control of shock-absorber. 1 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2562666
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic damper consists of a working cylinder coupled with a housing via rolling bodies. A piston is made from magnetic material. A magnetic ring rigidly fixed on the housing is in contact with the piston through an air gap. A splined pin made from resilient material is mounted inside the working cylinder. The splined pin is interconnected with mating splines of the piston. The piston is equipped with vertical throttle channels. The channels pass into L-shaped channels on the end face surfaces. The outlet holes of the channels adjoin plates with a gap. The plates are rigidly fixed on the piston.EFFECT: change of damping characteristics.1 dwg

Hydraulic damper with controlled parameters // 2502902
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed damper comprises body, cylinder, rod with piston and extra piston to divide said cylinder to three chambers. Different-stiffness spring is fitted in every said chamber. Said chambers are communicated by pipelines via controlled throttles and solenoid valves. Pipeline is connected with feed main and discharge line. Throttles and valves are controlled by control unit in response to signals fed by the driver.EFFECT: wider adjustment band, simplified design.3 cl, 2 dwg

Hydraulic shock absorber // 2501999
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic shock absorber comprises a reservoir with an operating cylinder filled with a working fluid. Inside the cylinder there is a piston installed movably with valves. The piston is rigidly fixed on the stem interconnected with the protective jacket. The working cylinder and the protective jacket are made of diamagnetic material. The protective jacket contacts with its inner circular surface with the responsive surface of the working cylinder via a row of revolution solids. In the space between rows of solids of revolutions inside the specified protective jacket there is a ring rigidly fixed, made of a permanent magnet. The ring interacts with its magnetic field via an air gap and a wall of a working cylinder with a cylindrical circular generatrix surface of a magnetoconductive piston of a shock absorber.EFFECT: increased reliability and simplified design of hydraulic shock absorbers.3 dwg

Shock-absorbing device with adjustable characteristics // 2499926
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock-absorbing device consists of an operating cylinder, in which two dividing pistons forming three operating chambers are located. There is one spring in each chamber. A nut of the operating cylinder, through which a stock passes, is screwed on both ends of the operating cylinder. One side of the stock is attached to the dividing piston to transfer forces to it, and its other side is provided with an eye lug for attachment to a car frame and a suspended lever. A stock cuff is installed between the stock and the nut of the operating cylinder. A high pressure pipeline, in which systems of compression and rebound valves and adjustable throttles are located, is provided from the upper operating chamber to the lower operating chamber. There is a branch between two adjustable throttles, which leads to the intermediate operating chamber. One more high pressure pipeline for supply of working liquid is connected to the upper and lower operating chambers, on each of which one control valve and one check valve is installed. One more pipeline is connected to the intermediate operating chamber for discharge of working liquid, on which a control valve and a check valve is installed as well.EFFECT: wide range of change of elastic damping characteristics of the shock-absorbing device.1 dwg

Damper // 2426921
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper consists of cylinder 1 and of rod 2 with piston 3 installed in cylinder. Throttle 12 is installed in piston 3 and communicates above-piston 4 and sub-piston 5 cavities between them. The damper is equipped with safety valves of compression strokes 13 and rebound stroke 14 set in piston 3. Compensation chamber 15 is located in a lower part of cylinder 1. Inside upper ring 17 there is made groove 20 communicated with over-piston cavity 4 through back valve 8. Inside lower ring 18 there is made groove 21 communicated with sub-piston cavity 5 through back valve 9. Inside middle ring 19 there are made upper 22 and lower 23 grooves. Upper groove 22 of middle ring 19 is communicated with over-piston cavity 4 through orifices 6 in the middle part of cylinder 1 and is connected with groove 21 of lower ring 18 by means of left hydraulic valve 24. Lower groove 23 of middle ring 19 is communicated with sub-piston cavity 20 of upper ring 17 by means of right hydraulic valve 25.EFFECT: simplified design and reduced dimensions and weight of damper at simultaneous raise of its vibro-protecting properties and reliability of operation.3 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2413887
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: inside cylinder tube and hydraulic damper there are arranged inter-communicating piston cavity and controlled cavity. Both cavities are filled with oil in a pressurised state. Additionally, there is installed a piston travelling in axial direction in the piston cavity and a rod connected to the piston. A flexible element is installed in the control cavity in a position forming a reservoir in the control cavity by means of compression of oil with pressurising force; impact effect is damped so, that the flexible element is forced to elongate and contract when oil flows in/out of the reservoir due to travels of the rod.EFFECT: simplicity and reduced dimension of design of hydraulic damper, retaining constant amount of oil in piston cavity.10 cl, 3 dwg

Damper // 2408804
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper consists of cylinder chamber filled with fluid, of piston installed inside cylinder chamber, of rod connected to piston and of accumulator. The accumulator facilitates generation of damping force produced by the piston rod due to fluid flow from the side of compression in the cylinder chamber. One coil of spiral damping groove is formed on internal periphery of the cylinder chamber within the ranges of piston stroke. Width of the damping groove is constant along its whole length. Depth of the damping groove is gradually diminishes along the spiral in the direction whereto the piston rod is pushed out. The length of the piston along axial line is less, than pitch of the damping groove.EFFECT: simplified design and more efficient control of damping force of damper.6 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of dynamic damping and dynamic damper // 2370689
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: tuning to required damping frequency is performed. Dynamic rigidity or transfer factor dip is experimentally determined at first breadboard specimen. Then on increasing damper slit width, tuning frequency is increased along with increasing damping. Thereafter, tuning frequency is decreased by decreasing damper slit width. Aforesaid reduction is performed by increasing the number of slit pairs. Proposed device comprises interconnected pendulums pivoted to protected object. Each pendulum comprises weight suspended to aforesaid object. One object is located above the points of attachment of its suspension to the object, the others being located below aforesaid points. Tight cylindrical barrel is covered with cap and filled with hydraulic fluid. Movable modular hollow piston is arranged inside aforesaid cylindrical barrel fixed between two cylindrical springs. There is a system of channels inside aforesaid piston. It consists of top and bottom covers and uneven number of round plates. Aforesaid slits are formed by flat round rings arranged between aforesaid covers and plates. Former and latter comprise central bores, while even plates have peripheral orifices arranged nearby inner cylindrical surfaces of round rings.EFFECT: higher efficiency.2 cl, 3 dwg

Single-pipe shock absorber // 2256111
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: single-pipe shock absorber comprises housing (1), piping hollow rod (3) with unmovable piston (5) that separates hydraulic space (A) into two compartments. Space (B) in the rod is connected with the hydraulic space through openings (7). The rod space receives flexible hollow balls (6) made of a flexible synthetic material. The shank of the rod is provided with screw (4) that bears balls to exclude cavitation at high speed of the working piston.EFFECT: enhanced reliability.1 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2234013
The invention relates to the field of mechanical engineering