With a closed cylinder and a piston separating two or more working spaces therein (F16F9/18)

Hydraulic damper // 2597048
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Hydraulic damper comprises a cylinder, in which working fluid is tightly closed. Piston divides cylinder inner part into two chambers. Friction element is installed in the cylinder on the inner side of the sealing element and formed by an annular elastic rubber part. Part of the base comprises a lower section in the form of a disc with a drilled hole and a tubular section. Elastic rubber part comprises a section with minimum inner diameter and a section with increasing diameter on both sides in axial direction from the section with minimum inner diameter, formed on the inner circular side of the elastic rubber part. Elastic rubber part is made with a section of adjunction of the tubular section. Deepest part of the cut section is less deep than position in axial direction of the section with minimum inner diameter.EFFECT: improved characteristics of damping force.3 cl, 14 dwg

Shock absorber // 2570243
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber contains a cylinder with work fluid. The piston is inserted in the cylinder and separates the cylinder to two chambers. The piston rod is connected with the piston. The damping valve is installed in the first channel. The through section regulation mechanism is installed in the piston and regulates the through section of the second channel based on the piston rod position. The damping force decreases for tension and increases for compression in the set rod position at large extension. The damping force increases for tension and decreases for compression in the set rod position at small extension. In the shock absorber under the second option the damping force decreases for tension and compression in set rod position at small extension. In the shock absorber under the third option the damping force decreases for tension and compression in set rod position at large extension. The damping force increases for tension and decreases for compression in the set rod position at small extension. The shock absorber under the 4th option is installed between the wheel and body of the vehicle. Mechanism regulating the vehicle height is installed in parallel with the shock absorber.EFFECT: extension of dampening characteristics.16 cl, 25 dwg

Hydraulic shimmy damper for aircraft landing gear // 2527612
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper comprises hollow housing (10), cylinder piston (20) with the piston head, which forms two active hydraulic cameras, rod and deflecting units. A hydraulic compensator (40) is made with the internal volume of fluid medium, which is much greater than the volume of fluid medium removed from the housing. A hydraulic manifold (30) is located between the housing and hydraulic compensator. The control manifold is connected to the hydraulic compensator and establishes the passage between cameras. Manifold contains the interchangeable hydraulic valves (CV1, RV1; CV2, RV2) of the cartridge type for throttling of fluid medium flowing from cameras into the passage, allowing fluid medium to flow freely into cameras from the passage.EFFECT: decrease of sensitivity to variations of oil temperature, absence of cavitation, simplification of damper adjustment.4 cl, 3 dwg

Shock absorber valve located between its lower and compensation chambers // 2509932
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: valve (1) of a shock absorber includes trim (4) sliding in holder (6) of the trim, and base (8) supported from the shock absorber bottom. Holder (6) of the trim is retained with base (8) by means of elastic retention device (28) and has the possibility of being moved relative to base (8) between a compression position and an extension position. Holder (6) of the trim includes seat (10) and housing (12) located in base (8) under seat (10). Retention device (28) is rigidly installed with one of its sides on housing (12) of holder (6) of the trim and includes part (32) located under the lower side of base (8) and borne against it in the extension position of holder (6) of the trim. The shock absorber includes a piston, a compensation chamber enclosing the upper and lower chambers, and the above valve (1).EFFECT: simpler design and smaller sizes of a valve.11 cl, 3 dwg

Oscillation damping method and device for its implementation (versions) // 2482347
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: inclination angle of relationship between resistance force modulus and deflection speed modulus of an elastic member is changed if current resistance force modulus differs from the specified value. The specified value of resistance force is changed depending on current deflection of the elastic member. The specified current value of resistance force is set so that it is directly proportional to modulus of current deflection of elasticity force, which is corrected to resistance force vector, of the elastic member of its static value. The device for implementing the method represents a hydraulic telescopic damper, in which the resistance force, the modulus of which depends on the modulus of deflection variation speed, is created during the suspension deflection variation. As per the first version, the damper includes a bar fixed at the compression chamber bottom. The bar has a four-sided variable cross-section in the working section of its length. At the damper compression, the bar is retracted into inner cavity of the stock. As per the second version, the damper includes two bars, as well as a compensating chamber that is separated from the compression chamber with a partition wall and partially filled with liquid. The bars are made in the form of a rotation body and installed inside the first and the second guide elements respectively with possibility of longitudinal movement.EFFECT: preventing resonance, and minimising the resultant force acting on the under-spring mass of the transport vehicle.17 cl, 10 dwg

Vibration isolator // 2480643
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: vibration isolator contains the first and the second base, bearing flexible element and hydraulic damper attached between bases and two retainers. Hydraulic damper is made in a form of cylinder with piston and rod. At the bottom front part of the cylinder there is a subsidiary cavity and installed valve and throttling element. The valve is designed for fluid passing from subsidiary cavity to under-piston cavity of the cylinder. Subsidiary cavity is connected to above-piston cavity of the cylinder by hydraulic channel. Throttling element is designed for fluid passing from under-piston cavity into subsidiary cavity with obtaining stepped characteristic of dissipative force. The first retainer is attached to the first base and pin-connected to the rod. The second retainer is fixed on the second base and pin-connected to the cylinder. These two connections provide horizontal location of hydraulic damper.EFFECT: increase of vibration isolation efficiency of objects via obtaining optimal stepped-falling characteristic of compensating influence.5 dwg

Rolling stock hydraulic vibration killer // 2478054
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rolling stock running gear, particularly, to structural elements of spring suspensions, namely, to hydraulic dampers. Proposed device comprises working cylinder with piston and rod, piston and above-piston head ends, reservoir, throttling components, check and safety valves. Piston hollow rod doubles as working fluid reservoir. Piston divides working cylinder into piston and above-piston chambers and comprises valve system. The latter comprises safety valve communicating above-piston chamber with rod inner space, check valve to communicate said inner space with piston chamber, and check valve to communicate piston chamber and above-piston chamber. Common orifice rated to definite hydraulic resistance to working fluid is arranged in safety valve.EFFECT: simplified design, decreased sizes and weight.1 dwg

Damping device of torsion excitation of hollow drive shaft // 2469217
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device includes elongated element (7) that passes along inner space of drive shaft; at that, one end of element is fixed on one shaft end, and the other end of element is located at the other end of shaft and hydraulic damping device (11) fixed on the other shaft end for damping of vibrations of the other end of element (7). Damping device (11) includes cylinder-piston system (25) having the first and the second cylindrical hydraulic chambers (45a, 47a), tank (19) for hydraulic fluid and hydraulic circuit (29, 31, 33, 35), by means of which chambers (45a, 47a) are connected to hydraulic fluid tank (19). Damping device (11) is located so that any leak flow of hydraulic fluid from the first (45a) and the second (47a) chambers through the boundary line between piston and cylinder flows to hydraulic fluid tank (19).EFFECT: creation of more compact design of hydraulic damping device of torsion excitation of hollow drive shaft with possibility of controlling the damping level and operating without cavitation.12 cl, 5 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2457375
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises hollow case accommodating hydraulic cylinder to make working fluid chamber. Hydraulic cylinder piston and rod are arranged to produce piston and rod ends. Damping device is arranged between case and cylinder and furnished with cover coupled with structural element accommodating restrictor and safety valve to communicate said piston and rod ends with said chamber. Cover has annular groove with seal fitted therein and is arranged to make drain chamber communicated with aforesaid chamber. Annular groove with support and sealing elements fitted therein is arranged at structural element on rod side. Safety valve is made up of plunger with flanges and cylindrical guide housing locking element to move relative plunger flange for contact with seat arranged on structural element for communication of rod en with drain chamber and, further, with aforesaid chamber. Cover seal is made up of sealing scraper. Annular grooves in cover and structural elements are open toward drain chamber wherein adjusting washer with annular ledge is arranged to lock sealing scraper. Said locking element has toroidal grooves on working fluid flow path at safety valve open.EFFECT: simplified design, expanded operating performances.4 cl, 4 dwg

Self-propelled vehicle driver seat // 2381919
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed seat comprise base, carcass with cushion and back coupled via scissors-type guide device and vibro isolation device pivoted to carcass with the help of bracket. Vibro isolation device comprises damping element and pendulum-type suspension. Upper and lower bases of vibro isolation device make an opening for support plate to come out. One end of support plate is jointed to pendulum suspension, another one is connected with objected to be vibration-isolated. Casing upper base has opening for pendulum suspension rod to pass through. Diametre of said hole matches that of damping element inner cylindrical surface. Flexible element represents helical coil spring enveloping pendulum suspension threaded rod. Spring lower base rests upon movable circular flange of hydraulic damping element, while upper base thrusts against cover with thrust ring that enveloped aforesaid spring. Cover has a opening for pendulum suspension rod to pass through with diametre that matches that of damping element inner cylindrical surface. Damping element is formed by two coaxial cylindrical sleeves to form tight circular chamber. Upper part of said chamber is closed by sealed circular flange, while washer fitted in thrust ring and rigidly coupled with damping device upper base tightly closes lower part. Said circular chamber accommodates circular piston with throttling orifices made therein. Piston is coupled with circular flange by three tie rods. Pendulum suspension represents a threaded rod arranged coaxially inside damping element. It is coupled with support plate and with cover.EFFECT: higher comfort.2 dwg

Damper // 2327067
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices designed to reduce vibration and shock effects, and may be used in designing anti-vibration and anti-shock protection of whatever engineering systems and structures. The damper incorporates a rod, damping elements and plates. The rod is a multi-layer design, the layers featuring different acoustic susceptibility. Every layer is fabricated as a thin-wall cylinder supported by a leg and having a thread made on the cylinder inner surface and the leg outer surface. The damper is provided with tight casing filled with a liquid and fitted on the rod. The damping elements are made in the form of split plates forming the petals, every petal featuring a different intrinsic frequency of elastic oscillations. Higher rigidity of coupling is provided.EFFECT: higher rigidity of couplings.2 cl, 3 dwg

The damper of the suspension of the vehicle // 2235233
The invention relates to the building, namely the structural elements of the damper

The high performance shock absorber // 2225545
The invention relates to a device cooling fluid shock absorber

Hydraulic telescopic twin-tube damper suspension vehicle // 2119107
The invention relates to transport machinery and can be used in suspension systems of vehicles, tracked vehicles, railway rolling stock

Vibration absorber // 2047020
The invention relates to the field of engineering, namely to means of protection from vibration of various objects