Liquid springs in which the liquid works as a spring by compression, e.g. combined with throttling action and combinations of devices including liquid springs (F16F5)

F16F5                 Liquid springs in which the liquid works as a spring by compression, e.g. combined with throttling action; combinations of devices including liquid springs(352)

Hydraulic shock absorber with electric generator // 2619884
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic shock absorber comprises a working cylinder 1 with a working fluid and mounted within an integral stem 3 and piston 5 with a compression valve 6 and return valve 7. Compensation chamber 11 is connected to the working cylinder 1 and has an additional piston 12 inside, which separates the working fluid and the inert gas, and a separating piston 14 with the valve 15. The compensation chamber 11 is formed in the cavity of the rod 3. Around the middle part of the compensation chamber 11 there is coil 16 of the linear electric generator, which is concentrically positioned annular permanent magnet 17. The working fluid in the compensation chamber 11 is a ferromagnetic liquid.EFFECT: energy recovery of the shock absorber elements vibrations into the electrical power.1 dwg

Implosion non-expandable pressure hydrogenerator // 2612706
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: implosion pressure hydrogenerator comprises a suction pipe with holes for supplying drilling fluid tank pressure, an implosion chamber cylinder, a plunger, an operating chamber, a hydraulic shock absorber. The cylinder chamber is connected to sub implosion with the intake manifold with a crossover sub. The plunger is connected to the sucker rod. The operating chamber comprises an operating cylinder with ports and pressure concentrators, an gate valve with the rod and the sleeve of the gate valve connecting the implosion chamber cylinder to the operating chamber. The hydraulic shock absorber comprises a cylinder with drain ports, a coil compression spring, a piston integral with the rod of the gate valve and assisted with the coil compression spring, a sleeve with a rigid spring stop interacting with the rod of the gate valve to avoid ultimate deflection of the coil compression spring. The implosion pressure hydrogenerator is provided with discharge chamber with chamber's air pressure equal to the atmospheric pressure, wherein the cavity is formed by a implosion chamber cylinder and by cylindrical body, sealingly mounted on the sleeve of the gate valve and on the adapter sub of the intake manifold, provided with sealing elements.EFFECT: improved durability and operational reliability of implosion pressure hydrogenerator.3 dwg

Hydraulic damper with electric generator // 2607034
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Damper comprises working cylinder (1) with working fluid and installed inside rod (2) with spring (3) and composite piston (4) with compression (5) and recoil (6) valves. Compensation chamber (7) is connected with working cylinder (1) via high pressure pipeline (8) and has inside additional piston (9) separating working fluid and inert gas, and dividing piston (10) with valve (11). Around compensation Chamber (7) lower part electric generator winding (12) is installed, concentrically to which annular permanent magnet (13) is arranged. In high pressure pipeline (8) there is sealing piston (14). Working fluid in cavities from sealing piston (14) to additional piston (9) is ferromagnetic fluid. Concentric to sealing (14) and additional (9) pistons annular permanent magnets (15) are arranged.EFFECT: enabling damper elements oscillations energy recovery into electric energy.1 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle shock-absorber // 2594317
FIELD: transport. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. The shock-absorber includes cylinder, rod-piston, piston, three working cavities in each one of which there are internal and external springs with opposite direction of turns. The springs of each cavity are made with different tension. Cylinder has in each cavity one delivery and one drain hole. Delivery holes are connected by pipelines with electrically driven valves connected with delivery main line. The drain holes are connected by pipelines with adjustable throttles the outputs of which are connected into one main line attached to drain line via electrically driven valve. The electrically driven valves and adjustable throttles are assembled into valve and throttle units installed on the cylinder. Throttles and valves are controlled via data bus and signal amplifier unit by electronic control unit. The control unit receives signals from operating mode and various sensors selector. EFFECT: wide range of shock-absorber characteristics adjustment, higher design reliability, manual and manual with automatic correction control of shock-absorber. 1 dwg

ethod of making hydraulic shock absorber // 2577443
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. When making hydraulic damper is filled with oil as damping fluid. Immediately prior to filling oil is degassed, heated to temperature higher than maximum operating and lower than flash point. Damper is sealed before oil cools. Measures are taken to reduce gas release from oil damper during operation.EFFECT: higher efficiency and repairability of shock absorber.5 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Absorbing device // 2571145
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: absorbing device contains the cylinder implemented with two interconnected cavities filled with viscoplastic liquid. One of cavities has the bedplate, the stem with piston implemented with a possibility of providing of overflowing of working liquid. On the bedplate bottom coaxially with the stem, at least one elastic element is installed. The piston is implemented in the form of two cylindrical surfaces with the central channel separated by the groove. The first surface is implemented with the cavity and the bearing and the guiding ring installed in the cavity. The second surface is implemented with a possibility of formation of calibrated gap between the piston and the cylinder cavity.EFFECT: increase of energy intensity of the device, improvement of dissipative properties and improvement of reliability.4 cl, 1 dwg

Absorbing elastomer device // 2570988
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: absorbing device contains the cylindrical housing (24) divided into two hydraulic vessels (25) and (26), the bottoms isolated from each other by the partition (4) and stems (1) with pistons (18). The vessels have the bearing and guiding rings (3) of the stem (1), seals (5), bottom stem, seals (7) bottom housing and coaxially with the housing elastic elements (2) are installed. In the hydraulic vessels (25) and (26) the mutually interconnected hydraulic sub-piston (8), under-piston (12) cavities and the cavity (14) of elasto-plastic elements (20) are formed. On each stem (1) coaxially with the cylinder (24) on bottoms the external elastic elements (2) are installed.EFFECT: increase of energy intensity, reliability of operation and improvement of dissipative properties.4 cl, 1 dwg

Hydraulic shock absorber with controlled characteristic // 2547106
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber consists of a working cylinder, inside which a piston is installed, and a compensation chamber. The piston is made of two plates having ring-shaped slots to pass damping fluid with a gasket in-between. The slots in the plates are arranged so that the holes can be partially or completely closed at turning of the plates in respect to each other. A rebound valve and a compression valve with springs and weights fixed at the valve heads are installed in the piston. The upper piston plate can be turned in respect to the lower plate. The turn is carried out by the spring rigidly connected to a rod and a bush. In case of ambient air temperature changes, the spring changes its length and turns the upper plate in respect to the lower one. The compensation chamber is fitted by two pistons inside, one of them has a valve, the other one separates the working fluid and inert gas.EFFECT: invention ensures good shock absorbing properties of a car suspension in the wide range of working temperatures and parts of mass fluctuations thus allowing for the decrease of impact loads on the units and load-bearing elements when riding on bumpy roads.2 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2536005
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. A hydraulic damper includes an operating cylinder, in which an arrangement is made for an elastic stock with a piston rigidly fixed on it and on its end face there are radial ribs and projections having passes bent at a right angle to the piston axis. On a vertical generatrix of the cylindrical surface of the piston there are slots of a similar shape. The slots are connected on one side to the passes arranged in walls of the operating cylinder throughout their height and connected both to its below-piston and above-piston cavities, and on the other side, they are connected to the passes located in the piston. Opposite ends of channels have an L-shape and are located with a gap relative to the ribs rigidly fixed on upper and lower end surfaces of the piston.EFFECT: achieving enlargement of operating characteristics of hydraulic dampers.3 dwg

Hydraulic vibration isolating support of power unit (versions) // 2509933
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: as per the first version, a support with fasteners includes working and compensation chambers separated with an elastic diaphragm with throttle holes and a partition wall with holes. Chambers are restricted with a support unit, an elastic shell and an elastic diaphragm. The support has an additional elastic element located between the diaphragm with holes and the partition wall. The support housing has a conical part, against which the elastic shell and the support unit is borne. The inner central part of the housing includes a bar. As per the second version, chambers of the support are divided between themselves with a partition wall with throttle channels. The partition wall is made in the form of a bushing vibration isolator consisting of external and internal housings and an elastic element with throttle holes, which is located between them. The support has an elastic element or a bar transmitting the movement to its support part to the internal housing of the vibration isolator. As per the third version, chambers of the support are divided between themselves with a partition wall in the form of a plate-like vibration isolator with throttle channels. The vibration isolator consists of a lower housing with a central bar, an upper housing and an elastic element with throttle holes, which is located between them.EFFECT: improvement of dynamic characteristics of a hydraulic support within the whole range of vibrations of a power unit.5 cl, 8 dwg

Shock absorber valve located between its lower and compensation chambers // 2509932
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: valve (1) of a shock absorber includes trim (4) sliding in holder (6) of the trim, and base (8) supported from the shock absorber bottom. Holder (6) of the trim is retained with base (8) by means of elastic retention device (28) and has the possibility of being moved relative to base (8) between a compression position and an extension position. Holder (6) of the trim includes seat (10) and housing (12) located in base (8) under seat (10). Retention device (28) is rigidly installed with one of its sides on housing (12) of holder (6) of the trim and includes part (32) located under the lower side of base (8) and borne against it in the extension position of holder (6) of the trim. The shock absorber includes a piston, a compensation chamber enclosing the upper and lower chambers, and the above valve (1).EFFECT: simpler design and smaller sizes of a valve.11 cl, 3 dwg

Hydraulic damper with controlled parameters // 2502902
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed damper comprises body, cylinder, rod with piston and extra piston to divide said cylinder to three chambers. Different-stiffness spring is fitted in every said chamber. Said chambers are communicated by pipelines via controlled throttles and solenoid valves. Pipeline is connected with feed main and discharge line. Throttles and valves are controlled by control unit in response to signals fed by the driver.EFFECT: wider adjustment band, simplified design.3 cl, 2 dwg

Shock-absorbing device with adjustable characteristics // 2499926
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock-absorbing device consists of an operating cylinder, in which two dividing pistons forming three operating chambers are located. There is one spring in each chamber. A nut of the operating cylinder, through which a stock passes, is screwed on both ends of the operating cylinder. One side of the stock is attached to the dividing piston to transfer forces to it, and its other side is provided with an eye lug for attachment to a car frame and a suspended lever. A stock cuff is installed between the stock and the nut of the operating cylinder. A high pressure pipeline, in which systems of compression and rebound valves and adjustable throttles are located, is provided from the upper operating chamber to the lower operating chamber. There is a branch between two adjustable throttles, which leads to the intermediate operating chamber. One more high pressure pipeline for supply of working liquid is connected to the upper and lower operating chambers, on each of which one control valve and one check valve is installed. One more pipeline is connected to the intermediate operating chamber for discharge of working liquid, on which a control valve and a check valve is installed as well.EFFECT: wide range of change of elastic damping characteristics of the shock-absorbing device.1 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2495295
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper includes a base with a rigidly fixed stock at its bottom, and guide, elastic and damping devices. Guide device is made in the form of a cylindrical sleeve with formation of a tight annular cavity between outer surface of a stock and inner surface of a sleeve. Bottom of the sleeve is fixed in the sleeve rigidly attached to the base of a protected object. An elastic device is located in the annular cavity. Lower part of the elastic device is supported on the bottom and upper part is supported on the piston. The piston is made in the form of a disk and located with a throttling gap relative to the stock. In upper part of the stock there located is a movable cover plate relative to the stock, which consists of an annular flange with a seal relative to the stock and a sleeve rigidly attached to the flange and enveloping the outer surface of the cylindrical sleeve through a seal. Upper part of the elastic device is made in the form of a cylindrical spring, the upper end face of which is supported on the cover plate, and the lower one is supported on the piston. A supporting element of the vibroisolated object is fixed on the cover plate. Lower part of the elastic device is made in the form of a pack of flat annular springs fixed in the sleeve by means of an elastic spacer sleeve and stiff supports. Annular springs are fixed on the stock with their central part made in the form of a hole coaxial to the stock through a stiff spacer sleeve. The stock is hollow and has an inner threaded hole in its lower part and connected to a threaded bar rigidly attached to the bottom through a stiff support and an elastic washer.EFFECT: improving reliability of a damper and vibration isolation efficiency.2 cl, 3 dwg

Combined elastically damping device // 2495294
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device includes a base, and guide and shock-absorbing devices. A stock is rigidly fixed in the bottom of a cylindrical sleeve with formation of a tight annular cavity. Bottom of the cylindrical sleeve is fixed in the sleeve rigidly attached to the base of a protected object. A spring is located in the annular cavity and supported with its lower end face from the bottom and with its upper end from the piston. The piston is made in the form of a disk and located with a throttling gap relative to the stock. A cover plate that is movable relative to the stock is located in upper part of the stock. Cover plate consists of an annular flange with a seal and a sleeve rigidly attached to the flange and enveloping the outer surface of a cylindrical sleeve through the seal. Spring is located coaxially to the stock and its upper end face is supported from the cover plate and its lower end face is supported from the piston. A supporting element of the vibroisolated object is fixed on the cover plate. On the sleeve flange there rigidly fixed is an elastically damping device consisting of lower and upper support flanges of a plate type. Elastically damping element made from twisted wire of thread waste type is located between flanges. Upper threaded end of the stock is connected to a threaded hole in upper supporting flange. In the elastically damping device there is a through central hole for passage of the stock.EFFECT: higher vibration isolation efficiency.1 dwg

Hydro pneumatic damper // 2481507
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed damper comprises case 1 connected with entity to be damped. Main rod 2 is attached to base by appropriate attachment assembly 3. Cylinder 5 arranged inside main rod 2 to make along with its wall an annular gas cavity 6 communicated via holes 8 with gas cavity of case 1. Cylinder 5 houses extra rod 4 with hollow rod 10 with piston 11 secured thereto. On one side rod 12 with piston 13 is located in hollow rod 10 while, on opposite side, it has its end coupled with case 1. Main rod 2 houses dividing piston 15 fitted on hollow rod 10 to seal hydraulic cavities 15 and 16 relative to case gas cavities 9.EFFECT: decreased dimensions, higher capacity, reduced dynamic load transmitted to damped entity.2 cl, 3 dwg

Hydraulic damper for reduction of vertical and/or horizontal vibrations of facility or mechanism structure // 2474738
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper includes at least two chambers partially filled with liquid, which are interconnected with each other on their lower ends. At least one chamber is tightly closed on its upper end so that a closed air space is formed above liquid. At least one other chamber on its upper end is opened at least partially. Closed air space (V0) is divided at least into two air sections (V01-V0n). One air section (V01) is located immediately above liquid (3), and one or more air sections (V02-V0n) are connected to air section(V01) located immediately above liquid (3), and/or with the corresponding neighbouring air section (V02-V0n) through holes (7). Holes (7) are made so that they can be closed with a seal irrespective of each other by means of valves. Sensor (10) determines the load variation, and thus natural vibration frequency of facility or mechanism structure. Measurement values of sensor (10) are used with control unit (8) so that value of closed air space (V0) can be controlled by valve opening and closing.EFFECT: achieving the possibility of adjusting the damping value with low energy consumption considering dynamically varying load.6 cl, 10 dwg

Hydraulic vibrating support // 2471098
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic vibrating support includes housing (1) with working chamber (3), compensation chamber (10) and metal partition wall (5), which is filled with electrorheological damping fluid. Working chamber (3) is restricted with supporting plate (4) and elastic shell (2). Compensation chamber (10) is restricted from below with corrugated membrane (11). In partition wall (5) there made are orifice holes (12) and intermediate cavity (6), in which pack of piezoelectric plates (7) fixed by means of elastic corrugations (8) to orifice holes (9) is arranged. Gas chamber (13) is separated from compensation chamber (10) with corrugated membrane (11), restricted from below with tray (14) and filled with partial mixture of gases with close temperatures of phase transitions of the second order.EFFECT: improving damping characteristics of hydraulic support in the whole operating range of frequencies and damping of impact loads.6 cl, 1 dwg

Hydraulic mechanical damper // 2464462
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper includes working cylinder with elastic stock and piston arranged in it. Radial ribs and projections having the channels bent at right angle to longitudinal stock axis are provided on piston edge. Discs of smaller diameter in comparison to diameter of piston are adjacent to above-piston and under-piston end surfaces of piston with possibility of angular rotations. Discs are rigidly fixed on stock of solid cross-section, which is arranged in hollow stock in movable manner. Channels of curved shape, which interact with channels of stocks of solid and hollow cross sections, are made in discs. Channels include ball-shaped movable body designed for overlapping of curved shape of disc channels. Spiral-shaped through slots which have variable cross section throughout their length are made in discs coaxially to vertical channels of piston.EFFECT: higher efficiency of damping characteristics.2 cl, 6 dwg

Adaptive hydromechanical damper // 2461752
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper comprises cylinder with piston and hollow rod. Piston is provided with L-shape channels. Spherical body of revolution displaces in said rod. Rod cavity consists of different-diameter intercommunicated channels. Said channels are arranged stepwise along rod length. Smaller-diameter channel is located at push rod top while larger-diameter channel is located at attachment of piston to rod.EFFECT: higher efficiency of control.4 dwg

Device for damping stretching and contracting forces // 2449911
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device 100 comprises damping system 10 retained in case 11 and provided with flexible element 12, and hydraulic damping device. Device 100 has also piston con rod 2 to displace in lengthwise direction L relative to case 11 and piston head 3 formed in con rod face section. Piston head 3 is retained in hydraulic chamber 7 to displace relative to first hydraulic chamber 17. Piston head divides first hydraulic chamber 17 into front part 17a distant from con rod 2 and rear part located nearby con rod 2. Hydraulic damper has first system to transfer hydraulic fluid from front part 17a via extra valve 4 into rear part and second hydraulic chamber 18 is piston head moves along first hydraulic chamber 17 toward front part 17a. Hydraulic damper has second system to transfer hydraulic fluid from rear part and second hydraulic chamber 18 via ball check valve into front part 17a if piston head 3 moves along first hydraulic chamber toward rear part.EFFECT: reduced wear and device length.24 cl, 7 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2435999
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper consists of base and of guiding and damping devices. A rod is rigidly fixed in a bottom of the cylinder sleeve forming a pressure tight circular cavity. The bottom of the cylinder sleeve is secured in a bush rigidly jointed to the base of a protected object. A spring in the circular cavity with its lower end rests against the bottom, while with its upper end - against a piston. The piston corresponds to a disk with a throttling orifice relative to a rod. A cover moveable relative to the rod is positioned in an upper section of the rod. The cover consists of a circular flange with a packing and a bush rigidly tied with the flange. The bush envelops external surface of the cylinder sleeve by means of the packing. A spring, an upper end of which rests against the cover, while a lower one - against the piston, is located coaxially to the rod. A bearing element of the vibration insulated object is fixed on the cover.EFFECT: raised efficiency of vibration insulation.1 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2427742
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic damper consists of piston of two parts and of separate rods movably set one relative to another. Through slots of arc shape are made on halves of the piston in vertical plane with constant radius. Ribs adjoining lugs are movably secured in the slots. The ribs are rigidly fixed on contacting each other planes of the piston halves. The lugs are set on external end surfaces of the piston halves and are equipped with horizontal channels transforming into vertical ones. The lugs and horizontal channels have arc-shape of constant radius along their length.EFFECT: raised efficiency of damper operation.3 dwg

Hydraulic damper of vibrations // 2427741
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic damper of vibrations consists of working cylinder wherein there are located two parts of piston equipped with hollow and solid rods of round and circular cross sections. Parts of the piston are equipped with channels positioned in lugs and with radial ribs. In the walls of the working cylinder there are made channels transforming into horizontal sections to facilitate current of working fluid supplied to partitions made on surface of halves of the piston.EFFECT: expanded operational functionality of hydraulic damper of vibrations.2 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2427740
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic damper consists of working cylinder comprising movable piston of two parts. Parts of the piston are secured on a hollow and solid rods of circular and round sections and on their surfaces they are equipped with radial channels and lugs with channels curved at right angle. Radial ribs are rigidly secured on disks movably set in vertical slots. Vertical slots are made on internal generating cylinder surface of the working cylinder both from the side of its above-piston and sub-piston cavity. Disks with ribs are spring loaded with compression springs relative to internal end parts of the working cylinder.EFFECT: raised efficiency of damper operation.4 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2409777
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper consists of case, of enclosed in it cylinder, of rod installed in cylinder, of stop and piston with relief orifices arranged successively on rod, and of valve unit made as packages of disks of various diametre, upper of which interacts with stop. The stop has circular grooves on external surface, whereon there are loosely fit compressed disks of the valve unit; notably, the package of disks of smaller diametre interacts with the end of the grooving, while the package of the disks of bigger diametre interacts with the end of the piston. On the circular working face at the upper end of the piston there is installed the working package of flexible disks centred along external diametre in the central cavity of the fixed cover, positioned in side slots of the rod. The spring-loaded valve is loosely fit with its internal diametre on external surface of the rod, while with its lower end it overlaps internal diametre of the package of the flexible disks, thus facilitating a calculated gap between the lower end of the valve and the central stop of the piston.EFFECT: increased stability of rebound valve operation.4 dwg

Hydraulic shock absorber with controlled characteristic // 2402703
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber consists of working cylinder, inside of which there is installed piston with throttling orifices. A rebound valve and compression valve, shutting throttle orifices, are installed in the piston. Tightness of each valve adjoining the piston is ensured by means of a spring with a washer. A rod is attached to the piston by means of thread. Overload relief rebound and compression valves are arranged around the working cylinder along periphery. Springs of the overload relief valves have different rigidity. Each overload relief valve is installed in a case and is compressed to a seat by means of a spring. The seat of each overload relief valve is pressed into the case. The overload relief valves are coupled with the working cylinder by means of pipes with connectors. Inside a compensating chamber has a piston dividing working fluid and inert gas- nitrogen. The compensating chamber is coupled with the working cylinder by means of a high-pressure pipeline. On top the working cylinder is closed with a nut. A collar of the rod is installed between the rod and the nut of the working cylinder to ensure pressure tightness.EFFECT: increased smoothness of run and reduced roll of car body.2 dwg

Damper // 2398987
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed damper comprises multilayer rod with layers of different acoustic compliance. Every said layer represents thick-wall cylinder on foot with thread made on cylinder inner surface and foot outer surface. Tight casing is filled with fluid and arranged on the rod. Damping elements represent split plates that form lugs. Each lug is perforated and features intrinsic frequency of elastic vibrations. Distance from foot outer surface to nearest perforated hole makes at least 1/3 of lug length.EFFECT: improved damping properties.6 dwg

Anti-vibration mounting // 2391581
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: mounting consists of cylinder with support flange, of rod installed in cylinder, of movable seat member attached to piston, and of resilient members. The first resilient member transfers loads in radial directions, while the second one - in axial direction. The mounting is additionally equipped with a packing and with a hold down member installed in the cylinder. The first resilient member has a shape of a bushing, while the second one is made in form of two washers and one ring. The bushing and washers are made out of non-woven porous wire material. The rod of the piston passes through an opening in the ring. The bushing is strung on the rod. One washer is located between the piston and the ring, while another - between the ring and the hold-down member. A lower and an upper cavities of the cylinder are filled with viscous fluid and are communicated via gaps in porous material. Packing is connected with the cylinder and the rod.EFFECT: raised power capacity and reliability of anti-vibration mounting operation.4 cl, 4 dwg

Hydraulic oscillation damper // 2385425
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper consists of working cylinder, of rod and piston. The piston consists of two parts movably fastened on the piston in axial direction and equipped with vertically arranged channels with horizontal sections adjoining ribs. A recess of a cylinder shape is made in an upper part of the piston; the recess interacts with a response lug of a lower part of the piston. A compression spring is installed between parts of the piston. The lower part of the piston is equipped with a row of additional vertical channels of different length and diametre gradually transferring into horizontal sections lengthwise axes of which are set off relative to each other by height.EFFECT: increased smooth running of vehicles.3 dwg

Telescopiform bearing pneumatic shock adsorber (tbpsa) // 2376511
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of mechanical oscillations antihunting, particularly in suspensions of vehicles. Pneumatic shock absorber contains casing with fixation facilities to one part of object. In casing it is installed hollow piston (3) with fixation facilities to other part of object. Piston (7) is connected by bar to casing. Switching-valve package allows spring-loaded gate, installed with ability of communication to each other of adjacent head ends. Control assembly of gate contains electronic commutator, connected at inlet to electronic sensors, and at outlet to drive of gate of switching-valve package. Bar is implemented as hollow. In bar there are implemented drain ports with all head ends. Gate in the form of hollow cylinder is located nearby drain port of middle head end.EFFECT: design simplification, refinement of damping.6 cl, 1 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2371617
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper comprises working cylinder, in which piston is movably installed. Piston consists of two parts, which are rigidly fixed on hollow and solid stems of circular section. Parts of piston are equipped with radial ribs on their external surfaces and protrusions with channels bent at the right angle to horizontal and vertical plane. Protrusions with horizontal channels are arranged as curvilinear and are arranged on internal surfaces of piston parts. Longitudinal axes of protrusions symmetry are displaced relative to each other in diametral plane along radius. A blade wheel, blades of which are equipped with openings of various diametre is installed on solid stem in space between piston parts. Openings of smaller diametre during angular turn of blade wheel may adjoin channels of lower piston part protrusions, and openings of larger diametre may adjoin channels of upper piston part protrusions.EFFECT: improved efficiency of transport vehicle vibrations suppression.5 dwg

Telescopic adjusted-load shock absorber // 2364773
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly to automotive shock absorbers. Proposed shock absorber comprises casing, cylinder, compensating chamber communicating, via throttling orifices, with the cylinder chamber, rotary controlled-from-outside ring to vary throttling orifice cross section, push rod, piston with bypass valve and blow-back valve, compression spring and guide bushing. Aforesaid rotary ring is fitted in the rod end and fixed to the compression spring end. The spring other end faces the piston and is fastened to the push rod. Ring surface in contact with the throttling orifice surface have various-cross section calibrated orifices. Turning the push rod in the guide bushing allow the channels to form, together with throttling orifices, through orifices with different cross section area.EFFECT: increased shock absorber damping ability, possibility to adjust aforesaid ability.3 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle hydro pneumatic shock absorber // 2361134
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive machine building, particularly, to automotive cushioning systems. The proposed shock absorber comprises hydraulic cylinder filled with working fluid and accommodating piston and rod, and hydraulic accumulator. The rod lower part is furnished with radial throttling orifices and spring-loaded control plunger with edge covering aforesaid orifices. The said radial throttling orifices are spaced along the rod length so that the said control plunger jumps the orifices in turn, thus gradually varying the total flow section. The control plunger is fitted in the piston, outside the working fluid flows, and can deviate from its normal position only under gravity.EFFECT: higher comfort and controllability of vehicle in running over irregular road coat.3 dwg

Telescopic element with internal stop to be overcome // 2358169
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: telescopic element includes cylinder where rod with piston is installed so that it can slide telescopically. The internal stop mechanism is overcome by exceeding the preset effort when rod leans against walls inside the cylinder in the direction of compression. The internal stop mechanism is provided with stopping item, which continues inside the said rode in the open hole and projects behind it. The stopping item is retained on rod by means of pin.EFFECT: simple design.4 cl, 1 dwg

Elastomer shock absorber // 2350799
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber consists of hollow body, of rod, of movable and additional packing of rod. The rod is designed to perform axial travel. The additional packing of the rod is separated from the movable packing of the rod with a circular groove. Additional cavities are made in the body; these cavities are coupled with the circular groove.EFFECT: there is achieved upgraded reliability and increased service life of shock absorber.3 cl, 3 dwg

Elastomeric shock absorber // 2350798
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber consists of hollow body filled with elastomer, of rod and of movable packing of rod. The rod is designed to perform axial movements. The movable packing of the rod is made in form of successively arranged sections separated with circular grooves. Step plungers are installed in the body. The steps of the plungers of smaller diameter are conjugated with the cavity of the body. The steps of the plungers of bigger diameter are conjugated with circular grooves separating the sections of the movable packing of the rod.EFFECT: there is achieved increased reliability and increased service life of shock absorber.5 cl, 3 dwg

Power unit hydraulic mounting support // 2348841
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the sphere of machine building immediately dealing with design of devices providing for absorption of vibrations generated in the course of power units operation. The hydraulic mounting support is composed of a pot (1) with a lid (2). Between the pot and the lid, attached to the former and to the latter with the help of threaded fasteners (13) there is a deflector positioned (4) consisting of plates (5, 6). In the plates there is a throttle channel (7) arranged that connects the fluid-containing cavities (8 and 9) positioned opposite sides of the deflector (4) between the diaphragms (10 and 11). A rod (18) is connected to the diaphragm (11) and the diaphragm seat. Both sides of the pot (1) bottom there are O-ring resilient elements mounted (16 and 17) fabricated of a polymer material. The resilient elements encircle the rod (18) between the diaphragm (11) seat and the nut (22) screwed onto the rod.EFFECT: enhanced reliability and adaptability of the hydraulic mounting support as manufactured on a small-batch basis for equipment of specialised-purpose vehicles.4 cl, 2 dwg

Pneumatic suspension // 2340468
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic suspension comprises rubber-cord casing with cover forming work space, additional capacity located between them and baffle with valve unit. Valve unit includes cylinder installed along suspension axis, radial bypass holes, piston and rod fitted in cover. Valve unit is made in the form of damping unit self-regulating by amplitude and direction of vibrations. In valve unit body the cylinder with piston is installed forming circular cavity together with body. Circular cavity is connected with additional capacity space and with rubber-cord casing space via radial bypass holes closed by flexible elements attached to outer surface of body. Circular cavity is also connected with cylinder space via radial channels made in the centre part of cylinder at distance equal to piston height. Piston is connected with rod made as resilient core and forms together with cylinder the over-piston space communicating with rubber-cord casing space and under-piston space communicating with additional capacity space.EFFECT: improvement of vehicle soft riding over roads of any types, operation reliability improvement, reduction of energy losses and suspension heating.2 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2339856
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic damper comprises operating cylinder and installed in it movably piston with valves. Piston and a pair of ring-shaped retainers are rigidly fixed on rod. In the space between retainers the piston spring-loaded from two butt-ends by compression springs is movably fitted on cotter. The piston is provided with vertical channels going into horizontal position. Channels contact with varying in width vertical recessions. Recessions are made on circumferential generatix of rod surface and are interconnected with horizontal sections of vertical channels which are located in the rod and then go into horizontal sections. Longitudinal axes of the latter are positioned above ring-shaped retainers in over-piston and under-piston chambers of operating cylinder.EFFECT: design simplification and enhancement of usage efficiency.3 dwg

Hydro-pneumatic flexible element // 2338647
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydro-pneumatic flexible element incorporates the main cylinder with a piston and a con-rod and the additional cylinder. The main cylinder head end accommodates a pneumatic chamber, while the rod end has a hydraulic chamber. The additional cylinder is arranged in a barrel and filled with fluid. The main cylinder con-rod free end is furnished, in the hydraulic chamber, with and end face piston. The two-wall additional cylinder inner wall is furnished with a channel, the said inner wall end being provided with an additional piston. At that the aforesaid barrel is fitted with a servo element designed to interact with the additional cylinder inner wall.EFFECT: reduced impact loads on bearing structure, high anti-vibration strength, automatic adjustment of rigidity in response to impact loads, automatic adjustment of flexible element length, simple design and ease of manufacture.3 cl, 10 dwg

Facility for transport vehicle antihunting // 2336183
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: facility for transport vehicle antihunting contains absorber, outfitted by piston, separating its internal part for top and bottom interstices. There are additionally implemented two passages in absorber. Top passage connects top interstice of absorber with main line, which is connected to the first electromagnetic valve, and with main line, connected to control unit and to sliding valve thought the passage, implemented in sliding valve body. The first electromagnetic valve is connected to main line which is connected to sliding valve thought the passage, implemented in sliding valve body. Bottom passage connects bottom absorber interstice with main line which is connected to the second electromagnetic valve and with main line connected to the control unit and sliding valve thought the passage, implemented in sliding valve body. The second electromagnetic valve is connected to main line which is connected to sliding valve thought the passage implemented in sliding valve body. Sliding valve is outfitted by plunger located in midposition due to springs and by floating electromagnet geared by control unit. It is a main line which connects two passages implemented in sliding valve body with input to hydraulic motor. Also it is a main line connecting two passages implemented in sliding valve body with hydraulic motor output. Hydraulic motor is drive of peripherals.EFFECT: fuel consumption and heating of damping fluid reduction and improving of free draft force at movement of vehicle on irregularity.1 dwg

Hydraulic shock-absorber // 2333403
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic shock-absorbing struts, particularly, to the strut adjustment devices, primarily to such devices that allow stabilising the automotive suspension shock struts at ambient temperature varying from +40°C to -40°C irrespective of the used oil type. The hydraulic shock-absorber incorporates a hydraulic cylinder with drain ports communicating the piston and rod spaces, a rod, a drain port spring and drain port plate with one or several holes for oil to pass through. A part of one or several holes is constantly above the drain port or piston holes. The drain port twisted spring one end is rigidly attached to the plate, its second end being coupled with the rod. The said plate can rotate driven by the spring when the length of the latter varies at temperature variation. The said spring can be cylindrical connected to the plate via a sleeve rigidly linked with the plate and spring. Invention can be used, for example, in the VAZ-type car front suspension shock strut.EFFECT: hydraulic shock strut featuring constant performances at whatever ambient temperature irrespective of the used oil type.2 cl, 2 dwg

Damper // 2327067
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices designed to reduce vibration and shock effects, and may be used in designing anti-vibration and anti-shock protection of whatever engineering systems and structures. The damper incorporates a rod, damping elements and plates. The rod is a multi-layer design, the layers featuring different acoustic susceptibility. Every layer is fabricated as a thin-wall cylinder supported by a leg and having a thread made on the cylinder inner surface and the leg outer surface. The damper is provided with tight casing filled with a liquid and fitted on the rod. The damping elements are made in the form of split plates forming the petals, every petal featuring a different intrinsic frequency of elastic oscillations. Higher rigidity of coupling is provided.EFFECT: higher rigidity of couplings.2 cl, 3 dwg

Damper // 2324090
FIELD: engineering industry.SUBSTANCE: damper consists of working cylinder in which two-piece piston is placed. Piston parts are rigidly fixed on hollow and continuous rods, accordingly ring and continuous round section, and supplied by channels for pass on them a hydraulic fluid. Both parts of the piston are executed in the form of sleeves, supplied trimmed among themselves by the pair radially located partitions, and rigidly fixed on a hollow rod of ring section. In internal space of sleeves between their radial partitions the mobile lobe is placed. It rigidly connected to a rod of continuous round section. Throttle channels of various diameters are executed in the bottoms of sleeves.EFFECT: increasing of damping abilities of a damper is reached.6 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2324089
FIELD: engineering industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic damper consists of working cylinder in which two-piece piston is movably placed. Piston parts are rigidly fixed on hollow and continuous rods of ring and continuous round section, and supplied by channels for hydraulic fluid transiting. In the lower part of a continuous rod the channel is executed. This channel is linked, at least with two open coaxial holes located in its diametrical plane. Walls of a hollow rod lay in a horizontal plane of these holes, and are supplied with open slots varying on height of rods. Each of slots is directed on an external and internal generatrix of a hollow rod to each other by the ends having their least height.EFFECT: operational efficiency upgrading of a damper due to improvement of its damping performances.2 dwg

Hydraulic suppressor of oscillations // 2324088
FIELD: engineering industry.SUBSTANCE: suppressor of oscillations, mainly of rail crews, consists of working cylinder in which the piston is movably placed. Piston consists of two parts fixed on hollow and continuous rods of ring and round section. Piston parts are supplied on the surfaces by radial edges and protuberances with the channels bent under a right angle. Radial edges are movably placed in a vertical plane of a suppressor in corresponding slots. Slots are executed on external surfaces of each of piston parts. Edges are spring-bias concerning slots by springs of the compression having various magnitude of linear rigidity. The maximum course of edges is equal to height of the protuberances supplied with channels bent under a right angle.EFFECT: operation possibilities increasing of hydraulic suppressors of oscillations.2 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2324087
FIELD: engineering industry.SUBSTANCE: damper consists of the working cylinder in which the two-piece piston is movably placed. Piston parts are rigidly fixed on hollow and continuous rods of round section and supplied on the surfaces by radial edges and protuberances with bent under a right angle to a horizontal and vertical plane of the piston channels. Surfaces of the radial edges converted to horizontal sites of channels, are executed in the curvilinear shape. Symmetry direct-axes are located in the lower part of curvilinear surfaces of radial edges in a place of their adjunction to piston parts. Face surfaces of protuberances have the curvature that is adequate to curvilinear surfaces of edges.EFFECT: increasing of a torque; deriving of better performances of the oscillations damping.2 dwg

Vehicle suspension pneumohydraulic spring // 2319620
FIELD: transport engineering; suspensions.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pneumohydraulic springs with self-adjustable hydraulic resistance depending on amplitude and frequency of oscillations. Proposed pneumohydraulic spring of vehicle suspension contains cylinder with fitted-in piston and rod forming in cylinder piston and rod spaces, and hydraulic accumulator connected with cylinder space through valve. Valve is made in form of damping unit self-adjustable in amplitude and frequency of oscillations depending on pressure in spring and its change in time. Channel is made in valve body which accommodates spring-loaded step plunger forming with valve body, overplunger space, underplunger space and ring plunger space communicating with piston space and connected with space of hydraulic accumulator through main throttling channel with higher resistance and additional throttling channel with lower resistance, overlapped by larger step of plunger in extreme upper position. Spring installed in overplunger space engages with smaller step of plunger. Check valve installed in larger step of plunger connects ring plunger space with under plunger space. Outer groove made on lower part of plunger larger step communicates with ring plunger space through longitudinal throttling slot made on outer surface of plunger larger step, and with underplunger space through radial holes and filter installed in outer groove. Invention provides new damping system automatically self-adjustable in amplitude and oscillation frequency depending on pressure in spring and its changes in time and increase in damping force with rise of amplitude of oscillations over travel of suspension at any frequencies of road actions.EFFECT: improved smoothness at any frequencies of road actions when riding practically along roads of any type.1 dwg

Implosion reusable water-turbine pressure generator // 2318985
FIELD: oil and gas-condensate well development and repair, particularly to increase oil recovery from oil and gas-condensate reservoirs during oil-production well operation by deep overburden creation in well bottom zone.SUBSTANCE: pressure generator comprises shutoff pipeline with reservoir fluid pressure inlet orifices, implosion chamber cylinder connected with shutoff pipeline by means of sub, piston connected with pump rod and working chamber. The working chamber has working cylinder with windows and pressure concentrators, shutoff valve with rod and sleeve, which communicates implosion chamber cylinder with working chamber. Working chamber has air-hydraulic damping means including hydraulic cylinder with expanded upper part and including piston. Air-hydraulic damping mans also has pneumatic cylinder with floating piston. Piston is made as a single whole with shutoff valve rod. Floating piston is at predetermined pressure and may cooperate with shutoff valve rod. Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are fixedly connected with each other.EFFECT: increased pressure generator operational reliability.2 cl, 2 dwg