The pressure ring actuating friction plates, cones, or similar axially-movable friction surfaces (F16D43/08)

Centrifugal clutch // 2349807
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: centrifugal clutch comprises flywheel, driving shaft, gear box, centrifugal weights and jacket. Crankshaft has splines, on which drive half-coupling is movably installed as flywheel with gearing elements. Slave half-coupling is fixed on gearbox shaft, and this half-coupling comprises coupling cavities equipped with rolling paths, configuration of which has shape of joined cone tops, and gearing elements of slave half-coupling may move along these tops. Drive half-coupling is connected to crankshaft with the possibility of centrifugal control of automatic engagement and disengagement of half-couplings. Slave half-coupling may move in splines and is spring-loaded by elastic element depending on high sensitivity of unit to overloading processes.EFFECT: possibility of automatic engagement and disengagement of half-couplings and higher operational reliability of centrifugal clutch.2 cl, 3 dwg