Device for clipping type clutching // 2628543
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: clutch device includes the first part, the second part, the clamping mechanism and the anti-force mechanism. The first detail is equipped with a set of first dogs. The second part is supplied with a plurality of second triggers. The pressing mechanism is configured to press the first part toward the second part. The opposing force mechanism is configured to form a counter force with respect to the pressing force pressing the first part so that the first pawls and the second pawls are engaged with each other so that the magnitude of the increase in the opposing force relative to the movement of the first part is greater at a position farther on the side of the second part, than in the given position, in comparison with the magnification value for a given position, when the first part is pressed.EFFECT: improving the clutch reaction.5 dwg

Axle electromagnetic disconnection system // 2607012
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle axle disconnection system. Electromagnetic axle disconnection system disconnection plug comprises driven shaft housing, provided with driven shaft bearing and armature with winding rigidly attached to it. Pressure plate and sliding cam clutch are connected with driven shaft with possibility of sliding. During rotation driven shaft is in contact with driven shaft bearing. Said system also comprises drive shaft housing, rigidly attached to driven shaft housing. Drive shaft bearing is rigidly fixed in drive shaft housing.EFFECT: electromagnetic disconnection system also comprises disconnecting spring and axially fixed cam clutch, rigidly attached to driving shaft end passing axially through opening in drive shaft housing.12 cl, 8 dwg, 2 tbl

Braking assembly // 2416046
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed braking assembly comprises electromagnet, brake spring and braking plates. One of the latter is rigidly fitted on the shaft while another one moves only axially. Braking and stop locking are performed by braking plates with their contact surfaces representing radially arranged teeth. Profile of teeth on one plate matches that of grooves on opposite plate.EFFECT: reduced weight and sizes, higher reliability and longer life.3 dwg

A device for controlling inrush currents loaded induction motors // 2073295
The invention relates to electric machines and can be used at elevated sprinkler machines