With conical friction surfaces (F16D13/24)

ethod of implementing brake clutch // 2623814
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of engaging the braking is to apply a system of interconnection of the two shafts with unchanged reciprocal meshing gears. The brake clutch, which receives friction loads, is carried to the outer surface of the clutch housing. The system of interrelation of two shafts has an input shaft 1 and an output shaft 2. The wheel 3 is coaxially fixed to the output shaft. On the wheel along the circumference, the axles 4 are rotatably mounted. The gears 5 are fixed on the axes, having gearing with gear 6 on the input shaft 1. In parallel with the gears 5, the gears 7 are fixed on the axles 4. In the same plane with gears 7 coaxial to the axis of the input shaft is a brake gear 8 having a gearing with gears 7. The effect of the input shaft on the output is made by braking the brake gear 8 with the brake clutch 9. In the absence of braking, all the gears of the system rotate if the input shaft rotates. When braking the brake gear 8, the gears 7 are forced to roll around the perimeter of the brake gear 8. Together with the gears 7, the wheel 3 will rotate. The cylindrical part of the body 10 serves as a support for the brake gear and shaft 1. The brake gear 8 is connected to the conical gear 13. The conical gear 13 is toothed with a conical gear 14 fixed to the shaft 12. The shaft 12 extends beyond the housing 11 and is connected to the brake clutch 9. The brake clutch brakes the shaft 12 or leaves it in free rotation. When the shaft 12 stops, a torque is transmitted from the engine to the running gear shaft. If the shaft 12 is in free rotation, the engine is disconnected from the running gear.EFFECT: placing the most vulnerable parts of the clutch in an accessible area for repair.7 dwg

Connection device for transmission of vehicle, mainly with combined power plant // 2500934
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: connection device includes inlet and outlet shafts, a multidisc friction coupling with an electromagnetic drive and a three-link planetary gear, the links of which are interconnected with shafts of the device and cages of the coupling of drive and driven discs with formation of two torque moment flows that are different as to the value. Both flows are added on a crown gear of the planetary gear beyond the coupling limits. When actuated, the coupling is in a branch of lower torque moment.EFFECT: reduction of energy consumption; increase of coupling service life and reduction of material costs.4 cl, 2 dwg

Cone clutch // 2286262
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed cone clutch has driving and driven cones. Driving cone is fitted on intermediate shaft one end of which is connected by sliding splined joint with output shaft of engine with possibility of axial travel. Driven cone is connected with drive shaft of gearbox.EFFECT: improved reliability of car clutch.6 dwg

A friction clutch // 2079017

A friction clutch // 2073140
The invention relates to mechanics and can be used as a safety clutch or clutch in tyazhelogruzhennogo the different actuator mechanisms