Slip couplings, e.g. slipping on overload, for absorbing shock (F16D7)

Limit moment coupling // 2629414
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: coupling comprises a body, configured to be rigidly connected to the drive shaft. The outer bearing collars of radial-thrust bearings with conical rollers are connected with the body. The inner collar of one of the bearings is rigidly fixed to the driven shaft. The inner collar of the second bearing is mounted on the driven shaft with the possibility of axial movement without rotation with respect thereof by means of an adjusting nut. Between the adjusting nut and the inner collar of the second bearing, there is an elastic element in the form of disc spring with a compliance that exceeds the compliance of the driven shaft when the bearings are heated during rotation.EFFECT: stability of the torque value transmitted to the driven shaft.1 dwg

Protecting compensation coupling // 2622675
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: protecting compensation coupling consists of two halfcouplings, attached to the drive and driven axes. The compensating element is a spring, which housing is designed as a hollow cylindrical shell and the rows of through slots having rectangular shape are located in its body. The driven half-coupling is fastened to the spring by means of the flanged connection with the screws, and the driving one - through the bearing and the shaft of crimp barrel. The balls are installed between the end face of the compensation element and the driving half-coupling. The alignment of the coil spring and the crimp barrel is achieved by installing the radial-axial bearing. There are four locks with semispherical heads uniformly disposed along the circle in the shell housing. The braking disc, mounted in the inner diameter of the shell through the spline joint, is fixed by expansion rings, and the second braking disc is mounted on the bearing shaft.EFFECT: reliability increase.1 dwg

Release clutch // 2619159
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: release clutch comprises a pulley shaft, a spring retainer, a torsion spring and freewheel clutch spring. The pulley is mounted on the shaft on the low-friction bushing with a possibility of rotation. The pulley is mounted on a spring retainer on the low-friction bushing with a possibility of rotation. The spring retainer is mounted on the shaft on the low-friction bushing with a possibility of rotation. The torsion spring is connected between the pulley and the spring retainer. The freewheel clutch spring frictionally engages with the shaft, while it is connected to the spring retainer and is located inside relatively to the torsion spring. The pulley can temporarily engage with the freewheel clutch spring end.EFFECT: invention expands the range of release units, used to achieve reduction in overall size.7 cl, 3 dwg

Overrunning controlled clutch and roller screwing mechanism for this clutch // 2618575
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: overrunning clutch comprises a driven outer and inner coupling half, roller keying mechanisms, the keying and separator rollers. Roller jamming mechanisms are located in the inner coupling half symmetrically along the radius from the center with the possibility of axial movement. Roller keying mechanism comprises an adjusting ring, spring-loaded ball, a ball seat and an adjusting screw hole.EFFECT: expanded operating capabilities.4 cl, 5 dwg

Insulated decoupler for crank shaft // 2617865
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pulley is connected coaxially to the hub and has an engagement surface for the belt. The spring is engaged between the hub and the spring holder and it is radially expanded in the loading direction. At that the one-way clutch spring is designed to engage with the hub, whereby the one-way clutch spring friction engagement with a pulley can be gradually released into the unloading direction.EFFECT: reliability increase.16 cl, 9 dwg

Safety coupling // 2609613
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, and more exactly to the safety couplings. The safety coupling comprises a drive and driven shafts installed with possibility of rotation on axle between them. Springs are fit installed on the axle, and secured by one end on shafts. During the shaft (1) rotation towards one direction the spring (4) turns will entrain the axle (3) with pressed on spring (5) rotating the driven shaft (2). Upon the design moment exceeding on the shaft (2) the axle (3) starts rotation in spring (5). If spring material has coefficient of expansion larger then axle (3) material, then due to heat generated during friction the spring tensioning will decrease thus decreasing wear of the friction surfaces. During the shaft (1) rotation to another direction when shaft (2) moment exceeds the permissible, the spring (4) will rotate on the axle (3), the axle due to rotation in said direction will be held by tensioned spring (5).EFFECT: simplification of the design.6 cl, 1 dwg

Electrically rotated control unit, in particular, for indirect visual systems for vehicles // 2601991
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electrically rotated control unit for indirect visual systems for vehicles. Electrically rotated control unit comprises main element (1), rotated element (3), electric drive (7) of rotation, which is connected with main element (1), and connecting device (11, 17, 23) located between main element (1) and rotated element (3). Connecting device (11, 17, 23) in the neutral position, in which electric drive (7) of rotation is disconnected, connects main element (1) with rotated element (3) by rotating-fixed way and disconnects electric drive (7) of rotation from rotating element (3). When actuating electric drive (7) of rotation connecting device (11, 17, 23) disconnects main element (1) from rotated element (3) and connects electric drive (7) of rotation with rotated element (3).EFFECT: achieved are reduced dimensions and the possibility to use lighter components in the design of the electrically rotated control unit.23 cl, 8 dwg

Device against overload of power screwdriver // 2601528
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices to prevent overload of hand-held driven tools. Device (100) to prevent overload of a power screwdriver arranged between driven part (110) and output part (102, 121), which at exceeding the limit torque has the possibility to interrupt the torque transfer between driven part (110) and output part (102, 121). Device (100) has driven part (110) having at least one ring of balls (130) located without the possibility of rotation in driven part (110), output part (102, 121) having at least one ring of balls (140, 141, 142) located without the possibility of rotation in output part (102, 121) and arranged in driven part (110) ring of balls (130) with preliminary spring-loading located above the located in output part (102, 121) ring of balls (140, 141, 142). Herewith balls (130) of driven part (110) are located respectively between two balls (140, 141, 142) of output part (102, 121) to transfer the torque. Herewith balls (130) of driven part (110) when exceeding the limit torque roll over balls (140, 141, 142) of output part (102, 121) to interrupt the torque transfer. Balls on the driven or the output side of ring of balls (130) are located between concentric rings of balls (141, 142) to implement axial leveling of the driven part on the output part with no radial setting.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of wear of device (100) parts.11 cl, 5 dwg

Device for rotational motion transmission // 2597432
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly, to the devices of rotational motion transmission. Device for rotational motion transmission, comprising a casing and an input shaft installed in the casing on two radial thrust bearings. Outer races are rigidly mounted in the casing. Device is equipped with an output shaft arranged coaxially with the input shaft and rigidly connected to the casing. Inner race of one of bearings is rigidly fixed on the input shaft. Inner race of the second bearing is installed on the input shaft to displace axially without rotation relative to said shaft.EFFECT: possibility to adjust transmitted torque value is achieved.1 cl, 1 dwg

Isolating disconnector // 2588397
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to generator setting devices, and more specifically to pulleys of isolating disconnector. Isolating disconnector comprises shaft, pulley installed on the shaft on bushing with low friction coefficient, spring holder, torsion spring connected between pulley and spring holder and spring overrunning one-way clutch. Coupling is arranged radially inside the torsion spring and around the shaft. Pulley is temporarily engaged with the end of spring overrunning one-way clutch in unwinding direction.EFFECT: temporary contact between the end of coiled spring one-way clutch and pulley temporarily reduces friction engagement between coupling and shaft.7 cl, 5 dwg

Safety friction coupling with automatic switching off during prolonged overload // 2588318
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to safety friction couplings with automatic switching off during prolonged overload. Coupling has a pair of engagement elements (1, 3), which are installed with possibility of rotation around common axis (4). Engagement element (1, 3) is located coaxially to axis (4) of rotation of threaded pin (7), on which is screwed a tension nut (9), with possibility to press engagement surfaces. As a result, torque before engagement is transmitted without slipping and, in addition, due to slipping of engagement elements (1, 3) relative to each other slippage moment is limited. Nut (9), washers (10, 11) and engagement element (3) have interacting actuating elements (12-16), which up to critical angle provides slipping of engagement elements (1, 3) relative to each other without rotation of nut (9). During slipping of both engagement elements (1, 3) relative to each other for critical angle tension nut (9) is forcibly rotated, providing for pressing of engagement surfaces (6) to each other and slippage moment transmitted without slipping.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities.22 cl, 5 dwg
Safety coupling // 2582430
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: safety coupling contains casing out of two halves, bearing assembly and movement transmission elements. In left half of the casing on the internal surface the bearing assembly with drive sprocket is installed, it at one side by means of the spline joint is connected with drive shaft, and at another side by means of chain drive is connected with two driven sprockets. Chain has two stops in form of plates with hemispheric form, entering in contact with stops in form of sectors, rigidly secured on double-arm levers. Free ends of stops are connected by springs with left half of the coupling casing.EFFECT: simplified design.2 dwg

Support // 2579563
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Support comprises a dry friction damper, formed as a roller interacting with axis of support body (2). Rolling body interacts with wedging surface (5) of ring (3). Spring is firmly fitted on axle, one end of which is fixed in loop. Loop is attached to cover.EFFECT: higher reliability and operating characteristics.2 cl, 5 dwg

Safety clutch // 2578626
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: clutch contains casing, inside it a tooth-wheel engaging with four c pinions installed in intermediate part, drive and drive shafts are installed. On shafts with four pinions passing beyond the right side of the casing flanges are made with rigidly installed rods having grooves, on them springs are installed. Springs connect shafts by pairs, and rods in pairs are installed at minimal distance from each other.EFFECT: clutch design simplification.2 dwg

Torque limiter of valve drive // 2573123
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: limiter contains movable shaft, made with possibility of movement to both sides in axial direction, and rotation during work to rotate the drive shaft of the actuator for the valve driving. The brake disk is installed on the movable shaft. The first friction device is located at the first side from the brake disk. The second friction device is located at the second side. Contact between the brake disk and first or second friction devices stops the engine rotating the movable shaft. The limiter also contains casing and regulating system to regulate position of the first friction device and/or second friction device relatively the brake disk. The valve drive contains the limiter. The valve block contains the valve and valve drive.EFFECT: reduced size of the device, and valve stress.16 cl, 3 dwg

Safety clutch // 2569168
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: claimed clutch comprises the body coupled with the extensions of the drive and driven shafts. Rectangular bores are made in the clutch body left half from outer side and provided with four through mutually perpendicular grooves made therein. Round-plate-shaped thrust are fitted free with offset on coupling bolts, each being connected by springs from both sides with the body left half. Hub with rectangular bores is fitted on drive shaft in the right half and provided with rollers fitted free on the pins to contact with the clutch left half thrusts.EFFECT: simplified design.2 dwg

Automatic engaging mechanism for automobile external mirror adjustment means // 2568519
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to automotive industry, particularly, to design of automobile external mirrors. External mirror comprises holder, case, mirror clamp and engaging mechanism (90). Said clamp can be adjusted by electric actuator (58) and spindle (56) connected to said clamp. Engaging mechanism (90) is coupled between electric actuator (58) and spindle (56). At origination of overload moment exceeding boundary torque (MT), engaging mechanism (90) can automatically provide a relative revolution between electric actuator (58) and actuator (56). In case torque direction reverses without pre-exceeding of boundary torque (MT), said engaging mechanism (90) will no transmit torque of load (MR) with the preset angle of free running (φ).EFFECT: overload protection of motor, reliable adjustment of external mirror length.10 cl, 12 dwg

Isolating disconnector // 2564668
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: isolating disconnector contains a shaft (12), pulley (1) in rotation engagement with shaft, a spiral spring (2) located between the pulley and spring holder (5), that is suitable for movement relatively to the shaft and pulley, one-side coupling (8) installed on the shaft, first torsional spring (30) and second torsional spring (31) located between the spring holder and one-side coupling. The first torsional spring and the second torsional spring are in detachable friction engagement with the one-side coupling. The first torsional spring and the second torsional spring contain adjacent parallel links and have same diameter. The first torsional spring and the second torsional spring are suitable for engagement with the pulley. The first torsional spring or the second torsional spring leave the friction engagement with the one-side coupling upon its engagement with the pulley.EFFECT: higher device reliability.10 cl, 9 dwg

Safety coupling // 2550942
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: safety coupling comprises driving and driven cam half-couplings, the driven half-coupling is installed on a shaft and can move along the splines in axial direction. The driving half-coupling is fitted on an axis, is able of free rotation and is kinematically connected to the axis by a spring-loaded screw pair, magnets are mounted on the driving half-coupling and the housing of the driven half-coupling, the driven half-coupling is made from ferromagnetic material.EFFECT: enhanced operating reliability of a safety coupling.2 dwg

Safety connecting device for rotation transfer // 2542848
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Safety connecting device includes drive and driven parts equipped, respectively, with primary means of torque transfer and secondary means of torque transfer. The safety connecting device also contains sensitive to torque disconnection means intended to disengage the front toothed rims of the primary and secondary means of torque transfer, this results in interruption of the torque transfer, when the torque transferred between two part of the connecting device exceeds the set maximum value. The sensitive to torque disconnection means include a pressure chamber filled with incompressible fluid, and valve devices ensuring the fluid output from the pressure chamber when the set maximum pressure of the fluid is exceeded in the chamber. The pressure of the fluid in the pressure chamber creates force acting on the front toothed rims of the primary and secondary means of torque transfer. The valve devices include safety valve installed at one end of the channel connecting with the pressure chamber. The safety valve is made with possibility to move between the closed position, where it closes the channel, and inlet position where it opens channel permitting the pressure chamber fluid output via the mentioned channel.EFFECT: improvement of design.13 cl, 8 dwg

Safety clutch // 2537209
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the machine building industry and can be used for the transfer of rotational movement from a drive shaft to a driven shaft with the simultaneous protection of mechanisms against overloads exceeding the design ones. A clutch includes a housing connected to ends of the drive and driven shafts. In the left half of the clutch housing on the outer side there is a groove of a rectangular shape, and four through-type mutually perpendicular slots are made in it. In the slots there freely installed by means of clamping bolts with an eccentricity are limit stops in the form of round plates, each of which is connected at both sides by means of springs to the housing of the left half. In the right half there arranged on the drive shaft is a hub with a groove of a rectangular shape, in which there freely mounted on shafts are rollers that are in contact with limit stops of the left half of the clutch.EFFECT: simpler design of the safety clutch.2 dwg

Safety clutch // 2537054
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the machine building industry and can be used for the transfer of rotational movement from a drive shaft to a driven shaft with the simultaneous protection of mechanisms against overloads exceeding the design ones. A safety clutch is provided with a hinged rhombic four-link chain, on the lateral apexes of which there mounted are bearing assemblies with intermediate pulleys interacting with drive and driven pulleys by means of a belt transmission. A lower assembly of the four-link chain is fixed and provided with a drive shaft arranged in it, and an upper assembly is movable and provided with a pin interacting with a guide mechanism and connected by means of a spring to the clutch housing.EFFECT: simpler design of the safety clutch.3 dwg

Safety coupling // 2534459
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: safety coupling comprises a casing, two cam half-couplings, the driven half-coupling is spring-loaded and can move along the splines in axial direction. The back side of the driven cam half-coupling is conical and can interact with the conical hole provided in the coupling casing. The driving half-coupling is installed on an axis with the possibility of free rotation and is kinematically coupled with it by a torsion spring, additionally a rectangular case extending in a telescopic manner is attached to its centre, and it axis is fitted by a wedge key consisting of a rod with a crosspiece set at its end, the crosspiece dimensions are less than the dimensions of the case hole. A flange is provided around the neck of the case hole. A spring is installed between the flange and the driving cam half-coupling and the compression force of this spring is greater than the compression force of the spring installed on the driven half-coupling, a thrust bearing is set on the latter and can interact with the flange of the rectangular case.EFFECT: enhanced operating reliability of a safety coupling.2 dwg

Process machine, primarily hand machine // 2528929
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manual power tools. A process machine, first of all, a hand machine comprises a torque limiter (5) included in the kinematic circuit of the drive of its spindle (4) which is set in the part (25) of a casing and adjusted in respect to the moment of action by a protective jaw clutch (6) which acts in the axial direction and is fitted by a spring-loading device (13, 14) loading at least one coupling element (10) of the protective jaw clutch (6) resting against the casing by a support element (24) whose position is adjusted in the axial direction The coupling element (10) and the spring-loading element (13, 14) are installed with a radial displacement in respect to each other. The spring-loading element (13, 14) comprises at least one spring element (16, 17) which thrusts against the coupling elements (10) shifted in relation to it by means of an intermediate element (33) fitted by a support bar (34) protruding radially inside and supporting the spring element (17) and a console bar (35) protruding radially outside and thrusting against the support element (24) in axial direction.EFFECT: creation of a hand process machine with small dimensions due to the compact torque limiter.7 cl, 8 dwg

Resilient safety clutch // 2510470
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed clutch comprises drive half-coupling 1 and drive half-coupling 4. Two wavy springs 2 and 3 are arranged coaxially between said half-couplings 1 and 4. Ridges of said wavy springs are aligned to make mirror axes aligned. Drive half-coupling 1 has grooves to accommodate ridges of outer wavy spring 2. Driven half-coupling 4 has grooves to accommodate ridges of inner wavy spring 3. Shapes of grooves at both half-coupling are similar to recesses and ridges of wavy springs 2 and 3.EFFECT: accurate adjustment of maximum torque, compensation for skew and displacement of axes.2 cl, 3 dwg

Worm safety clutch // 2495288
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: worm safety clutch includes drive and driven shafts adjacent to each other through a worm-and-worm gear. Worm moves along the shaft axis and interacts at least with one of its ends with an elastic element that is rigidly fixed relative to the axis. Movement of worm from limit moment on a worm wheel is not less than distance from other end of the worm to connection point of worm to wheel.EFFECT: simplifying the design, improving reliability and enlarging functional capabilities.9 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of transmission gear operation // 2492371
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: method of transmission gear operation consisting in the fact that a permissible force is transmitted from a master link as it is rotated towards one side to a slave one via one elastic element of the latter and a rolling body, and transmission is interrupted when rotated towards the other side. If the force value does not exceed the permissible value, links are fixed relative to each other by wedging of the rolling body between one elastic element of the slave link and the master link, and if this value is exceeded, the rolling body is wedged apart, and the rolling body is exposed to the permissible force. At the same time as the rolling body is wedged, one elastic element is exposed to a different elastic element of the slave link made with alternating stiffness. The value of the permissible force is varied by variation of mutual position of elastic elements.EFFECT: increased reliability and functional capabilities of a device.4 cl, 5 dwg

Isolating disconnector // 2489618
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: isolating disconnector includes a pulley installed on the shaft by means of a bearing, a sleeve interacting with sliding with the pulley and the shaft, a one-sided coupling and a torsion spring. The one-sided coupling is fixed on the shaft and interacts with the sleeve; at that, the sleeve rotates concurrently with the one-sided coupling. The torsion spring interacts between the pulley and the one-sided coupling for elastic connection of the pulley to the shaft. The pulley is connected directly and elastically to the shaft in a temporary specified loaded state.EFFECT: preventing overloading of a spring.4 cl, 7 dwg

Undercarriage equipped with selective force transfer device // 2485015
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, particularly, to aircraft undercarriage. Undercarriage comprises gear 220 with lower rotary part 201, 223 and one drive mounted at said gear to selective control said lower rotary part. Besides, undercarriage incorporates selective force transfer device including first element 1, 101, 201 and second element 2, 102, 202 arranged to displace on said first element. Friction member 4, 104, 204 is arranged between said first and second elements to create friction force there between. Proposed device comprises means 10, 11, 13, 110, 210 to control change of pre-stress developed by pressure member to act on friction member. Said means allow notable reduction in said pre-stress to zero. Proposed device is arranged at undercarriage so that first element 201 is fixed to lower rotary part to turn therewith while second element 202 is fixed undercarriage section controlled by direction drive.EFFECT: ruled out undercarriage damage.3 cl, 4 dwg

Torque transmission shaft // 2484326
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: cardan shaft comprises spacer with first end section to interact with first yoke of rotary union and second end section to interact with second yoke of gimbal joint. Spacer element comprises two subsections coupled by safety connector designed to detach said subsections when torque exceeds preset magnitude. Said first end section has hollow cylindrical groove with central axis aligned with rotation axis of said first end section. Said groove is arranged to retain or house hollow cylindrical first part of said safety device. Said first part is made integral with second part and shaped to cylindrical disc facing said spacer element.EFFECT: compact design.24 cl, 9 dwg

ultispeed gearing mechanism and processing machine // 2483862
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to two-speed gearing for drive torque transfer from input side to output side that features, at least, two selectable gear ratios. Multispeed gearing comprises multispeed, primarily, two-speed engagement safety device 36 that features, at least, two different selectable limit torques. Multispeed gearing mechanism 34 incorporates, at least, two gear sets 56a, 56b, preferably, variable gears. Aforesaid multispeed, primarily, two-speed engagement safety device 36 is arranged in wheels of gear sets 56a, 56b.EFFECT: compact design to allow integration with hand-held machines.12 cl, 10 dwg

Safety cam clutch // 2482343
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: safety cam clutch includes drive and driven semi-clutches installed on shafts and provided with engagement elements in the form of cams on the surfaces facing each other and a semi-clutch disengagement mechanism when limit torque is exceeded. One of the semi-clutches is installed with possibility of axial movement. Semi-clutch disengagement mechanism is made in the form of springs. The clutch is equipped with a cover plate fixed on the driven semi-clutch. The cover plate and the driven semi-clutch have engagement elements on the surfaces facing each other, and the springs are of wave type and installed between surfaces of the driven and drive semi-clutches, which face each other, and surfaces of the cover plate and the driven semi-clutch. Crests of wave-type springs are located in cavities between cams with formation of a gap between the surfaces passing through the top of cams.EFFECT: higher reliability of the device.2 cl, 2 dwg

Safety coupling // 2466309
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: coupling consists of composite housing, the parts of which are connected by bolt connection. Driven shaft is rigidly connected to one of the housing halves and drive shaft is mounted in bearings in all parts of the housing. At the free end of drive shaft inside the housing there is a gear that is brought into engagement with four gears mounted in intermediate part of the housing. There are cam gears on gear shafts that contact the rocker arms, on the free ends of which there mounted are the springs united in one loop.EFFECT: coupling structure simplification.2 dwg

Actuator containing overload protection device and designed for actuation of annular gear // 2459988
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: actuator includes motor, transmission and outlet shaft on which gear wheel is installed to bring annular gear into movement. Actuator includes mechanical overload protection device located between the last transmission element and root bearing of outlet shaft. Gear wheel is installed in end section of outlet shaft and engaged with annular gear.EFFECT: creation of actuator with improved overload protection.14 cl, 8 dwg

Hand-held machine // 2457104
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hand-held machine, primarily, to perforator or pneumatic chipper. Proposed machine comprises pneumatic impact mechanism, gearing, driven link made up of barrel with safety bushing arranged thereon. Safety bush incorporates spring element, set of gear wheels and half-coupling. Spring element is arranged on barrel ahead of set of gear wheels and half-coupling in direction of tool fastener.EFFECT: simplified design.8 cl, 3 dwg

Torsional disconnecting spring // 2443917
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: torsional disconnecting coupling includes sleeve, pulley and friction element. The latter is located between sleeve surface and pulley surface; at that, friction element is engaged due to friction with pulley surface or sleeve surface. At that, friction element transmits torque moment between the sleeve and pulley so that angular displacement appears between sleeve and pulley during transmission of torque moment.EFFECT: reduction or elimination of hazardous effects of torsional vibrations on belt drives.23 cl, 12 dwg

Arrester // 2419002
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: arrester consists of shaft and of stationary case. At least two units in form of rectangular bars with slots are secured on the case. Stop blocks enter the slots of the bars. The stop blocks are also made in form of rectangular bars with vertical cylinder pins. Screw mechanisms of stop block lifting and retainer screws are attached to the units. A disk with uniformly made orifices is mounted on the shaft; diametre of the orifices is larger, than diametres of the pins. Length of the unit slot exceeds length of the stop block at a value exceeding distance between centres of two neighbour orifices of the disk.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.5 dwg

Damper of torsional oscillations of low stiffness with control of friction torque // 2399812
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: damper consists of case, of external and internal hubs, of central helical spring and of multi-disk friction clutch. The central helical spring with its one end is attached to the case, while with the other one - to a flange of the internal sub. The friction clutch consists of disks with external splines and of disks with internal splines; friction bushings are installed between them. The central helical spring simultaneously functions for torque transfer and for compression of friction disks.EFFECT: reduced amplitude of oscillations of transferred torque.2 dwg

Safety clutch // 2381395
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to safety clutches. Clutch consists of solid casing, connecting driving and driven shafts. To one end of opening of casing it is got on parallel key on square-sided groove, and to the other end of casing there are got on several diving under parallel keys, which are clutch elements. Grooves allows inclined sides, even by circle and located parallel to axis of casing. Parallel keys are implemented with equilocated openings, in which there are inserted compression helical springs. Solid casing is connected to shaft by means of semicircles by bolts.EFFECT: design simplification and durability increasing of clutch.7 dwg

Clutch-shock absorber ma-50-er // 2376509
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, and particularly to clutches. Clutch- shock absorber contains external semi-clutch, fixed on input shaft and internal semi-clutch, installed on output shaft. Rotative moment from external semi-clutch is transferred to internal semi-clutch through tangential springs, inside which there are installed ribbon springs. On external semi-clutch by splined joint it is installed clamping disk, connected by rivets to frictional metalceramic disc. To internal semi-clutch by means of stalling screws it is fixed cover, connected by rivets to cast iron frictional disc. Clamping disk is pressed to specified cover by three axial springs through cast iron frictional disc. On internal surface of cover and on external semi-clutch there are located detachable rests. Between internal and external semi-clutches it is also installed gasket ring.EFFECT: there is provided damping of torsional oscillations, appearing in drive.2 dwg

Slipping clutch for at least one running wheel of rolling stock self-driven assembly // 2376176
FIELD: railroad transport.SUBSTANCE: rolling stock self-driven assembly shaft supports two motor-driven running wheels. Running wheel slipping clutch comprises ring-like opposed outer braking clamps. Outer clamps are made up of a part of running wheel and clamping ring rigidly coupled with the latter. Clutch also incorporates clamping ring squeezed between clamping ring and said part of running wheel. Note here that running wheel is driven by motor via axial clutch pivot articulated with running wheel via slipping clutch.EFFECT: possibility to adjust torque and damp drive linkage.20 cl, 4 dwg

Friction clutch for direct drive of angular motion of executive screw to capture, linear moved by this screw // 2374516
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to friction clutches. Clutch contains capture installed on the first component for its connection to the second component by means of compression of the second component to the first component. Additionally compression or release of the second component is specified by rectilinear displacement. Compression or release of the second component is implemented by rotary displacement of the specified component. Capture allow channel with thread segment, forming screw net to which it is fixed actuating screw for drive of capture. Additionally transmission of rotary displacement of actuating screw directly to capture provide limitations facilities of rotational moment, implemented with ability of capture of actuating screw and capture by means of interaction to internal thread segment of capture channel. Limitations facilities of rotational moment contain spring, on each of longitudinal end of which it is installed pusher.EFFECT: controllability increasing of system in phases of closing and opening.12 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for arrest of shaft stopped in arbitrary position, and device for its realisation // 2357110
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to machine building and may be used in machines and mechanisms for arrest of shaft stopped in arbitrary positional location. According to method for shaft arrest connecting gears are fixed to shaft parallel to each other, and these gears have common outlet link and identical transfer functions at free rotation of shaft, and in case of shaft arrest transfer function of one of mechanisms is changed, as a result, outlet link, and therefore shaft as well, can not move. Device for realisation of mentioned method consists of two parallel transfer kinematic chains with identical transfer functions, every of which consists of serially joined hinged four-terminal network and rocker-slider mechanism, inlet links of which are put in motion from shaft subject to arrest, and outlet link slider is common, crank mechanism installed parallel to hinged four-terminal networks so that slide block has common axis of rotation with outlet links of hinged four-terminal networks, and its inlet link - rocker performs combined motion with inlet links of hinged four-terminal networks. Mechanism link is guiding for outlet link - slider. In one of kinematic chains there are kinematic pairs of links that make it possible for connecting rod and outlet link of hinged four-terminal network and connecting rod of crank-slider mechanism to rotate around link for variation of transfer function of this kinematic chain.EFFECT: provision of stopless shaft arrest without application of additional external forces.2 cl, 4 dwg

Friction clutch with circular section ring and distribution device for correction ribbon with such clutch // 2351814
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to a friction clutch for a distribution device with a correction ribbon. The friction clutch has first and second main elements as well as tension elements. The first and second main elements are held with possibility for executing relative rotational motion. The first main element has a cylindrical element, coaxially passing through a circular opening of the second main element. The second main element has coaxial tension elements for holding and pre-stretching the elastic ring, directed around the tension elements. The tension elements are geometrically arranged in such a way that, the ring can be seen from the central opening in form of secant line sections. These sections radially bend outwards, when the cylindrical element of the first main element is put into the central opening of the second element, so as to create friction force between the ring and the outer wall of the cylindrical element during their relative rotational motion.EFFECT: creation of reliable friction force between surfaces.10 cl, 3 dwg

Centrifugal clutch // 2349807
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: centrifugal clutch comprises flywheel, driving shaft, gear box, centrifugal weights and jacket. Crankshaft has splines, on which drive half-coupling is movably installed as flywheel with gearing elements. Slave half-coupling is fixed on gearbox shaft, and this half-coupling comprises coupling cavities equipped with rolling paths, configuration of which has shape of joined cone tops, and gearing elements of slave half-coupling may move along these tops. Drive half-coupling is connected to crankshaft with the possibility of centrifugal control of automatic engagement and disengagement of half-couplings. Slave half-coupling may move in splines and is spring-loaded by elastic element depending on high sensitivity of unit to overloading processes.EFFECT: possibility of automatic engagement and disengagement of half-couplings and higher operational reliability of centrifugal clutch.2 cl, 3 dwg

Safety clutch for rolling stand main drive transmissions // 2349805
FIELD: mechanics, metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: proposed safety clutch incorporates a rotary-sliding sleeve, its one end receiving the spindle inner thread part and axially moving, while its other end envelopes, with heavy-keying fit, the spindle part comprising inner sleeve. Note that its rear end representing a sleeve continuation forms in the case of an overload, with help of a spacer sleeve and a gap swollen by operating fluid, an yieldable friction joint ruling out the turning. The force of starting axial shift is adjusted by the cylinder pressure. Additionally the spindle threaded section can be furnished with a rigid bearing section, while the spindle section with inner sleeve can have a floating support section.EFFECT: yieldable friction joint ruling out the turning.9 cl, 1 dwg

Automatic self-locking overrunning clutch for one-way transmission of reverse torque // 2347964
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive and machine building industries, particularly, to production of transmissions of multi-purpose vehicles. The overrunning clutch for one-way transmission of reverse torque comprises two driven half-couplings fitted on common shaft and rigidly jointed together and a driving two-way half-coupling. The driven half-couplings with RH- and LH-engagement ratchet teeth are fitted facing each other. The driving two-way coupling with RH- and LH-engagement ratchet teeth is fitted coaxially and between the aforesaid driven half-couplings to move axially to come into engagement with the driven half-couplings teeth. The driving half-coupling is spring-pressed to one of the driven half-couplings and is rigidly linked up with the control clutch. The latter can interact with the control yoke pressing, via another, more rigid spring, the control clutch together with the other driving half-coupling until engagement with the other driven half-coupling when torque direction varies.EFFECT: higher cross-country capacity, road-holding ability and roadability.2 dwg

Chassis of military caterpillar vehicle // 2329418
FIELD: security facilities, blasting.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to armoured machinery and can be used in chassis of military caterpillar vehicles equipped with fire protection facilities. The chassis of a military caterpillar vehicle contain a frame, a power unit, a power gear including a fan drive with a friction clutch and a cooling system with a fan, and fire protection equipment with an automatic control unit. The fan is secured on a driving hub made with a friction surface. A pressure plate is designed so as to interact with the friction surface of the driving hub. A driven hub is made as a whole with a body of a bearing and is equipped with a cartridge located in its inner cavity and able to rotate around its axis. A chamber forming container is assembled in the cartridge; and an exploder as a source of pneumatic energy is installed in the said container. At that the container is designed with an orifice hole communicating the inner cavity of the container with the chamber and rigidly connected to the driven hub. A feature of electric blasting of the charge of an explosive substance of the exploder is secured to a flange of the container. The said feature is made as a lock with a core. The core is electrically connected with the said automatic control unit, and the lock is equipped with a spring which presses the core to a detonating cap of the exploder.EFFECT: improvement of fire extinguishing efficiency in a motor-transmission compartment of chassis of a military caterpillar vehicle with hydro mechanic transmission.2 dwg

Safety clutch // 2327066
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and, in particular, to clutches that protect the structural components. The safety clutch contains a driving gear fitted on the shaft unfixed and a driven clutch fitted on the said shaft fixed the gear has a cavity accommodating along its inner perimeter a spring with bent ends held in the cavity by unbending force. The clutch has a bulge to interact with the spring ends during the shaft rotation. The proposed invention allows the clutch to transfer the torque in forward and reversed engine running, to drive the engine shaft up before hard coupling, to speed up to a peak load when the spring slips in the gear allowing a decrease peak loads in driving up and a protection of reduction gear components against breakage and abnormal wear.EFFECT: decrease in starting loads in driving the engine up and protection of the reduction gear components against breakage and abnormal wear4 dwg

Strip sowing drill // 2313206
FIELD: agricultural production, in particular, drills and combined units for direct strip drilling of seeds onto stubble and sod.SUBSTANCE: strip sowing drill has frame bearing supporting-drive wheels, hopper for drill equipped with seeding units, seed pipes, seed guides, covering rollers, and rotavation section. Rotavation section has tillage depth adjusting mechanism and is closed with housing. Working devices mounted on output shafts of rotavation section are formed as disks with L-shaped knives. Each of working devices has safety coupling consisting of driving half-coupling, driven half-coupling, and intermediate bushing. Driving half-coupling is mounted on output shaft of rotavation section and has radial protrusions provided on its outer surface. Driven half-coupling has radial openings and is equipped with disks. Intermediate bushing has radial cuts and diametrical slots on its outer surface. Each of radial protrusions provided on driving half-coupling is disposed in respective radial cut of intermediate bushing. Compression springs are positioned between protrusions at side opposite direction of rotation. Driven half-coupling is connected to intermediate bushing by means of spring-loaded stops positioned in radial openings of driven half-coupling and in diametrically opposite slots of intermediate bushing.EFFECT: improved quality of soil tillage, provision for direct strip drilling of seeds onto stubble and sod, prolonged service life of L-shaped knives and reduced consumption of power for rotavation process.2 cl, 2 dwg