Characterised by features not related to the direction of the load (F16C17/12)

Segment of sliding support // 2595237
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used in all industries both main element and axial and radial supports operated with forced feed of lubricant. Lubricant can be used either grease, either liquid or gaseous. In last case proposed design can be used in supports of machines intended for operation in extreme conditions: in aggressive media at high or low pressures and temperatures. Segment of sliding support consists of two parts moving to take up load on rotor side, and stationary one connected with machine body. In fixed part there is channel for supply of lubricant from source, and in movable part of segment there are channels for supply of lubricant in working gap of support, i.e. in gap between working surface segment and shaft neck or rotor foot. Segment also includes elastic support element made in form of flexible membrane of annular shape. Inner edge of membrane is attached to back surface of movable part of segment, wherein in fastening element there is channel for supply of lubricant in movable part from cavity in fixed part. Outer edge of membrane is connected to fixed part of segment, wherein membrane with cavity forms flow chamber. In centre of fixed part bottom there is threaded hole to allow access to fixing element during assembly and disassembly of segment structure. In operating condition of structure hole is tightly closed with screwed plug.EFFECT: technical result is provision of self-adjustment of movable part of segment, elimination of leakage of lubricant from inner cavity into environment, improving vibration isolating properties of support with disclosed segments.1 cl, 4 dwg

ulti-leaf gas-dynamic bearing with active control // 2581101
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to turbomachine building and can be used as support of high-speed rotors of machines and units loaded with radial loads, in aircraft cabin air conditioning systems, as well as turbo systems in modern car industry. Multi-leaf gas-dynamic actively controlled bearing comprises housing in slots of which overlapping blades are inserted, said blades arranged uniformly along circumference of housing. Piezoelectric actuators are inserted into housing, on which rest blades, which also enable to collect data on position of shaft and bearing surface deformations and to vary rigidity of supporting surface.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of reliability and durability of bearing assembly, longer service life, stability of movement and suppression of beats of shafts and rotors due to piezoelectric actuator by means of which it is possible to monitor and control rigidity of bearing surface.1 cl, 4 dwg

Flap gasodynamic bearing with active control // 2568005
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: flap gasodynamic bearing with active control contains the housing (1) which has 16-24 inserted piezoactuators (3) located evenly along the circle of the housing (1) which support the circular corrugated element (10) which, in turn, supports the thin flap (11), enclosing the shaft (12), and also allowing to scan the data on the shaft position and bearing surface deformations and to vary rigidity of bearing surface.EFFECT: improvement of reliability and durability of bearing assembly, increase of service life, stability of movement and suppression of beats of shafts and rotors at the expense of piezoactuator by means of which it is possible to control rigidity of bearing surface.2 cl, 4 dwg

Bearing assembly (versions) and method of bearing mounting in casing (versions) // 2556266
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention on the whole is related to a bearing, in particular, to the installation of a spherical bearing in a bearing assembly to be used in aerospace engineering. A bearing assembly (100) and method to form the bearing assembly comprising a casing (110) with a hole (132) are proposed. The hole has concave inner surface (134) on the whole. The bearing assembly includes a bearing (140) with an internal element (142). The internal element is movable around the central axis (A) and its dimensions allows for its location in the hole. The internal element has convex outer surface (144) on the whole which is mating the concave inner surface (134) of the hole. The casing acts as an external element of the bearing.EFFECT: reduced potential risk of fretting wear and corrosion, decreased weight and complexity of bearing design and decreased dimensions of the casing, as well as improved accuracy of bearing positioning and reduced risk of its displacement.22 cl, 6 dwg

Plain bearing and method of its manufacture // 2539022
FIELD: wood working industry.SUBSTANCE: plain bearing is made from compressed impregnated wood with a radial arrangement of fibres and uniform density along the whole section and contains greasing in amount 7-8% from the wood mass, and metal inclusion. The wood of the bearing contains nano-crystalline cellulose in the amount 0.5-0.8% from the wood mass, and the metal inclusion is implemented as a continuous nickel film in amount 4-6% from the wood mass with the width 0.8 mcm, covering internal surface of wood completely. The method of manufacture of the named plain bearing is also offered which comprises the manufacture of segments (4) of compressed impregnated wood with a radial arrangement of fibres and radiuses of rounding of the future bearing, application of glue, installation into auxiliary cartridge clip (1), pressing through a cone (2) with a cone angle (2), allowing to increase a density up to the value 1350 kg/m3 minimum, glue solidification and, if necessary, machining job along an internal diameter with a minimum rough tolerance.EFFECT: improvement of quality of a plain bearing and decrease of manufacture complexity.2 cl, 6 dwg, 1 tbl

Assembly of hydrodynamic ribbon bearing // 2485366
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: assembly of hydrodynamic ribbon bearing includes bearing housing (3) including hole (4) to provide the fluid medium flow to housing (3), at least on ribbon insert that includes at least one hole and restricts a cylindrical cavity to receive rotating shaft (11) into it, and devices for fluid medium supply from hole (4) to the gap between ribbon insert and shaft (11) through the hole of ribbon insert till film of compressed fluid medium is formed in that gap. The hole of the ribbon insert represents a parallel passing slot hole.EFFECT: providing additional supply of lubricant to a gap between external periphery of the rotating shaft and internal surface of ribbon bearing wall, preventing dry friction, reducing wear of ribbon bearing surface and increasing loading capacity of the bearing.14 cl, 16 dwg

Conic leaf-type friction bearing // 2437005
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: conic leaf-type friction bearing consists of bush enveloping journal of shaft. On internal surface of the bush there are made slots wherein there are inserted leafs. The leaves are protected from falling out with end covers screwed to a case of the bearing. In the middle of the bearing there is an amount of radial orifices multiple to the amount of leaves for supply of gas under pressure and for facilitation of additional gas-static pressure in a working area.EFFECT: conic leaf-type friction bearing increases reliability and service life of bearing unit, endurance, stability of motion and suppression of shafts and rotors runout owing to additional gas-static pressure in working area.7 dwg

Bow spring // 2364772
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to resilient elements of blade gasodynamic bearings used in small-sized high-speed turbomachines. The spring cut out from one plate contains multiple elementary arc-shaped springs (2) and (3). Springs (2) and (3) are located alternatively. Short springs (2) have equal length between reference edges. Long springs (3) also have equal length. The elementary springs (2) and (3) are interconnected by narrow bonding strips (8). Variable dependence of bow spring total tension on load is achieved due to difference in lengths for springs (2) and (3). Variable tension of bow spring in direction of elementary springs location is achieved due to variable width for springs (2) and/or variable width for springs (3).EFFECT: reduction of shaft and bearing friction surfaces deterioration at start and stop of turbine rotor, reduction of rotor radial shift in bearing under action of heavy load and providing high limit carrying capacity of bearing at high rotor speed, providing assignment of various maximum inflection values to elementary springs and providing ease of bow spring manufacturing.7 cl, 12 dwg

Foil journal bearing // 2362921
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: proposed invention relates to fail journal bearing. Aforesaid bearing comprises upper foil liner (1) meeting the requirements of equation t≥0.1·D0.33, where t is the foil liner thickness (mm), D is the shaft journal diametre (mm), key (2) welded to cut out part of upper foil liner, inner waved foil liner (3) arranged outside of aforesaid liner (1). Note here that wider and higher flutes, arranged in turn, and narrower and lower flutes form inner flutes. It includes also waved-foil liner (4) arranged outside of inner liner (3). Note here that inner flutes feature smaller height than that of aforesaid narrower and lower flute of liner (3). The bearing comprises also anti-impact sheet (5) to clamp inner outer flutes and bearing housing (6) arranged outside of aforesaid anti-impact sheet and furnished key (7).EFFECT: higher bearing capacity, stability and efficiency.2 cl, 4 dwg

Hydrodynamic thrust bearing // 2192569
The invention relates to a supporting bearings and in particular to means of preventing distortions for hydrodynamic air bearing