Adaptations of machines or engines for special use and combinations of machines or engines with driving or driven apparatus and power stations or aggregates (F03B13)

F03B13                 Adaptations of machines or engines for special use; combinations of machines or engines with driving or driven apparatus (if the apparatus aspects are predominant, see the relevant places for such apparatus, e.g. h02k0007180000); power stations or aggregates (hydraulic-engineering aspects e02b; incorporating only machines or engines of positive-displacement type f03c)(1057)

Pendulum hydraulic wave electric current generator // 2615288
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electricity and electrical machines, in particular, to electric current generators. Pendulum hydraulic wave electric current generator 1 comprises stator 2 and rotor, for which cores with coils and excitation system provide generation of electric current in free suspension of stator 2 in a floating vehicle. Floating vehicle is configured for cyclic oscillations by angle ±α during movement of water waves and performing same cyclic oscillations by generator 1 in transverse plane relative to vertical axis due to its constant orientation to centre of gravity of Earth. Axis 5 of suspension of stator 2 is aligned with axis of its free swinging and shifted relative to axis 5 of rotor rotation. Axes 5 and 7 are articulated via a system of gears.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing rotation frequency and power of electric current generated by generator with free rotation of rotor relative to stator.25 cl, 34 dwg

Device for stable underwater electric power transmission to drive high-speed engines or other underwater loads // 2614741
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering. Device for stable underwater electric power transmission to drive high-speed engines or other underwater loads, e.g. pumps, compressors and control systems, represents rotary stepped frequency change device, more precisely, frequency increase or decrease rotary device; it comprises engine and generator functionally connected so, that engine drives generator; at least, one vessel filled with gas and/or liquid, in which, at least, one of engine and generator is arranged, wherein cable length is long, which means long enough, to cause problems due to Ferranti effect at frequencies and power levels, suitable for underwater pumps and compressors engines. Through lengthy cable device gets power supply at input at sufficiently low frequency to have stable transmission. Functionally connected to engine device, at output outputs electric current frequency, current and voltage, suitable for connected engines operation. Hydrocarbon fluid medium underwater pressure increase system or other fluid medium comprises said device.EFFECT: invention can be used in equipment for electric power transmission to underwater loads, located far from platform surface parts or from shore, requiring transmission of high power.15 cl, 7 dwg, 4 tbl
Surf hydroelectric power plant // 2613476
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: outer cylindrical rotor (11) rotates under the influence of straight surf stream. Pawls are engaged with teeth of ratchet wheel (12), torque is transmitted to inner cylindrical rotor (10). Through a shaft (9) and a mechanical gear (7), torque is transmitted to a flywheel (5), a vertical shaft (4) and a generator (3) which produces electric current. During the action of reverse surf stream, pawls out of engagement with teeth, and torque is not transmitted to the inner cylindrical rotor (10), and the latter continues to rotate by inertia due to the energy stored by the flywheel (5).EFFECT: provision of high efficiency of surf hydroelectric power plant.2 dwg
Downhole generator of rotating magnetic field // 2613353
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a downhole generator of a rotating magnetic field. Downhole generator of a rotating magnetic field comprises a stator unit including stationary cylindrical housing (1) and winding (20) arranged in the first area (L1) of housing (1) and a rotor unit including permanent magnet (10) arranged in the radial direction outside the winding and turbine rotor (8) arranged in the second area (L2) of housing (1), which in the axial direction is adjacent to area (L1). Rotor (8) and magnet (10) are rigidly interconnected along the axial direction and are arranged onto housing (1) on both ends of the rotor unit respectively through the first bearing and the second bearing. Housing (1) includes internal axial channel (18) and radial channel (22) arranged in its first area. To output the generated electric power and/or a generated electric signal used is electric conductor (21), which passes through a radial through hole with a seal and is connected to the winding.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing power and optimizing the configuration of the generator.9 cl, 1 dwg

River hydro wind power plant (hwpp) // 2612499
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: river hydro wind power plant includes the hydraulic structures: 1 dam, shut-off valves 4, hydro turbine 5, hydrogenerators of AC 6, wind turbines 9 and centrifugal pumps 7, the control units 12 of the maximum and minimum voltage for controlling the number of operating pumps 7. The shut-off valves 4 provide the required concentration of the water flow and height creation. Hydrogenerators 6 convert the power of moving water into the electrical power. The wind turbines 9 and pumps 7 provide the water lift from the downstream 3 to the upstream water 2. To transfer the mechanical power from the wind turbines 9 to the centrifugal pumps 7 the electrical transmission of the direct current is used.EFFECT: increase of the annual electric power production and reduction of its cost.1 dwg

Breakwater and caisson breakwater unit // 2611917
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a caisson breakwater and, in particular, to a caisson breakwater unit containing an oscillating water column. Unit 100 of a caisson breakwater has windward and leeward sides 110 and 120 and comprises an oscillating water column. Caisson breakwater comprises base 20 installed onto sea bottom 5 and cover 50 made able to be arranged over base 20. Base 20 makes a water intake on windward side 110 and additionally forms water oscillating chamber 21. Cover 50 forms breakwater section 52 on windward side 110, turbine chamber 51, at least one air duct 58 connected with chamber 51. Cover 50 has a built-in additional essentially tight chamber 57.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at creation of an improved breakwater structure.16 cl, 17 dwg

ethod of hydro-electric turbine system transportation // 2610746
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of water transport and concerns hydro-electric turbine system (12) transportation method, as well as vessel (10), suitable for use in said method implementing, wherein vessel includes section (28), which is made with possibility of lifting and which enables possibility of vessel passage over said hydro-electric turbine system (12) part (16) during location in dry dock filled with water, wherein said base (16) part protrudes above water level in dock.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of time consumption and complexity during hydro-electric turbine system installation for transportation to installation point.14 cl, 5 dwg

Screw-type wave power plant (versions) // 2608795
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to hydropower industry and can be used for generation of electric energy from wave motion in seas or oceans. Screw-type wave power plant comprises shafts with screw blades forming a single-or multiple-thread screws that are located at an angle to the flow, a base, a reduction gear, connecting the lower ends of shafts, cardan joints connecting upper end of one shaft with the generator, the upper end of the other shaft with the thrust bearing. Generator and bearing are connected to the supports. Flexible cables are used as shafts. Screw blades are made with positive buoyancy. Generator, reduction gear and thrust bearing are arranged on separate floating bases connected to the supports.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at increasing the efficiency and performance of a power plant.2 cl, 2 dwg

Turbine for transmission of electric data // 2608429
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to turbine for transmission of electric data from one end of turbine to other end. Turbine (100) has first end (101) and second end (103). Ends (101) and (103) are opposite to each other. Turbine (100) comprises housing (104), shaft (102) located in centre of housing (104), engine (106), having a plurality of rotors, stators and bearings arranged between shaft (102) and housing (104), at least one non-conducting insulator, providing electrical insulation of shaft (102) and housing (104) from each other. Engine (106) is located between first end (101) and second end (103) of turbine (100). Non-conducting insulator is located between housing (104) and a plurality of rotors, stators and bearings or is located between shaft (102) and a plurality of rotors, stators and bearings.EFFECT: invention is aimed providing transmission of electric data signals.20 cl, 12 dwg

Floating structure fluid dynamic force use system and wind-propelled vessel // 2607713
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a floating structure fluid dynamic force use system and a wind-propelled vessel which uses fluid dynamic force system. Floating structure fluid dynamic force use system comprises an assembly which extracts energy from wind or water, and a floating structure which supports assembly. Assembly comprises a wind receiving part which receives fluid dynamic force, and a support column which supports wind receiving part. Assembly is positioned with centre of gravity thereof below water line, is supported to be capable of tilting relative to floating structure using any of following elements: pin joint, a universal joint, a pillow ball-type spherical bearing, and an elastic body support mechanism provided therebetween. Assembly is supported rotatably around a centre axis of support column with respect to floating structure. At least wind force is used as fluid energy. Force-receiving part includes a wind-receiving part for receiving wind force in air. Support includes an upper support, supporting wind-receiving part and a lower support, supporting a ballast set below water, upper support and lower support are connected to each other coaxially rotatably relative to each other in a rigid state with respect to a centre axis of support with a bearing provided therebetween.EFFECT: invention is aimed at compensating for overturning moment and reducing tilting.17cl, 19 dwg
Plant for conversion of fluid flow into energy // 2606211
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to systems and devices for generation energy from water flow. Plant (12) for generation of electricity from water flow includes convergent section (14), mixing chamber (16), diffuser section (20) and tube (22) for placement inside water weight. Section (14) is connected to first end of chamber (16) so that Venturi device (18) is limited between section (14) end and chamber (16). Section (20) is connected to second end of chamber (16). Section (20) is made so that during operation pressure at section (20) output exceeds pressure in device (18). At least part of pipe (22) is located in section (14), so that annular space is limited between pipe (22) and section (14) to form first channel for flow passage. Pipe (22) forms second channel for flow passage inside pipe (22). Inside pipe (22) there is turbine (26) connected to generator (28).EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at creation of plant for generation of large amount of energy from current water weight, especially in situations, in which there is a high volume flow rate of water at relatively low speed.32 cl, 12 dwg

Device and method of controlling or limiting rotor orbit in screw engines or pumps // 2605475
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is related to drilling, i.e. to rotary drilling hydraulic drives installed in borehole. Assembly of hydraulic downhole motor comprises screw motor having near end and far end and comprising stator and rotor. Stator comprises metal case, first elastomer material arranged in metal case, and first rigid material, arranged radially and directed inward from and at least partially covering first elastomer material. Rotor contains metal core, second elastomer material, located around metal core, and second rigid material arranged around second elastomer material. Stator first rigid material contacts rotor second rigid material.EFFECT: enabling limiting of rotor geometric center displacement trajectory.12 cl, 21 dwg

Distributor of microhydropower plant // 2603882
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to small hydropower. Distributor of a microhydropower plant is formed by a set of lengthwise ribs forming a set of guide channels to feed accelerated water jets to the hydraulic turbine impeller blades and arranged in an annular space between the outer and the inner shells of the unit basic housing concentrically surrounding the multiplier and the electric generator. On the inner shell there is a fairing. Housing equipped with a confuser is made in the form of a truncated cone, the central cavity of which is formed by the inner cylindrical shell. Guide channels are made in the form of cone sectors with variable cross sections in the water flow direction. Bases of the cone are arcs of the external and internal shells circles, and lateral sides are lengthwise ribs, height of which decreases toward the water flow outlet to the hydraulic turbine impeller blades.EFFECT: invention is aimed at reducing radial dimensions and material consumption, at providing manufacturability and ease of maintenance of the microhydropower plant distributor.1 cl, 4 dwg

Floating coastal hydro wave power plant // 2603849
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydro wave power industry. Floating coastal hydro-wave power plant comprises electric current generators installed in a hold, providing generation of electric current during cyclic turns-swings of rotor or stator due to inclination of housing of floating means by angle of ±α by front of waves arriving thereat. Generators are installed with possibility of free rolling on fixed in various combinations across or along axis of housing of floating means pairs of parallel toothed racks with horizontal arrangement of teeth, engaged with reversible and/or non-reversible gears fitted in various combinations on ends of housings of generators and at ends of shafts of their rotors. Number of generators installed on racks can be more than one, due to joining of ends of their shafts with binding plates, and generators and racks can be installed in housing of floating vehicle in several tiers.EFFECT: high efficiency of electric power generation.23 cl, 12 dwg

Floating coastal hydro wave power plant // 2603847
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydro wave power industry. Floating coastal hydro wave power plant includes electric current generators, providing generation of electric current at stators cyclic turns-swings by waves at angle of ±α. Rotors gravity centers are offset below their swing axis. Rotors or stators are fixed in floating vehicle in one or more tiers. At installation of generators in floating vehicle along its hull axis their swing axis is aligned with floating vehicle hull longitudinal axis, sectors of stator and associated sectors of rotor are diverted to hull boards, and floating vehicle is turned by board to waves approach front and fixed with anchors. At generators installation in floating vehicle frontally to its hull longitudinal axis with their swing axis perpendicular to this axis generator arc sectors radius and height are made with due allowance for filling of whole space in hull, floating vehicle is turned by bow or stern to waves approach front and fixed with anchors.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency of electric power generation.21 cl, 9 dwg

Hydraulic system of one basin tidal power plant with water engine with blade variable geometry // 2599012
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic construction and hydraulic power engineering. Device is intended for technological generating head in tide water area between sea and basin cut by a dam, and passage of water flow through four power unit water conduits with sequentially installed in three rows on 4 inexpensive and easily changeable water engines with variable blade geometry, in order to head of tide water column can be used for many times. Device comprises floating tidal power plant units sequentially arranged for multiple use of water flow, dead floating units of cut-off dam, flow-through floating units, fish-ways, navigation pass (lock) or flow-through construction coupling dams, road along the dam and gantry cranes for lifting equipment. Device comprises building power unit 1, which is included in head dam front installed after its remaining life by a tidal power plant building, as well as in addition to operating tidal power plant buildings to increase power by means of temporary guards of a dam repaired section by floating units, to ensure operating other tidal power plant buildings in standard conditions during one tidal power plant building disassembly. Building power unit 1 is collected in the place of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements 1-0 in building, having a machinery room in the centre and two water conduits 1-7 adjoining at both sides, having two-four water engines 1-1 with variable blade geometry. Water engines axis are located at the level of ocean surface at maximum low tide (mark 0.00). Basin bottom has water guide channel 5 to water engines, deepened to the blade height. Water guide channel 5 is a fish-way for fish passage during the maximum low tide.EFFECT: invention allows replacing damaged dam cutoff units of head front and buildings of operating tidal power plants without deterioration of operating other sections of the dam by inexpensive means, replacing outdated expensive types of turbines for cheap, quickly changable water engines with variable blade geometry, as well as increasing capacity of existing tidal power plants, applying new materials and new methods of construction for tidal dams taking into account engineering development.4 cl, 12 dwg

ethod and station of hydrodynamic wave energy conversion on slope // 2598922
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to use of wave energy to drive hydraulic generators. Method of conversion of hydrodynamic wave energy on slope includes operations of location of hydraulic generator in the vicinity of wave below the level of rest, gripping and progression of flows and slope wave to input of hydraulic generator, forming active head on it by means of station with booster. Coordinates of point are calculated with maximum flow speed at its impact on slope during wave progression and located around the station. Operating pressure on hydro generator is formed using energy of water flows flowing over station.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at reduction of energy losses, increased operating head, higher efficiency, simplified design and high sensitivity to small waves height, extended power, reduced number of mechanical elements.8 cl, 4 dwg

Hydrodynamic wave energy conversion station on slope // 2598921
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the use of waves energy to drive hydraulic generators. Hydrodynamic wave energy conversion station on a slope comprises a hydraulic circuit with two opposite convergent inputs, a gate of double action, a tubular branch with a hydraulic generator and a booster at its output. Booster is composed as an evacuated diffuser nozzle with an outer fairing and a removable apron with a water-jet ejector of double supply and a transition channel. Cross section area of the transit channel in opposite directions from its suction chamber above the diffuser nozzle is increased. Station is equipped with a corrector of its location on the slope and a regulator of steepness of the slope.EFFECT: invention is aimed at simplified design, higher reliability of the station, increased efficiency.1 cl, 4 dwg

River ice hydro-electric power plant // 2597732
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design devices for electric power generation by hydraulic energy of river flow covered with ice. River ice hydroelectric plant includes impeller 1 and generator 4. Wheel 1 is immersed in water flow under ice cover of the river. Blade wheels 1 allow water flow energy conversion into mechanical energy of rotation of rims 1. Wheel 1 via shaft 10 fitted in cylindrical housing 2 on bearings and coupled with generator 4. Housing 2 is vertically fixed in ice cover so that its top part together with generator 4 is arranged above the surface of ice cover. Housing top part 2 is made with formation of mounting disc 5. To disc 5 is rigidly connected generator 4, three mounting lugs 3 located in horizontal plane and arranged relative to each other at an angle of 120 degrees. Free ends of tabs 3 protrude beyond the circle of disc 5 and are made so that holes for screws, which also includes the plant.EFFECT: invention is aimed at creation of simple hydro-electric power plant for its use on the river, covered with ice.2 cl, 2 dwg

Sea wave plant // 2597713
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to alternative power engineering and is intended for use in the coastal area of large water areas. Sea wave plant comprises a support element in the form of vertical screw pile 1 with damper 2 at its end, made with the possibility of vertical movement of float 10 with attached rod 8 of piston pump 7, surrounded by vertical grate 4, pipelines, valves. Pump 7 is installed in the upper section of grate 4, the lower part of which is attached to pile 1. In the upper part of piston pump 7 there are holes protected with splash-proof cap 14.EFFECT: disclosed is a simplified design of a sea wave energy plant.3 cl, 5 dwg

Alternative hydroelectric power plant // 2597378
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to constructions for electric power generation from renewable sources. Alternative hydroelectric power plant contains reservoir of the upper pond 2, structure to place it at necessary height, which contains a building with an engine room, hydraulic turbine, a device to feed water to hydraulic turbine, wind motor 7 with vertical rotation axis, reservoir tail 1. Water head creates balanced tape water-lifting installation, driven by wind energy, starting from the low speed wind. For arrangement of reservoir of the upper pond 2 at necessary height, providing water head, one uses steel, reinforced concrete frame or other structure.EFFECT: invention is aimed at creation of alternative hydroelectric power plant, which uses balanced tape water-lifting installation, driven by wind energy, starting from the low speed wind, ensuring water lifting on the required height to create pressure required for operation of hydraulic turbines.1 cl, 6 dwg

Wave pump for use in small water turbines // 2597342
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Wave pump for accumulation of potential water energy to lift water to height using coastal wave energy in small hydroturbines comprises cylindrical turret with a piston-cylinder pair inside, inlet and outlet valves, support. Pump comprises cylindrical superstructure above turret with needle bearing between superstructure and turret, lever connected with holder on superstructure. One lever end is connected with piston in turret via con-rod, guide piston and rod. On axis of other end of lever is a bogie with keel and cylinders on axes of rotation at edges of bogie.EFFECT: invention shortens energy transportation path and provides easier maintenance.1 cl, 6 dwg

Damless hps with forced stream acceleration (versions) // 2596478
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to hydraulic power engineering and can be used for obtaining electric energy from hydraulic flows, including at low speed of water movement. In version of single unit device comprises storage water vessel filled with flow, accelerating device, turbine installed in vessel and connected via reduction gear with generator. Acceleration device is represented by rotary vane flow breaker connected by pull rod with float water level controller in vessel. When incoming water reaches specified level controller by means of pull rod connected with spring-loaded thrust, releases for movement switch blade and portion of water in the form of hydraulic pulse is transmitted on to turbine. Water level falls, controller releases thrust from tension which under spring action returns to initial position, stopping blade of turned flow switch for creating water reserve. In version of several modular devices installed in flow, their turbines are integrated with common shaft and connected via multiplexer to electric generator, and their float water level controllers in vessels are installed at different levels, which provides their series connection.EFFECT: higher efficiency of damless HPS.4 cl, 2 dwg

Energy storage devices and methods // 2592944
FIELD: energy. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to accumulating electric power plant, as well as to a method of energy accumulation. Pumped power plant includes at least one first and separated from second accumulating tank (11, 12), one pipeline (17, 18) of pumped gas, which is laid in first and second accumulating tank (11, 12) and which is connected with power and/or working machine pumped gas power plant or can be connected via switched valves and device (13) adapted to control expansion of pumped gas (4, 6) of one accumulating tank (11, 12) transfer expanded pumped gas into another accumulating tank (11, 12). Power and/or working machine (21, 22) of pumped gas is configured to generate specified pressure of pumped gas (4, 6) of various size in first and second accumulating tank (11, 12). Pumped power plant includes expansion machine injected gas to recoil energy to power supply network only by means of expansion of pumped gas. EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at effective accumulation of large amounts of energy. 7 cl, 2 dwg

Expanding turbine operating on basis of cryogenic liquid // 2592691
FIELD: engines and pumps. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an expansion turbines, operating on basis of cryogenic liquid. Turbine comprises turbine wheel (6) mounted on rotary shaft (8), at least one radial inlet (12) for cryogenic liquid to be expanded in expansion turbine, and dry gas sealing means (30) at a position along rotary shaft (8) between turbine wheel (6) and bearings (20 and 22). There is thermal barrier member (70) between turbine wheel (6) and dry gas sealing means (30), gas chamber (76) on dry gas sealing means (30) side of thermal barrier member (70), and inlet (78) for cryogenic gas into said gas chamber (76). EFFECT: use of invention is aimed at improving operating reliability of gas turbine. 21 cl, 3 dwg

Apparatus and method for generation of energy from fluid flow // 2592660
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to apparatus and method for generation of energy from fluid flow. Installation for mounting across water formation using pressure drop from pressure side to downstream side for electricity generation using water flow, comprises set of elements located at distance from each other. Each element defines extended flow channel and comprises pressure side and elongated downstream side. Each element is equipped with row of holes arranged along its length, and downstream side, passing and converging in direction of flow. Elements are arranged side by side so that opposite walls of adjacent elements define Venturi zone and first section of diffuser passing downstream of Venturi zone. Plant also includes flow channel, having inlet and outlet, turbine, arranged in flow channel, and generator connected to turbine. Flow channels are connected to outlet hole of flow channel so that water flow through Venturi zone makes water drawing in through channel flow outside via holes by resulting flow actuating turbine. EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at improved operation. 27 cl, 31 dwg

Wave power plant // 2592094
FIELD: electricity. SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for generation of electric energy from wave motion in seas and oceans. Wave power plant comprises a platform on pontoons with electric generator and rod with gear. On platform with help of stands there is an arc-like gear rocker. Rod is fixed on platform by means of movable joint. Lower end of rod located in water is equipped with load, and to upper end of rod is fixed a stator generator. Gear to whose axis is attached a generator rotor is pressed to surface of arched gear yoke with arc radius equal to radius of turn of rod on its hinge. EFFECT: invention is aimed at maximum adaptation of wave power plant to intensity of sea disturbance. 3 cl, 3 dwg

System and method for hydro-electric turbine // 2591970
FIELD: engines and pumps. SUBSTANCE: system 10 comprises a base B, a turbine T, mounted on base B, and a frame having an opening permitting frame to be advanced around turbine mounted on base B of turbine T via opening. Frame comprises a set of connectors 28 to engage with said base so as to enable lifting of turbine T and base B as a single unit. EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at simplification of lifting system and faster operation. 19 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of accumulating and generating electric power from alternative sources, including energy of explosives, as well as accumulation of energy from underloaded generating facilities // 2591359
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: substance of invention is similar to function of HPSPP and is intended for accumulating energy of alternative sources, as well as energy from underloaded generating facilities, for covering peak loads in electric networks and supporting networks from wind power plants during shortage or absence of their power. Energy from alternative sources and energy of underloaded generating facilities is converted pneumatically by compressor into compressed air, which forces out water through cavity of accumulating container. Container directed to water surface, is held at a depth of braking system to complete gaining of power. Upon gaining full power, braking system is braked, and container is directed upward to surface, which leads to overflow of ropes from upper block to lower block. Energy of overflow of ropes is tapped by extreme blocks of upper container, and on shaft, torque via reduction gear is transmitted to generator that generates electric power. In upper dead point there is air or gas release from explosion, which leads to overflow of ropes in reverse direction and electric power generation.EFFECT: in this technology, electric energy can be generated by using energy of explosive substances, wherein water from accumulating container is forced out by gas from explosive.1 cl, 1 dwg

Wind-water power plant // 2587731
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for driving of various devices, as well as for electric power generation. UVGSU comprises blades, changing their position relative to direction of wind or water flow, specifically: in working phase blades are installed perpendicular to direction of wind or water flow, creating maximum torque, and in idle phase are installed along direction of wind or water flow to create minimum resistance at back stroke, thus providing high coefficient of use of wind and water energy. UVGSU includes blades installed on periphery, on buckles connecting rims located at a certain distance on hinges and can rotate relative to axis o coupling until resting on supports mounted on upper and lower discs for low-power plants or on pipe connecting drives, for high-power units, having possibility of back-and-forth movement, supports are driven by cams rigidly seated on a stand and a spring located in housing of support. When blade is located at top, opposite wind or water flow, located along, supports are pulled out and blade is laid on supports. At further rotation together with supports, a blade is installed perpendicular to flow of water or wind, operating in part of trajectory as sail, creating maximum torque. At further rotation supports, falling in cavities of cams and by springs get out of contact, and blade, while remaining without support, goes into free float, being articulated on brace. At further rotation blade, with the help of wind or water flow, is set on wind or along water flow to create minimum resistance at back stroke.EFFECT: devices UVGSU can be collapsible and portable for tourists, geologists, fishermen since apparatus with small dimensions generates high power.4 cl, 9 dwg

Axial hydraulic turbine // 2587396
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: axial hydraulic turbine comprises distributor with inner case 2 mounted on shaft 11, impeller 5 arranged in chamber 6 with blades 7 of curvilinear shape, fixed on case 8, stream equalising part made of coaxial outer housing 18 and internal housing in form of bushing 19 and blades 20 of bent shape, by one ends secured on bushing 19, and other connected with external casing 18 by threaded joints 21. Front parts of blades 20 are directed against rotation of impeller 5 and rear parts are parallel to shaft 11 axis. Stream equalising part by one end of outer housing 18 is connected with chamber 6 of impeller 5, nearby housing 8 of which there is bushing 19 is mounted by one end with rigidly fixed drop-like cone 22 on other end, and by other end of outer housing 18 is connected with catch-water part 17.EFFECT: invention allows increasing efficiency of axial hydraulic turbine.1 cl, 8 dwg

Submersible free-flow microhydroelectric power plant // 2585161
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydroelectric power, specifically to design of free-flow microhydro power plants converting kinetic energy of free flow of water into electricity. Submersible free-flowing microhydro power plant includes blades 3, a sealed electric generator connected with hydraulic turbine with horizontal rotation axis. On shaft of hydraulic turbine 1 is rigidly installed frame 2, to which orthogonal blade 3 is mounted. Upper part of blade 3 is fixed with help of sliding bearing 4. Bottom is fixed by means of spring 5, one side of which is installed in frame 2, and other in blades 3.EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of blades of orthogonal turbine in order to increase resistance to vibrations, higher efficiency of free-flow submersible microhydro power plant.1 cl, 1 dwg

Wave-powered injector and method to inject fluids with its help // 2584743
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to injectors powered by wave energy. The injector comprises a submersible cylinder 102 fixed to the bottom of the water zone. The cylinder 102 is fitted by a hole 106. The cylinder 102 is affected by a submerged float 114. The submerged float 114 is made so that to hold the cylinder 102 vertically in the water. A surface float 126 is made so that it floats on the water surface in its operating condition in order to move up and down in the water in accordance with the wave movement and tidal movement. An elongated element 118 goes down from the float 126. The element 118 enters the hole 116 in a telescopic way to form a delivery chamber 148 inside the cylinder 102. The volume of the chamber 148 is changed along with the wave movement in delivering cycle in order to suck fluid into the chamber 148 while the element 118 goes up and discharge the fluid from the chamber 148 while the element 118 goes down. The length of the chamber 148 is changed depending on the tidal movement. The element 118 occupies the most of the cross-section area of the hole 116 at the section where the element 118 is drawn into the hole 116.EFFECT: invention is aimed at design simplification.20 cl, 7 dwg

aximum increase of energy extraction from moving fluid mediums // 2583181
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method and the system for energy extraction from the moving fluid mediums. In the method of extraction of mechanical energy from the moving mass of the fluid medium, the fluid medium enters the encapsulating agent. The slowing-down device reduces the speed of the encapsulated fluid medium almost to zero speed, passing completely or almost completely all mechanical energy initially in the entering fluid medium to the slowing-down agent.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increase of amount of extracted energy.19 cl, 16 dwg
iniature hydroelectric station // 2582714
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: claimed miniature electric power station with the hydraulic turbine horizontal axis integrated the electric generator arranged in the single basic housing. It incorporates the stator, rotor, output waterproof cable and vaned hydraulic turbine articulated with the rotor via step-up gearing. Said turbine includes the wheel 31, vanes 32, feed chamber, cowl, stator and straightener blades. Said electric generator represents the reversible design. The stator is shaped to the sleeve 9 accommodating the laminated core 10 with winding 11 and fitted on the stator fixed shaft 13 rigidly connected with the basic body. The rotor is shaped to the ring 23 with permanent magnets 24 arranged in its inner surface around said core 10 to make the radial working clearance and rigidly secured from both side to the rotor bearing discs 25, 26 resting via the bearings on the shaft 13. Hence, the rotor hollow body is composed to house the core 10 with winding 11.EFFECT: decreased overall dimensions and material input, higher reliability and power output per unit weight, longer life.7 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of testing of hydro-electric turbine // 2581260
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of testing of hydro-electric turbine 10 containing a stator and a rotor located with the possibility of rotation inside the stator, has the following stages: a turbine 10 securing on a transportation ship 18, the turbine 10 and ship 18 transportation to an open water space, the turbine 10 location such that the rotor is submerged, and the transport ship 18 and turbine 10 transportation by water such that to ensure the rotor rotation.EFFECT: assurance of the possibility of the turbine operability identification prior to installation and securing on the sea bed.15 cl, 2 dwg

Wave power system // 2580994
FIELD: energy; construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydrotechnical structures for power generation and simultaneous protection of shore from storms. Wave power complex is arranged in water with properties of electrolyte in zone of wave motion. Complex comprises converting elements 1, electrically connected to each other in parallel. Every element 1 is made as electric current generator and comprises bearing base 3, magnetic system of permanent magnets 2 arranged on basis 3, protective plate 4, current collector and current-collecting bus 5. Current collector is made in form of contact-rectifier module 6 with paired connecting terminals, made with possibility of being connected to terminals of adjacent elements 1 with aligned polarity. Magnetic system is covered from above plate 4 of dielectric with buses 5. Ends of one bus 5 are connected to terminals of positive polarity module 6, and ends of second bus 5 are connected to terminals of negative polarity. Polarity of magnets 2 arranged along edges of the base 3 and oriented along longitudinal axes of buses 5, is same and opposite to polarity of magnets 2 located between buses 5.EFFECT: simplified design and provision of direct conversion of wave energy into electrical one.4 cl, 5 dwg

obile wave power plant // 2580251
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydropower industry and can be used for generation of electric energy from wave motion in large water reservoirs, seas or oceans. Mobile wave power plant comprises floating platform with a wave-receiving chamber connected with air duct and air turbine connected to electric generator. Wave-receiving chamber is made in the form of v-shaped extended along the wave front of the tunnel with side walls inclined lower plane at its input and with spring-loaded valve at the output of the narrow part of tunnel connected with air duct, connected to the storage of compressed air. Output of the storage is connected to air turbine. Platform comprises a cavity filled with water to create controlled buoyancy. Platform is connected with the support by means of flexible cables.EFFECT: invention is aimed at creation mobile, simple design, maximum using energy of waves.3 cl, 2 dwg

Device for conversion of mechanical energy of water medium movement into electric energy // 2579794
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering and can be used for conversion of mechanical energy of water medium motion into electric energy. The device for conversion of mechanical energy of water medium motion 3 into electric energy contains a support 4, a sealed flexible strip panel 1, attached to a support 4, 1 elements converting mechanical impact on strip panel into electric signals which are embedded into fabric of the flexible strip panel 1, elements converting these electric signals into unipolar electric current which are embedded into fabric of the flexible strip panel 1, and electric current is supplied to the consumer. The whole flexible strip panel 1 has buoyancy and it is placed from below up in the water medium, being kept by the base 4.EFFECT: invention is aimed at providing free interaction of the device with the fluid water medium.1 dwg

Float wave power plant // 2579284
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: float wave power plant comprises float 1, deflector 2, vane 3, and anchor 4, rope 5. Float 1 is in the form of a circular cylindrical pipe. Inside the float 1 is placed fluid bag, the upper part of which is a discharge duct with a cylindrical turbine chamber in the form of a circular tube with a horizontal axis. At the top of the camera is attached diffuser, covered with a flap. Turbine is installed in the camera and cinematically connected with the multiplier. Multiplier and generator are installed in the cavity of float 1 at the bend of the pressure duct. Deflector 2 is designed in a cylindrical shape and is mounted above the plug rotatably along a vertical shaft, which is attached to box 3 weathervanes. On the side surface of cylinder 2 deflector placed window air intake and exhaust of compressed air. Window release compressed air taken from flag weathervane 3.EFFECT: invention aims to increase the percent generation of electric energy, to increase reliability and to ensure the ability to control the flow of compressed air turbines.5 cl, 5 dwg

Underwater tidal power plant // 2579283
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic power engineering, in particular, to devices generating electric energy due to sea wave energy conversion, formed during tidal effects. Underwater tidal power plant comprises generator 1, consisting of hydraulic turbine and generator arranged in a sealed housing and kinematically connected with hydraulic turbine, frequency converter 6, through which generator 1 is connected to external power system and control system. Hydraulic turbine is made of blade type, and generator with excitation from permanent magnets. Generator 1 is installed in metal cylindrical frame 2, to the upper part of which are connected hollow tank 3 for holding frame 2 in underwater buried position. To the lower part of frame 2 are attached ropes 4, by one end connected with carcass 2, and the other with fixing units 5, lowering to sea bottom. Converter 6 is arranged on the shore and is connected to hydrogenerator 1 by means of electric cable 7. At the ends of frame 2 there are conical device to make water flow inlet confuser 8, and at outlet-diffuser 9.EFFECT: lower construction costs, higher efficiency and reduced weight and dimensions of the power plant.1 cl, 1 dwg

Float wave power plant of floating natural gas liquefaction plant (lng) // 2578615
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marine power engineering and is intended for producing electric energy from sea waves. Float wave power plant floating natural gas liquefaction plant comprises vertical cylindrical housing accommodating mechanical sea wave energy converter including a screw pair, spring, sinker, gear freewheel clutch, adapter, the shunt gear, a multiplier, electric generator. Additionally there is module-pontoon 2, which is made in the form of cylindrical waterproof cover. Inside the shell there are at least four mechanical sea wave energy converter, each of which includes a gear pair. Ball screw pair is made in the form of screw arranged in vertical plane and interacting with nut installed in a fixed base. Sinker is made in the form of a sphere and is attached to the upper end of the screw, where between a sinker and base coaxially to the spring. On the surface of the nut drive wheel gear pair is secured coaxially.EFFECT: higher sensitivity of mechanical energy converter of sea waves at their low amplitudes, increased percentage of sea wave energy conversion into electric energy.1 cl, 5 dwg

agnetomechanical boiler, magnetic fluid for controlled energy exchange in magnetomechanical boiler and use of magnetic fluid as energy exchange medium in thermal power facilities // 2578240
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: magnet-mechanical boiler comprises a sealed housing of the heat generator filled with ferro-fluid where ferromagnetic rotor is submerged with through channels for circulation of the magnetic fluid within the housing, which is arranged in a thermally insulated tank filled with coolant and provided with nozzles of thermal-hydraulic connection with thermal energy consumers, on the outer surface of the ferromagnetic rotor there is formed additional short-circuited winding as a copper-coated cylindrical surface and at its lower end blades are formed; the rotor shaft is hydraulically insulated from coaxial propeller agitator tank, the bottom of which arranges heat storage tanks filled with a fusible material; ferromagnetic stator further has through longitudinal slots of a magnetic fluid circulating along the working play between the rotor and stator windings. Invention also suggests using magnetic fluid for controlled energy exchange in magnet-mechanical boiler and using the said magnetic liquid as controlled medium in heat power engineering objects.EFFECT: invention increases efficiency of energy exchange and heat transfer.7 cl, 5 dwg

Installation for recovery of energy of sea buoys // 2577924
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to renewable energy sources and can be used for wave-measuring and navigation buoys. Installation for energy recovery of sea buoys comprises floating hull, in which there is a support in the form of frame 1 with guides 2, upon which travels inertial body 3 with elastic suspension. Suspension is equipped with two units 4 installed in upper part of frame 1. In lower part of frame 1 there is a system of air damping that includes case 10, piston 11 and outlet 12 with variable diameter. One unit 4 is connected with generator 13. Accumulator 16 is connected with generator 13 via transformer 14 with variable transformation ratio and diode rectifier 15. Computer 17 is connected with generator 13 output and accumulator 16. Step motor 18 connected with computer 17 and device 19 for changing the outlet diameter of air damping system.EFFECT: invention intended for higher efficiency, higher reliability, and longer service life of installation due to reduced wear of mechanical parts and elimination of battery recharging.1 cl, 1 dwg

Power generation and accumulation process // 2577433
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: claimed process comprises water flow energy conversion with application of water ram in the pressure water duct, accumulation and storage of converted energy in sealed pressurized air vessels. For process implementation, said pressure water duct is provided with radially displacing parts of the walls and hemispherical covers are arranged there above. Said covers are rigidly and tightly connected with pressure water duct fixed walls. The pipes to be connected to the suction and delivery air lines are arranged at said covers. Said delivery lines are connected with vessels. Pressure water duct walls moving parts are radially reciprocated to suck atmospheric air into the space under said covers and compressed at constant temperature therein to displace the vessel air at the pressure initiated by intermitted water ram in said pressure water duct.EFFECT: simple, non-polluting generation, accumulation and storage.3 cl, 2 dwg

Float wave power plant // 2577074
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marine power engineering and is intended for producing electric energy from sea waves. Float wave power plant comprises float 1, deflector 2, wind vane 3, cable 4 and anchor 5. Float 1 is made in the form of round cylindrical pipe with base bevelled to outwards. Inside float 1 there is curved in vertical pressure air duct representing pipe of round cross section which upper part contains plugged diffuser. Turbine is installed on the straight section of bend in the cavity of pressure air duct and is kinematically connected with multiplier increasing speed of electric generator. Multiplier and generator are arranged outside pressure air duct in the cavity of float 1. In the lower part of pressure air duct the pneumatic-hydraulic chamber is installed representing pipe of round cross section which diameter is equal to diameter of pipe of pressure air duct. Lower end of pneumatic-hydraulic chamber is communicated with sea.EFFECT: invention is aimed at reduction of metal consumption and increased percentage of electric power generation.4 cl, 5 dwg

Underwater hydrostatic power plant // 2574686
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: underwater hydrostatic power plant comprises a cylindrical vessel divided into compartments and fixed to the bottom of the water reservoir, closed at the ends by covers with inlet and outlet nozzles, equipped by barrier lattices and valves. Inside the cylindrical vessel along with water flow the following components are serially installed: a filtration compartment, where a perforated container is placed, filled with filtering medium; a buffer compartment, filled with filtered water; a power generator compartment, in which a power generator is installed, electric slots, electric cables, automatic control and monitoring equipment, a control transformer, a start accumulator and discharge pipes; a turbine compartment, where a hydraulic turbine is installed with a horizontal shaft and a suction pipe, connected via the shaft with a power generator rotor and via discharge pipes with the buffer compartment; a spent water removal compartment, where the perforated container is placed, filled with porous, mechanically strong, corrosion-resistant material, and a latticed electric water heater arranged near the edge of the outlet end of the perforated container.EFFECT: increased efficiency of an underwater hydrostatic power plant during utilisation of potential water energy of deep-water reservoirs.3 dwg

Damless micro run-of-river plant // 2572255
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: damless micro run-of-river plant contains a hydraulic turbine 1 with blades 2, and machine section 3, held by anchor poles 9. Casing of the micro run-of-river plant is made as hollow ellipsoid of revolution, and is divided along length to halves containing hydraulic turbine with blades 2 and machine section 3 with installed inside generator 5. The micro run-of-river plant is installed in the rectangular channel-tray 11 out of planks, along its sides the pockets with stones are arranged for reliable securing on the river bed. In the front part the leaves-shutters 17 are arranged on hinges to direct the water flow to the hydraulic turbine 1 upon their opening by 30…45 degrees at angle to axis of the micro run-of-river plant, to increase flow speed and to direct the water flow bypassing the turbine 1, when the shutters are closed.EFFECT: invention designs compact and reliable micro run-of-river plant for fail-safe power supply of small consumers.4 cl, 6 dwg

Hydraulic wave energy-to-electric energy // 2570789
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic wave energy-to-electric energy is intended to convert wave energy to electric energy. The hydraulic wave energy-to-electric energy comprises frame, rod 3 having cylindrical and helical parts, ellipsoidal float 4, interlock that prevents rotation of rod 3 around vertical axis, body 5 fixed to the frame with rotor 6 placed inside that converts reciprocating movement of rod 3 to rotating movement of rotor 6 and flange 7, whereat magnets 8 are fixed so that they are rotated with rotor 6. Float 4 is represented by elastic corrugated pipe 19 with extension spring 20 inside it, via switching of three-position of electromagnetic distribution valve 14 connected to compressed air source the above pipe may be interconnected with atmosphere through air duct 15 and change its length within limits equal to half of the wave length.EFFECT: effective electric energy generation is provided due to fast change of the float length up to value equal to half of wave length.2 dwg

Floating wave energy generator // 2570788
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: floating wave energy generator is intended for conversion of wave energy to electric energy. Wave energy generator comprises frame 1, rod 3 having cylindrical and helical parts, ellipsoidal float 4, guide 14, body 5 fixed to the frame with rotor 6 placed inside that converts reciprocating movement of rod 3 to rotating movement of rotor 6 and flange 7, whereat magnets 8 are fixed so that they are rotated with rotor 6, interlock 15 that locks position of rotating disc 16, through which float is rotating around the vertical axis. Float 4 is fixed rigidly at rod 3. Guide 14 excludes spontaneous rotation of rod 3 around vertical axis.EFFECT: effective generation of electric energy is ensured due to float rotation around its vertical axis and in result change in projected length of ellipse major axis from zero up to maximum value equal to half of wave length in cross-section perpendicular to direction of the wave movement.4 dwg