achines or engines for liquids and wind, spring, or weight motors and producing mechanical power or a reactive propulsive thrust, not otherwise provided for (F03)

F03            achines or engines for liquids; wind, spring, or weight motors; producing mechanical power or a reactive propulsive thrust, not otherwise provided for(6776)

Hydroelectric power generator // 2628942
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric power generator contains a main and an auxiliary wave generators, wave power stations of the float type connected to a single power system, and a hydroelectric power processing and accumulating unit. The auxiliary generator is made in the form of a pendulum, the axis of which is built into the pillar support. On the long arm of the pendulum, a container with a liquid is fixed, for example with alcohol, and at the end of the short arm a rod is attached, connected with a ratchet mechanism for converting the reciprocating motion of the pendulum into a one-sided forward rotation of the star wheel shaft of the main wave generator. A container of water intake from the reservoir is fixed to each ray of the star wheel. The main wave generator is provided with a lock chamber for water discharge to generate wave processes on the surface of the reservoir. The receipt of hydroelectric power is provided by creating wave processes on the surface of the reservoir and by converting the vibration energy of the floats into electricity.EFFECT: achieving a higher power of the hydroelectric power station by introducing an auxiliary wave generator, as a result of which the energy generated by the wave power plants is completely supplied to the power storage unit, the installation of an additional current generator in the lock chamber of the main wave generator, operating from the mechanical energy of water discharge.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of giving movement to a working wheel and a working wheel of hydroturbine // 2628254
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of giving movement to the impeller consists in forming the main torque using the reaction of the inflowing fluid when the flow interacts with the main blades 5 arranged by the convex side to the flow and as much as possible changing its radial direction and the additional torque using an outflow liquid with further interaction of the flow with additional blades located concave sides to the flow.EFFECT: increase in the efficiency of the hydroturbine due to additional energy extraction from the liquid at the outlet of the impeller.2 cl, 8 dwg

Control method of the hydraulic gate drive for the hydraulic gate with the electric machine, operational diagram, the hydraulic gate drive and the hydroelectric power station // 2627999
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: drive has the asynchronous machine (210), operated as the asynchronous motor/generator to control the gate. The machine (210) has the brake (230) with release the brake device. The method contains the following steps in which the emergency closing situation is detected and/or indicated, the brake (230) is released by the release the brake device in the event, when the insufficient power is indicated. The machine (210) is activated by the gravity force of the hydraulic gate shield or the roller gate. The machine (210) is operated automatically, at that the rotating field is formed. The machine (210) is operated in the generating island operating mode, in which the rotating field is generated automatically.EFFECT: creation of the method and device to control the hydraulic gate or the roller gate drive, which during the emergency shutdown provides the gate shield release passively.24 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of protection against ice covering, using carbon fibre and anti-ice system for wind generators, based on application of this method // 2627743
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of protection against the ice covering, using the carbon fiber, which includes the following steps: installation on the surface layer or at the nearest to the surface layer of the carbon electroheating plates blade, forming the heating layer. The different power is set for the carbon electroheating plates in accordance with the linear velocity change in different radial positions of the wind turbine blade during the operation; the release of at least one heating area in the heating layer at different sections of the blade. The carbon electro-heating plate of each heating area is connected to the current output of the corresponding thermostat by the parallel, series or series-parallel connection; the temperature sensors installation near the carbon electro-heating plate and on the heating areas surfaces; casting of carbon electro-heating plates, temperature sensors and other structural layers in one piece with the blade, using the vacuum impregnation technology. The temperature sensor of each heating area is connected to the signal input of the corresponding temperature controller, the temperature and humidity sensor of the ambient air and wind speed is connected to the signal input of the thermostat. To maintain the temperature of the heating areas outer surface, exceeding 0°C, the thermostat controls the operation of the carbon electro-heating plates of the individual heating areas in accordance with the signals of the temperature and humidity sensor of the ambient air and wind speed and the signals from the heating areas temperature sensors.EFFECT: stability and uniformity of heating and energy saving.8 cl, 7 dwg
Wind power installation and lightning protection block for wind power installation // 2627618
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wind power installation includes a nacelle (104) and a rotor that has at least two rotor blades (108). The rotor blades (108) each have a rotor blade integral portion (108a), at least one metal conductor (220) serving as a conductor for the struck lightning, and a conductive ring (230) connected thereto that is provided in the region of the root portion of the rotor blade. On the nonrotating part of the nacelle (104), the lightning protection unit (240) is fixed in such a way that the lightning protection unit (240) rests on the ring (230). The lightning protection unit (240) has two rollers (241) and a lightning rod mast (242), the free end of the lightning rod (242) being from the outer end of the rollers (241) at a distance that defines the spark gap.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of lightning in the blade area.5 cl, 3 dwg

Wind turbine and wind turbine tower // 2627011
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: the wind turbine contains a tower that has a service door with a door lock and a partition wall on the outside that extends essentially over the entire surface of the service door and has a recess. The door handle is located in the recess area. The outer side of the partition wall at least partially protrudes outside the door lock. The service door has a grid consisting of vertical and horizontal struts on its inner side.EFFECT: turbine reliability increase.4 cl, 4 dwg

Wind power plant and control method for wind power plant // 2626901
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: wind power plant has a central control unit (200) of the wind power plant, a plurality of wind power plants (100) and a data bus (210, 220) for connecting the central control unit (200) of the wind power plant to the plurality of wind power plants (100). Each of the wind power plants (100) has a control unit (120) that is configured to control the operation of the wind power plant (100) independently of the central control unit (200) of the wind power plant in the event of a malfunction in the central control unit (200) of the wind power plant and/or occurrence of a malfunction in the data bus (210, 220). The control unit (120) is configured to sequentially turn off respective wind power plants (100).EFFECT: increased degree of response to malfunctions in the wind power plant.3 cl, 2 dwg

Controlled connection of components, wind power plant, method of monitoring compound of components for detecting undesirable disconnection of the united component // 2626878
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: controlled connection of components comprises a first component forming the holding parts, the second component forming the receiving part, and a connecting part that retains the second component and the first component in the connected state, wherein the connecting part is engaged within the connector receiving means in the receiving part. To monitor unwanted loosening components connected to the connecting receiving means can be influenced by the test pressure and the test pressure can be monitored to determine the deviation caused by the defect, which is sufficient to indicate the loosening connected components.EFFECT: exception of loosening for uniting connected components.29 cl, 12 dwg

Wind power station // 2626498
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wind power plant contains an air duct consisting of sets, each of which includes a nozzle in the form of a confuser with an input part, a working part, a diffuser, in the output part provided with guiding blades, a wind wheel mounted with bearings and supports in the working part, an electric generator connected by means of transmission mechanism with a wind wheel. The air duct is installed inside the technical floor of the high-rise building, the entrance part of each confuser is located in the building wall, and the outlet part of the diffusers is located on the roof of the building. On the inlet part of the confuser and the outlet part of the diffusers there is a protective grid.EFFECT: reducing the energy loss of the flow to the flow by using the full aerodynamic effects of the flow around the building while reducing the cost of the equipment.2 cl, 3 dwg

Wind engine // 2626265
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: wind engine mounted on a base containing vertical blades mounted around the blades between the top and the bottom plates wind-guiding walls, one ends of which are located at the circumference, describing the blades, and the other ends are withdrawn to the periphery. The opposite ends of adjacent walls are arranged along a straight line running through the axis of the wind engine. The blades are further provided with an upper cover and a lower cover with annular beads corresponding to the annular grooves formed in the upper and lower plates and formed a labyrinth seal with them, the upper plate covered with a convex casing, the lower plate forming the upper base of the truncated pyramid which side planes are rigidly connected to the base. The planes of adjacent blades are conjugated with cylindrical surfaces, and each annular bead is provided with at least three wheels equipped with couplings mechanically connected to electric generators.EFFECT: increase the service life of the design and increase the coefficient of use of the wind flow.2 dwg

Floating coastal hydro-wave power plant // 2626188
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: floating coastal hydro-wave power plant that uses the energy of its body (1) rolling by waves and wind, contains cargoes (2) moving relative to the body (1), kinematically connected to the shafts of the electric generator rotors, to which end the cargo (2) bases are made along a circle arc and have the possibility of arc moving in the body (1). Cargo (2) is freely installed along and/or across the axis of the body (1) by its lateral cylindrical surfaces on parallel to them supporting rollers (5) with the possibility of the cargoes (2) stable orientation to the Earth's center in a vertical plane and their free rotation along the arch of their base when rolling the body (1) by waves and wind. The support rollers (5) are kinematically connected with the rotors and stators of the electric generators.EFFECT: providing effective power removal with a wide range of parameters and wave energy.25 cl, 22 dwg

Wind engine // 2625890
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: wind engine contains a horizontal shaft, multi-bladed wind wheel, mounted thereon with inner and outer shells, between which the main blades of the first level are located. Each main blade has a stiffener in the front, and on the working surface, through each meter of the stiffness plate with an increasing angle of attack to the air flow, the outer shell of the wind wheel is additionally secured with cable stretches in amount, equal to the number of the main blades of the first level.EFFECT: higher efficiency of the engine.5 dwg

ethod of measuring the angle of setting rotor blades // 2625414
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of fixing an angle (α) fitting the blade to the blade (16) of the rotor for the rotor (10) of the wind turbine (1) comprises the steps of positioned and aligned non-contact measuring device (2) in front of the wind turbine (1) to align the azimuthal position of the wind turbine (1) relative to a measuring device (2) operate rotation of the rotor (10) of the wind turbine (1), taking measurements and fixed profile (26) of the blade (16) of the rotor or parts thereof, at a predetermined height by a contactless measuring device (2) and define an angle (α) fitting the blade for the blade (16) of the rotor from the data recorded during the taking of measurements (26) profile.EFFECT: precise fixing of the angle of the blade unit.10 cl, 5 dwg

Wind power plant // 2625080
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wind power plant comprises a modular wind turbine with a power shaft and an energy converter, wherein in the modular wind turbine the rotors are made in the manner of Savonius rotors with at least three curved blades between the end disks within each module, and adjacent modules are made with an angular displacement of blades, power shaft is made in the form of a hollow cone, the cross section of which in the lower part does not exceed the lower end disk. The cone can be round or truncated.EFFECT: increasing the sailage of blades and increasing the efficiency of wind energy usage.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for mass calibration of working medium, gas at normal conditions, in electric propulsion system cylinder and method of its mass determination // 2624688
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: device for mass calibration of working medium, gas at normal conditions, in electric propulsion system cylinder includes a working medium supply main to the electric propulsion system motors, a measuring line with a pressure sensor installed on it, a normally open shut-off valve and an additional cylinder installed on the measuring line in series between the cylinder of the electric propulsion system and the pressure sensor are inserted, at that, the additional cylinder has a volume in 500…1000 times less than the cylinder of an electric propulsion system, and is equipped with a heating element and a temperature sensor.EFFECT: ability to measure electric propulsion systems at any time of operation both in space and in terrestrial conditions of the working medium mass.2 cl, 2 dwg

Thermo-mechanical converter ("russian engine") // 2623728
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: converter has heating and cooling zones installed in the bearings of the rotor with heat-sensitive elements, as well as a spool device controlling the flow of the heating and cooling coolants supplied to them. The rotor is made in the form of a bimetallic drum, mounted on an elastic sleeve with heat exchange channels, adjacent to the spool device. The reel is equipped with rollers contacting with its surface. This design of the reel gives it the property of changing its shape with the temperature difference of individual segments (segments) of its surface, while tangential interaction forces are created at the points of its contact with the rollers, creating a rotational torque on the rotor.EFFECT: converter operates at low speeds, does not create noise and vibrations.5 dwg
Wind-heat converter-accumulator // 2623637
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: wind-heat converter-accumulator having a housing with a confuser, a turbine in the form of truncated cone with grooved blades and a vertical axis, as well as secondary, air- or hydrodynamic energy converter, connected to a heat accumulator, with an automatically varying angle of blade inclination. The housing is made in the form of a snail, the side walls of the confuser are mounted on the hinges and are spring-loaded, and on the side of the confuser adjacent to the snail there are magnetic latches. The outlet channel is made in the form of a bell, which has a frame with a shell on the side of the oncoming wind flow.EFFECT: stable heating of premises at the maximum use coefficient of wind energy.2 dwg

ethod of obtaining electric power in operation of injection and development wells // 2623318
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic motor and a power generator connected to it through a shaft are lowered on a suspension into the production string of the injection or development well down to a level below the static level of the fluid. The annular space between the bodies of the hydraulic motor and the power generator and the production string are closed by a packer. When the level in the well is increased or lowered by injecting or removing fluid out of the well, due to the fact that the dynamic level always tends to static, the fluid will drive the hydraulic motor and the power generator generating power supplied to the wellhead through an electric cable.EFFECT: reduction of energy costs and increased efficiency.2 cl, 2 dwg

Energy conversion method (versions) // 2623059
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: process of energy conversion in the first embodiment, is the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the liquid optical maser (OK-generator) or microwave generator (microwave generator), which causes the liquid to light or radio respectively the hydraulic effect, while the liquid is in the blasting chamber with the possibility of movement within the explosion chamber as a result of exposure to radiation and with its subsequent impact on the conversion element according to the invention is carried out periodically the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the liquid contained in the explosion chamber, excluding liquid emissions from it, and each subsequent exposure to liquid electromagnetic radiation is carried out after the return to the fluid, located in the explosion chamber, excluding liquid emissions from it, and each subsequent exposure to the liquid by electromagnetic radiation is performed after the liquid return to the starting position after the previous exposure. There is a version of the process of energy conversion.EFFECT: simplify the method of energy conversion, expanding the functionality of the energy conversion method, reduction of energy losses.19 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of installing a container power plant with relevant equipment in the field of its use and devices for realisation of the method // 2622975
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of installing a container power plant with remote equipment at its locations includes the installation of a container and remote equipment consisting of solar panels (SP) and wind-electric generators (WEGs) installed on a container, and SP and WEG installed on screw piles at some distance from container. The container is installed with orientation to the sides of the light in such a way that its left long side is located to the south. Make marking on the ground and twist the screw piles. Assemble metal structures on the south side of the container for installing SP on the container and screw piles, then install SP. Then, according to the scheme WEG masts are set on the container and piles through the appropriate fixture enabling tension stretch marks. Installation sequence of SP and WEG define on the basis of the weather conditions. The container is installed on a flat surface. The mast fastening system to the pile consists of the lower detachable part of the mast, to which the cylinder with a through axial hole is welded, with a bolt inserted into the hole. The assembly is bolted to the pile holes through the corner connection. The special fastening unit consists of the lower detachable part of the mast, which is bolted to a welded box-like structure fixed in turn through a bolt screwed into a nut welded to the plate, which is laid in the lower folding unit of the container.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the mobility of the power plant and to simplify its installation, dismantling.7 cl, 19 dwg
Wind power plant // 2622728
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wind power plant contains a stand, a generator, a device for converting torque into electrical energy and a vertical shaft communicated with it, on which there are at least two hemispherical blades. Unlike the prototype, an additional shaft is coaxially mounted in the vertical shaft. Vertical shafts are rotatable in opposite directions and are provided with horizontal rods. At the ends of the horizontal rods are hemispherical blades with an axial hole and a hollow truncated cone inside, rigidly connected by a large base with an aperture. The smaller base of the cone is provided with a shutter with a check valve.EFFECT: increased stability with simultaneous increase in the unit speed of the installation in extreme weather conditions.11 cl, 5 dwg

Reactive hydroturbine // 2622685
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: reactive turbine consists of a lower shell, which is connected to the upper hull, a pipe line fixed to the lower hull, a hydraulic manifold, made in the form of a sealed chamber with blades of the first turbine. Inside the pipe there was pressed a copper pipe with a helicoidal thread, flared over its ends. In the upper part of the pipe, a slot nozzle is fixedly fixed, made in the form of a cylinder with rectangular slots in the upper part of the lateral surface of the cylinder. The nozzles and blades of the turbine of the rotor form a second turbine. The hydraulic collector with the power take-off shaft, the shaft, the cone surface of the rotor, the pipes, the supply nozzles, the second turbine form the turbine rotor. Pipes intended for supplying liquid are made with a helicoidal thread and fixed to the conical surface of the rotor during the rotation of the turbine rotor. The nozzles of the second turbine are rotatably mounted together with the turbine rotor.EFFECT: increase of energy efficiency of reactive water turbine.1 dwg
Wind turbine plant // 2622678
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wind power plant comprises at least one wind turbine and electric generator 1 with shafts connected on one axis mounted on the suspension device. The suspension device is elastic element 2, for example a spring, and the wind turbine is composed of at least two upper and lower impellers 3 connected to each other by means of straight vertical blades 4, the upper end of the elastic member being suspended by means of fixation devices to a natural elevation, artificial constructions or buildings 5.EFFECT: increased work safety in case of strong winds.1 dwg

Orthogonal wind motor with inclined folded blades // 2622455
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering. The orthogonal wind motor with the inclined folded blades comprises a wind wheel installed on housing of the planetary reduction gear, located in hollow PTO shaft with installed on it power tooth-wheel and for contact current collector, a central braked axle with installed at bottom end reverse worm drive, and at top end there is a weathercock assembly of blades self-orientation to wind, coupling and pushers to open the kinematic links of the folded blades, rollers for planes rotation of the folded blades at right angle to central axis of rotation, power take-off device and support mast. The hollow PTO shaft assembly, bottom part of central braked axle with reverse worm drive, and PTO device in form of a generator assembly are locate d in independent fixed closed housing beyond the support mast. Above the reverse worm drive on the braked central axle additionally six-contact current collector is installed, and drive of the lifting platform is installed outside the carrying hollow shaft. The pushers opening the kinematic links of the folded blades are made in form of arc-like plates and secured on rotating frames, the rotating rollers are installed on external edges of the lifting platform against blade axles, and on top end of the braked central axle under the weathercock assembly additionally a spring-loaded rotating anti-storm flag with pressed contact switch of circuit of wind wheel spontaneous stop and blades folding during storm.EFFECT: invention increases the generated power and anti-storm protection.3 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of oil transportation // 2622119
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method involves oil running through a pipeline or its transportation by a main line pump driven by an electric motor. Converting electric power into mechanical power is provided by the interaction of conductors or windings under electric current with magnetic fields after supplying electrical voltage by a rotating rotor of a given mass and a moment of inertia, which is mechanically connected to the pump. During the supply of voltage to the windings at a start-up, mechanical power is accumulated, which is, in turn, obtained when a part of the electric power is converted during the acceleration of the rotor. This accumulated mechanical power is maintained and applied in the steady-state operation mode of the motor in the form of kinetic energy. As a result, a sum of two components of the total mechanical work or energy is obtained: the first is the work of the electric current for rotating the rotor with the pump in the steady-state mode, and the second is the work of the accumulated mechanical power converted from electric power during acceleration of the rotor rotation, which is used together with the first one.EFFECT: increased efficiency of transportation due to reduction of electric power costs.1 dwg

Device for converting geothermal energy into electrical energy // 2621440
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a wellbore with a pipe casing, which bottom part is closed with a lid and represents a steam boiler, which is connected to a steam turbine by inlet and outlet pipes, equipped with pressure check valves, the steam turbine is kinematically connected to electric current generator The open end of the outlet pipe is axisymmetric to the pipe casing, descends to the boiler bottom through the steam boiler lid, forming a single-circuit inner space, while working fluid supply controller is mounted on the inlet pipe and ensures supplying such amount of working fluid that it does not flow into the bottom part of the boiler and serves as asteam superheater.EFFECT: invention enables to carry out the conversion of geothermal energy into electrical energy regardless of underground water source presence.5 cl, 2 dwg

Oscillation limiting unit, and device, structural segment for building block and wind-driven power plant with oscillation limiting unit // 2621427
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: unit (100) has a support structure (150) with a base plate, a pendulum system (101) with a pendulum weight (110) and a suspension system (120) for suspending a pendulum weight (110) on the support structure (150). The suspension system has a suspension (130) of the pendulum weight travelling in the direction of suspended axis, where the pendulum weight is fixed on the support structure by means of a hanger (170). Thereby the suspension system (120) has a plurality of pendulum spring elements (140) extending in the direction of suspended axis ("НА"), and the pendulum spring element (140) of the plurality of pendulum spring elements has a spring (141) designed as a compression spring and equipped with a spring plate (181 ). The hanger (170) of the suspension (130) of the pendulum weight has a swivel head (131) which is fixed to the support structure and has a pendulum bearing formed as a sliding bearing. The pendulum spring element (140) has a spring holder which is adapted to change the adjustment of the spring length, i.e. for adjustment of the spring force. The spring plate (181) is, on the one hand, placed at a distance from the base plate, which, on the other hand, has a support profile (182) which carries a variably controlled adjustment mechanism (180), wherein the support profile (182) has an end stop and an actuator.EFFECT: reliable decrease of the oscillation amplitude.28 cl, 9 dwg

Engine on the hall effect // 2620880
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the engine (1) on the hall effect with adjustable thrust, wherein the final stage of the magnetic circuit contains mutually opposite inner pole (18) and outer pole (15). The inner pole (18) is shifted along the axis downstream relatively to the inner pole (15), so that the magnetic field (M) is inclined relatively to the transverse plane of the engine (1).EFFECT: increase of efficiency.10 cl, 7 dwg

Device and production method of workpieces for rotor blades of wind-driven power plants, and also rotor blade and wind-driven power plant with such rotor blade // 2620419
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a device (1) and a production method of end parts workpieces (101) for the wind-driven power plants (versions) rotor blades and the wind-driven power plant. The device contains the winding mandrel (3a), which is made with ability to rotate for winding of preferably band-shaped fiber composite material. The device (1) contains also mounted with ability to move along the winding mandrel the impregnating device (5) for the fiber composite material impregnation before being wound into the winding mandrel, and the loading mechanism (7) with the storage device to supply the fiber composite material, mounted with ability to move along the winding mandrel, preferably simultaneously with the impregnating device. The method contains the feeding operation of the fiber composite material by means of the loading mechanism. The material is fed through the impregnating device to the winding mandrel and the winding of the fiber composite material into the winding mandrel is performed by rotating it.EFFECT: manufacture of the end parts for the rotor blades with the minor variations in resistance.15 cl, 6 dwg

All-season micro run-of-river plant // 2619969
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydropower industry and is intended to deliver electric energy to small loads at places without power transmission lines. All-season micro run-of-river plant comprises separately located hydraulic turbine 2 in the river stream 1 and machine room with a multiplying gear 4, a generator 5, and an inverter 6 with battery 7 on platform 8 on tree or pile above level of floodwater. The torque transfer from shaft of the hydraulic turbine 2 to the multiplying gear 4 is performed by flexible shaft located inside the pipe 11 filled with non-freezing solution. The hydraulic turbine is located in half opened housing and rotates on vertical shaft. The blades are made out of two folded halves on axle with fluoroplastic inserts.EFFECT: invention creates a compact and reliable micro run-of-river plant for all-season power supply of small loads.7 cl, 8 dwg

Run-of-river microhydro power plant // 2619966
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended to provide the electrical power to the small settlements, camps of geologists, hunters, fishermen, logging companies, by conversion the river channel flows power into electrical power. Run-of-river microhydro power plant (microPP) includes a body 1 in the form of the cylindrical shell, consisting of two halves - the turbine 5 with the blades 7 and the engine room with the generator 27, closed from the ends by the non-rotating pull heads 2 and 3, connected rigidly by bolts 35 with circular heads 37 for the anchor rods 38 with delimiters. The axial turbine 5 is installed at the through hollow axle 4, having the internal thread at the ends for locked bolts 35.EFFECT: invention is directed to the development of the compact with simplified cylindrical body reliable microhydroPP for uninterrupted power supply to consumers.4 cl, 5 dwg

Hydraulic shock absorber with electric generator // 2619884
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic shock absorber comprises a working cylinder 1 with a working fluid and mounted within an integral stem 3 and piston 5 with a compression valve 6 and return valve 7. Compensation chamber 11 is connected to the working cylinder 1 and has an additional piston 12 inside, which separates the working fluid and the inert gas, and a separating piston 14 with the valve 15. The compensation chamber 11 is formed in the cavity of the rod 3. Around the middle part of the compensation chamber 11 there is coil 16 of the linear electric generator, which is concentrically positioned annular permanent magnet 17. The working fluid in the compensation chamber 11 is a ferromagnetic liquid.EFFECT: energy recovery of the shock absorber elements vibrations into the electrical power.1 dwg

Gas-waterjet drive of wave power plant // 2619670
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marine power engineering and is intended for producing electric energy from sea waves. Gas-waterjet drive of a wave power plant includes inlet convergent nozzle 10, channel-pipe 12, gas supply pipe 13, device for supply and increasing the rate of air. Drive is equipped with a module-pontoon, which includes at least four gas-waterjet drives, each of which comprises an inlet grate, output knee 21, multiplier 18, electric generator 17 and rotor 16, which is arranged in the cavity of channel-pipe 12. Device for supply and increasing the rate of air is made in the form of chamber 14 coaxially placed around channel-pipe 12, in which there are holes 15 for passage of the atmospheric air. Rotor 16 is made in the form of a hollow screw pipe of rectangular cross section with horizontal shaft 20, from which the torque is transmitted to multiplier 18 increasing the RPM of electric generator 17.EFFECT: invention is aimed at the increase of power generation from a renewable energy source - sea waves and maintaining viability of hydrobionts.4 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of launching spacecrafts into geostationaty orbit using electric propulsion engines // 2619486
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method comprises launching spacecraft (SC) into exchange orbit with an apogee altitude of more than the altitude of the geostationary orbit (GSO) and a pericentre altitude below the GSO. The final launching of spacecraft is carried out in two stages, at the first stage the inclination of the exchange orbit is reduced by means of electric propulsion engines of high thrust (e.g., electrothermal ones), providing its natural evolution for the settlement period. Then the pericentre altitude of the exchange orbit is increased, ensuring that the spacecraft misses the inner radiation zone. At the second stage the spacecraft is launched into GSO using electric propulsion engines of low thrust (e.g., ion or plasma ones). Inertial orientation of the spacecraft remains unchanged throughout the second stage. The drift speed of the spacecraft is changed in the desired direction and the final launching is combined by the eccentricity to longitude reduction along with the changes in the eccentricity of the orbit.EFFECT: reduction in time and resources connected with the preparation for the arming operation and launching spacecraft into orbit of normal operation.4 cl, 3 dwg

Hydraulic device with design improved relative to its switching into operating mode // 2619436
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: device 1 comprises a casing 6, which forms the first assembly. The shaft 2 forms the second assembly. The first and the second assemblies are made with the possibility to freely rotate relative to each other. The cam 3 with multiple projections is connected to one of said assemblies, the first or the second, while rotating. It contains the distributor 51 and the distributor cover 52. The cylinders block 4 is mounted with the possibility of free rotation relative to said first and second assemblies. It comprises the coupling means with the other of said assembly, while rotating. The hydraulic device 1 comprises returning means tending to displace the cylinders block 4 with the purpose of its disengagement while rotating with said first and second assemblies. The distributor 5 is configured to provide the clutch of the cylinders block 4 while rotating with the other of said first and second assemblies at the pressure feeding. It can be used in vehicles.EFFECT: ability to carry out the drive using the nearest driven motor with less effort, slip, wear and noise, and to prevent shock or pressure surges.15 cl, 16 dwg

Engine on the hall effect // 2619389
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the engines on the Hall effect and particularly to the engine (1), downstream edge in the annular channel (2) thereof has a variable cross-section to allow change in thrust and specific impulse.EFFECT: invention is aimed at producing an engine on the Hall effect capable of operating both in a high thrust mode and in a high specific impulse mode.7 cl, 4 dwg

Heated rotor blade of wind turbine // 2619388
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a blade (1) of a wind turbine rotor (100). The blade (1) of the wind turbine rotor (100) comprises a heating device (33) to heat the blade (1) of the rotor disposed in the blade (1) of the rotor in the surface area of the rotor blade. The heating device (33) has electrically conductive heating wires (2). The heating wires (2) have a sinusoidal, wavy or zig-zag passage shape with an amplitude defining the amplitude of a sinusoidal wave, the wave height or, respectively, the height of peaks and with a wavelength defining the distance between two peaks of the wave or of the distance between two neighbour peaks, respectively. The amplitude and / or the wavelength varies along the heating wires (2) to provide control of specific characteristic of the surface heating of each section of the heating device (33).EFFECT: increase of the specific characteristic of the heating of the rotor blades and in particular of the rotor blades tip.16 cl, 5 dwg
Tethered aircraft with all-weather integrated wind and solar power plants // 2618860
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: tethered aircraft with all-weather integrated wind and solar power plant is configured with ability to use hot steam to create the lifting force and to generate the power. It consists of a wind part, which is located in the through-wind channel within the housing, containing: the inlet and outlet nozzles, connecting sleeves and sections consisting of power plants, each of which includes a wind wheel, pulleys with axes, connected by flexible links, which transmits the rotational movement from the wind wheel to the electric current generators; and sunny part, flexible solar cells of which are located on the outside protective cover of the soft body. The housing is made up of the segments with outer side heat insulation. The wind wheel is arranged with ability to actuate into rotation by the wind flow, that occurs when it passes through the housing, which is made as a cylinder, vertically fixed to the ground by means of the electric winches. The housing segments are heat insulated from the atmospheric side and provide the air heat therein, and the creation of wind flow, the speed of which is controlled by selecting the input nozzle section area and the cross section area of the connecting sleeve.EFFECT: environmental improvement.
Ion source for electrostatic rocket engine // 2618761
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: ion source comprises ionic and electron emitters, made of high purity silver in the form of pyramids or cones that act as reservoirs of the working substance, the surface of the ion emitters are coated with a thin film solid electrolyte crystalline mobile silver ions. Reliable operation of the ion source, its resistance to mechanical vibrations and accelerations provided by the rigid structure, wherein no reservoir of gaseous or liquid working medium and the system is in its power supply.EFFECT: due to the higher density of the working substance proposed by the ion source is capable of generating a greater number of ions per unit volume of the working substance than discharge ion sources and sources with low-temperature ionic liquids.1 dwg

Device for the transformation of low-potential geothermal heat into electricity // 2618714
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device for the transformation of low-potential geothermal heat into electricity contains a stack with airentrance windows at its base, a reception basin, a wind wheel connected to an electric power generator. On the circular base outside of the tower there are water-distributing system and irrigation ditch inclined pane topped with a roof that is installed above the airentrance windows. The water-distributing system is made in the form of an annular pipe with branch pipes located at the bottom of inclined planes, at the same time, the water sprayers are placed on so that the water drops fall from above on the inclined planes of the sprayer. The space between the base ring and the roof forms a heat exchange area between the warm water developed surface and the outer air current. Two horizontaly bridged wells are inserted into the unit, with the upper end of one of them connected to the ring pipe of the water distributing system through the supplemental pump, and the upper end of the other well connected to the reception basin through the valve, and connected to a fresh water source through the pump.EFFECT: introduced into the unit elements expand the area of the unit application.2 dwg

Electrical rocket engine // 2618636
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed to the surface of the guide means for moving the solid fuel ramjet in the plasma source material from the solid fuel ramjet travel cover glassy film in the form of nanomaterials.EFFECT: provision of a reliable supply of solid fuel in the plasma source material during continuous operation of the electric rocket engine at low negative temperatures.2 dwg

Autonomous wind farm // 2618152
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: autonomous wind farm contains a vertical rotation shaft (2), which working elements are blades (3), formed as part of a hollow sphere or a part of a hollow cylinder, mounted on a vertical shaft. The vertical shaft (2) has the form of the hollow cylinder, on the body of which there are blades (3), inserted into the blades fastening grooves with retainers. The vertical shaft (2), mounted in the upper part (1) on the electric generator rotor shaft, which is located inside the hollow cylindrical body (4). The cylindrical body (4) has the greater length and smaller diameter, than the vertical shaft (2) hollow cylinder and it is inserted inside it. The body (4) is provided with a removable supporting panels (5) of the lower part, and from the top it is closed by the vertical shaft (2).EFFECT: increase of the wind power capacity and efficiency.1 dwg

Atmospheric compressor jet-powered vehicle // 2617863
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: atmocpheric compressor jet-powered vehicle contains the fuselage (1), the wings (5) with ailerons, fin, rudders of rotation and height. The fuselage has a housing (17), wherein there is the crankshaft (18). The power modules are installed on the wings, where the rectangular cylinders (28) are mounted, having the piston (29), and the length of the cylinders is parallel to the fuselage. There are the flow channels (32) from both sides of the cylinders, which from the rear side are alternately opened or closed by the curtains (25). The counter air during the flight enters into the closed flow channels and presses on the pistons, which are moving in the cylinders across the flow channels in the forward and reverse directions, depending on the curtains position. The air goes out from the opened channels. The pistons, connected by the rods with the crankshaft, rotate it, and the rotary compressor (8) and the current generator (14) as well. The compressor captures the air from the fuselage front and discharges it into the heating chamber (12), where the air is heated from the electric heaters (13) and goes out from the nozzle (15) with high speed.EFFECT: reduction of the drag.2 dwg
Navigation buoy with integrated power plant // 2617607
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: navigational buoy is proposed having streamlined sealed body divided into compartments, light-optical LED equipment located at the head of the body, solar power plant, consisting of a light-optical device, an autonomous power supply (battery) and rechargeable energy device with a mechanism to connect it to this source that converts thermal sun energy into electrical energy and placed inside the solar concentrator whose functions are performed by optical device based on a Fresnel lens, wave power plant, mounted inside the housing comprising a cylindrical container with a stator of a linear electric generator, on the axis of which the rod is moving in the guides; on the rod, the rotor with permanent magnets of the linear electric generator is mounted; at the end of the rod, a stabilizing ballast is installed, made hollow in the form of a float, the stator winding is connected to the charger input, the output of which is connected to the battery from which the light-optical equipment energised. One more solar power plant is introduced, made in the form of a sphere mounted on the perimeter of the LED emitter and connected to the battery.EFFECT: increases capacity of the navigational buoy power plant, simplified structure.1 dwg

ethod of production and accumulation of electric power from human body, autonomous self-responsible power source and electronic device worn on human body // 2617543
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in method of obtaining and accumulating electric power from the human body, the heat energy released by the human body is used to operate the Stirling heat engine, which is made with the possibility to convert the temperature difference at two points of space into mechanical motion transmitted to a generator generating an electric current that, in turn, charges the battery. An autonomous self-charging power source using the heat energy emitted by the human body contains a battery charged by a generator generating an electric current that is driven by the mechanical motion transmitted from the Stirling heat engine, the working fluid of which is enclosed in the isolated space and the engine is driven by alternating heating and cooling of the working fluid. The working fluid heating is carried out by the thermal energy released by the human body, and the working fluid cooling is carried out through the cooler by the surrounding space. A wearable electronic device that can be worn on a human body comprises an autonomous self-charging power source. Wherein the wearable electronic device can be made in the form of a computer.EFFECT: appearance of electric current and accumulating the electrical power for the constant autonomous self-charging of the power source for electronic devices in contact with the human body by converting the heat energy produced by the human body, increasing the autonomy of the work of the electronic device worn on the human body, substantially increasing the device operation time without using external sources of electrical power, improving the operation reliability and durability of the electronic device in contact with the human body.35 cl, 10 dwg

Wind turbines and method for wind turbine operation // 2617529
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method for operation of a wind turbine (1) with a rotor (6) from rotor blades (8) with a substantially horizontal axis of rotation for electrical energy generation from wind energy, the wind turbine (1) is oriented so that the azimuthal position of the wind turbine (1) deviates from wind orientation (16) for azimuth adjusting angle and/or installation angle of the rotor blades (8) relative to the rotation cycle is being adjusted so that the variable loads caused by a wind profile (16) in height are being reduced. The wind turbine (1) runs in the profile operating point deviating from a normal operating point, wherein a normal operating point, in particular, in the partial load range has a normal blade installation angle calculated for the prevailing wind (16), but excluding the wind profile, and provides proper orientation of the azimuthal position of the wind (16), the profile operating point provides a profile azimuthal position deviating from the normal orientation at an angle of azimuth adjustment, and has a profile blade installation angle deviating from the normal blade installation angle on the blade adjustment angle between the azimuth adjustment angle and the blade adjustment angle perform weighing so that the azimuth adjusting angle value on azimuth weighting factor is greater than the blade adjusting angle value or the blade angle adjustment value on a blade weighting factor is greater than the azimuth adjustment angle value. Azimuth weighting factor and blade weighting factor, respectively, are greater than 1.2, preferably greater than 1.5, and in particular greater than 2.EFFECT: reduction of height loads, reduction of sound emissions, increase in productivity.10 cl, 4 dwg

Hydro-electric power-plant // 2617369
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydro-electric power plant contains mounted on the displacement base two hydraulic turbines 1, placed symmetrically about the longitudinal axis 4, along which its axis of rotation 3 is oriented, made with ability of reverse rotation, kinematically connected to the electric generator 5, the anchor device 6, ballast tanks 7. The rotors 2 of hydraulic turbines 1 are provided with screws 9 of variable pitch, the blades of which are arranged with ability of forced rotation. Displacement base is made streamlined. Along the longitudinal sides of the base the wells 12 are made. The hydraulic turbines 1 are installed at the ends of the towers 13, the second ends of which are provided with ballast 14. The towers 13 are passed through the wells 12 and mounted on the horizontal axis 15, with ability to swing in the wells 12 in the planes parallel to the axis 4. The ballast 14 weight, taking into account the size of the lower tower 13 is sufficient to hold the longitudinal tower axis 13 vertically at rotors 2 rotation.EFFECT: efficiency increase of flow power conversion into the power, that is used to rotate the generator.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for wind turbine operation // 2617312
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method for operation of at least one wind turbine (31) comprises the next steps: registration of tower oscillations, introducing of oscillations reduction mean if the registered oscillation of the tower is a longitudinal oscillation (40) or contains it and the amplitude of the longitudinal vibrations (40) exceeds a predetermined limit value. The oscillations reduction mean includes the actual installation angle fixturing on the actual value for a predetermined fixturing period.EFFECT: decrease of the longitudinal oscillations of the tower.13 cl, 3 dwg

Wave electric system // 2617025
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wave electric system comprises a supporting element, a water pressure sensing element made in the form of a ball-shaped float 8, with the ability to move it in a vertically fixed bar lattice 4, an electric generator 15. The float is connected to the toothed link with the possibility of turning movements around the axis 11. On the float 8 outer side a belt 10 of sliding along the vertical bars 5 of the grating 4 is fixed horizontally in a circumferential direction. The toothed link has the form of a circle in any cross-section.EFFECT: ensuring the operation of the wave electric system in case of any change in the waves direction.2 cl, 6 dwg

Device for electric power generation // 2616704
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Device for electric power generation, comprising an air duct, a first heat collector, heating elements, accumulator-radiator, turbine generator, second heat collector, control unit, storage battery, electric converter, wherein first output of first heat collector is connected with heating elements, output of which is connected with accumulator-radiator, output of control unit is connected to first input of turbine generator, first output of which is first output of device, output of accumulator is connected to input of electric converter, output of which is second output of device. Device additionally comprises a vortex separator of heat carrier, pump, rectifier-charging device. First input of device is connected to first input of air duct and second input of turbine generator, second input of device is connected to vortex separator of heat carrier, first output of which is connected to input of first heat collector and second input of air duct, second output of first heat collector is connected to first input of pump, second input of which is connected to output of control unit, and output is connected to input of second heat collector, first output of which is connected to first output of air duct, second output of vortex separator of heat carrier and is third output of device, second output of second heat collector is connected to second output of turbine generator, third output of first heat collector and input of control unit, first output of turbine generator is connected to input of rectifier-charging device, output of which is connected to input of accumulator, second output of air duct is connected to output of accumulator-radiator and is fourth output of device.EFFECT: invention is aimed at obtaining electric energy from heat energy of cooling circuit of cooling tower using cooling tower as air duct.1 cl, 1 dwg