The fuel or oxidant being gaseous at standard temperature and pressure and and (F02C3/22)

System and method for evaporating gas processing on the ship // 2628556
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: ship includes the liquefied gas storage tank and the medium pressure gas engine, that uses the liquefied gas stored in the storage tank as the fuel. In addition, the ship also includes a system and method for processing the evaporating gas (BOG), in which the BOG leaves the storage tank and it is compressed. Most part of the BOG is used as the fuel for the ship engines, and the part of the other BOG is liquefied by the BOG cold energy, that has just left the storage tank and returns to the storage tank.EFFECT: effective use of the evaporating gas on the ship.20 cl, 6 dwg

Power plant // 2597715
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Power plant comprises combustion chamber, inside which there is a burner, which is a blind branch pipe with attached thereto pylons, uniformly arranged in a circle and having in cross section a V-shape, in which there are channels for fuel outlet, ignition device arranged on side surface of combustion chamber, turbocompressor consisting of interconnected turbine and compressor connected with electric generator, wherein turbocompressor turbine is located in inlet part of combustion chamber, and output of compressor is connected by pipelines with a heat exchanger located in outlet part of combustion chamber, wherein at output of heat exchanger there is a flue pipe.EFFECT: invention provides high efficiency and compactness by increasing thermal efficiency.1 cl, 3 dwg

Power system based on organic rankine cycle for combustion of associated petroleum gas // 2573541
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: power system comprises an oil boiler with a pipeline for removal of spent gases with a control valve, a circuit with intermediate coolant, which connects the oil boiler and the plant on the basis of organic Rankine cycle, which is a closed circuit with an organic fluid, comprising a turbine on a shaft with a power generator and a cooling system with a heat exchanger and a circulation pump. It is equipped with a burner device installed in the oil boiler for complete combustion of associated petroleum gas with a connected line of air supply, passing via the heat exchanger of the cooling system on the plant based on the organic Rankine cycle, and a bypass line with a control valve, which connects the pipeline for removal of spent gases with a control valve and the combustion space of the oil boiler.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase efficiency of combustion of associated petroleum gas due to use of organic Rankine cycle, reliability of operation of a power system and the possibility to convert heat of combustion of associated petroleum gas into power in place of oil production.1 dwg

Gas turbine engine running on lean fuel mix // 2521179
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed engine comprises compressor, catalytic combustion chamber, turbine, regenerative heat exchanger, burner and valve. Compressor serves to compress working gas, said gas being of combustible component concentration smaller than that of its inflammability. Catalytic combustion chamber is designed to combust compressed air by catalytic reaction with the help of catalyst arranged therein to produce gaseous combustion products. Said products fed from catalytic combustion chamber drive the turbine. Regenerative heat exchanger serves to heat compressed air fed from compressor into said combustion chamber via used gas fed into turbine via used gas channel into regenerative heat exchanger. Burned serves to combust the gas forced from compressor along with fuel for forming the heating gas and feeding heating gas into used gas channel. Valve is designed to control the amount of gas to be fed to the burner.EFFECT: ruled out loss of power output or discharge system pressure loss, compact design.5 cl, 3 dwg

Gas turbine plant for conversion of associated petroleum gas into power // 2482302
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: gas turbine plant for conversion of associated petroleum gas into power comprises an air compressor, a turbine, a combustion chamber, a power generator and a device o air heating downstream the compressor, comprising a heat exchange regenerator device arranged in an exhaust pipe. The combustion chamber with the exhaust pipe are arranged in the form of a surface flare for burning of associated petroleum gas. The compressor is equipped with an electric drive. The turbine at the outlet side is communicated with environment with the help of an autonomous pipe. The surface flare at the side of associated petroleum gas supply is made with a device of atmospheric air intake.EFFECT: expanded area of gas turbine plant application, increased efficiency of carbon fuel usage and improved environmental capability of environment.2 cl, 2 dwg

Gas turbine engine system fed by depleted fuel // 2459095
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: gas turbine system fed by depleted fuel comprises compressor, first catalytic chamber, turbine, recuperator, channel burner and extra device to feed auxiliary fuel arranged on compressor side to increase fuel concentration in the mix by adding extra auxiliary fuel in the mix. Compressor compresses aforesaid air-fuel mix with concentration equal to or lower than ultimate inflammability to obtain compressed gas. First catalytic combustion chamber allows combusting compressed gas by catalytic oxidation. Turbine may be driven by gas fed from first catalytic combustion chamber. Recuperator heats compressed gas by turbine exhaust gas while compressed gas is forced from compressor into said chamber. Channel burner is arranged between turbine and recuperator to combust exhaust gas with the help of auxiliary fuel in plasma burning.EFFECT: higher efficiency, simplified design, ruled out fuel gas loss.7 cl, 3 dwg

Gas turbine system running on steel work gas // 2446295
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises air compressor, steel work gas compressor, combustion chamber, turbine, transmission for coupling drive shaft with steel work gas compressor. Turbine is driven by combustion chamber waste gas to transmit mechanical power to air compressor and using equipment, in particular, to AC generator and drive shaft. Compressed air and steel work compressed gas and/or natural gas are fed into combustion chamber. Transmission comprises means of coupling/uncoupling steel work gas compressor with/from drive shaft during rotation of the latter.EFFECT: increased electric power output, decreased idle time, higher efficiency at restart of turbine and AC generator.9 cl, 2 dwg

Peak hydrogen steam turbine plant // 2443871
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: peak hydrogen steam turbine plant includes steam turbine and compressor, hydrogen and oxygen storage tanks and combustion chamber, which are installed on one shaft. Steam turbine and compressor are connected by means of system of steam pipelines so that closed steam circuit is formed. Combustion chamber is located before steam turbine and connected by means of pipelines to receivers. Regenerative heat exchanger and cooler are included in closed steam circuit. Condensing turbine with condenser is connected to steam pipeline connecting the steam turbine to compressor. Electrolysis unit is connected to condenser via pipeline on which there mounted is water pump, and interconnected with hydrogen and oxygen storage tanks via pipelines on which gas compressors are installed. Plant capacity is controlled by changing the hydrogen and oxygen supply to combustion chamber and steam discharge from closed circuit to condensing turbine.EFFECT: increasing the plant efficiency and decreasing thermal stresses in turbomachines at variable loads due to almost unchangeable temperature in closed steam circuit.1 dwg

Burner for gas turbine, in which gas with low calorific value is used as fuel // 2430308
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: burner (4) for gas burner includes: swirler (21), plate (58), the first channel (18) via which fuel gas with low calorific value is supplied, and second channel (17) via which combustion air is supplied. The first and the second channels (17, 18) are located concentrically relative to longitudinal axis (2). Output of the first channel (18) is formed with convergent nozzle (50). Swirler (21) is installed at the outlet of the second channel (17). Plate (58) is tightly installed in the first channel (18) upstream nozzle (50) and has many holes (56) with calibrated section of the passage. Holes (56) are inclined in tangential direction relative to longitudinal axis (2) at the specified angle. For fuel gases having flame propagation speed of less than 300 mm/s, plate (58) has 36 to 38 holes (56) the diameter of which is 11.5 to 12.0 mm, and inclination angle of holes (56) is approximately 22. For fuel gases having flame propagation speed of 300 mm/s to 400 mm/s, plate (58) has 80 holes (56) the diameter of which is 8.5 mm to 9.0 mm, and inclination angle of holes (56) is 17 to 22. If calorific value of gas with low calorific value from the first channel (18) is less than 4.0 MJ/kg, then natural gas consumption is assumed from pilot line (46). Burner (5) is used only when gases with low calorific value are not available.EFFECT: high burner flexibility; operation is possible at the gas used with low calorific value and of any type within the whole working range of gas turbine.12 cl, 3 dwg

Gas turbine for gas-compressor plant // 2374468
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed gas turbine comprises compressor linked up with the drive. In its turn, compressor drive comprises 1st and 2nd stages, inner and outer shafts with blower fitted on inner shaft and compressor fitted on outer shaft. It includes also HP and LP turbines with cooling system, primary combustion chamber arranged between compressor and HP turbine. Gas turbine comprises also outer combustion chamber and heat exchanger-heater arranged behind HP turbine and communicated, via heat carrier circulation lines, with heat exchanger arranged behind outer combustion chamber.EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability.3 cl, 4 dwg

Power supply system // 2307946
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed power supply system generating electric power using self-forming gas contains gas motor, gas turbine, gas collector for self-forming gas, device to separate gas and device to control calorific value for selective mixing of gases differing in content of fuel component. Gas separating device continuously separates gas delivering from gas collector whose fuel component content changes in time according to content of fuel component of gas. Calorific value control device for selective mixing of gases differing in content of fuel component which are separated by gas separating device, controls content of fuel component of gas which is to be supplied to gas motor and gas turbine. System control device is provided to control operation of gas motor, gas turbine and calorific value control device.EFFECT: provision of power supply system maintaining stable generation of power, irrespective of changes of amount of self-forming gas and its calorific value.13 cl, 8 dwg

The method of evaporation deeply refrigerated liquid working medium, in particular liquid hydrogen, and an evaporator for its implementation // 2135911
The invention relates to a method and evaporator deeply refrigerated liquid working medium