Combustion engines and hot-gas or combustion-product engine plants (F02)

F02            Combustion engines; hot-gas or combustion-product engine plants(22116)

Aircraft engines capacitive ignition system control device // 2614388
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of transport and can be used for combustible mixtures ignition by means of electric spark, in particular in capacitive ignition systems for ignition system control, installed on aircraft engine, for ignition system technical condition evaluation in intervals between aircraft engines start-ups. Aircraft engines capacitive ignition system control device includes discharge current sensor, comparator, discharge current amplitude voltage check value setting device, time interval meter, actuator. Discharge current sensor output is connected to comparator first input, discharge current amplitude voltage check value setting device output is connected to comparator second input. Time interval meter output is connected to actuator. Control device additionally includes ambient environment pressure measuring transducer, containing serially connected ambient environment pressure sensor, amplifier, ambient environment pressure control voltage setting device, second comparator, univibrator, logical device "AND". Ambient environment pressure measuring transducer output is connected to second comparator first input. Ambient environment pressure control voltage setting device output is connected to second comparator second input, comparator output is connected to univibrator input, which output and second comparator output is connected to logical device "AND", by output connected to time interval meter input.EFFECT: technical result is increasing of aircraft engines capacitive ignition system serviceability control reliability.1 cl, 1 dwg

Air cleaner of internal combustion engines // 2614314
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: an air cleaner of the internal combustion engine, consisting of a node pre-cleaning air comprising a housing, a cover, an intake grid dust separator, dust collecting bin, the check valve, otsosnuyu tube connected to the pipe of the ejector, the central tube, and the node main air purification, comprising a housing inside which a bracket with a pin and secured wing nuts and basic safety filter cartridge, inlet and outlet pipes, cover the outlet nozzle is further connected electric air filter contamination sensor connected to the lamp indication limit contamination of the main filter cartridge; the holes formed in the bottom of the hull, connected suction tube contaminated air connected via check valves otsosnoy tube; a lid mounted air distributor consisting of a fixed and movable parts, between which is installed a washer with holes for the passage of air, made from a material with low friction; a stationary part attached blowing air distribution duct connected through a connector mounted in an aperture formed in the housing, with the air duct in which is placed an electric valve, and the receiver; a movable part attached to the air distributor inner and outer conduits having a nozzle, and a gear driven by a motor, which is connected to an electrical circuit breaker, an electric valve and the battery.EFFECT: ability to clean the main filter cartridge without taking it out of the air cleaner housing.5 dwg

System and method of ignition for internal combustion engine // 2614310
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to internal combustion engines (ICE), particularly to ignition systems, and can be used in the engine-building industry, and, in particular, in the automotive industry. The ignition of a combustion engine (1) includes circuitry (47) for generating the superimposed voltage, which, after the initiation of the discharge by applying a secondary winding of the discharge voltage, applies a superimposed voltage between the electrodes of the plug (29) of ignition in the same direction as the discharge voltage, to continue the discharge current and discharge cash performs ranging discharge activation superimposed with a high degree of exhaust gas recirculation. After switching from the activation range superimposed discharge with high exhaust gas recirculation range deactivation superimposed discharge with a low degree of exhaust gas recirculation occurs deactivation delay imposed on the discharge time delay T. Although the degree of exhaust gas recirculation, temporarily increased with a decrease in the intake of air control, valve after closing the exhaust gas recirculation, cash discharge continues for the delay time T to avoid interruption of ignition.EFFECT: ignition system, which increases the reliability of the ignition.12 cl, 17 dwg

ethod of engine operation (versions) and engine system // 2614308
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in diesel internal combustion engines (ICE) fuel supply control systems. Disclosed is method of number of fuel injections controlling supplied into ICE cylinder during cylinder cycle. According to disclosed method in ICE cylinder first and second fuel is fired, wherein combustion phase is controlled when second fuel is fired, as compared to, when first fuel is fired and number of fuel injections supplied into cylinder during cylinder cycle in response to combustion phase.EFFECT: reduced toxicity of ICE exhaust, reduced combustion noise.7 cl, 8 dwg

Suction device design for additional unit // 2614301
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention may be used in internal combustion engines. Suction device design is intended for additional unit, in particular, air compressor, and arranged on air intake system (1) for burning of internal combustion engine fuel. Suction device for additional unit is connected to suction pipeline (5) for air of engine air inlet system (1). On suction pipeline (5) resonant and/or damping forming volume (8) is made, closed in outward direction. Suction device suction pipeline (10) enters housing (7) for additional unit in connection point, located at distance from suction pipeline (5). In suction pipeline (5), at least, one groove is made, open in direction of resonant and/or damping volume (8). Suction device is connected downstream of air filter (4), however, upstream of air masses measurement device and/or fuel metering device sensor (9). Forming resonant and/or damping volume (8) housing (7) is installed directly on inlet system (1) air filter housing (2) and communicated with air filter (4) clean air side. Air filter (4), built-in air masses measurement device and/or fuel metering device and suction pipeline (10) connection point for additional unit compose pre-mounted unit.EFFECT: technical result consists in simplification of device design and elimination of distortions during air mass measurement for fuel and air ratio calculating.6 cl, 1 dwg

Low-noise turbine for geared turbofan engine // 2614300
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: bypass gas turbine engine is used in combination with step-down reduction gearbox to reduce fan rotation speed relative to low-pressure turbine rotation speed. Disclosed also are turbine module and method of its designing. Gas turbine engine is made so, that number of blades in low-pressure turbine, multiplied by low-pressure turbine rotation speed, leads to formation of working noise, which lies outside of human hearing sensitivity range.EFFECT: enabling audible noise reducing during landing approach.20 cl, 1 dwg

Realization method of rocket power and device for its implementation // 2614271
FIELD: aviation, astronautic science.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for launching the rocket stages separating parts after switching off the sustainer liquid propellant engine (LPE). The method is based on injection into the combustion chamber of the gasified liquid propellant components (PC), by stopping the sustainer LPE, including PC gasification systems, based on the pressurization gas supply to spherical tanks with additional PC, and by oxidizing or reducing gas generator, depending on the particular fuel in the tanks, supply of coolant into the tanks with the PC remains. The fuel and oxidizer feed line into the tanks from the shut-off valves is to be blown-down after stopping the sustainer LPE, the gasification products from each tank are supplied into the combustion chamber of sustainer LPE. The device for implementing the power of the liquid propellant engine includes the system of control and guidance and gasification system, located behind the shut-off valves, in the main fuel lines of the oxidizer and fuel there are spherical tanks for blowing-down the lines and extra feed lines, supplying the gasified fuel mixture, connecting the oxidizer and fuel tanks with the main LPE to bypass the turbopump unit.EFFECT: LPE energy efficiency increase by means of energy resources implementation.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and system for determining refrigerant cooling flow parameter // 2614241
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method may include receiving a signal associated with the first combustion product parameter value at a specific location within a gas turbine combustion zone, reception of a signal associated with the second combustion product parameter value at a specific location downstream below a combustion zone, comparing the first and the second combustion product parameter values and refrigerant cooling flow parameter determination through comparison of the first and second values.EFFECT: improved efficiency and improved performance of gas turbine.20 cl, 3 dwg

Control device for internal combustion engine // 2614050
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: internal combustion engine control device is suggested, in which the electronic control unit is made with possibility to switch the control algorithms to calculate the command values for the actuator between the first control algorithm and the second control algorithm, and also to calculate the value received by summation the second control algorithm component value, varying in accordance with the deviation, calculated in the current control cycle, with the command value, calculated under the previous control cycle in accordance with the first control algorithm, as the value for the command value, calculated in the current control cycle, in the first control cycle after switching from the first control algorithm to the second control algorithm. Values of the component, varying in accordance with the deviation includes the I-component I-control updating value of calculated under the previous control cycle.EFFECT: suppression of the sudden command value change for the actuator due to switching of the control algorithm, not resulting the controllability reduction relatively to the control value.6 cl, 15 dwg

ethod of oil supply to inter-rotor bering of rotor support of gas turbine engine and device for its implementation // 2613964
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a rotary gas turbine engines and can be used to supply fuel to the inter-rotor bearings to lubricate and cool them, as well as to reduce contact stress on the bodies of rolling bearings. Method of supplying the oil to the rotor bearing supports of inter-rotor turbomachine includes setting means (7), directed to the internal oil feed hollow shaft (5) and the rotor shaft through the oil supply (5) and the nozzle (8) into the oil supply means to the inter-rotor bearing. Means (7) for supplying through its nozzle (8) of the oil is rotated with the shaft (5), the oil flows through its outlets, fed perpendicularly to the bearing axis on the reflecting surface, mounted on the outer shaft (6) of the engine oil-trap ring, from which the reflected oil flow is supplied to the bearing in a direction parallel to the bearing axis. The nozzles (8) are deployed in the direction of rotation of the rings (1, 2) bearing a circumferential velocity (V) of the oil feed to the oil-trap ring is in the range from minimum to maximum values and selected from the defined ratios. Also, there is a claimed device for supplying oil which contains mounted on a shaft (5) means (7) directed feed oil outlet nozzles (8) are capable of communication with the engine oil system and masloulavlivayuschy visor (9) intended to specify the direction of flow oil. The visor (9) is fixed to the outer shaft (6), mounted on the outer ring (1) of the bearing, and is formed as an annular sleeve, which hole has a conical shape and is placed at the end face of the bearing so that the mouth of the cone opening is directed toward the bearing, wherein the nozzles (8) re directed towards the conical surface of the oil-trap ring and have adjustable orifice.EFFECT: invention enhances the life of the bearings of the rotors of the gas turbine engine due to optimal organization of supplying them with oil, providing effective lubrication and cooling of the bearing, as well as a decrease in the contact stresses between the rolling elements of the bearing and the outer clip.2 cl, 3 dwg

Strainers fuel diesel engines // 2613792
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed prefilter fuel diesel engines, comprising a housing 1, a glass 2, the filter element 3, the fuel supply channel 4, channel discharging purified fuel 5, damper 6, the drain plug 7. The tube 7 an opening 8, in which the rod 9 installed, connected by a hinge 10 with the rod 11 at the other end of which there are shims 12 and valve 13 is cone-shaped, on the basis of which the seal 14 is fixed. At the bottom of the cup 15 2 are threaded drain hole 16 and hole 19, the air outlet.EFFECT: reduced fuel and labor costs of losses in the maintenance of the fuel filter.2 cl, 1 dwg

Pre-filter for biodiesel fuel // 2613790
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: pre-filter for biodiesel fuel contains a housing with inlet and outlet channels, the inlet cavity, formed by coaxially and equidistantly located outer and inner walls, in which a separator-swirler, a sediment bowl with drain cock and sludge level sensor, filter element and a flows spreader is located. Separator-swirler is located at the outlet of the inlet chamber and it is designed as a disk-shaped part, at which along the outer edge the inclined blades in the tangential direction with L-shaped cross section are made. The L-shaped cross section free shelf of each blade is directed towards the outer wall of the inlet chamber. The free shelf blades tilt is made at the angle from18° to 22° to the transverse plane of the inlet cavity section, the flow spreader is in the form of the truncated cone with the radial ribs, the larger base of which is directed to the filter element, and the ribs are located along the longitudinal section plane from the sediment bowl side, the sediment bowl is made cylindrical at the top and conical at the bottom, at that the sludge level sensor upper point is located in the interface plane of cylindrical and conical parts of the sediment bowl.EFFECT: reliability and efficiency increase of the pre-filter for biodiesel fuel, that is, the separation of solid and liquid foreign particless in a wide range of bio-diesel fuel consumtions.2 dwg

ethod of fuel system operation (versions) // 2613769
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in internal combustion engines (ICE) fuel injection systems. Disclosed are methods for ICE fuel systems operating on gaseous fuel or on two types of fuel. Fuel distributor guide 52 excess pressure can be subjected to response measures by means of gaseous fuel tank valve 32 closing and initiation of diagnostic procedures for determining whether pressure controller 34 is subjected to deterioration of parameters. If pressure regulator is subjected to deterioration of parameters, fuel system one or more components can be adjusted, to enable possibility of fuel distributor guide pressure adjustment.EFFECT: maintenance of fuel system operating parameters at fuel pressure regulator parameters deterioration.17 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for protecting bypass turbojet engine against stall during operation // 2613758
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: high-pressure compressor discharge pressure Pc is measured periodically at each interval of 0.01…0.1 s and when the pressure value deviates more than 1-100% relative to the measurement preceding the current values, at a constant value of n1, the engine is shut down. Since the start of the compressor discarge pressure Pc drop the pressure is preferably measured at each interval equal to 0.02…0.05 s. Implementation of the invention allows to prevent the development of the engine stall caused by a variety of reasons (misuse, damage of rotor blades, etc.) during the operation of the gas turbine engine in the ground-based installation.EFFECT: reduced costs for reconstructive maintenance of engines by timely stop and prevention of damage propagation in the enginegas-air flow duct and systems.2 cl, 1 dwg
Internal combustion engine sleeve // 2613757
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in internal combustion engines. The internal combustion engine sleeve inner part is treated so, as to be completely smooth, and DLC type coating is applied to it. The value of surface roughness of the sleeve before spraying, Ra, is less than 0.06 microns. The DLC coating is applied on the sleeve inside by means of vacuum deposition, including ion etching step and the next step related to spraying itself.EFFECT: invention provides minimization of the oil quantity on the cylinder wall and reduces the friction force losses for oil film shift.6 cl, 1 tbl

Ship gas turbine plant with exhaust gases heat utilization // 2613756
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: liquid natural gas is fed from a cryogenic tank by a cryogenic pump through the evaporator to the combustion chamber for burning. Air is fed through the athmospheric air main via the evaporator and the air compressor into the combustion chamber. The exhaust gases from the combustion chamber are fed to the power turbine, performing useful work and rotating the shaft. The shaft is connected through a gearbox to the propeller shaft. Due to the exhaust gases heat in the heat exchanger-evaporator, the organic working fluid evaporates and enters the steam turbine, in which useful mechanical energy transmitted to the shaft is generated.EFFECT: invention allows to increase energy efficiency, reduce the amount of harmful components in the exhaust gases of the ship gas turbine plant, as well as to simplify the installation and to reduce the weight and dimensions of the ship gas turbine plant.1 dwg

Turboram air-jet engine // 2613755
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: turboram air-jet engine comprises a turbojet engine with an afterburner and a jet nozzle (ATE), gas temperature measurement system behind the main combustion chamber of the turbojet engine, as well as direct-flow circuit positioned coaxially to the turbojet engine. The direct-flow circuit is connected to the air intake of the aircraft via the shut-off device, comprising a diffuser, a jet nozzle and a combustion chamber. The internal channel of the turbojet engine afterburner is connected to the internal cavity of the direct-flow circuit combustion chamber via the radial flame stabilizers of V-shaped profile for the supply of combustion products from the afterburner to the direct-flow circuit combustion chamber channel.EFFECT: higher efficiency of the aircraft ducted jet engine intended to fly in a wide range of flight velocity from subsonic to Mach equal to 4 or higher.6 cl, 1 dwg

Internal combustion engine // 2613753
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: internal combustion engine contains the working chambers, made in the form of blades pistons, the secondary shaft, the output shaft with a flywheel, disposed in the mentioned casing the conversion mechanism of rotational-reciprocating movement of the secondary shaft into the output shaft rotation, made in the form of a spherical mechanism, intake and exhaust ducts, intake and exhaust valves of the working chambers, the receiver. The working chambers are placed in pairs in the sectors of hollow rings. The pistons are combined in pairs in one part - bi-piston. Each bi-piston is rigidly mounted on the secondary shaft. The spherical mechanism includes the secondary shaft, the crank and the drive piece rigidly mounted on the output shaft. The drive piece are pivotally connected to the secondary shaft and the crank. In each of the sectors of the hollow ring on of the chambers is the working chamber of the engine, and the second - working chamber of the compressor. The working chamber of the compressor communicates through the intake valve with the intake duct, and through the exhaust valve - with the receiver cavity. The receiver communicates with the working chambers of the engine through the intake valves.EFFECT: design simplification, while increasing the engine power.5 cl, 3 dwg

Solid propellant fuel charge for launching-accelerating rocket engine // 2613540
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: charge of solid propellant fuel for a launching-accelerating rocket engine is imade in the form of fuel tape folded into a roll with a fixed gap between the turns of the roll. The charge is made full-combustion, with the stepped profile of the fuel tape cross-section, with the normalized thickness of the burning body corresponding with the charge working time at the launching and accelerating engine operation modes.EFFECT: invention allows to enable the launching and accelerating process of the work of solid rocket fuel roll charges.3 dwg

Treatment method of liquid environments with short low frequency electromagnetic pulses // 2613504
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of processing liquids carried by electromagnetic Iimpulses in the frequency range of 5 to 50 Hz and a pulse duration in the range from 1 to 8 ms. Use electromagnetic system, imposed on the pipeline of non-magnetic materials. Electromagnetic system contains pulses generator and connected with it electromagnetic inductor. Electromagnetic inductor is operated as an open magnetic circuit with a magnetizing coil located on it so that the axis of the pipeline is located between poles of electromagnetic inductor.EFFECT: invention allows to provide an economical and efficient way of electromagnetic treatment, leading to a change in the physical properties of liquid media.8 cl, 4 dwg

Piston units of internal combustion engine (versions) // 2613478
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in internal combustion engines. The piston unit comprises an internal combustion engine piston ring (3) and the scraper ring (4), located in the piston bore (5). The scraper ring (4) is located under the compression ring (3). The total height of the compression and oil scraper rings (3), (4) is not less than their radial thickness. The gap in the oil ring lock (4) is located at 180° concerning the gap in the lock compression ring (3). The clearance between the compression surfaces of the inner diameters of rings and oil scraper (3). (4) and the bottom of the piston bore (5) is equal to the gap between the piston (2) and the cylinder wall (1). The embodiments of the piston unit are disclosed.EFFECT: invention provides the removal of the gas-dynamic losses and improves the heat transfer between the piston head and the cylinder.7 cl, 3 dwg

Supplied to internal combustion engine supercharging air cooler fan drive controlling device and method // 2613475
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device and to supplied to internal combustion engine supercharging air cooler fan drive controlling method. Control device has fan drive controlling control device, in which control device is made with possibility of anticipatory fan drive controlling depending on engine parameters, and/or ambient temperature and/or ambient air density.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of fan drive noise and reduced power consumption.11 cl, 2 dwg

Control device for internal combustion engine // 2613362
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the control device for an internal combustion engine, particularly, to troubleshooting. The control device for an internal combustion engine with an air-fuel ratio gauge and a control unit of supplied electric potential to the air-fuel ratio gauge. The device performs control of a fuel supply cut-off for stopping fuel supply into the combustion chamber and troubleshooting control for the purpose of failure diagnostics in the air-fuel ratio gauge based on a current output signal of the air-fuel ratio gauge after completion of control of the fuel supply cut-off. The air-fuel ratio gauge is performed so that its output current increases, when the determined air-fuel ratio of exhaust gases increases and the maximum value of the output current increases, when electric potential supplied to the air-fuel ratio gauge increases. The control unit of supplied electric potential makes electric potential supplied to the air-fuel ratio gauge equal to that of the fuel supply cut-off and different to normal electric potential, which is supplied, when the control of the fuel supply cut-off is not performed, during performing of control of the fuel supply cut-off, and until completion of troubleshooting control after completion of control of the fuel supply cut-off, and changes electric potential supplied to the air-fuel ratio gauge from electric potential of the fuel supply cut-off to normal one after completion of troubleshooting control.EFFECT: invention allows controlling wear troubleshooting for diagnostics of operation performance reduction of the air-fuel ratio gauge.13 cl, 13 dwg

Adjustable nozzle // 2613358
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: adjustable supersonic nozzle comprises a casing subsonic and supersonic doors forming a channel for the combustion products outflow pivotally mounted on it, doors drive and synchronization mechanism. The nozzle casing is made of two tightly coupled cylindrical and monoconic shells with a sealing ensuring tightness on the outer side of the casing. The area of the inlet and outlet nozzle sections is unregulated, and subsonic and supersonic doors are pivotally fixed to the nozzle casing. Subsonic doors, kinematically connected with doors drive and corresponding supersonic doors are leading. Supersonic and subsonic leading doors bonded together in pairs by free ends via a rotation axis disposed in the leaf made in the door, with the possibility of longitudinal movement. The nozzle drive is designed as axles, forks, cylinders with pistons and the power synchronizing rings with rollers resting on the nozzle casing. Hydraulic cylinders are combined with headers connecting the respective cavities of hydraulic cylinders into the ring, and is pivotally fixed to the nozzle casing by means of rotation axles. Power synchronizing ring is pivotally bonded through the rotation axis all piston rods of the hydraulic cylinders with the ability to move longitudinally along the nozzle axis. Subsonic doors holdfast joints fixed by the polyhedron on the nozzle casing, plugs, rotation axles, and rods fastened with subsonic leading doors on one side and power synchronization ring with the other, are part of the synchronization mechanism.EFFECT: invention allows to simplify the design, reduce weight and dimensions of the adjustable nozzle, improve the reliability of its operation, reduce the thrust vectoring of the nozzle axis, increase the control range of the critical section of the nozzle and ensure the tightness in his external contour.2 dwg

Solid-fuel rocket engine of guided projectile // 2613351
FIELD: rocket science.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the rocket technology and can be used in the development of rocket engines with solid fuels, primarily for guided projectiles, shoted from an artillery gun barrel. The solid-fuel rocket engine contains a housing with an axial tube, the augmented ignition charge, equipped with the delivery outlets, and also partially armor-protected on the outer surface of the auxiliary solid fuel charge with the central channel. The solid fuel charge is rest on the augmenter and mounted in the motor hosing at the seal ring with a radial clearance relatively to the housing and the axial tube. The radial clearance between the housing and the outer armored solid fuel charge surface is made smaller than the radial clearance between the central channel of the solid fuel charge and the axial tube. There are radial grooves at the augmenter from the solid fuel charge supporting face end side, going through the delivery outlets and connecting the cavity, formed by the central channel of the solid fuel charge and an axial tube, with a cavity, formed by the outer surface of the solid fuel charge and the housing.EFFECT: invention improves the reliability of the solid charge ignition and start of the rocket engine, while increasing its efficiency.2 cl, 4 dwg

Current-based engine automatic shutdown locking algorithm and its implementing system // 2613185
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with start-stop system. Vehicle comprises engine and controller, which detects engine automatic shutdown locking condition, when estimate value of current, which will be required by vehicle electric loads, including climate control system, during engine automatic shutdown, exceeds threshold value of current. In response to detection of engine automatic shutdown condition controller prevents engine automatic shutdown.EFFECT: increased driving comfort.4 cl, 4 dwg

Gas turbine engine // 2613101
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: gas turbine engine comprises a high pressure compressor, its straightener is located on two resilient shells of a combustion chamber diffuser. The straightener is made together with the resilient shells or is connected with the resilient shells using soldering or welding. Length of the resilient shells is 0.3-3.5 Lca, where Lca is axial width of blades of the compressor straightener. Bottom shell is secured with flange of a labyrinth seal creating closed cavity between its and bottom resilient shell. The flange of the labyrinth seal can be made elastic and secured to the bottom shell by bolts and self-locking nuts.EFFECT: invention improves reliability and service life of the gas turbine engine and its economical efficiency.2 cl, 7 dwg

Gas turbine (versions) and method of gas turbine operation // 2613100
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Gas turbine includes a compressor, a combustion chamber arranged downstream of the compressor and a heat exchange system, which receives a compressed working fluid medium from the compressor. Between the heat exchange system and the combustion chamber there is a hydraulic connection receiving the compressed working fluid medium from the heat exchange system. Gas turbine includes further a conditioner being in flowing connection with the compressor and a hydraulic coupling arranged between the heat exchange system and the conditioner and receiving the cooling medium from the heat exchange system. Method of the gas turbine operation includes providing passage of the compressed working fluid medium from the compressor to the heat exchange system, transfer of heat energy from the compressed working fluid medium to the heat exchange system, provision of the compressed working fluid medium passage from the heat exchange system to the combustion chamber and providing passage of the cooling medium from the heat exchange system to the compressor inlet hole.EFFECT: invention increases efficiency of a gas turbine operation.14 cl, 2 dwg

Rotary piston engine // 2613012
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: in the rotor-piston internal combustion engine, in cross-section, rotor 2 is a Reuleaux triangle and located eccentrically in a cylindrical cavity of stator 1. In the tops of rotor 2 in the grooves, U-shaped rectangular pistons 3, 4, 5 are placed. Pistons 3, 4, 5 are made with longitudinal slots. Wear resistant inserts are placed in the tops of pistons 3, 4, 5, 6. The volumes between the inner surface of pistons 3, 4, 5, rotor 2 and side covers form unchanged total oil volume where constant pressure is maintained by oil pumping. Nozzle 17 is placed in stator 1 in the second half of the third quarter of stator 1 if we start counting from the vertical symmetry axis of the working hole of stator 1 clockwise. Plugs 8, 9 are placed in the first and the fourth quarters of stator 1. Exhaust holes are placed in the second half of the second quarter of stator 1. Holes for injecting compressed air are placed in the first half of the third quarter or on the vertical symmetry axis of stator 1. The hole for oil injection into the internal volumes of the pistons is made in the end cap and placed in the first half of the third quarter of stator 1.EFFECT: increased technological design of the rotary-piston engine, increased engine reliability and durability.2 cl, 7 dwg

Electrohydraulic nozzle for diesel // 2613009
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: electrohydraulic nozzle is proposed, comprising the housing 1 with the control spring loaded valve located therein 2 with the electromagnetic actuator 3, the atomizer 4 in the cavity 5 of which the fuel is located, supplied from the accumulator to the control chamber 6 with the filler 7 and drain 8 jets, which comprises the spring 9 holding the needle 10 in the down position, and the basic supports 11, 12 limiting the full stroke of the needle 10 and the control valve 2. The nozzle is additionally provided with two intermediate stops 13, 14 with additional springs 15, 16, one of which is mounted in the control chamber 6 and the second one - in the control valve cavity 2 with the possibility to provide limiting the motion of the control valve and the atomizer needle at the first stage of injection.EFFECT: provision of injection stepwise characteristics while simplifying and reducing the cost of the electrohydraulic nozzle construction.2 dwg

Oriented rocket engine system // 2612978
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rocket engine oriented system for aircrafts. Oriented rocket engine system for aircraft, containing rocket engine (4), containing combustion chamber (7) and nozzle (8), connected by means of nozzle neck (9), wherein system is made with possibility of rocket engine (4) orientation relative to initial position, determining initial axis, which, when rocket engine (4) is in initial position, is orthogonal to gases from nozzle emission hole (10) and passes through center (C) of gases emission hole (10), wherein system comprises inclination device (11) by means of which rocket engine (4) is rigidly connected to nozzle neck (9) using nozzle (8) adjacent part which and tilts nozzle (8) and combustion chamber (7) in opposite directions so, that rocket engine takes, relative to initial position, inclined positions, in which gases from nozzle (8) emission hole (10) center (C) is located, at least, approximately on initial axis, wherein tilting device (11) comprises hollow bearing structure (14A) having shape of truncated pyramid, which is made with possibility of deformation in both directions of first deformation direction (12) under action of first driving device (15), on small base (24) of which rocket engine (4) is arranged and inside of which combustion chamber (7) is arranged.EFFECT: invention ensures improvement of aircraft operation due to reduced aerodynamic resistance.11 cl, 8 dwg
Filter for biodiesel fuel // 2612891
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: filter for biodiesel fuel contains a housing 1 with inlet 2 and outlet 3 channels, the inlet cavity 4, formed by coaxially located outer 5 and inner 6 walls, in which a blade hydrocyclone swirler 7, a sediment bowl 8 with drain cock 9 and sludge level sensor 10, filter element 11 and a flows spreader 12 is located . The blade hydrocyclone swirler 7 is located at the outlet 13 from the inlet cavity 4 and made as a ring, on which the blades 14 are formed along the outer edge with the inclination from the axis line from 8° to 12° to the cross-section plane 15, and the total average blade length projection 14 is larger than the average length of the inlet cavity circle 4 at 8-12% for each of the radial distances from the filter axis. The flows separator 12 is designed as a plate part 16 with a truncated cone 17 and radial ribs 18, the larger base 19 of which is directed to the filter element 11, and the ribs 18 are arranged along the plane 20 of the longitudinal section from the sediment bowl 8, and a sediment bowl 8 is made of two coupled between each other parts, the upper cylinder 21 and the lower conical 22, and the upper point 23 of the sludge level sensor 10 is located in the interface plane 24 of the cylindrical 21 and conical 22 parts of the sediment bowl 8.EFFECT: invention improves the reliability and efficiency of the biodiesel fuel filter.3 dwg

Rotary internal combustion engine // 2612873
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: rotary internal combustion engine comprises a housing made up of four parts. Each part is a L-shaped fragment. When connecting the fragments, two mutually perpendicularly disposed annular walls are formed, with the ribs on the outer surface and with the annular path inside, forming two channels. A toroidal rotor is disposed in each channel, with the possibility of displacement along the path. Each toroidal rotor is formed with longitudinal slots disposed outside or inside the rotor, forming cavities between said rotor and the path surface, which communicate with the chambers located outside the walls. Intake and exhaust openings communicating with the cavities between said rotor and the path surface are made in the walls. The rotors are interconnected by the rotation synchronization kinematic chain made of a series of gears sequentally meshed with one another. One of the gears is in mesh with one toroidal rotor. The last gear is meshed with the output shaft rigidly connected with the other toroidal rotor.EFFECT: simplified design and higher efficiency factor of the engine.2 cl, 8 dwg

Engine fuel nozzle and method of engine operation with fuel nozzle (versions) // 2612870
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in internal combustion engines (ICE) fuel injection systems. Disclosed is fuel nozzle, which contains valve mechanism 303 and valve mechanism seat 305, which are permanently magnetized; nozzle drive 311 to actuate valve mechanism; and spring 323, displacing valve mechanism into closed position to valve mechanism seat. According to methods of fuel nozzle use to lift permanently magnetized nozzle valve mechanism from nozzle valve mechanism seat to drive nozzle in first direction first amount of current can be supplied, and to press permanently magnetized nozzle valve mechanism to nozzle valve mechanism seat to drive nozzle in second direction second amount of current can be supplied.EFFECT: disclosed is fuel nozzle.18 cl, 4 dwg

Piston machine, mainly engine, equipped with watt approximate straightline generating mechanism // 2612868
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: piston machine, mainly engine, comprises Watt approximate straightline generating mechanisms, at least a pair of cylinders located in a housing, located in pair on same axis, in the cylinders reciprocating pistons associated with rods are located. According to the invention ends of rods of piston pairs are hingedly secured at middle of straightening levers of Watt approximate straightline generating mechanisms, each connected by one of rocker arm via piston rods to cranks of a crankshaft.EFFECT: invention ensures straight movement of piston rods.4 cl, 7 dwg

Liquid-propellant rocket engine with extendable nozzle // 2612691
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: liquid propellant rocket engine with extendable nozzle containing a chamber with a nozzle of two parts, one of which, mounted fixedly with a combustion chamber, is provided with the extension mechanism in the form of the drive, the actuating mechanism and the assemblies of direction and fixation in the end position, and the second one is configured to move along the axis of the nozzle of two parts connected telescopically to each other with the possibility of mutual kinematic interaction with the asemblies of direction and fixation, profile multistart helical guides are made along the cylindrical contour on the periphery of the stationary nozzle shell, on the circularly equal helical paths equidistant from each other and the longitudinal axis of the engine, and an annular shell is mounted on the housing of the extendable nozzle part with maximal diameter, with the rotation possibility and axial fixing, equipped with two groups of trunnions with spherical bearings, directed to the longitudinal nozzle axis and in the other direction, one group of trunnions interacting by their bearings with inner profiles of screw guides, and the second group of trunnions being equipped with spherical bearings, interacting through the connecting rods with the group of trunnions placed at the outer nozzle part of the maximum diameter.EFFECT: reducing dynamic loads on the nozzle at extending on the end extension portion and reducing the radial dimensions and weight.4 cl, 7 dwg

Device for engine fuel filters cleaning // 2612689
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: device for engine fuel filter cleaning containing a plough mechanism, mounted in the filter housing at the drive rotation shaft, the screw plug, valve, seal, wherein the brushgear is additionally installed at the drive shaft, including a hub and a brush, connected with the hub by means of a hinge and contacting the lower part of internal surface of the housing, and a spring, mounted on the hub. The brush gear is mounted on the drive shaft by the screw.EFFECT: possibility of decontaminating the lower part of the inner surface of the housing without dismantling the engine fuel filter.2 cl, 1 dwg

ulimode multifuel engine control method // 2612687
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: at least three types of fuel are selected in the method and their calorific values are carried in the software of the engine control system, the controlled parameter and the engine control law are selected depending on the purpose of the power plant, to which it belongs, starting and operation of the engine are performed on a mixture of at least two fuels, fuel reserves are controlled. The fuel is additionally changed during transient engine operating conditions, cumulative fuel consumption conformity with specified or actual value of the controlled parameter provides its adjustment by the proportional-integral-differential control law based on the calorific values of selected fuels.EFFECT: increase of operational reliability of the gas turbine engine and improvement of efficiency of the multifuel gas turbine engine control at any steady and transient operating condition.4 cl, 1 dwg
Polymer sound-absorbing material and method for its manufacturing // 2612674
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: while manufacturing the polymeric absorbing material, a porous sound-absorbing filler material of minimum thickness 3 mm is cut and placed inside the cellular structure layer by means of pressing. Thereafter, a sound-absorbing filler is placed inside said structure at a such height that air cavities of the thickness not less than 2 mm are created on both sides of the sound-absorbing filler. A sound-absorbing filler is arranged by pressing over it the second layer of polymeric material having a density less than 0.3 g/cm3 and the shear strength of not more than 2 MPa, followed by removal of the latter. Thereafter the hydrophobization of the sound-absorbing filler and its gluing to the walls of the cells by impregnating it with a solution based on fluorine or silicone rubber are carried out. Another invention of the group relates to the polymeric sound-absorbing material manufactured by the above method.EFFECT: simplification of manufacturing a sound-absorbing material, reducing its weight and moisture absorption.3 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

Ignition control system for internal combustion engine // 2612654
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the transport area and may be used in ignition systems. Within the ignition control system for an internal combustion engine, ECU gives a signal of ignition Si to an ignition device via a line of ignition data transmission. The ignition device performs an operation of closing of an ignition-switching component at a time interval, during which the signal of ignition Si is given. ECU gives a signal Sc of control of a discharge pulse form into a line of data transmission for control of a discharge pulse form at a moment of time, which is delayed by a preset delay interval with respect to a moment of an ignition signal Si injection. Within the time interval of an input of a signal Sc of control of a discharge pulse form after termination of an input ignition signal Si, the ignition device, with the help of an opening-closing operation of the ignition-switching component, sets an electric current running via the primary coil; this current is equal to a prescribed value of a discharge current set in dependence on the above-said delay interval.EFFECT: ignition control system for an internal combustion engine allows reducing energy consumption simultaneously maintaining ignition parameters.5 cl, 11 dwg

Filtering element end plate forming inflow and outflow motion paths // 2612639
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in internal combustion engines (ICE) fuel injection systems. Disclosed is filtering element for fuel, oil and other engine liquids, comprising filtering medium ring 30 with first end plate 38 and second end plate 40 leak-tight attached to it, wherein second end plate 40 comprises first structure 42, extending upwards from it and forming liquid flow through flow passage through second end plate, and second structure 50, made integral with second end plate 40 and forming plurality of liquid flow motion paths along second end plate upper part. Cap for preliminary filling is made integral with end plate 40, which enables to perform preliminary filling and installation without removal of components. Also disclosed is filter, containing described filtering element.EFFECT: fuel filtering.13 cl, 10 dwg

Device to lubricate journal bearing of twin-rotor turbomachine // 2612547
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: oil drain cavity communicates by the emptying master connecting rod with the compensation conainer, connected to the suction line of the discharge pump and communicated through the drain pipe with the oil cavity in the pumping unit docking area. It is advisable to provide the compensation container with a venting master connecting rod, to install in it a normally open shut-off valve, control chamber of which is connected to the oil supply line.EFFECT: invention will improve the reliability of the device to lubricate journal bearing of twin-rotor turbomachine and turbomachine in general.2 cl, 1 dwg

Three-cylinder engine with deactivated cylinder and its operating method // 2612544
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to engine production, particularly to engines control by individual cylinders switching off. Summary of invention consists in fact, that in three-cylinder single row piston internal combustion engine 5 consisting of three cylinders 11, 12 and 13, inner cylinder 12 can be selectively deactivated to save fuel consumption or for additional engine warming up, for example, due to exhaust gases temperature increasing for after-treatment device warming up. Engine 5 has crankshaft 40 with cranks arranged in one plane with three elbows 11T, 12T, 13T. Elbows 11T, 13T for two outer cylinders 11, 13 match in phase, and elbow 12T for inner cylinder 12 is displaced by 180 degrees. Inner cylinder 12 can be deactivated by switching off fuel supply to cylinder 12.EFFECT: technical result is increasing engine efficiency.20 cl, 8 dwg

Engine system, method for turbo-supercharger system and method for supercharged engine with first and second compressors // 2612542
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: present invention may be used in turbocharged internal combustion engines. Engine system comprises engine 110, first and second compressors (122) and (132) supplying air into engine (110), and first and second recirculation valves (152) and (153). Compressor (122) first recirculation valve (152) is made controlled on two limitation levels. Compressor (132) second recirculation valve (153) is made controlled on three or more limitation levels. Disclosed are method versions for supercharged engine with first and second compressors.EFFECT: technical result consists in prevention of compressor oscillations upsurge while providing supercharging sufficient value to satisfy required power.20 cl, 3 dwg

Controlled turbocharged internal combustion engine device // 2612538
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a turbocharger (1) with a turbine (2) and the compressor (3) which communicates with the inlet cooler (8), the output of which is communicated with the first channel (9) supplying the charge air, which set the first throttle (10) and a check valve (11). The device has a second channel (15) supplying charge air in which a drive (14) to the first charge air solenoid valve (16) at the input, a second throttle (17) and the second solenoid valve (18) at the output. The second channel (15) is connected to supply charge air to a first channel (9) before the first throttle valve (10) and after the check valve (11). Also, the device comprises a bypass valve (12), the bypass valve (13), the control unit (20) controls, and a controller (21), the charge air, connected common data bus (22), first and second electronic switches (23, 24) and the sensor group ( 25-31) mounted on a compressor input (3) and the first throttle (10) for the inlet manifold, the cylinder block and the outlet manifold of the internal combustion engine to the drive (14) for charge air and accelerator.EFFECT: increase engine dynamics by eliminating the phenomenon turbo pits and increase efficiency.1 dwg

ethod of road construction machine internal combustion engine rotation speed control and corresponding road construction machine // 2612536
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for control of road construction machines internal combustion engines rotation speed. Method of internal combustion engine (1) rotation speed control is intended for road construction machine, which along with motion drive (2) has connected to internal combustion engine (1) hydraulic motors (3) for actuation of working elements and at which rotation speed is adjusted depending on working elements instant power consumption. Hydraulic motors (3) are operated using uncontrolled pumps (5), and reducing currently output residual volume flow rates of active working elements hydraulic motors (3) flow valves (6). Internal combustion engine (1) speed is automatically adapted during operating mode. Disclosed is road construction machine, having internal combustion engine.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of engine excessive energy output.12 cl, 1 dwg

Air locking ring assembled with radial mount // 2612524
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to air locking ring assembly and, in particular, to the air ring in the locking assembly having a radial mounting. Air locking ring (40) assembly comprises a proximal end and a distal end, the locking ring having a projection and a support locking ring having a wall portion. The projection and wall portion cooperate to prevent relative rotation of the locking ring and the supports of the locking ring.EFFECT: ensuring the possibility of regulating the amount of liquid to be conveyed.12 cl, 10 dwg

Device for starting tank engine // 2612516
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: when opening the valve of air intake, the compressed air from the receiver through the channels 22 and 21 flows into the cavity 18 of the stator 19 and the duct 15 - to the opposite ends of the cylinder cavity 10, 11, causing the movable pistons 8, 9, which by means of rods 6, 7, connecting rods 4, of cranks 5 and 1, 2, shaft 3 is rotated. Last through the coupling is connected to the flywheel of the engine of the tank and run it. Then translate starter in the air discharge mode (compressor) to the receiver, it is adjusted to the desired value of the pressure and disconnect the coupling device from a running engine. The air is injected into the receiver handle manually, using a cylinder 10, if necessary.EFFECT: simplified design, higher reliability.6 cl, 6 dwg

Liquid propellant rocket engine // 2612512
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in the design of liquid-propellant rocket engines (LRE). Rocket engine comprises a combustion chamber with the path of cooling and the nozzle head, steam-gas generator, a turbopump unit comprising an oxidant pump, fuel pump, water pump, a turbine, which input communicates with the outlet of the cooling path, and output - with the nozzle head, an additional turbine, with this output is steam-gas generator in communication with the input of an additional turbine and its output more turbines installed exhaust pipe at the outlet of which there is a nozzle.EFFECT: improving energy performance and reliability of the LPRE.1 dwg

Temperature control method of piston group with outside combustion chamber of power module // 2612494
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: temperature control method of piston groups with combustion chamber with an external power module is as follows. Power module control system delivers the alternating voltage to the coil drive pump pumping coolant, and anchor-piston pump pumping coolant oscillates. As a result, the coolant system through the check valves, coolant organizing movement in one direction from the anchor circulates through channels of the piston-piston group power module and the radiator. Heat from the group reciprocating power module and transmitted to the coolant flows through the radiator when given environment. The coolant temperature sensor control system controls the temperature of the flowing through channels of piston power module coolant, and with a decrease in coolant temperature below the optimum value of the coolant temperature sensor signals the control system to stop the flow of alternating voltage to the coil drive pump pumping coolant. The pump stops pumping coolant oscillate and pumping cooling fluid through the piston channel power module and the radiator and the coolant temperature rises.EFFECT: maintaining the piston rod and power module temperature in the optimal range.2 idwgl