Arrangements thereon for guidance or control (F42B15/01)

F42   Ammunition; blasting(6023)
F42B15/01                     Arrangements thereon for guidance or control (aircraft flight control b64c; guidance systems other than those only installed aboard f41g0007000000, f41g0009000000; locating by use of radio or other waves g01s; flight control in general g05d0001000000; computing aspects g06)(263)

ethod of proportional control of rocket air-dynamic control actuator and device for its implementation // 2630462
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: in control loop of air-dynamic control actuator (ADCA) with pulse width modulation (PWM), the error signal is passed through a variable-factor unit whose control input, after sequentially extracting the absolute value and a constant component, is supplied with a linearized signal proportional to the speed of control actuator movement. The value of variable-factor unit coefficient is varied depending on linearized signal of the wheels movement rate from the condition of ensuring constant values of the stability reserves of the actuator control loop in phase and amplitude on the entire rocket flight path. The generation of forced oscillations in actuator control loop is performed by an internal controlled oscillator formed by introducing a positive feedback of the relay element, due to which the rectangular pulse signal at the output of the relay element is converted into a triangular signal, and their difference signal is summed with the output signal of the variable-factor unit.EFFECT: increase of the dynamic characteristics of the air-dynamic control actuator when implementing proportional control in the mode of pulse width modulation in a wide range of rocket flight speed changes due to the correction of the open actuator control loop transmission coefficient, depending on wheels movement rate, while maintaining constant reserves in the control loop in phase and amplitude over the entire range of rocket flight speed changes.2 cl, 2 dwg
Combined control actuator system (options) // 2623762
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: according to the first embodiment, servo unit and gas-dynamic control device are respectively provided with first and second gas ejector comprising low-pressure nozzle communicated with additionally installed the first and second airscoops of oncoming flow, high pressure nozzles communicated with the first and second airborne sources of pressurized gas that are run on the initial part of flight path at low speed pressure of the incident flow, and mixing chambers connected to gas feed channels respectively to the servo unit and gas-dynamic control device. According to the second embodiment, servo unit and gas-dynamic control device are respectively provided with first and second control valves containing working spaces connected respectively to the gas inlet channels to servo unit and gas-dynamic control device, and valve regulators, each of which has two rigidly connected inlet shutters, disposed between two respective inlet seats, wherein two inlet seats are communicated with additionally introduced airscoops of oncoming flow, and two oppositely located inlet seats are communicated respectively with the first and second airborne sources of pressurized gas, that are run on a high-rise part of the flight path at low speed pressure of the incident flow.EFFECT: increasing the economy of control actuator system.2 cl, 2 dwg

Cruise missile universal in score and engagement methods // 2622051
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: universal missile consists of a housing with a lift wing and controls. Housing is equipped with a jet propulsion. A high-explosive or a high-explosive cumulative warhead is placed inside the housing. Torpedo warhead is fixed inside or outside the housing as a small torpedo having a high-explosive or a high-explosive cumulative warhead and braking and stabilization system to ensure the required splashdown parameters. Missile has an onboard power supply and an onboard control system. This system provides autonomous and remote control of the missile from the carrier or the control point. Missile boardside control system includes a radar and/or a heat seeker designed for detecting and guidance on contrasting surface targets. Torpedo boardside control system includes an acoustic non-contact detection system for underwater and surface targets and a homing system. Wherein the missile can carry extra torpedo warheads. Torpedo is equipped with a magnetometer, which is part of its boardside control system, to be used as an additional source of information for classification of contact with a target applying means of hydroacoustic suppression. Additionally, the magnetometer is included into the missile control circuit as means of providing the ability to detect the submarine during the missile flight on its midcourse phase.EFFECT: development of a missile universal in scores and engagement methods.4 cl, 10 dwg

Adaptive digital spectral purpose selector // 2612650
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: spectral purpose selector includes an electro-optical tracking hydro-coordinator with three channels of the optical radiation spektro-separation, three photodetectors, three pulse amplifiers with single differentiation, the outputs of which are connected to the amplitude detectors, and the detector outputs - to the circuit comparing the levels, or the level ratio calculators, and the comparing circuit outputs, or the relation calculators - to the circuit of detecting and forming "strobes" belonging of the target signals or interference. Herewith the serially connected signal correctors, the voltage dividers, the comparators and analyzers with the variable logic switching functions controlled with the code, are entered in each channel in the form of the second differentiation device and the binary quantizer. Also the factor dividing setpoint of the dividers and the logic analyzer functions are entered, wherein the first setpoint output is connected to the divider control input, and the second one - to the setpoint input of the analyzer logic functions .EFFECT: high measurement accuracy.4 dwg

ethod of destruction of miniature aerial vehicles // 2610734
FIELD: weapons and ammo.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to weapons and concerns fire damage of aerial objects by means of air defense artillery complexes (ADAC). Destruction of a miniature aerial vehicle (MAV) lies in a seeking, detecting, and tracking by an air defense artillery complex (ADAC), targeting of ADAC towards a threat considering flight parameters of MAV and technical performance of ADAC. Whereupon, the flight parameters of MAV are transferred to a non-contact optical fuse of an air defense projectile (ADP), the MAV is illuminated by a laser, and then ADAC performs a salvo with ADP. The site angle and azimuth position of MAV are measured by the non-contact optical fuse (NOF) according to the received reflected laser and the elevation velocity component of approach of ADP to MAV is defined. After that, the value of the optimum site angle of MAV for ADP triggering is calculated, after reaching of which the aimed triggering of ADP is performed towards the current azimuth position of MAV.EFFECT: invention provides increasing of efficiency of destruction of miniature aerial vehicles.2 dwg

ethod of moving object homing basing on information on fact of target sighting and device for its implementation (versions) // 2607758
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: object trajectory is formed as cyclically repeating arched sections, along which the object moves with a preset (maximum) angular speed equal in magnitude but opposite in sign. Every two sections are combined into a cycle, which begins and ends with the fact of coincidence of the object speed vector direction with the target line of sight, and the angular speed sign is changed inside the cycle as per the fact of coincidence of inclination angles relative to an inertial coordinate system of lines connecting the object and the target at the beginning of the cycle and at the given moment. Also proposed are devices implementing the above said method.EFFECT: proposed is a method of a moving object homing basing on information on the fact of a target sighting in case of coincidence of the radar axis direction with the object speed vector direction.4 cl, 4 dwg

High-precision weapon guidance system // 2596173
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to defense equipment and can be used in guided weapon systems for hitting fixed targets located in depth of battle formations of enemy. High-precision weapon guidance system, comprising ground equipment for radiotelemetric control of command station and air target designation system, includes a microprocessor situation optimiser connected with equipment located on rocket. Before start, situation optimiser is connected to first input of control command decoder. After start-up at initial and intermediate sections of trajectory, communication is carried out in radio remote control mode - via radio channel with radio receiver and radio transponder of missile. Output of radio receiver is connected to second input of control command decoder, first output of which is connected to first input of command switch, its output is connected to control equipment, its first output is connected to input of steering drive, and second output is connected to input of radio transponder. Missile includes a self-contained line simulator consisting of a self-contained time generator, altitude simulator. Vernier simulator, trajectory controller. Second output of control command decoder is connected to input of self-contained time generator. Output of self-contained time generator is connected to input of altitude simulator, output of which is connected to input of vernier simulator, its output is connected to first input of trajectory controller, second input is connected to output of self-contained time generator. Output of trajectory controller is connected to second input command switch, third input of which is connected to output of self-contained time generator.EFFECT: improved tactical capabilities of ground equipment for radiotelemetric control of command station and elimination of effect of active interference at transition of missile into autonomous mode of approach to target.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for missile flight control // 2595282
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates mainly to tactical and operational-tactical guided weapon systems (URO) with ballistic (aeroballistic) and high-altitude cruise missiles. Optical-electronic correlation-extremum CN missile additionally includes a laser altimeter (LV). Functioning of CN is started at a distance from target and missile flight altitude of 1…20 km, wherein when LV receives reflected signals of underlying surface above threshold level, method comprises correlation-extreme binding to underlying surface and correction of curved missile trajectory to end of flight. If LV receives reflected signals below threshold, method comprises performing a program manoeuvre of missile in plane of firing with output on section of flat glide at altitude of 100…500 m for 0.5…15.0 km from target, correlation-extreme binding to underlying surface and correction of glide trajectory of missile, with diving final section for 0.1…2.0 km from target, up to end of flight.EFFECT: invention widens weather range of application of missiles.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for automatic control pitch angular speed using gyroscopic sensor installed on aircraft // 2589508
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to navigation systems and can be used in rocketry. Aircraft missile (AM) with inertial navigation system with possibility to rotate includes gyroscopic sensor of pitch angular speed, automatic control system with automatic control facilities. AM is automatically turned about its longitudinal axis, after each AM turn around its axis direction of rotation is changed, eliminating effect of pitch angular speed gyroscopic sensor scaling factor, and drifts are corrected.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to replace gyroscope with pitch angular speed gyroscopic sensor in inertial navigation systems.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for inertial guidance of roll shell // 2584403
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of guidance on roll of projectile. For inertial guidance of projectile rotating on roll is measured misalignment between position of longitudinal axis of projectile and position of inertial axis gyro measured angular velocity of projectile in associated with a shell of a rotating roll system of coordinates with respect to two mutually orthogonal transverse projectile axes form a steering actuator control signal when threshold of mismatch is exceeded. Method includes generating additional control signals from angular velocity on ballistic trajectory leg before inertial guidance in excess of angular velocity of projectile thresholds, determined from conditions required to ensure amplitude fluctuations of projectile on angle of attack and slip.EFFECT: providing angular stabilisation of projectile.3 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of determining roll angle of strapdown inertial navigation system of roll artillery projectile // 2584400
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of determining roll angle of strapdown inertial navigation system of roll artillery projectile. In order to determine roll angle, method comprises measuring angular velocities of a projectile in coordinate system associated with projectile rotating on roll, demodulating angular velocities, perpendicular to longitudinal projectile axis, angle of roll with correction. Correction is defined as preliminary and subsequent adjusted value. Preliminary value is determined by phase between mean values of smoothed integrals of demodulated angular velocities. Subsequent value is determined by integral of angular velocity of rotation of projectile on yaw with a certain ratio.EFFECT: providing increased accuracy in determining angle of roll, pitch and yaw of projectile.2 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of rocket control // 2583120
FIELD: ammunition.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with this invention, the direction of flow guide surface are varied by the inclining the rocket head and tail.EFFECT: higher aerodynamic properties.2 cl, 5 dwg

Warhead with target coordinator // 2577731
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to military equipment and can be used in high-precision equipment. Warhead (WH) with coordinator of target includes a housing with an explosive charge shaped-fragmentation type, parachute, a power supply, coordinator of target with target parameters storage module, optical infrared sensor target magnetometric target, target recognition device, drive, autonomous system of homing to a controller for controlling movement, navigation system, navigation system receiver, protective jacket with a braking device with a parachute and exhaust halyard uncoupling mechanism parachute with WH body with coordinator of target, pyrocartridge. Drive includes electric drives with shafts with sleeves and screws, lock elements, transformable console to accommodate electric drives and locking elements.EFFECT: invention improves combat effectiveness of WH.12 cl, 3 dwg

Cassette warhead // 2576196
FIELD: ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ammunition, particularly to cassette-type warheads ammunition. Cassette warhead comprises body with explosive charge, parachute, a power supply, coordinator of target, displacement device and autonomous guidance system. Displacement device provides controlled movement in the horizontal and vertical mode or hovering in the air. Independent guidance system is connected to the coordinator of target and includes interconnected motion controller, navigation system and receiver of navigation system. Coordinator of target contains target parameter storage module, target optical infrared sensor and magnetic sensor.EFFECT: higher efficiency of ammunition with cassette warhead.12 cl, 3 dwg

Target hitting by supersonic cruise missile and device to this end // 2569971
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: claimed missile comprises airframe, instrument unit with onboard control system hardware units, replaceable self-guidance head, the main fragmentation, piercing and demolition warhead. Additionally, it incorporates extra warhead with identical weight-centring properties relative to the self-guidance head. The mission is generated including aiming point, missile flight path parameters and type of targets to be hit. The missile with replaceable warhead or interchangeable warhead with extra warhead is selected. Changes are made in the flight mission profile subject to the target type. The missile is launched and supported with the diving sections subject to the target type to the point with preset coordinates. The warhead is blasted with programmed undershot to geometrical centre of area target or to target proper.EFFECT: higher efficiency of hitting.5 cl, 8 dwg

Controlled bullet // 2569229
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: controlled bullet is implemented using two-stage coned-bore layout. The bullet contains a main stage consisting of a military part and a control unit the back part of which is embedded into the central tube, a transitional fairing and a gas-dynamic control unit with a powder pressure accumulator. The tube is placed in the separable conic starting engine having a tandem back arrangement. Accumulator nozzles are perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the controlled bullet. The gas-dynamic control unit is located in back part of the controlled bullet and fixed on the back bottom of the separable starting engine. The powder pressure accumulator is located in the back part of the central tube of the separable starting engine. Nozzles of the gas-dynamic control unit are located between the nozzles of the separable starting engine.EFFECT: reduced dimensions and weight of the controlled bullet.4 cl, 3 dwg

Fire from automatic grenade launcher with frag grenade // 2566516
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: claimed process consists in fitting the belt or magazine with rounds into grenade launcher. Grenades of said rounds include the fuse with different operate time in grenade flight path. Fire is performed in singles or groups, or continuously, or with scatter of grenades relative to each other laterally or in range.EFFECT: higher efficiency of enemy manpower and weapons.9 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of guided rocket shooting // 2559373
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: three-point registration methods are selected, directing paths are straightened and rocket guidance proportional convergence is performed. Rocket guidance processes are ranked by descending priority. Generated and compared are predicted and threshold magnitudes of target elevation at rocket launching moment, rocket launching angle in vertical plane, rocket flight range, rocket flight speed, rocket bearing, rocket available overload and angle of rendezvous of rocket with target. Rocket destruction area boundaries are defined and selected guidance method is set. Target coordinates are tracked and measured and conditions of rendezvous of rocket with target are predicted. Rocker guidance method is selected and defined are methods of rocket launching and angles of rocket launching. Rocket is launched and guided to target.EFFECT: higher efficiency of guidance.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of controlling rocket flight during flight tests // 2549425
FIELD: physics; control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rocket engineering and can be used to control rocket flight during flight tests. The method includes constantly inspecting, during the entire period of time from mounting the rocket on the launching pad until launching the rocket, using an on-board radar system for remote probing the Earth, the standard and predicted destruction sites of the rocket as a result of possible accidental change in the flight trajectory; detecting, at both sites, the appearance of unauthorised objects whose existence is endangered during self-destruction of the rocket; detecting and identifying the unauthorised objects; simultaneously entering into the programmed flight control system a command to delay the self-destruction; transmitting a command to delay self-destruction of the rocket or guiding the rocket to a safe place if, at the time of launching the rocket, the unauthorised objects are still located at one of the rocket destruction sites; launching the rocket; determining current coordinates and motion parameters of the rocket; calculating the probable trajectory; generating and transmitting to the rocket commands to change the flight trajectory; constantly transmitting to the command centre data on the state of the environment on the route of test flights; predicting possible accidental changes in the flight trajectory which lead to contamination of the Earth's surface, water bodies and air; transmitting to the rocket commands to either continue flight towards the target or deviate from the trajectory and destroy the rocket in an area with minimal damage to the environment.EFFECT: invention ensures safety for unauthorised objects located at a predicted rocket destruction site.3 dwg

ethod of linearised signal shaping on missile rotating by bank angle signal lineariser switchable signal lineariser integration method for linearised signal shaping and digital integrator for its implementation // 2549231
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: in the method of linearised signal shaping, the rotation period of missile is divided into time intervals on the missile rotating by bank angle, their durations are measured and stored in a certain way. Signal lineariser comprises digital integrator, calculator, tilt signal shaper, step-signal shaper, register and clock-pulse driver. Switchable signal lineariser comprises digital integrator, two calculators, tilt signal shaper, step-signal shaper, tilt sensor, register, control unit, switchboard, clock-pulse driver. In the process of integration, the amplitude of clock pulses is integrated on the missile rotating by bank angle in order to shape the linearised signal, bit-by-bit summing of bitwise binary parallel numbers for each rising edge of clock pulses is carried out. Duration of integration interval is set of corresponding duration of angular spacing of 90 degrees. Then, the integration process is repeated, by changing the discrete quantity in a certain way before starting. Digital integrator comprises series-connected single-bit digital cells. Cell contains D-flip-flop and adder connected in a certain way.EFFECT: high precision of control command shaping by missile.11 cl, 7 dwg

Adjustment shield // 2548690
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: adjustment shield simulates forward radio signals and radio signals specularly reflected from the earth, propagating from a missile and a target to a final homing area. The adjustment shield is located in the far zone of a radio direction-finding antenna and comprises laser and infrared emitters. To simulate signals from a missile transponder and signals reflected from a target, the shield is provided with a radio pulse generator with a frequency synthesiser.EFFECT: high accuracy of adjustment.3 dwg

Tank-type container of warhead for liquid filler // 2547307
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: tank-type container of warhead includes fairing, thin-walled tank body, front and rear bottoms, filler dispersion and ignition device. Buffer cavity where container weight compensators is made between the fairing and front bottom. Container fairing is designed as reinforced flat bottom with rounded edges attached to the container shell by screw connection. Front bottom of the container has a conical deflector shape. Deflector cone angle is 120-140°. Tank body features centring bulge at a distance of 3.6-3.8 of the calibre from the fairing. Filler dispersion and ignition device is positioned along longitudinal axis of the container and shifted inside the buffer cavity by 0.010-0.015 of its length and attached to a cross-shaped support.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of missile or ammunition with such container.1 dwg

Flight method of rolling missile // 2544447
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: rolling missile is accelerated to cruising speed by means of a detachable solid-fuel launching accelerator, cruising speed is maintained with thrust of a small-size disposable turbo-jet engine, twisted and a mode of rotation about the roll axis is maintained by means of aft stabilisers that are slanted relative to the longitudinal axis and/or a gas-dynamic nozzle on the turbo-jet engine, aerodynamic lifting force is formed in the rotation mode by means of n pairs of small-size foldable wings.EFFECT: invention allows increasing flight distance of a cruise missile.2 dwg

Shell with gas hanger // 2542809
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: shell with gas hanger includes a smooth cylindrical part, in which there is a feed cavity connected to the outer cylindrical surface through feed devices. The feed cavity is intended to create pressure in a carrying gas layer. The feed cavity is filled with substance having high combustion speed. The feed cavity is connected to the rear part of the shell through a thermite wick. The latter is made in the form of a gasket arranged on the inner wall of the feed cavity and pressed to this wall with a spring-loaded shoe.EFFECT: reduction of the shell size and increase of firing distance.3 dwg

Guided missile // 2542692
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: guided missile is made based on canard configuration. The missile with a single-channel control system and rotating in roll direction. The missile contains a main propulsion system, a steering wheel in one plane and a stabiliser with the location of fixed bearing surfaces by X-shaped pattern relating to the plane of the steering wheel console. At the head part of the housing of the guided missile in a plane perpendicular to the plane of the steering wheel console, the pylons are mounted. The fixed consoles of the pylons in a transverse plane are located at an angle of 45-60 degrees relative the consoles of the stabiliser. The consoles of the pylon on the geometric shape in the plan are made like consoles of the steering wheel with the ratio of areas of the pylon and the steering wheel as 0.5-1.0. The ratio of areas of the console of the pylon and the console of the stabiliser are made as 0.05-0.1.EFFECT: improved control efficiency, improved ballistic and dynamic properties of the missile.2 dwg

Unit of control system of rocket projectile launched from tubular guide // 2541552
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: unit of control system of rocket projectile comprises a housing with ogive part, aerodynamic controllers folding-out in flight with actuators and a control unit, mounted on the ogive part. Each controller is equipped with abutment. The abutment is located in front of the front edge of the controller coaxially with the axis of folding-out. The profile of the front part of the abutment is congruent to the profile of the ogive part of the housing. The diameter of the maximum circumscribed circle of the abutments of all the controllers does not exceed the unit gauge. Folding-out axes of the controllers are biased to the axis of the unit relative to its gauge by an amount at least 0.5 of the maximum thickness of the controller at the root chord of its folding-out part.EFFECT: improvement of accuracy of projectile shooting.4 cl, 2 dwg

issile part with stabiliser of rocket projectile // 2540291
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: missile part with stabiliser of rocket projectile comprises a housing with the multinozzle unit and a foldout stabiliser with blades. The blades are mounted at a zero angle to the longitudinal axis of the housing. The stabiliser blades are made flat and have an asymmetrical tapering of chamfered front edges. The chamfer is located on the surface of the blade facing in the direction opposite to the rotation of the missile part. The angle of tapering in a plane perpendicular to the front edges is located within β=10°-30°.EFFECT: increase reliability of functioning of the missile part.3 cl, 2 dwg

Controlled missile // 2539709
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to missile engineering, namely to controlled missiles. A controlled missile includes a housing with the main control elements symmetrically arranged on it - aerodynamic surfaces and rudders, as well as a wire duct. The latter is arranged along the housing in the incline of rudders. An aerodynamic surface is additionally installed on the housing, on the side opposite to the wire duct.EFFECT: improvement of aerodynamics of missile flight and improvement of its target guidance accuracy.2 cl, 1 dwg
Guided missile firing method // 2538509
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: performed is topographic control of target indicator and launching facility to the terrain by ground satellite receiver, determined are coordinates of launching facility and location and ephemeris for each space vehicle of satellite positioning system, detected and measured are target coordinates, the coordinates are transmitted to artillery position control station, set is universal computer time in reconnaissanceman's console and artillery position control station, calculated and transmitted are shooting settings to launching facility automatic control unit, performed is missile launching procedure, the missile is launched from transporter-launcher container along the preset ballistic course, the missile is oriented by on-board navigation satellite receiver, when the missile approaches the target it is oriented by laser emitter.EFFECT: providing higher probability of guided missile hitting the target.

Guided shell // 2537357
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: shell is made based on the canard configuration. The shell comprises an air-dynamic steering gear in the front section of the shell housing and aerodynamic control elements - steering wheels with pylons mounted in front of them. The air-intake devices of the air-dynamic steering gear are incorporated in the pylons and made in the form of bi-plane U-shaped plates with converting into the monoplane along the rear edge. In the front edge of the pylon the U-shaped hole is made and the hole in the shell housing is made.EFFECT: increase in efficiency of the shell operation.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for packing parachute and fastened to it container with useful equipment into grenade body head and device for packing parachute and fastened to it container with useful equipment into grenade body head // 2537355
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed set of inventions relates to military equipment, namely to method and means for parachute and fastened to it container packing. Method for packing parachute and fastened to it container with useful equipment into grenade body head includes packing of parachute canopy, shroud lines and metal extension (if present) into grenade body head. When parachute canopy is packed it is used to form dome in the grenade body head by means of special appliance. The major portion of canopy material is placed at side wall of dome. Portion of shroud lines of parachute adjacent to its canopy is wound as spiral onto the rod placed in concavity of dome. Appliance for packing parachute and fastened to it container with useful equipment into grenade body head is formed by body which consists of two coaxial and installed one inside the other bushings and by rod freely accommodated in the channel of inner bushing. On the outer bushing, at its front butt end on the outside fascia is made which centres it in grenade body head. On the inner bushing, at the side of its front butt end, outer diametrical lowering is made on which radial-longitudinal grooves are made which are symmetric to end slots of outer bushing and spaced from front butt end of inner bushing by minimum distance.EFFECT: higher reliability of parachute deployment.3 cl, 4 dwg

Onboard command device on missile dummy for take-off development // 2536942
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to military equipment and may be used for development of missile take-off from container. Onboard command device includes power source, electrically connected to catapult device, first-stage engine, servo units through normally closed switches, switch interacting with dummy outcome sensor, unit of engine start time delay relative to the moment of outcome sensor action, two parallel chains with inverter for supply of electric signal of required polarity to servo units.EFFECT: providing non-use of control system for take-off and dummy displacement from take-off position.2 dwg

ethod to hit underwater targets // 2535958
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods for hitting of underwater targets. The method to hit underwater targets consists in delivery of a detachable warhead of underwater action to a target location area, separation of a warhead in the end section of flight trajectory and its actuation after landing on water. The detachable warhead is delivered by the first missile. Prior to delivery of the warhead to the target location area, they deliver one radio hydroacoustic buoy. The buoy is delivered by the second missile. After buoy landing on water, as the first missile gets closer to the area of target location, by means of equipment placed on it, they provide for reception of information from the buoy on location of the target, and the point of warhead landing on water is corrected. Cruise missiles are used for delivery of the warhead and buoy to the area of target location. The cruise missile is equipped with a sustainer power plant with an air jet engine. The speed of acceleration of each missile by a speeding device in the initial section of the trajectory is limited by the value sufficient for development of an aerodynamic lifting force that sustains the flight and to start the sustainer engine, afterwards they provide for its separation from the speeding device, start of the sustainer engine and further flight to the area of target location in the atmosphere. Correction of the point of warhead landing on water is carried out due to correction of the trajectory of the first missile flight by confirmed coordinates of the target and separation of the warhead closer to the target.EFFECT: invention provides for reduced mass of a missile complex.4 cl, 2 dwg

Underwater target hitting method // 2534476
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: underwater target hitting method consists in supply to a target location area of an underwater action separated warhead and one hydroacoustic buoy by means of a missile using an acceleration device, separation of the warhead in the final section of the flight trajectory and its involvement after splashdown. Before the underwater action warhead is separated, one hydroacoustic buoy is separated, and after its splashdown, by means of equipment arranged on the missile there provided is a reception via a radio channel of information from the hydroacoustic buoy on a target location. A point of splashdown of the underwater action warhead is corrected as per the received information. In order to deliver the separated underwater action warhead and one hydroacoustic buoy to the target location area, a cruise missile is used. The missile is provided with a propulsion power plant with an air-jet engine. The missile acceleration velocity in the initial section of the trajectory is restricted by a value sufficient for the creation of an aerodynamic lift supporting the flight and for the start of a cruise engine, after which there provided is its separation from the acceleration device, the start of the cruise engine and further flight to the location area of the target in the atmosphere.EFFECT: reduction of the weight of an underwater target hitting device.3 cl, 1 dwg

unition // 2529236
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: munition comprises body with tail part, drop-out supports of stabilising fins and articulation of supports with body tail part. Said tail part is shaped to truncated cone with radial lengthwise grooves. Said drop-out supports of stabilising fins are made of rolled sheet are partially fitted in said radial lengthwise grooves and having holes on body bottom side. Said grooves are open on body bottom side. Elements of articulation of supports with body tail part are composed of circular groove made at body tail nearby its bottom and split ring made of round spring rolled steel. Ring is fitted in both circular groove and holes of supports. Supports feature rolled sheet bend-off made along its extreme chord. Body tail part material nearby circular ring is locally strained to split ring generatrix.EFFECT: simplified design.2 cl, 2 dwg

Control over body flight path // 2528503
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control over the flight path of bodies flying at high speeds including orbital velocities. In compliance with proposed method, this system can be used as a backup (standby) path correction system for missiles with failed guidance system. Besides, it can be used at minor bodies whereat installation of standard self-guidance system causes problems. Proposed method comprises application of silicon strips 5, 6, 7, 8 on body side surface alloyed to different degree that provides for different resonance frequency of laser absorption. Laser radiation 3 getting on strip with resonance frequency of radiation absorption causes its evaporation and occurrence of appropriate correcting reactive force. By varying the radiation frequency 3, to get correction pulses in required directions.EFFECT: possibility to control flight path in two directions across the vector of its current velocity.1 dwg

Guided artillery round // 2527609
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: guided artillery round comprises body, automatic control unit, steering unit, unit of braking devices, warhead, combined exploder, stabiliser and base gas generator. ACU comprises robot pilot, set of inertial transducers, GPS receiver, passive radar homing head with broadband receiver and receiver frequency tuner module. Unit of braking devices changes projectile drag at final section of trajectory. Said passive radar homing head responds to radio signal emitted by target and can operated in intermittent mode of target signal receipt.EFFECT: higher accuracy of hitting.1 dwg

ethod and system for control over rocket // 2527391
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to antitank and antiaircraft missile guidance systems. In compliance with this method, control signal is generated for astable drive of aerodynamic rudders with feedback and vibratory linearisation as well as appropriate deflection of rudder drive. Locked time moment is set prior to rocket launch. From the moment of launch to fixed time moment drive control signal is shaped as relay two-position width-modulation signal. Note here that drive is operated in relay mode with deactivated feedback and vibratory linearisation. Missile control system comprises appropriate control hardware (1). It comprises device (2) to measure mismatch of missile with preset guidance line and device (3) to generate control signals. Aerodynamic rudder drive (4) comprises adding amplifier (5), power amplifier (6), relay element (7), actuator (8), rudder deflection transducer (13) and generator (14) of linearisation oscillations. Additionally, it incorporates first and second switches (11, 12), time signal source (9) and logical device (10).EFFECT: higher accuracy of guidance for rudder drive rockets.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of determining banking angle of banking aircraft // 2527369
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method employs information on the Earth's magnetic field (EMF) vector measured by an EMF sensor in a coordinate system associated with a banking aircraft. The signal measured by a banking angle sensor is summed with the correction signal of said angle which is calculated based on the inclination angle of the EMF intensity vector, magnetic heading angle and pitch angle of the aircraft. The sensitivity function of the correction signal of the banking angle is determined depending on the sensitivity function of the measurement error of the banking angle of the aircraft by an EMF sensor to errors in determining the pitch and yaw angles of the aircraft, calculated based on the inclination of the EMF intensity. The pitch and heading angles of the aircraft are selected such that the sensitivity function of the correction signal of the banking angle does not exceed a value of said angle which is allowable on calculation accuracy.EFFECT: higher accuracy of determination.3 cl, 2 tbl, 8 dwg

Rocker or jet projectile control device // 2526407
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to device for control over rocket or small-calibre jet projectiles. Proposed device comprises main lateral surface with nose level with one of its ends and means to initiate the powder. Device comprises combustion chamber filled with explosive powder. The latter comprises nanothermites. Jet projectile or rocket incorporates above describe control device.EFFECT: perfected control.11 cl, 7 dwg

Blasting of high-explosive warhead of guided round // 2525348
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to blasting of high-explosive warhead (HEWH). HEWH with control unit is blasted by firing pin hitting the HEWH snap action head fuse. This round incorporates control system. Firing pin hits the head fuse via extra aerodynamic needle rested on firing pin. HEWH is blasted at control unit hit against the obstacle. Here aerodynamic needle is unlocked to penetrate along with fitting pin into control unit unless said firing pin hits against said snap-action head fuse. For HEWH is blasted in response to control unit signal at locking in control unit case.EFFECT: perfected design, higher efficiency.3 cl, 2 dwg
Stealth projectile // 2522342
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: this projectile comprises case, fuse and explosive. It is made of radio transparent composite and features rear (relative to direction of motion) hemisphere-shape, or semielliptical-shape, or semi-oval body of revolution.EFFECT: stealth projectile.4 cl

Jet round with optical target sensor // 2516938
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: target sensor is arranged inside nose fuse case. Protective jacket, nose retainer, pyro drive, electronic time and bottom retainer are arranged on fuse case. Said case is composed of shell-type body of revolution following, preferably, the fuse outer outlines. Said case is arranged on fuse outer side. Said case consists of three and more segments. Nose retainer is arranged at protective jacket head part. Pyro drive is arranged at fuse case to allow axial displacement of nose retainer. Electronic timer outputs are connected with pyro drive outputs. Bottom retainer interacts with bottom parts of protective jacket segments to lock the latter at fuse case in radial direction. Protective case segments have structural elements interacting with mating structural elements of fuse case to rule out displacement of segments relative to fuse case at activated head and bottom retainers.EFFECT: expanded operating performances.3 dwg

ethod of generating control commands on rocket rotating on banking angle, rocket control system, method of measuring banking angle on rocket, gyroscopic device for measuring banking angle, method of generating sine and cosine signals on rocket rotating on banking angle, and sine-cosine rocket control system generator // 2514606
FIELD: physics; control.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to rocket control systems. The method of generating control commands involves measuring the banking angle of the rocket, which is generated in form of a signal in an n-bit Gray code, which is converted to a binary number having n bits, logic levels of which generate a multi-step approximation of sine-wave and cosine-wave signals, and rocket control commands on the heading and pitch, respectively, are generated from the decoded received signals. The rocket control system includes a gyroscopic device for measuring the banking angle, an XOR logic circuit, a control command converter and a second steering gear. The method of measuring the banking angle involves generating additional sequences of logic levels which form a number in an n-bit Gray code, which is converted to a binary n-bit number which corresponds to the measured value of the banking angle of the rocket. The gyroscopic device for measuring the banking angle further includes LED-photodiode pairs placed on the housing of the gyroscope and separated by raster. The method involves generating sine and cosine signals for generating control commands thereto, wherein a binary number in parallel form is generated in form of an n-bit number. The rocket control system includes a sine-cosine generator of M number setting devices and a digital inverter circuit.EFFECT: high efficiency of generating control commands for rocket control systems.8 cl, 6 dwg

Controlled bullet // 2512047
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: controlled bullet is made by two-stage double-calibre scheme and includes warhead, launch engine, control unit and gas-dynamic control device. It features transit fairing with gas-dynamic control device positioned around the tail part of sustainer stage and made in the form of gas-dynamic steering gear with toroidal gunpowder pressure tank implementing torque control by creating lateral pull. Nozzles of gas-dynamic device are brought outside of the transit fairing in radial direction. Launch engine is removable. Launch engine case is conical. Warhead is located in the head part of sustainer stage. Control unit is located in the tail part of sustainer stage inserted into central tube in the launch engine.EFFECT: reduced weight and increased manoeuvrability of aircraft.2 dwg

ethod of control over flight speed of rocket of normal aerodynamic configuration with x-configuration of fins // 2510485
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in measurement of current magnitudes of the path inclination angles θ, path angle ψ, bank angle γ, definition of said angles θ pres, ψpres, γpres required for rocket guidance to target, definition of deviation of the path inclination angle Δθ pres, path angle Δψpres, bank angle Δγpres from preset magnitudes and generation of speeds of fin deviation in rudder altitude channel δ˙a, heading channel δ˙n, and that of flaps δ˙f. Control signal in channels δ˙a,δ˙n,δ˙f, are summed to generate control signals for each of four X-configured fins δ1sum,δ2sum,δ3sum,δ4sum. Rocket air speed Va is measured and having air speed required for guidance Vapres, departure from preset speed ΔVa pres=Va-Vapres, is defined to generate extra signal of fins deflection in lengthwise speed channel δ˙ls. Control signals for each of four X-configured fins δ1sum,δ2sum,δ3sum,δ4sum are generated: at angle of attack larger than angle of slip, adjacent fins are synchronously displace on every side in pairs towards each other; at slip angle larger than angle of attack, adjacent fins are synchronously displace synchronously from above and from below towards each other to allow control of rocker air speed Va.EFFECT: higher efficiency.4 dwg

Aircraft nose compartment // 2505452
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft and space engineering, particularly, to nose compartments of aircraft. Proposed compartment comprises front wedge-shape panel with flat portholes, axially symmetric variable-section lateral shell ring with connection frame and telescopic aerodynamic needle. Portholes feature various range of light transmission. Lateral shell ring is shaped to biconical, ogival or parabolic element composed of spline, or to combination thereof. Lateral shell ring incorporates prismatic, cylindrical, light and radio translucent insert. Front panel and part of lateral shell ring can turn and are separated from fixed part by tight membrane while bearing is fitted in the plane of their separation. Lateral shell tin inner side and front panel are equipped with heat insulation while porthole inner side is furnished with heat insulation straps.EFFECT: higher precision of nose cone guidance.19 cl, 7 dwg

Shell with gas hanger // 2502946
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: shell with a gas hanger includes a smooth cylindrical part. In the cylindrical part there is a feed cavity. The latter is connected to an outer cylindrical surface through feeding devices. The feed cavity is filled with substance having high combustion speed. The feed cavity is connected to rear part of the shell through a hole, in which a thermit wick is arranged. Feeding devices are made in the form of holes of small diameter. Axes of holes are directed at an angle to radius of smooth cylindrical part.EFFECT: improvement of a shell design.2 cl, 8 dwg

Bullet structure // 2502941
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: bullet shank portion assumes a streamlined form during flight. Bullet shank portion is made in the form of a helical conical compression spring. Spring is made from a light-weight steel strip of rectangular cross section. Spring receives the streamlined shank portion of the bullet during its flight due to elastic forces.EFFECT: increasing bullet flight range.6 cl, 2 dwg

Guided jet projectile // 2502042
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: proposed projectile comprises control and booster units. Control unit is composed of two modules: nose module with projectile controls and tail module. Control unit modules are interconnected by ball hinge with pin aligned with booster lengthwise axis. Control unit tail module is integrated with booster unit. Ball hinge pin rigidly coupled with booster supports torque motor rotor. Motor stator is rigidly coupled with control unit nose module case. Nose module outer surface accommodates two aerodynamic fins rigidly connected with nose module outer surface. Said fins are arranged at fixed angle to control module lengthwise axis.EFFECT: simplified design, higher efficiency of control.1 dwg