Ammunition and blasting (F42)

F42            Ammunition; blasting(6023)
Spherical moderated powder for automatic weapon and rifle cartridges // 2628385
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to spherical double-base moderated powder for small arm cartridges, namely automatic weapon and rifle cartridges of caliber from 5.45 to 12.7 mm. The powder consists of spheroidal granules with a phlegmatized surface layer and contains an energy base - nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin, a phlegmatizer-centralite No. 1, dibutyl phthalate and/or dioctyl phthalate, and/or diethyl hexyl phthalate and/or triethylene glycol dimethacrylate and/or oligoester acrylate, a solvent - ethyl acetate, stabilizator of chemical resistance - diphenylamine and water at a certain ratio of components. Wherein the thickness of the phlegmatized surface layer is 15.5-30% of the thickness of the combustible arch. The ratio of the diameter of the powder granule to the thickness of the combustible arch is from 1.0 to 2.05. The density of loading the cartridge with spherical moderated powder is from 0.85 to 1.15 g/cm3.EFFECT: increased speed of the bullet without increasing the maximum pressure of the powder gases.3 cl, 1 dwg, 4 tbl

Hermetic impact detonator for registering and shooting equipment // 2628362
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: hermetic impact detonator for registering and shooting equipment contains a striking pin, a cylindrical body, a through axial channel filled with the main charge of blasting explosive of low density. The through axial channel is made three-staged and contains the first part of a small diameter and the second part of a large diameter connected by a conical section. The through axial channel from both sides is covered with a sticky metalized tape; at one end of the housing it is fixed on the thread and fixed with a heat-resistant glue bushing, which has a cylindrical socket with a through hole, closed with a screw cap and fixed with a heat-resistant adhesive. In the socket a striking pin is installed, and a part of the cavity between the striking pin and socket end is filled with the starting charge of the blasting explosive, from the other housing end the second cover is installed on the thread and is fixed with heat-resistant glue, contacting with the sticky metalized tape. The first part of the channel of relatively small diameter has a rough surface with an unevenness height of 160 to 500 mcm. The first part of the small diameter channel may have a rough surface in the form of a thread. The ratio of cross-sectional areas of the second large diameter part and the first small diameter part can be made in the range of 2 to 4. In the starting charge of the blasting explosive, from 25% to 40% of the sensitizer can be introduced. As a sensitizer, quartz sand can be used. As a sensitizer, pounded glass can be used.EFFECT: invention allows to ensure absolute tightness of the cavities of the detonator under any operating conditions.6 cl, 12 dwg, 2 tbl

Safe electric detonator for blasting-perforation equipment // 2628360
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: safe electric detonator for the blasting-perforation equipment contains an power point installed in the socket, consisting of two contacts connected at the end by a resistance bridge, a cylindrical body, starting and main charges and a through axial channel. The through axial channel is made three-step and comprises a first channel part of a relatively small diameter and a second channel part of large diameter connected by a conical section. The through axial channel is filled with the main charge of blasting explosive of low density and on both sides it is covered with a sticky metalized tape, from one end of the body bushing is fixed by thread and fixed with a heat-resistant glue, which has a cylindrical socket with an axial hole. The contacts of the power point are made in the form of a central and external contacts separated by a dielectric bushing. The socket cavity is filled with the starting charge of blasting explosive. On the other end of the body second cover is installed on the thread and fixed with a heat-resistant glue, contacting with a sticky metalized tape. The central contact is insulated from the body by dielectric tape with an adhesive layer. The ratio of the cross-sectional areas of the second large diameter part and the first small diameter part can be made in the range from 2 to 4. On the inner surface of the first part of the axial channel, the roughness is made by the height of the unevenness from 160 to 500 mcm. The roughness is made in class 1. The roughness is made in the form of a thread. In the starting charge of the blasting explosive, from 25 to 40% of the sensitizer can be introduced. As a sensitizer, quartz sand can be used. As a sensitizer, pounded glass can be used.EFFECT: invention allows to ensure absolute tightness under any operating conditions, the supply of electric current to the electric detonator without wires and the exclusion of operation from static electricity.8 cl, 12 dwg, 2 tbl

Detonation wave formation device // 2628115
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: device includes a two-layer inert matrix with detonation wiring in form of filled explosive materials (EM) of channel network, the upper layer of which includes common detonation wiring input area, and the lower layer comprises end sections disposed in through holes, provided in this layer. The upper layer includes areas, located along surface layer and areas disposed in through holes, provided therein, and the lower matrix layer also includes detonation wiring areas, located along its surface. The EM sublayer abuts the lower matrix layer and contacts the EM surface of detonation wiring end sections. Lower layer through holes are built with interval l chosen experimentally.EFFECT: invention allows to increase simultaneous activation of the device with improved production manufacturability.2 dwg

ethod of forming bursting charge // 2627862
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method involves sequentially feeding portions of loose explosive composition (EC) into the body of the ammunition (BA) and sealing each of them with a punch. And the value of each portion is determined in proportion to the geometric parameters of the filled part of the housing of the power unit and it is loaded based on the weight sensor of the feeder. Then, compaction of each portion is carried out, ensuring a pressing speed of 2-4 mm/s, a specific pressure of 95-120 MPa and a holding time of 6-10 seconds. After that, the automatic device fixes the height coordinate of the resulting compact and evacuate the punch outside the filling zone of the aircraft with a speed of idle movements not exceeding 200 mm/s.EFFECT: use of the invention makes it possible to form explosive charges of increased density in artillery ammunition with a more even distribution in the transverse and longitudinal directions and to increase the safety of the pressing process by eliminating the focus of temperature heating in the compaction zone.3 cl, 2 dwg
Explosive device at universal platform // 2627511
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: essence of the invention consists in constructing a multi-mode fuse based on a universal constructive platform and modular execution of functional units. The possibility of a combination of functional units, their replacement, if necessary, with mass-size simulators, allows at the manufacturing stage to form a fuse with the required set of operating modes.EFFECT: invention allows to form a fuse with an optimal set of functional units.8 cl, 2 dwg

Shell body // 2627506
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: shell body is made in the form of a glass with a curved taper. A threaded opening for the fuse is made in the this part. The chamber is equipped with distributed longitudinal and transverse corrugations, forming semi-finished damaging elements at the intersection. Curvilinear conjugation is formed between the head part of the chamber and the shank by means of reduction - an undercut with the body wall thinning. The pitch between the transverse corrugations of the shank is 2-5 times as the pitch between the longitudinal corrugations of the chamber.EFFECT: increase in the destructive fragmentation effect due to the formation of different fragments in the form, mass and initial velocity, which provide a complex damaging effect, spaced in time.2 dwg

Shell body // 2627505
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: shell body contains a cylindrical sheath with a curved taper where a threaded point is placed for the detonator, in the chamber of which semi-finished fragments of the pyramidal shape are formed by means of two rows of counter-directed spiral corrugations of a triangular profile, and a shank adjoining by means of the bottom bridge. The shank narrows to the back to the open end of its dilution chamber, provided with through slits. There is a copper leading belt, fixed in the ring groove of the bridge. The shank with a cylindrical sheath is made of a single rod stock by volume bilateral deformation with the formation of a common reinforced bridge with a grid of prismatic notches on its bottom surface from the side of the chamber. This is designed to withstand the increased loads during firing. Corrugations in the shell are made on the entire length of the chamber, one third bigger than the corrugations on the ogival body.EFFECT: improved processability of manufacturing the shell body and its fragmentation at a greater range when firing.3 dwg
ethod of obtaining determined degree of cracking of a cracky stressed rock massif in explosion of power charges in two parallel contiguous wells // 2627349
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: method involves drilling rows of parallel contiguous wells at a distance between them, determined depending on charge diameter, detonation characteristics of powdered charged, physical and technical properties of massif, charging wells and blasting. Distance between rows of two parallel contiguous wells is determined from the mathematical expression taking into account friction, rock pressure, fracture index in rock massif, and effect of elastic reaction of massif from the explosion of two parallel contiguous charges.EFFECT: obtaining a given degree of cracking of cracky stressed rock massif in explosion of two parallel contiguous power charges.1 tbl
Parameters determination method of splinter battlefield three-d distributed elements // 2627346
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: in the method the hard frame system is used as the perforation facts detector, it consists of 6 square frames, made from the wooden square section bar with the side of 20 mm length, with attached to them barriers from polyfoam or polyurethane foam with the side of 1080 mm length, and the thickness 15 mm, spaced at the equal distance. The dimensional rulers are placed on the barriers. To record the temporal moments of the penetration facts, the digital high-speed camera with the resolution of at least 640×480 pixels at the speed of 19000 fps, set behind the protective structure on the tripod with the height h equal to 500 mm. The splinter chip collector is installed behind the outermost from explosion epicenter frame with the barrier, it consists of the wooden plate with the thickness 300 mm, with the square section and the side 1080 mm length, and the square-shaped ballistic textile package with side 1080 mm, consisting of 100 layers of aramid fabric layer TSVM DZ art. 56319.EFFECT: invention allows to reduce the explosions number of the tested ammunitions same type, to increase the number of the initial data obtained values, necessary for calculating the parameters of the splinter battlefield volume-distributed elements.6 cl, 2 dwg

Autonomous jet projectile control unit // 2627334
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: autonomous jet projectile control unit includes a cylindrical hinge on two rolling bearings with an axis of rotation that coincides with the longitudinal axis of the jet projectile, a power source, a mission input data distant reception on-board equipment set, an exploder and control equipment. The control equipment contains an onboard computer, a block of inertial sensors and satellite navigation equipment. In addition, the device contains an electric steering gear. It includes four DC motors and four aerodynamic steering wheels hidden inside the body in the starting position. Each DC electric motor has the ability to deflect independently of its aerodynamic steering wheel at an angle ±20°. The steering gear provides the ability to simultaneously create control forces and moments in course, pitch and roll. The onboard computer has the ability to form commands to stabilise the roll and to damp the longitudinal and lateral oscillations of the projectile. The device can be mounted on unguided missiles immediately before use.EFFECT: expansion of combat capabilities of rocket artillery when small-sized targets firing.2 dwg

Delivery systems of explosive materials and methods related to it // 2627059
FIELD: blasting operations.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses the explosive materials delivery systems with variable density values and methods of changing the explosive materials energy in the blast hole. The blasting energy changing method of the explosive materials in the blast hole includes the following steps: introduce the charging tube into the blast hole; pass the homogenized product, containing the emulsion matrix through the feeding tube; introduce the gas additive proximally to the loading tube outlet with the first constant flow rate; mix the homogenized product with the gas additive proximally to the loading tube outlet with the first flow rate to form the first activated product, having the first density; pump the first activated product into the blast hole; introduce the gas additive proximally to the loading tube outlet with the second constant flow rate; mix the homogenized product with the gas additive proximally to the loading tube outlet with the second flow rate to form the second activated product, having the second density; and pump the second activated product into the blast hole.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the blasting operations efficiency and to reduce the environmental hazard.56 cl, 7 dwg

Combined fireworks made by pressing // 2627050
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: combined fireworks made by pressing, comprises a number of parallel cylindrical cavities, uniformly distributed in the main body. The upper holes of the cylindrical cavities are open, and the lower holes of cylindrical cavities are sealed. Pyrotechnic compositions intended for launching the fireworks and elements to create an effect are placed in the cylindrical cavity. The embedded ends of the cylindrical cavities are channels for igniting extending completely through the bottom of the main body, and lower openings of channels for ignition disposed in the groove for the fuse. Shut-off groove is located between the lower openings of channels to ignite in the groove to fuse and groove to the fuse is sealed using a sealant. The sealant is able to readily form a closed ring along the cross section in the groove to fuse, and thereby block the channels through which the powder gases are moving along the gaps, and to avoid the spread of flame. At the same time, all the ways that allow burning gunpowder gases under high pressure to break out of the channel to ignite and cause accidents are blocked. Powder gases are retained in all of cylindrical cavities and can be pulled out only outwardly from the holes in the upper ends of the cylindrical cavities.EFFECT: product safety, normalization of the amount of powder used and to improve the quality of start-up.10 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of minimizing zones of detachable parts exclusion of carrier rocket // 2626797
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: in the method of minimizing the exclusion zones for the detachable parts (DP) of the carrier rocket (CR) during the pre-flight preparation stage, the CR calculates the parameters of the motion of the DP before they fall to the ground. Based on the results of the calculations, the sections on the descent path for impact on the DP are determined, they form a signal in the process of an autonomous DP flight, and effect the design of the DP. The pyrotechnic composition is placed on the DP. During combustion, the pyrotechnic composition ensures heating of the DP to a temperature at which their combustion takes place in the incoming flow of atmospheric air, after reaching a height of 25-30 km, the ignition of the DP is carried out using an igniting composition.EFFECT: maximum reduction of areas allocated for the areas of incidence of the DP CR.6 cl, 1 tbl

Node of connection of ceramic shell with metallic bend // 2626795
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: junction of a ceramic shell with a metal frame in the shape of a hollow cylinder with an outer diameter smaller than the internal diameter of the ceramic shell, which are coaxially lapped. The frame is made of several cylindrical segments joined together by cylindrical segment overlapping inserts of a metal alloy with an increased thermal coefficient of linear expansion in comparison with the material of the frame.EFFECT: increasing the strength and rigidity of the structure.1 dwg

Self-contained device for lifting mineral resources from bottom of water area // 2626490
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: self-contained device for lifting mineral resources from the bottom of the water area includes a grab bucket made of elastic material, flexible links interconnected with the bucket, a bucket closing mechanism, and an actuating sensor for the flexible cavity located in the lifting section. The bucket surface is made with steel spokes evenly spaced throughout the area. The lifting section is equipped with a protective casing with branch pipes for supplying gas to the flexible cavity, fixed in the casing. Inside the protective casing, along its perimeter, there are evenly located cartridges with an explosive substance and a pyrotechnic relay between them, which are, in turn, interconnected through an electric detonator with an actuating sensor of the flexible cavity. In this case, the lifting section is made in the form of a hemisphere, the upper part of which is provided with a porous material, and the branch pipes are provided with check valves.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of mineral extraction from the bottom of the water area.3 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for determining depth of penetration of armour-piercing all-body caliber and sub-caliber projectiles into thick-walled obstacle // 2626474
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method for determining the depth of penetration of armour-piercing all-body caliber and sub-caliber projectiles into a thick-walled obstacle includes a shot by a projectile along an obstacle and the subsequent determination of its velocity by a Doppler locator before and after the hitting of the obstacle. The axis of the pattern direction of the radar antenna is oriented at the smallest angle to the final part of the trajectory of the projectile. The speed of the projectile is determined by the signal reflected from its bottom tail section. The penetration depth is determined by integrating the dependence of the velocity of the projectile from the start of the deceleration to the zero value obtained from the measurement results.EFFECT: method allows to increase the accuracy of the velocity measurement of the projectile, to obtain more reliable information in assessing the breakdown effect of projectiles.2 dwg

ethod and device for chain initiation of fire // 2626079
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: device for initiating the explosive comprises a trigger mechanism for receiving and transmitting signals, the detonator is designed to initiate the firing circuit, the detonator is connected to the trigger for reception of signals therefrom, the chain of transmission of detonation pulse, by which the energy distribution is done after activation a detonator, and orienting mechanism associated with the trigger for obtaining the signal from it and designed to make the transition from a displacements in the combined state condition, wherein the orientation mechanism comprises a rupture element, intended to counteract the biasing element and conservation device for biased state. The method of initiation is based on the use of the inventive device.EFFECT: invention allows to use it for remote cocking.18 cl, 9 dwg

Safety-launching device of the on-board earth-based automation detonation circuit // 2625660
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a housing assembly 4, two initiator devices (ID) (electrical blasting caps, fulminating detonators, light-detonators, explosive cartridges, etc.) - ID arming assembly 1 and ID launching 2, three single-type linear detonating charge (LDC) - LDC of the official appliance 5, prevention LDC 6 and arming LDC 7 with the end-amplifier charges and the detonator- booster lead 8. The LDC represents detonating distributed cord strands of different length and of a small-caliber which are thin walled metal-cased or uncased. These detonating distributed cord strands are finely-crystalline disruptive explosives laden or charged with highly-sensitive high-order flexible or plastic explosive. Along with that, the arming LDC and the LDC of the official appliance intercross the prevention LDC approximately at right angles in observance of the inequality Lap>>Lar>Lpr, where Lap is the LDC of the official appliance to the point of the intersection with the prevention LDC length; Lar is the arming LDC to the point of the intersection with the prevention LDC length; Lpr is the prevention LDC to the point of the intersection with the LDC of the official appliance length.EFFECT: invention provides an opportunity to enhance operational reliability of the device, to simplify the construction, to lower the physical data and energy consumption, to reduce the unit price and to increase the assy produceability.4 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of steam start of anti-aircraft missiles // 2625135
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method of pairing the anti-aircraft missiles involves launching the first anti-radar missile aimed at the radar of an enemy aircraft or on its signature from an alien radar flying along a preemptive intersecting trajectory, and then with a break following it the launch of a second missile with an infrared homing head aimed at an anti-radar nozzle rocket. The speed of an anti-radar rocket is equal to or greater than that of a missile with infrared homing. The anti-radar missile is equipped with an autopilot, automatically activated when the target is lost. A lithium or copper powder and / or a lithium or copper compound, for example lithium nitrate, lithium borohydride, are added to the fuel of the anti-radar rocket. The anti-radar missile has a radio receiver with a level meter of the received signal, and data on this level before the launch are output to the operator's launcher or to an automatic launch device. The missile with infrared homing has a gyroscope to keep the horizontal, and the homing head of this missile is placed with a slope downward.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the probability of defeat of the target.6 cl

Invisible projectile // 2625056
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: projectile contains a body, detonator and explosive, while the body is made of ceramics, around which concentric layers of stretched parallely underlying fibers are wound. Layer by layer the fibers are oriented at an angle of 0°, +45, -45° to the longitudinal axis of the projectile, fastened to each other by means of a polymeric binder, the fibers have a cross-section in the shape of an equilateral triangle, with the cross-sectional area of the fibers reducing layer by layer in the direction of the axis of the projectile and adjacent fibres being in contact with each other through facing edges. The body can be made from quartz, nitride or oxide ceramic materials and glass or basalt fibers can be used.EFFECT: creation of a projectile with sufficient strength and improved high-explosive fragmentation characteristics.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of starting booster of controlled reactor charge and inertial circuit body // 2624929
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: when launching a booster of a guided missile, the closure of the electrical circuit of the electric igniter of the engine is produced by two inertia contactors under the action of the starting acceleration. The circuit closing time and the acceleration value at which the circuit closes the second inertial contactor is less than the corresponding values of the first inertial contactor. To realise this method, an inertial closing device is used, which ensures the closure of the electrical circuit of the electric ignitor of the propulsion engine under the action of the starting acceleration, containing two inertial contactors. The inertial contactors are located in the same housing with two parallel channels in which there are two movable inertial load-contacts, each of which interacts with the spring and is able to interact with its pair of fixed contacts when moving under the action of the starting acceleration by the stroke in time t1 and t2 respectively. Weights of cargo-contacts and spring rigidity are selected in such a way that the ratio t2/t1>1.2 is satisfied.EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to increase the safety of the projectile during its operation and combat use by eliminating the closure of the electrical circuit of the electric ignitor at accelerations that occur when the product falls.2 cl, 5 dwg
Combined control actuator system (options) // 2623762
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: according to the first embodiment, servo unit and gas-dynamic control device are respectively provided with first and second gas ejector comprising low-pressure nozzle communicated with additionally installed the first and second airscoops of oncoming flow, high pressure nozzles communicated with the first and second airborne sources of pressurized gas that are run on the initial part of flight path at low speed pressure of the incident flow, and mixing chambers connected to gas feed channels respectively to the servo unit and gas-dynamic control device. According to the second embodiment, servo unit and gas-dynamic control device are respectively provided with first and second control valves containing working spaces connected respectively to the gas inlet channels to servo unit and gas-dynamic control device, and valve regulators, each of which has two rigidly connected inlet shutters, disposed between two respective inlet seats, wherein two inlet seats are communicated with additionally introduced airscoops of oncoming flow, and two oppositely located inlet seats are communicated respectively with the first and second airborne sources of pressurized gas, that are run on a high-rise part of the flight path at low speed pressure of the incident flow.EFFECT: increasing the economy of control actuator system.2 cl, 2 dwg

Formation method of the unmanned aerial vehicle overall mass pattern // 2623753
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: pattern is formed from the basic elements, composing the regular sections area, and the additional structural elements patterns, such as the aerodynamic fairing, air intake device and aerodynamic surfaces. The basic elements are made from the round tubes, having the variable diameter along the length, framing attached to them, the outer contour of which repeats the section shape of the master cross-section and the skin. The basic elements have such lengths and are composed in such a way, that the pattern suspension elements are located on the joints between the basic elements.EFFECT: increasing of the overall mass characteristics and the simulated product external shape reproduction accuracy, provision of the manufacturability, strength and stiffness of the pattern.5 cl, 3 dwg

Antipersonnel influence-actuated fuse device // 2623403
FIELD: arms materiel and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: antipersonnel influence-actuated fuse device comprises a series-connected seismoconverter, a prime amplifier, a bandwidth filter, an amplifier, a rectifier integrating device, an automatic gain controller and an actuating device. In addition to it there is a three-tired threshold device mounted on the rectifier integrating device output, at the same time, the low-level output of the three-tired threshold device is connected to the automatic gain controller input and the high- and medium level outputs of the threshold device are connected to the walking person step classificator inputs. One classificator output is connected to the temporary appliance input and to the steps number counter input. This temporary appliance is configured to determinate the seismoconverter incoming signal cycle time. The steps number counter output is connected to the actuating device and the second walking person step classificator output is configured to control the stride length. The temporary appliance output is connected to the steps number counter reset input through the disjunction gate.EFFECT: increase of the antipersonnel influence-actuated fuse device interference resistance from the different seismic noise of the manmade and natural origin and the detection area localization for the effective damage of the enemy fighters.2 cl, 6 dwg

issile // 2623373
FIELD: arms materiel and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: missile comprises a lead unit and a solid rocket motor. This motor comprises a body, a bottom, a solid-propellant charge with collars and a stabilisator unit with slantingdicularly supplied aerodynamic blades. The missile is different in that the collar outside surface in the bottom area is designed as the conoidal frustum. On the bottom inside surface in the conoidal area of the collar there is a annular tapered groove stem with the taper angle equal to 0.8…1.2 of the taper angle of this collar conoidal area. The distance between this collar conoidal area and the annular tapered groove stem is equal to (0.003…0.01) D. The lengths of the collar conoidal area and annular tapered groove stem of the bottom are no less then 0.1D, where D is a missile gauge.EFFECT: the device work reliability increase.1 dwg
Explosive charge // 2622976
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: explosive charge comprises electric detonator, additional detonator and disposed along the length of explosive charge having an axial channel configured to explosive decomposition of said explosive in the detonation regime of overcompressed electric detonator and additional detonator. The axial channel of the blasting charge in its cross-section has a rotationally symmetrical elliptical shape, and the axial height of the channel in the charge is 1.1-2.0 times greater than its width. Electric detonator is adapted to initiate an additional point detonator. Charge elliptical axial channel is provided with one or more partitions of a powerful explosive precluding detonation speed reduction misalignment elongate charge, the configuration of which is analogous to the axial channel. Blasting charge ratio of maximum height to the distance from the partition to the additional detonator or to the distance between the partitions is equal to 0.5-2.0. In the axial channel of the explosive charge at the opposite end of the additional detonator explosive charge insertion of the explosive is positioned, which provides the possibility of connection to other explosive charges.EFFECT: invention enables to smoothly adjust the speed of the detonation wave, increase efficiency and degree of fragmentation of explosive surrounding environment.2 dwg, 1 tbl

issile-forming charge // 2622566
FIELD: weapons and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: missile-forming charge (MFC) refers to devices for damaging elements formation and can be used in various ammunitions destined for destruction of targets by high-speed damaging elements (DE). The MFC contains a charge of an explosive (HE) in the body with an end initiation system and a various-thickness HE explosion-dispersed, which forms the DE. The lining is made with thickness reduction from the center to the periphery and an insert is made on the side of the explosive charge on the periphery, made of a material with density corresponding to the lining material density. The inner and outer surfaces of lining are made with different radii with displacement of their centers along the lining axis by a value selected depending on the DE shape required to defeat a particular target. The insert is made of foil and consists of individual wedge-shaped elements uniformly distributed over the lining surface, the vertices of which are directed to the charge axis; geometric parameters of the wedge-shaped elements are selected based on the geometric parameters of lining and the desired shape of a damaging element.EFFECT: invention allows to increase aerodynamic stability during the flight of the damaging element formed from the lining.2 dwg

issile-forming ammunition with remote action // 2622565
FIELD: weapons and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: missile-forming ammunition with a remote fuze refers to ammunition intended for penetration of armoured targets, for which they are transported by a carrier to the target area and are ejected there. Fuzes of such ammunition are equipped with target sensors, which ensure that the ammunition is fired at a certain distance therefrom. The ammunition comprises a body in which a charge of high explosive (HE) with lining, an HE initiating device providing explosive wave formation in HE at its end-face engagement, and a fuze target sensor, where some elements of the transceiver system are placed before the lining along the HE axis and is connected with other elements located outside the housing, the waveguide, extended along the axis and passing through the lining and the HE charge, and the initiating device, which is designed as an inert matrix with channels connecting the initiating means with the HE charge surface, the end portions of which are located either on the annular zone around the HE charge axis, or distributed over the surface. The HE charge is made of a casting composition and the HE weight and lining weight ratio is chosen in the range of 3.2-3.7.EFFECT: increased efficiency and manufacturability.2 dwg

Fragmentation ammunition with three-dimensional destruction field // 2622562
FIELD: weapons and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: fragmentation ammunition with a three-dimensional destruction field refers to the fragmentation ammunition used to equip missile systems' combat units, and can be used in the designs of combat units intended for the destruction of targets by ready-made striking elements (RMSE) with detonated explosive and incendiary action. The ammunition includes a charge of explosive with a detonator located in the shell and a unit of ready-made striking elements along the generatrix of the charge side surface, the striking elements of which are made in the form of a compressed mixture of powders from a composite reaction composition with a density of at least 8.0 g/cm2, with a crystal structure consisting of coarse and fine fractions of powdered tungsten, powdered aluminium and a polymer binder made based on fluoroplastic, with the following ratio of components, wt %: tungsten - 85-90; aluminium - 2.5-5; fluoroplastic - 7.5-10.EFFECT: increased effectiveness of penetration before exploding.1 dwg

Bullet for non-lethal small weapons // 2622421
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to non-lethal bullets through injuries without penetration, causing pain shock and providing a stopping effect, and can be used in self-defence from offenders and unauthorized aggressive crowd control. A bullet for non-lethal small weapons contains a propellant powder charge and a tubular wad with an expansion combustion chamber located in a cartridge equipped with a capsular igniter, on which a polymerized seal container with functional filling is supported by aerodynamic blades. The functional filling of the polymeric container is made in the form of a congruent traumatic element made of rubber in which a metal powder is distributed and bonded by means of an anaerobic adhesive. In this case, the traumatic element has a spherical head part, which is crimped by the open end of the cartridge.EFFECT: expansion of the technological capabilities of the cartridge and ensured universality.1 dwg

Winged missile (versions) // 2622274
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: according to one version, winged missile contains the fuselage, wing, turbojet engine and few subammunitions, i.e. controlled or free-falling bombs. The computer of the missile guidance system provides a program of its flight over several targets in several passes. It is possible to select targets located approximately on a straight line. It provides a program for bombs free-falling from low altitudes with adjustment of their flight trajectory with a view to the release of the above bombs at a specified angle to the horizontal or down at a metered rate, or braking, depending on the type of the target. Another option includes two-axis gyrostabilized biplane radio direction finder and infrared biplane direction finder. In addition, there are bomb bays with two doors at the top and bottom and a bounding mechanism for the inside bomb bays of anti-radar and infrared missiles, which are subammunitions. There is also a release device for dropping subammunitions, i.e. missiles, down. When the stock of subammunitions is more than the number of hit targets, you can drop the subammunitions in the form of bombs. For the latter case there is a possibility of cutting off missile engines, keeping the missile controls in neutral, of unarmed position of non-contact detonators and armed position of non-contact detonators.EFFECT: increased efficiency of hitting targets with a winged missile.4 cl, 2 dwg
Pyrotechnical composition for solid bodies thermal destruction charges // 2622127
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: pyrotechnic composition for solid bodies thermal destruction charges contains, wt %: aluminium powder 22-32, ferric oxide 54-60, synthetic rubber 5-6 as a binder, fluoroplast-4 2-3 and fluororubber SKF-32 2- 3. Powders of the thermal basis of aluminium and iron oxide composition are limited to a size in the range of 20-50 mcm. Introduction of halogen-containing components (fluoroplastic and fluorine rubber) into the pyrotechnic composition ensured the activation of compacted charges combustion, with improved flammability and stable combustion for a safe speed of solids thermal destruction.EFFECT: solution enables composition manufacturability of long charges and increased functionality when used as intended.1 tbl, 5 ex

Game bullet // 2622063
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: game bullet includes a cartridge with an extractor flange where an axial electric igniter of propellant powder charge is installed, which is bounded by a cardboard tube placed under the bottom bridge of a cylindrical container with functional filling closed through a wad with a lid. The filling interacts with the propellant charge by means of a pyrotechnic actuator. The functional filling is made of bulk material, mainly peas, inside which a firecracker is placed coaxially to the container and associated with the propellant powder charge by means of a pyrotechnic match performing the functions of a temporary actuator, and the cardboard tube is rigidly connected to the bottom bridge of the container. The axial electric ignitor comprises of a central electrode and a contact conductor connected to the conductive bottom shell of the cartridge, in the electrospark gap of which an ignition pill is placed.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the bullet to be used as an imitator of under-barrel mounted fragmentary garnets in militarized games and airsoft.2 cl, 1 dwg

Cruise missile universal in score and engagement methods // 2622051
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: universal missile consists of a housing with a lift wing and controls. Housing is equipped with a jet propulsion. A high-explosive or a high-explosive cumulative warhead is placed inside the housing. Torpedo warhead is fixed inside or outside the housing as a small torpedo having a high-explosive or a high-explosive cumulative warhead and braking and stabilization system to ensure the required splashdown parameters. Missile has an onboard power supply and an onboard control system. This system provides autonomous and remote control of the missile from the carrier or the control point. Missile boardside control system includes a radar and/or a heat seeker designed for detecting and guidance on contrasting surface targets. Torpedo boardside control system includes an acoustic non-contact detection system for underwater and surface targets and a homing system. Wherein the missile can carry extra torpedo warheads. Torpedo is equipped with a magnetometer, which is part of its boardside control system, to be used as an additional source of information for classification of contact with a target applying means of hydroacoustic suppression. Additionally, the magnetometer is included into the missile control circuit as means of providing the ability to detect the submarine during the missile flight on its midcourse phase.EFFECT: development of a missile universal in scores and engagement methods.4 cl, 10 dwg

Over-caliber particle grenade "vartava" for hand-held grenade launcher // 2621788
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: over-caliber particle grenade comprises a fullbore part with a propellent charge and a primer, an over-calibre particle fighting body with the explosive, a fragmentation plate and a trajectory detonating fuse. When blasting, an over-caliber particle fighting body represents a plain disk that is square with shell axis. A fighting body is splits into five sections, one central that is designed as a square and that is square with grenade axial axis. There is an airfoil fairing on the center part, and four marginal parts which are presented as parts of a circle that are formed by the prolongation of one end of every ratably interchangeable square side till the intercross the circuit that forms a fighting body.EFFECT: grenade operational effectiveness increase.3 dwg

Lightning conductor // 2620852
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: lightning conductor (200) is mounted on the protected structure (100) and comprises surface coatings, several conductive elements (204) distributed over the structure, a protective coating (205). The surface coating comprises, at least, one electrically conductive ink layer (202). These elements are in contact with the electrically conductive ink layer (202). The protective coating (205) is located on the top of the surface coating and comprises a heat insulating and electrically conductive material. The protective coating (205) covers partially the conductive elements (204).EFFECT: invention provides effective protection against lightning strikes.14 cl, 13 dwg

Pipe socket, designed to adjust slope and having separate lobes for hydrogasdynamic control of rockets or missiles // 2620851
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: hydrogasdynamic control system of rockets or missiles includes at least one actuating element connected directly or indirectly with at least one common actuating mechanism to create a drive force to be transmitted through the common actuating mechanism. Under the hydrogasdynamic control method, the drive force is transmitted via at least one lever-traction mechanism of at least one control surface for hydrogasdynamic control, directly or indirectly connected thereto.EFFECT: minimized dynamic resistance, improved maneuverability and increased range of the rocket or missile.20 cl, 8 dwg

ethod and device for producing elongated shaped high explosive charges // 2620695
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the manufacture of elongated shaped high explosive charges (ESHEC), by equipping the metal tubular workpieces with powder detonating explosives (DE), followed by shaping of the filled workpieces for the charged hollow creation of the strictly desired shape and size. The method includes the operations of calculating the required amount of DE, selection of tubular workpiece size, workpiece filling with the calculated amount of explosive powder by means of vibration, shaping of the filled tubular workpiece by drawing through a series of dies with gradually approaching of the workpiece shape to the shape of the finished workpiece ESHEC. The drawing in two streams is carried out through the disc dies with two semi-enclosed gauges, formed by the shaped recesses at the lower and by protrubances at the upper discs, freely rotating at the bearing supports, drawing the third stream is carried out through a die with a caliber, in the clear equal to the cross section of the finished ESHEC. The device is designed in the form of split die, having a tapered part, passes into a cylindrical calibrating ring, and shaping recess, forcibly inserted into the die gauge and made in the form of deforming cylinder with a horizontal axis. The deforming cylinder has a knife with a front tapering to rest into the flare section of the die and a tail with an adjustable stop for fixing to the die body. In addition, two streams of drawing in the type of disk dies with two semi-enclosed gauges are introduced.EFFECT: use of powerful DE and calibration of charge shape in the shell allows to produce high-effective ESHEC, which are widely used in the rocket production, construction and metalworking engineering, oil and gas industry for pipes cutting , metal structures, storage tanks of different purposes and sizes.2 cl, 2 dwg

ultiple-warhead rocket for impact on clouds // 2620694
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: rocket includes sequentially mounted takeoff and propulsion engines. There is an electric spark igniter fixed in the nozzle cluster of the takeoff engine with aerodynamic blades of the stabiliser. The igniter is associated with the launcher. In the case of the takeoff engine a channel powder charge, a pyrotechnic retarder for correcting the angle of the rocket flight and a collector of ignition of the propulsion engine with retarders for triggering the self-destruction belt charge of the takeoff engine are sequentially installed. By means of a dock adapter, the takeoff engine is connected to the propulsion engine, which has its own nozzle cluster and stabiliser in its design. The charge of the pyrotechnic propellant of the end combustion of the propulsion engine is at the same time an ice-forming stick of active smoke. The splitting grate located in the casing of the propulsion engine between the nozzle cluster and the pyrotechnic charge of the ice-forming pyrotechnic propellant of the end combustion allows one to collect the slags of the combustion products of the propellant and unburned particles, preventing slagging of the nozzle cluster. The consecutively located cumulative central destruction charge of the propulsion engine with the help of a detonator capsule provides the possibility of triggering the detonation and self-destruction of the propulsion engine. The rocket fairing is filled with an inert composition.EFFECT: increased yield of ice-forming nuclei from one gram of pyrotechnic propellant and missile range.3 cl, 1 dwg

Hole charging method // 2620113
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: charging method involves placing a charge of an explosive and detonating agent in the hole, sending the connected knot of the wedge-retainer with a knife and fixing it with a sharp jolt in the hole. The arrangement of the wedge-retainer device in the hole is carried out by a wedge to the explosive substance and a by a retainer to the hole collar. Wedge-retainer is made of plastic. The wedge-retainer includes a retainer with sliding cylindrical cheeks and an interacting wedge made with a cylindrical base. Grooves for electric wires are formed on the outer surface of the cylindrical cheeks and the cylindrical base of the wedge. On the wedge the ribs are made, and on the retainer the toothed projections are performed, by means of which the wedge is fixed with a retainer. The edges of the wedge are located longitudinally on the transverse shelves of the wedge from the outside, and the toothed projections of the retainer are performed on the sliding cheeks of the retainer inner part.EFFECT: invention provides a resistance of fixing the wedge-retainer general construction in a contaminated hole and allows to warn the shooter about fixing the product in the hole in difficult working conditions.8 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for reducing load on barrel during firing and ammunition for its implementation // 2620010
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method for reducing the load on a barrel during firing is characterized by that a projectile or a bullet is pre-imparted axial rotation by ejecting the projectile or the bullet under the gases pressure along the guide projections located inside the case. The ammunition for implementing the method consists of a projectile or a bullet with antifriction coating. On the surface of the projectile or the bullet, recesses are made at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the projectile or the bullet 2-8° for a rifled barrel. The guide projections inside the cartridge are formed congruently with the recesses on the surface of the projectile or the bullet. At least one compression girdle made of antifriction material is made on the projectile or the bullet.EFFECT: provision for reducing the load on the barrel during firing in rifled weapons.2 cl, 1 dwg

Connection joint of separating parts of aircraft // 2619611
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: connection joint comprises the connecting fittings arranged oppositely to each other, and fastening components. Mounting joints are designed to disintegrate and the axes are perpendicular to the plane of the mating fitting. In one fitting formed in the joint plane in the form of annular teeth of an isosceles triangle in cross section, a vertical axis, which is parallel to the axis of the mounting joint and the surface in contact with the surface of the annular recess, made by compressing the docking fittings. Fitting with an annular recess made of a material with a lower hardness than the material of the fitting with the annular tooth. The ratio of the base of an isosceles triangle cross-section of the annular tooth to its height is in the range 0.52-1.3.EFFECT: increase in shifts resistance of the connection joints with long alternating loads with the simultaneous possibility of disintegration - separation.5 cl, 2 dwg

Supersonic aircraft and method for flight thereof // 2619361
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to controlled strategic weapons, particularly to supersonic aircraft and methods for implementation of flight thereof. Supersonic aircraft includes starting engine with stage separation mechanism, sustainer stage with an airframe and with functional units. Sustainer stage is placed in protective fairing, expanding during separation of engine. Airframe of sustainer is made on a low-winged aircraft scheme with elements of vertical tail, providing banking stability of airframe. Tail is pre-deformed by a protective fairing. Method of flying supersonic aircraft comprises using programmable ricochet amplitude. At stage of immersion into atmosphere change of aerodynamic force vector is performed by selecting optimum angle of attack. Aircraft start is performed at path angle from 50 to 85° to horizon. Aircraft is taken along a ballistic trajectory into rarefied atmosphere at altitude from 50 to 70 km.EFFECT: reduced aerodynamic loads.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of metal structures explosive cutting // 2618676
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: method includes the cutting in two stages. The first stage is the implementation of the weak cross-section cut structure in the form of the notch, the depth of which is not less than 1/6 of the cut structure thickness, by the single-point initiation of the elongated cumulative charge (ECC), which is mounted on its surface at the certain focal distance, which together with the cross-section area of ECC is selected depending on the cut structure. The second stage includes placing of elastic charge BB over the notch, which is closed by the strut, which is the shell with the bulk substance and density 1.7-1.8 g/cm3, the cross-section of which exceeds the elastic charge BB cross-section at least in 10 times. Provide the elastic charge BB blasting at simultaneous initiating from one of the end faces with counter-directed impulses perpendicular to the notch.EFFECT: increased cutting efficiency of the thick metal structures, including those from alloy steels.2 dwg
Ore body mining method // 2618541
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: within the ore body, the well fans are drilled, charged and short-delayed detonated. The distance between the ends (bottoms) in the fan outer wells and the contour of the ore body is determined taking into account explosive detonation parameters, physical-technical properties and fracture parameters of the ore body, and the magnitude of rock pressure.EFFECT: size reduction disorders of hosting rocks and ore reduction dilution during its shipment, reducing the volume of the drilling and weight BB.1 tbl
Generator of heated impulse granular jets // 2618267
FIELD: testing equipment.SUBSTANCE: device contains the hollow body with located inside subsequently and coaxially with the specified initial acceleration direction by the mechanism for the initial spring compression adjustment and the object throwing mechanism under the force of the spring released. The object throwing mechanism is provided with the open front part of the cylindrical channel, with the movable basin disposed inside it, bearing the throwing object, loaded by the compressed spring and held in the initial position by the trigger mechanism. The basin stroke limit switch is provided in the outlet part of cylindrical channel. The dose of heated hard granular heating carrier is taken as the throwing object, which has the initial packing of tapping or tap density with the average poriness 0.4. The hollow body is made from the heat resistant non-magnetic material. The basin is made of ferromagnetic material in the form of a cup with the opened front end, the rear drained bottom, the outer guiding locking belt at the rear part of the cup and inductive connection with the external heating inductor. The spring is connected with the mechanism of initial spring compression and the basin by means of the rod with supports at both ends. The trigger mechanism, equipped with the remote-controlled drive, keeps the spring compressed through the rod support. The opportunity to move the basin with acceleration up to the moment of locking belt impact to the anvil and the formation of the granular jet basin by the throwing object.EFFECT: increase of the device operation reliability due to the providing the possibility of creating the heat impulse with the specified power and duration on the surface of the igniting material.2 dwg
ethod of anti-corrosive coating application on the detonating extended charge // 2618044
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: method of applying the anti-corrosive coating on the detonating elongated charge metal shell contains the thermostating of the elongated detonating charge disposed in the working chamber and its depositing on the metal surface by decomposition of the initial metal compound of carbonyl group vapour in the gas-carrier flow. The thermostating is carried out at the temperature of 80-85°C during 3-5 minutes. The metal carbonyl is used as the initial metal compounds of the carbonyl group, the acoustic stiffness of which is greater or not less than the stiffness of the detonating elongated charge shell metal, and the hydrogen sulfide is used as the gas-carrier. The metal carbonyl vapour and hydrogen sulphide are supplied simultaneously at the rate of 1.0-1.5 g/h and 0.1-0.2 g/h, respectively, at the residual pressure in the working chamber of 10-1-10 Pa.EFFECT: increasing of gas, vapour, water resistance of the protective coating, its adhesion with the metal shell of the detonating elongated charge, increasing the productivity of work, the expansion of functionality and the application scope of corrosion resistant, protective coating.

Ammunition leading part separation unit // 2617824
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: ammunition leading part separation unit contains the shell with the bottom, the support ring with the forced crossing unit, piston, forced crossing charge, the cartridge pressure accumulators, the working and accumulating cavity for the charges combustion products. The cartridge pressure accumulators are fixed in the piston of the separation compartment. It is placed with nozzle clusters opposite the gas-dynamic windows. Such position allows the combustion products to fill the accumulating cavity. The above mentioned windows are made in the intermediate diaphragm rigidly fixed to the supporting ring of the shell. The nozzle clusters of cartridge pressure accumulators are provided with devices of nozzles simultaneous opening. It is made in the form of the plugs placed in the outlet part of the nozzle and having the induced drafts. These drafts are fixed in the intermediate diaphragm and connected with nozzle plugs and by means of the stop and threaded type detachable joints.EFFECT: improvement of device operation reliability.1 dwg

Device for experimental development of jet projectiles separation compartment with composit power sources // 2617823
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: device contains the rigid base of the tray type. The investigated separation compartment with working chamber and the forced crossing unit is positioned therein. The device also contains the propellant charges with means of their initiation, simulation devices of leading and guided missile part and the recording device. The separation compartment is provided with afterburning charge and has the combustion chamber with the removable bottom and the volume compensator. The combustion chamber includes the additional boosting charge of the propelling or gas-generating type. It is equipped with involvement means of breakthrough gas-dynamic or exhaust mechanical action. It is provided with removable bottoms with standard membranes and adapted to destroy at the fixed load due to various types of thinning out or suction rods with adjustable length. The latters are associated with the detachable elements of the leading part simulaton device with the possibility to remove the plug from the bottom channel, connecting the working cavity with the combustion chamber at the required moment of the separation process. The sensors for changes registration of the main intraballistic parameters of the separation process are fastened at the fixed elements of the guided missile part simulation device, attached to the device base by means of the retractable stop.EFFECT: provision of opportunities to test products for the regulated impact actions, when using the charging chamber with the propellant charge.2 dwg