Aiming means and laying means (F41G3)

F41   Weapons(6547)
F41G3                 Aiming means; laying means (sighting devices f41g0001000000; determining direction, distance or velocity by use of radio or other waves g01s; computers g06; aerials h01q)(430)

ethod of moving object homing basing on information on fact of target sighting and device for its implementation (versions) // 2607758
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: object trajectory is formed as cyclically repeating arched sections, along which the object moves with a preset (maximum) angular speed equal in magnitude but opposite in sign. Every two sections are combined into a cycle, which begins and ends with the fact of coincidence of the object speed vector direction with the target line of sight, and the angular speed sign is changed inside the cycle as per the fact of coincidence of inclination angles relative to an inertial coordinate system of lines connecting the object and the target at the beginning of the cycle and at the given moment. Also proposed are devices implementing the above said method.EFFECT: proposed is a method of a moving object homing basing on information on the fact of a target sighting in case of coincidence of the radar axis direction with the object speed vector direction.4 cl, 4 dwg

Simulator for guided weapon system operators training // 2607428
FIELD: training means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to training technical equipment and can be used in simulators for guided weapon systems operators training complexes during training in “training”, “self-development” modes in order to obtain, maintain and improve corresponding “combat” operation skills. Launcher (L) simulator includes operator viewing channel rotating relative to attachment axis, swivel simulator with vertical and horizontal targeting drives, braking device, launching mechanism, microcomputer unit, arranged in launcher simulator dimensional housing. Housing is installed on support fixed on operator workstation table. Operator's headphones are connected to control and monitoring unit audio output via launcher simulator. Dimensional housing connection element is made in form of pin. Handle locks L simulator in horizontal plane. Support is made in form of hollow tube and includes cylindrical slide with threaded tip, inside of which damping spring is located, locking and transporting screws and turning latch.EFFECT: approximation of operators training to real conditions.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for assessment of firing efficiency of combat remote controlled module located on mobile object // 2604909
FIELD: weapons and ammunition; measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods for assessment of firing efficiency of a combat remote controlled module arranged on a mobile object. Assessment process in the method is divided into stages. At these stages the volume is determined of required recorded information, and firing evaluation criteria, experimental data on the results of firing, trusted probability of target killing γ, rated maximum range of actual fire Dmax, rated indicative range of actual fire, firing series preparation and implementation time, maximum and minimum values of distance to the target from the firing range, number of measurements of distance for marching fire at one target, speed of the mobile object at firing the series and average speed of movement of the mobile object at firing the series, lower PL and upper PU boundaries of trusted interval of target killing probability of P, atmosphere transmission coefficient.EFFECT: provided is the possibility of assessment of firing efficiency of a combat remote controlled module.1 cl, 1 tbl, 7 dwg

ini-firing range for training military personnel of ground artillery // 2604694
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to military equipment, particularly, to mini-firing ranges for training operators of various weapon systems, for example, operators of anti-tank missile systems (ATMS) or close combat weapons (assault rifles, machine-guns, grenade launchers, flame throwers, etc.) shooters, particularly - cannon artillery gunners at direct fire. Mini-firing range for training military personnel of ground artillery comprises a base and a model of a terrain with arranged in it models of local objects and targets simulators, herewith the terrain model is made in the form of several concentric rings able to turn relative to each other and be fixed on the base in a selected position.EFFECT: technical result is broader functional capabilities of the mini-firing range and raising the trainees level when solving tactical-firing tasks on killing simulated targets.7 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of azimuthal targeting launcher // 2604592
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to azimuthal targeting mobile launchers of the Army rocket-artillery weapons during firing at an unobserved target. Lifting and rotary launcher and a satellite meter are placed on a mobile chassis (MS) with a length of not less than 3m. By means of antennae of the satellite meter a basic direction (BD) is formed within the range of angles between the longitudinal axis and the MS diagonal in the plan. One antenna of the meter is installed in the front, and the other antenna of the meter is installed in the rear end of the MS stationary or onto a folding bar. Coordinate referencing of the BD to an associated with the MS fixed angle-metering limb of the launcher is performed. Turning of the launcher in the direction of firing is performed relative to the BD fixed by means of the angle-metering limb.EFFECT: technical result of the proposed invention is higher accuracy of azimuthal targeting of the launcher, including the one with replaceable transport-launching containers (TLC) with ground-to ground missiles, at minimization of acting on the satellite meter interfering effects of specific targeting operation of the launcher.9 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of armored vehicles fire control // 2603750
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to military equipment, particularly to armored vehicles fire control system. Method of armored vehicles fire control involves using target designation device, consisting of computer, laser range finder, transceiver, elevation angle transducer, power supply source and control panel, and additional equipment installed on armored vehicle item: transceiver, associated with stabilizer weapons.EFFECT: technical result is increase in armored vehicles fire control efficiency of objects with officer staying outside of armored object.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of firing jet projectiles multiple artillery rocket system in counter-battery conditions // 2602162
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to military equipment and can be used in jet valley fire systems (MARS). Method comprises guiding launcher (L) in horizontal plane in direction of target, lifting guides with rocket missiles (RS) through preset angle starting in vertical plane (VP), estimating time (WS) of flight in system of independent flight path correction (SAKT) PC at initial section of path, including solid rocket engine start is PC at small angle in the IP at initial section of flight trajectory (UTV) PC taking into account technical characteristics of PU and relief arrangement PU, PC is transferred to a new path with large angle in VP after expiry of WS considering conditions of non-detection PC at initial section of trajectory of radar station counter-battery control (CBS) of enemy PC is launched with subsequent according to preset flight ballistic trajectory, simulating start of PC of fictitious point spaced from LS at a safe distance, excluding damage PU enemy artillery fire by results of locating radar station CBS start position MARS controlled pitch and yaw angles PC with help of gas-dynamic rudders by commands from SAKT PC depending on safe flight altitude of PC, which prevents detection by radar CBS, removal of PU from radar station from front line, minimum angle of view of radar station CBS branch of apparent start angle, angle of start PC branch PC speed vector angle corrections to angle of start PC, PC flight speed, permissible overload PC branch of free fall acceleration, hit target.EFFECT: higher efficiency of firing MARS.1 cl, 2 dwg

Device of firing from firearms // 2600177
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to firing from small firearms, particularly to systems of observation, targeting and firing from hand small arms. Device of firing from firearms using computer supervision of gun barrel position relative to target consists of a computer, power supply, trigger, the light-sensitive matrix, optical system, storage device, "supervisor", the display. Device is additionally equipped with sensors of angular velocities in horizontal and vertical planes, pressure sensor of cardiovascular system of the shooter and high-voltage system of ignition of gunpowder in weapon cartridges.EFFECT: technical result: increase of effectiveness of firing.4 cl, 5 dwg

Robotic target of anatomic shape // 2595558
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: device is intended for combat, sports, training weapons shooting practice. Target of anatomic shape consists of the target figure, a lifting mechanism, a control system unit, a control channel, a control panel; it is characterised by that for simulation of a soldier moving in a battlefield the target lifting mechanism comprises a housing, a motor, a system of electric end switches, a reduction gear, a crank-and-rod mechanism interacting with the second driven rod, wherein to both rods one or more ground joists are connected, on which the target frame is mounted; herewith the target from the side of the trainee shooter is raised with actual speed of an attacking soldier rising and the target frame can be flat or semi-volume or volume type, as well as it can be made corresponding to the size and the shape of an average person, and the whole surface of the target is the hitting zone divided into multiple segments, on which there are sensors in the form of coatings, which surface is made of current-conducting materials, which been penetrated with a bullet can close current-conducting layers and create a signal of the target segment killing; herewith each segment has a damage level mark for the bullet penetration defined by the controller and indicating: unconditional wound of the target unprotected parts depicting the fighter body, with determination of severity of the injury, and in zones most vulnerable in a human body and covered with individual means of armor protection the injury severity signal is generated considering the following factors: range, class of protection and efficiency of small arms; herewith the robotic target of anatomic shape includes: firing means simulator as an optical system of light-emitting diodes imitating different rate of fire, wire control channel or a radio channel with receiving-transmitting communication devices between the base radio station of the control panel and the subscriber radio station made on the target lifting mechanism housing and on the control unit providing direct transfer of commands to the robotic target of anatomic shape and providing feedback for transmission of information upon the target hitting zones, wherein the controller is configured to determine the degree of damage and the level of the target protection, and if there is a "light" or "medium" degree of "injury" the command is given to raise additional targets of anatomic shape, up to 4 pieces, arranged next to the main robotic target of anatomic shape and simulating actions of a wounded fighter or not injured but repositioned one, herewith the target lifting mechanism is attached to the ground or to a mechanical transport platform.EFFECT: providing raising the target and additional targets with actual speed of an attacking soldier rising, as well as evaluation of the damage level, imitation of firing means.1 cl, 9 dwg

ethod for shooting teaching // 2592757
FIELD: training means. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods for shooting training. Method involves using shooting simulator "SKATT" and electronic target equipment ASCOR. Cardiac monitor in real time records shooter pulsogram, oscillations of its chest are recorded by means of tensometric device converting dynamic force into electrical signals. Nature of oscillations is determined by microstethophone with microphone fitted therein. Chest movement in space is assessed by means of accelerometer. Acoustic radio device at actuation of firing mechanism or firing sensor enables to synchronise heart rate with shot. EFFECT: obtaining optimum shot option relative to heart beats. 1 cl, 10 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of creating combined reality during preparation of land troops and training device therefor // 2592026
FIELD: training means. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to method and training machine to create combined reality at preparation of military personnel. To create combined reality trainee is presented with background-target situation in form of hybrid physical reality, assigned task of searching, detection and selection of target, its recognition and identification, spatial coordinates of weapons launcher complexes simulators relative to hybrid physical reality and guidance angles are determined and monitored by positioning means, calculated on the basis of registered positioning data projection of the virtual reality environment synthesised in a certain manner are displayed on screens optical units simulators launchers, then in virtual reality mode actions of trainees are recorded and stored in database, hybrid physical reality is used for didactic examination of process of executing task. Simulator for creation of combined reality comprises simulator of background-target situation in form of hybrid physical reality, workstations for trainees, workstation of sessions manager integrated into local area network in certain manner. Workstations for trainees contain computer modules, simulators of launchers, recording devices. Simulator of background-target situation comprises indicators of positions. Launcher simulator comprises micro display, optical unit, control and guidance units. Sessions manager workstation includes computer module, background-target situation simulator control unit, power supply unit. EFFECT: providing conditions close to real training. 9 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of laser simulation of firing // 2586465
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser engineering and can be used for simulation of firing in conditions of simulation of real breakage. Method for laser firing simulation comprises generating shot-simulating laser radiation, receiving and registering said radiation. At moment of shot, method includes short-term generation of laser information field of vertical and horizontal strips one angular value. Each of vertical and horizontal strips are formed by two cycles of scanning laser beam in one direction and one cycle of scanning in opposite. Centre of laser information field and barrel are aligned. Position of centre of information field relative to simulated target is determined by means of three photodetectors, installed on it in triangle tops known value. Each of photodetectors generate signals in form of triads pulses. At time interval between them determining coordinate of photodetector in laser information field and deviation of photodetector from its centre. Direction-finding characteristic is corrected, after which indicates degree of damage of simulated target.EFFECT: high accuracy of simulation of firing at different distances to simulated target, possibility of determining point of penetration of high-accuracy.2 cl, 5 dwg

Pistol sniper complex // 2586060
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to weapons, particularly to hand firearms. Pistol sniper complex comprises base machine gun butt, as well as support for handle arms, support at gun muzzle to trigger bracket arm, corrector plane arms made for creation of fire plane parallel to plane of the base of machine gun, and optical (night, day, thermal imaging, collimator) sight, fixed on mounting support.EFFECT: technical result consists in increase of effective range sight shooting, higher stability of weapons in combat use, higher accuracy of fire and aiming speed.6 cl, 4 dwg

Small-calibre gun "kood-smersh" // 2585689
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to semiautomatic gun. Small-caliber gun comprises barrel, box with cartridges, barrel breech end with compression springs and tension, muzzle part of the barrel. Spent cartridges are ejected with the help of the bleeding tube. Cartridge is made with one or two sleeve flarings and with a large number of powder or propellant. Shaft equipped with functional effect of explosion nuclear bomb.EFFECT: higher reliability of small-caliber gun.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of determining lateral driving direction of firing from artillery mount and device therefor // 2581997
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in that, first, unpiling barrel of artillery mount (hereinafter AM) from “at cruising" position, then barrel is installed in horizontal position and level AM using level to control platform and preparation of elements and units of system to measurements, then measured value of fire direction at change of barrel elevation and mismatch is determined on value of side of fire direction and optical correction on the lateral deviation of fire direction is introduced into AM target guidance control system, wherein levelling of barrel and axes of AM journals is conducted both by turning of turret or by turning of AM cradle rotating part, and value of side of the barrel axis from vertical plane measurement at variation of angles of vertical homing of AM by means of a special device - barrel angular displacement meter (BADM) and barrel angular position measurement results using BADM determined are values of pulpit journals weapon control platform on AM breech angular displacement axes of journals base barrel channel axis, then correction is determined from obtained parameters on lateral deviation of AM fire direction. Also disclosed is original device to implement such method, made in form of barrel angular displacement meter with centering stem inserted in muzzle part of barrel, and measuring unit, inserted into centering stem with help of Morse cone and containing support plate with small-size measuring module including three-axis gyro angle transducer and three-axis acceleration sensor, wherein base plate of measurement unit is connected to Morse cone through controlled ball support.EFFECT: disclosed is highly efficient group of inventions in artillery involving method of determining lateral driving direction of firing from AM and device for its implementation.2 cl, 5 dwg

Single-pupil multispectral optical system with built-in laser range finder (versions) // 2581763
FIELD: telecommunications.SUBSTANCE: optical system comprises, in first version, a common inlet channel, a spectrum-dividing plate, reflecting spectral range of television channel and transmitting spectral range of thermal imaging channel, and two optical channels for each of spectral ranges. Optical axis of thermal imaging channel is shifted relative to optical axis of common input channel. Between two components of television channel there is a splitting cube which transmits spectral range of television channel and reflects spectral range of range-finding channel containing collimating optics, a quarter-wave retarder, a polarisation splitter, a y-range-finding channel on radiating and receiving parts, each of which comprises a lens interface. In a second version, spectrum dividing plate reflects spectral range of thermal imaging channel and transmits spectral range of television channel, optical axis of which is displaced relative to optical axis of common input channel.EFFECT: technical result is alignment of radiating and receiving pupils of laser range-finder with inlet pupil of common channel and high image quality.3 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of forming projection target and device therefor // 2579831
FIELD: training means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to projection targets. According to method on screen surface image projected target object using two projectors, first of which performs projecting visible image, and second projector is thermal image of target object. Target device for method implementation contains screen surface, two projector image, one of which operates in visible, and second one in infrared range radiation range, as well as control computer, connected using respective data channels. As second projector infrared laser is used, additionally equipped with guidance systems and power control. Control computer is connected to thermal imager with additional information channel.EFFECT: high reliability of characteristics of projected target object and situational training conditions of fire.5 cl, 4 dwg

Optical laser range-finder sight // 2572463
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: sight comprises a main lens, a spectrum-splitting cube, a reflecting range-finding channel with a photodetector, a lens pancratic erecting system and an eyepiece. Between the spectrum-splitting cube and the erecting system, there is a two-component optical interface, between the components of which there is spectrum-splitting cube, a reflecting collimating channel with a two-component lens consisting of a negative meniscus and a positive lens, and a microdisplay. The reflecting range-finding channel after the spectrum-splitting cube has a collimating negative lens, a quarter-wave retarder, a polarisation splitter which branches the range-finding channel into an emitting part and a receiving part, each having an interfacing lens. A fixed collecting lens is placed between the movable components of the erecting system. Relationships given in the claim are satisfied.EFFECT: maintaining a constant angle of sight for any values of angular magnification of the sight and eliminating parallax errors when measuring range.1 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of correcting linear and angular coordinates of helmet of aircraft operator and ultrasonic helmet-mounted system therefor // 2572222
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: four helmet-mounted ultrasonic receivers are mounted at reference points on an operator's helmet, and four ultrasonic radiators are mounted in the cockpit above the operator's helmet in the bound coordinate system of the cockpit. Four ultrasonic receivers of four correcting channels are mounted at the edges of the working area of possible helmet positions. Pulsed ultrasonic signals are transmitted and received. The delay time of signals from each ultrasonic radiator to each helmet-mounted ultrasonic receiver and to four ultrasonic receivers of correcting channels is measured. Direction is determined based on the data of said correcting channels.EFFECT: high accuracy of determining coordinates of an operator's helmet in vibration conditions and varying external conditions.2 cl, 4 dwg

Increasing self-propelled craft weapons fire efficiency // 2571530
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: motionless or running tank searches, detects, identifies and traces the target day and night. Tank gun is charged with the selected projectile. Corrections for air temperature, gun barrel bore wear, barometric pressure and cross-wind are automatically computed and loaded. Additionally, set of fire efficiency evaluation is loaded to analyze the signals from the laser range finder and ballistics selector. Shell type is selected subject to measured distance to the target and the efficient fire range. The gunlayer is informed by discrete flashing of the "selected shell type" indicator on inexpediency of said selection at measured range via the indication unit in the field of vision of the sight-range finder-laying unit. Claimed process differs from known procedures in that at group fire from self-propelled guns the order of fire is set by determination of the minimum time interval from the first shot moment of a separate self-propelled gun to the last shell burst moment.EFFECT: higher probability of target hitting.1 dwg

Fire control system sight // 2568419
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: system sight comprises sight channel with observation system, sight channel axis stabilization system including electrically connected mirror unit and control unit, ballistic computer system including electrically connected one or more transducers and computer unit electrically connected with control unit. Note here that computer unit comprises signal primary processing module, two-line module of ballistic correction computation and mode selection module. Control unit comprises electrically connected control module and selection module. The latter comprises electrically connected first DAC, first adder and first switch. Besides, its comprises electrically connected DAC, second adder and second switch. Note also that said signal primary processing module is connected with both ballistic correction computation module and one or more transducers. Mode selection module is connected with fire control system and two-line ballistic computation module electrically connected with sight channel.EFFECT: enhanced performances, higher accuracy of fire.4 cl, 1 dwg

Thermal-imaging sighting system and focusing unit of thermal-imaging sighting system // 2564625
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system operates as a sighting device, a thermal imager, a range-finder and a ballistic computer. The thermal-imaging sighting system comprises a sealed housing (1) in which there is a germanium lens (2), a thermal-imaging module (3) connected to a computing device, which is connected to an electronic display (4) for outputting a video image, a focusing unit (5) with a handle and an eyepiece (6). The germanium lens is rigidly mounted in the housing. The focusing unit (5) is configured to move the thermal-imaging module along the optical axis of a fixed lens. The focusing unit comprises a focusing unit housing (8) with a guide (14) and a shaft (10) with a cam gear (11), placed perpendicular to the guide. A carriage (12) is mounted on the guide for thermal-imaging module, which is capable of moving longitudinally. The base of the carriage interacts with the cam gear of the shaft, which provides movement of the carriage.EFFECT: high reliability and longevity of the device.7 cl, 5 dwg

Simulator to train operators of shoulder-fired missiles // 2561851
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: instructor's panel includes a computer within a calculator with connected keyboard, "mouse" manipulator and a video monitor, the first and second transceiving modules. The first transceiving module is installed in the instructor's panel and is connected to one of calculator ports of the computer. Imitators of implements of war are made in the form of a launch tube and a training launch mechanism. The second transceiving module is installed in the training launch mechanism. The simulator includes imitators of implements of war of various types of shoulder-fired missiles, an imitator of an air target with an autopilot, a navigation system and the first radio modem. The second radio modem is installed in the instructor's panel and is connected to one of calculator ports of the computer.EFFECT: increased efficiency of training.2 cl, 1 dwg

Single-pupil laser-ranging sight // 2560347
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: single-pupil laser-ranging sight includes one composite channel, which includes a lens, a target reticle, a lens erecting system, a translucent indicator and an eyepiece, arranged in series. The plane of the aiming signs of the reticle is superimposed with the back focus of the lens and the front focus of the lens erecting system, and the plane of the luminescent signs of the translucent indicator is superimposed with the back focus of the erecting system and the object plane of the eyepiece. The device includes, between the lens and the reticle, a spectrum-splitting cube, the spectrum-splitting plane of which is in the form of a diagonal face arranged such that the reticle, the erecting system, the translucent indicator and the eyepiece operate in the transmitted beam, and in the beam reflected from the spectrum-splitting plane there is a divergent lens which forms, together with an input lens, an afocal optical system, a quarter-wave retarder made of quartz, a polarisation splitter cube which divides the radiating and receiving channels of the range-finder and is mounted at a position where its reflecting plane is parallel to the spectrum-splitting plane of the spectrum-splitting cube, and two identical convergent focusing lenses, which form the same focal distance of the radiating and receiving channels of the laser range-finder, after each of which there is a laser emitter or a laser radiation detector.EFFECT: facilitating sight shooting while enabling range measurement using a single-pupil optical sight-optical ranging system, having one common entrance window for both the sight visual channel and the transmitting and receiving channels of the range-finder, and which ensures minimal energy loss during transmission through the optical channel.1 dwg, 1 tbl

Detection of air target inclined range by target specified speed // 2558407
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods and means for aiming and guidance used in the Army self-propelled AA mount (SAM). Proposed method can be used in case the mount ranging radar fails or for jamming. Mount optical sight is used to measure the current angular coordinates of air target. Radar of the reconnaissance and control mobile station (RCMS) sets target linear speed and azimuth to be transmitted via radio line to target designation receive-and-process hardware. Available specimens of said hardware are incorporated with said SAM. Data measured at SAM and transmitted from RCMS are loaded to digital computer to compute inclined range to target by appropriate formulae.EFFECT: higher precision of inclined range determination, hence higher accuracy of fire.4 dwg

ethod of automatic armaments homing at moving target // 2555643
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method of automatic armaments homing at moving target according to which the periodic image of the field of military operations is formed with a frame frequency, and after target detection, determination of its range, speed of movement and an altitude the lead angles of the weapon for the subsequent shot, differs by that, for the purpose of increase of probability of target destruction and safety of a shooter, after detection of the target the shooter by means of remote control moves the target image to such area of the field of vision of the optical-electronic system (OES) of the sight which would allow at stable position of the line of vision (LV) of OES to observe the target during the time sufficient for the first aiming operation; at this operation the position of LV OES is stabilised spatially; the marker is placed over the image of OES target; the sight operating mode is switched to automatic one at which OES marker moves together with the target, and OES at the beginning of each shot transfers the data (an azimuth and a angle of a place) of the target angular coordinates to the range finder; the range finder is automatically rotated towards the coordinates supplied by OES and as the target enters the sight of the range finder marker it sends an impulse of radiation and determined the range of the target which it transmits to the sight, providing the first triad of data (location angle, an azimuth and range of the target) which are saved in the sight memory; after the time Δt0, multiple to the period of OES frame sweep, the range finder again measures the target range and again transfers the information on the target range to memory of the sight which automatically forms the second triad of data on the target position with reference to the sight; the calculator of the sight using both triads of data and the known time interval Δt0, predicts the target position at the given moment TP; and at calculation of TP the following is taken into account: target speed; range and angle of the target altitude; time of shell flight taking into account the target altitude; dynamic parameters of the sight drive (time of rotation of the sight to the rated point); size of differential coordinates of the second and first triads of data; ambient temperature; wind direction and speed; then LV OES stabilisation is removed and the sight with the weapon stock is rotated towards the direction of the predicted position; after installation of the sight into the rated position at the given time TP the shot is made automatically.EFFECT: improvement of aiming accuracy taking into account parameters and target motion conditions, homing of the weapon to the rated direction with automatic providing the required lead angle, and the shot at the rated moment without participation of the shooter.1 cl, 5 dwg

Weapon unit with aim device and method of its adjustment // 2553044
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: weapon unit with the aim device contains a bottom machine and a top machine on which a rotary cradle with the weapon and the parallelogram are installed on pins which consist of the machine bracket fixed with reference to the top machine, the lever connected with the cradle, rods and consoles with a land sight installed on it, an antiaircraft sight with a ring grid and an adjusting device for adjustment of vision axes of sights, the land sight is designed as a conic hollow bell extending by the front end towards muzzle part of the weapon and installed on the support by means of the rack, and the ring grid of the antiaircraft sight is installed coaxially to the bell of the land sight and by the internal ring is fixed at the back end face of the bell in such a way that the central projections of the external circle of the front end face of the bell and the external circle of the internal ring of the ring grid are visible from the centre of the structure located on the aiming line as a ring strip of identical width, the adjusting device it is designed as a bracket with bearing platforms on the ends interacting with reciprocal bearing platforms made on the support and the console of the parallelogram by means of adjusting and the fasteners having a possibility of axial movement. Fasteners are symmetrised around the adjusting elements. The ribs connecting raccourcir rings are implemented prominent inside the bell, on the bell end the aim level with the front sight in the bell centre of the aim device is located, holes in bearing platforms of the bracket are made with thread. The method of adjustment of the aim device of the weapon unit consists in adjustment of position of the weapon by combination of the axis of the stock channel of the weapon with the corresponding cross hairs of the reference target by means of the boresighting tube and alignment of the sight line of the aim device with the corresponding cross hairs of the reference target by means of the adjusting device. After adjustment of position of the weapon in the aim device the auxiliary bushing with longitudinal grooves is placed which is entirely implemented as a groove in the centre of the auxiliary bushing, and then backsight is aligned in the auxiliary bushing and the front sight of the aim level of the bell with the cross hairs of the reference target.EFFECT: simplification of finding of necessary eye position providing an aiming, acceleration of aiming at the target, simplification of exact aiming at small or far targets, increase of vibrostability of fastening of the aim device, improvement of accuracy of adjustment of the aim device, acceleration of sight adjustment.2 cl, 6 dwg

Aircraft armament control system // 2551267
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: system includes the following: multipurpose onboard radar station; optical-electronic finder system; onboard guidance equipment set; an onboard navigation equipment set with flight information sensors; computer system; set of targeting, navigation and flight information indicators; a tactical situation indicator; a console equipment with buttons of transmission of attack and tasks cancellation orders; an onboard radio telemetric communication equipment set with a digital integrated communication module referred to in some modifications as a communication and data transmission module.EFFECT: improvement of efficiency of military operations of mixed groups of forth and fifth generation aircrafts.3 cl, 13 dwg

Thermal test-object // 2549072
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: device to control parameters of thermal imaging systems relates to equipment for control of parameters of surface thermal imaging devices (TID) for observation and sighting for military purposes under field conditions and may be used in testing and assessment of TID quality. The device to control parameters of thermal imaging systems comprises a thermal radiator made in the form of a matrix of heat releasing elements (2), installed onto a panel from material with low heat conductivity (1), digital temperature sensors (7), installed on heat releasing elements, a control device on the basis of a microprocessor (6), feedback of which with a thermal radiator is carried out by means of signals from digital temperature sensors, and also a source of power supply (4). The panel has dimensions of a real observed object.EFFECT: provision of assessment of TID parameters under real conditions of their operation, increased objectivity of produced results, reduced requirements to an operator.6 cl, 1 dwg

Training simulator for combat crews of surface-to-air missile system // 2547955
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: training simulator contains a workplace (WP) of 1 commander and the launcher operator (L), WP 7 of the training supervisor, WP 11 of the station supervisor, WP 16 of L control officer, WP 19 of the second operator, WP 24 of the first operator, WP 34 of L instructor, WP 38 of the commander of the surface-to-air missile system, the network equipment providing control and switching in the training simulator.EFFECT: providing the possibility to conduct training of combat crews of the surface-to-air missile system that is a part of the antiaircraft missile system Antey-2500, the range of known training simulators for combat crews of surface-to-air missile systems is expanded.3 dwg

Aircraft sighting system for close air combat // 2544281
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of sighting at the planes. The invention comprises an onboard radar station, a signal processor, a display, and a communication unit with the missiles, an attack mode switch, the sensors of flight altitude and aircraft bank, the switch of displacement of field of view, a processor of sighting control, a unit of indication of target on the angular position and a unit of indication of target on the angular velocity. The unit of indication of target on the angular position of the target comprises n threshold devices, a setpoint device of signals, the OR element, the subtractor, the first and second diodes. And the first and second inputs of the unit of indication of target are respectively the first inputs of n threshold devices and the second input of the subtractor. The outputs of the first and second diodes and the subtractor are respectively the first, second and third outputs of the unit of indication of target on the angular position of the target. The unit of indication of target on the angular velocity of the target movement comprises the first NOT element, a shift register, a generator of signals, n AND elements, n second NOT elements, n counters, a subtractor, the first and second diodes. And the first, second and third inputs of the unit of indication of target on the angular velocity of the target movement is the input of the first NOT element and the first inputs of the first and second keys. The outputs of the first, second devices and subtractor are respectively the first, second and third output of the unit of indication of target.EFFECT: reducing the time of sighting.3 dwg

Airborne sighting system for close air combat // 2542830
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention includes an on-board radar station, a signal processing processor, an indicator and a unit of communication to missiles, an attack mode switch, aircraft altitude and roll sensors, a vision zone displacement switch, a sighting control process and a target indication unit as to an angular position. The target indication unit as to an angular position includes n threshold devices, a signal setting device, an OR element, a subtracting device, the first and the second diodes. With that, the first and the second outputs of the target indication unit are the first inputs of n threshold devices and the second input of the subtracting device respectively. The first input of the subtracting device is connected to the output of the OR element, the input of which are connected to outputs of n threshold devices. The second outputs of n threshold devices are connected to outputs of the signal setting devices. The output of the subtracting device is connected to inputs of the first and the second diodes. Outputs of the first and the second diodes and the subtracting device are the first, the second and the third outputs respectively of the target indication unit as to an angular position of a target.EFFECT: reducing sighting time.3 dwg

ethod of increase of effectiveness of monitoring and target damaging by armament of armoured force vehicles // 2540393
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method of increase of effectiveness of monitoring and target damaging by armament of armoured force vehicles, including sights with a thermal, optical, low-level TV channels, a channel of guidance of antitank guided missile, and a laser range finder, a set of automatic sensors of firing conditions, and an automatic unit of target tracking, characterised in that an intelligence station is additionally mounted on the sample of armament of armoured force vehicles, with which the type of target is detected, the distance to it is determined, the signal is passed on the electric wires to the signal processing unit additionally mounted in the fire control system, using which the analysis of selection of type of weapons is carried out according to the program set in it, as the most effective for target damaging in the given conditions, the signal is transmitted from it to the power drive of the armament, using which guidance on a target of the armament is carried out, to inform the crew the data about the target is transmitted to the information displaying device - monitor, the switch of the type of weapons on the armament control panel is put to the position of selection of the required type of weapons and using the armament control panel and the power drive of the armament the correction of type of weapons is carried out and shooting from it.EFFECT: increase in efficiency of monitoring, assisting the commander in selecting the type of weapons required for more authentic observed target damaging, increase in useful armoured capacity with the ability to accommodate in it of additional ammunition complement or other systems, allowing the possibility to the commander to control remotely all types of weapons of the machine, to reduce the time of enemy detection, increasing the likelihood of its defeat.1 dwg

Fire and hitting laser simulator // 2537872
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises fire simulator to be fitted on gun or gun simulator and hitting simulator to be fitted at target. Fire simulator comprises laser with coded radiation, transmission-type indicator and lens, all being optically communicated. Hitting simulator comprises photo receivers with threshold device and device to define destruction or shelling by code of received laser radiation. Said transmission-type indicator has N zones, where N=1, 2, 3…K with sizes r1<r2<…<rN and transmission factors in zones τ1>τ2>…>τN. Centres of said zones are aligned or shifted relative to each other in vertical. Said transmission-type indicator has extra zone covering aforesaid zones or a portion thereof with transmission factor lower than those of said zones. Laser can radiate at simulation shot at least two pulse packets that differ in coding and power of radiation.EFFECT: simplified design, decreased weight and sizes.4 dwg

Orientation method of instrument moved in piloted aircraft, and system for its implementation // 2531781
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method involves determination of a position and orientation of a freely moved instrument inside an aircraft. For that purpose, commands are supplied to emit pulse ultrasonic signals (UT) with emitters distributed along the instrument. Signals are received with UT receivers at distributed points on the instrument inside the aircraft. Moments of emission and reception of signals are synchronised via a radio channel. Temperatures are measured at arrangement points of UT emitters and UT receivers. As per this data and delay times of reception of signals, the above position and orientation of the instrument is determined. As per the current position of markers, turning angles of the instrument for its guidance to the same markers are calculated, and commands are generated for the instrument rotation. A guidance system includes required means for carrying out the above operations.EFFECT: providing guaranteed guidance of an instrument freely moved relative to the instrument inside the aircraft to markers of any type.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod to assess image of collimator aviation indicator and diaphragm for its realisation // 2531766
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: method includes setting a target with signs applied on it at the finite distance in front of the indicator, installation of a diaphragm in the form of a plate as fixed on the optical axis at the observer's side, display of marks with the help of the indicator on the background of the target signs, detection of errors with the help of the diaphragm in matching of the indicator marks image with the target signs, on the basis of which they decide on the necessity to perform the indicator alignment. Detection of matching errors is done with the help of two or more openings made in the diaphragm, the quantity of which is chosen as equal to the number of marks displayed by the indicator. Holes in the diaphragm are arranged so that the following conditions are met: yi=a×tgαi; xi=a×tgβi, where xi and yi - linear coordinates of the centre of i hole relative to the point of crossing of the optical axis of the indicator with the diaphragm plane; a - distance from the diaphragm to the rated point of a pilot's eyes location; αi and βi - specified values of accordingly vertical and horizontal angles of the i mark relative to the point of location of the pilot's eyes; i - number of the mark displayed by the indicator.EFFECT: increased accuracy of the indicator image assessment along the entire diameter of an output lens of the indicator.15 cl, 12 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of combat machine fire on target and system to this end, method of definition of experimental dependence of pointing direction angular velocity // 2529241
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to weaponry, particularly, to combat machine fire complex. Proposed method comprises target capture and identification, tracking with simultaneous range finding and determination of fire angle correction proceeding from mathematical expressions. Here, used input parameters include, in particular, magnitudes of angular velocities fed from controls of operator or commander. Besides, this method comprises continuous displacement of gun or machine gun relative to pointing direction with allowance for their barrel angle corrections and fire on target. In determination of fire angle corrections, magnitudes of angular velocities corrected with allowance for experimental dependence of pointing direction angle velocities predefined before fire. In compliance with this invention, this incorporates control unit and device for correction of pointing direction angle velocity in horizontal and vertical channels. To determine experimental pointing direction angle velocity, turret or weapon unit is displaced in horizontal or vertical channel, respectively. At every displacement and elapse of preset time turn angles are measured to define target angle velocity of pointing direction. Obtained magnitudes are used to reproduce the dependence of pointing direction angle velocity on angle velocity fed from controls of operator or commander or autotracker.EFFECT: higher accuracy and efficiency of fire.6 cl, 5 dwg

Shooting simulator // 2527371
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: simulator is set at the side of gun and comprises lengthwise bed, forearm part of detachable connector to be fitted at shooter shoulder and dogs with hinges at simulator bed interacting with shooter forearm via said connector. It has two-arm lever articulated with the bed interacts by its one arm with carrier at forearm part dog. Sight composed by foresight and rear sight with cut-out arranged in one plane with clearance, video device and target image. Laser marker of hit point is pivoted at correction mechanism secured at forearm device dog to interact with carrier made at the end of two-arm lever and is electrically connected with the device interacting with shooter forefinger. Sight appliances are arranged at the base front part. Foresight is secured at simulator base while rear sight with cut-out is arranged at forearm part dog end. Target image is set ahead of sight appliances while white sheet is arranged ahead of the gun at fire range.EFFECT: higher efficiency of training.2 cl, 13 dwg

Surveillance device - sight with built-in pulse laser distance finder // 2526230
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a head part consisting of protective glasses and two prisms-cubes, two vertically oriented channels: single optical and multiple optoelectronic, and the channel of pulsed laser distance finder which has emitting and receiving devices. The optical path of the receiving device comprises a lens and the collecting lens of the single channel, matching optical system and dichroic plate mounted between the collecting lens and the inversion system of the single channel transmitting the visible spectral range and reflecting wavelength of 1.54 microns. The emitting device is placed in close proximity to the multiple optoelectronic channel. The equivalent focal distance of the optical path of the receiving channel of the pulsed laser distance finder F'e is connected to the focal distance of the lens of the single optical channel F'l with the dependence F'e=(0,4÷0,7)F'l. Projection of laser emitting through the head prism-cube of the multiple optoelectronic channel is provided by its partial vignetting.EFFECT: improved accuracy of measuring distance from two channels of surveillance-aiming with the minimal size of the head part of the device and a wide range of pointing angles.2 dwg, 2 tbl

Complex simulator for training of mlrs personnel // 2525804
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for training of the Army MLRS personnel and complex training of MLRS unit command personnel. Complex simulator comprises simulator of external tactical situation, MLRS simulator, instructor workstation, trainee workstations, training control hardware and power supply. Besides, it additionally incorporates simulator of carry-and-load machine, battery command vehicle and battalion command vehicles Also, added are background situation simulator and simulators of instrumentation of fire, carry-and-load and command vehicles Note here that instructor workstation is connected via second-level info-and-control line with simulators of fire, carry-and-load and command vehicles and those of instrumentation of fire, carry-and-load and command vehicles Besides, it is connected via two-way bus with carry-and-load vehicle simulator and background situation simulator.EFFECT: enhanced performances.6 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and device for stabilisation of line of sight for rifles, shortguns and small arms // 2524492
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to rifles or small arms. Gun barrel displacement at aiming is executed by minimising the influence of unintentional displacements on barrel orientation. It consists in application of a hinge for articulation of the gun front and rear. Then, pipe displacement in lengthwise direction in two planes is continuously monitored to control the angle between the butt and barrel. Thereafter, gun front and rear are turned together by a working means. Proposed device comprises hinge between gun front and rear, device for continuous detection of the barrel lengthwise displacement, system for control over the butt and barrel lengthwise direction and working means for mutual turn of the gun front and rear. Gun comprises the butt, barrel and device for gun barrel displacement stabilisation.EFFECT: higher accuracy of fire.23 cl, 7 dwg
Dummy starting mechanism // 2523974
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: dummy starting mechanism of portable SAM complex comprises standard starting mechanism. It incorporates radio modem with transceiver antenna, data signal converter and starting interlock. Note here that standard starting mechanism output is connected with data signal converter input. Converter output is connected with radio modem input. Starting interlock input is connected with radio modem output. Interlock output is connected with standard starting mechanism input, said mechanism having individual network address.EFFECT: data exchange between SAM missile and instructor control board via radio communication line.

Laser fire simulator // 2522057
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: laser fire simulator comprises optically connected objective lens, transparency, illuminator and laser with a supply device, wherein the simulator is equipped with a scanning device situated between the laser and the transparency and a drive connected to the scanning device.EFFECT: wider range of distances and sighting angles of simulated firing.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod to detect orientation of pilot helmet and device for helmet system of target designation and indication // 2516857
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to the field of measurement equipment, in particular, to systems of orientation and navigation. Sensitive converters are installed on a pilot helmet and in an AC cabin, connected to a calculator. The sensitive converter on the pilot helmet is made in the form of a radio interface and a helmet MPIB rigidly fixed on the zone of its sighting device, comprising nanomechanical gyroscopes (NMG) with autoemission. The sensitive converter in the AC cabin is made in the form of a calculator arranged in the indicator block of its windscreen, representing a module comprising a microcontroller and a radio interface transceiver. For initial linkage of the system of coordinates of the micromechanical platform-free inertial block to the system of coordinates of the aircraft (AC), they determine angles of rotation of coordinate axes of the MPIB system of coordinates to their matching with axes of the AC system of coordinates, and values of these angles are recorded in the memory of the computer. Average values of angular speeds are calculated, as well as absolute and relative spatial position of the helmet. Data exchange between sensitive converters is carried out by means of a radio signal.EFFECT: increased accuracy of measurement, flight safety and convenience of piloting.4 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of shooting training in case of variable wind // 2514966
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: method of shooting training in case of variable wind is carried out using a computer complex. After the reference aiming the pointing of the rifle barrel and subsequent adjustment are deleted. Then shooting to the target bull's-eye is mastered to achieve the greatest density of hits, aiming is carried out with the distant offset corresponding to the strong wind, and finally with an average offset which corresponds to the weak wind. The result of the shot is evaluated, the errors are identified which were made in the process of aiming and processing of pull-off, and the information about this is clearly provided to the shooter.EFFECT: mastering of precise aiming skills in the shortest time, depending on the wind strength and direction.

Onboard system and method of shooter location // 2512128
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to onboard system of shooter detection, including several sensors attached to an aircraft shell, e.g. to a helicopter. Sensors detect only shockwave signals. Signals detected are analyser to locate a shooter with certainty. Analysis may include measurement of arrival time of missile shockwave at each sensor, obtainment of signal arrival time difference, calculation of ambiguous solution set corresponding to the shooter, and clustering the solution set to locate the shooter with certainty. Elliptic cluster is used.EFFECT: possible increase of certainty of true shooter location detection.4 cl, 8 dwg

Guided missile control simulator // 2511547
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to AAGM and ATGM complexes, particularly to simulators for training operators of said complexes. IPU first set of I/O is connected with first set of I/O of operator's board. IPU second set of I/O and set of inputs are connected with actuator unit first set of I/O and set of inputs. Said actuator unit comprises minicomputer designed to generate simulation image, video converter to transmit image generated by said minicomputer to IPU, two microcontrollers for data exchange with combat vehicle and single-instruction unit top receive and to convert control commands from operator's board. Stabilised poser supply serves to feed minicomputer and actuator unit systems. Minicomputer incorporates the flash-memory card port. The latter serves to connect external devices to minicomputer. The latter with second set of I/O and set of inputs are connected to second set of I/O and set of inputs of combat vehicle operator board set of outputs. Board set of inputs makes the simulator first set of inputs.EFFECT: improved training.2 cl, 2 dwg, 2 ex

ethod for adjustment of barrel position during small arms firing // 2507465
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method for adjustment of barrel position during small arms firing includes target detection, arms aiming and shot initiation. Barrel position is adjusted vertically after target detection using thermal imager coordinated with arms and a sight. Thermal imager is mounted on arms displaying detected hot spot-target. Change of spot-target is controlled, primary signals from at least two first spots which detected hot target in sequence are processed. Shot is initiated by automatic impact by signal of control unit mounted on barrel of arms of device changing its position, mounted on arms in horizontal plane, connected to drive cinematically and to control unit electrically.EFFECT: quick sighting and effective target damage.12 cl, 11 dwg
Control method of equipment of air defense rocket-cannon complex // 2506523
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to control of equipment of air defense rocket-cannon complexes. The control method of equipment of the air defense rocket-cannon complex involves detection and identification of a target, taking of firing decision and calculation of coordinates of a predicted collision point for firing by means of rocket and cannon equipment, guidance of equipment and rocket and/or shell firing, evaluation of firing results and taking decisions on firing continuation. At rocket firing, an aiming mark is aligned with the target by means of a sight; an air flow velocity is measured; angular corrections for deviation both of rocket and cannon equipment from a sighting line are determined considering firing conditions and ballistic characteristics of ejected rockets and shells, availability in the sight field of view of dust and smoke interference and their characteristics; the above corrections are entered to guidance actuators of the corresponding equipment; during flight of the guided rocket and after it is captured with a guidance system, in a number of the trajectory sections there performed is its deviation from the sighting line by correction of control commands of input of an additional constant signal and pseudorandom signals of a random number generator; besides, maximum level of corrected control commands and a deviation value of the rocket from the sighting line are restricted in a perspective plane perpendicular to the sighting line, and when the rocket approaches the target at the specified distance, correction of rocket control commands is stopped.EFFECT: improving probability of target hitting and reducing probability of hitting of the guided rocket itself.

Device for detection of surface facilities for self-sighting ammunition // 2506521
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to military equipment. An optic system output is connected to an optic signal divider input, the output in spectrum range of 7-14 mcm and the output in spectrum range of 0.8-1.1 mcm of which are connected to inputs of a two-channel photoreceiving device. The first output of the two-channel photoreceiving device is connected to the first inertia detector and to the input of the first adder, and its second output is connected through an adjustable amplifier to the input of the second inertia detector and to the second input of the first adder. In addition, the device includes an output coincidence circuit and a detection radio channel that includes in-series connected transmitting-receiving antenna, transmitting-receiving microwave module with a modulating voltage generator, band-pass filter, amplitude detector, low-frequency filter, the third inertia detector, the second threshold device and the second comparator unit, the second input of which is connected through the second voltage divider to the output of the low-frequency filter. The output of the second comparator unit is connected to the second input of the output coincidence circuit, the first input of which is connected to the output of the first comparator unit.EFFECT: improving detection accuracy of a target and interference immunity of the device.1 dwg