Cooling or heating systems and blowing-through of gun barrels and ventilating systems (F41A13)

F41   Weapons(6760)
F41A13                 Cooling or heating systems (barrels or gun tubes with fins or ribs f41a0021000000); blowing-through of gun barrels; ventilating systems(27)
ethod for reducing wellbore bending // 2628546
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: inner surface of the wellbore is coated with a thermionic material with up to 3 eV, that allows to align the wellbore temperature at its non-uniform heating and, hence, reduce the thermal bending in the wellbore.EFFECT: increased reliability of the wellbore operation with the reduction of energy and material costs.3 cl

Removal of powder gases from gun chamber at gunnery // 2613925
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: at gunnery recoiling parts roll back and are set up on hold with a breech hook and a hook located on the immovable part of the gun. The hook opens a non-return valve of a mounted cylinder. At roll back atmospheric air extreme pressure is created in the cylinder which is directed through the first non-return valve and the pipe to the chamber via the ball valve. After the pressure is equalized in the trunk with the atmospheric pressure the piston lever transfers and removes the barrel from a hook, the recoiling parts roll forward. At this time the atmospheric air is pumped into the cylinder through the second non-return valve.EFFECT: powder gases are removed from the artillery chambers without electric energy.1 dwg

Cooling device of artillery barrels // 2583989
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to weapons, namely to devices for cooling of artillery barrels. Cooling device of artillery barrels arranged in shaft between projectile and propellant charge. Device has possibility of formation of thin sublimating cooling coating on inner surface of barrel during firing.EFFECT: technical result consists in creation of effective cooling system of artillery barrel without making significant changes in its design.6 cl, 3 dwg

Cooling system for machine pistols and machine guns // 2555751
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: cooling system consists of two tanks - larger and smaller - with cooling emulsion connected among themselves by the pipeline through the cooling tap. The smaller tank is located inside the fire control handle in the lower part of which the drain plug is located. In the smaller tank the cylinder with holes, the piston and the rubber ball inside the piston is located. The return spring of the piston is located around it in its top part above the small tank. The pipeline the top end of which is laid into the stock cartridge chamber is connected to the lower part of the cylinder. On the pipeline near the trigger the tap with a guidon connected by rod to the lower end of the trigger is installed. In case of use of a folding butt both tanks are connected with a flexible hose.EFFECT: improving cooling efficiency of gun barrels in submachine guns, auto-machine guns, heavy-calibre machine guns and automatic cannons.2 cl, 2 dwg

Artillery barrel cooling jacket control board // 2541570
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to artillery. Gun barrel heating control system consists on thermocouple sensor secured at barrel surface and control board composed by point-type thermometer and ON-OFF-type lever switch to define in ON-state the barrel temperature. Gun barrel temperature is measured by several vertical movable thermocouple sensors equally spaced apart at top and bottom sections of removal universal gun barrel cooling jacket.EFFECT: higher combat readiness.5 cl, 3 tbl, 4 dwg

ethod to charge air cylinders for diesel engines start with air // 2541022
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods for charging of air cylinders of diesel internal combustion engines with compressed air from artillery pieces. The method to charge air cylinders to start diesel engines with air consists in the fact that charging is carried out from a device, which charges the internal main air cylinder and internal additional air cylinder located in the left stand of the artillery weapon during utilisation of mechanical energy of artillery barrel recoil during firing.EFFECT: increased combat readiness, persistence of artillery systems.5 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of removing powder gases from breech piece of tank armament // 2531987
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method of removing powder gases from breech piece of tank armament involves the following: when armament electric trigger is pressed, the signal is transmitted by electric wires to timing relay and to actuating element. The first check valve is opened, air is bled off from air system bottle by pipeline, impeller is rotated thus generating rarefaction of air in breech zone. Air gassy with powder gases is forced to casing, and through impeller and the second check valve it is removed from armament breech piece by pipeline.EFFECT: reducing level of powder gases pollution of fighting chamber.1 dwg

Gun barrel cooling system // 2531664
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to military equipment. A gun barrel cooling system has a barrel and a bolt. In addition, a piston compressor, either one-pass or two-pass, is installed, the piston-rod of which is connected in a movable manner with one of its ends to the bolt or to a bolt, and with its other end to a piston by means of a pin, and a receiver is connected to an outlet valve with the compressor cylinder; the receiver air line is directed to the barrel channel cartridge chamber.EFFECT: improving cooling efficiency of gun barrels in submachine guns, auto-machine guns, heavy-calibre machine guns and automatic cannons.1 dwg

Electromagnetic conversion of powder gas energy into mechanical force and device to this end // 2521054
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to small arms. Proposed device comprises steel pipe with gas escape bore secured under fixed barrel, permanent magnet coated with wear resistant dielectric, return spring, diode, band of capacitors to be sectionalised, solenoid, electric conductors and armature. Ceramic plate is secured at magnet end face while winding is fitted on said pipe. Discharge of a portion of combustion gases via gas vent displaces the magnet to generate eddy currents which induce electric current in said winding to be fed via diode to capacitor bank and to solenoid winding for development of mechanical force for armature displacement.EFFECT: mechanical force to be applied to arbitrary point.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for removing explosive gas from inhabited compartments of military tracked vehicles // 2498197
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method for removing explosive gas from inhabited compartments of military tracked vehicles involves creation of air overpressure with a filtration ventilation plant and withdrawal of the air containing carbon monoxide from inhabited compartments through non-densities in the tank body. When an electric trigger of a coaxial machine gun (a gas source) is being pressed, a signal is supplied via electric wires through a time relay to an electric motor with an impeller, by putting it into operation. At rotation of the motor impeller, air underpressure is created through a one-sided valve in the isolated volume, where the coaxial machine gun (a gas source) is located. The air saturated with explosive gas is sucked out and gases are removed under pressure via a pipeline from isolated volume and inhabited compartments. Isolated volume is made from polymer or rubber-coated fabric or metal.EFFECT: reduction of degree of content of explosive gas in inhabited compartments of tracked vehicles.

Cooling device of artillery-type and small-arms weapon barrels // 2466339
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: cooling device includes case, shell, percussion cap and propellant charge. The latter contains powder-like coolant of halogens salts. Coolant is pressed into pellets coated with cannon powder on all sides. Thickness of powder coating layer is 50-90% of thickness of burning web of the main propellant charge. Coolant weight is 5-50% of total weight of propellant charge.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of cooling system of weapon barrel.3 cl, 4 dwg

Artillery barrel with universal external cooling // 2458305
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: artillery barrel with universal external cooling utilises mechanical energy of barrel recoil when firing, driving a device comprising corrugated air and hydraulic cylinders and springs, which provides for extrusion and forced convection of a liquid coolant from the left bed into a detachable jacket of forced liquid cooling of the barrel at the side of a muzzle end with further discharge into the initial corrugated volume in the left bed. The device pumps air into a balloon in the left bed with its further distribution to blow the barrel after each shot, and to blow the detachable jacket of forced liquid cooling upon completion of field or mock firing. It is possible to use the right bed with arrangement of the same volumes in it for air and liquid.EFFECT: higher reliability, persistence and combat effectiveness of barrel artillery.14 cl, 8 dwg

Staroverov localiser // 2438087
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: localiser includes branch pipes included in pipes, which are branched laterally from gun barrel and turned back. Pipes are installed on fixed gun part or on its carrier. There are taps on branch pipes.EFFECT: increasing initial missile velocity, for example during gliding flight firing.1 dwg

Device to cool barrels of small arms and cannon armament systems // 2412420
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: device comprises jacket, which covers barrel and forms cavity filled with liquid coolant. Jacket, which covers barrel, is provided with filling hole with plug and has several cavities, providing for phase changeover of coolant from liquid condition into steam-like one. Jacket, which covers barrel, is equipped with valve device, installed at the outlet of flow channels arranged along the whole length of external surface of barrel, and header between valve device and flow channels.EFFECT: improved cooling of small arms and cannon armament system barrels.2 cl, 4 dwg

Automatic gun with barrel cooler // 2390705
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: automatic gun consists of barrel, breech frame and carrier block. Proposed gun comprises barrel cooling device consisting of housing representing tube with outer case arranged aligned with the barrel. Note here that outer case diametre, tube ID and barrel diametre are related as at least 6:3:1. Piston with spring is arranged inside barrel to move therein. Spring-loaded valve is arranged at the housing rear end to translate therein. Housing front end accommodates valve that moves crosswise. Tube surface have holes arranged on housing front part. Said piston and crosswise valve are arranged to lock the latter by piston ledge in piston front position, while said valve can shut off inner tube bore.EFFECT: reduced weight, higher fire power, ease of use.1 dwg

Cooling system for anti-aircraft complex guns barrels // 2389962
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises low-pressure tank and two high-pressure tanks communicated with valve unit arranged in valve sleeve. Each tank has filling neck. Low-pressure tank communicates via valve unit with barrel steam-evaporating grooves. Each high-pressure tank exploits its own valve. Filling necks are arranged relative to tanks to allow the following sizes: L = (0.3 to 0.4)D where: L is the distance from tank axis to neck lower face, D is the tank ID. Valve unit represents two pin-jointed cylindrical rods with grooves and holes. Valve sleeve represents hollow rod with two rings and is secured on high-pressure tank. Intake tube is arranged on valve sleeve to feed steam from low-pressure tank front top section.EFFECT: higher reliability in operation at negative temperatures, improved combat performances.6 dwg

Firearm barrel with air-cooling device // 2312292
FIELD: firearm and equipment, aimed for provision of barrel life of automatic weapon, mainly of that firing long bursts.SUBSTANCE: the device is made in the form of a casing enveloping the barrel with a contraction in the area of the muzzle end up to the diameter not smaller than the bullet diameter with a subsequent behind the muzzle end. Near the muzzle end the casing is installed on the barrel by means of ribs. An axial-flow turbine is installed on the ribs facing the muzzle end. Through holes with increasing diameters from the muzzle end are made on the surface of the casing.EFFECT: provided enhanced service life of the automatic weapon barrel.4 dwg

Device to prevent propellant gases from the barrel of guns in the fighting compartment // 2196948
The invention relates to military technology, in particular to the means to protect the crew from the powder gases

ethod of removing gases from the bore after firing artillery and device for its implementation // 2196288
The invention relates to equipment and can be used in self-propelled artillery installations, tanks, combat vehicles and infantry, naval artillery installations

Device to protect the crew from poisoning the powder gases when shooting with a regular shell // 2191961
The invention relates to armored technique, in particular to the means to protect the crew from the powder gases

ethod of removing gases from the fighting compartment with the firing of artillery and device for its implementation // 2191960
The invention relates to equipment and can be used in self-propelled artillery installations, tanks, combat vehicles and infantry, naval artillery installations

Automatic small arms // 2183804
The invention relates to the field of military equipment and is aimed at improving an existing small arms, such as General purpose machine guns

Way to purge the barrel of small arms and the barrel design // 2142108
The invention relates to the field of weapons, primarily to methods and mechanisms blowing the powder gases of the shot barrel small caliber 4,5-5,7 mm small arms to avoid damage under field conditions

ethod of removing gases from the barrel of the cannon and shot unitary charge for its implementation // 2080540
The invention relates to the field of development of means for provision of medical and technical requirements of mobile and stationary objects, the shooting of which is combat crew in the limited volume of the object, such as a tank or ship installation

Trunk device with forced air cooling // 2015486
The invention relates to firearms, and in particular to devices to ensure the survivability of the barrel automatic weapons