Drying (F26)

F26            Drying(7004)
Fluidised bed granulator // 2607445
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drying solutions, melts, suspensions and production of granules of different substances and can be used in microbiological, food, chemical and other industries. Fluidised bed granulator comprises a drying chamber. Each pneumatic sprayer comprises a body with supply of sprayed initial material and air, a jet-guiding device and a sprayer, body is made in form of an inverted cup, in bottom of which there is a threaded hole for attachment of axially symmetric body of central cylindrical insert, to inner side surface of housing, in its lower part, is fastened a cylindrical sleeve of jet-guiding device for air supply under pressure to sprayer via annular gap, formed by outer surface of central cylindrical insert and inner surface of sleeve, wherein annular gap is connected to annular chamber, and to central cylindrical insert is coaxially fixed a sprayer, made in form of a conical flared end, in lower part of which, perpendicular to its axis, is rigidly attached an end round plate with at least three conical throttling holes with apex angle of cone, lying in range from 45° to 90°, on side surface of flared end there are at least two rows of cylindrical holes, with axes in planes perpendicular to axis of flared end, and in each row there are at least three holes, jet-guiding device for air supply under pressure to sprayer there is a screw, and is formed by circular screw gap, formed by outer surface of central cylindrical insert and inner surface of sleeve, on which there are helical grooves, wherein helical gap is connected to annular chamber, and inner surface of cylindrical throttling holes, with their axes lying in planes perpendicular to axis of flared end, is helical.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of drying efficiency.1 cl, 2 dwg
Device for drying of slabs or blocks of plaster or gypsum concrete // 2607434
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, in particular to devices for drying building materials having an open porous structure, slabs or blocks of plaster or gypsum concrete, without application of heat. Device for drying of slabs or blocks of plaster or gypsum concrete, without application of heat, having an open porous structure includes guides on which the base plates with the working body, press plates actuated from the rod of the working body are mounted as well as purge plates, seals forming a sealed air cavities between the slab or block and purge plate and a mechanism to return the purge plates in the original position. In the device a single plate or block by its two faces of largest area is adjacent to the seals located on the purge plates forming two sealed air cavities into which compressed air is supplied with pressure sufficient for intense squeezing of water of solid and hollow slabs or blocks including alternating them in the device in any sequence, wherein movement of the compressed air flows is directed towards each other.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is to increase the performance of the device with the possibility of simultaneous drying of large number of slabs or blocks.4 cl, 5 dwg
Device for preparation of dry thermolabile biological materials // 2607148
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to biotechnology, namely to production of biomass for preparation of dry powder forms of immunobiological preparations, in particular drying (dehydration) of liquid thermolabile biologically active materials in multi-component mixture, their grinding and mixing till formation of homogeneous mass, and can be used in pharmaceutical industry for production of powders and tableted drugs for preventing and treating infectious diseases in human and animals. In case of device there is neck with rotary perforated damper, which combines functions of material loading and unloading. On neck of device case there is retainer with wedge-like locks for tight connection to expander-trap, intended for connection to vacuum system, and to catch particles of dried material and return them to working zone of device. Device is installed horizontally on support frame, design of which provides possibility of rotation of device case relative to horizontal axis through 180° and fixing its position with upper and lower orientation of the neck consequently. Cooling water jacket covers 3/4 of working side surface of cylindrical case of device. Device allows to perform in one cycle drying of thermolabile biological material under vacuum conditions at optimum temperature conditions and observing aseptic measures of process and preparation of homogeneous powdered mass by mixing obtained dry material with components of filler.EFFECT: technical result of invention is creation of tightly closed device design combining functions of drier and mixer-grinder, which makes it possible to intensify process of drying of liquid thermolabile biological materials, reducing their thermal inactivation and probability of contamination of external microbiological flora.1 cl, 1 dwg
Device for temperature control of motor vehicle bodies // 2607117
FIELD: equipment and accessories for vehicles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for temperature control of motor vehicle bodies, primarily for drying of motor vehicle bodies with applied coating. Device for temperature control of motor vehicle bodies, primarily for drying of motor vehicle bodies (9) with applied coating includes housing (2), tempering tunnel (7) in the housing, at least one pressure chamber (5, 6) in housing (2) and separated by wall (3, 4) from tempering tunnel (7), set of nozzles (10, 11) in wall (3, 4), and air tempering unit which introduces tempered air into the pressure chamber (5, 6) in such a way that tempered air flows in through nozzles (10, 11) into the tempering tunnel (7) and acts on vehicle body (9). At least one nozzle unit (14, 15) is oriented and has a range that is wide enough, such that the air stream exiting the nozzle unit passes through an opening in vehicle body (9) on the side facing nozzle unit (14, 15) and acts on an inner face of the vehicle body (9) on the opposite side. According to the invention at least one nozzle unit has flow-directing elements movable in their cross section so that the direction of nozzle unit ejection is variable.EFFECT: invention must reduce the time motor vehicle bodies spend in the tempering tunnel with provision of proper action by warm air at massive body areas from inside and outside providing simultaneous prevention of overheating of the body in other areas.4 cl, 10 dwg

ethod and arrangement for efficient torrefaction of biomass // 2605416
FIELD: wood-working industry.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a method for torrefaction of wood chips, comprising steps of: a) heating wood chips in at least one heating zone such that temperature of wood chips reaches a torrefaction temperature in range of 240-400 °C; and b) torrefying heated wood chips from step a) in a separate torrefaction zone by maintaining temperature within torrefaction temperature range, wherein heated wood chips from step a) are fed to torrefaction zone at its top, and torrefied material is withdrawn from torrefaction zone at its bottom, such that wood chips move downwards through torrefaction zone by means of gravity, wherein separate torrefaction zone is not externally heated; torrefaction temperature is controlled by measuring surface temperature of wood chips using a first infrared thermometer in upper part of torrefaction zone and a second infrared thermometer in lower part of torrefaction zone; and temperature is maintained within torrefaction temperature range by controlling amount of air or oxygen, fed into torrefaction zone. Also disclosed is a device for torrefaction of wood chips.EFFECT: technical result is developing an energy-efficient torrefaction process, in which torrefaction temperature control is performed by feeding a controlled amount of air or oxygen into torrefaction zone.12 cl, 4 dwg

Grain drying device // 2605274
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, particularly to grain drying devices. Grain drying device includes cylindrical casing, which outer surface is coated with layer of heat-insulating material, loading bin, discharge opening, working element coaxially installed inside casing with possibility of rotation transporting, heating elements arranged on casing outer surface under heat-insulating material layer between loading bin and discharge opening, as well as fan. Transporting working element includes interconnected helical screw and auger. Helical screw is installed on loading bin side. Auger is installed on discharge opening side. On casing end surface inside helical screw hollow cylindrical barrel is installed. Fan is installed inside barrel. On casing end surface from loading bin side and at cylindrical barrel end face openings are made.EFFECT: invention must ensure improvement of finished product quality.1 cl, 1 dwg

Drum for preparation of materials to grinding // 2604976
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drying and grinding of materials (clay, chalk, dolomite crushing wastes, gypsum, slag, talc, etc.) and can be used in construction, machine building, agricultural and other industries. Invention includes direct-flow drum with discharge chamber and system for holding of dried material in area of torch burning, burner device connected to the drum via air suction chamber with annular slot and charging tube, burner, which exceeds the rated power of not more than 1.5 times, smoke exhauster, also exceeding calculated characteristics of not more than 1.5 times, control cabinet with software. Burner for burning device operates in cyclic mode, wherein power and time of cycle are selected depending on properties of material prepared to grinding.EFFECT: considerable reduction of costs for drying and grinding of materials, higher efficiency and quality of produced as a result of processing of materials.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device for drying disperse high-humidity materials // 2603225
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drying, heat treatment of disperse high-humidity materials and can be used in food, chemical and other industries. Apparatus includes tight chambers connected to each other: chamber of vibrofluidised bed and chamber of fluidised bed, and atmospheric pressure and low pressure steam superheaters. Atmospheric pressure and low pressure steam superheaters are installed on outer side of chambers of vibrofluidised bed and fluidised bed, respectively, and are connected thereto by separating shutters, chamber of vibrofluidised bed is additionally equipped with a box for removal of waste atmospheric pressure superheated steam with built-in control shutter, wherein box is connected to low pressure steam superheater, and grid of vibrofluidised bed chamber is installed with possibility of adjusting inclination angle; inside chambers at full width there are spring-loaded inclined inserts, fixed pivotally with possibility of rotation, turning angle of which exceeds angle of natural slope of material, wherein lower edges of inclined inserts are arranged with identical gaps over grids for unobstructed movement of material over surface of said grids.EFFECT: invention must improve quality of dried material and reduce specific energy consumption of drying process.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of disperse (bulk) materials continuous drying inside vertically mounted rotating container, heated from outside by radiation // 2603212
FIELD: thermodynamics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to thermodynamics in terms of radiative heat exchange and to drying technology. In method of dispersed loose materials continuous drying inside vertically installed container it is heated from outside by radiation, and container is made perforated or from mesh and rotated relative to its fixed geometrical axis, and inside container pipe with radial blades on its outer surface is placed, coaxially to it and fixed with gap relative to container bottom and wall, wherein wet loose material is continuously supplied inside pipe, dried loose material is pneumatically removed from container. Container is made in form of thin-walled truncated cone installed vertically with smaller base downwards with obtuse angle between opposite generatrices of more than 100°, normally directing radiation on its side surface, and in lower cone opening thin-layer solid bottom in the form of segment of sphere of fluoroplastic convex part downwards is fixed relative to container, resting container on same shape fixed thrust heel, nine linear radiators of limited length, each in its reflector, are located stationary around container with uniform gap relative to it along generatrices and to each other, creating normally directed to container radiation flux in near infrared region, besides, flat blades fixed on pipe are made trapezoidal in plane, located along pipe in three uniform rows.EFFECT: invention shall provide high uniformity of container side surface heating, method operation implementing device mounting and servicing.1 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for indirect heat drying of disperse material, method of producing cleaned coal, device for indirect heat drying, and device for producing cleaned coal // 2603209
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to method and device for indirect heat drying of disperse material, method and device for producing clean coal. Method and apparatus for indirect heat drying of disperse material uses two dryers for indirect heat drying. Method involves: step (A), in which dispersed material is dried in a first dryer for indirect heat drying; and step (B), in which dispersed material is further dried in a second dryer for indirect heat drying, to obtain dried disperse material. Method for indirect heat drying of disperse material is characterised by that it additionally includes a step (C), which comprises extracting first microparticles contained in gas-carrier taken from first dryer for indirect heat drying, and mixing with disperse material fed into stage (B); and a step (D), which comprises extracting second microparticles contained in gas-carrier taken fro second dryer for indirect heat drying, and mixing with dried disperse material obtained at step (B). Method of producing clean coal includes a step (α), which comprises mixing dispersed porous coal with oil to form a suspension of raw material, step (β), where suspension of raw material is heated to form a dehydrated suspension, step (γ), which comprises separating dehydrated suspension into porous cleaned coal and oil, and step (δ), where separated porous cleaned coal is dried, wherein step (δ) employs a method for indirect heat drying of disperse material according to claim 1 or 2 or 3. Device for producing clean coal comprises a mixer, heating device, device for solid phase-liquid separation and drying device, which is a device according to claim 5.EFFECT: invention shall provide stability of balance between pressure of carrier gas.6 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of producing polymer powder coatings on articles of complex geometrical shape // 2603153
FIELD: materials.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of polymer powder coatings application with combined thermal treatment thereof at surfaces of products of complex geometry. Method of producing polymer powder coatings involves application of powder compositions as thermosetting, and thermoplastic in electrostatic field on article surface. That is followed by heating the deposited layer up to melting of the particles and their spreading on article surface and baking the coating. Then, applied layer is heated by infrared radiation with simultaneous blowing of the product with hot air flow in a closed volume. After formation of viscous-current layer, article surface is additionally exposed to infrared radiation until baking temperature for this type of the polymer composition. IR-radiation is scanned along the whole surface of the article. After disconnection of infrared radiation in response to electronic control unit of operation mode parameters of the process the article is additionally subjected to near infrared radiation up to final baking of the coating.EFFECT: invention technical result is possibility of reducing stage of formation of polymer powder coatings and their quality increase on articles of complex geometrical shape.7 cl

ethod of drying inside fixed capacitor with two bottoms installed vertically, height of which is greater than width of base // 2602659
FIELD: heat engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering, particularly, to heat exchange by radiation and convection, as well as to drying technology. Method makes it possible to automatically dry bed sheets, lower and upper clothes, shoes, loose products or materials. In drying method material to be dried is placed inside a container, one above another in containers, to create heated air flows inside container, heating inside container from lower bottom, which is heated with directionally-focused radiation in near-infrared region outside, thus controlling temperature and flow rate automatically, after drying material is removed from container. Lower bottom of container is made of two parallel and located one above other meshes without gaps, wherein size of cells of upper mesh is initially smaller than same size of lower mesh, furthermore, in upper bottom there is a through central hole, in which is inserted a pipe with two fans coaxial to pipe, and air inside container is either continuously drawn outside from container via through axial hole in upper bottom, or air is continuously inside container from outside through said hole, or air is locked inside container, setting and controlling specified air temperature inside container.EFFECT: invention ensures broader functional capabilities of drying process - in same container drying of disperse loose materials, bedding, clothes and shoes, reducing power consumption, easier maintenance, reducing labour intensity of drying.1 cl, 12 dwg

Rotor apparatus for production of dried fruit and vegetable products and chips // 2602646
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for vet-heat treatment of vegetal raw material and can be used for producing chips, as well as dried fruit and vegetable products from apples, pears, carrots, beet roots and other vegetable raw material and root crops. Body of the rotor device includes two coaxial cylinders with a circular channel between them; channel forms the working area of the apparatus and is separated with partitions into working sections that have slots and ensure the possibility of moving the cassettes with product and drive disc; outer surface of inner and inner surface of outer cylinders are equipped with guides for the cassettes installed with possibility of moving along the sections of the circular channel; wherein the inner guide is made in the form of roller bearings and the drive disc serves as the outer guide and support; there are slots to provide movement of the cassettes with the product between the said sections and working area of the sections in the external cylinder of the body; convection drying section has a heat carrier recirculation loop, a pipeline, which is located inside the inner cylinder of the body, microwave drying sections are equipped with heat carrier recirculation loops that are partially located inside the inner cylinder of the body; cassette for products is single-and/or multilayered, there is a toothed rim in its upper part; said toothed rim engages with gear rim that is located on the outer surface of the inner cylinder of the body.EFFECT: invention shall ensure stage-to-stage implementation of combined convective - microwave drying process while considering kinetic laws of the process and possibility of changing the total time.1 cl, 11 dwg

Drying plant for vegetal and animal origin products // 2602472
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building and can be used in agriculture, food, pharmaceutical and other industries for efficient drying of vegetal and animal origin products. Drying plant has form of racks open on all sides and includes at least two coupled identical structural units arranged one above another. Structural unit includes four posts with tray and infrared radiators attached to them at corners. Each higher structural unit is installed with possibility to displace relative to lower structure unit to control distance between trays by height; for this purpose coaxial openings are made with lock pin installation in them for fixation on required distance depending on dried product moisture content and size.EFFECT: invention shall ensure vegetal and animal origin products quality drying.1 cl, 3 dwg

Shf-drying chamber with circular waveguides // 2602030
FIELD: wood-working industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for drying large-sized timber and can be used in forest and wood-working industries for drying of rounded and construction of logs, sawn bars, in making log houses. Drying chamber consists of fixed horizontally on the frame of the cylindrical casing with ring-shaped waveguides for microwave fields from two-step magnetrons and tubes with condensate drain for moisture removal from the body, cover with the end face of housing for loading into timber. Waveguides have approximately the magnetron swinging screens for providing of pulsation of the microwave field, are arranged along the length of the housing and turned relative to each other at a certain angle, ensuring absence of concentration of the microwave field in timber and charring. Positive effect is achieved by pulsation (change in value) of the microwave field and variable relative to timber its direction, secured by turning the waveguides relative to each other along the circumference of the body.EFFECT: invention shall ensure higher efficiency, reliability, quality of drying timber and reducing of drying time.1 cl, 3 dwg

Bin device for drying and active ventilation of loose materials // 2601778
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to convection drying and active ventilation of disperse materials, for example grain, in a dense layer and can be used in agriculture and other industries. Inner cylindrical wall of drying chamber and feed boxes are perforated, and the size of the latter is selected provided that there is a channel between the those and external cylindrical wall of the drying chamber, said channel having constant cross section in the direction of grain movement.EFFECT: invention increases uniformity of gas distribution in drying space, reduces energy consumption and increases efficiency of equipment.1 cl, 2 dwg

Tube drier // 2601334
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in oil refining, petrochemical, chemical and gas industry. Tube drier - horizontal tube shell includes a housing, heat exchange tubes, loading and unloading chambers, drive, nozzle for inlet and outlet of raw material, product, heat carrier. One end of tube shell is connected to a distribution chamber, other end to a separation chamber, and inside heat exchange tubes there are rotating flexible metal spirals, to ends of which are rigidly fixed: on one side - pipes with slots, on other - metal rods fixed in bearings of cover of separation chamber, wherein tubes with slots are arranged in distribution chamber and are connected by means of gear transmission with drive.EFFECT: invention shall provide high heat transfer efficiency due to direct contact of flue gases with raw material in pipes with intense mixing of product by rotating flexible metal spirals and effective heat exchange in flue gases flowing around pipes in counter flow in annular space.1 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and device for heat supply and recovery of heat energy in vacuum machine of dehydration and drying // 2601082
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems for transfer of heat energy in vacuum dehydration and drying machines and a method of supply and heat energy transfer in vacuum drying machines, evaporating machines and devices of low-temperature vacuum dehydration of various materials and can be used for processing and recycling wastes of poultry and pig-breeding farms, plants producing alcohol, beer, as well as in food, medical, microbiological and other industries. Method of heat supply and recovery of heat energy in a vacuum machine of dehydration and drying includes pumping off the chamber down to a pressure below the atmospheric value, mixing and displacement of initial material in the chamber, collection, drainage and removal of condensate, conductive heat supply to the initial material. Novelty is that mixing is carried out with fine particles extracted during dehydration of the initial material, and heat energy, which accompanies the process of cleaning, performs maintenance of the mode in the process vacuum chamber. Inside the vacuum chamber there are built-in devices for cleaning steam from impurities consisting of fine particles of the initial material transferred via a steam line to the compressor, made in the form of coaxially connected narrowing and expanding parts, on the inner surface of which there are helical grooves and a circular groove at the outlet hole.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of heat energy losses due to improved conditions of operation of the compressor, the system of dehydration and drying of initial material.2 cl, 3 dwg

Safe seed drying method // 2601071
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in agriculture. Safe seed drying method comprises loading seeds, ventilating them with a drying agent, cooling and unloading.EFFECT: novelty is that the speed of the drying agent is limited by a value defined by the calculation formula depending on a heat release factor.1 cl

ethod of shf-drying girasol // 2600975
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drying agricultural products, mainly girasol, and can be used in agriculture and in medical industry. Method of SHF-drying girasol comprises washing, cutting, putting tubers in the furnace with the layer height not exceeding half of the depth of SHF-flow penetration, removal of evaporated water by free convection, and calculating the drying duration by the calculation formula.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is higher quality of drying and reduced power consumption.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of heating a rotating drying thin-wall cylinder by radiation from inside, for example, for a slashing machine // 2600660
FIELD: pulp and paper industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technology of cylinder (drum) drying of long-length thin-layer materials (TLM) used in textile industry; for paper and cardboard production; for curing conveyor, card and cord bands in rubber production, for heating and drying in production of film polymer (thermoplastic) materials. For example, artificial and synthetic leather. Materials which touch and (or) envelope heated rotating cylindrical surfaces of the drying cylinder during heating and/or drying. Method of heating a rotating drying thin-wall cylinder by radiation from inside, for example, for a slashing machine, in the metal thin-wall cylinder with two bottoms at the ends, directionally-focused radiation in a near infrared area of infrared reflector lamps is directed radially on the inner cylindrical surface of the cylinder, coated with heat-resistant absorbing black layer, arranging lamps inside the cylinder fixedly with the same gap relative to the cylindrical surface by three uniform rows in sliding pairs of straps, one of which is phasic and located further from the cylinder axis, and the other is neutral, located closer to this axis. Cylinder is made of duraluminium, a layer of aluminium oxide with thickness of 0.5 -0.75 mcm is made on its outer surface, phasic straps are made in the form of symmetrical axis of the reflector lamp of -shape in cross section of aluminium, surface of which, facing the cylinder inner surface, is being polished, edges of the reflector is placed closer to the irradiated surface, than to the lamp.EFFECT: invention simplifies the device of the drying cylinder, allows reducing power consumption for heating during drying and wear of surfaces rubbing during rotation of the cylinder.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device for lumber drying // 2599881
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment of lumber drying and can be used in wood working, furniture industry. Device for lumber drying contains ventilated drying chamber with heating elements, transport line with carriages passing through drying chamber, made with possibility of movement by means of reduction gear, tilter installed before drying chamber and designed to turn horizontally installed stacks of lumber vertically on rib, tilter installed after drying chamber and designed to turn vertically installed stacks of lumber in horizontal position, device for movement of stacks of lumber, wherein conveying line passes over heating elements of drying chamber from tilting unit installed in front of drying chamber and to tilting unit installed after drying chamber.EFFECT: increasing quality of lumber drying, continuous process provision, increasing efficiency of drying plant and its reliability.5 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for freeze-drying of lumpy food products and feedstuffs // 2598480
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to drying equipment and can be used in food and feedstuff industry for drying plant and animal products. Method for freeze-drying large-sized products and feedstuffs includes heating a freeze-drying chamber, evacuating air with a pump, drying and draining condensate. Freeze-drying is carried out in two independently operating freeze-drying chambers, isolated from each other by a partition; steam with the temperature of 110 to 230 °C. is fed from five sides into a closed heating system made in the form of a heating jacket. Unloading of each chamber is performed when humidity reaches the preset value at continuous operation of the unit. To reduce heat losses freeze-drying chamber is covered with heat-insulating material.EFFECT: use of the disclosed method widens the range and allows to increase particle size (pieces) of products and feedstuffs, ensures uniform heating of processed products throughout the volume of the freeze-drying chamber working at its full capacity, reduces specific energy consumption and processing times.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of drying and grinding of plant products and their combinations and dryer for its implementation // 2597275
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building and may be used for grass drying, straw, manure, vegetables, sawdust, mixture of sawdust and excrement, mixtures of animal materials with vegetable materials, any other vegetable products and their combinations with process size of up to 50 mm and humidity of up to 90 %. Drier includes air flow feed system with drying agent and casing, inner cavity of which is cylindrical, wherein inlet into inner cavity of casing there is an element of twisting along the spiral of air flow with drying agent. Along inner surface of casing at an acute angle to it towards the rotation of twist element rectangular plates are rigidly installed.EFFECT: increased productivity.5 cl, 2 dwg

Device for drying high-moisture content materials // 2596918
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for low-temperature drying high-moisture content materials of vegetable and animal origin (vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, berries, poultry, fish, meat, etc.) and is intended for use in state, farming and private enterprises. Device for drying high-moisture content materials includes a housing with attached film electric heaters, which are resistive heating and radiating elements located between two outer heat-resistant and insulating films and equipped with leads for connection to the mains. Device housing is made cylindrical with a cover and a detachable bottom, in the cover there is a hole for an exhaust fan, inside the housing below the upper edge to allow the air flowing through the ventilation hole there is a cylinder of a smaller diameter with a distance between it and the housing determined depending on the size and the amount of dried material. Film-type electric heaters are arranged on the housing inner surface and the inner cylinder outer surface, under the cover in the upper part of the housing there is a detachable frame for suspending the dried material between the housing and the internal cylinder.EFFECT: technical result of the proposed device for drying high-moisture content materials is improved quality of the dried material and reduced power consumption.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of drying wet pasteous graphite // 2596897
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to industrial production of powdered graphite concentrate and can be used in production and concentration of graphite ore. Improved method of drying wet pasteous graphite by its supply over a flow of gas-air mixture forming a gas torch into a rotating cylindrical chamber through its front window, displacement and heating with the gas torch with moisture evaporation along the chamber axis, moisture and combustion products discharge into the atmosphere, and the dried graphite - into the systems of screening and packing through the rear window of the chamber and an adjoining graphite catcher.EFFECT: during the method implementation when wet pasteous graphite is supplied into the chamber it is divided into agglomerates with compressed air jets to form an air-agglomerate mixture, and the air-agglomerate and the gas-air mixtures are introduced into the chamber with cocurrent horizontal slot flows, herewith the gas-air mixture is supplied at a shortage of air for complete combustion of gas, the gas is burnt up with air agglomerating the pasteous graphite, and the air to form the gas-air mixture is taken from the workshop aspiration system.1 cl, 3 dwg

System for continuous heat treatment of solid fine particles, mainly disperse wood materials and methods of heat treatment, implemented using said complex // 2596683
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat treatment in suspended state in the mode of pneumatic transportation of solid fine particles, mainly of wood origin, and can be used for drying and pyrolysis of wood particles. Complex includes device for continuous heat treatment of fine particles of processed material, in the form of chamber, providing pneumatic transportation of mixed flow of gaseous heat carrier and fine particles. Thermal treatment chamber is made in the form of a girdled channel preferably with round cross section equal along the whole length of the channel, and is equipped with a fan, wherein return unit for repeated heat treatment is installed inside the channel and is configured to control volume of flow repeatedly circulating in channel, wherein output unit of mixed flow of heat carrier and fine particles of processed material is equipped with one cyclone and is configured to split off-gases into two flows. Drying method is implemented by means of said system. Heat carrier temperature at the inlet channel of heat treatment is maintained within 400÷70 wt %, wherein material feeding to drying is maintained in an amount ensuring flow temperature at the channel output of no more than 150 °C. Method of pyrolysis is also realized by this complex, wherein heat carrier temperature at the inlet channel of heat treatment is maintained within 500÷600 °C, while oxygen content in coolant, for example of flue gases is kept lower than 8 wt%, wherein material feeding to drying is maintained in an amount ensuring flow temperature at the channel output of no lower than 200 °C and time of material particles being under heat treatment is maintained within 6÷40 seconds.EFFECT: complex is universal, enables to adjust in continuous operation modes for any type of initial raw material and provides higher quality drying.8 cl, 2 dwg

Solar energy dryer // 2596676
FIELD: electrical equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dryers, particularly to installations for drying of plant products, in particular grape and fruit. Solar energy dryer contains vertical chamber with thermo-insulating walls, base, perforated bottom, cover with exhaust pipe, and solar heater connected via channel with underbottom space where there are thermal energy accumulators, guides for arrangement of appliances with product in drying chamber, additional solar air heaters with light absorbing elements; at that each additional air heater is made in form of heating chamber with inlet channel in outer wall, channel connecting solar heater with underbottom space; bottom wall of solar heater is made from bimetal, wherein bimetal material on solar heater inner surface side has heat conductivity coefficient 2.0-2.5 times higher, than material on solar heater outer surface side, and profile of upper surface of curved blades of wind wheel and profile of wing lower surface of impeller are made so that they form cavity during joint motion in form of convergent cone rotation, axis of which coincides with axis of exhaust pipe; besides, between impeller and wind wheel there are intake openings in hollow shaft.EFFECT: technical result of the invention consists in provision of convection drying at specified efficiency under varying weather and climatic operating conditions, by maintaining rated speed of air movement (depression funnel) over exhaust pipe opening.1 cl, 5 dwg

Plant for drying wood in microwave field // 2596082
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for microwave drying of materials and can be applied to wood processing and other industries. For implementation of device, stack of wood is put into closed metal cavity as resonator of wood drying chamber; dimensions of resonator is selected much larger than wavelength λ of supply microwave generator, so that possibility of excitation of different spatial structure oscillations plurality is provided in unloaded state within cavity. Three-arm waveguide Y-circulator allows isolation of generator at reflected reactive power and provision of feed power recovery in absorbing load.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency of microwave drying chamber by reducing energy losses caused by mismatch between generator and load, higher process efficiency.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for infrared drying of girasol and device therefor // 2596071
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drying of girasol, can be used in agriculture and food industry. Method of drying of girasol involves preparation of raw material, formation of a layer, exposure to infrared rays, temperature control of girasol using an optical pyrometer. Temperature of radiating surface is controlled, which is determined by calculation. Device for drying of girasol includes loading hopper 2, drying chamber 1, infrared radiator 3, conveyors 4. Optical pyrometers 6 are oriented on surface of infrared radiators.EFFECT: invention must provide intensification of drying process and improved quality of dried girasol.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for drying of thermolabile materials // 2595146
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: materials are washed, milled, and laid in layer upon gas-permeable trays installed in vented chamber. Product layer with height 10 to 30 mm is heated by double-sided continuous infrared radiation at wavelength 1.5 to 3.0 mcm, under heat flux density 2.8 to 3.1 kW/m2 till surface temperature achieves 52±1 °C or 55±1 °C during 10 to 16 or 8 to 12 minutes, respectively. Then materials are cooled to temperature 41±1 °C by means of periodic longitudinal air blowing of duration 0.3 minutes at rate of 0.7 to 1 m/s.EFFECT: invention provides considerable reduction of power consumption and process time.1 cl, 2 ex

Heat generator // 2594942
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices in the field of agricultural machinery intended for drying of various materials, for example, grain, heating of rooms and other purposes, and can be used in heat exchangers or heat generators. Heat generator comprises a case, a fan, heated air pipe, heat carrier pipe, a confuser. On the end side of the case there is a fan installed. Inside the case there is a heat insulation. Inside the heat insulation there is the heated air pipe shaped as a spiral with blades welded inside. Inside the heated air pipe there is the heat carrier pipe installed concentrically. Heat carrier pipe is also shaped as a spiral. One more spiral is welded to the heat carrier pipe. Confuser is welded to the end part of the heat carrier pipe. Inside the confuser swirlers are mounted. Confuser is connected to the combustion chamber with a pressuriser fan, a pressuriser motor, an iris gate and a nozzle.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency factor at minimum dimensions and energy costs for moving heat exchange media.1 cl, 5 dwg

Installation for continuous drying of film with covering // 2594842
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a plant for continuous drying of a coated film, in particular a film for laminates coated with an adhesive layer. Plant for continuously drying a coated film comprises cavity (3) with first open end (3a) through which film (F) enters and second open end (3b) through which dried film exits, plurality of rollers (7) for supporting said film inside said cavity (3), feed and extraction system (10) adapted to feed a flow of air to first blowing means (9), adapted to direct a flow of air onto surface of coated film (F), and to extract a flow of air from said cavity (3) through suction means (28). Plant includes second blowing means (11), adapted to direct a flow of heated air onto opposite surface of said film.EFFECT: continuous drying of coated film.9 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of monitoring and controlling annealing temperature // 2593988
FIELD: annealing; measurement equipment. SUBSTANCE: method of biomass burning includes determination of surface temperature of the biomass in the device with the help of an infrared thermometer in presence of an inert, not active in the infrared region gas which is fed into a space between the lens of the infrared thermometer and the biomass, while the temperature of the inert purge gas at the outlet is above 150°C. EFFECT: method and device for accurate monitoring and control of annealing temperature, which enables to accurately control quality and properties of annealed material. 13 cl, 3 dwg, 1 ex, 1 tbl

Device and system for making high-quality coal products // 2593860
FIELD: coal industry. SUBSTANCE: device for production of high-quality coal products includes a housing located inside heat conducting mechanism equipped with heat-conducting medium inlet near end to discharge material and discharge heat-conducting medium near end for loading material. Conductive mechanism comprises a plurality of groups of heat-conducting units arranged spaced from each other, each of which comprises multiple heat-conducting tubes (45), having connection with heat-conducting medium inlet and outlet heat-conducting medium. Multiple ribs (46), having inclined downwards relative to vertical direction, arranged in lengthwise direction between adjacent heat-conducting tubes (45) near the exhaust channel with inclined from exhaust channel bottom end to block the exhaust hole located on wall face of exhaust channel. Invention also proposes a system for making high-quality coal products comprising a device for feeding material, said device for production of high-quality coal products, device for supply of heat-conducting medium and recycling device. Ribs (46) are located in space of incidence of material between heat-conducting tubes (45) and provide rotation of material, timely outlet of gases and fast transfer of heat, which enables production of high-quality coal products. EFFECT: device and system for making high-quality coal products are disclosed. 105 cl, 29 dwg, 2 tbl

Direct action heat generator // 2593326
FIELD: heating. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heating devices using heat from combustion of fuel, particularly, to a dryer of solid materials or articles by removal of moisture, and can be used in dryers for grain, small-seeded crops, etc. Direct action heat generator includes a hole for air intake from an air channel of the heat-ventilation system of the drier, an air duct, a swirler, a combustion chamber, a high-pressure fuel pump, a pintle nozzle. According to the invention, intake of air for supply to the combustion chamber is performed from the zone of heat exchange between the surface of the combustion chamber and the fresh air flow through a sleeve installed in the section of output of flue gases from the combustion chamber. Selection and control of fresh heated air supply is realised with the help of a rotary truncated hemispherical gate installed in the sleeve. EFFECT: invention shall provide higher thermal efficiency and operational reliability of a heat generator. 1 cl, 4 dwg

Device for temperature control of automotive bodies // 2592689
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for controlling temperature of vehicle bodies, in particular for drying painted vehicle bodies. Device has housing (2) with temperature control tunnel (7) for arrangement in it of vehicle bodies (9), at least one injection cavity (5, 6) arranged in housing and separated from temperature control tunnel (7) by means of wall (3, 4), multiple nozzles (10, 11) in wall (3, 4). Air temperature control device supplies air into delivery cavity (5, 6) so that it flows in temperature control tunnel (7) through nozzles (10, 11) and acts on a vehicle body (9). At least one nozzle device (12, 13), having a nozzle body (14), side facing vehicle body (9), is equipped with multiple nozzle holes (15) and at least approximately follows geometry of lower region of vehicle body (9) and is located at a distance from it of less than distance from other nozzles (10, 11) located in same wall (3, 4) to vehicle body (9). Nozzle device (12) is detachably fixed in at least one hole (19, 20), made in wall (3) between pressure chamber (5) and temperature control tunnel (7), at least one hole (19, 20), in which there is nozzle device (12) is made in same way as holes, in which there are other nozzles (10) in same wall (3). EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of time and labour costs for maintenance of device and its retrofit or re-equipment. 7 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for drying humid polymer powder and device suitable for said method // 2592150
FIELD: chemistry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device, as well as to a method of drying humid polymer powder. Device (1) for drying polymer powders comprises inlet (2) and outlet (3) for polymer powder, heat element (5) located in interior space (4), pipeline (7) for a heated gas (6a) for drying polymer powder, which open into interior space (4), wherein pipeline (7) is connected to heat exchanger (9) for heating gas (6), heat exchanger (9) is connected to a device for preparation of 1,2-dichloroethane (15) and/or for preparation of vinyl chloride from 1,2-dichloroethane so that thermal energy from device for preparation of 1,2-dichloroethane (15) and/or for preparation of vinyl chloride is used for heating gas (6). Method of drying polymer powders comprises steps for treatment of a polymer powder with heated gas (6a) in a drying apparatus (1), introduction of heated gas (6a) through pipeline (7) into interior space (4) of drying apparatus (1), heating gas (6) in heat exchanger (9) to produce heated gas (6a), and heating heat exchanger (9) with hot fluid (5a, 10, 19) which has been heated by means of thermal energy which originates from device for the preparation of 1,2-dichloroethane (15) and/or for preparation of vinyl chloride from 1,2-dichloroethane. EFFECT: said device and method are suitable for drying humid PVC powder and reduces power consumption. 12 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of food products vacuum pressure drying // 2591731
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: product is milled into tray at layer thickness from 4 to 45 mm. Heating elements are installed at distance of 9-18 mm from product and dried at temperature of 20-60 °C and residual pressure of 3.4-4.5 kPa. Then pressure is increased to 200 kPa for 1-3 minutes, and heating elements are disconnected. Similar cycles are repeated from two to four times, at that each time processing time is reduced. Drying process duration is equal to 1.5-3.5 hours till product moisture weight fraction of not more than 4.0 %.EFFECT: invention ensures production of dry food products of high quality.1 cl, 2 dwg

Apparatus for convection drying // 2591372
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: convective drying installation is designed for drying sawn timber in gaseous medium, which transfers heat by convection to timber. Convective drying installation consists of an enclosure, upper and lower circulation channels separated by a false ceiling, a fan, a humidifier, a heater, in area of working fluid from upper circulation channel into lower there are two gas-directing devices along whole width of drying chamber, both devices are located in upper circulation channel: one-in upper angle of installation, other between end of false ceiling and wall of installation.EFFECT: uniform drying of boards on volume of stack due to uniform distribution of working agent on height of stack.1 cl, 2 dwg

Device for drying of wool in electromagnetic field // 2591074
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to microwave heating and can be used for primary wool processing. Device for drying of wool in electromagnetic field is characterised by that mounting frame has ring resonator from non-ferromagnetic material. Inside resonator radially along cross section uniformly along perimeter cylindrical perforated drums 3 of dielectric material, rotating in one direction are horizontally located. On side of open ends of drums 3 are fans 6 fixed on inner surface of ring resonator in places where there are openings closed fine-meshed net from non-ferromagnetic material. Openings are connected with common air exhausting pipe 8 through air pipelines 7. On surface of ring resonator microwave generator units 5 are fixed on top so that radiators are directed inside it through dielectric bushings. Average length of ring resonator is equal to integer number of electromagnetic field wavelength.EFFECT: invention shall intensify drying process of wool while maintaining its quality.1 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and device for container drying of seeds // 2589972
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drying of seeds and can be used in agriculture. Method of container drying of seeds consists in fact that seeds are loaded into containers, which are installed on modules making heat-conducting channel, ventilated with drying agent and unloaded. During ventilation containers are turned relative to module with frequency of N=Hhe (where H is total; and hd is admissible layer height, m). Device for container drying of seeds includes heat generator 1, heat-conducting channel 2 composed of interconnected modules 3 with drying agent flow control valves 4, containers 5, sampler 6, loading facility 7 for installation, removal and unloading of containers 5. Novelty is that device for container drying is equipped with control panel 8 with microprocessor, seeds temperature, humidity and drying agent flow rate measuring sensors 9, loading facility 7 and its mechanisms movement step drive 10 relative to modules 3 and containers 5. Each module 3 is equipped with shutter plate 11 with drive, lower and upper plane containers 5 are made in form of arrays, one of which is removable. On lateral sides of U-shaped frame vertical guides are symmetrically fixed accommodating slides and coaxial clamps 21 pivotally connected to them with retainers to engage with fittings 15 containers 5 with possibility of vertical displacement by step drive and rotation in longitudinal vertical plane by step rotation drive about transverse axis.EFFECT: invention shall improve efficiency of drying process by drying of seeds with increased height layer.2 cl, 10 dwg

Technological chamber with device for injection of gaseous fluid medium // 2589971
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drying car bodies that are freshly painted or coated with anticorrosion protection. Process chamber (5) has internal space (39) with receiving area (15) for workpieces (3) in form of a tunnel with opening (12, 14) for input or output workpieces (3) and with device (17, 19, 25, 29, 33, 37, 35) for injection of gaseous medium, having at least one slotted nozzle (17, 19) or slit-like throttle diaphragm to create barrier (21, 23) between opening (12, 14) and receiving area (15) for workpieces (3). According to invention, slotted nozzle (17, 19) or slot-like throttling diaphragm feed gaseous medium through cover (6) into inner space (39) in an inclined relative to bottom (41) flow direction along guide path (211), which together with wall of input of a gateway (11) or output gateway (13) limits located above opening (12, 14) with an offset upwards relative to overlap (6) of mixing chamber. Invention also discloses a drying installation and/or hardening installation and/or painting installation equipped with process chamber (5), and a method of operating process chamber (5) with inner space.EFFECT: invention must provide thermal separation of inner space of environment.25 cl, 10 dwg

Shaft-type air-slide drier // 2589894
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: higher efficiency of the drier and simplified design. In a shaft air-duct dryer there are drying boxes with load-carrying perforated partitions, wall of each drying duct is bent at the height of 100…200 mm from the perforated load-carrying partition over its entire length and forms a pocket with inclination angle of side wall of 35…50° vertically and 5…15° horizontally. Dryer consists of two shaft located mirrors with a gap L between walls of the pockets for removal of used air pockets ducts one level are opposed, end space between the columns is closed with a blind walls and inclined walls lower pockets are shield to form tight chamber for removal of exhaust air, which is connected by confuser in its upper part with a system of cleaning and recycling of waste air.EFFECT: higher efficiency of the drier, and also simplifies the design and higher reliability of the process.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of drying and drying device for its implementation // 2589544
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to convective drying particulates, such as grain, for example, in a dense layer, and can be used in agriculture and other industries. Method allows an efficient distribution of gas and heat flows from top to bottom of drying chamber 4 according to the change of cereal layer state variables, which is achieved by forming a grain layer with a continuously variable value of purged thickness increasing nonlinearly during the movement of grain. Dryer comprises bulk material loading device 2 and discharge device 3, drying chamber 4 formed by two opposite perforated vertical walls 5 and 6, the first of which - wall 5, through inlet chamber 7 and air duct 8 is connected with heat generator 9, while the second of which - wall 6 is made (from the top to the bottom of the drying chamber) of a non-linear vertical cross-sectional profile and positioned so that between the first and second walls there is formed a longitudinal channel (drying chamber) with a continuously variable cross-section nonlinearly increasing along the grain movement route. For flexible adjustment, the drying chamber can be constructed in a modular fashion with a non-limited number of modules 13.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the drying intensity, equipment performance and scope of application.5 cl, 1 dwg

Installation for dehydration of fine classes of ore and nonmetallic materials // 2588529
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry and can be used for dehydration of fine classes of ore and nonmetallic materials, including solid fossil fuels (coal, peat, etc.) with particle size of 0-6 mm. Installation for dehydration of fine classes of ore and non-metallic materials comprises device for supply of wet material, device to supply sorbent, device for mixing of wet material with sorbent with internal rotor, device for separation of dry material from sorbent, device for recovery of sorbent. Inner rotor of device for mixing of wet material with sorbent is made in form of a shaft with fixed tools for mixing material with a sorbent and movement of mixture with formation of zones arranged in-series along the axis. In area of wet material feed and mixing tools are fixed on shaft in form of rods or knives arranged parallel to each other, in area of sorbent supply tools are fixed on shaft in form of rods or knives arranged along spiral. Sorbent mixing zone with material consists of two parts, in first of which tools are fixed on shaft in form of blades arranged along spiral, and in second part and in zone of unloading tools are fixed on shaft in form of two ribbon augers, one is with greater radius of turn, swirled to move mixture to discharge zone, and second is with smaller radius, swirled in opposite direction to move mixture by counter-flow. In area of counter flow tool in form of short ribbon auger is secured on shaft, swirled to direct mix towards unloading zone.EFFECT: technical outcome is effective dehydration of material.4 cl, 2 dwg

icrowave drying chamber for drying large-sized timber // 2588348
FIELD: wood working industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to forest and wood processing industry and may be used for drying large-sized timber. Drying chamber consists of a rotating cylindrical housing, located on support rollers and moving on carriages support boards, on which are fixed timber. Presence of magnetrons and a compressor in drying chamber provides different modes of drying without damage to timber.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of rotation mechanism of apparatus.1 cl, 4 dwg

Oxidation furnace // 2585644
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an oxidative furnace for oxidative treatment of fibres, primarily for making carbon fibres. Oxidative furnace contains a body which, except for passage areas for hydrocarbon fibres, is gas-tight, technological chamber located inside housing, a device for supply of hot air into chamber, deflecting rollers that flank said process chamber and fibre through said process chamber located nearby zigzag in form of a mat, fibre mat forms between opposite deflecting rollers one plane. Air supply device is made so that hot air is directed to opposite process chamber side of deflecting rollers so that hot air flows around corresponding deflecting roller and fibre until entry input into said process chamber.EFFECT: invention provides high positive energy balance.16 cl, 15 dwg

Grain drying device // 2585349
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: apparatus for drying grain comprises a casing whose surface is covered with a layer of insulating material, installed inside the casing conveying working member hopper unloading window heating elements, arranged between the hopper and unloading window as well as a fan and the duct. Casing is made of rectangular cross section. Conveying working member is in the form of an endless chain with scrapers, and the scrapers - in the form of rectangular plates which are mounted equidistant from each other and parallel to each other. On the lower side plates at equal distances apart slits of rectangular shape. Width of slots exceeds two maximum grain size, and their height exceeds the maximum thickness of the grain. In the center of the slits is set separator made of two rectangular plates arranged vertically and connected together in such a way that they form an acute angle in the plane, the vertex of which is directed in the direction of conveying movement of the working body.EFFECT: invention should improve the quality of the finished product.1 cl, 2 dwg

Grain drying device // 2585346
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: apparatus for drying grain comprises a casing whose surface is covered with a layer of insulating material mounted within a casing conveying working member hopper unloading window heating elements, arranged between the hopper and unloading window as well as a fan and the duct. Casing is made of rectangular cross section. Conveying actuator is designed as an endless chain with scrapers and agitators. Scrapers are in the form of rectangular plates which are mounted equidistant from each other and parallel to each other. Agitators are designed as shafts with paddles and scrapers are mounted between the rotatable and perpendicular to the direction of conveying movement of the working body. Inside the housing a plate is installed horizontally with the bottom side of which there are heating elements. Upper branch of the chain with scrapers rests on a plate, the lower edge of the blade agitators touches the plate. Duct mounted over the plate between the hopper and unloading window at an equal distance from them.EFFECT: improving the quality of the finished product.1 cl, 1 dwg