Drying (F26)

F26            Drying(7067)

ethod for drying green vegetable materials with use of microwave treatment // 2629109
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method for drying green vegetable materials with the use of microwave treatment includes compacting them before drying to the bulk density of 130-300 kg/m3, drying green vegetable materials, carried out in two stages, at the first of which they are treated by microwave radiation with the frequency of 915 or 2450 MHz with the specific power providing the heating intensity from 1 to 10°C per second to the temperature of 60-90°C, and the finish drying of partially dehydrated vegetable materials and moisture evaporation are carried out by the method of convection drying with a stream of heated air, which ensures that the temperature of vegetable materials does not exceed 60°C.EFFECT: invention will allow to improve the drying of green vegetable materials and to prevent excessive destruction of carotene contained therein.3 dwg, 1 tbl

Aerodynamic dryer of combined type // 2628845
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: dryer comprises a conveyor for supplying raw materials to a grinder which output is connected to a main cylinder, a heat generator with a fan for supplying air to the main cylinder, which outlet through a confuser and a braking connection is connected to a drying cylinder which outlet is connected to an aerodynamic unit consisting of a flow divider to form two streams connected to an intersection of flows, which outputs are connected to two output cyclones. According to the invention, the main cylinder and the drying cylinder comprise a plate with blades arranged on a rotating shaft with upper, middle and lower blades fixed thereto, the lower and upper blades having blade twisting, and the middle blades are straight.EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency of the dryer with different density and humidity of the initial product.2 cl, 5 dwg

Hopper-type recirculating grain dryer // 2628686
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: hopper-type recirculation grain dryer contains a drying chamber, a vertical screw, an unloading window with a cylindrical chute, a heater and a fan. The grain dryer is also provided with a vertical cylindrical hopper with the conical base, a discharge deflector of the spent drying agent, a spreading disc, a drying chamber formed by the inner surface of the hopper and the outer surface of the central section fixed coaxially with it. The lower part of the drying chamber is an active zone with the height H located between two conical perforated surfaces with the opening diameter less than the minimum grain size, one of which is the conical bottom of the drying chamber and the other is the reverse cone of the central section with the inclination angle of the surfaces to the horizontal plane α, equal to the maximum angle of the natural slope of the moist grain, inside which there is a casing of the transporting working member rotatably mounted and made in the form of a vertical screw with the spreading disk fixed thereto in the upper part.EFFECT: reducing the exposure of grain drying, improving its quality and improving the sowing conditions.1 dwg

Complex solar energy drying system, assembling, batterying and supplying heat // 2628247
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: system contains a solar greenhouse, a shelving unit (1) for accumulating solar heat, an air condenser (3), a wet dust collector (4) and tubes and valves (9.1-9.12) connecting each device, and blowers (2.1-2.3). Solar greenhouse is a frame structure with a floor made of perforated cement slabs (7). Shelving (1) for accumulating solar heat contains upper and lower air chambers (1.1), a number of tubes (1.3) for collecting and storing solar energy and a sealed chamber. Air condenser (3) is a cylindrical structure, sides of which are provided with openings for inflow and outflow of air, and the upper and lower openings of which are provided with air chambers (3.1) interconnected by air tubes (3.2). The inflow channel is provided under the solar greenhouse, and two air outlets are provided above the floor. Lower air chamber of air condenser (3) is connected to a wet dust collector (4).EFFECT: high thermal efficiency and drying speed.9 cl, 6 dwg
Plant for dehydration of agricultural raw materials and wild-growing plants // 2627545
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: installation comprises a gateway to initial raw material loads, the output of which is combined with the input of the pre-grinding unit, the output of the pre-grinding unit is connected by the screw conveyor to the inlet of the sprayer, the outlet of which is connected to the inlet of the wind tunnel made with the possibility of regulating the flow density of the crushed dried material, water vapours and air; the outlet of the wind tunnel by the dried material is connected to the aerodynamic drying unit.EFFECT: invention allows to develop a dehydration plant of a simple design with low energy consumption during its operation.5 cl

Plant for coal drying with using reheated steam // 2626919
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a plant for coal drying using reheated steam, and in particular equipped with a multi-stage dryer that removes water contained in coal used as fuel for thermal power plants by injecting a jet of reheated steam. Installation for coal drying with using reheated steam includes a first coal dryer, a second coal dryer and a third dryer. The method is carried out by removing the moisture remaining inside and on the surface of coal used as fuel for thermal power plants in multi-stage coal dryers by using a reheated steam with a high temperature, incomplete coal combustion can be prevented.EFFECT: coal calorific capacity is increased, the emission of pollutants is minimized, corrosion is prevented and the service life of the system is increased, the level of natural ignition is reduced due to the decrease in humidity, the efficiency of coal grinding and the distribution of heat in the power boiler during coal combustion are increased.6 cl, 5 dwg

Dryer for pasty materials on polydisperson inert carrier // 2625629
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: dryer belongs to the chemical industry and serves for drying granular polymer materials and composites based on them. The dryer for slurries and pasty materials on an inert carrier comprises a biconical chamber coupled to a cylindrical separation chamber and a drum with tangential coolant inputs intensifying the drying process. Inside the biconical chamber, along its axis, there is a hollow rotor made of two parts having a curvilinear generatrix of the lateral surface and conjugated through the rolling disc. The surface of the upper rotor part is perforated, the surface of the lower part is corrugated, and the inert carrier used consists of two parts differing in size and density of the constituent particles.EFFECT: uniformity of the dried material over the moisture content along the entire height of the layer of a given volume.5 dwg

Inert carrier for drying suspensions and paste-like materials // 2625628
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention serves for drying suspensions and highly moist paste-like materials. The inert carrier for drying suspensions and paste-like materials in a suspended layer is made of an elastic polymeric material with a thermobiometallic element arranged inside the inert particles in the form of a double spherical segment. The surface of inert particles is textured.EFFECT: intensification of the drying process by increasing the specific surface heat and mass exchange and the specific amount of wet material deposited, and improving the distribution of wet material on the inert.5 dwg

Device for grain drying // 2625589
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for grain drying contains a frame, a cylindrical casing, a screw, heating elements and drying and cooling chambers. The heating elements are arranged on the outer surface of the lower part of the casing in the chamber, where the bottom wall and the side walls are covered with a heat-insulating material. The fan is connected to the air solar collector and to the heat accumulator, and ensures the coolant movement to the inner casing cavity. The coolant provides heating the surface of the cylindrical casing and carrying out the grain drying process.EFFECT: device for grain drying reduces the costs for moisture evaporation process without exposing the grain to long-term exposure to high temperatures.2 dwg
ethod of drying ceramic products // 2625579
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: method of drying ceramic products is proposed, including covering the product with a cover, supplying the coolant to the inside of the product, drying at a temperature of 60-80°C for 4-10 hours, removing the cover and drying without the cover for 2-4 hours. Before the coolant is supplied to the inside of the product, the product covered with the cover is kept at room temperature for 3-7 hours.EFFECT: reducing the level of technological rejection that occurs, when firing products that have undergone a drying operation.1 tbl
ethod of extrusion drying halobutyl rubbers // 2624646
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method is carried out by removing moisture from wet crumbs of halobutyl rubbers produced by direct halogenation of a butyl rubber dissolved in an inert solvent in a drying unit consisting of 2 or more screw machines, the latter of which involves thermal evaporation of moisture, with supply of high-pressure nitrogen in the compression zone of this machine. Herewith the excess of the nitrogen pressure above the pressure in the compression zone is 2.0-5.0 MPa, and the point of the nitrogen input is in the 35-50 cm from the spun plate of the last screw machine.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of drying rubber without reducing its quality.1 tbl, 10 ex
ethod for reducing coal humidity during its benefication // 2624163
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method for reducing coal humidity during its benefication involves heating the coal mixture, moved by the scraper conveyor by direct contact with the surface of this conveyor, while simultaneously forcing the evaporated moisture out of the heating zone. Only a grade of coal with a particle size from 0.5 to 13 mm is exposed to heating, the surface temperature is controlled in the range from 150 to 250°C, and the speed of moving the working branches of the scraper conveyor is from 0.3 to 1.0 m/s, depending on the percentage of coal of different grades in the initial coal mixture, as well as on the actual humidity parameters of at least two coal grades with a particle size up to 0.5 mm and from 0.5 to 13 mm after their benefication.EFFECT: method allows to efficiently and safely bring the final moisture content of the coal concentrate to the conditioned without the organization of a separate technological process.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of drying plant-based material and device for its implementation // 2624088
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: method of drying material and device for its implementation includes repeating cycle - the sequence of operations in the closed volume of the drying chamber, including heating of the plant-based material by means of the coolant upto the temperature that does not cause denaturation, and vacuum degassing with exposure after vacuum degassing, at that during repeated at least twice the operation cycle of drying plant-based material with exposure at vacuum degassing the pressure of the moisture vapors in the drying chamber - heat exchanger system is reduced by cooling, condensation and dehydration of coolant and simultaneously reduce the moisture vapor pressure in the receiver and the temperature of the condensate in the air lock chamber by means of radiators, to which the cold water is supplied, mounted in the heat exchanger and the air lock chamber cavities. The dehydration of the coolant in the drying chamber - the heat exchanger system is performed, while it is moving along the closed cycle the output from drying chamber - input to the heat exchanger - the output from the heat exchanger - the input to the drying chamber, whereupon the coolant is heated again upto the average bulk temperature of 70-115°C and again pass it through the drying chamber before starting to affect on the drying product of the second vacuum impulse.EFFECT: invention should provide intensification of the drying process by reducing the drying time.9 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of heating raw tape for its continuous volcanization in calender // 2623563
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method for vulcanizing a raw rubber tape involves continuous vulcanization on a horizontally arranged calender. The outer surface of the calender is heated by infrared radiation, maintaining the temperature of 250°C, and directing it directly to the surface between the pressure cylinders, placing the three-phase infrared heater (IRH) between them and continuously measuring the surface temperature of the calender with a pyrometer at the top of its end. Before vulcanization, the raw tape is heated by infrared radiation with a single-phase IRH, maintaining the temperature of 250°C, directing both flat surfaces of the tape and continuously measuring the temperature of the flat surface of the raw tape contacting the heated calender surface, wherein the three-phase IRH is made of linear radiators of limited length in reflectors that are mounted along the circumference of the calender without gaps, and the single-phase IRH is made of lamps FF-500 that are placed without gaps between themselves over the tape and under the tape with a uniform gap with respect to it. Each single-phase and three-phase IRH are electrically connected to their controlled output of the APHT, and their control inputs are connected to the outputs of the corresponding pyrometers, which are fixedly placed in the first quarter on top of the end face thickness of the calender cylindrical surface.EFFECT: reducing the energy consumption of heating and increasing the productivity of the vulcanization process.7 dwg

Device for continuous particle drying // 2623349
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: dryer for particles contains two round plates (1a, 1b) essentially installed horizontally with the possibility of rotation in opposite directions around the common vertical axis, while the surface of these plates is perforated and permiable for gases, such as air and water vapour, as well as water, a device for hot gas injection in the flow direction, which is essentially parallel to the axis and passes first through the second plate (1b) and then through the first plate (1a), a device (2a) for the distribution of these particles which provides drying on the first and second plates and a device (3a, 3b) of particle recovery after the rotation of each plate, a device (4a) for the transfer of the particles collected from the first plate (1a) by the recovery device (2a) in the direction of the second distribution device (2b) capable of distributing these particles along the radius of the second plate (1b).EFFECT: invention should ensure effective continuous drying of particles.17 cl, 8 dwg

Countercurrent oxygen-enhanced torrefaction // 2623225
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention describes a method of biomass torrefaction in torrefaction reactor to produce burnt biomass and gases of torrefaction, wherein an oxygen-containing gas is fed into the torrefaction reactor in the first reactor position so that the oxygen reacts with the components of torrefaction gases with the release of heat, and wherein the torrefaction gases are withdrawn from the torrefaction reactor in the second torrefaction reactor position, and wherein the first position is located downstream of the second position relative to the biomass movement direction in the torrefaction reactor so that the torrefaction gases move in the torrefaction reactor countercurrently to the biomass movement, and wherein the biomass has a temperature from 30°C to 230°C at the torrefaction reactor inlet. Version of biomass torrefaction method, sprayed burnt biomass use and system for biomass torrefaction are also disclosed.EFFECT: providing torrefaction process, which increases the energy yield during torrefaction process, increases the energy density in the burnt product and reduces requirement of energy necessary for crushing the burnt material into a fine powder.26 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl, 3 ex

ethod of drying polymeric insulation of fingeries of brackets of electric machine shields for infrared laser radiation and device for its implementation // 2622595
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of drying the polymer insulation of the evenly rotating finger of the bracket of the brush holder EM of electric machines (EM) by infrared (IR) laser radiation is carried out by directing IR laser radiation emitted by an IR laser linearly moving along the axis of rotation of the finger. The device for implementing the drying method consists of a finger holder with a reducer, a container with impregnating material and a lifting mechanism with a fixed IR laser. Cartridge fastening fingers secured to the driven gear reducer driven by an electric motor, and for effecting uniform rotational brush holder bracket fingers around its axis, the container with the impregnating material is placed on the lifting mechanism and is designed for impregnating the brush holder bracket finger dipping, lifting mechanism consists of levers with hinges, rollers and feed screw with electric motor and intended to carry out idling mechanical lifting ma at which the supply container upwardly with the impregnating material, and the stroke of the lifting mechanism in which the feed material down to the impregnating vessel, the IR laser is mounted on an arm lifting mechanism.EFFECT: energy consumption and time are reduced for process operations by impregnation and drying.2 cl, 1 dwg

Line for producing highly-vitaminized grass meal // 2622219
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: line for producing highly vitaminized grass meal includes the loading conveyor, the beater, the furnace, the combustion chamber, the drying drum, the crusher, the cyclones, the discharge device. The loading conveyor is equipped with a conditioner which communicates through the beater and the green mass distributor with the stationary drying drum, inside which the central pipe with cones on its ends is coaxially arranged, on the outer surface of which the spiral winding is located, having n windings with a pitch l therebetween and the outer diameter equal to the inner diameter of the drying drum, wherein the inner surface of the drying drum wall, the outer surface of the central pipe and the spiral winding form a helical spiral drying channel occupying 2/3 of the length of the drying drum, and the remaining 1/3, the free space, is the transient mode chamber communicating with the separation unit, which, in turn, through the cyclone for large mass is interacted with the hammer crusher.EFFECT: using the line will allow to improve the uniformity of the dry mass humidity, to reduce metal consumption and installation dimensions, as well as power consumption.1 dwg

Unit for producing highly vitaminized grass flour // 2622218
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: unit for production highly-vitaminized grass flour includes the green mass loading transporter, the furnace, the combustion chamber, the drying drum, the crusher, the cyclones and the discharge device. The unit is equipped with a dry heap separation unit connected by the inlet pipe with the drying drum outlet. The upper outlet pipe of the dry heap separation unit is connected to the cyclone for dry mass removal. The lower outlet pipe of the heap dry separation unit, via the cyclone for the coarse fraction and the crusher, is also connected to the cyclone for dry mass removal. A α woven mesh equipped with a brush cleaner moving reciprocally downwards with the frequency ν of motions per minute is installed in the dry heap separation unit at an angle to the horizontal plane.EFFECT: exclusion of the dry product overgrinding, reducing the losses of a product emitted into the atmosphere in the form of flour dust, reducing the unit costs of fuel and electricity.2 dwg

ethod for producing highly-vitaminized grass meal // 2622215
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method for producing highly-vitaminized grass meal comprises loading the green mass, drying in the drying drum, crushing and unloading. Green mass is pre-loosened in the loading device, then by the drying agent flow it is loaded into the helical spiral drying channel of the stationary drying drum, creating a laminar two-phase flow which is converted into the turbulent one while moving the processed material in the transitional mode chamber with its subsequent separation. The heat loss into the atmosphere from the outer surface of the drying drum and separation unit are reduced by coating them with a heat-insulating layer.EFFECT: improved quality of drying any kinds of grass raw materials, reduced energy and metal consumption.1 dwg

ethod for automatical control of process of diatomaceous earth thermal regeneration // 2622130
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: for automatic control of the process of diatomaceous earth thermal regeneration according to the measured parameters of costs and capacities during the process according to the program-logic algorithm incorporated in the microprocessor, operative control of technological parameters is carried out taking into account the bilateral restrictions imposed thereon. Total heat energy costs for the process of diatomaceous earth thermal regeneration are calculated, their derivative is determined in terms of the amount of the moisture separated. Depending on the sign of the derivative, the consumption of the initial product is affected in the inverse relation.EFFECT: invention allows to improve the efficiency of the diatomaceous earth regeneration, the accuracy and reliability of controlling the technological parameters at all stages of the process, to reduce material and energy costs per weight unit of the finished product, and to improve its quality.2 dwg

Way of wood heating and flame hardening // 2621436
FIELD: timber conversional industry.SUBSTANCE: heat flux is generated on the basis of fuel distribution into the source unit fire combustion chamber and of fuel consumption to form high-temperature gases, that are reorganized into the eddying flow in virtue of the swirl nozzle, and water is sprayed in into the high-temperature gases flow in a source unit mixing chamber to obtain steam and gas with a temperature of 100-300°C.EFFECT: wood thermal refining, defective products decrement.2 dwg
ethod of active grain aeration // 2620608
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method of active grain aeration consists in that the grain is loaded, exposed to the impact of heated and non-heated drying agent, and unloaded. According to the invention, the duration of exposure to heated and non-heated drying agent is defined by formulas depending on the R - caryopsis radius, ϕp - relative vapour moisture on the caryopsis surface, ϕ1, ϕ2 - relative moisture content of the heated drying agent on the inlet and outlet of the layer, ϕ'1, ϕ'2 - relative moisture content of the non-heated drying agent on the inlet and outlet of the layer, β, β' - the mass transfer factor for the heated and non-heated drying agent.EFFECT: invention must provide safe oscillating grain drying by active ventilation.

Setting the combined drying green plant mass // 2620462
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: setting a combined drying green plant mass comprises a drying chamber formed composite of 2 or more pairs of modules microwave heating and convection drying modules mounted alternately in such a manner that the camera module interfaced wall microwave heating and camera convective drying module form a single channel, microwave generators, blower. The hopper has a barrier consisting of two joined at an acute angle planes, and an auxiliary screw, the screw surface of which is in the form of an Archimedean spiral whose radius decreases toward the end of the screw facing towards the discharge opening, in each pair of modules of the drying chamber initially located module convective drying, microwave heating, each module is connected to a vacuum pump, a drying chamber includes a module plant mass density regulation with regulating flap.EFFECT: invention will allow to intensify the drying of green plant mass and prevent excessive destruction it contains carotene and vitamins, increasing productivity.4 dwg
Grain drying device // 2620142
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: grain drying device includes the vertical cylindrical casing, the outer surface of which is covered with a layer of the heat-insulating material, the loading hopper, the discharge window, the transporting working element coaxially mounted within the casing with the possibility to rotate, the heating element, the outer surface of which is covered with a layer of the heat insulating material. The transporting working element is made in the form of a perforated flat spring. The hopper is mounted above the flat spring at its outer edge, the loading hopper outlet window width being equal to the distance between the adjacent coils of the flat spring. A round-shaped plate equipped with a drive is mounted on the flat perforated spring. The heating element is placed under the transporting working element and is made in the form of a flat ring, the outer diameter of which is equal to the inner diameter of the casing, and the inner diameter of the flat ring is equal to the inner coil diameter of the perforated flat spring. In the flat ring perforations, bushings made of the heat-insulating material are mounted. The discharge window is made circular-shaped and is installed coaxially under the heating element. The discharge window diameter is equal to the inner diameter of the flat ring. The cooling device air duct is connected to the perforation of the heating element.EFFECT: improving the quality of grain drying, reducing the energy consumption.2 dwg

Grain drying device // 2620136
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: grain drying devies comprises a casing of rectangular cross section which surface is coated with a layer of heat-insulating material, a loading hopper, an unloading window, heating elements, a blower, an air duct and a feeding working element installed inside the casing. The feeding working element is made in the form of a box and is installed to transmit vibrations to it. The upper surface of the box is made stepped with the possibility to vary the inclination angle of the steps. The side surfaces of the steps are made perforated. The air duct is connected to the internal cavity of the box. The heating elements are installed in the air duct.EFFECT: improved quality of grain drying.1 dwg

Device for grain drying // 2620106
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for grain drying comprises a casing of rectangular cross section, the surface of which is coated with a layer of heat-insulating material, the loading hopper, the unloading window, the heating elements, the fan, the air duct, and the conveying working element installed inside the casing. The conveying working element is made in the form of a box and is installed with the possibility of transmitting vibrations thereto. The upper box surface is made stepped. The lateral step surfaces are made perforated, with the perforations diameter not exceeding the minimum grain size. The air duct is connected to the internal box cavity. The heating elements are installed in the air duct.EFFECT: improving the grain drying quality due to the uniform heating of grain by air flow.1 dwg
Device for grain drying // 2620096
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for grain drying comprises the casing, the surface of which is coated with a layer of heat-insulating material, the loading hopper, the unloading window, the heating elements, the fan, the air duct, and the conveying working body installed inside the casing. The upper casing surface is made horizontal. The lower casing surface is inclined downward from the loading hopper to the unloading window. The conveying working body is made in the form of a box installed with the possibility of transmitting oscillations to it and changing the inclination angle relative to the horizontal. The upper surface of the box is made stepped. The lateral surfaces of the steps are made perforated, wherein the perforation diameter does not exceed the minimum grain size. Heaters are installed under the upper surfaces of steps. The air duct is connected to the internal box cavity. The heating elements are installed in the air duct.EFFECT: improving the grain drying quality due to the uniform heating of grain by air flow.1 dwg

Device for grain drying // 2620095
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for grain drying comprises the casing covered with a layer of a heat-insulating material, the loading hopper, the unloading window, the conveying working body mounted within the casing, the heating elements, the fan and the air duct connected to the inner casing cavity. The casing is made rectangular in cross section. Plates are installed inside and along the casing, vertically and parallel to one another. The conveying working body is made in the form of shafts mounted on the plates with the possibility to rotate in one direction. The shafts are arranged in parallel to one another and at an equal distance therebetween in one plane from the loading hopper to the unloading window. Flow guides, the upper surface of which is inclined in the grain movement direction, are mounted between the shafts on their upper side on the plates. The gap between the shafts and the flow guides is made smaller than the minimum grain size. The air duct is installed on the upper side of the casing. The heating elements are installed in the air duct.EFFECT: improving the quality of grain drying due to the quick and uniform heating of the grain.2 dwg
ethod and device for transportation and processing of bulk materials // 2618779
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method and device for transportation and processing of bulk materials relates to the drying of the seeds and grain and may be used in agriculture. The method includes moving of the processed material by electrically operated working body with processing at the same time, such as drying. The required processing parameters such as humidity of the processed material, provide by keeping constant torque in the working body moving drive, wherein the drive shaft rotational speed is adjusted higher, than the rotation speed of the conveyor drive shaft, required to ensure the implementation of the process. The device for implementing the method includes the electric drive transporting working body with the clutch, placed on its drive shaft, made in the form of the pair of angular contact bearings, the outer cages of which are fixed in the cylindrical body, placed on the input shaft of the clutch. The inner cage of one of the bearing is rigidly connected to the drive shaft of the electrically driven working body, and the inner cage of the second bearing mounted on the mentioned drive shaft of the transporting working body is axially movable without rotation relative to the shaft.EFFECT: maintaining of the predetermined humidity range.2 cl, 2 dwg

Convective drier // 2618638
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: convective dryer includes a vertical shaft of rectangular section, consisting of insulated from each other according to the drying agent and stacked sections with inclined perforated gratings forming a zigzag channel for moving the material to be dried. The shaft sections are separated from each other by a flexible partitions with a loading device at the upper and with a window for the spilling the material from one section into the other at the lower, the partition has an opportunity to be wound or unwound by moving the charging device and the window to the required position, each grating is a flexible metal mesh with a window, at that the mesh edges are fixed in the movable holders, and the mesh itself has the ability to be wound or unwound from them by means of the actuator, thus moving, a window to the required position.EFFECT: invention allows to improve the quality of the ready product.2 dwg
Spray drying unit and agglomeration of food environments // 2618637
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for the spray drying and agglomeration of food environment contains a drying chamber, the feed system of the original product with a sprayer, a heater, a system for capturing particles of the product, the feed gas suspension unit, a device for creating an aero-vibro-fluidized bed. Sprayer located kiln axis further located above the reservoir within the cylindrical body which at its end cap around the sprayer mounted on a concentric circle at an angle of blades pivotally adjusting slit gaps between themselves placed on the reservoir height and to form an annular gap between blades and the collector housing.EFFECT: efficient agglomeration of the product particles.4 dwg

Grain drying technique // 2617639
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method of drying grain involves passing the atmosphere layer through the grain. The grain is moved in one direction along the surface when laying a continuous layer of grains no more than one layer thickness. The surface is divided into an even number of sections, the odd ones of which are heated. The temperature of the surface areas of the odd heat taken such that the grain output from these areas are not heated more than 40 °C using grains as seeds and not more than 60 °C using a grain processing. Grain while moving is continuously inverted. At even sites, the air layer is passed through the grain at 16…25 °C and a relative humidity of less than 60%.EFFECT: improved the quality of drying the grain and reduced energy costs.1 dwg

Grain curing technique // 2617590
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method of drying grain involves passing the atmosphere through the grain layer . Grain is moved over the surface by the solid layer when laying the grain less than one adjustment layer. The surface for the grain layer is divided into an even number of sections, the odd of which are conductively heated. Grain, while moving continuously, is turned over, and the atmosphere is passed through a grain layer only on even areas with a relative humidity of 60%.EFFECT: improved the quality of grain drying and reduced energy costs.1 dwg

Dryer // 2617217
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: dryer comprises the supply systems of air flow and a drying agent, the housing, the inner cavity of which is made cylindrical. It additionally comprises the fan, the grinding blades of which are placed in the tapered housing placed at the lower part of the dryer housing inner cavity, and the cylindrical cup mounted concentrically with the dryer wall in its inner cavity, forming a cavity between the dryer housing and the cylindrical cap with the possibility of air passage from the upper fan part to its lower part; the upper edge of the tapered housing is made serrated. Hot air is supplied into the space between the tapered housing and the cylindrical cap housing, and the drying agent is supplied above the fan. The method of shock-vibration drying is used, when moisture is knocked out of the raw material particles. Increasing the drying material area and the vibration reduce the drying time, preserve vitamins and enzymes. The dried particles rise up and get into the cyclone.EFFECT: increased productivity with the simultaneous improving of the drying quality.1 dwg

Device for moving material heat treatment // 2617216
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used at simultaneous double-sided drying of compact or easily deformable material, various products, made of paper, cardboard or film, in particular for drying lacquer, paint or coatings in automated and non-automated print lines. The device for heat treatment of the moving material includes the emitting modules mounted in the housing, each of them contains the IR emitters and rotary reflectors with the control mechanism, the air injection system, treatment agent removing system, and the drive of material moving. The new in the device is, that it is equipped with the reflective modules, each of them contains the fixed reflectors and built-in between them the injection channels, and each emitting module is equipped with the injector channels, built-in between the IR emitters and rotary reflectors, installed behind the IR emitters, at that each module is performed in its housing, emitting and reflecting modules are mounted opposite each other in the housing seats in a staggered order and have a common point of the emission focusing, the output of each injection channel of the module is directed towards the output of the opposite module injection channel.EFFECT: reduction of power consumption at the drying process intensification.5 dwg

ethod for wood timber vacuum drying // 2617214
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: vacuum drying method is to create a zone of reduced pressure finding lumber in the range from 5 to 150 mm Hg and temperature within 5-25°C greater than the temperature of boiling water at a predetermined reduced pressure. Before drying, the wood timber 1 is placed in a sealed elongate shell 2, open on one end face 3 neck. After this timber is placed in the shell, it is placed in a heat chamber, which can run on both microwave radiation and by convection principle (heat chamber not shown). Through the neck 3 inner cavity shell 2 is connected to a vacuum pump. With the simultaneous inclusion of the heat chamber, the vacuum pump is activated (the latter is not shown at the scheme). The drying time is determined by wood dampness, then heat chamber is turned off. Sealed casing 2 with its contents is removed from the heating Chamber and is discharged from the lumber.EFFECT: increased efficiency.1 dwg

Dryer for agricultural crops // 2616434
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: dryer for agricultural crops comprises the cylindrical chamber made in the form of two semicylinders installed on the vertical axis with the possibility of rotation and their opening to each other, the cap placed on top of the chamber and movable in the vertical direction, and the perforated bottom provided with shock absorbers, a vibrator in the form of a disc with counterweight, and windows for carrying out drying and unloading the dried material. The dryer is equipped with an additional drying chamber located symmetrically in relation to the first one, with the possibility of their simultaneous rotation around the vertical axis, and the window in the bottom for unloading the dried products is equipped with a gate in the form of two disc halves linked by a hinge and installed with the possibility of angular movement relative to each other. The coolant injection window is equipped with a platform in the form of a perforated disc mounted on the shock absorbers with a gap relative to the bottom and equipped with a vibrator.EFFECT: accelerating the drying process, reducing the coolant flow rate.3 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for pulse lumber drying // 2615854
FIELD: woodworking industry.SUBSTANCE: lumber drying is carried out in several stages, including preheating, drying and additional maintaining. The pulse lumber drying process is performed cyclically, it includes additional pre-heating and maintaining. The mode of supplying fresh air to the drying volume and an energy carrier to the heater while circulating the heated air in the drying volume, which corresponds to the "work" operation, is alternated with the mode of complete cessation of supplying the fresh air and the energy carrier to the heater, and the heated air circulation in the drying volume, which corresponds to the "pause" operation. In the "pause" operations, the temperature by the dry termometer and the relative humidity of the drying agent are determined, by which the equilibrium moisture content of the lumber to be dried is found, and the current average moisture of the lumber to be dried is determined by its equilibrium moisture content at the end of the "pause" operation.EFFECT: method allows to increase productivity, improve the drying lumber quality while reducing labour costs.1 dwg, 3 tbl

Plant for drying fruit and berries crops using the solar energy // 2615617
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: drying plant cover is made from a selective material and intended for heating of the air and the material in the drying chamber. At the drying plant housing, made of polycarbonate, the access door to the grids is positioned, where the product subjected to drying is placed. The film infrared heaters are hung above and under the grid at a certain height, for example, 10 cm, which is located on the shelves and intended for additional drying of the material. The control panel adjust the supply and exhaust fans switching on and off for the air circulation in the body. The solar panels, located along the cover circle, provide the power supply to the control panel, supply and exhaust fan and film infrared heaters operation. To provide the plant operation during the cloudy days the accumulator battery is provided.EFFECT: independence and mobility of the plant, maintaining the high quality of the dried product.3 dwg

Unit for drying small-fruit crops using solar energy // 2615616
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: drying unit cover is made from a selective material and intended for heating the air and the material in the drying chamber. Loops and hooks are arranged on a drying unit polycarbonate housing for closing the door which is designed for access to nets wherein the product to be dried is placed. Door is retained by fastening on the housing of the drying unit. Film infrared heaters are hung above and under the net at a certain height, for example, 10 cm, located on shelves and intended for further drying of the material.EFFECT: reduced power consumption, enhanced design portability, maintained high quality of dried product.3 dwg

ethod and device for continuous dehydrofreezing of liquid products // 2615553
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method of continuous dehydrozreezing of liquid products, wherein the primary liquid product is heated to the highest probable temperature, is injected into the upper portion of the vacuum chamber through a nozzle with a droplet size of not more than 0.05 mm, which results in a spontaneous freezing of a product due to evaporation of moisture contained in it, then it is feeded into the vacuum drying chamber with an infrared (IR) heater under action of gravity, where the drying of the product is carried out due to ice sublimation therein during lingering of vapours in the countercurrent flow at low temperatures, the dried product is removed from the chamber together with a portion of the vapour stream. Device for method implementing is made in the form of a vacuum chamber positioned vertically and divided into two parts - a vacuum cooling chamber with a spray nozzle installed in its upper part and a vacuum drying chamber with IR-heater installed in it, wherein both chambers are separated against each other by a partition in the form of a funnel with an opening at the center and contain vapour taps connected together by a vacuum line which has an outlet for connection to a vacuum pump.EFFECT: reduced power consumption, improved performance.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of safe seed drying in dense layer // 2615350
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drying seeds mainly of premium varieties and can be used in agriculture and in the system of purchases. During drying, the seeds are charged in the dryer as a fixed bed with the height of 0.4-0.5 m, are treated with the drying agent with the consumption of 1800-1900 m3/(m2⋅h), cooled and discharged. The temperature of the drying agent is determined by the formula where A is the constant value for each crop; r is the specific heat of moisture evaporation, kJ/kg; α is the heat transfer coefficient, W/(m2⋅°C); f is the specific seed surface, m2/kg; ŋ is the portion of heat used for evaporation of moisture; θpd is the maximum permissible grain heating temperature, °C.EFFECT: use of the invention will enhance the intensity of the seed drying process.1 dwg

Drum dryer // 2615308
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: drum dryer comprises a drum made as a hollow perforated cylinder which is made of a frame consisting of guides covered with a grid, and is rotatably mounted around its longitudinal axis. Hollow perforated cylinder is placed into a thermally insulated housing. Perforated drum is equipped with ring baffles mounted at the ends, baffles are made with perforated sections evenly placed on their surfaces. Heat carryig medium supply pipe line is made with openings, is placed in the drum middle and is made rotatable about a longitudinal axis, and the pipe line openings are located on one generatrix and provided with tubes with the open ends facing the bottom of the drum. Loader unit communicates with the drum cavity through the center opening of the drum ring baffle, and discharge unit is designed as a folding surface of grid portion with a locking mechanism.EFFECT: simplification of drying process, expanded range of dried particulate materials and higher product quality by reducing abrasion of its particles.2 dwg

Drying system at room temperature // 2615305
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drying system at room temperature, essentially containing internal drying chamber, external chamber with temperature drop, more than one trolley for dried product inside internal drying chamber, air conditioning device installed on wall in external chamber with temperature drop. Internal drying chamber temperature is controlled by air conditioning device by 2 degrees Celsius higher, than in external chamber with temperature drop, and due to warm air flow from heating element inside internal drying chamber, blowing wet products, to be dried, and high air humidity inside internal drying chamber moisture will condense on cool metal surrounding wall and metal upper wall, wherein condensation water falls by drops into water discharge groove and removed, thus achieving products drying target.EFFECT: invention provides continuous drying at room temperature for preservation of dried products good characteristics and quality.11 cl, 5 dwg

Oscillating grain drying technique // 2615289
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: oscillating method of drying grain is when the grain is loaded, gravitationally moved, periodically purged with the high-temperature drying agent, cooled and discharged. What is new is the fact that low-temperature drying agent is continuously supplied, the temperature of the grain at the end of the heating period and at the end of the cooling period is determined by the calculation formula. As a low-temperature drying agent, low-calorie combustion products are used.EFFECT: reduced costs.1 dwg

ethod of ceramic products drying // 2615201
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: drying is carried out in a drying chamber, equipped with an automated process control system (APCS) drying to constant control of time-varying state product raw via immersed in the product, raw local conductometric sensors and automatic control using the control system of the drying process by submitting to the drying chamber acceleration or deceleration drying drying agent component. Conductivity sensors are immersed in the superficial, intermediate and middle layers of the product raw, include the supply of a drying agent, recorded decreases with drying electrical currents between the sensor electrodes, normalized current values of the currents at their initial value, logs drying process dependence of the normalized values of the currents from the drying time , and compare the difference between the observed sensor readings with the occurrence of defects in the product and experimentally determine the allowable defect-free drying for maximum difference of sensor readings, with providing defect-free drying of the differences of the sensors make the program automatic control of the drying process. The controlled drying is carried out of raw products in the drying chamber with the control system, working on drawing up a pilot program of control of the drying process.EFFECT: increase the speed and quality of ceramic products drying, reduced the marriage, energy and time costs, productivity gains in the production of ceramic products.4 dwg, 2 ex

ethod of biomass torrefication including cooling step of torrefication reaction // 2615169
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a torrefication method of dried and heated biomass, comprising the step of cooling of the said biomass during the torrefication reaction in the torrefication area of the torrefication unit so that at least partially neutralize the increase of temperature in the torrefication area arising from the exothermic torrefication reactions in the torrefication area , where the said biomass is wood biomass from fir tree or eucalyptus. Also the torrefication unit is disclosed.EFFECT: invention provides precise control of the torrefication temperature, which is critical for thorough control of quality and properties of burnt material.16 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of heat recycling and recovery in flour milling using vapor compression heat pump // 2614805
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: wet grain is preliminary heated, dried, cooled, fed to the storage with further feed into the preparatory department of the flour milling plant to extract impurities and clean the surface of the grain, followed by moisturizing, binning and grinding in thegrinding mill. Then the mixture of the processed drying agent is fed after drying, cooling and storing of grain into cyclone cleaner for cleaning from contained suspended solid particles, followed by further feeding of the mixture into evaporator of vapor compression heat pump for cooling and drying. The drained mixture is divied into three streams, one of which is initially fed into the heat exchanger, then into the condenser of vapor compression heat pump and further into the shaft grain dryer, the second stream is fed into a cooler for cooling the grain after drying, and the third stream is fed for the active ventilation of the grain during its storage in tankers. The resulting condensate is disposed from the evaporator of vapor compression heat pump into the intensive moisturizing machine, water is cooled in the heat exchanger, used for heat removal from a fast-rotating roller of the grinding mill, which is released during grain grinding. Waste water is returned for cooling along the recirculation loop after the grinding mill.EFFECT: improved flour quality.1 dwg

ethod for drying seeds // 2613466
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: material is loaded, circulated, periodically laid and affected by heated and unheated drying agent, dried, cooled and discharged. The duration of exposure the material to the heated and unheated drying agent is calculated based on the mass transfer conditions for the dehydration area. Wherein the auger performance is directly proportional to the capacity of the drying chamber and inversely proportional to the ventilation cycle duration.EFFECT: increased drying efficiency.1 dwg, 1 ex