By purification, e.g. by filtering and by sterilisation and by ozonisation (F24F3/16)

F24F3/16                     By purification, e.g. by filtering; by sterilisation; by ozonisation(293)

Fan in assembly // 2633853
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: humidifier comprises a housing comprising a chamber; a water tank designed to supply water to the chamber; airflow-creating means for creating an airflow over the water in the chamber; humidifying agents for moistening the airflow with the water from the chamber; a cartridge detachably mountable in the housing. The cartridge comprises a lamp emitting ultraviolet radiation to irradiate the water in the chamber. The chamber comprises a tube transparent to ultraviolet rays, designed for placing a lamp in it; and an outlet for air to eject the airflow; the housing comprising a plurality of supports for supporting a cartridge therebetween, each of the supports comprising a curved track for guiding the cartridge movement in the direction of the tube. The tracks are shaped so that as the cartridge moves in the direction of the tube, it is oriented for installing the lamp into the tube.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to replace the lamp in such a way as to minimize the possibility of damaging a new lamp when it is placed in the device housing.14 cl, 16 dwg

Air purifier // 2630446
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: air purifier comprises a housing consisting of a rectangular box provided with rotating legs with wheels, a removable tray with a drain connector, a removable distribution grid, a rear pyramidal cover with an adjusting recess, a fan, a dash device, a cleaning chamber consisting of perforated cassettes, the ends of which are equipped with front and rear turn signals and are connected by fixed and movable struts, with the formation of air channels between the perforated cassettes. The perforated cassettes are filled with pumice granules made of metallurgical slag with a basicity module M>1, the turn signals are a pair of ears attached perpendicular to the ends of the perforated cassettes, with holes through which a freely rotating roller is rigidly connected to the front fixed and rear movable struts, To the right rear movable rack perpendicularly rigidly connected to it is an adjusting lever of rectangular cross section, which is connected to the outlet end through threaded soybean Inonu with a tip.EFFECT: simplification of the design of the rinsing device, ensuring the possibility of operating a room air purifier in residential and industrial premises, which increases the economic and environmental efficiency of the air cleaner.6 dwg

ethod of detecting explosive and poisoning substances on objects having circuits of closed air volumes // 2629742
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: method for detecting explosive and poisonous substances at objects having contours of 1 closed air volume comprising a system 2 for venting the object from the object, a bleed air conditioning system 3 connected to a ventilation system 4 provided with filters 5, an air return system 6 inside the object, of the air samples at the site by means of the sampling device 7, the sampling device 7 is installed at the inlet of the conditioning system 3 in front of the ventilation system filters, made in the form of a gas analyzer associated with the data processing unit 8, upon detection of explosives and extract gas analyzer particle that is associated with the block 8, is activated alert system of the presence of explosives and OB and crew decides.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of detection of explosive and poisonous substances, exclude the influence of the human factor on the results of air samples, improve the quality of sample results by installing a modern sampling device at the inlet of the air conditioning system in front of the ventilation system filters, performing it in the form of a gas analyzer associated with the processing unit data.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and device for air purification management // 2628557
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: with air purification, target quality of the purified air is obtained. The current quality of the air being purified is determined. The rate of production for an air purifier is defined in accordance with the target and current quality. The purification duration, necessary for the rate of air purifier production is calculated in accordance with the efficiency of purification. The cleaner is activated and the remaining time is displayed in real time according to the duration of purification. Control devices for air purification are also proposed.EFFECT: improved air purification.13 cl, 7 dwg, 2 tbl

ethod and device for status notification // 2617873
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: according to the invention the information about the air cleaner usage is obtained, for which the capture of information about each time between the air cleaner turning on and off and the air cleaner environmental data is provided, calculate the current wear, and notify the current status of the air cleaner, when the wear reaches the predetermined threshold. Calculation of the current wear of the air cleaner contains the determination of weighted by the environment value for each time between the turning on and off, to obtain the actual duration of the air cleaner use through the accumulation of each time multiplications between the turning on and off and the corresponding weighted by the environment values of the air cleaner and the calculation of the current wear in accordance with the actual duration of the air cleaner use and air cleaner lifetime.EFFECT: maintenance of the air cleaner normal operation to provide more favourable living environment.19 cl, 5 tbl, 8 dwg

Aseptic isolated unit // 2615432
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to production of vaccines using pathogenic biological agents (PBA) and can be used for design of isolated aseptic processing facilities for medical, pharmaceutical and microbiological industry. The unit comprises enclosing constructions of the existing facilitit, supply and exhaust ventilation system with high efficiency filters, collapsible building envelope, sealed doors, clean area, downcoming channel filter. Operating facilities including isolation ward premises followed by pre-isolation ward premises, barrier zone premise comprising a controlled barrier zone premise, service premise and vestibule are constructed inside the enclosing structures of the existing facility, on its floor, by means of the sealed mobile enclosing structures. The front wall of the isolation ward and side walls of the unit are adjacent to the ceiling of the existing premises. The controlled barrier zone premise is formed by the front wall of the isolation ward, part of the unit side walls and the outer wall of the existing building. A pass box is installed in the peripheral wall of the isolation ward. The pre-isolation ward premise is shorter than the isolation ward, forming together with a part of the isolation ward peripheral wall, a part of the unit lateral wall and the pre-isolation box side wall a passage to the pass box in the peripheral wall of the isolation ward. The shared ceiling of isolation ward and pre-isolation ward premises is made below the ceiling of the existing premises, forming a ceiling cavity above these two premises with an access provided to the ceiling cavity from the service premise. Service premise entrance is equipped with an entrance vestibule with sealed mobile enclosing structures adjacent to the inner wall and ceiling of the existing premises. A downcoming channel, equipped with a high efficiency filter is located at the top of the sealed mobile enclosing structures of the vestibule; the channel connects the vestibule to the service premise. The corner air intake module of the service premise is connected to the air intake duct of the supply ventilation system. The service premise is connected to the controlled barrier zone premise by a downcoming channel equipped with a high efficiency filter and installed in the upper part of the front wall of the isolation ward premise. Air supply ducts of the supply ventilation system in the vestibule, service premise, isolation ward and pre-isolation ward premises are equipped with stand-alone air-distributing modules with high efficiency filters. The sealed door on the peripheral wall of the pre-isolation ward and the sealed door on the peripheral wall of the isolation ward are maximally displaced relatively to each other.EFFECT: invention provides a possibility to block a possible exit of PBA-contaminated air environment from the isolation ward to the pre-isolation ward and into the surrounding atmosphere, the required class of ambient air cleanliness in the working area of isolation ward and pre-isolation ward at a regulatory regime of air dilution, as well as energy saving in terms of heat (cold) of ambient air in the service premise and vestibule.5 cl, 5 dwg

oisturizing installation // 2612560
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: method of creating moist air flow, comprising the steps of: irradiating with ultraviolet water rays, located in the vessel, the feed air flow above the water in the container and an aerosol spray of water from the tank to humidify the air stream, wherein before aerosol spray water in capacity, the water was shaken for a predetermined period of time during its irradiation. Moisturizing installation comprises a casing containing the water container, means for creating an air flow over the water in the tank, the air outlet for discharging at least a portion of the air flow, means for aerosol spraying water into the container, means for irradiation with ultraviolet rays water in the vessel and means to control switching means for creating airflow aerosol spray means and means of irradiation. The control means are adapted to enable the air flow means and irradiation means for a predetermined period of time before switching means of an aerosol spray.EFFECT: reducing the number of bacteria in the stored water prior to aerosol spray.40 cl, 14 dwg

Aeronautic apparatus for cleaning air of cities from gases and dust // 2577606
FIELD: aircraft; environmental protection.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ecology and aircraft engineering, particularly, to aircraft for cleaning of the atmosphere of cities from gases and dust. Aeronautic apparatus for cleaning air of cities from gas and dust comprises a bearing quadcopter, electrostatic filter and monoplane. Inside the rigid body electrostatic filter there are metal circular grid of positive electrodes with suspended between wire corona-forming negative electrodes. From above and below the filter there are gas cushion reinforced with arcs of hoops, and on sides of the filter there are four consoles farm on which there are four propulsors in the form of electric motor with propeller. On wing monoplane there are elements of solar battery.EFFECT: possibility to destroy gas or dust centres in any area.2 cl, 2 dwg

Gas cleaning device // 2575426
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: device contains a passage for a gas flow; a hydrophilic carrier permeable for the gas flow and made with the possibility of containing a chemical that contacts with the gas; a unit for fluid transfer to the carrier; and a controller made with the possibility to control the transfer unit in order to transfer the water solution of the soluble chemical to the carrier; and to transfer the liquid in case when the humidity of the gas entering the carrier is below the first humidity limit, or to terminate liquid transfer if the humidity of the gas entering the carrier exceeds the second humidity limit.EFFECT: device for gas cleaning has the high efficiency of gas cleaning at any relative humidity.10 cl, 2 dwg

Air filter // 2574431
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air filter for air conditioning system. Air filter (1) comprises disc-shape filtering element (2) with drive assembly (3), preferably, motor connected with filtering element to run the latter. Filtering element (2) is configured to be communicated with vent pipeline (4) so that it is located outside the vent pipeline opening (4a) at the first distance (s) therefrom and concentrically with said vent pipeline. Air cleaned by the air filter is forced into vent pipeline via said opening. Claimed filter comprises also the circular bead (5) located outside the vent pipeline opening (4a) at second distance (k) therefrom and concentrically with vent pipeline. Said bead (4) expands toward the opening (4a). Preferable, said bead (5) is shaped to truncated cone.EFFECT: efficient cleaning, simple design.8 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of cleaning air in livestock buildings // 2573955
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, in particular to methods of creating an optimal microclimate on farms. The method comprises supplying external and internal air through the air duct of triangular cross section, maintaining the outer surface of the air duct below the dew point temperature of the internal air, the formation of condensate on it and its collection to the sewerage system through a V-shaped deflector mounted under the air duct. The edges of the V-shaped deflector are attached to thin plates made of sylvinite, for collecting condensate on the inner side facing the triangular air duct, along its length.EFFECT: acceleration of the process of condensation of moisture from the internal air of the premises and removal of harmful impurities from it.1 dwg

Plant for recycling carbon dioxide in livestock building // 2567211
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: plant for recycling carbon dioxide in the livestock building comprises a compressor for pumping gas, a cleaning unit 9, a system of pipelines 8, a storage tank of gas, air intakes 1 mounted in the lower part of the livestock building, a fan 3 connected by the pipeline system with the air intakes 1, a storage tank for polluted air 5 with a check valve 4 to prevent the escape of polluted air from the storage tank 5, a compressor 6 to compress the polluted air, the receiver 7 for storing the polluted air connected by the pipeline to the compressor 6, the receiver 11 for storing the gas, connected to the cleaning unit 9. And the cleaning unit 9 is made in the form of a membrane filtration unit with a membrane cartridge, that provides separation of carbon dioxide, and purification of air, consisting of a porous polymer fibre with a gas separating layer. The storage tank of gas is made in the form of cylinders for further use as a preservative.EFFECT: enhanced functionality, recycling of emissions of livestock building with their subsequent use in the conservation of feed.2 dwg

Air ozoniser // 2555659
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: air ozoniser comprises an ozonising chamber 1 in the form of a rectangular prism made completely of insulating material, a high-voltage nanosecond pulsed power supply operating in periodic pulse mode with a potential lead 2, having a negative polarity, and an earthed lead 3. The chamber 1 has, inside it and arranged in parallel, a section 4 for a potential electrode and a section 5 for a non-potential electrode, having the same number of parallel current-conducting plates 6 and 7. The sections 4 and 5 are mounted in the chamber 1 such that the planes of each of the potential plates 6 coincide with the plane of the corresponding non-potential plate 7 and with the direction of air flow in the air duct. Thus, an "edge-edge" geometric electrode system is formed with electrode spacing 8, the length of which is equal to the length of the plates 6 and 7.EFFECT: invention improves synthesis and output of ozone owing to high concentration of electrons in the discharge gap of the ozonising chamber of the apparatus.1 dwg

obile street air conditioner // 2550328
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering, namely, to air conditioning, and in particular, to methods and devices for street air treatment from hazardous components of spent gases of motor transport. The mobile street air conditioner comprises a rectangular body closed with a roof, a tray equipped with supply and drain nozzles and separated into a sprinkling chamber and a treatment chamber, intake and distributing grids, plenum and exhaust fans, an ioniser, sprinkling and washing devices, in the treatment chamber along the air motion flow in staggered order there are detachable perforated baskets laid onto support angles, which are filled by pumice granules, made of metallurgical slags, besides, the external wall of the sprinkling chamber in the lower part of the side wall of the body is equipped with an intake nozzle closed with a grid, inside of which there is a plenum fan installed, the outer wall of the treatment chamber in the lower part of the side wall of the body is equipped by an exhaust nozzle closed with a grid, inside which there is an aero ioniser and an exhaust fan, a supply pipeline, connected with a supply nozzle, is equipped with supply and washing valves and is connected at the bottom to the sprinkling and washing devices at the opposite ends, and the tray of the body and the supply pump are installed onto a mobile platform.EFFECT: increased economic and environmental efficiency of street air treatment.4 dwg

Air cleaning unit // 2550131
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: air cleaning unit includes an air duct, in one of the walls of which there are slots, into which guides are inserted and provided with cassettes with filters for different contaminating gases, which are placed in them and have a possibility of being moved. Before filters, in a flow of cleaned air there installed are air composition sensors connected to a gas analyser that is connected to a switch. Cassettes are mechanically connected to mechanisms of their movement, which are connected to the switch. Flanges are installed on the air duct ends.EFFECT: reduction of labour intensity and improvement of air cleaning quality due to a possibility of automatic installation of filters in the air duct, which are intended for air cleaning from those contaminating components that are available in the cleaned air in unallowable amounts.2 dwg

Flow-shifting air cleaner // 2512820
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air cleaning and can be used in designing, for example, kitchen air funnels. Flow-shifting air cleaner consists of contaminated air intake channel and clean air discharge channel communicated therewith. Clean air discharge channel accommodates a blower to force air along its lengthwise axis. It differs from know designs in that is used shifting channel to communicate contaminated air intake channel with clean air zone wherefrom air is forced to extra fan arranged in said shifting channel. Note here that shifting channel airflow is forced inside contaminated air intake channel to collide against impurities collection plate for them to be settled thereat. Note also that clean airflow gets repelled from said plate to get in fan zone in cleaned air channel and removed therefrom.EFFECT: higher efficiency at sufficient capacity.1 dwg

Air disinfection device // 2506501
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to disinfection devices. An air disinfection device including a housing having an air intake compartment with an inlet opening and an outlet compartment with an outlet opening, between which there is an irradiation chamber separated with labyrinth partition walls-screens, in which there installed are lamps and a power supply unit electrically connected to a control and indication unit; a filter element is arranged in the air intake compartment, and a fan is installed in the outlet compartment; besides, the housing is made in the form of a thin-wall box-like body from bactericide polymer plastic with bacteriostats, which consists of two semi-housings connected along the perimetre; gas-discharge mercury lamps are fixed with a gap on bosses; longitudinal axis of the above lamps is offset relative to a connection-disconnection plane towards another semi-housing; on the side of the irradiation chamber, symmetrically located central transverse plates are attached to the base of each semi-housing and have folds on edges, which are directed towards the corresponding compartment, and on the side of each compartment, two side transverse plates are oppositely attached in one plane to the base of each semi-housing and to side walls and have folds on edges, which are directed to the irradiation chamber, the distance between which is less than width of central transverse plates, which is less than width of transverse size of the housing; when attaching the semi-housings, the central plates form labyrinth screens with partition walls.EFFECT: invention allows improving efficiency of bactericide air disinfection using ultraviolet irradiation.

Underground street air conditioner // 2499200
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: underground street air conditioner consists of a rectangular housing closed with a cover plate with a hatch, a tray with a pit, which is separated from the roof with a vertical partition wall with an opening between lower edge of the partition wall and the bottom of the tray into a vertical air washer and a cleaning chamber; an intake grid and a plenum fan are located under the roof in the end wall of the air washer; feed and drain pumps are located inside the air washer and connected to a water supply source, sprinkling and flushing devices and a bottom of a storm drainage channel; on inner surface of the end wall of the air washer there placed is a movable vertical damper connected to a float; in the cleaning chamber there located in a staggered order are removable vertical perforated baskets filled with pumice stone granules; an exhaust opening is made in the roof and connected to an above-ground exhaust shaft equipped with an opening with a distributing grid, inside which an ioniser and an exhaust fan is placed; with that, the intake grid of the air washer is interconnected with the storm drainage channel.EFFECT: enlarging the range of use of a street air conditioner by arranging it under the ground, and providing the possibility of using the already existing storm drainage as its structural component, which improves economic and ecological efficiency of an underground street air conditioner.

ethod to treat and condition air in closed rooms and device for its realisation // 2490558
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: method and device that implements it are designed for produce air suitable in sanitary respect for human breathing, comfortable both in absolute humidity and oxygen content in it. Air treatment in accordance with the proposed method is executed due to air contact with large water surface (water fog), as a result of which most mechanical, biological and chemical admixtures, contained in air, are moistened and lose static charge, coagulate (enlarge), dissolve in moisture and deposit from air onto a sorting surface. The device comprises a conditioner 8 for thermal treatment of water, humidifiers 6 for air treatment with conditioned water and deposition of dust and other admixtures from air. The device also comprises moistened absorbing surfaces 11 for collection of dust and other admixtures deposited from air, and a tray 15 with water, for moistening of absorbing surfaces with conditioned water and accumulation of contaminants in water with their further removal.EFFECT: increased efficiency of room humidification due to more accurate maintenance of specified humidity parameters.15 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of air purification // 2482395
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: purified air is supplied through the pipe 2 to the upper chamber 9 of the housing 1. At that, passing through the discharge electrode 13 the air is ionised and it charges the dust that is in the air. The charged dust particles move in the direction to the electrodes 6 having a positive potential which turn conjointly with the wheel 4. Having reached the surface of the electrodes, the particles are deposited on them. When the wheel 4 reaches the position when the upper blades are located symmetrically relative to the vertical axis, in the chamber 9 an enclosed volume is created, which is limited by the blade-electrodes and the upper part of the housing 1. In this volume the air portion is finally purified and the noise accompanying the purified air is reduced. Simultaneously the third blade-electrode holds the lower vertical position in the chamber 10 where it is freed from contaminants by feeding to the electrode and the rollers 7 of the similar high potential.EFFECT: simplification of the design that implements the method and increase of effectiveness of the degree of air purification, reduction of the noise level.8 cl, 1 dwg

Autonomous shelter chamber // 2478792
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: plant comprises a device to form a flow of a working medium in a channel for a flow, a treatment device that exposes the medium to treatment, and a supply device for supply of the medium into the treatment device. At the same time the treatment device and the supply device may be put in action with the help of the working fluid medium flow.EFFECT: higher efficiency of life sustenance environment maintenance in a shelter chamber.37 cl, 12 dwg

ethod of air decontamination in stock building // 2478402
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agriculture, particularly methods for creating an optimal microclimate on farms. The method involves external and internal air supply through a V-air duct, maintaining an external surface of the air duct below the dew point temperature of internal air, generating condensate thereon to be collected in sewage pipes via a V-shield attached above the air duct. The condensate shield is made of a crescent metal conductor with saw-toothed projections on its side edges facing the V-air duct; it is connected to the DC power supply.EFFECT: method enables accelerating the water condensation process from internal air and contaminant discharge.2 dwg

Electrostatic injector // 2458289
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: injector includes housing with inlet confuser, outlet and constant cross-section channel, discharge electrode, collecting electrode, which are connected to high-voltage DC source and installed in parallel planes perpendicular to longitudinal axis of constant cross-section channel. In addition, housing outlet is made in the form of outlet diffuser.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency.1 dwg

Electrostatic injector // 2456514
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: electrostatic injector comprises housing with inlet confuser and constant cross-section channel, discharge electrode, collecting electrode, which are connected to high-voltage DC supply and installed in parallel planes perpendicular to longitudinal axis of constant cross-section channel; injector outlet is made in the form of diffuser, the small cross section of which is adjacent to constant cross-section channel, and in diffuser outlet section there installed is grid with regular non-uniformity, to the inner surface of which a catalyst is applied, and guide plates are installed in inner cavity of diffuser, which are uniformly distributed between diffuser walls; at that, surface of the above plates is rough and a catalyst is applied to them.EFFECT: invention allows controlling ozone concentration at electrostatic injector outlet; and at the same time, high efficiency coefficient and relatively low cost of injector is provided due to its easy manufacture.

Arrangement method of artificial air cleaning, and system for its implementation // 2451243
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: cleaning is carried out in two in-series located working zones 2 and 3. At that, in the first zone 2 which is air humidification zone, as filtering means there used is directed flow 16 of water fraction interacting with air flow entering system 1, and in the second zone 3 the air cleaning is carried out by its being dried. Flow 16 of ionised cold water vapour which is obtained on the basis of cavitation effect in volume of water enclosed in accumulation tank 9 is used as water fraction. Cavitation effect is implemented by means of ultrasound. Direction of the above water vapour flow 16 is arranged so that it can cross inlet air flow 8 by being mixed with it. At that, direction of air flow 8 in both cleaning zones is changed for many times relative to straight one. Developed condensation surfaces 6 and 7 of air paths 4 and 5 respectively are used as adsorbing elements. Condensate is removed from cleaning system 1 to drain tank 18.EFFECT: air humidity level in the second air drying zone 3 is regulated with its required cleaning degree.9 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of air cleaning // 2447924
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ventilation. Method of cleaning air from ammonium and microorganisms comprises forcing it through dispersed 5%-solution of chlorinated lime per unit of processed air for preset time interval.EFFECT: higher efficiency of treatment.1 dwg

Air conditioning device // 2446361
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: device includes at least one plenum air chamber (11) structure and at least one exhaust air chamber (12) structure, between which a division wall (13) is located and a fan (14) by means of which air flow (9) is formed from plenum air (1) chamber to exhaust air chamber (2) is installed in it; at that, in the device structure there is at least one wall structure (50) that consists of tubes (100) with needle ribs and through which the air flows; at that, wall (50) consisting of tubes (100) with needle ribs acts as filter wall (15), and by means of wall (50) consisting of tubes (100) with needle ribs the heat energy is transferred through needle ribs from heat carrier flowing in tube (100) with needle ribs to the air, or in the opposite direction - from air to heat carrier.EFFECT: higher energy efficiency of a building.20 cl, 20 dwg

Air cleaner and method of control over said air cleaner // 2438758
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to filtration. Proposed air cleaner comprises main casing with front opening and accommodating air aspirator and filter assembly, front panel to shut off/open said front opening, filter cover fitted on filter front surface, filter screen casing fitted on said front surface to remove impurities from air flowing into filter, and brush rotation drive arranged on front panel inner surface to face said screen casing and to rotate in contact with filter screen casing front surface.EFFECT: higher efficiency of filtration.15 cl, 10 dwg

Air filtration device for closed spaces // 2436017
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: air filtration device for elimination of biological contaminations for closed spaces, which is connected to outlet air holes in ventilation systems, climate control systems and similar devices and systems, which contains at least one housing in the form of box at least with one inlet hole for filtered air, on which there located is at least one perforated conducting grid having the specified negative electrical potential provided with possibility of electron emission at air flow passage in order to provide negative electrical charge to particles to which microorganisms contained in the air stick; at that, the above device forms from the inside at least one air passage channel that is formed at least between one plate for deposition of negative charged particles to which microorganisms stick; at that, the above settling plate has the specified positive potential, and at least one diverting plate having negative potential and provided with possibility of particle deflection, to which microorganisms stick, at that, electrical field is generated between the above settling plate and diverting plate, which face each other; at that, the above field is intended to divert and deposit particles to which microorganisms stick, on the above settling plate there provided are devices for activation of microorganisms and at least one outlet hole for filtered air. The above grid includes a row of pointed projections for dissipation of electrons when the air flows through the above grid; at that, it contains three settling plates and eight diverting plates; at that, two of the above settling plates are located in upper and lower part respectively inside the above housing in the form of box; at that, each plate faces two corresponding diverting plates located in series; at that, the third settling plate is mainly located on central line in the above housing in the form of box; at that, each side of the above third settling plate faces two diverting plates located in series; at that, the above diverting plates are located in pairs that are located in series between the above settling plates; at that, the above devices for microorganism deactivation include two bactericidal lamps one of which is located between pair of two above diverting plates located in series.EFFECT: invention allows increasing air filtration, providing complete elimination and guaranteed deactivation of microorganisms.7 cl, 2 dwg

Ion fan filter // 2431785
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: ion fan filter comprises a corona-forming negative mesh electrode installed at the inlet, a downstream mesh non-corona-forming receiving electrode, collecting electrodes and a downstream non-corona-forming mesh electrode, at the same the non-corona-forming electrode is installed away from corona-forming needles by distance of 20 mm and is made with cells of 10x10 mm size, even collecting electrodes with length of 130 mm are connected to a negative potential of a power supply source and are made with spikes at one side. Besides, there is an additional non-corona-forming mesh electrode with cells of 10x10 mm size, which is fixed to uneven collecting electrodes and is connected to a positive potential and is installed at distance of 20 mm from corona-forming needles of collecting electrodes, the source of voltage is made for voltage of 10 kV.EFFECT: increased efficiency of device by volume of treated medium, reduced cost of high-voltage power supply unit.2 dwg

Creating breathing atmosphere // 2431784
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises forming external gas flow from ambient atmospheric air, compressing said external gas flow, separating it component-by-component in primary membrane module by forcing it along surface of selective membrane in high-pressure zone, extracting gas flow not penetrating said membrane from aforesaid high-pressure zone, forming feeding gas flow from that extracted from low-pressure zone of primary membrane module, and feed it into operating chamber. Prior to feeding compressed external gas flow into primary membrane module, it is separated component-by-component in additional membrane module and fed into high-pressure zone of primary membrane module. Prior to feeding it into said additional module, it is dried to form water condensate. Portion of said condensate is evaporated. Gas flow is extracted from low-pressure zone of additional membrane module and divided into three portions.EFFECT: controlled concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity.2 cl, 1 dwg

Outdoor conditioner // 2425293
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: conditioner is designed for street air cleaning from harmful components of exhaust gases of motor transport. The conditioner consists of rectangular case covered with a roof and of a tray equipped with supplying, circulation, draining and washing connecting pipes. The case is divided into an air washer and decontamination cell. Also, the air washer has an intake grid. Inside the air washer there are installed an inlet fan, a spraying system connected with the supplying connecting pipe and a purger. The latter consists of a collector, of lifting pipes with perforated below branches passing through a partition into the decontamination cell. In the cell, downstream air in a staggered order on angle seats, there are laid removable perforated baskets filled with granules of pumice made of metallurgical slag with modules of basicity M>1 and diameter from 20 to 40 mm; the baskets are closed from side of the decontamination cell with a vertical door. There are also separation plates, an ioniser, an exhaust fan and a distributing grid, while the supplying connecting pipe is connected with the supplying pump by means of a pipeline.EFFECT: upgraded economic and ecological efficiency of outdoor air conditioning with simultaneous utilisation of trapped oxides of nitrogen and sulphur and dioxide of carbon.4 dwg

Heliotechnical device for eliminating biological darkness in multistorey buildings // 2406942
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: heliotechnical device consists of a parabolic concentrator of an electrical radiator, a system for vertical and horizontal transportation and distribution of energy in the building, as well as a unit for photoelectric conversion and accumulation. The device enables to move solar energy through a main multifibre on floors of the building and convert excess energy to electrical energy and, through accumulation, partially provide electrical illumination of the building during cloudy and night time.EFFECT: device efficiency illuminates, sanitises and provides a living environment through preventive erythematous radiation, elimination of biological darkness in a building, and lower electrical power consumption.4 dwg
ethod for removing radon from room air // 2400675
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: radon is removed by means of forced ventilation. At that, air is recirculated only inside the room through wet cake filter sorbing radon, without ambient air intake. Air circulation intensity, number and arrangement of fans is chosen by following the balance at which the amount of absorbed radon, which exceeds the radon supplied in unit time, is always kept in the room.EFFECT: reducing radon concentration in the room.

Air cleaner // 2398614
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed invention is intended for air treatment. Proposed air cleaner comprises first flow channel communicating intake hole with exhaust hole, first cleaning assembly arranged in said first channel and performing first cleaning of air passing there through from upstream side to downstream side, second flow channel communicating the space between first cleaning assembly and first channel exhaust hole with the space between first cleaning assembly and first channel intake hole, air blower arranged in first channel between first cleaning assembly and connecting section on downstream side. Said connecting section represents downstream side of connecting sections between first and second channels. Note here that aforesaid blower generates positive pressure nearby exhaust hole and connecting section of downstream side. It comprises also second cleaning assembly arranged in second flow channel and performing second cleaning function. Tail part of upstream side of second flow channel comprises at least a section passing to, in fact, the center of surface perpendicular to first flow section flow direction.EFFECT: high cleaning efficiency.5 cl, 15 dwg

Vessel of air filter with sealing agent // 2397007
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for filtering. Vessel of air filter has at least one filter chamber to receive at least one filter unit, opening for access in side wall of vessel leading to filter chamber, door to close access hole and clamp accessory to hold at least one filter unit resting against the first end wall of filter chamber. Clamp accessory comprises frame arranged with the possibility of back and forth movement in direction from one end of filter chamber to the other end, besides when filter unit is supported by clamp accessory, section of frame tightly thrusts against circular collar of vessel wall via sealing element in the second end of filter chamber.EFFECT: invention eliminates leakage of gas to filter chambers.6 cl, 3 dwg

Installation of indirect-evaporating cooling // 2391606
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: installation consists of case with tray and branches for supply of common and withdrawal of basic and auxiliary air flows, of feeding unit with magnetic water softener made in form of two units of magnetic water treatment, and of package of heat-exchanging plates out of moisture-proof and capillary-porous material. Each of units of magnetic water treatment contains a cylinder ferromagnetic case with a magnet rod and a turbulator made in form of a truncated cone. Water comes into a tank of the feeding unit via the unit of magnetic treatment of water, installed on water feeding line, upon a signal from a sensor of minimal water level. Water saturated with oxygen is directed from the tank via the pump and the second unit of magnetic treatment of water to the tray for wetting capillary-porous plates. Air flow passes through these plates and is cooled with evaporated water.EFFECT: increased rate of water evaporation, increased cooling power and reliability, and reduced operation expenditures.3 dwg

ethod of sanitising atmospheric air near surface water bodies and device for realising said method // 2390695
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method involves designing a simple device made from several compressors placed below the surface of the water body, connected to a device for forming geysers to obtain several water splashes-dropplets which interact with phytoncide plants planted around the water body. As a result, negative ions are obtained and dust particles in the air settle on the water which is the anode.EFFECT: air is saturated with biologically active substances from phytoncide plants.2 cl, 1 dwg

Bipolar ion generator // 2388972
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: generator is designed for saturating air with ions of both charges. The generator has a low-frequency pulse generator, an ion concentration control unit, a pulse distributor, three voltage switches, two identical groups of corona and acceleration electrodes fitted in the blown housing, which are connected to output windings, and first and second high-voltage transformers. Primary windings of the said transformers are connected by one lead to outputs of the first and second switches respectively, and second leads of the primary windings are combined and connected to the output of the third switch. The generator has two XOR elements, whose outputs are connected to inputs of the first and second switches respectively. The first inputs of the logical elements are connected to outputs of a pulse distributor. Second inputs of the XOR elements are combined and connected together with the input of the third voltage switch to one or different outputs of a low-frequency pulse generator depending on the type of output elements of the pulse distributor. Al three voltage switches used are in form of complementary emitter followers on Darlington transistors and primary windings of the transformers are connected to outputs of the switches in antiphase.EFFECT: simplification of the electrical circuit of the ion generator.2 dwg

Bipolar ion generator // 2388971
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: bipolar ion generator is designed for saturating air with ions with both charges, removing electrostatic charges from different objects and clothes, cleaning air from dust, bacteria and fungal spores. The ion generator consists of series connected multivibrators. A duration-controlled "odd" and "even" pulse generator on the front and rear fronts of the multivibrator pulses. An XOR element, whose second input is connected to the output of the multivibrator and the output to the first input of a bridge voltage switch connected by the second input to the output of the multivibrator. A unit for converting the sequence of unipolar low-voltage "odd" and "even" pulses into two separate sequences of heteropolar high-voltage pulses, connected by its inputs to the diagonal of the bridge voltage switch, and heteropolar outputs of the converter are connected to two separate groups of corona and accelerating electrodes.EFFECT: simplification of the electronic circuit of the ion generator.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of wet air purification // 2377052
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of enclosed premises air cleaning and can be used for cleaning larger premises with great gatherings from pathogenic microflora, dust, harmful aerosols and gases. Air is forced from premises into ozone plant compartment 4. Then air is bubbled through water contained in tank 12, to purify it together with ozone, and circulated from aforesaid tank into cleaned premises via channel 21. Ozone plant 4 is mounted in air duct 1 and made as shown in either dwg. 1 or dwg. 2. Said air duct is furnished with lengthwise partition 8 arranged in vertical part 1. Ozone plant gas discharger elements are arranged along airflow. Air duct made as shown in dwg. 2 accommodates additionally ozone plant compartment 22 that allows rearrangement of the plant for purifying air containing explosive and inflammable components. Turbuliser 3 is arranged in air duct ahead of ozone plant 4. Tank 12 consists of horizontal 13 and vertical 14 parts. The former is filled with water to make air gap between water table and ceiling equal to air duct diametre. Tank vertical part 14 accommodates manifold 15 with nozzles 16 arranged on said manifold in at least two rows. Targets 17 reflecting impacts of dispersed mix of air with purified air are mounted opposite said row of nozzles. Separator 19 is arranged ahead of purified air discharge channel 21. Both separator and said channel is treated by UV radiation with the help of unit 20.EFFECT: higher quality of cleaning.2 ex, 1 tbl, 5 dwg

Section of air conditioner mounted inside of premises // 2368849
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: section is designed for air cleaning. The section includes a front air inlet and upper air inlet, front air filter and upper air filter, placed correspondingly opposite to the front air inlet and upper air inlet, a framework of the front air inlet meant for keeping the front air filter and providing with support for the front air filter with the possibility of being moved in the direction of the upper air inlet, a framework of the upper air inlet meant for keeping the upper air filter and providing with support for the upper air inlet with the possibility of being moved in the direction of the front air inlet, front transfer mechanism, upper transfer mechanism and cleaning device having a rotary brush meant for dusting the front air filter and upper air filter, and dust collection unit. The front and upper mechanism provides with displacement of the front air filer and upper air filter respectively towards the cleaning device by turns.EFFECT: improvement of delivery air quality.4 cl, 11 dwg

Ionised air treatment device // 2364799
FIELD: heating systems.SUBSTANCE: device is intended for air conditioning, but can be used in other spheres for creating comfort, rehabilitation and improvement of air. Device consists of the housing, dosing device and ionising electrode connected to high-voltage unit. In addition, the device is equipped with filtering element; the dosing device is located in the housing and made in the form of the reservoir filled in with liquid and equipped with liquid supply valve, check valve and discharge station consisting of the housing and the valve located in its lower part, the sleeve attached with the bottom provided with an axial hole to the above reservoir, piston contacting the limit stop and located inside the sleeve with the possibility of restricted movement, the bellow tightly fixed on the piston and the sleeve bottom thus forming the cavity interconnected with the discharge station housing inner cavity, and the return spring located between the piston and the sleeve bottom. Ionising electrode is made in the form of a hollow head piece the outer surface whereof is made in the form of sharp-cornered discs the neighbouring walls of which are smoothly connected to each other thus forming the cavity wherein there uniformly located in a circumferential direction are through holes. Ionising electrode is installed in the lower part of the discharge station. Discharge station valve is installed with the possibility of supplying liquid to the head piece cavity when the piston is moved towards the sleeve bottom. Liquid supply valve is installed with the possibility of liquid supply to the discharge station housing inner cavity, and check valve - with the possibility of air supply to the liquid reservoir when the piston is moved from the sleeve bottom. Filtering element is installed at the housing inlet.EFFECT: improving air treatment effectiveness.3 dwg

Instrument for heat and humidity treatment of air // 2363896
FIELD: heat engineering.SUBSTANCE: instrument is provided for creation of comfort conditions and microclimate in domestic, administrative and industrial premises. Instrument contains mixing chamber, heater and irrigation block, the first stage corresponds multifunction instrument with oncoming swirling flows and is provided for cleaning against dust of recirculated air, delivered from room and allowing positive temperature, and also for humidification of air, and includes body with tank for collection of fluid, where it is located pump with filter for implementation of liquid recirculation by pipeline and its feeding into irrigation block. Additionally pipeline for recirculation of liquid contains adjusting valve- mixer for connection to the water supply system by means of pipeline to source of cooled water feeding from refrigerating machine, and in bottom part of body it is located bottom inlet fitting, and in the top part -top inlet fitting, and in connecting branches there are installed correspondingly bottom tangential twister and top tangential twister, herewith exhaust manifold connects the first stage of device to the second stage of device.EFFECT: effectiveness increase of heat and humidity treatment of air, saving of energy resources, design simplification of air-conditioning systems, its erection and service.2 cl, 3 dwg

Conditioner with vortex elements // 2363893
FIELD: heat engineering.SUBSTANCE: conditioner is provided for creation of microclimate comfort conditions in domestic, administrative and factory floors. Conditioner contains mixing chamber, heater and irrigation block, additionally it contains fresh air fan, which delivers air into room through the terminal unit, and in conditioned room there are installed at least two sensors: sensor, recording moisture in room, and temperature sensor for recording of temperature, heat exchanger, installed in mixing chamber with confusor and tangential connecting branch, and air is treated in apparatus for heat and humidity treatment of air, which consists of two stages: the first stage corresponds multifunction apparatus with counter-current spinning flow and it is provided for cleaning against dust of recirculated air, feeding from room and allowing positive temperature, and also for moistening of air, and includes body with tank for liquid collecting, where it is located pump with filter for implementation of fluid recirculation by pipeline and feeding of it through valves into irrigation block, which is implemented in the form at least two circular pipe headers with even by inner surface by centrifugal atomisers, and pipeline for pipeline for liquid recirculation contains adjusting valve-mixer for connection to water facilities by means of pipeline to the source of feeding of cooled water from refrigerating machine.EFFECT: effectiveness increase of heat and humidity treatment of air, saving of energy resources, design simplification of air-conditioning system, its erection and service.1 dwg

ethod of air conditioning with complex indirect cooling and conditioner for its implementation // 2363892
FIELD: heat engineering.SUBSTANCE: method and device are provided for creation of comfort conditions and microclimate in factory floors with surplus heat evolution. Method consists in that in conditioner it is implemented heat-moist curing of air and it is fed into room, in chamber of conditioner mixing it is implemented preparation of air for its heat-moist curing in heat exchanger and spray-type air washer by means of mixing of following air flows: external air flow is fed through the air inlet and valve, and recycling air from room is fed by excurrent flue, then it is cleaned from dust in air filter, and pass through the heat exchanger, spray-type air washer with injectors, intensifying the process of heat-mass exchange, and by means of fresh air fan it is fed into room through the terminal unit, herewith in conditioned room it is installed at least two sensors: sensor, recording moisture in room, and sensor for registration of the temperature, and temperature control in room is implemented by means of sensor which affect on valve actuator, installed on heat carrier supplying pipeline into heat exchanger, and moisture control is implemented by sensor pulse, affecting on actuator of air valve, which provides changing of correlation of air consumption, treated in spray-type air washer and passed through the bypass port, herewith one end of bypass port is connected with cavity of conditioner up to air washer, and other - after, after what air from room is removed through air diffuser, and target flue with exhaust cowl, returning herewith part of recirculated air into mixing chamber.EFFECT: effectiveness and reliability increase of conditioning process.2 cl, 4 dwg

Device for air purification // 2354891
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to devices for air purification in closed premises, mostly, from gaseous and organic contaminants, may be used, for instance, in chemical, pharmacological industry, in medicine, and also in service and domestic premises and makes it possible to increase efficiency of purification. Device comprises hollow body with inlet opening, inlet nozzle with installed filter of rough purification, filter of fine purification and centrifugal fan. Body consists of two parallel plates, between which outlet channel is formed, and inlet opening is located in one of plates. Centrifugal fan is installed inside outlet channel coaxially to inlet opening. Guide vanes are installed in outlet channel, which are arranged with the possibility of complete closure of outlet channel, and in case of its incomplete closure - flow swirling relative to axis of inlet opening. At that filter of fine purification is installed in outlet channel upstream guide vanes.EFFECT: increased efficiency of purification.5 cl, 4 dwg

Internal block of conditioning system // 2352867
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to supporting people's lives and can be used in different room conditioning systems. Internal block of the conditioning system includes a system for generating a corona discharge, device for collecting condensed moisture and a heat exchanger installed in the ventilation duct, airtight circuit for circulation of the coolant, which is connected with the outer block. System for the generation of the corona discharge is made in the form of an electro-conductive grid, installed between the corona-producing electrode and the heat exchanger in the cross-sectional plane of the air-duct, with a clearance relative to the corona-producing electrode. In the proposed device for the advancement of the purified air towards the heat exchanger energy of the ionic wind is used, which is formed in the process of generating the corona discharge. Lack of mobile mechanisms in the proposed device guarantees quietness and operational durability.EFFECT: decrease in power consumption and level of noise.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of improving air in hot shops and device to this end // 2350849
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: method of improving air in hot shops comprises acting on shop atmosphere by pure oxygen fed via air duct with blower and using corona-forming electrodes. Note here that oxygen is produced in the given shop by electrolysis continuously refreshed water from water supply system. Device to implement this method comprises electrolyser with running water and electrodes to produce oxygen, an air duct accommodating blower and corona-forming electrodes, and high-voltage power supply.EFFECT: high-quality, efficient air purification and improvement in hot shops.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and device for ventilation and air disinfection by mixing with incoming and outgoing flows attached according to coanda effect // 2347149
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ventilation and air disinfection. Method of room (3) ventilation by mixing with primary incoming jet (19) attached to ceiling (20) and with outgoing flow (21) attached to floor (6) according to Coanda double effect (C) involves providing for average incoming velocity (Vs) less than average outgoing velocity (Va) [Vs<Va] and withdrawing contaminated outgoing air flow (21) through exhaust surface (Sa) which comprises lower exhaust wall (132) physically contacting room (3) floor (6) so that to ensure exhaust loop (55) of air suction (A) be adhering to floor (6) surface according to Coanda effect (C) right opposite exhaust surface (Sa). The suction nozzle of the device, i.e. its exhaust outlet (111) comprises first exhaust wall (132) called the lower one and made directly in floor (6) and second exhaust wall (133) called the upper one and formed by section (134) of suction nozzle (118) base (137); its vertical exhaust surface (Sa) is free, is formed by the section of open annular vertical surface (136) located between suction nozzle (118) base (137) and floor (6) and at floor (6) level provides for air suction along loop (55) adhering to the floor from expanding flat thin exhaust sector (138) from the other three room (3) walls (50, 144, 140) opposite to process wall (52); vertical exhaust surface (Sav) of suction nozzle (118) in floor air vent (3) is smaller than effective incoming cross-section (Sse) of incoming opening (110) in incoming surface (Ss), the result is lower average incoming velocity (Vs) than average outgoing velocity (Va) [Vs<Va].EFFECT: elimination of "spurious shunted flow" which is commonly revealed in ventilation systems with attached air flow.16 cl, 31 dwg