Heating and ranges and ventilating (F24)

F24            Heating; ranges; ventilating(11223)

ethod and device for air purification management // 2628557
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: with air purification, target quality of the purified air is obtained. The current quality of the air being purified is determined. The rate of production for an air purifier is defined in accordance with the target and current quality. The purification duration, necessary for the rate of air purifier production is calculated in accordance with the efficiency of purification. The cleaner is activated and the remaining time is displayed in real time according to the duration of purification. Control devices for air purification are also proposed.EFFECT: improved air purification.13 cl, 7 dwg, 2 tbl

Heating device for fluid // 2628472
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: fluid heating device includes a reservoir for holding the fluid to be heated and a fuel briquette hydraulically connected with the fluid (and the fuel briquette comprises of a fuel mixture containing reagents and a catalyst) and an ignition source which is thermally coupled with the fuel mixture and the catalyst. The ignition source is selected from the group consisting of an induction heating device, an electrical resistor, a heating device that uses natural gas combustion, and a heating device that uses fuel combustion. The fuel briquette is configured to provide thermal coupling with said fluid. The resistor is designed to be connected to a voltage source. The device further comprises a controller coupled to said voltage source and a temperature sensor. The fuel mixture contains lithium and lithium aluminium hydride. The catalyst comprises of a group element 10. The controller is configured to monitor the temperature from the temperature sensor and, based on the at least partially specified temperature, repeatedly accelerate the reaction in the fuel mixture. Repeated acceleration of said reaction involves changing the voltage of said voltage source.EFFECT: obtained high outlet temperature.10 cl, 7 dwg

Solar energy tracking concentrator // 2628257
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the solar energy tracking concentrator, which comprises: a tracking means in the direction from east to west to track the sun movement from east to west, located on the base top, a bearing mounted vertically on the tracking means in the direction from east to west, a parabolic concentrator type system located so that its shaft is supported by the bearing, and having the second parabolic concentrator located at a short distance behind the focal point of the first parabolic concentrator having a large area, so that the high density light is concentrated in the center of the first parabolic concentrator, a height tracking means located on the bearing, so that the parabolic concentrator type system tracks the sun height. The concentrator further comprises a prism body located so as to be behind the hole for the light passage in the center of the first parabolic concentrator, and so as to be moved around the axis by the motor driving force to track the height, and a light directing means connecting the straight prism of the full internal reflection with the prism body.EFFECT: said light directing means rotate half the rotation angle of the height tracking means, whereby the high density light is always directed and comes to the same place.2 cl, 6 dwg
Preliminary heating fluid media device, in particularly fluid media of the combustion engine cooling agent // 2628241
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: heating device for the fluid media contains a heating device with U-shaped fluid media channel (6); and at least one electrical resistor (1), located close to the heating device. The heating device contains a continuous element (2) inside the mentioned device with parts of the fluid media channel (6), which correspond to the U-shape. The continuous heating element (2) contains at least one open groove, extending along and in front of the U-shaped fluid media channel cavity, at that at least one electrical resistor (1) is placed in at least one groove, and at the same time the heating device contains at least one covering plate of at least one groove, designed for fastening to the continuous element.EFFECT: increase of thermal performance and design simplicity.18 cl, 7 dwg

Circulating pump unit and solar plant // 2628134
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pump unit (2) has an electric drive motor (6) and a control device (10) integrated in the unit (2). In the pump unit (2) there is at least one internal temperature sensor (16) that senses the temperature of the medium pumped by the unit (2) and supplies the corresponding temperature signal to the control device (10). The control device (10) is configured so as to approximately determine the temperature of the liquid in the fluid reservoir connected to the pump unit (2) based on the sensor temperature signal (16) through the heating circuit. The device (10) is integrated in the pump unit (2). When the engine (6) is stopped on the basis of the temperature signal supplied by the sensor (16) earlier in the operation of the engine (6), during a further change in time it approximately determines the temperature of the liquid in the tank connected to the unit (2) through the heating circuit.EFFECT: improved design of the solar plant with a pump unit due to simplified installation and reduced susceptibility to malfunctions during operation.13 cl, 4 dwg

Device for fluid medium heating and method of fluid environment heating // 2627989
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: fluid heating device comprising a pump, a pipeline connected to the pump and providing communication along fluid medium from the pump, and a hole in the pipeline. While using the pump contains a fluid medium. The first part of the fluid medium is pumped into the pipeline, and the second part of the fluid medium remains in the pump. The hole limits the flow of the fluid first part in the pipeline. The second part of the fluid medium is heated in consequence of friction between the second fluid medium part and the pump. A method of a fluid medium heating is also described.EFFECT: increased efficiency, reduction of fuel consumption.15 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for liquids disinfection and heating, and device for its implementation // 2627899
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of water disinfection and heating includes the effect of microwave energy on the processed water flow of a given size, passing through a rectangular waveguide at an angle to its wide wall. An aqueous solution of ionic silver is added to the flow based on its concentration in the treated water of 0.01-0.02 mg/l. Water is passed through a device including a microwave generator, a rectangular waveguide with flanges, a radiating transparent tube passing through it, the axis of which is at an angle to the wide wall of the waveguide, and an end matched absorbing load. The tube through which the flow is passed has an expanding shape. The width W has a maximum value of 0.66 of the waveguide wide wall size, the height h at the waveguide entrance is 0.06-0.15 of the wavelength, and the height H at the waveguide output is 0.18-0.47 of the wavelength and is set wide side to the direction of electromagnetic wave propagation.EFFECT: decreased liquid disinfection temperature, increased efficiency of microwave energy absorption and productivity, reduced energy costs, accelerated process of microwave disinfection and water heating, a possibility of using of a lower dose of ionic silver.2 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Device of the light collector // 2627642
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention has a similar device of light collector sheet containing side receiving light and side light output, as well as a variety of curved structures of light-entering material containing organic dye, decorated with the ability to absorb at least part of the light source and convert at least part of the absorbed light is transformed into light of visible range of wavelengths. Each curve structure has a convex curved part of the reception side light, bent piece on the outlet side of the light and the edge part of the output of light on the side of light output. Each curvilinear structure has a curvature and a light guide thickness configured to facilitate the transmission of the input light and the visible converted light in the direction of the edge portion of the light output to allow the light of the device to emit from the edge portion of the light output.EFFECT: this devices allow more dynamic use of the input light and more effectively drive it to plants.15 cl, 36 dwg

Solar energy tube with automated extraction and heat collection, trough type device, heat generation system and technology // 2627613
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a thermal power generation device/system comprising solar-type hot-mix collectors filled with water, as well as to a power generation method using such a device/system. A solar energy tube with automatic exposure and heat collection comprises a glass tube (1b2) and an absorption tube (1b3) covered with a heat-absorbing layer applied thereto, vacuum exists between the glass tube (1b2) and the absorption tube (1b3). The reflective plate (1b4) is able to supply fluid in the absorption tube (1b3) alternately up and down in the inner chamber of the absorption tube (1b3), the spacer plate (1b4) is a spiral shape and is fixed in the absorption tube (1b3). Also is a thermal power generation system and a technology using additional light and generating thermal power under weather conditions and maintaining stable generation of power at night or when there is insufficient sunlight are disclosed.EFFECT: increased efficiency.12 cl, 7 dwg
Underground reactor system // 2627594
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method for fuel producing from an organic material in an underground reactor (versions) and an underground reactor for use in the above process (versions) is proposed. The underground reactor includes the first conduit for organic material injecting under the ground and converting it into fuel, the second bypass for raising the converted organic material, and a heat exchanger for generating heat to power the equipment where the heat transfer fluid contains piezo-thermal or piezoelectric particles. In another version the underground reactor also comprises a pump for holding the reaction zone at the desired temperature. The method includes sending the organic material under the ground through the first conduit, applying to an organic material in a pressure and temperature reaction zone for converting the organic material into fuel, raising fuel through the second pipeline, and circulating the heat transfer fluid. In another version the method also includes using a heat exchanger to generate heat for use in the equipment powering.EFFECT: obtaining fuel due to underground temperature and pressure.95 cl, 23 dwg, 5 tbl, 13 ex

Heating element and warming tool using same // 2627152
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: heating element includes an exothermic and water-retaining layer. The exothermic layer includes an oxidizing metal, water-absorbing substance and water. The water-retaining layer has a water-absorbing sub-layer. The exothermic and water-retaining layers are placed layerwise. The mass ratio of the water-absorbing substance is from 0.3 to 20 weight parts per 100 weight parts of the oxidizing metal. The mass ration of water to the water-absorbing substance in the exothermic layer (water/absorbing substance) is from 0.8 to 13. The water content in the water-retaining layer is from 10 to 45 wt % of the maximum water absorption value of the water-retaining layer. The heating device contains a heating element and air-permiable bag for the heating element.EFFECT: improved exothermic characteristics.17 cl, 6 dwg, 1 tbl

anual device // 2626988
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: nozzle contains a fluid inlet located at or near the end of the nozzle and remote from the housing. The fan unit is located in the nozzle between the inlet and the housing. A part of the nozzle is covered with material. The nozzle contains the handle part of the hair dryer. The material can be foam or felt, sound absorbing material, vibration absorbing material, insulator, material tuned to the resonant frequencies of the device. The primary fluid flow path may be non-linear. The nozzle may have a non-circular cross section and may comprise a handle portion of the device, at that the handle portion of the nozzle has a coating of the said material. The fan unit may be provided and installed upstream of the handle portion. The nozzle may comprise the first handle portion and the second handle portion. Versions for a hairdryer and a manual dryer are proposed.EFFECT: noise reduction during device operation at a high drying rate.41 cl, 37 dwg
Heat energy storage // 2626922
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: heat energy storage contains a reservoir that is a cavity in the ground filled with solid storing medium, which can be soil, sand, rock, incombustible solid waste, mining overburden rocks, as well as charge and discharge heat exchangers with a heat carrier connected to the heat energy source and consumer, respectively. The reservoir has heat and hydraulic insulation from the environment, the internal volume of the reservoir is divided by horizontal hydro- and heat-insulating partitions into separate sections, each of which has its own charge and discharge circuit portions with a heat carrier. The discharge and charge circuits of each hydro- and heat-insulating section are united in discharge and charge manifolds.EFFECT: cold or heat storage is characterized by high heat output, short charging time, low heat losses, and also by easiness of fabrication and manufacturability.3 cl, 2 dwg

Suboptimum energy system // 2626798
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: suboptimum energy system contains a heat generating unit with a primary AC winding that is the object of control. The output of the unit is connected to the input of the control unit using measuring gauges. A surveillance camera is included in the control unit, which is a physical object sensor. The control unit includes an image stabilization device, a background adaptation unit, a motion detection unit, a foreground blob extractor, an optical flow vector determining unit, an image stabilization unit, a suboptimum interference filtering unit, an illumination analysis unit, a noise analysis module, a threshold value selection unit, a filter factor selection unit, a filter selection unit, a preprocessing module, a contrast enhancement unit, an image training and recognition device, a normalization unit, a training unit, a feature selection unit, a recognition unit, an intellectual decision-making unit and a target control unit.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the energy system.1 dwg

Device for realisation of adsorption cycle for increasing temperature potential of heat source // 2626525
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: device for implementing the adsorption cycle of increasing the temperature potential of a renewable heat source includes an adsorber, a heat exchanger in contact with the adsorbent granules, a vacuum tap, a container with liquid refrigerant and a heat exchanger partially immersed in the liquid refrigerant. The container with liquid refrigerant and the heat exchanger is a condenser and an evaporator. As the adsorbent, a composite adsorbent of methanol vapour is used, which is a porous matrix selected from the group consisting of silica gel, alumina, vermiculite, the pores of which contain a metal halide or nitrate from the range of: calcium, magnesium, lithium, nickel or cobalt in an amount of at least 17 wt %, Alcohols are used as the refrigerant-adsorbent.EFFECT: increasing the temperature potential of a renewable heat source in a closed adsorption cycle.4 cl, 1 tbl, 1 dwg

Device for food preparation // 2626453
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for cooking contains board stove and chopping board. Wherein the furnace has a metal upper surface, the upper surface has elements for interacting with the cutting board. Cutting board has a heat-resistant feet, which are mutually linked with these elements.EFFECT: compactness and versatility.17 cl, 18 dwg

System of cooling and conditioning of radio transmitters of large capacity // 2626294
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: in the cooling and air-conditioning system of a high-power radio transmitter consisting of a control device, a network of exhaust ducts and fans, the control device is made in the form of a control and monitoring cabinet that consists of a controller and soft starters. The system includes a supply and exhaust system and electric drives of the dampers of the fans, the mixing chambers of the supply and exhaust air and the temperature sensors of the external and internal air. In the supply and exhaust system there are two supply fan modules and two exhaust fan modules connected to the first inputs through the smooth-running device with the controller, and the second inputs - with differential filter and fan pressure switches, and the electric drives of the fan flaps, the supply and exhaust air displacement chambers, the sensors for temperature, outside air, exhaust air are connected to the controller.EFFECT: automation of cooling and air conditioning processes of a high-power radio transmitter and increasing its reliability and efficiency.2 dwg

ethod of monitoring gas compressor unit operation and device for its implementation // 2626293
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: method of monitoring a gas compressor unit operation, containing an engine connected by a shaft to a compressor, an air intake and an exhaust device including fuel gas rate measurement, measurement of the power transferred to the compressor, of the process efficiency, comparison of the process calculated efficiency with the design one with the help of a system unit and with a reduction in efficiency compared with the design value carrying out measures to increase the efficiency until the efficiency increase of the energy facility stops. And the average temperature of the exhaust gases is constantly measured at the outlet of the exhaust device at the outlet of the exhaust device using a thermal imager and the averaged value of the colour of the exhaust gases is also measured with a video camera and the concentration of harmful substances in the exhaust gases is determined based on those values.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of the control of the combustion efficiency in the engine of the gas compressor unit, improving its specific characteristics and reducing emissions of harmful substances according to the monitoring results.21 cl, 1 tbl, 12 dwg

ethod of work of thermoelectric generator // 2626242
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: solar cells are effectively cooled by the SC working substance through its upper surface, thereby maintaining a high efficiency of the SAT in a hot time due to the removal of heat from them to the SC working substance. Year-round (including winter) SAT generates a current in the daytime. Further, through the heat transfer bottom of the SC, heat is transferred to the TE2 unit. Three tanks with heat-storage materials having different temperatures ESP T1, T2 and T3 (where T2>T3>T1), with cooling in the cold time of the day, in series, beginning with the upper TAM in the upper tank, the ESP is tested, maintaining the temperature difference ΔT on the TE blocks located between them. Four TE units connected in series perform the functions of a composite thermoelectric battery, increasing the efficiency of a thermoelectric generator. The radiator with a porous capillary substance evaporates atmospheric moisture in the hot time of day, thereby creating a positive (from top to bottom) temperature gradient +ΔT. In cold weather, a porous capillary substance absorbs moisture, creating a negative -TΔ (bottom-up) temperature gradient. In either case, these gradients are used to generate electricity.EFFECT: increased efficiency, reliability and temperature and time range termojelektrogeneracii in conditions of year-round and 24-hour operation.3 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl

Fan assembly // 2626213
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: water sprinkler contains: the nozzle, having the first air inlet and the first air outlet, the first internal passage for moving the air from the first air inlet to the first air outlet, the second air inlet, the second air outlet and the second internal passage for moving air from the second air inlet to the second air outlet. The nozzle defines the internal opening through which the air from the water sprinkler outside is drawn by the air, emitted from the air outlets; and the main part, on which the nozzle is mounted and which contains the base and the water tank, mounted on the base. The base includes the flow creation facilities to create the first air flow through the first internal passage and the second air flow, through the second internal passage, the tank for receiving the water from the water tank, the converter for spraying the water in the tank, the first air passage for moving the first air flow to the first air inlet and the second air passage for moving the second air flow above the tank and to the second air inlet.EFFECT: ability to achieve relatively compact dimensions, to reduce the number of components and to reduce the manufacturing costs.7 cl, 9 dwg

Hand-held device // 2625906
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: described the hand-held device, containing the body, the fluid flow path, extending through the body in the axial direction from the first fluid inlet, through which the first fluid flow enters the device, up to the first fluid outlet for discharging the first fluid flow from the device, the primary fluid flow path, which extends from the second fluid inlet, through which the primary fluid flow enters the device, up to the second fluid outlet, the primary fluid flow path section, extending through the body in the axial direction, surrounding the fluid path, and the heater, disposed within the primary fluid path section to heat the fluid flow, passing through the primary fluid flow path, in which the heater has the length, extending in the axial direction. Also the description refers to the fan.EFFECT: increase of the device efficiency, reduction of noise.20 cl, 45 dwg

Hand-held device // 2625905
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: described hair dryer, contains at least one fluid inlet for fluid intake into the hair dryer, at least one fluid outlet for fluid discharge from the hair dryer, at least one fluid flow path, passing through the hair dryer, the heater and the fluid chamber, at least partially bounded by the outer wall of the hair dryer. The chamber is configured to provide the thermal barrier between the heater and the outer wall. The path for the fluid flow contains two parallel sections. The heater may have the annular shape, and the chamber may extend around the outer periphery of the heater. The hand-held device is also offered.EFFECT: increase of the device operating efficiency.24 cl, 33 dwg

System of tracking sun of concentratory energy system // 2625604
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: system for tracking the Sun of a concentrator power plant includes an azimuthal rotation subsystem (1) and a zenithal rotation subsystem (2). Subsystem (1) of azimuthal rotation is made in the form of a stationary stand (3), in the center of which a horizontal disk (4) with a grooved surface (5), which is the driven gear of the first drive (6), is fixed. The vertical pipe (7) is rotatably mounted on the end of the column (3). At the upper end of the vertical pipe (7), a horizontal pipe (9) is fixed, on which a subsystem (2) of zenithal rotation is rotatably mounted. The subsystem (2) of the zenithal rotation is made in the form of a space frame (10) and two vertical sectors (11) with grooved circular end surfaces (12) being driven gears of the second reduction gear rotated by the shaft (13) of the second drive (14). The space frame (10) comprises at least two (in the figure, four) supports (15) having a -shaped profile attached to the transverse beams (16) of the spatial frame (10).EFFECT: system is simpler and less labour-consuming for installation and does not require the use of special tools when assembling it.2 cl, 3 dwg

Hand-held device // 2625431
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: dryer includes a housing, a branch pipe, a fluid flow path extending through the branch pipe from the first inlet, through which the first fluid flow enters the dryer, to the first outlet for emitting the first fluid flow from the dryer, a primary flow path extending from the second fluid inlet through which a primary flow enters the dryer to the second outlet. Path of primary flow rings the path. Fan unit is disposed in the primary flow path to suck fluid through the second fluid inlet. Filter is located in the primary flow path. Fluid is sucked through the fluid flow path by emitted fluid from the second fluid outlet. Heater is arranged in the housing, located at least partially along and around the branch pipe. Hand-held device is also offered.EFFECT: increasing the convenience.19 cl, 49 dwg

Air conditioner with hybrid desiccant and evaporative cooling system // 2625429
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: air conditioner with a hybrid system of desiccant and evaporative cooling contains supply and exhaust chambers separated by a horizontal intermediate partition with a main and additional windows, a desiccant and evaporative cooling system, an exhaust air heater unit, and two adiabatic humidifiers of exhaust and supply air. The supply and exhaust chambers contain inlet and outlet nozzles, air cleaners, and fan units. The system of dessicant and evaporative cooling is made hybrid; in the main window of the partition the recuperative heat exchanger is placed, which is made in the form of a plate-type three-stage counterflow recuperator of V-type design, containing two plate-type counterflow heat exchangers, arranged vertically and in a row, and hermetically connected to them from below through intermediate nozzles closing diagonally installed plate-type cross-flow heat exchanger. In addition, the main window in the air conditioner partition is made with two vertical transverse walls lowered downwards, the ends of which are hermetically connected to the side walls of the air conditioner, and is separated by a vertical transverse partition that is made over the whole width of the air conditioner, and on a horizontal link, that connects two vertically arranged plate-type counterflow heat exchangers, a vertical transverse partition, with a connecting groove in its upper part, is installed. The floor panel of the air conditioner is equipped with a mounting window with flanges, and the hanging housing of the plate-type three-stage recuperator is hermetically connected by its flanges to the flanges of the mounting window in the floor panel of the air conditioner with the additional integration of the two lowered vertical transverse walls of the main window of the horizontal intermediate partition of the air conditioner into the connecting grooves of the vertical links of vertically mounted plate-type counterflow heat exchangers of a three-stage plate-type recuperator, and integration of the lower end of vertical transverse partition of the air conditioner into the connecting groove of the vertical transverse partition of the three-stage plate-type recuperator shell, with the formation of three hermetic connections "to the lock" and output air channels from the three-stage plate-type counterflow heat exchanger to the exhaust and supply air chambers.EFFECT: increasing the energy efficiency of the desiccant and evaporative cooling system of air conditioner in the cold and warm periods of the year.7 dwg, 3 tbl

Hot-water boiler // 2625367
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: hot-water boiler is characterized by the presence of a heat exchanger, which is formed by separate flow-through pipes in one direction. Each tube has an elongated cross-section, the elongated sides of which define the oblong heat exchange surfaces opposite to each other, one of which faces the burner and the other towards the side wall of the boiler body. In this case, the tubes are arranged such that the elongated heat exchange surface of each tube facing the burner is at least partially overlapped by an adjacent tube. The heat exchange surface of each tube facing the burner and the adjacent tube of its heat exchange surface facing the side wall of the housing form a continuous passageway for the passage of flue gases from the combustion chamber to the circumferential flue gas duct formed between the heat exchanger and the side wall of the boiler body.EFFECT: increasing the thermal capacity and simplicity of maintenance.3 dwg

Device for protecting control elements of household appliance from inreasonable access // 2625140
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: device for protecting control elements of the household appliance from unreasonable access contains supports and a shield mounted on them, made of a flexible material and having a smaller dimension in the storage position than in the operating position. In the working position, the shield is in the form of a rounded trough, the depression of which is directed towards the control elements placed in line. In this case, the supports are located on household appliance, and the shield has at the ends the upper and lower bends, adjacent to supports, for withdrawing the shield to open position and for removing the shield. Shield in the working position is located by a trough along arrangement line of control elements and is fixed to supports with the possibility of rotation about the axis passing along the trough. Wherein, the shield is fixed with the help of fastening and turning elements, made in the form of clamps, springs and axles. Clamp has a clamping element and a squeezing member, and springs are secured at their ends to clamps and supports, with the possibility of pressing the clamping elements against the shield. Axes are installed at the bottom of supports and partially covered by the lower deflections of shield.EFFECT: reducing the overall dimensions and weight of device in the working position and in the storage position, increasing ease of use.6 cl, 5 dwg
Heat supply method and device // 2625055
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: heat supply method includes selection of low potential heat from the air and transfer to the heat supply system by means of the heat pump and air heating by sprinkling water in it with the formation and further trapping and removal of ice and snow particles. The heat supply plant includes the heat pump with the air supply system, in which there is the evaporator, the fan, the water sprinklers and the devices for trapping and removing ice and snow, at that the exhaust pipe of the air supply system is to be provided with the control damper and connected through bypass to the air supply system inlet.EFFECT: heat supply efficiency increase.3 cl, 1 dwg

Solar water heater // 2624936
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: solar water heater contains a vertically arranged transparent housing. There is a tank inside the body. It is painted black and has a water inlet branch pipe formed by the surfaces of two coaxially located cylinders, a lid and a bottom. An internal hollow cylinder with an open upper end is elongated and has holes located inside the housing under the tank bottom. Inside the tank there is a multi-threaded spiral insert with the formation of separate channels. Adjacent channels are provided at the top of the insert with an overflow branch pipe. Each channel is provided with a branch pipe for tapping hot water.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the solar water heater by reducing the time of water heating up to a set temperature.2 dwg

Automatic control system of technological processes of heating system // 2624723
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: automatic control system of the technological processes of the heating system contains the controller located in the control cabinet for controlling the technological processes of the heating system to maintain a constant temperature of the water in the heating network, the operator panel, the Ethernet switch and the optical cross for the exchange of information on industrial protocols with the automated operator workplace, frequency converters to optimize the operation of the network pumps, the starting equipment for the commutation in the power cabinet of actuator circuits, manual control unit, actuators including frequency-controlled drive of the network pump, pumps: source water, make-up, recirculation, metering pump, fuel, valves: three way to automatically maintain a predetermined temperature in the heating system, the electromagnetic proportional, solenoid shut-off, fan exhaust, means for measuring and control of process parameters: the energy meter-recorder connected to the flowmeter, temperature sensors and pressure sensors overpressure alarms, temperature sensors, flow line, and reverse feed water, gas analyzers gas content in the room, the complex to measure the amount of gas in the supply line the reserve fuel, liquid fuel counters.EFFECT: expansion of the functionality of the automatic process control system of the heating system.1 dwg
Device for producing thermal energy // 2624687
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: device for producing thermal energy comprises a housing with two side covers, a shaft attached to the electric motor and impellers mounted on the shaft, where through holes are made, connected to slit grooves formed on the surface of impeller rim. The device has at least one outlet. The inlet is made on the symmetry axis of the housing side cover opposite to the electric motorinstallation site. The shaft is made hollow with an open end a possibility of working fluid flow through it, entering the shaft through the inlet, and is mechanically interfaced with the housing side cover opposite to the electric motorinstallation site, so that the open end of the shaft is located opposite the inlet, while additional holes for shaft inner cavity communication to the housing working chamber are made in the longitudinally central shaft zone.EFFECT: device weight is significantly reduced, energy losses in bearings and coupling are excluded, need for a powerful electric motor use is excluded, which increases the performance index.5 cl, 1 dwg
Room air temperature through facade control device // 2624428
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: through facade control device of the room indoor air temperature, heated from the open heat supply system, contains the loops of the total and repeated circulation with the direct and return main pipelines, each of which is provided with the circulation pump with the drive and the rotation speed controller, at that at the general circulation loop direct main pipeline circulation pump outlet there is the heat meter, and at the repeated circulation loops circulation pump outlet there is the flow meter, besides, air temperature controller is connected to the temperature sensor, designed as the differential thermocouple, the sensing elements of which are respectively disposed inside and outside the room, heated from the open heat supply system, at that the temperature and pressure controllers contain, respectively, the comparator unit and the assignment unit, besides, the comparator unit is connected to the electronic amplifier output, equipped with the nonlinear feedback unit, wherein the electronic amplifier output is connected to the magnetic amplifier input with the rectifier, which at the output is connected to the speed control unit in the form of electromagnetic powder clutches, at that the repeated circulation pump rotation speed controllers amount corresponds to the heating building facades, but not less than four interconnected with individual temperature controller, and the sensing elements of each temperature sensor in the form of differential thermocouples are mounted on the outer surface of the corresponding facade outer enclosure and at its inner surface from the heating building side, besides, the total circulation rotation speed controller is connected to the pressure controller, which includes the pressure sensor at the return main pipeline at the outlet from the heating system.EFFECT: energy intensity reduction of maintaining the comfortable temperature conditions in the indoor room, heated from the open heat supply system, by optimizing the consumption of a high cost hot coolant in case of changing the weather and climate impacts during the heating season.1 dwg

Humidifier and method of control of water level in humidifier // 2624426
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: humidifier contains: a water level monitoring unit that contains: a temperature sensor for detecting outlet temperature and generating temperature signals indicating its temperature at a given frequency; and a processor means for determining the water level in the humidifier in accordance with temperature signals. The method further comprises the steps of: generating temperature signals at a first predetermined frequency during a first operating time period, a first working time period being a predetermined time period from switching on the humidifier; and determining if the successive temperature signals generated during the first working time period show a tendency for the temperature to decrease, in which case the water level is determined to be high; otherwise, the water level is determined as low.EFFECT: providing a simple device and method for automatically monitoring the water level in the humidifier.14 cl, 6 dwg

ulti-operated solar collecting panel // 2624162
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: multi-operated solar collecting panel comprises a body of a heat insulation material, a terminal transparent enclosure, a heat-carrying agent covered with the barrier bags of a flexible transparent film filled with a volumetric absorber of a heat-retaining material that has a melting phase transformation and an optic properties of a gray body. The fixing gates are attached to the both sides of the bags. These gates are pressed by two demountable wafers of the transparent enclosure. These wafers are covered with the folding-back safety closures with the internal mirrored surface. These safety closures are mounted on the U-channel of the rectangular bent with the help of the demountable loose straps. The rectangular bent is latched and equipped with the clamping elements of the mirror boosters that are formed of the open safety closures which are mounted on the loose straps with the 45-50° angle towards the collector symmetry plane in the open state of the collector. The collector symmetry plane is parallel oriented to the ecliptic plane. The heat-retaining material with the melting phase transformation consists of the stearin with the addition of a black oil-soluble dye like a flux oil or a candle dye F Black C.EFFECT: heat interchange increase.4 cl, 3 dwg
obile system for population training in emergency situations // 2624124
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: mobile system for training the population in emergency situations (ES) includes a vehicle (1) equipped with built-in loud-speaker system for alerting the population, a mobile power unit, and facilities for locating the learning population. Three training places are compactly located in the vehicle: the first is a lecture hall (4) for theoretical studies and testing on the basis of a portable pneumatic frame tent of Ministry of Emergency Situations, the second training place (7) is a training complex for practicing the practical skills of population in emergency situations, robot-simulator for training exercises of providing first aid in emergency situations; the third training place (9) is a training complex with sets of protection means. The tent includes a life support system for work in any climatic conditions. The roof of tent frame is made of two layers: one layer, the upper one, is pneumoframe, and the other, the lower one, is made in form of a perforated comfortable air conditioner distributor, and the cavity between layers is connected to life support system made with monitoring system that monitors the arrival of harmful toxic substances and radionuclides in a perforated comfortable air conditioner distributor and automatically shuts off air access to the distributor, and includes an alarm, alerting population of emergency situation. The vehicle is equipped with a mobile complex for informing and alerting population in hard-to-reach areas with a video screen and device for controlling it via computer.EFFECT: invention raises the effectiveness of training the population in the field of civil defense and protection from emergencies.6 dwg

Heat-exchanging panel // 2624094
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: heat-exchanging panel, containing the sequentially installed vertical sections, fastened together by nipples, to form the top and the bottom collecting chambers, in the cavity of the last of which there is longitudinally disposed horizontal rod with the plates made as scrapers from the elastic material fixed on it in each section of the zone, the lower edge of each of which has the shape, replicating the profile, forming the bottom of the collecting chamber in the area of the scraper and the second end of the horizontal rod is withdrawn outside the sections, besides the rod is made hollow, the internal cavity of which communicates with the outlet pipe and with each section of the collecting chamber.EFFECT: coolant circulation overlapping in the outermost sections is eliminated, the coolant simultaneous passing through all sections of the heat-exchanging panel.2 cl, 3 dwg
Kochetov's low noise ventilation unit // 2623912
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in the claimed ventilation unit, a sound-absorptive element is used as the sound-absorbing material of the shell panels, comprising a smooth and perforated surface between which is placed a multi-layer sound-absorbing structure that contains a smooth and perforated surface between which is a layer of sound-absorbing material of complex shape that is an alternation of solid areas and hollow sections. The hollow sections are formed by the prismatic surfaces having a form of a parallelogram in the section parallel to the drawing plane, the internal surfaces of which have a rack structure, or an undulating surface, or a surface with spherical surfaces. The teeth tops are directed inward the prismatic surfaces. The edges of the prismatic surfaces are fixed respectively on the perforated and smooth surfaces. Cavities of the hollow sections are filled with construction and installation foam, and the material of the perforated surface is made of solid, decorative damping materials, for example plastic "Aгat", "Aнtивибpиt", "Швим". The internal surface of perforated surface facing toward the sound absorbing structure is lined with an acoustically transparent material, such as fiberglass EG-100 or polymer "Пoвидeн", according to the invention a sound-absorptive element is used as the sound dampening shell panels material. The sound-absorptive element comprises a smooth, perforated surfaces, between which a multilayer sound absorbing design is placed, which is designed as a rigid and perforated walls, between which layers of sound-reflecting and sound-absorbing materials of different density disposed in two layers are located. Layers of the sound reflecting material are made with complex profile, out of uniformly distributed hollow tetrahedrons, ensuring reflection of sound waves incoming from all directions, and located responsively at rigid and perforated walls, and layers of the sound reflecting material are made out of heat insulating material able to maintain the specified microclimate in room, and as a sound absorbing material the soundproofing sheet material which is made based on magnesia astringent with a fiberglass or glass-fibre mat, or polyester, or a porous sound-absorbing ceramic material having a bulk density of 500÷1000 kg/m3, and consisting of 100 wt % of perlite with a grain diameter of 0.1÷8.0 mm, 80÷250 wt % of one of the sintering materials selected from the group consisting of fly ash, chark, quartz, lava, stones or clay as the main material, 5÷30 wt % of the inorganic binder is used. After sintering the mixture, perlite particles form communicating openings between their contacting surfaces so that the internal pores are in communication with each other.EFFECT: increased efficiency of sound attenuation due to increase in sound absorption coefficient by increasing the sound absorption surfaces while maintaining the overall dimensions of the air handling unit.5 dwg
Wind-heat converter-accumulator // 2623637
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: wind-heat converter-accumulator having a housing with a confuser, a turbine in the form of truncated cone with grooved blades and a vertical axis, as well as secondary, air- or hydrodynamic energy converter, connected to a heat accumulator, with an automatically varying angle of blade inclination. The housing is made in the form of a snail, the side walls of the confuser are mounted on the hinges and are spring-loaded, and on the side of the confuser adjacent to the snail there are magnetic latches. The outlet channel is made in the form of a bell, which has a frame with a shell on the side of the oncoming wind flow.EFFECT: stable heating of premises at the maximum use coefficient of wind energy.2 dwg

Ventilation aperture for the pressure balancing for usage in the aircraft node // 2623362
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: ventilation aperture comprises a vent and plenty of air-gates located at the ventilation aperture vent. Along with this, every air-gate is situated in a far in advance spaced position from the neighboring air-gate with the space between them. Every air-gate has an aerodynamic shaped section designed with the possibility of the efficiency upgrading of the airflow through the ventilation aperture. Furthermore, every air-gate comprises a forward and a rear surfaces. A forward surface comprises the first flat surface vectored at an angle of the distance from the forward surface of the aircraft node outside area to the rear surface. The first flat surface is designed with a possibility of the input air flow deflection from the ventilation aperture for the entering the ventilation aperture air flux reduction.EFFECT: guarantee of the pressure balancing in the node without the aircraft resistance increase.14 cl, 6 dwg
Heating radiator section with curved heating element and oil electric heater consisting of such sections // 2623135
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: heating radiator section having a curved heating element and an oil electric heater having the section data include a section casing, the said section having an oil-collecting manifold inside, and a connecting sleeve extending horizontally at the bottom and at the top; at least, from one end of the said section to its center there is a curved heating portion, the upper and lower ends of the said heating portion are in different vertical planes, and, at least, a part of its middle has a curved shape and forms a structure convex to the side.EFFECT: due to the fact that in this invention a certain section from any end to the middle of the section forms a curved heating element, when several such sections join together, the radial and convective heat transferring methods are combined, and the heat transfer of the coolant increases in the horizontal and vertical directions.15 cl, 18 dwg

ethod of liquid-conveying device operation control // 2622785
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of operation control of a pipeline device with the first pipeline area at the hot part and the second pipeline area at the cold part connected to it, a pump for supplying liquid being located in the first pipeline area, which consists in starting the programme controlling the pump start while activating the pump, which provides the following stages: A) setting the supplied volume of fluid, B) starting the fluid supply cycle providing the predetermined liquid amount supply from the first pipeline area to the second pipeline unfilled area, C) starting the fluid return cycle providing the return to the first pipeline section of the liquid amount supplied to the second pipeline section, as well as the determination of the return flow temperature of the returned fluid on the first pipeline area, D) increasing the predetermined supplied amount of liquid and performing one of the following substages: D1) repetition of stages A) to D), if the return flow temperature of the returned liquid is above its limit temperature or equal to it, and the increased determined supplied amount of liquid is less than the limit amount or equal to D2) stopping the execution of the programme controlling the pump start and switching the pump to the normal operation mode, if the increased determined supplied amount of the liquid exceeds the limit, D3) stopping the execution of the programme controlling the pump start, deactivating the pump and changing the determined supplied amount of liquid towards the initial value, if the return flow temperature is below its limit temperature.EFFECT: possibility to prevent faults on the second pipeline area located in the cold part due to the freezing of the liquid.12 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of alternative power sources combined use // 2622779
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method of alternative power sources combined use for heating, air conditioning and hot water supply of premises based on the hybrid solar collector, bivalent water heater, electric power converter, electric battery, absorption heat pump, inverter steam compressor heat pump with heat slip tube and a petrothermal well, at that in the petrothermal well at the depth below the layer of seasonal heat variation create the cracks by penetrating fluid method, to which the substance with the phase transition temperature of 20-43°C is pumped to create the heat accumulator; the electrical energy, produced by the hybrid solar collector enters the electric power converter and is used by the inverter steam compressor heat pump for air conditioning and room heating, by bivalent water heater to heat water if the thermal power of the hybrid thermal collector is not sufficient, the excess electric energy is stored in the electric accumulator and used for the "duty" lighting; during the warm season the heat carrier of the inverter steam compression heat pump is supplied into the air-conditioning room and back to the inverter steam compressor heat pump, from which the obtained heat is pumped to the heat accumulator by means of heat slip tubes of the inverter steam compression heat pump; during the cold season the inverter steam compressor heat pump supplies the heat by means of the heat carrier cooler of the heat slip tubes from the heat battery to the heating room; the heat of the of the hybrid solar collector heat carrier enters the bivalent water heater to heat the water in the hot water supply system and to the absorption heat pump to generate the cold in the air conditioning system in the room, and after the heat is released, the heat carrier from the absorption heat pump and the bivalent water heater is returned to the hybrid solar collector for heating.EFFECT: high storage capacity of the system and year-round use of solar and petrothermal power for hot water supply system and air conditioning system by means of absorption and inverter steam compressor heat pumps during the warm season, for the heating system by means of inverter steam compressor heat pump during the cold period, increase of the production electricity due to heat removal from the collector.1 dwg, 1 tbl

Regenerative system with radiant heating // 2622726
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: air-radiant heating system contains heat radiating elements connected to the heat generator, a fan communicating with the atmosphere. The heat radiating elements are made in the form of air ducts connected to the heat generator and forming a closed system with it, in which an exhaust fan is installed. The heat generator is two-circuit. The first circuit consists of a housing having heating elements arranged in rows and covering the second circuit. The second circuit housing is hermetically seated in the first circuit and can connect with it by means of a flap and is connected to the fan communicating with the atmosphere. The air duct is made in the form of a box with a base made of a material with the highest emission factor, for example, of steel, and the upper part is made of a material with the minimum emission factor, for example, of galvanized steel or aluminium, covered with a heat-reflecting material and fiberglass.EFFECT: creation of a reliable and efficient high-temperature heating system.2 cl, 4 dwg

Solar heat and cold supply system // 2622449
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: solar heat and cold supply system includes south and north air ducts located at the respective building sides, a heat collector, forming a subfloor air duct together with the building floor, the duct is connected to the south air duct; as well as and heat exchange and underground air ducts positioned one over the other below the heat collector; the system features a vortex tube in the heat collector, with vortex tube input connected to the subfloor air duct, cold channel connected to the room, and hot channel connected via the heat collector to the underground air duct, and the vortex tube outer surface ribs are made with distance between them decreasing in the hot stream direction.EFFECT: comfortable air parameters in the cattle farm rooms.3 dwg

ethod of use of organic rankine cycle plant for providing objects of crude oil treating plant with heat energy // 2622143
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method of using the organic Rankine cycle (ORC-module) for providing objects of a crude oil treating plant with heat energy is that for heating crude oil, commercial oil, water for desalting and dehydration, as well as domestic water in a thermal oil boiler by burning natural or oil-associated gas. The intermediate heat transfer medium is heated, sent to the organic Rankine cycle plant for heating working fluid until it is vaporized. Then, the cooled water, supplied to the organic Rankine cycle plant from the objects of the crude oil treating plant, is heated by the intermediate heat transfer medium and, already heated, directed back via the cycle circuit. And the steam of the hot working fluid is fed to the turbine wheel of the organic Rankine cycle plant, driving the power generator to generate power.EFFECT: increased reliability of providing objects of a crude oil treating plant with heat energy.3 cl, 1 dwg

Helio-power plant // 2622142
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: helio-power plant contains the solar collectors, connected by pipelines with a heat-exchanger-accumulator, in the hydraulic circuit of the solar collectors there are installed solenoid valves to control the coolant flow by changing the connection scheme of solar collectors between each other, the control unit, including the relay, connected through the photoelectric cells with the power source, operating at different levels of solar radiation, and the additional photoelectric cell in the supply citcuit of solenoid valve coils to turn them off if there is no or low solar radiation power.EFFECT: maintaining the coolant parameters by automatically changing the solar collectors connection circuit, when changing the power of solar radiation, which improves the efficiency of the helio-power plant.2 cl, 3 dwg

Hot water supplying device and method of hot water supply // 2621932
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: device contains: a heater of injected water; an exhaust valve, regulating the amount of water exhausted from the heater; a water exhaust temperature sensor and a controller, determining whether the hot water release is the first water release or the continuous water release, based on the difference between the exhaust temperature and the target temperature and controlling the opening degree of the exhaust valve, based on the calculated change in the exhaust temperature according to the determination results. At that the initial release operation is performed, which is included in the exhaust valve initial opening degree assignment and the valve opening to the predetermined degree, when the hot water supply signal is introduced; and the exhaust control operation, which is included in determination whether the hot water release is the first water release or the continuous water release, based on the difference between the exhaust temperature and the target temperature, and in the exhaust valve opening degree control, based on the calculated exhaust temperature change according to the determination results.EFFECT: minimisation of the exhaust temperature fluctuations.13 cl, 5 dwg

Valve design, device and methods of its operation // 2621659
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve structure having a first and second fluid inlet and a first and second fluid outlet comprising a first and a second valve mechanically coupled for synchronous operation to one another with the ability to be switched by a single action between the first and second fluid flow configurations. The first configuration provides a first path for the first fluid from the first inlet to the first outlet and a second path for the second fluid from the second inlet to the second discharge, and the second configuration provides paths for the first fluid from the first inlet to the first and second outlets, hiding the path from the second intake.EFFECT: invention allows thermal disinfection of such devices.18 cl, 7 dwg

Device for measuring heat flow of heat exchangers // 2621569
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: apparatus for measuring heat flow of the heat exchangers comprising a heat insulated casing of the steam generator with the cover insulators, electrodes, heat exchanger, coupled to the pipeline with the lid and the bottom of the steam generator shell, the expansion tank, measuring and computing unit, which is connected to the electrodes, comprises at least two heat exchangers whose inputs are set at the same level and are connected to pressure lines with the cover through the collector mounted vertically above the cover layer, wherein the Reflexion nye pipes are fitted with shut-off valves, and conduits connecting the heat exchanger outlet and a lower portion of the steam generator enclosure are reversed.EFFECT: increase device performance, namely, measurement procedures and reference heat flow, if necessary, test the heat exchangers with constructive and technological differences, resource.1 dwg

Heat pump device, and installation for air conditioning, water heater with heat pump, cooling device, freezer, including heat pump device // 2621449
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: heat pump device includes an inverter that applies a desired voltage to the motor of the compressor. Containing the inverter control unit which resets the interphase or phase voltages and phase currents having a frequency higher than the frequency during normal operation mode to perform driving with interlocking of the compressor motor. Recovery is based on the respective phase voltage and interphase or phase currents of the motor compressor during a plurality of cycles of RF excitation. This heat pump device may be used in an air conditioning apparatus, water heaters, refrigeration system or freezer.EFFECT: prevent refrigerant stagnation and increasing the reliability and efficiency of the system.17 cl, 22 dwg