Supply of different fuels (F23R3/36)

Fuel injector for two types of fuel // 2610979
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Fuel injector 2 for two types of fuel with internal pipe 5 with radially oriented outlet holes for first type of fuel and with outer pipe 6 surrounding internal pipe with axially oriented outlet holes 10 for second type of fuel. At that, groove passing along axis on internal pipe outer surface, and external pipe projection, entering in engagement with groove as slipping protector, are located between two axial outlet holes 10. Invention also discloses burner and gas turbine.EFFECT: invention allows to improve gas turbine design and operation.10 cl, 17 dwg

Double fuel atomiser "gas plus fuel oil" // 2578785
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: double fuel atomiser contains a casing 1 with fuel oil and gas fuel supply, and a shell 2, that simultaneously is a gas distributing muzzle with a nozzle and gas distributing holes, and an air flow swirler. Along the atomiser axis concentrically to fuel supply channels a central air supply channel is made, and the oil fuel supply channel is additionally equipped with the sprayer 4, that is connected with the central air supply channel, and is made with the possibility of the fuel centrifugal swirl. In the shell body skewed slots 7 are made creating the vortex zone in the nozzle cavity of the shell. The gas distributing holes are made with the possibility of the gas fuel supply to the vortex zone, and to the combustion zone bypassing the vortex zone and nozzle hole.EFFECT: invention ensures complete combustion and combustion flare stabilisation at all the work stages of the gas turbine drives.3 cl, 1 dwg

Axial piston engine and mode of operation of axial piston engine // 2548839
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in axial and piston engines. The axial and piston engine (1101) contains at least one working cylinder which is fed from continuously operating combustion chamber (1110). The combustion chamber (1110) has two air inlets intended for maintaining of the combustion process designed with a possibility of supply of air with various temperatures. The invention describes a version of axial and piston engine design.EFFECT: acceleration of obtaining of working mix uniformity.15 cl, 8 dwg

Burner, in particular for gas turbines // 2536465
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: burner is provided with a central assembly of the fuel supply, as well as with an annular air channel covering the central assembly of the fuel supply, for supplying combustion air and with the vortex vanes located in the annular air channel. The vortex vanes have the first fuel atomisers for injecting the substantially gaseous fuel into the combustion air, and the second fuel atomisers for injecting the substantially gaseous fuel into the combustion air. The first fuel atomisers are fed from a fuel-distribution input in the assembly of the fuel supply. The second fuel atomisers are fed from the gas-distribution channel in the assembly of the fuel supply. The burner in operation has one direction of the fuel flow. The fuel-distribution input comprises a plurality of feeding tubes. Each feeding tube is connected downstream to the first fuel atomisers of the corresponding vortex vane, and upstream - to an annular nozzle. The annular nozzle is letdown when viewed in the flow direction, to the fuel-distribution channel and is put on the assembly of the fuel supply, so that the spatial separation between the annular nozzle and the fuel-distribution channel leads to lower stresses in the assembly of the fuel supply.EFFECT: invention is directed to increasing the duration of the burner operation and to the improvement of the gas turbine.7 cl, 5 dwg

Guide vane, burner and gas turbine // 2535433
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: guide vane is made with single first device for gas injection via a nozzle, and single second device for gas injection via the nozzle. To first nozzles the fuel is supplied from the first distribution pipeline, and to second nozzles - from second distribution pipeline. The distribution pipeline is build in the guide vane. The guide vane between the first distribution pipeline and second distribution pipeline is divided in two halves. Besides, the invention refers to the burner and gas turbine.EFFECT: invention relates to strength improvement and increasing of the burner service life.10 cl, 7 dwg

Continuous combustion chamber // 2527011
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: continuous combustion chamber comprises a cylindrical body with a cone-shaped diffuser at the inlet, a device for ignition of fuel and air mixture on the chamber wall and a burner joined coaxially to the diffuser. The burner includes systems to supply liquid and gaseous fuels each comprising auxiliary and main circuits, equipped with headers of fuel supply at the inlet and nozzles at the outlet. The gaseous fuel header communicates with nozzles via channels in mixing tubes. The burner additionally comprises a mixing chamber with a device of impact at the fuel-air mixture made in the form of a mixer with longitudinal corrugated folds of ∩ - shaped profile, arranged along the circumference of the flame stabiliser in groups.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce level of smoking and emission of hazardous substances in fuel combustion products, to eliminate overheating of local zones in a flame tube and to implement stable process of fuel-air mixture burning process with suppression of vibration burning modes.7 cl, 6 dwg

Fuel atomiser with insulating air curtain // 2482305
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: fuel atomiser for gas turbine engine contains a housing, a shaft, an annular casing embracing the shaft and an insulating air curtain. The housing is provided with the first and the second sections arranged along longitudinal axis. The second section of the hosing is connected to combustion chamber of gas turbine engine. There is a channel in the housing for liquid fuel located in circumferential direction around longitudinal axis. The shaft is located longitudinally from the first section of housing to the third section. The shaft includes a pipe for liquid fuel for its supply to the fuel atomiser. Annular casing embracing the shaft is located along the longitudinal axis from the first section to the third section. Insulating air curtain is formed inside between the casing and the shaft and contains an air layer.EFFECT: preventing coking of liquid fuel.10 cl, 5 dwg

Operation control system of gas turbine engine, and thermal power plant containing such system // 2471082
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: ammonia and fuel with ignitability higher than that of ammonia can be supplied as fuel to gas turbine engine. In working zone of worse ignitability, in which ammonia ignitability deteriorates in comparison to the time of normal operation of gas turbine engine, fuel fraction with ignitability higher than that of ammonia in fuel that is supplied to gas turbine engine is increased in comparison to the time of normal operation.EFFECT: even at use of poor inflammable ammonia as main fuel there can be provided stable start up, operation and shutdown of gas turbine at reduced carbon dioxide emissions.16 cl, 6 dwg

ixer of fuel with air for combustion chambers // 2457397
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: mixer of fuel with air, which includes annular casing, central body, inner swirler, distributing chamber, outer swirler, fuel casing and radial casing and radial swirler. Inner swirler is located around central body. Distributing chamber of the supplied low-energy fuel has flat ring formed with internal and external casings forming a gap between them. Fuel inlet and swirler of distributing chamber of the supplied fuel are located in a gap. Outer swirler has inner circumferential end part located around external casing of distributing chamber of the supplied fuel. Casing for high-energy fuel is located at the end inlet part of annular casing outside outer swirler and in circumfenertial direction around annular casing. Fuel casing is connected to outer swirler in flow direction. Radial swirler is meant for air suction inside annular casing from the area outside the annular casing. Radial swirler is located in flow direction after location place in axial direction of fuel casing and inner and outer swirlers. Fuel concentration is controlled by air near the wall of annular casing at the outlet of annular casing.EFFECT: flexibility with regard to fuel at maintaining high efficiency and reduction of hazardous emissions.8 cl, 10 dwg

Continuous-action combustion chamber // 2456510
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: continuous-action combustion chamber includes cylindrical housing with conical diffuser at the inlet, fuel-air mixture ignition device installed on the chamber wall and burner mating coaxially with diffuser at the inlet. Burner includes liquid and gaseous fuel supply systems each of which consists of auxiliary and main circuits equipped with fuel supply headers at the inlet and atomisers at the outlet. Along the burner axis there arranged is header with liquid fuel channel and central tube with gaseous fuel channel of auxiliary fuel supply circuits to combustion chamber through atomisers along the axis and on free tube face. Annular liquid and gaseous fuel mixing chamber of the main circuits and air is located coaxially to central tube and restricted on the outer side with the wall connected to combustion chamber diffuser inlet, and at the inlet -with front cover with radial air supply channel to mixing chamber inlet and at the outlet - with fuel-air mixture supply channel to the inlet of combustion chamber diffuser. Combustion chamber diffuser is formed with cone-shaped flame stabiliser with end wall along bigger base on free end of central tube and inlet part of combustion chamber diffuser. Mixing chamber outlet is equipped with device acting on fuel-air mixture, which is installed on central tube. Liquid fuel supply header of the main circuit is annular and located outside on end face of front cover of mixing chamber and interconnected with mixing chamber through annular channel with atomisers in central tube. Atomisers are located in mixing chamber on the pipe in circumferential direction. Gaseous fuel supply header of the main circuit is annular and located outside on periphery of the front cover of mixing chamber and interconnected through fuel channels with atomisers in mixing tubes located in a circumferential direction coaxially to burner axis between front cover and external wall of mixing chamber at mixing chamber inlet. Axes of atomisers in mixing tubes are located at straight angle to longitudinal axis of mixing chamber. Gaseous fuel supply header of auxiliary circuit is annular and arranged outside on the edge of liquid fuel supply header of the main circuit and interconnected by means of annular channel in central tube with atomisers located in circumferential direction on the periphery of flame stabiliser edge. Device acting on fuel-air mixture at mixing chamber outlet is made in the form of mixer with longitudinal triangular corrugated waves of U-profile in cross section uniformly located in circumferential direction of flame stabiliser and each of which is fixed with one side of triangle on external cone-shaped surface of flame stabiliser. End faces of U-shaped folds are arranged radially in plane of end face of cone-shaped flame stabiliser.EFFECT: invention allows decreasing the smoking level and emission of hazardous substances in fuel combustion products of ground gas-turbine plants and jet turbine engines.7 cl, 3 dwg

Burner for gas turbine, in which gas with low calorific value is used as fuel // 2430308
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: burner (4) for gas burner includes: swirler (21), plate (58), the first channel (18) via which fuel gas with low calorific value is supplied, and second channel (17) via which combustion air is supplied. The first and the second channels (17, 18) are located concentrically relative to longitudinal axis (2). Output of the first channel (18) is formed with convergent nozzle (50). Swirler (21) is installed at the outlet of the second channel (17). Plate (58) is tightly installed in the first channel (18) upstream nozzle (50) and has many holes (56) with calibrated section of the passage. Holes (56) are inclined in tangential direction relative to longitudinal axis (2) at the specified angle. For fuel gases having flame propagation speed of less than 300 mm/s, plate (58) has 36 to 38 holes (56) the diameter of which is 11.5 to 12.0 mm, and inclination angle of holes (56) is approximately 22°. For fuel gases having flame propagation speed of 300 mm/s to 400 mm/s, plate (58) has 80 holes (56) the diameter of which is 8.5 mm to 9.0 mm, and inclination angle of holes (56) is 17° to 22°. If calorific value of gas with low calorific value from the first channel (18) is less than 4.0 MJ/kg, then natural gas consumption is assumed from pilot line (46). Burner (5) is used only when gases with low calorific value are not available.EFFECT: high burner flexibility; operation is possible at the gas used with low calorific value and of any type within the whole working range of gas turbine.12 cl, 3 dwg
Flameless fuel // 2243149
The invention relates to the field of energy and can be used on different types of transport and heating systems of residential buildings and heating in extreme conditions

The way of working of gas turbine engine and the firing unit for burning a mixture of fuel // 2145669
The invention relates to gas turbine engines and installations for various purposes and can be used in the aviation, transport, marine, locomotive and stationary power plants