Combustion apparatus and combustion processes (F23)

F23            Combustion apparatus; combustion processes(12856)
Separation device, comprising swirler // 2607429
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Separation device comprises swirler (1, 20, 30) from sheet material, containing plurality of bent blades (4) with edge (6) on flow inlet side, forming inlet angle (α), and edge (8) on flow outlet side, forming outlet angle (β), wherein flow inlet side edge and flow outlet side edge extend from central section (3) to peripheral edge (9), wherein peripheral edge passes between edge endpoints on flow inlet side and edge on flow outlet side, and inlet angle is more than outlet angle, wherein bent blades peripheral edge is made circular on top view. Inlet angle (α) is at least 70°. Outlet angle (β) is in range 20–60°.EFFECT: invention allows to increase fluids separation efficiency, reduce pressure losses.15 cl, 9 dwg
Fluid medium heating device // 2607427
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Device for fluid medium heating contains first burner, providing first combustion of limiting fuel component and excess fuel component, and heat exchanger first module, in which first combustion gases produced during said first combustion, transfer heat to fluid medium. At that, device additionally contains second burner, into which first combustion gases are brought from one side, on other side is limiting fuel component for performing of limiting fuel component second combustion and at least part of unburnt excess fuel component contained in first combustion gases. At that, second combustion gases produced during said second combustion, circulate in heat exchanger second module and also transfer heat to fluid medium. Thus, combustion gases produced in each combustion circulate via combustion gases tubes, inside same common heat exchanger consisting of said heat exchanger modules, in which they transfer heat to fluid medium. Disclosed also is carrier rocket with fluid medium heating device.EFFECT: invention increases temperature and pressure of fuel liquid component before its injection to combustion chamber.9 cl, 3 dwg
Dry sorbent introduction under conditions of non-stationary state into dry gas cleaning scrubber // 2607410
FIELD: fuel.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to removal of solids and other contaminants from flue gases, produced during fuel combustion. Method of reducing emissions during fuel combustion, produced under operating conditions in non-stationary state in fuel combustion system, having gas passage path, which passes from fuel combustion chamber through spraying drier-absorber to bag filter, located downstream of spraying drier-absorber, wherein method includes: admixing of calcium hydroxide dry powder to carrier gas into gas passage path in input position, located downstream of fuel combustion chamber and upstream of bag filter, spraying of water into carrier gas in spray drier-absorber for moistening and carrier gas temperature reducing and calcium hydroxide powder deposition in bag filter for precipitate producing on filter, which reduces emissions during fuel combustion, wherein temperature in spray drier-absorber is less than 220 °F.EFFECT: removal of solid particles and other contaminants from flue gases produced during fuel combustion.24 cl, 7 dwg
ethod of solid fuel gasification and device for its implementation // 2607397
FIELD: waste processing and recycling.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to recycling of industrial and household wastes by their processing. Method comprises continuous feed of a solid fuel into a shaft onto its combustion grate to make on it from the top to the bottom a distribution of the solid fuel, herewith the continuous feed of the solid fuel into the shaft onto its grate is performed with the solid fuel being uniformly distributed within the volume of the shaft starting from the grate and upward to the place of its loading. At the bottom of the shaft in the area of the producer gas outlet an afterburning zone is formed of the slag and ash passed through the grate. Producer gas is removed in the common flow of the producer gas removal from the shaft, herewith onto the grate an active layer of slag and ash is formed, the activity of which and its level is controlled by the position in the shaft of the high-temperature zone in the solid fuel and the rate of passage of slag and ash downward the shaft into the zone of their afterburning. Preliminary the grate is arranged in the shaft horizontally, and its gear wheels are forcedly rotated in the same direction or in different ones while activating the adjoining layer of slag and ash.EFFECT: technical result is gasification of full volume of the processed solid fuel and effective control over the process of reverse gasification.3 cl, 1 dwg
Annular combustion chamber of turbo-machine // 2606460
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an annular combustion chamber containing two circular walls, an inner and an outer ones, interconnected upstream with an annular wall bottoms of a chamber, through which spray systems pass containing each at least one spiral intended to deliver the air flow rotating downstream from the fuel injector, and a fixed cone in the form of a truncated cone downstream from the spiral formed with an annular row of air injection holes. Outer circular wall comprises an annular row of primary diluting holes. Holes of the fixed cones are distributed and their dimensions are calculated so, that jets of the fuel-air mixture have local expansion overlapping in the circumferential direction the adjacent fuel jet upstream from the primary diluting holes.EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of characteristics of the combustion chamber.10 cl, 12 dwg
Air heater // 2606291
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering and can be used in devices for air heating, supplied for heating rooms. Essence of invention in that the air heater which comprises cylindrical housing and cylindrical afterburning chamber, convective heating surface, made of tubes arranged uniformly around the afterburning chamber parallel with its axis, spiral channel in annular space of convective heating surface, enveloping afterburning chamber outside from the air feed branch pipe to its discharge branch pipe, as the burner is installed cyclone furnace, between cyclone furnace and afterburning chamber there is connecting gas duct, axis of the cylindrical body is directed vertically, between the cylindrical casing and afterburning chamber is installed concentrically to them the intermediate pipe, which divides the convective heating surface into two – first, installed between the walls of intermediate pipe and afterburning chamber, and the second, located between walls of intermediate pipe and cylindrical housing. In the upper part of the intermediate pipe between the last turns of the intermediate tube plate, generatrix of the spiral channel, there is formed an opening, connecting the air space of the second convection heating surface and first, in the lower part of the intermediate pipe is formed an opening connecting in alignment with the outlet air space of the first convective heating surface with an air space of the second, spiral channel in annulus of second convection heating surface is made rising from the inlet branch to the upper opening in intermediate pipe, spiral channel in annular space of the first convective heating surface is made descending from the upper opening in the intermediate tube to bottom, a connecting gas duct is equipped with two or more pipes with seats for attachment of cyclone burners.EFFECT: in so doing it increases the efficiency of the air heater due to involvement in heat exchange between combustion products of fuel and heated air radiation component and wider range of air temperature control.1 cl, 5 dwg
Ceramic tiles for lining of combustion chambers, in particular, gas turbines, and its production method // 2606288
FIELD: devices for fuel combustion.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ceramic tile for lining of combustion chamber of, in particular, gas turbines. Ceramic tile for lining of combustion chambers of, in particular, gas turbines comprises base layer, made from ceramic material, e.g. alumina or alumina-mullite, and coating, which is applied, at least on one side of base layer; coating is multilayer ceramic coating, containing at least one external layer made from alumina or ceramic material containing alumina, and at least one intermediate layer located between outer layer and base layer and made from ceramic material, contained mullite and preferably mullite or alumina-mullite.EFFECT: invention provides higher resistance of tiles to high temperatures, corrosion and mechanical loads.11 cl, 1 dwg
Coal grinding mill coal-and-air mixture temperature control system // 2606083
FIELD: fuel.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for controlling over of explosive fuel drying process in coal grinding mills. Coal-and-air mixture temperature control system comprises coupled gates of flow rate of hot and lightly heated air and cold air gate. Hot and lightly heated air gates are connected to first actuating mechanism. To switching unit first input emergency cold air additive controller with second temperature sensor and setting device is connected. To switching unit second input first actuating mechanism "lower" path switch sensor is connected. First actuating mechanism input is connected to second switching unit output. Switching unit first input is connected to coal-and-air mixture temperature regulator output. Switching unit second input is connected to RS-trigger output. Trigger inputs are connected to “AND” element output and to second actuating mechanism "closed" limit switch sensor. “AND” element first and second inputs are connected to comparator unit and timer outputs. Comparison unit is connected to first temperature sensor and third setter. To timer «start» and «reset» inputs second actuating mechanism "closed" limit switch sensor is connected.EFFECT: invention increases air gates control accuracy.1 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for fire cleaning of process equipment // 2605241
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to chemical industry, namely, to cleaning of process equipment made from row and alloyed steels, from polymer deposits and emulsion rubber by thermal decomposition. Method involves non-oxidising heating of equipment and thermal decomposition of polymers in a reactor by products of natural gas and pyrolysis gas combustion with further decontamination of gases and carbon before discharge into the atmosphere by means of their combustion in a cyclone furnace with a preliminary stage of thermal decomposition of high-molecular polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) into low-molecular polyaromatic hydrocarbons by a high-speed burner with the flame temperature of 1,700-2,000 °C in the antechamber of a cyclone furnace, heating of equipment is performed by high-speed heat transfer medium flow in a downward direction by means of circulation circuit,while additional air is introduced into the excess heat-transfer medium discharge after the cyclone furnace. Fire cleaning of equipment is carried out at the heat transfer medium temperature of 650 °C, and in the temperature range between 400-550 °C in order to avoid valley separation of pyrolysis gas heating is carried out at a rate of 10-15 °C/h.EFFECT: longer service life of process equipment, reduced contamination of the environment.3 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Universal mixing head swirl atomizer for gas burner // 2605166
FIELD: energetics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Swirl atomizer for gas burner comprises atomizer housing, made with possibility to be fitted in burner head and having central channel, extending between atomizer housing first and second ends, first part of which envelopes spinning deflector; second part of said central channel, including atomizer opening with diameter smaller, than diameter of said central channel first part; third part of said central channel, including mixing chamber having diameter larger, than atomizer diameter, and smaller than diameter of said central channel first part; and at least one gas supply channel, coming out from mixing chamber onto atomizer housing outer side to receive gas fuel from gas fuel supply line and its direction said mixing chamber, wherein at least one gas supply channel is in communication with part of fuel supply line smaller diameter, located within burner head, wherein fuel pipeline has larger diameter part, passing in axial direction from fuel pipe end, and smaller diameter part passes from larger diameter part lower end.EFFECT: invention allows to create simple design of mixing head, providing resistance to flame backfires/flarebacks and operating with different fuels.19 cl, 12 dwg

Fuel nozzles unit and unit of combustion chamber // 2605164
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: fuel nozzles unit, used in turbine engine comprises set of fuel nozzles. Group of fuel nozzles is located inside air pressure chamber confined by housing. Each of above fuel nozzles is connected to flame tube, restricting combustion chamber, and includes housing, mixing tubes, and at least one heat-removing pipeline. Housing has inner surface limiting cooling fluid medium pressure chamber and fuel pressure chamber. Mixing tubes pass through housing, and each has inner surface limiting flow channel passing between air pressure chamber and combustion chamber. At least one of mixing tubes has at least one cooling fluid medium opening, intended for cooling fluid medium flow discharge from cooling fluid medium chamber to said flow channel. At least one heat-removing pipeline communicates with cooling fluid medium pressure chamber in flow manner for supply of cooling fluid medium flow into it.EFFECT: invention is aimed at flame stabilization, improvement of exhaust gases emission characteristics, combustion chamber nozzles unit longer service life.10 cl, 15 dwg

Working fluid pulse small-sized powder displacer // 2604775
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: working fluid small-sized pulse powder displacer comprises combustion chamber with powder charge, pyro-cartridge and container divided by everting diaphragm into two cavities, gas, communicated with combustion chamber, and fluid, filled with working fluid. Combustion chamber is made in form of barrel installed in gas cavity, inside of which charge is fixed in end, and on barrel open end pyro-cartridge is arranged. Between charge and pyro-cartridge partition with holes is installed with gap on both sides, which axes are located at acute angle to barrel longitudinal axis with tops towards pyro-cartridge. Cavity between partition and charge is interconnected with container gas cavity by barrel side holes, wherein axes of holes in barrel are located between holes axes in partition with barrel inner surface intersection points and charge end and arranged at angle to barrel longitudinal axis with tops towards partition.EFFECT: invention enables displacer downsizing and avoiding direct exposure of pyro-cartridge and charge combustion products to everting diaphragm at initial moment of displacer operation.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of elimination of large-size solid rocket fuel charges // 2604612
FIELD: fuel.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to elimination of large-size solid rocket fuel charges in the bench, namely to methods of burning channel solid propellant charges directly in rocket engines housings. Method of elimination of large-sized charges attached to the housing without the nozzle cluster is performed by combustion on a horizontal bench with supply of a disperse fluid into the charge channel from the side of the front bottom through spraying modules. Fluid supplied into the charge channel is water in finely dispersed or vapour state.EFFECT: invention reduces the content of toxic substances in the combustion products, particularly of molecular chlorine.1 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Heating system and method for automatic pipeline filling // 2604465
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Heating system includes a heating device with flame detection system that is in hydraulic connection with heating device dispensing pump, so that fuel can be supplied to heater, at least during one process of pipeline filling, and control device to control heating device and dosing pump. Method for automatic pipeline filling in the fuel operated heating system equipped with a flame detection system includes the following steps: start of pipeline filling, control of heating system, so that during the process of pipeline filling fuel is warmed or attempted to be ignited, and the end of the process of pipeline filling when flame is detected.EFFECT: higher reliability of identification of degree of filling of fluid pipeline of heating system without the need for additional sensors or separate programming of various versions of heating system in the control device.13 cl, 2 dwg

High-pressure steam-and-gas generator with heat rating ignition // 2604357
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to steam-and-gas generators for use in the bottom of the wells. Steam-and-gas generator comprises a body forming the main combustion chamber, nozzle case connected in the housing, heat insulation, nozzle assembly with preliminary air-fuel mixing, air inlet premixer, fuel element, hot surface igniter. Besides, steam-and-gas generator comprises a fuel injector burner and Jet extension. Housing includes inlet fuel for receiving a stream of fuel and air inlet to receive air flow. Nozzle case comprises chamber initial combustion. Heat insulation is made inside the chamber of initial combustion. Nozzle assembly with preliminary air-fuel mixing is made with possibility of dosing supply of fuel-air mixture in the chamber of initial combustion. Air inlet premixing is made with possibility of directing part of air flow, received from air inlet in the nozzle assembly with preliminary air-fuel mixing. Fuel element is made with possibility of directing the flow of fuel from fuel inlet nozzle assembly with preliminary air-fuel mixing. Hot surface igniter is made with possibility of heating ignition and fuel-air mixture in the chamber combustion to create initial non-stationary emission passing in main combustion chamber. Fuel injector is made with possibility of dosing supply of the rest fuel in main combustion chamber. Burner has the possibility of dosing supply of air remaining in the main combustion chamber. Flow of fuel from fuel injector and air flow of the burner ignited in the main combustion chamber by means of non-stationary emission from the chamber of initial combustion. Jet extension is installed to prevent fuel inlet of the fuel nozzle chamber initial combustion.EFFECT: technical result is higher efficiency of fuel combustion system.21 cl, 5 dwg

Annular combustion chamber for turbo-machine // 2604260
FIELD: turbo-machines.SUBSTANCE: annular combustion chamber for turbo-machine contains coaxial annular inner wall and outer wall, connected at their upstream located ends by means of annular wall, forming chamber bottom, annular row of fuel nozzles, which heads are installed into fuel injection systems, installed chamber bottom wall openings. Each nozzle head has longitudinal axis and comprises, at least, fuel screw passage to drive said fuel into rotation around nozzle head longitudinal axis. Each injection system comprises, at least, one twist, located at same longitudinal axis as nozzle head, and having substantially radial air passage channels, having corresponding longitudinal axes, along which each channel has longitudinal cross-section. Channels longitudinal cross-sections longitudinal axes are inclined relative to twist longitudinal axis at angle, which is substantially equal to, within ±10°, angle of nozzle head screw channel helical line. Channels cross-sections longitudinal axes are oriented in same direction as said channel, around twist longitudinal axis.EFFECT: invention is aimed at combustion chambers higher efficiency and effectiveness.13 cl, 12 dwg

Flare pipe head // 2604245
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for combustion of emergency, permanent and periodic combustible gas releases and can be used in oil and gas industry. Flare pipe head includes gas supply pipe and flame stabilizer, made in form of cylinder and installed outside on top end of gas supply pipe, barrel, installed under stabilizer coaxially and with clearance, and diameter of flame stabilizer is greater than diameter of barrel. Lower edge of barrel is located below upper edge gas supply pipe and top edge of barrel is located above upper edge of gas supply pipe, wherein lower edge of flame stabilizer is located below upper edge of barrel, but above lower edge of barrel, wherein ratio of cross section area of gas supply pipe to area of annular space between barrel and gas supply pipe is 1:4. Wherein cover with central hole is rigidly fixed on upper edge of barrel, and nozzle with replaceable head piece is concentrically arranged in central hole of cover, wherein passage area of annular space between barrel and flame stabilizer is from 30 to 70 % of area of annular space between barrel and gas supply pipe, wherein flame stabilizer is equipped with circular blades with inclination angle of 70-75° above replaceable head piece.EFFECT: technical result is increased reliability and efficiency.1 cl, 2 dwg

In-depth arrangement of fuel injector // 2604230
FIELD: turbines.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to gas turbine combustion chamber. Combustion chamber contains device of start-up burner, fuel injector (102) and unit (103) of the igniter. Device of start-up burner comprises starting housing (100) with starting surface (101), which faces the internal volume of the combustion chamber. Fuel injector (102) comprises outlet fuel for fuel injection into the inner volume. Unit (103) of the igniter has the possibility of ignition of fuel in internal volume, upon that unit (103) of the igniter is arranged at launching surface (101) so that fuel, which passes through the unit (103) of the igniter is flammable. Starting housing (100) contains cavity (501), fuel outlet is arranged inside the socket (501).EFFECT: invention provides reliability of ignition.16 cl, 9 dwg

Combustion chamber (versions) and method of fuel distribution in combustion chamber // 2604146
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: combustion chamber comprises tube bundle, which passes in radial direction through at least part of combustion chamber. Said tube bundle has upstream surface separated from downstream surface in axial direction. Tubes pass from upstream surface through downstream surface, wherein each tube provides flow communication through tube bundle. Between adjacent tubes inside tube bundle deflector passes in axial direction. Method of fuel distribution in combustion chamber includes provision of fuel passing to overpressure chamber, confined by, at least, partially upstream surface, downstream surface, casing and tubes, passing from upstream to downstream surface.EFFECT: said method further includes provision of fuel collision with deflector, which passes in axial direction inside increased pressure fuel chamber between adjacent tubes.20 cl, 7 dwg

Furnace for cremation // 2603981
FIELD: agriculture; veterinary science.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, particularly to veterinary science, and can be used for combustion of carcasses, wastes of animal origin and other biological materials. Furnace for combustion consists of heat-insulated metal housing with detachable cover, chimney and grate made of arranged in line with certain pitch channels with flanges directed downwards, end surfaces of each of which adjoin to two longitudinal pipes with rectangular cross-section, located along the inner walls of furnace housing, and ends of forementioned lengthwise pipes, closing in the rear side of the furnace in the upper part of the settling chamber, form a nozzle.EFFECT: intensiication of the process of cremation, simplified design, reduced costs of manual labour, provision of relative mobility and extension of usage of installation for partial thermal treatment of various biological wastes for subsequent processing.1 cl, 2 dwg

Combustion method with arrangement of cycles of chemical reactions and removal of ash and fine particles at outlet of oxidation zone and plant using this method // 2603942
FIELD: energetics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Combustion method with arrangement of cycles of chemical reactions of solid particles of raw hydrocarbons in which oxygen-containing material circulates in the form of particles and which involves contact of raw hydrocarbons particles with particles of oxygen-containing material in reduction zone R0, contact particles of oxygen-containing material (1) of the reduction zone R0 with flow of gaseous oxidant (2) in the reaction of the oxidation zone of R1, direction of the mobile phase (5) from the reaction zone R1, which includes gas and solid phases, separating the gas and solid phases zone S2 in such a way to separate mainly gaseous mobile phase (6) including fly ash and fine particles of oxygen-containing material and solid phase flow (7), including basic mass of fine particles, fly ash and basic mass of particles of oxygen-containing material, the direction of solid phase flow (7) of the separating gas and solid phases zone S2 in separating the solid phase demagnetizing zone S3, fluidized non-reducing gas (8), that enables to separate fine particles and fly ash from oxygen-containing material so, to direct the stream of particles (10), including basic mass of particles of oxygen-containing material in reduction zone R0 and release through the discharge line mainly gaseous output stream (9), including basic mass of fly ash and fine particles of oxygen-containing material.EFFECT: invention enables to obtain synthetic gas and/or hydrogen, as well as removal of ash and fine particles.17 cl, 3 tbl, 1 dwg

Fuel element // 2603863
FIELD: fuel.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fuel cells, used in fireplaces and as heater in closed rooms, operating on liquid fuel. Fuel element comprises hollow housing (1) with opening (5) in its upper part. In housing (1) with annular gap (6) relative to opening (5) edge (7) heat conducting element (8) is installed, raised above housing (1). Heat conducting element (8) upper part (9) is heated by flame from burning vaporous liquid fuel, running out from housing (1) through annular gap (6). Heat conducting element (8) lower part (10) heats liquid fuel to boiling point and evaporation under action of heat supplied from upper part (9).EFFECT: technical result is providing continuous burning with stable flame.8 cl, 8 dwg

Kitchen stove // 2603328
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gas cookers. Kitchen stove includes a main gas line, through which is transported gas, at least one gas burner, at least one spark plug, transformer, connecting element and a grip ensuring fixation of pipeline in connecting element. Gas if fed to gas burner by means of main gas pipeline or collector pipeline. Spark plug is located next to gas burner and is intended for ignition of gas fed into gas burner. Transformer is connected to spark plug and has at least one seat. Connecting element provides positioning of transformer on pipelines. Stove comprises a holding element having a connector, placed in seat, housing, starting from connector and extending towards grip, tightening element extending to inner surface of grip on continuation of housing and applying clamping force to surface of pipeline, to which transformer is connected.EFFECT: technical result is maintaining transformer position on pipeline with simultaneous provision of earthing.11 cl, 8 dwg

Gas burner assembly, gas cooktop and gas appliance // 2603312
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to domestic appliances, specifically to domestic gas cooktop with a gas burner assembly. Gas appliance consists of gas cooktop, to which is connected gas burner assembly (3). Gas burner assembly comprises support for kitchen ware, crown burner and burner cover. Crown burner is attached to lower side of support for kitchen ware, and burner cover is fixed between support for kitchen ware and crown burner. Support for kitchen ware includes at least three, preferably at least four arms, extending radially from centre of support for kitchen ware. And each arm is comprises on its end, located at a distance from centre of support for kitchen ware, leg extending fro lower side of corresponding arm.EFFECT: technical result is easy maintenance of gas burner assembly.15 cl, 4 dwg

ixture supply system for water heater, water heater having said mixture supply system, and method of fuel and oxidant mixing // 2603232
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Mixture feed system is made with possibility to be mounted in water heater and fuel mix feed to water heater burner, comprises fuel supply line for liquid fuel, oxidizer supply line for liquid oxidant, mixing chamber for mixing fuel and oxidizer to form combustible mixture, combustible mixture discharge outlet from mixing chamber, first fan to supply fuel from corresponding supply line to mixing chamber and mixture supply from it to outlet, wherein first fan is made with possibility to act directly on fuel, fan includes fan chamber equipped with blade wheel, each of fuel supply lines and oxidizer supply lines extends in open space in fan chamber, mixing chamber is built-in into fan chamber, mixture outlet is connected to fan chamber. Fuel supply line and oxidizer supply line comprise separate outputs to fan chamber. Also there is second fan of oxidizer supply from appropriate supply line into mixing chamber, wherein second fan can act directly on oxidizer.EFFECT: invention increases water heater efficiency.12 cl, 5 dwg

System for disposal of medical wastes // 2603197
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine and environment and can be used for disposal of infected medical waste of hazardous and extremely hazardous classes directly in health care institutions. Result achieved by that system of for recycling medical wastes comprises a device for disinfection and sterilisation, including installed in housing sterilisation chamber with a sealed lid, means for heating materials and means for creating a vacuum in sterilisation chamber and a device for decomposing medical waste, comprising a receptacle for placing disinfected waste and means for their pressing. Device for disinfecting and sterilising, provided in form of an autoclave, further comprising a control unit adapted to automatically control operation of autoclave casing, closing lid of sterilisation chamber, a water drain line, comprising a drain valve, air supply line, comprising a solenoid air inlet line, and bacterial filter. Means for heating materials include a steam generator fitted with electric heaters on bottom of sterilisation chamber, which is connected to steam chamber flowing around sterilisation chamber with sides provided with a safety valve and a manometer. Steam generator is configured to discharge water through filler neck at top of enclosure of autoclave, through water draining line comprising overlapping valve and purifying filter. Means for creating a vacuum in sterilisation chamber is in form of steam discharge line, comprising a hydraulic capacitor solenoid valve discharge line pair, and a reverse valve strainer. Apparatus for decomposing medical waste made in form of a press destructor, consisting of a frame, hydraulic power unit comprising a cylinder with a sealing plate on end of rod, and an electronic control unit located in upper part of frame and cover is closed with shutters, as well as including a hydroelectric station, having a pump drive, working with mineral oil as working fluid, a tank under oil pressure relief valve, adjustable pressure switch, pressure gauge with valve for adjustment and control of working pressure control valve with electromagnetic control type. Electronic control unit, built to connect two reversing starters with latching and protection against simultaneous switching, arranged in a single functional unit.EFFECT: technical result is to increase efficiency of disinfection of medical waste, ensuring reliability of system of medical waste, excluding byproduct emissions that pollute environment.6 cl, 3 dwg

Grate consisting of fire bars for combustion and installation method of fire bars in grate and their removal therefrom // 2602709
FIELD: energetics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Grate consists of several stages, including large number of first and second grates (A, B), arranged in rows close to each other and in rows one above another and forming by their top support surfaces (2) stepped surface (17) for combustion. Invention consists in, that first grates (A) at its width (b) are at least once in support surface (2) area form lower support surface (2) for burnt material (14) by means of ledge (7) inside towards longitudinal central plane (10), than second grates (B), and second grates (B) in support surface (2) area have to form overlap (9) with first grates (A) by means of projection (8) in width (b) to outside support surface (2) of larger width (b′). Additionally, second grates (B) contain at least one increasing width (b′) to width (b′′) pin (5), introduced into corresponding pocket (6) of first grates (A).EFFECT: invention allows improving grate operating reliability, simple replacement of individual grates.9 cl, 7 dwg

Device and method for turbomachine combustion chamber ignition // 2602707
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Method of ignition in combustion chamber of turbomachine includes fluid inlet phase into chamber through inlet hole, during which piston compresses resilient means under fluid pressure so, that said resilient means are applied force to piezoelectric element sufficient for, that latter caused occurrence of electric voltage between electrodes, which enables formation of electric arc, until piston reaches preset position for closing of valve to seal said inlet opening, and outlet phase of said fluid medium, for which said resilient means push piston back so, that to cause displacement of fluid from said chamber through outlet opening, and said valve opens.EFFECT: higher efficiency of turbomachine combustion chamber ignition.10 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of termination of harmful emissions into atmosphere by industrial chimney // 2602556
FIELD: processing and recycling of wastes; ecology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to purification of flue gases emitted in atmosphere by industrial vertical pipes. Proposed method includes assembling of horizontal pipe barrel to preset length of links, made of sheet steel, wherein outer surface of horizontal pipe barrel is coated with metal coating, filled with water for cooling of passing hot smoke flow. Wherein flue gas from emission source is directed to soot trap and then it is directed to initial part of horizontal pipe with help of smoke exhaust, where it is mixed with atmospheric air flow by means of artificial draft. Obtained smoke mixture is directed at rate of 8-14 m/s through conical part of horizontal pipe, length of which is equal to 1/4 of horizontal pipe length, diameter is 1/10 of horizontal pipe diameter, to surface purification plant for semifine purification by sprinkling neutralizing chemical solution and then for fine purification by means of filters of metal shavings and self-purifying filters, where smoke mixture is purified with coefficient of up to 98 %, avoiding hazardous gas emissions into atmosphere.EFFECT: technical result is prevention of hazardous gas emissions into atmosphere.3 cl, 4 dwg

Air heating system for fuel-burning plant // 2601401
FIELD: heat-and-power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering, in particular to devices for air heating and heat recovery of exhaust flue gases, and is intended for use in fuel-burning plants, for example in hot water and steam boilers of thermal power plants. Core of invention is that the air to flow into the steam heater is additionally heated in a solar heater by the heat converted from the Sun energy and in a heat exchanger installed in before the steam heater. Herewith the solar heater is made with the possibility of heating the water circulating through it, which is used as a heating medium in the heat exchanger.EFFECT: technical result achieved by the present invention is higher efficiency of the air heating system operation while maintaining reliability of the equipment and optimum parameters of the heat carriers.1 cl, 1 dwg

Plant for preparation of solid fuel for combustion // 2601399
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering and can be used for preparation of solid fuel for combustion in heat power plants (HPP). Plant for preparation of solid fuel for combustion contains technologically interconnected: a raw fuel channel, a raw fuel bin, a dewatering device connected with a hot air channel, a fuel store bin, a grinding device, a fuel feed channel connected with the fuel store bin. Solid fuel used for combustion is dried oily sludge from chemical treatment of water, herewith the channel and the bin of raw fuel represent a channel and a bin of wet oily sludge from chemical treatment of water (CTW) in the form of a mixture of separated oil products and waste sludge from CTW after treatment of waste waters of heat power plants from oil products, a the fuel store bin is a dried oily sludge from CTW store bin. Solid fuel used for combustion can be dried oily sludge from CTW with the moisture content of 3-4 % and the particle size of not more than 1.5 mm.EFFECT: invention simplifies the process scheme of fuel economy of HPP on solid fuel due to a simplified design of the plant for preparation of solid fuel for combustion, expands the range and reduces the cost of solid fuel, thus reducing the cost of produced electric and heat energy owing to recycling of chemical water treatment oily sludge, herewith using the HPP wastes - separated oil products and used CTW sludge after treatment of waste waters of heat power plants from oil products.1 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Electrostatic burner for burning liquid fuels in furnace of power boilers // 2601396
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering and can be used for burning liquid fuels in furnace plants of boiler units. Electrostatic burner for burning liquid fuels in furnace of power boilers comprises a hollow fuel feeding tube and a nozzle, electrostatic atomizer, negative electrode of which is a system of metal spraying nozzles, outlet sections of which are arranged along concentric circles in one plane with the outer surface of the positive electrode and separated therefrom by dielectric washers, as well as a system of air cylinder slotted channels arranged along concentric circles between rows of spraying nozzles, diameters of circular holes of the positive electrode ranges from 10 to 15 outer diameters of spraying nozzles.EFFECT: invention provides higher quality of spraying and mixing liquid fuel with air.1 cl, 4 dwg

Control of flame instability by thrust pressure and process variation // 2601021
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Furnace operation is controlled by means of monitoring statistical variable, calculated from thrust measurement, and monitoring of process variable, related to operation of the furnace. Abnormal operation of the furnace is determined based on statistical variable and process variable.EFFECT: invention allows to increase efficiency of control.24 cl, 16 dwg

ethod for preparation of third generation composite mineral-organic biofuel // 2600950
FIELD: fuel.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of biofuel based on renewable organic material and may be used for purpose of transportation industry and power engineering. Method for preparation of third generation composite mineral-organic biofuel is provided by homogenisation of two-component mineral-organic mixture by ultrasonic cavitation processing of biomass of microalgae. Organic component of biofuel is condensed part of vapour-gas fraction of fast pyrolysis products, which include molecules in amount of more than 5 atoms of carbon and oxygen, biomass of microalgae. Condensation of organic component is carried out continuously during homogenisation of two-component mixture by cooling in contact with mineral component and ultrasonic cavitation treatment in a stream, enclosed in narrow channel adjacent to an ultrasonic emitter. Size of cross section of channel in direction perpendicular to active planes of emitter is 2/4 to 3/4 of its size in direction parallel with its active planes. Thermal energy released as a result of cooling and condensation of vapour-gas fraction is extracted through heat-conducting walls of reservoir with help of external heat carrier flow.EFFECT: technical result is improved efficiency of using organic algae mass in production of third generation composite mineral of organic biofuel on basis of ultrafine emulsions.4 cl, 2 dwg

Annular combustion chamber for turbo-machine // 2600829
FIELD: devices for fuel combustion.SUBSTANCE: annular combustion chamber for a turbo-machine, which represents the axial direction (X), radial direction (R) and azimuthal direction (Y), a combustion chamber, containing the first annular wall and the second annular wall. Each annular wall defines at least part of the combustion chamber housing, combustion chamber. First annular wall and the second annular wall are additional means of assembly, which interact by means of engagement by azimuth. Additional means of assembly comprise multiple first tabs extending from the first annual wall by azimuth in the first direction, and multiple second tabs extending from the second annual wall by azimuth in the second direction opposite the first one. First and the second tabs interact by means of engagement by azimuth.EFFECT: invention is aimed at reduction of combustion products leakage and simplifies assembly and disassembly of the combustion chamber.9 cl, 7 dwg

Infrared metal heating device and method of its making // 2600801
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to infrared devices for infrared conversion and radiant heating from the burner using completely preliminarily stirred mixture supplied to it, as well as to the methods of its making. Infrared device for burner containing a block with honeycomb structure formed by winding or lamination of metal strip with formation of adjacent layers with channels and having the first and the second surfaces located opposite to each other, and a side surface adjacent to outer edges of the first and the second surfaces, as well as multiple channels from the first surface to the second surface. According to the first version, on the side surface of the unit with honeycomb structure there are holes, through which there are metal rods, crossing several adjacent layers inside the block with honeycomb structure, note also that metal rods are arranged in through holes and fixed relative to the metal strip. According to the second version, the part of the first and/or the second surface layers of metal strips are made with the selected fragments, which are connected and are adjacent layers of metal strip with formation of a built-in structural element. Also includes methods of making infrared metal heater by the first and the second versions.EFFECT: technical result is avoiding deformation and axial movement of metal strips of honeycomb element as a result of alternation of high and low temperatures.30 cl, 4 ex, 12 dwg

Gas burner // 2600654
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering, in particular, to machines for moistening snow mass during continuous construction of snow-ice roads and ground airfields in northern areas. Gas burner includes gas chamber with gas nozzles, pipe for feeding gas into gas chamber and air supply flow pipe with inclusions of loosened snow. Gas chamber is multi-sectional in form of annular partitions of tubes (3, 4 and 5) located in air supply flow pipe (2), and gas supply pipe (1) is made in form of a distribution manifold, axis of which is parallel to axis of air supply flow pipe on its outer side. Annular partitions (3, 4 and 5), forming sections of gas chamber, are made with different outer diameters and are installed in air supply flow pipe (2) coaxially, at different levels, with bottom arrangement of partitions of smaller diameter. In lower part of annular partitions are installed gas nozzles (12), arranged in storey rows, forming for each annular partition a widened combustion zone from inner, middle and outer rows of gas nozzles. Middle gas nozzles are installed with vertical arrangement of axes, parallel to axis of air supply flow pipe (2). In external and internal rows axes of gas nozzles are deflected in different sides from vertical position in radial direction at an angle not greater than 45°. Nozzle (12) in said rows are installed in alternating order, with arrangement of nozzle of middle row between nozzles of inner and outer rows. Furthermore, each nozzle is equipped with cap (14), having hole (18) of variable cross section with convergent and divergent shape, and disc swirler (13), coupled with hole (18) of cap. Disc swirler is provided with recess (15) in centre and at least three through holes (16), connected by slots (17) with recess, having an output into hole (18) of variable cross-section of nozzle cap.EFFECT: high temperature passing stream of snow, efficient transfer of heat over throughout volume and high efficiency of a gas burner.1 cl, 4 dwg

odular automated system for mixing natural gas with atmospheric air // 2600484
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: system is intended for production of gaseous fuel and can be used at industrial enterprises and Housing and Utility Infrastructure facilities. System includes an air supply line comprising series-interconnected with a pipeline in arbitrary order: the first flow meter able to measure the airflow and a control valve designed to control the airflow rate in the air supply line; gas supply line containing the second flow meter connected via the pipeline with an ejector inlet made with the ability of measuring the gas flow rate; line of mixing gas and air containing an ejector made with the ability of obtaining gas-air mixture and connected by pipelines at its inlet to the air supply line outlet and the gas supply line outlet, and at its outlet - to the system outlet; bypass line including the first reduction gear, configured to generate preset pressure at the outlet of the bypass line connected via pipelines with the gas supply line between the second flow meter and the ejector inlet and with the gas and air mixing line between the ejector and the system outlet; control unit connected to the first flow meter, the second flow meter and the control valve and configured to: receive information on the airflow rate from the first flow meter, receive information on the gas flow rate from the second flow meter, and control the control valve on the basis of received information in such a way that with the current value of gas flow rate to maintain the airflow rate required to ensure preset ratio of air and gas in the obtained gas-air mixture.EFFECT: simplified design of the system, higher reliability, safety and efficiency of using natural gas.12 cl, 2 dwg

Device and method for granulated solid fuel combustion // 2600204
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Device (100) for combustion of granulated solid fuel contains chamber (102), with external wall (104) and internal wall (106), dividing the internal space of said chamber into space (108) for air for combustion and combustion chamber (110), at least one air blower (112) to ensure combustion air, and means of rotation (113) for rotation of said combustion chamber. Inner surface of said combustion chamber comprises multiple steps (138) for lifting of fuel in said combustion chamber, and is provided, at least one hole (140) in at least one stage for direction of primary air in said combustion chamber in a direction substantially parallel to said combustion chamber and/or along the circle of said combustion chamber to facilitate combustion of fuel and displacement of said fuel at said stages, said combustion chamber comprises, at least one hole (204) for supply of secondary air into said combustion chamber in a direction substantially parallel to the axis of rotation of said combustion chamber to remove completely burnt fuel and, if necessary, gaseous combustion products from said combustion chamber, the rotary motion of the combustion chamber provided with said means of rotation, and said primary air together lifted fully burnt fuel in said secondary air in order to remove it from said combustion chamber.EFFECT: invention increases completeness of fuel combustion.18 cl, 6 dwg

Thermoelectric rim for stack // 2600192
FIELD: heat-and-power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering and can be used in designs of a head of stacks for recycling stack effluent heat of boiler units, industrial furnaces while their emission into atmosphere to produce electricity. Thermoelectric rim for a stack comprises a cylindrical housing, made of corrosion-resistant material with high heat conductivity, divided by the external support ring into an upper working part and a lower support part, passed inside the stack, working part of the housing has vertical corrugations which form vertical rectangular seats, in which thermoelectric elements are partially recessed, and consist of rectangular inserts made of resilient dielectric corrosion-resistant material, inside of which there are rows of parallel thermal emission converters, each of which is a pair of parallel wire lengths made from different metals M1 and M2 soldered on the ends of each other to form a certain gap with width Δ, thermoelectric elements at the top of the housing of the thermoelectric rim are interconnected in pairs by bridges, at the bottom - by electric capacitors, to form thermoelectric sections, which in turn, are connected in series to form an open ring, first and latter capacitors of which are connected with terminals.EFFECT: recycling stack effluent heat.1 cl, 5 dwg

Thermal decomposition plant // 2600140
FIELD: fuel.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering, in particular to devices for production of combustible gases, liquid fuel and solid residue from plastics, polymers, tires, automotive scrubs, cables. Thermal decomposition plant consists of housing 1, at least of two arranged horizontally pyrolysis chambers, in each of which there is loading door 3 and burner 4, heat exchanger for cooling of pyrolysis gases. To burner 4, to liquid fuel supply union, fuel line 7 from fuel tank is routed, and to pyrolysis gases supply union gas pipeline from gas-fluid separator is routed. Under pyrolysis chambers, between them, fire tube channel with burner is installed, wherein fire tube burner pyrolysis gases supply union is connected with gas-liquid separator by gas pipeline, and fire tube burner liquid fuel supply union is connected to fuel tank.EFFECT: technical result is increase in operation efficiency due to reduced equipment downtime between raw material charges into pyrolysis chamber, possibility of heat carrier temperature adjustment.4 cl, 4 dwg

Heat exchanger with fluidised bed // 2599888
FIELD: heat engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering and can be used in fluidized bed boilers. Proposed is heat exchanger (10) with a fluidized bed of fluidized bed boiler (12), herewith the heat exchanger comprises front wall (16) adjacent to the fluidized bed boiler, rear wall (18) opposite to the front wall, and two side walls (60, 60′), herewith the walls are formed as water-pipe panels, inlet hole (24) located in the first section of the upper part of the heat exchanger for supply of hot particles from the fluidized bed boiler into the heat exchanger, heat transfer surfaces (34) for heat extraction from the particles and outlet hole (36) located in the second section of the upper part of the heat exchanger for return of cooled particles as an overflow from the heat exchanger back into the fluidized bed boiler, where the heat exchanger includes partition wall (26) between first (38) and second (40) sections of the upper part of the heat exchanger, herewith the partition wall runs from the front wall to the middle section of the heat exchanger, and the partition wall is formed by bending the boiling pipes at least from one side wall (60, 60′) of the heat exchanger.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of the heat exchanger dimensions.11 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of recycling liquid phase of drilling wastes // 2599743
FIELD: mining; processing and recycling of wastes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of processing and recycling of drilling wastes during tests or well development. Method of recycling liquid phase of drilling wastes is disclosed, according to which liquid phase of drilling wastes is preliminary accumulated. After accumulation of liquid phase of drilling wastes, liquid phase of drilling waste is pumped to installation of heat elimination of waste water and then sprayed, simultaneously gas is supplied to installation of heat elimination of waste water directly from a source of hydrocarbons, it is sprayed and ignited. Wherein temperature of supplied liquid phase of drilling wastes is kept above 0 °C, as well as difference of atmospheric pressure and pressure of gas, supplied into pipe space of installation of heat elimination of waste water, at level no less than 1 ATM, at that comply with Reynolds number, at least 1, for hydrocarbon flow through the tubular space of installation of heat elimination of waste water.EFFECT: technical result is increased reliability and efficiency of elimination of liquid phase of drilling wastes of spent drilling solutions, as well as improved protection of environment.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of drilling combustion chamber wall // 2599320
FIELD: aircraft; machine building.SUBSTANCE: method (100) includes a step for preliminary calculation (101) of mechanical stresses, which act on wall (12, 13) part of the turbomachine operation, and drilling (102) at least one hole (21) in the zone of said wall (12, 13). Note here that said drilling (102) is made with at least one cutting tool with cross section corresponding to calculated mechanical stress.EFFECT: invention can be used for drilling walls (12, 13) of turbomachine parts.12 cl, 15 dwg

Burner-electric generator // 2599088
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering and can be used in injection burners of household heating devices, gas stoves, etc. for combined heat and electric energy generation. Burner-electric generator includes a housing combined with a gas nozzle, a toothed rim made with radial grooves, a top cover, a spark plug, around the burner housing there is a thermal-electrical section, consisting of thermal emission converters, each of which consists of two sections, made from different metals M1 and M2, ends of which are connected to each other to form a zigzag row in the form of an open circle and an annular channel between the above said row and the outer surface of the housing, a circular screen separating the zigzag row in the horizon into a hot and a cold zones on the outer side in the air made as a conical ring from a dielectric material with high heat conductivity, herewith the length of the sections from metals M1 and M2 of the thermoelectric converters is selected so that upper junctions of the zigzag row are located within the area of the flame base, lower junctions of the zigzag row are located near the stove surface, and current leads of each thermoelectric section are connected to collectors with like charges connected to the converter, where the required voltages and current intensity are created.EFFECT: technical result is improved quality of burning, generation of electricity in the process of heat production.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of air flow rate control in a compressor of gas-turbine plants of a binary power unit and device for implementation thereof // 2599079
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Method of air flow rate control in a compressor of gas-turbine plants of a binary power unit, which is performed by changing the opening angle of the inlet guiding device of the compressor, measuring mass air flow rate supplied to the compressor, which is stabilized at the preset level, rate of change the opening angle of the inlet guiding device of the compressor is limited by maximum allowable loading rate of the gas turbine. Device for air flow rate control in the compressor of gas-turbine plants of a binary power unit is also disclosed.EFFECT: invention enables higher accuracy of air flow rate control, as well as optimization of operating mode of a gas turbine plant and power unit by eliminating imbalance between preset air flow rate and uncontrolled "floating" mass air flow rate at natural vibrations of ambient air temperature and pressure.4 cl, 4 dwg

Combustion chamber with adjustable opening to supply cooling air for micro gas turbine engine // 2598964
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: combustion chamber with an adjustable opening to supply cooling air for micro gas turbine engine includes a housing, flame tube and fuel injection assembly; flame tube is arranged inside the housing and located along the axis of the combustion chamber, wherein there is an air case annular ring, end flange, between the housing of the combustion chamber and fire tube. End flange is screwed into the housing of the combustion chamber to adjust the required amount of air in the flame tube.EFFECT: invention ensures accurate adjustment of air flows in the combustion chamber in a wider range of engine operation modes, and also enables operation using different types of fuel due to occurence of different parameters of mixture formation.1 cl, 1 dwg

ulti-zone combustor // 2598963
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: multi-zone combustor comprises a body having a head end, a combustor section downstream from head end and a mixing section interposed between head end and combustor section; a pre-mixer and a stepped centre body. Pre-mixer extends from head end through mixing section and configured to output at a first axial location a first mixture to combustor section. Stepped centre body is located in an annulus defined within pre-mixer and includes an outer body and an inner body. Outer body is configured to output at a second axial location downstream from first axial location a second mixture to combustor section. Inner body is located in an annulus defined within outer body and configured to output at a third axial location downstream from second axial location a third mixture to combustor section, wherein independent and separate control of output of said mixtures is provided in accordance with operating mode of multi-zone combustor.EFFECT: higher combustion efficiency.7 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of controlling mobile fuel heater // 2598509
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Method of controlling a mobile fuel heater includes the following steps: connection of the heater for operation; connection of a diagnostic device with the heater; measurement of actual content of CO2 in waste gases of the heater and/or actual excess air factor λ in the heater combustion chamber; determination of the preset content of CO2 and/or λ depending upon at least one current operating parameter of the heater in the heater control device or in the diagnostic device and output of the set value of CO2 and/or λ content through the interface.EFFECT: higher reliability of controlling a mobile heater.15 cl, 1 dwg

Chemical looping combustion method with removal of ash and fines in reduction area, and facility using such method // 2598503
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Method of combustion of a hydrocarbon feedstock with solid particles in chemical loop in which circulates an oxygen carrier material in particulate form, said method comprising at least contact of solid filler particles with oxygen carrier material particles in a first R1 reaction zone operating in dense fluidised bed; combustion waste gas from first R1 reaction zone in presence of oxygen carrier material particles in second reaction zone R2; separation of solid filler particles unburnt, fly ash and oxygen carrier material particles in a mixture resulting from R2 zone, in a rapid separation zone S3 to carry with flue gases (13) most of unburned solid filler particles and fly ash and send most of oxygen carrier material particles to an oxidation zone R0; gas dedusting (13) from quick separation zone S3 in S4 flue gas dedusting zone for discharging dedusted gas stream (14) and flow of particles (15) comprising ash and formed dense particles predominantly oxygen carrier solid particles and unburned particulate filler; division of particle stream (15) separated in dedusting step S4 into two streams in a division area D7 flows, one being recycled to first R1 reaction zone operating in dense fluidised bed, and other sent to a separation zone by elutriation S5; separation by elutriation in said area S5 to recover and recycle ash dense particles to R1 first reaction zone.EFFECT: invention provides complete combustion of solid filler, reduces emission of hazardous substances.16 cl, 1 tbl, 3 dwg