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echanism of clipping optical module and optical module containing such mechanism // 2628109
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the mechanism of clipping (5) for the optical module that contains a body (100) and a leading engine (30) provided with the anchor resistance and adapted to cause movement of the light beam clipping (10) screen. The said body (100) is made of plastic material, the anchor resistance lies between 25 and 120 Ohm, the engine has a length greater than 26 mm, and the said engine comprises, at least, three coils that provide the anchor resistance. The invention also relates to an optical module that contains such a mechanism of clipping (5).EFFECT: reduction of energy consumption.10 cl, 5 dwg

Lamp device and method for lamp device operation // 2628102
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: according to one version, a lamp device (1) is provided which has a lighting module (3) and two pairs of external connecting pins (5aa, 5ab, 5ba, 5bb) to connect the lamp device to the lighting fixture supply voltage. The first clamp of the lighting module is connected to the pin of the first pair of pins by a switch which is closed in response to the voltage difference between the pins of the first pair and the pins of the second pair exceeding the corresponding threshold voltage.EFFECT: increased safety of use.15 cl, 6 dwg
Lighting device // 2628014
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting device comprises one or more LEDs or one or more LED matrices for generating a light flux emitting in the ultraviolet or blue regions of the optical spectrum, and of two or more secondary remote lenses or multilenses for controlling the light flux, cascaded or cascaded and parallel to the direction of the optical axis of the emission of LED or several LEDs or of one or more LED matrices. In this lighting device luminophor particles or mixtures, converting the emission of the LEDs or LED matrices into the emission of missing parts of the spectrum of the visible range or required wavelengths, are introduced onto the surface of the optically transparent binder or its part or directly into the volume of the multilenses or its part.EFFECT: extended scope of application of the lighting device by increasing light output, decreasing glare effect, luminophor consumption, increasing reliability and manufacturability.1 dwg

Lighting module for modular lighting system // 2628006
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting module comprises a board (21) with a central portion (24) and a peripheral edge (22) adapted to be connected to the peripheral edge of the other lighting module board and a plurality of light sources (23) arranged on the board, so that the increment near peripheral edge is larger than one near the central portion. The increment between the board light sources can be reduced while reducing perception of any dark areas between adjacent lighting modules as interruptions (or breaks) of illumination.EFFECT: increased uniformity of lighting.9 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of performing a universal led bulb lamp and led lamp bulb type with stopping ring and led lamp // 2627731
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: embodiment includes the steps of supporting an optical source element of the LED light source using the lens retaining ring (8) as the reference main body, using an optical light distribution lens (7) as an auxiliary support structure and additionally using an optical lens (7) Of the light distribution as the base for mounting the optical source frame member, or an optical light distribution lens (7) is used as the base for installing the radiator (103) of the LED Light bulbs in conjunction with the inner retaining ring (81). And provide a mounting flange to the locking ring (8) of the lens for installing the LED light bulb (102). The LED bulb (102) can be provided with a radiator (103).EFFECT: possibility of independent operation and the possibility of installing a lamp on the radiator.22 cl, 84 dwg, 1 tbl

Lighting device and road lighting fixture, containing lighting device // 2627728
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting device comprises LED light source (302), a reflector (301), a holding unit to hold the LED light source reflector, and a base. The reflector (301) has a reflecting surface (3011) formed by parabolic curve rotation about the first axis (y) by a predetermined angle, the reflector has an input at the parabolic curve vertex. The said first axis is coplanar with the said parabolic curve and substantially perpendicular to the axis (x) of symmetry of the said parabolic curve and is located in or outside the said input. The LED light source (302) is located at the input of the said reflector. The holding unit is rotatably connected to the base so that the said holding unit rotates about the second axis (z) which is perpendicular both to the optical axis (x') of the beam created by the lighting device, and to the first axis (y).EFFECT: achieved effective reduction or elimination of the negative effect of glare on the road surface.13 cl, 6 dwg

New materials and methods for dispersing nanoparticles in matrices with high quantum outputs and stability // 2627378
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: first, luminescent nanoparticles are mixed, the outer surface of which is covered with two types of protective molecules, with a solid polymer precursor. Protective molecules contain the first and second functional groups. The first functional group is connected to the outer surface of the luminescent nanoparticle, and the second functional group provides a miscibility with the precursor of the solid polymer and/or the ability to react with it. The first functional group of the first type of protective molecules contains a metal ion having coordination functionality, and the first functional group of the second type of protective molecules has the functionality of a Lewis base. A polymeric article, for example a coating, a self-supporting layer or a plate transmitting light with a wavelength of 380-750 nm is produced from the resulting solid polymer with embedded luminescent nanoparticles. The lighting device comprises a light source and a light transducer including mentioned solid polymer. Any luminescent nanoparticles can be used in the invention.EFFECT: stability of nanoparticles and the colour purity are improved, the luminescence efficiency is increased and the lifetime is increased.16 cl, 8 dwg

Dynamic speaker cover // 2627030
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: declared cover of the dynamic speaker contains the supporting frame (2) covering the dynamic speaker panel (3), wherein between covering the dynamic speaker panel (3) and the supporting frame (2) there is the hole (7) for the light exit, the lighting device (4), which contains at least one lightguide device (40) and at least one lighting device, which is positioned in such a way, that during the operation the light may enter to the lightguide device (40), at that the lightguide device (40) disposed between the supporting frame (2) and covering the dynamic speaker with the panel (3) and extending along the perimeter of the supporting frame (2), so that at least a part of the light, going out from the side surface of the lightguide device (40) may be emitted into the environment through the hole (7) for the light exit, wherein the supporting frame (2) is integrally connected at least at the separate sections with the panel (3) covering the dynamic speaker. The lighting device 4 also contains the reflecting device (5), disposed so, that the light exiting from the side surface of the lightguide device (40) at least partialy can be reflected into the environment by the reflecting device (5) and the reflecting surface, which has a the focal point, located in sight of the hole (7) for the light exit.EFFECT: technical devices range expansion.8 cl, 4 dwg

Formation node of on-board navigation light radiation indicatrix // 2626464
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: forming assembly comprising a plurality of LEDs arranged on a flat board mounted on a base and a flat diffusely scattering reflector is provided with a flat partition. In this case, the flat diffusely scattering reflector is combined with the base. A flat board with LEDs is installed perpendicular to the flat base and is made in the form of a symmetrical structure of two groups of LEDs. A flat baffle is installed in a vertical symmetry plane perpendicular to the base. On the lateral surfaces of the flat partition, there are additional diffusely scattering reflectors creating additional light fluxes due to the rereflection of the LEDs light fluxes from the flat diffusely scattering reflector located on the base.EFFECT: simplified design.5 dwg

ethod of installing lamps for steady lighting of surface area // 2626379
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lamps are geometrically located in the site plan and provided with a certain shape of the light intensity curve. Its values are used for the preliminary placement and calculation of the light intensity values by the basic light formula. Based on those values, the light distribution is constructed in a rectangular coordinate system for a number of angles, along which the distances between the centers of the lamps are determined, taking into account the given non-uniformity. The centers of the lamps are determined by inscribing the projections of the light intensity cone into the boundaries of the irradiation area, designated by the height of the suspension, and the limiting angles of the LIC are geometrically determined by the light intensity cone generators of the irradiation source. The light intensity factors are calculated by the basic light formula from the condition of achieving a certain value of the irradiation non-uniformity. The light intensity curve is constructed in a rectangular coordinate system based on these values. The curve allows to select corresponding lamps and to place them in the centers, previously determined in the irradiation site plan.EFFECT: reduction of non-uniformity of irradiation.2 cl, 5 dwg

Light recycling method and led recycling module // 2626059
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light sources in which powerful light-emitting diodes are used as the light generating elements, and reflectors with a combination of different curvatures are used to form the light flux, which can be used to design economical illuminators for various purposes. The module contains two reflectors that have internal conjugated truncated spherical surfaces with different radii of curvature and displacement of the curvature centres from the plane in which the LED emitter is located. The displacement of the spherical surfaces centres and the radius of the spherical surface of the second reflector are chosen according to the formulas obtained from the condition of the reflected light reaching the light emitting area of the LED emitter at all angles of its radiation higher than the emission angles in the direction of the outlet edge.EFFECT: increased luminous flux output by increasing the light recycling efficiency.2 cl, 2 dwg

Setting device // 2625933
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the setting device for setting an optical element (30) on the elongated lighting device comprising a plurality of the setting elements (10, 20) intended for fastening them to the end cover at the narrow side of the elongated lighting device and placing the optical element (30). The plurality of the setting elements (10, 20) comprises the first type of the setting element (10) and the second type of the setting element (20).EFFECT: increasing the fastening reliability.18 cl, 16 dwg

Lighting equipment using organic light-emitting diodes // 2625810
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting device comprises the first panel of light sources having the first edge. The lighting device may also comprise the second panel of light sources having the second edge, the second edge of the second panel of light sources being mechanically connected to the first edge of the first panel of light sources. The first panel of light sources and the second panel of light sources are installed with a possibility of forming an angle with respect to each other. By adjusting the angle, the light flux from the light source can be adjusted.EFFECT: achievement of a given level of illumination in a given area.33 cl, 13 dwg

Lamp module and lighting network containing a plurality of lamp modules // 2625724
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lamp module (1) is disclosed that is located so as to emit light in all directions. It includes a plurality of sections (5, 6), each of which comprises LED (7) and at least one electrical contact (3, 4) on the side opposite to said LED (7). Sections (5, 6) can be attached to each other. Their LEDs (7) face outwards, so that electrical contacts (3, 4) of each section (5, 6) face each other inside lamp module (1). Sections (5, 6) are attached to each other so as to provide space between the sections and allow supporting elements to support the lamp to pass into the lamp from various directions. The lighting network contains a plurality of lamp modules (1). Lamp modules (1) are connected to each other in a three-dimensional shape.EFFECT: expanded technical means.14 cl, 18 dwg
Led lighting device (versions) // 2625459
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lighting device (LED LD) of the first embodiment comprises at least two housings with ribs in each of which at least one board with at least one light source is installed. At least one connecting element is installed between the housings. The housing is connected to the connecting element by the type of the lock joint. On the sides of the housing, at least one set of protrusions and grooves is made complementary to the protrusions and grooves of the connecting element. The LED LD of the second embodiment comprises at least two housings with ribs and end caps, in each of which at least one board with at least one light source is installed. At least one connecting element is installed between the housings. The housing is connected to the connecting element by the type of the lock joint. At least one set of protrusions and slots complementary to the protrusions and grooves of the connecting element is formed on the sides of the housings, and grooves are provided on at least one end cover for mounting at least one board with at least one light source. The LED LD of the third embodiment comprises at least two housings with ribs and end caps, in each of which at least one board with at least one light source is installed. At least one connecting element is installed between the housings. At least one end cap, there is provided at least one set of protrusions and grooves complementary to the protrusions and grooves of the connecting element for connection to the connecting element in the manner of a locking connection. The LED LD of the forth embodiment comprises at least two housings with ribs and end caps, in each of which at least one board with at least one light source is installed. At least one connecting element is installed between the housings. At least one end cap, there is provided at least one set of protrusions and grooves complementary to the protrusions and grooves of the connecting element for connection to the connecting element in the manner of a locking connection. In addition, at least one end cover has grooves for mounting at least one board with at least one light source.EFFECT: expanded technical means.24 cl, 11 dwg

Lighting device // 2625334
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses the lighting device (100), which contains at least one light source (105a, 105b, 105c), connected to two receiving electrodes (106a, 106b, 106c). In addition, it contains at least two supply electrodes (103A, 103B, 103C, 103D) to form the electric field (E), wherein the relative configuration between the receiving electrodes (106a, 106b, 106c) and the electric field (E) can be varied. Such change can, for example, occur by moving the receiving electrodes (106a, 106b, 106c) with respect to the electric field (E) and/or changing the configuration of the electric field (E). The light source (105a, 105b, 105c) and/or the receiving electrodes (106a, 106b, 106c) are preferably embedded into the non-solid filling of the container (101). Thus, three-dimensional light source structures can be constructed in which the light sources (105a, 105b, 105c) can be optionally movable.EFFECT: flexible light generation, namely, flexible light distribution in three dimensions.15 cl, 9 dwg

Dipped beam headlight // 2624908
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: dipped beam headlight includes a housing (1) with an internal cavity, an LED light source, a flat-convex lens (2), a thin plate (3) with a through slot (4) and a light reflecting ring (10). The LED light source is made in the form of a single powerful LED (8), the board (9) of which is fixed in the inner cavity of the housing (1) perpendicular to the optical axis O of the headlamp. The lower edge of the through-hole (4) of the thin plate (3) is made in the form of a broken line consisting of two rectilinear segments, one of which is horizontal and the other is tilted down at an angle of 15° to the horizon. In order to create an additional beam of light illuminating the road near the vehicle, the headlight is provided with a second thin plate (5), an insert (6) and additional LEDs (7). The second thin plate (5) is made in the form of a flat ring with a transverse horizontal baffle (11). The lower edge H of the partition (11) forms a slot (13) with the walls of the housing (1). The insert (6) is fixed in the inner cavity of the housing (1) in its lower part between the thin plate (3) with the through slot and the second thin plate (5). The additional LEDs (7) are fixed to the flat surface A of the insert (6) under the peak (14) and above the plane K passing through the focus of the lens (2) and the lower edge H of the transverse partition (11).EFFECT: increased efficiency.5 cl, 5 dwg

Lighting device with holder and bulb // 2624455
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting device comprises a light source (110), a heat-conducting holder (130) configured to hold the light source, a bulb (120), wherein the holder and the bulb together form a single chamber (140) at least partially surrounding the lighting source (110). The holder is configured to transfer heat (160) from the light source (110) to the bulb (120, and the said bulb is configured to dissipate heat (170) from the lighting device. The holder and the bulb of the lighting device can comprise a single integrated part.EFFECT: provided adjustment of heat exchange and uniform distribution of brightness.14 cl, 7 dwg

Remote formation of light beam // 2624454
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting system (100) comprises a light emitting unit (101) configured to emit a light field (103) with a predetermined uniformity of directivity and an optical element (102) configured to receive a portion of the light field (103) emitted by the light emitting unit (101), and configured to output the modified light field (104) based on the light field (103). The optical element (102) is set separately with respect to the light emitting unit (101) and is configured to change the light field (103) introduced into the optical element (102) such that the light field (104) output from the optical element (102) has a changed uniformity of directivity with respect to the light field (103) emitted by the light-emitting unit (101). In addition, the optical element (102) is disclosed, and configured to be included into the lighting system (100).EFFECT: creating of a light field with a possibility of changing of its direction uniformity.15 cl, 4 dwg

Split beam lighting device and lighting system // 2624453
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting device includes the first and the second light sources adapted to emit light beams having two different shapes enclosed within a chamber with mirror outer walls that are parallel to the optical axis of the beam shapes of both types of light sources.EFFECT: use of a chamber with mirror outer walls aligned with the optical axis of the beam shapes of both types of light sources and adapted to mirror at least a portion of the incident light provides more uniform visual characteristics of the lighting device while simultaneously maintaining the corresponding total beam forms for beams created by the first and the second light sources at the time light beams incidence on the chamber exit window.15 cl, 20 dwg

Light-emitting device // 2624348
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: light emitting device (100) is proposed. It comprises a solid-state light source (101, 201) configured to emit primary light. The light emitting device also comprises a wavelength-converting element (105, 205) configured to receive the said primary light and capable of converting the said primary light to secondary light. Moreover, the wavelength-converting element and the solid-state light source are mutually spaced. Also, the light emitting device comprises a non-absorbing, partially transparent reflector (106, 206) located on the light output side of the wavelength-converting element to prevent visibility outside the wavelength-converting element colour, when the light-emitting device is off. At that, the primary light emitted by the solid-state light source and the secondary light formed by the wavelength-converting element can be transmitted by a non-absorbing, partially transparent reflector to exit the light-emitting device. Moreover, the non-absorbing partially transparent reflector has the same light reflection coefficient in the wavelength range of 400 nm to 800 nm. A lamp and a lighting fixture are also provided, comprising the light-emitting devices described above.EFFECT: improvement of the device.14 cl, 7 dwg

Illumination device // 2624265
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: device includes an organic EL panel and the panel drive circuit. Moreover, the organic EL panel includes a plurality of light emitting units, the charge generation layer, a pair of electrodes, a transparent substrate, a sealing substrate, a sealing element, light-gaining layer, the heat radiating plate. In this case between the sealing substrate and the negative electrode provided with a gap, which is filled with a filler (desiccant, an inert gas or silicone oil). Couple electrodes where both are transparent electrodes. Light-gaining layer is placed between the negative electrode and the heat radiating plate.EFFECT: reducing the size and weight of the structure.10 cl, 30 dwg

Colour-customized lighting node, light source and lighting unit // 2623960
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: colour-customized lighting node (100), a light source and a lighting unit are presented. The colour-customized lighting node (100) contains a light emitter (110), a luminescent layer (108) and a temperature controlling means (106). The light emitter (110) emits light (112) of the first colour distribution. The luminescent layer (108) receives light (112) emitted by the light emitter (110). The luminescent layer (108) comprises a luminescent material for absorbing the light portion (112) of the said first colour distribution and converting the absorbed light portions in the light (102) of the second colour distribution. The second colour distribution depends on the temperature of the luminescent layer (108). The temperature controlling means (106) actively regulates the temperature of the luminescent layer (108) to receive light emission by the colour-customized lighting node. Light emission has a specific colour distribution. The temperature controlling means (106) is configured to increase the temperature of the luminescent layer (108), to increase the average wavelength of the second colour distribution, so that the second colour distribution is shifted from the second light emission spectrum to the third light emission spectrum. The second light emission spectrum differs from the third light emission spectrum.EFFECT: providing an improved colour-customized lighting node assembly.12 cl, 19 dwg

White light emmission module // 2623682
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: module includes the first element, that emits the light with the emission peak in the wave length range from 440 up to 460 nm and the second element, that emits the light with the emission peak in the range from 400 to 440 nm. Furthermore, the module includes the wave length conversion material, receiving the light from the first emitting element, and capable to emit the light, having the emission peak in the wave length range from green up to red. The module emits light, wherein the ratio A' of the integral spectral distribution of power with wave lengths range from 380 to 430 nm to the integrated spectral distribution of the total emitting light power, determinated by and is in the range 0,6≤ A'≤3.EFFECT: provision of the possibility to form the emitting with the improved white colour rendering.14 cl, 21 dwg

ethod for creating light flux and cornice long lamp for its implementation // 2623506
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: method for creation of a light flux is proposed according to which the necessary quantity of LEDS located on the LED rulers is chosen, and a set of light-emitting diodes creates an adequate set of light beams. Polar diagrams of light distribution of LED light beams are selected and regulated, including using additional lenses, achieving uneven lighting created by the light flux not exceeding 5-30% of its maximum value. To implement this method, a cornice long lamp is provided, the housing of which is composed of an extended form of rigidly fixed plates of primary and additional placement of LED rulers with LEDs forming the light flux, light flux reflecting boards, light flux limiting plates, the mounting plate and the supporting shaped housing section. In addition, the plate of the main arrangement of LED rulers forming the light flux is set at an angle "a" within 7°≤a≤70° to the mounting plate, and also located at an angle "b" within 80°≤b≤150° to the light flux reflection plate.EFFECT: enhanced ability to control the lamp radiation pattern while providing high lighting uniformity.10 cl, 8 dwg

Explosion-proof lamp // 2622892
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lamp contains a housing, a diffuser made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, a power supply and an LED board installed in the housing, ground screws, suspension assembly and a ring installed in the cylindrical part of the housing. The diffuser is mounted in a ring on the sealant. The ring-shaped cover with cooling fins is connected to the housing by thread and presses the diffuser with the ring to the housing. The terminal block is located in the housing, and at least one cable entry is installed in the housing opening.EFFECT: increased level of protection from environment up to IP66.7 cl, 9 dwg

Explosion-proof lamp // 2622891
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lamp contains a housing made of an aluminium alloy and a junction box with a lid and seals on its side surface, a diffuser with a flange fixed in a coupling having a thread on the outer cylindrical surface and mounted in a housing on a threaded labyrinth, a LED board and a power supply, located in the housing, a terminal block installed inside the junction box, and a suspension assembly. It is equipped with a battery installed in the casing and connected to the power supply and a ring having an external thread that presses the diffuser flange made of polycarbonate to the inner clutch end with an additional thread on the inner cylindrical surface. The cavity, formed by a flange, ring and a coupling, is filled with a heat-resistant compound, the housing is made with an external finned ribbing, and the junction box is made in conjunction with the housing also made of aluminium alloy. The cover of the junction box is connected to it on a threaded labyrinth, the seal in the junction box is made in the form of two oppositely screwed fittings with plugs and sealing rings. The grounding screws are installed, respectively, one on the housing and the other inside it.EFFECT: increased maintainability, ease of assembly, safety of construction, expansion of installation capabilities in the place of installation and increased degree of protection from environmental exposure.5 cl, 7 dwg

Acoustic light-emlitting element of building // 2622475
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: reflective side faces the sound-absorbing element to a plurality of solid state light sources. The sound-absorbing element comprises a plurality of holes extending from the reflective side to the opposite side of the sound-absorbing element. Each of the apertures is configured so that the projection aperture in a plane parallel to the sound-absorbing element is smaller than the smallest cross sectional area of the hole, wherein a cross section is perpendicular to the normal sound absorbing element. Soundabsorbing element comprises a first layer having a first pattern of holes, the second layer has a second pattern of apertures, and a third layer has a third pattern of apertures, wherein the second layer is disposed between the first layer and the third layer. The openings in the second layer are larger than the openings in the first layer and the holes in the third layer.EFFECT: provision of efficient cooling design.14 cl, 9 dwg

Led industrial lamp // 2622285
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention is used to illuminate warehouses, production halls, open and closed parking lots, ramps and large corridors, basements and facilities where an increased level of protection from external influences of moisture and dust is required. It consists of a radiator housing made of a heat-dissipating polymer composite, at least one power source, LED modules, and a diffuser. The method is carried out by assembling the main elements of the luminaire, in which the placement of the LED boards is made on the surface of the connector of the diffuser housing along the edges of the housing, the supply source (s) are located in the housing recess of the housing, open in the central part of the connector, and the heat dissipating longitudinal and transverse ribs are made only directly at the heat radiation sites - on the edges of the case opposite the installation locations of the LED modules; hermetic inputs are located on the front and back of the body, which allows you to "hide" them within the dimensions of the luminaire and reduce the size of the lamp in the field, and exclude protruding parts, in addition, if necessary, it allows to lay the power cable that supplies a group of fixtures inside Lamp on the central niche of the source (s) of power; for fixing the fixture there are U-shaped brackets mounted on the corresponding grooves made on the outer side surface of the central niche of the case, which allows a quick installation and dismantling of the luminaire.EFFECT: increasing the reliability; decreasing the material consumption, mass-dimensional dimensions of the luminaire; simplifying the design, reducing labour intensity of production; reducing the cost and costs of installation and operation.2 cl, 7 dwg
Explosion-proof led lap // 2622045
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: explosion-proof LED lamp contains a radiator body made by extrusion from an aluminium alloy and made with two compartments in the form of a monoblock. The first is an electrical compartment made in the form of a tubular channel, hermetically sealed at opposite ends with lids with axially installed cable entries with plugs, in which a power unit with terminal blocks is installed in the compartment. The second is an optical compartment made in the form of a flat rectangular holder, to which a LED module, closed with polycarbonate diffuser, is attached to the front side. The bracket for fixing the luminaire is installed on the side of the electrical compartment. To achieve the technical result, the luminaire is equipped with a block lens mounted on top of the LED module and fastened with screws, a pressure plate that fastens the polycarbonate diffuser to the holder with fixing screws, two power supply brackets fixed in longitudinal grooves made in diametrically located projections in the tubular channel and fixed in it from the axial movement by two plates fastened with screws to the same protrusions, the terminal blocks being installed on the said plates.EFFECT: high luminous efficiency, simplification of assembly and installation of the luminaire, increased efficiency, reliability of the luminaire design and its service life.6 cl, 10 dwg

Directly visible lighting device based on led (light emitting diode) with homogeneous external lightning // 2621718
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lighting device (10) comprises a housing with an opening (20) for the light output, a reflecting inner surface (23,25,27,29), a coating diffusing lens (30) at the opening (20) for the light output and a plurality of optical elements (50) configured to redirect light output from the plurality of LEDs (40) arranged in the LED lighting device (10). LEDs (40) are arranged in two rows parallel to each other, wherein the first row LEDs (40) are offset relative to the second row LEDs in a direction along the said first and second longitudinally extending rows.EFFECT: formation of uniform brightness and colour of light.20 cl, 8 dwg

Intensified cooling system of a single powerful led // 2621320
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: intensified cooling system of a single high-power LED consists of a heat-conducting base that forms, in the closest proximity to the p-n transition of the LED, a heat exchange surface intensified by radial finning made in the form of microchannels of triangular cross section with an LED on it. To the heat-conducting base, on the side of the intensifying surface, a heat pipe is connected, filled with 20-25% of heat carrier so that the condensation region is above the evaporation region and the coolant flows into the heating zone under the influence of gravity.EFFECT: providing high-efficiency heat removal with a minimum value of heat transfer resistance from a single high-power LED.4 dwg
Led lighting device // 2619912
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lighting device contains a printed circuit board (PCB) of a planar structure, an LED chip mounted on the PCB surface, a support connected to another PCB surface, and a radiator connected to the support and intended to dissipate the heat emitted by the LED chip. The support is made with a non-continuous through hole, passing through both surfaces of the support, and is connected to the radiator. The radiator comprises a heat pipe circuit formed as capillary tubes in which the working fluid is disposed and has a heat conducting portion to transfer heat from the support and a heat dissipating portion to dissipate heat. At that, the radiator heat pipe circuit is connected to the support when the radiator heat absorbing portion, inserted from the support surface into the said non-continuous through hole, comes into contact with the PCB.EFFECT: simplified design and increased efficiency of heat sinking.4 cl, 5 dwg

Fog lamp // 2619745
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: fog lamp includes a boy, a LED light source and an optical system consisting of two flat-convex lenses. The first lens is located closer to the light source and is made cylindrical. The convex surface of the second lens is directed from the light source. The LED light source contains two LEDs fixed on the same horizontally arranged straight line so that their optical axes are parallel to the optical headlamp axis and lie in the same plane A passing through the optical headlamp axis. The cylindrical surface of the first lens is directed toward the light source, and the focal line of the first lens is perpendicular to the plane A. The lenses are interconnected with their flat surfaces and bonded with optical adhesive so that a portion of the first lens is located above the plane A. The headlamp is provided with a thin plate with a through slot fixed in the inner body cavity perpendicular to the optical headlamp axis between the light source and the first lens.EFFECT: possibility of obtaining a light beam having a horizontally located narrow strip with a distinct upper boundary and providing the road lighting below the lower limit of the strip and near the vehicle.6 cl, 4 dwg

Traffic light // 2619678
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: traffic light optical system comprises a Fresnel lens (13) with Fresnel structures (15) on the inner light input surface. The outer light output surface (16) is made such that each tangent (17) to the outer light output surface (16) forms an angle ≥105° with respect to the optical axis (14) of the optical system.EFFECT: suppression of the phantom effect.2 cl, 5 dwg

Led lamp // 2619598
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lamp contains a base (1), a power source (2) and a housing (3) with printed circuit boards (9). The base is made with a smooth cylindrical body (5) and a flat washer (6) fixed to the base housing perpendicular to axis O of lamp rotation. A locking recess (7) in the form of a semicircle is made on the edge of the base flat washer (6). The lamp housing (3) is made in the form of a cylinder, with five faces of a regular hexagonal prism made on the part of the outer surface. One printed circuit board (9) with an LED (10) is fixed on each face of the housing. The lamp housing (3) is connected to the base (1) in a position in which the third (8) of the five faces of the lamp housing is located opposite the locking recess (7) in the base flat washer. Printed circuit boards (9) with LEDs (10) are fixed to the faces of the lamp housing (3) in a position in which all LEDs are located in the same plane B perpendicular to the lamp rotation axis. When the lamp is installed in the headlight, plane B of LEDs arrangement coincides with focal plane B of the headlight parabolic reflector (13).EFFECT: technical means array expansion.3 cl, 3 dwg

Photoluminophor of neutral-white light with garnet structure and led on its basis // 2619318
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: photoluminophor of the neutral-white light with the garnet structure based on the oxides of rare earth elements and the elements of subgroups IIIa, has the following chemical formula: (ΣLn,Bi)3[Σ(Ml)2][AlO4-x(F,N)x]3, where Ln - lanthanides Y, Ce, Lu, Tb; Ml - B, Al, Ga; [X]≤0.2 of atomic shares. The photoluminophor has a crystallographic garnet structure belonging to space group 1a3d, with the cubic crystal lattice parameter "a" of more than 12 angstroms (Å) increasing with the concentration growth of Ce3+. The neutral-white LED includes a nitride heterostructure GaInN 1 and a heterophase equal-thickness reradiative converter 4 being in contact therewith, made of the radiation resistant polycarbonate as a dispersion medium and 12-26% of the above photoluminophor as a dispersion phase. The thickness of converter 4 is 60-120 microns. The LED also includes a tapered ceramic light-collector 6 with the inner surface reflectivity of 96%, and a hemispherical cap 7 from the optically transparent polymer, the curvature radius of which is selected so that the focal point is at the geometric center of the reradiative converter 4.EFFECT: photoluminophor of the neutral-white light has a high thermal stability.6 cl, 10 dwg, 1 tbl

Phosphor-enhanced light source to produce visible pattern and lighting device // 2617672
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: phosphor-enhanced light source (100) comprises a light box (112), a light emitter (122), and a luminescent layer (104). Light box (112) emits light in the environment of phosphor-enhanced light source (100). Emitter (122) emits light (120) with a first colour distribution in the direction of light box (112). Luminescent layer (104) comprises a luminescent material to absorbe light part (120) with the first colour distribution and convert the absorbed light part into light (116) with the second colour distribution. At least a part of luminescent layer (104) forms at least a part of light box (112). Luminescent layer (104) comprises a first area (102) and a second area (118), which is different from first area (102). Corresponding areas (102), (118) form a pattern. The first conversion characteristic of first area (102) is similar to the second conversion characteristic of second area (118) to receive first light radiation (110) of first area (102) into the environment and second light radiation (114) of second area (118) into the environment. Suitable light radiations (110), (114) are seen with a human naked eye (124) as similar if light emitter (122) is running . The first reflection characteristic of first area (102) differs from the second reflection characteristic of second region (118) to obtain the first ambient light reflection by first area (102) which is different from the second ambient light reflection by second area (118), if the light is incident from environment on corresponding first area (102) and second area (118). The difference between the ambient light reflections is visible with a human naked eye (124).EFFECT: increased radiation efficiency.14 cl, 11 dwg
ethod of computer lightning voicing with floating drops // 2617665
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of computer sounding of a luminaire with floating drops refers to lighting systems with computer devices and is intended for sound accompaniment of illumination. It consists in melting in a transparent liquid an opaque material that is in a solid state at the bottom of the vessel and floats up in the melted and illuminated state in the form of drops, cooling and lowering them with a computer generated sound. It is new in that the melted floating drops are additionally diversified in shape and size, for which a funnel-shaped device of transparent material is placed above the opaque solid material on the bottom of the vessel at a distance from the opaque solid material and its tapered open part is lifted up to a height without exceeding the surface transparent liquid in the vessel.EFFECT: increasing the perception and entertainment of lighting dynamics by analogy with colour music.1 dwg
Navigation buoy with integrated power plant // 2617607
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: navigational buoy is proposed having streamlined sealed body divided into compartments, light-optical LED equipment located at the head of the body, solar power plant, consisting of a light-optical device, an autonomous power supply (battery) and rechargeable energy device with a mechanism to connect it to this source that converts thermal sun energy into electrical energy and placed inside the solar concentrator whose functions are performed by optical device based on a Fresnel lens, wave power plant, mounted inside the housing comprising a cylindrical container with a stator of a linear electric generator, on the axis of which the rod is moving in the guides; on the rod, the rotor with permanent magnets of the linear electric generator is mounted; at the end of the rod, a stabilizing ballast is installed, made hollow in the form of a float, the stator winding is connected to the charger input, the output of which is connected to the battery from which the light-optical equipment energised. One more solar power plant is introduced, made in the form of a sphere mounted on the perimeter of the LED emitter and connected to the battery.EFFECT: increases capacity of the navigational buoy power plant, simplified structure.1 dwg

Light redirection device // 2617410
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: device comprises at least one transparent element (10) having a substantially flat upper surface (11) in the xy plane and a substantially planar bottom surface (14), and said upper (11) and lower (14 ) surfaces are angled α relative to each other about the x axis, and light reflector (20) for each transparent element (10) having a flat surface. The said planar surface of said light reflector (20) is substantially parallel to said lower surface (14) of said transparent element (10) and adjacent thereto. Wherein the said reflecting surface is remote at a distance (12) from the said transparent element via a transparent medium having a lower refractive index than transparent element (10) so that light (31) incident on the device is refracted by each interface between materials and reflected by refleting element (20). The method includes the stage of placing said device (1) substantially perpendicular to direct sunlight (31) in the afternoon. One of its side surfaces is adjacent to wall or window (40) of the building.EFFECT: energy saving.15 cl, 6 dwg

Heat transfer device // 2617296
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a heat transfer device (100, 400) for cooling at least one light emitting diode (302), wherein the heat transfer device (100, 400) comprises a central portion (102, 402) configured for mounting a light emitting diode (302) and configured to receive heat generated from the light emitting diode (302) with light emission, and a plurality of elongate heat transfer members (104), having each first end portion (106) connected to the central portion (102, 402) and a second an end portion (108) which, when inserted in the housing (200) configured to abut against the inner surface (202) of the housing (200) to selected heat transferred by the heat transfer body (200).EFFECT: passive heat transfer device which can reduce the need for external fan or membranes to provide sufficient cooling.13 cl, 10 dwg

Light source, lamp and method of making light source // 2617030
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a LED light source comprising a light module and hollow curved cap (20) covering the light module. Light module comprises multiple light-emitting diodes (LEDs) (3) distributed in the form of a spatial arrangement having a central position. Multiple LEDs include, at least, two different types of LEDs. Each type of the light-emitting diodes is configured able to emit radiation in another wavelength range. Cap, in fact, is transparent for radiation emitted by the light module. Cap is additionally equipped with axially-symmetric projection (22) forming recess (21) in the external part of the cap. Axis of symmetry of the projection, in fact, coincides with the central position of the spatial arrangement of the multiple light-emitting diodes.EFFECT: proposed is a LED light source.23 cl, 8 dwg

Control interface module // 2616965
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: interface module is designed to receive a lighting module (100) and interface with holder (300) by at least one fixing element provided via a control interface module (200) into a holder (300). Holder (300) includes electrical connectors (308) to provide lighting module (100) with electrical energy and mechanical connectors (104, 104', 104 ) to fix a lighting module (100). Management interface module (200) has an inner surface (202) having at least one recess (204) corresponding to recess (304) located in holder (300). At least one recess (204) is designed to receive a corresponding projecting section (104) of lighting module (100). Control signal input interface (214) is designed to receive at least one conductor adapted to transmit the control signal from the control unit. The control signal input interface is configured to receive a control signal of connector (108) of lighting module (100) and provide a control signal to lighting module (100).EFFECT: changed lighting characteristics.9 cl, 3 dwg

Lighting system // 2616912
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting system (30) is provided comprising a lamp holder (10) and a lamp unit (20). Lamp holder (10) is arranged to be attached to ground plane (32) and contains a circuit slot (12), ring seals (14) provided on said circuit slot (12), and a protective screen (18). Lamp module (20) comprises a lamp cover (24) and is designed to be placed in a lamp holder (10). Protective screen (18) and cover (24) are designed to form a sealing device between lamp holder (10) and lamp unit (20) when lamp module (20) is placed in lamp holder (10).EFFECT: provision of a lighting system, which can facilitate interoperability between different brands of lamp modules and lamp holders, as well as to provide a lighting system having a high degree of dust and moisture protection, while maintaining optimal light output, thus avoiding additional light losses, without creating a cumbersome structure.14 cl, 12 dwg

Illuminator of destination sign // 2616776
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the design of removable lighting devices for installation on the exterior surface of the vehicle involved for route passenger traffic, for the purpose of external lighting information on the destination sign located on the same outer surfaces route vehicles, in the dark during their movement. Notified destination sign illuminator consists of an elongate housing attached thereto a linear LED light source with power wire and the magnetic material base. Housing of the destination sign illuminator has a diamond-shaped cross-section with punching, turning into a circular to the base, and a total extended inclined configured for the main direction of the optical radiation from the linear LED light source - down and side - to the side surface on which the illuminator is set destination sign. For the magnetic material base, rare earth magnet configuration is used in form of a washer with a hole, which is attached to the screw housing, and it deposited a softening and anti-slip coating.EFFECT: design of the resistance reduction illuminator to the air flow, simplification of the process of mounting and dismounting fixture, improving the quality and coverage area of the bearing surface next to the correct destination sign illuminator.8 cl, 8 dwg

Device, method and system for independent targeting and cutoff stages cutoff in lighting the target area // 2616559
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention generally relates to the device, systems and methods by which the target area is adequately illuminated by means of one or more lighting device, each of which uses a number of targetable light sources. The design of a modular LED lighting device is shown, whereby the steps of light directing and redirecting are independent but interacting so as to contribute to a compact device design with a low effective projection area (EPA), good thermal properties and selected degree of glare control. The target area lighting method according to the shape of the composite beam, comprising the steps of: identifying one or more factor relating to the target area; deploying a plurality of individual beam forms, which, when collected, approximately conform to the shape of the composite beam; deploying a lighting system comprising a plurality of lighting devices, each of which produces an output that is a portion of at least one particular beam shape, and comprises: one or more light source pivotable around at least one axis; one or more light direction means, rotated around at least one axis; one or more light redirection means rotated at least around one axis and rotated independently from the said light direction means; and lighting system is set in the target area to form the shape of the composite beam.EFFECT: lighting system that uses a plurality of said devices is very adaptable and has the ability to be pre-targeted and pre-assembled prior to shipment, which reduces the possibility of installation errors, while at the same time retaining the essence of the custom devices.42 cl, 4 tbl, 26 dwg

Led lighting device // 2616097
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lighting device comprises: an illumination section having a substrate with a plurality of light emitting diode (LED) elements mounted thereon, and a mounting plate which supports the substrate; and a cooling section which cools and supports the mounting plate. Wherein the cooling section comprises: a cooling cylinder with one closed end and the other end closed by the mounting plate; and a coolant filling the cooling cylinder. Wherein the mounting plate has one surface in the direction of its thickness, serving as a mounting surface on which the substrate is fixed, and the other surface in the direction of its thickness, serving as a rear surface; the mounting plate and has: a plurality of separate recesses, each of which is concave in the direction of the mounting surface, formed in a honeycomb structure on the entire back surface disposed within the cooling cylinder; a bottom surface extending between the respective lower surfaces of the plurality of recesses and the mounting surface; and a side surface located between adjacent recesses of the plurality of recesses extending over the mounting surface and the rear surface and separating the plurality of recesses. Wherein one part of the side surface is located on the outer periphery of the rear surface and the other portion of the side surface is centered within the rear surface of the cooling cylinder, and they are connected together. Height of the side surface from the bottom surface of the recesses is made greater than the thickness of the bottom surface, and has a size sufficient to provide the mounting plate rigidity that prevents its deformation by the vapor pressure of the cooling fluid acting on the mounting plate, or by a vacuum state or reduced pressure approximate to vacuum, when the coolant enters the cooling cylinder. Each of LED elements is disposed on the substrate in such way that it is placed within a recess contour opposite to the given LED element via the mounting plate, when it is viewed in the direction of thickness of the mounting plate.EFFECT: simple configuration, ability to bring thermal resistance to a low level and effectively dissipate heat generated by LED elements.7 cl, 8 dwg

Storage for information cases, which synchronizes auxiliary mixed laser lighting with area of intensive technical development, and nasal supports of sunglasses // 2615822
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: storage of information is organized by genetic analogy (as in double DNA chains). The cases are strung on vertically hanging impaired threads, each of which can be quickly removed in the chip code inside the main case of the thread. The information necessary for specialists in certain occupations is stored inside the cases. Lighting is done by individual groups of lasers that generate beams of different colours. The laser group is activated when the storage is removed from the relevant thread with cases (when the thread is being returned, the lasers are turned off). The lasers are fed by spherical solar cells preferably located above the clouds.EFFECT: regulation of energy supply to the Earth in the areas of intensive technical development.4 cl, 22 dwg

Lighting unit with led strip // 2615787
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting unit (10) is proposed with a multitude of lighting segments (30a, 30b, 30c) located on a strip (40) with a spacing from each other, each of which is connected to power supply terminal (20). Lighting unit (10) comprises a central control unit (72). To produce a lighting unit with flexible electrical configuration, each lighting segment (30a, 30b, 30c) comprises at least one LED element and at least one drive circuit 36 comprising a controllable high-interruption-capacity element to control the current flowing through the LED element. Each lighting segment (30a, 30b, 30c) has a central connecting point (70) designed to deliver a central control signal from the control signal central circuit (72) to control the said current through the LED element. Thus, each lighting element (30a, 30b, 30c) has a control signal output terminal (73) configured to directly transmit central control signal to the next lighting element.EFFECT: increased lighting efficiency and increased service life.13 cl, 11 dwg