Storing or distributing gases or liquids (F17)

F17            Storing or distributing gases or liquids(3505)
Sectional shell for internal pressure from layered composite material // 2607575
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: shell is intended for articles of aircraft and rocket engineering. Shell comprises two sections 1 and 2, each of which consists of cylindrical part 3 and 4, convex bottoms 5 and 6, flanges in the bottoms pole holes 7 and 8, inner protective coating 9 and 10. Sections consist of a set of spiral 11 and annular 12 layers based on impregnated with a binder unidirectional bundles and annular bulges 13, 14 near cylindrical ends with located in them connecting pins 15, 16 and studs 17. Between connected ends of sections there is metal ring 18 along the external and the internal diameters equipped with centering belts 19, 20, the inner of which are made on their outer surfaces with local annular grooves 21 for locating sealing elements, for example, rubber bundles. Outer ones are made with conical, facing the section and converging to the ring surfaces 22, on the outer surface of the sections bulges there are mating conical surfaces, and along the circumference in the ring there are holes 23 coaxial with located in them connecting studs.EFFECT: simplified assembling process.5 cl, 5 dwg
Pipeline condition monitoring system // 2606719
FIELD: transport; valves production.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pipeline transport protection, intended for observation, detection and localisation of leakages, including from unauthorized tie-ins, as well as hydrate or paraffin plugs, and can be used in various branches of national economy. Pipeline condition monitoring system includes analogue-to-digital converter, to which are connected personal computer, hydraulic pulse generator as pulse excitation source located at beginning of controlled pipeline section, and intelligent pressure transducers in form of strain-gauge pressure transducers with built-in temperature converter, in which data from sensors in analogue-to-digital converter are converted into digital form with resolution to 0.001 MPa and sampling frequency to 1,024 Hz.EFFECT: technical result consists in unauthorized pressure pulses improvement of accuracy and faster location, reduced time of detection and accuracy leakage point determining, as well as hydrated or paraffin plug in automatic cutting off broken down pipeline section, without waiting for dispatcher command.4 cl, 2 dwg
Accumulator for hydrogen storage in bound state and accumulator cartridge // 2606301
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydrogen power engineering and can be used for storage, transportation and distribution (supply) of hydrogen in fuel cells and other power plants. Hydrogen accumulator structure is based on the concept of modular implementation of a hydrogen accumulator in the form of a system of easily replaceable during operation cartridges containing hydrogen in the bound state in a hydrogen-saturated film coating applied on a metal foil tape, which can be folded then into a spiral or another form with a shape providing high degree of compaction. For fixation of the cartridges a system of heat exchange elements with bee cells geometry is used, and a device for extracting hydrogen of the accumulator has a system of needles/knives for depressurization of charged (hydrogen-charged) cartridges after their initial loading into the accumulator. To obtain the possibility of using fast-response time hydrogen thermal desorption modes as the foil material selected are metals or alloys with high ohmic resistance, ends of the foil are connected with electric contacts on the metal end of the cartridge connected with a controlled voltage source. Fast-response time hydrogen thermal desorption is performed by ohmic heating the foil with high resistance, that provides new possibilities for programming hydrogen release parameters.EFFECT: technical result of using the invention are elimination of explosion hazard in emergency situations, higher bulk density of hydrogen in the accumulator and improved operating performances, including minimization of hydrogen release transient modes time down to 0,1 sec, as well as of pressure level in the accumulator at hydrogen supply to consumers.8 cl, 3 dwg
Pig-flaw detector // 2606205
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metrology, particularly to nondestructive inspection aids. Pig-flaw detector comprises cylindrical sealed container, support elements in form of elastic collars, sensors located outside sealed container along the perimeter and connected with electronic unit located inside sealed container. Device comprises power supply unit, orientation and navigation instruments, recorder unit, distance measurement system in form of three spring-loaded wheels located at an angle of 120° to each other. Each wheel is equipped with acoustic transducer mounted on each spring-loaded wheel axis at angle 30°–60° to flaw detector tool central axis. In sealed container there are three distance meters and adder, wherein each transducer is connected to corresponding distance meter input by cable, and each distance meter output is connected with appropriate input of adder, which output is connected to recorder. Measuring device has harmonic signal generator, Doppler frequency shift digital meter, travel speed calculator, travel distance calculator. Harmonic signal generator output is connected with converter and input of Doppler frequency shift digital meter.EFFECT: higher accuracy of covered distance measuring.1 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of automatic address disconnection of water supply to emergency areas of internal fire-fighting water line at failure of tightness of its hydraulic network and device for its implementation // 2605771
FIELD: water supply.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to water supply. Method consists in control over water movement in an area of a hydraulic network of an internal fire-fighting water line and control over the use of fire valves located with that area, as well as in logical conversion of incoming information on presence of a water flow within the area of the network and the use of fire valves within that area. Fact of a water leakage from an internal water line network is confirmed by presence of a liquid flow within the controlled area of the hydraulic network and by the closed state of all shutoff cocks of fire valves located with the area of the network. Device comprises a feed or a transit pipeline, lifting or dropping pipes with fire valves arranged on them, shutoff fire cocks of which are provided with indicators of their closed/open position, as well as an address logic information processing unit. Input of each controlled hydraulic area additionally includes hydraulically in series a liquid flow indicator and a controlled valve. Contacts of the indicator are connected to the first conjunction input of the address logic information processing unit. Electromagnet of the controlled valve is connected to the output of the address logic information processing unit. Contacts of each indicator of shutoff cocks of fire valves position are connected to the second conjunction input of the address logic information processing unit.EFFECT: provided is protection of premises against flooding due to emergency disconnection of water supply independently from the place the emergency situation occurrence, provided is operability of the internal fire-fighting water line at failure of tightness of shutoff cocks of separate fire valves under the effect of high temperature of fire, identification of the fire valve, Identification of the hydraulic network area.2 cl, 2 dwg

System and method for detecting leak of underwater pipeline // 2605684
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: objective of invention is monitoring aquatic medium along route of underwater pipeline or oil product by means of reliable and relatively cheap stationary monitoring system, capable of operating at high level of background contamination. To solve set task leak detection system of underwater pipeline or oil product pipeline comprises a monitoring system (MS), intended for detection and monitoring of oil contamination of water samples in a cell installed on shore, selectively filled from regions of water body, located either upstream, or downstream of underwater part of oil pipeline. MS is preferably configured to detect leakage of underwater part of pipeline on basis of differential measurements of contamination of water samples from regions upstream and downstream of underwater part of oil pipeline. MS preferably comprises a remote detector of oil contamination and a set of sensors in contact with water.EFFECT: technical result is continuous monitoring of tightness of oil pipeline, early detection of leaks and reduction of costs for monitoring underwater parts of oil pipelines and oil product pipelines in areas of crossing of water obstacles.12 cl, 1 dwg

Device to supply coolant into cold chamber // 2605671
FIELD: cryogenics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cryogenic engineering, in particular to devices for pumping, filling liquid nitrogen, as well as for freezing of vacuum traps. Device to supply coolant into the cold chamber contains a funnel made integral with a flange and a sealing plug with a vertical through hole located between the neck of a Dewar vessel and a seat in the flange. Tube of the funnel located in the vertical hole of the plug is 5 mm longer than the height of the plug, the upper cylindrical part of the funnel is tightly connected with the lower threaded part of a thin-wall thermo-coupling tube, the upper part of which is equipped with a shaped flange with internal thread, the lower part of which is tightly connected to the upper threaded part of the feeder, while the upper threaded part of the shaped flange is connected with the lower thread part of the outlet union, the upper threaded part of which is intended for connection to the cold chamber pipeline. Upper threaded part of the feeder is provided with a vertical cylindrical cavity, in which there is a metal ball, which is a ball valve. On the outer part the funnel is equipped with a tap made integral with the funnel, the inner threaded part of the tap is tightly connected with a safety valve, the device also includes two hooks located on handles of the Dewar vessel provided with thumbscrews connected by a thread joint with two rods made in the form of bars, the upper part of which is made integral with forks of articulated joints with the flange of the funnel, which is made with mating parts of these joints located on the opposite sides.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is creation of a device to supply coolant into the cold chamber with reliable sealing of the Dewar vessel neck and the possibility to connect the cold chamber pipeline with at least one more device with a Dewar vessel for their subsequent use.1 cl, 4 dwg

Protective cap for valve for compressed air cylinder and its production method // 2604978
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a protective hood for pressure gas bottle valve. Protective hood contains a rim which delineates a concealed protective space. Lower end of the rim is fixed on the base intended for installation around the neck of pressure gas bottle. Rim comprises a metal sheet formed by pressing. Upper end of the rim has a knob with attached handle for the hood gripping. Handle has the shape of a hollow hood, which in position whereat it is installed on the rim, contains in its inner area part knob. Invention also describes pressure gas bottle and method of making protective hood for valve for pressure gas bottle.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at improvement of mechanical stability of the protective hood, increased service life.15 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of accumulating hydrogen // 2604228
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for hydrogen accumulation and can be used in chemical industry for processing of hydrocarbon gases, as well as in transport and hydrogen technologies. Heated stream, containing water vapour and lower alkanes having one to four carbon atoms, is passed through an adiabatic reactor, filled with a nozzle of a catalyst. Then from heated stream hydrogen is extracted by diffusion through sealed metal wall into a capsule, in which hydrogen-absorbing reaction gas is fed.EFFECT: reduced consumption of energy resources, reduced costs for pumping and losses, associated with emission of excess heat into atmosphere, low cost of production and accumulation of hydrogen.12 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl, 2 ex

Stationary device for supply of coolant in cold chamber // 2604045
FIELD: cryogenics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cryogenic engineering, namely to devices for pumping and filling liquid nitrogen, as well as for freezing of vacuum traps. Stationary device for supply of coolant in cold chamber contains at least one stationary Dewar vessel, each of which is equipped with flange and sealing circular gasket, located between end of neck of Dewar vessel and seat in flange, made with two branch pipes, located vertically above neck of Dewar vessel. Both branch pipes are made with internal thread in upper part, one of branches is filling one and it is tightly connected by thread with safety valve, made detachable. Second branch pipe is tightly connected by thread with plug, which is also detachable. Middle part of second branch pipe is made with internal thread and seat for upper threaded part of feeder, which is detachable and located coaxially to second branch pipe. Under plug and above upper threaded part of feeder in second branch pipe removal under ball valve chamber is made. Upper part of chamber is made with internal thread and is tightly connected with lower threaded part of nozzle. Flange of helical joint is attached to handles of Dewar vessel and is equipped with tight current leads connected with wires with heater and liquid nitrogen level sensor placed at distance of 30-50 mm above heater.EFFECT: technical result of proposed technical solution consists in creation of stationary device for supply of coolant in cold chamber with possibility of continuous operation mode (for a long time) with large flow rate of liquid nitrogen (10 l/h) and installation of sensor, which allows to signal in advance on ending of liquid nitrogen in operating Dewar vessel.1 cl, 3 dwg

Improved boss for composite reservoir // 2602014
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: boss is intended for composite high-pressure reservoir. Design of the boss includes pressure relief means preventing the increase of internal pressure in the boss.EFFECT: increased service life of the reservoir.7 cl, 3 dwg

Device for gas evacuation from a disconnected section of multiline main gas pipeline // 2601912
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: device is intended for gas evacuation from a disconnected section of multiline main gas pipeline. Device comprises a two-stage ejector made in the bypass unit of the main gas line or connected to this bypass unit by means of flanges on the pipeline of discharging gas from a disconnected section and pipeline of gas injection into a section, which follows a pumping section, each stage of the two-stage ejector is equipped with a stop cock on active gas supply, and the section between a stop cock of active gas supply into the first stage of the ejector and its nozzle communicated with the gas supply pipeline through an additional stop cock from a disconnected section to a low-pressure chamber of the first stage of the ejector, output of which through the nozzle of passive gas and mixing chamber of the first stage is an input into circular active gas nozzle of the second stage of the ejector, output of second stage of the ejector is connected to the flange pipeline of discharging gas into the section, which follows a pumping section.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency of the ejector.1 cl, 1 dwg

Boss for composite high pressure container // 2601663
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: boss (1) for composite high pressure container is intended for fluid media. Radial thickness of lip (23) of the boss, positioned between coupling or valve (5) and internal element (2) is selected depending on expected pressure inside the container.EFFECT: technical result is improved reliability of the container.12 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl

Gas-distributing station // 2601083
FIELD: gas appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gas engineering, particularly to gas-distributing stations (GDS) to reduce gas pressure in a gas line. Technical result is reduction of power consumption of a GDS operation due to using thermal potential of the vortex pipe in production of electric potential in the thermoelectric generator. GDS includes a control unit, a process unit with high and low pressure gas lines, a condensate accumulation vessel connected with the HP gas line and through a shutoff member to the LP gas line, an ejector, a vortex pipe installed on the high pressure gas line, herewith the vortex pipe is equipped with a thermoelectric generator including a housing with a channel for the hot flow and a channel for the cold flow, as well as a set of differential thermocouples, herewith “hot” ends of the differential thermocouples are secured inside the hot flow channel, while “cold” ends of the differential thermocouples are secured inside the cold flow channel.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of power consumption for a GDS operation.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and device for controlling and/or regulating fluid conveyor for conveying fluid within fluid line // 2600835
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method is intended to control/regulate fluid conveyor (112) for conveying fluid (118) inside fluid line (114, 116). Method comprises receiving information (128) regarding a setpoint flow rate of fluid within fluid line; determining energy consumption of fluid conveyer during operation within working range (240) of fluid conveyer; controlling fluid conveyer (112), with regard to a generated flow of fluid (118), on basis of information (128) regarding setpoint flow rate of fluid (118) within fluid line (114, 116) in such a way that, setpoint flow rate of fluid is attained and energy consumption required for this is minimised, wherein it is taken into consideration that working range (240) of fluid conveyer is bounded by non-linear boundary (246, 248, 250, 252). Also described is a corresponding device.EFFECT: reduced power consumption.14 cl, 2 dwg

embrane tank for liquefied natural gas (vm type) // 2600419
FIELD: ship building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building and sea transport and relates to membrane tank structure for transportation of liquefied natural gas at low temperatures. Disclosed is a membrane tank for liquefied natural gas (type VM), having a primary and secondary outer inner membranes, between which, as well as between the inner surface of ship compartment and secondary membrane there is a thermo-insulating layer in the form of rigid heat insulating material, at the same time between primary and secondary tank membranes as well as between the surface of compartment and secondary membrane pressurized volumes are formed for creation of low vacuum in them, while in thermal insulating layer cavities are formed filled with light weight heat insulator.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of heat conductivity of membrane tank and, consequently, decrease of liquefied natural gas losses.6 cl, 3 dwg

Power shell from laminar composite material // 2599876
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used in designs of gas and hydraulic filters and accumulators and all similar vessels using shells from composite materials, as well as in aircraft and rocket engineering articles, for example, as fuel tanks and solid-propellant rocket engines housings. Power shell 1 comprises coupling end frame 2 with pins 4 arranged in radial slots 3 distributed along circumference. On pins 4 there cylindrical threaded shanks 6 are made, on which circular nuts 7 are arranged, which are in contact with interface ring laminar material along conic surfaces of recesses 8.EFFECT: invention allows to increase joint unit strength and enlarge application of power shells from layered composite materials.1 cl, 2 dwg

Device for separate extraction of components of gas mixture // 2599686
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to technology of separate extraction of components of gas mixtures, particularly cleaning fluorine-containing gas mixtures from uranium hexafluoride and hydrogen fluoride, and can be used to improve quality and reduce the costs of gas-separation processes. Device for separate extraction of components comprises a cylindrical vessel with heat insulation with a detachable cover, wherein the side surface of the cylindrical vessel has branch pipes for circulation of a gaseous coolant: at the top - for coolant output, at the bottom-for coolant inlet. Inner surface of the cylindrical vessel is equipped with a gaseous coolant flow guide in the form of a rib arranged along the helical generatrix.EFFECT: use of the invention provides the required degree of purification, considerably simplifies the design and servicing of cleaning plant as compared to the use of liquid nitrogen, provides almost complete elimination of manual labour, excludes hazardous factors during production that exist of using liquid nitrogen.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device for detecting leakage in pipelines // 2599403
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for detecting leakage of a water heat carrier in heat-insulated pipelines, closed by a protective casing. Device comprises a metal protective casing, coaxially arranged with annular gap 1 on metal tube 2, made of four metal sheets 4 arc-curved across tube 2. Rectilinear edge of sheets 4 are connected to each other by means of a dielectric spacer, and arc-shaped edges 9 of sheets 4 are connected to each other by means of dielectric ring 10. At ends 15 and 16 of ring 10 there are circular grooves 17 and 18 for placing arc-shaped edges 9 of sheets 10. Electric connectors in the form of lamellae for fixation of the arc-shaped edge 9 of sheet 4 are mounted opposite to each arc-shaped edges 9 of sheets 10 in circular grooves 17 and 18. Electric contact terminals 30 are fixed on external surface 22 of ring 10 and separately connected to each lamella. Measuring instrument 33 is connected to contact terminal 31 of metal pipe 2 by means of electrical conductors 32 and to contact terminals 30 of ring 10 for determining electrical resistance of heat insulation 3 located in annular gap 1.EFFECT: high accuracy of determining leakage point, simplified maintenance of heat-insulated pipelines.4 cl, 8 dwg

Device for in-tube flaw detection // 2599072
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to non-destructive testing of pipeline transport, in particular to devices for intratubal diagnostics, and is intended for georeferencing of measurement results, relating the coordinates of detected defects to the coordinates of earth surface. Engineering solution simplifies the design of the system for in-tube flaw detection and improving its reliability owing to the fact that the in-pipe flaw detection system comprises a flaw detector and passive marker patches arranged along the pipeline and made in the shape of bent metal plates and fixed on the surface of the pipeline while their inner surface rests against the external surface of the pipeline, wherein the thickness of the marking patch is ≥ 0.5 of the pipeline wall thickness, and the flaw detector is equipped with a pipeline wall thickness measurement module.EFFECT: proposed is a device for intratubal diagnostics.1 cl, 5 dwg

System for maintaining pressure in reservoir // 2597946
FIELD: space.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to space engineering and is used to provide and automatically maintain excess gas pressure in thin-walled reservoirs, for example in fuel tanks of carrier rockets at transportation to launchers of ground start complexes. System for maintaining pressure in the reservoir includes a pneumatic line of supercharging coupled with a pressure gauge, pneumatic lines of drainage and measurements. Supercharging pneumatic line includes series-connected by pipelines: a receiver, an electric pneumatic valve, filters installed before and after the receiver, a service washer. Drainage pneumatic line coupled with the pressure gauge includes an electropneumatic valve with series-connected valve gate, parallel-installed safety valve and valve gates. Measurement line comprises pressure sensors connected in parallel. Herewith in the supercharging pneumatic line a valve gate is installed before the electropneumatic valve, as well as the supercharging pneumatic line includes a parallel bypass line with a valve gate installed in it, herewith the supercharging and the drainage pneumatic lines are interconnected by means of a valve gate.EFFECT: technical result is improved reliability and expanded operating performance of the system.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of monitoring strength of hollow part under internal pressure of corrosion aggressive working medium at high temperature and under variable mechanical load // 2597716
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering and can be used in operation of equipment of thermal power plants for monitoring strength of responsible equipment. Strength monitoring method of hollow part under internal pressure of corrosion-aggressive working medium at high temperature and effects of variable mechanical load, at stage of occurrence and propagation of depth of defects of cracks or penetrating erosions types.EFFECT: possibility of determining time margin for safe stop equipment in case of emergency situation.1 cl, 6 dwg, 1 tbl

Vaporizer for liquefied hydrocarbon gas // 2597633
FIELD: heat engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering and can be used for evaporation of liquefied hydrocarbon gas stored in a liquid state. Vaporizer for liquefied hydrocarbon gas comprises a housing filling with a fluid intermediate heat carrier, hollow shell with a blind output end, mounted on the housing axis. In an inner cavity of the shell there is a liquefied hydrocarbon gas supply pipeline, on a cylindrical surface of which there are rows of radial holes, besides, its output end is blind. Vaporizer comprises an annular combustion chamber with a burner device, ignition device located on the cylindrical surface of the annular combustion chamber, tubular heat exchange elements arranged around the shell and connecting the inner cavity of the annular combustion chamber with a chimney located in an output part of the housing.EFFECT: invention usage allows reducing dimensions and weight of the vaporizer, as well as intensifying the evaporation of liquefied hydrocarbon gas.1 cl, 2 dwg

Heater-electric generator for gas-distributing station // 2597327
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gas supply and can be used for heating and power supply of primary equipment of gas-distributing stations and gas-distributing stations by transformation of pressure energy of transported gas into heat energy and thermal energy into electric energy. Heater-electric generator for gas-distributing station includes on-board housing, in which there are ribbed vortex tubes connected by pipelines with inlet gas line, heat exchanger, thermoelectric generator.EFFECT: technical result is increase in reliability and efficiency of heater-electric generator for gas-distributing station.1 cl, 7 dwg

Oil pumping station for uninterrupted operation // 2597274
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil pipeline equipment, specifically to oil pumping stations (OPS) of main oil pipelines having tank farms. OPS for uninterrupted operation, connected through a connection unit with a main oil pipeline, comprises equipment linked to a network of pipelines: strainer unit whose input is connected to connection unit, tank farm whose input is connected to output of strainer unit, booster station whose input is connected to output of tank farm, main pump station, connected to output of booster station, wherein output of main pump station via a pressure control unit is connected to connection unit, wherein output of strainer unit is connected via a check valve to input of main pump station, on pipeline connecting output of booster station to input of main pump station, after point of connection of output of check valve there is a unit of spring-loaded dump safety valves, whose output is connected to an emergency discharge reservoir, and on pipeline connecting output of strainer unit to input of tank farm, there is a disconnecting valve.EFFECT: technical result is providing uninterrupted operation and increased safety of oil pumping station by using a check valve to switch flow of pumped oil supplied from main oil pipeline to input of main pump station during disconnection of tank farm.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of moving in-tube device in process pipeline // 2596681
FIELD: treatment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cleaning of inner cavity and in-pipe diagnostic of technological pipelines pumping stations of liquid hydrocarbons and oil processing enterprises. Method of moving in-tube device in the technological pipeline provides cleaning and diagnosing of the inner cavity of the technological pipeline with a roud trip of the in-tube device, which is carried out by alternate switching of the steam of working environment in the forward and reverse directions after achievement by the in-tube device of extreme position on one or other end of section of technological pipeline.EFFECT: cleaning device is equipped with two pairs of shearing units, each of which by means of the movable joints is attached to terminal surfaces of the cylindrical case of the in-tube cleaning device.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for making thin-wall seamless liner for composite tanks made from titanium alloys and liner made using said method // 2596538
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to aircraft engineering, rocket and space engineering, particularly to liners that are used in high pressure cylinders. Method for making thin-wall seamless liner for composite tanks made from titanium alloys involves filling granules of high-strength titanium alloy into a metal capsule. After filling a capsule with granules vibration compaction and heating are stopped, the capsule with granules is sealed by an electron beam and removed into the air, and then they are checked for tightness. After checking, the evacuated granules in capsule are subjected to hot isostatic pressing, after which the obtained as a result of compacted capsule of liner billet is lowered into the vessel with solution of acids to dissolve the outer and inner shells, after that a thin-wall seamless liner from high-strength titanium alloy is removed from the solution of acids and checked for compliance with the geometrical parameters. Thin-wall seamless liner for composite tanks made from titanium alloys consists of a cylindrical shell, two bottoms which are located on one axis and coupled, so that the cylindrical shell is located between the two bottoms of the liner. Two flanges, each is coupled with one of the bottoms of the liner. There is a hole at the central axis of each flange; the cylindrical shell, bottoms and flanges are connected into a single, monolithic and equally strong structure without welds and connections.EFFECT: higher reliability, reduced weight, higher strength and service life with increased complexity of configuration and minimum machining of the liner.8 cl, 1 dwg

Refuelling unit for liquefied gas // 2595330
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, namely to mobile fuel filling modules, which serve for reception, storage, and distribution of liquefied gas. Refuelling module for liquefied gas includes housing with bottom, roof, and side walls equipped with through holes. In housing there are liquefied gas tank with double walls, pumping equipment, gas distribution stand, shutoff and regulating equipment, as well as trunk pipelines including main trunk providing tank filling with liquefied gas, and trunk connecting said tank with gas distribution stand. Refuelling module additionally contains bath for accidental spillage located under tank for liquefied gas, as well as cylinders with nitrogen, equipped with devices for supplying it into tank for liquefied gas and trunk pipelines. Housing of refuelling module contains partitions dividing it into nitrogen compartment, wherein cylinders with nitrogen located, process compartment, wherein tank for liquefied gas and bath for accidental spillage accommodated, pump compartment to house pumping equipment, and gas distribution compartment, wherein gas distribution stand located. Lower parts of housing walls are solid, and upper parts of housing walls, at least in area of process compartment, have installed ventilation grids on both sides, with through slots.EFFECT: technical result achieved by implementation of invention, is easiness of use and safe operation of module.6 cl, 2 dwg

Insulating coating installation method and block with insulating coating // 2594834
FIELD: insulation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a method of an insulation coating installation and a block with an insulating coating for cryogenic tanks. Method of insulation coating installation includes the step of transportation, at which block (1) with the insulating coating is transported, wherein insulating coating (2) and transportation holder (3) are interconnected between inner reservoir (60) and outer reservoir (50) of the tank with double shell in suspended state; and the step of mounting, at which block (1) with the insulating coating is mounted on the facing plate of inner reservoir (60). Transportation holder (3) is formed by fastening pin (34) for fixation of the insulating coating to main body (3A) of the holder with a pin joint. Insulating coating (2) is held on pin (34) for fixation of the insulation coating.EFFECT: invention increases efficiency rate of insulating coatings installation and improves safety during the installation. 8 cl, 10 dwg

Vaporizer for liquefied hydrocarbon gas // 2594833
FIELD: heat engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering and can be used for evaporation of liquefied hydrocarbon gas stored in a liquid state. Evaporator of liquefied hydrocarbon gas comprises a housing consisting of outer and inner walls. In outlet part housing is made blind, additional heat exchanger positioned on the axis of the housing and consisting of three rigidly interconnected cylindrical shells, forming annular cavities for passage of liquefied hydrocarbon gas, mixing head, located in the inlet part of the housing and including sleeves arranged regularly in circle, fire and outer bottom, fuel manifold with nozzles arranged regularly in circle, ignition device located on the side surface of the housing. In outlet part of additional heat exchanger there is a smoke stack.EFFECT: invention usage allows to reduce dimensions and weight of the evaporator, as well as intensify the evaporation of liquefied hydrocarbon gas.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of detecting deposits in cavity of linear section of pipe of constant flow section when pumping oxygen-containing flow and device therefor // 2594397
FIELD: pipes.SUBSTANCE: method and device are intended for determining presence of deposits in cavity of linear section of pipe of constant flow section when pumping oxygen-containing flow. Method involves irradiating oxygen-containing stream. Creating a radioactive label in oxygen-containing flow with fast neutron radiation in pulsed mode. Detecting gamma-quanta. Analysing spectrum for presence of energy peak of gamma quanta with energy 6.13 ± 0.62 MeV from oxygen. Label transfer time is determined as difference of moments of beginning detection of gamma-quanta from oxygen label. Transfer time is measured on series-arranged equal-length parts of investigated pipe section. Presence of deposits at section corresponding to minimum transfer time of label is determined. Device includes pulsed fast neutron source 2, unit for detecting gamma-quanta 1, data analysis system 4 and power supply sources 3. Pulsed fast neutron source 2 is located outside pipe 6. Unit for detecting gamma-quanta 1 is located outside pipe 6 and is connected to data analysis system 4. Unit for detecting gamma-quanta 1, pulse fast neutron source 2 and data analysis system 4 are connected to power supply sources 3.EFFECT: technical result is higher operating performances, specifically detection of points of deposits without stopping operation of pipe and without removal of insulation therefrom.2 cl, 2 dwg

Dosing device // 2593879
FIELD: engines and pumps. SUBSTANCE: device comprises pump 1, connected with suction 2 and discharge pipelines 4. Pump drive is made in form of impeller machine, which impeller is fitted in outer casing. 10. On impeller is fixed external magnetic half-coupling 14. Shaft 17 of impeller machine is installed in inner housing 16 and provided with inner magnetic half-coupling 18. Screen between magnetic half-couplings is wall of inner body made of nonmagnetic material. On shaft there is cam 22 connected with rod of pump. Housing 9 of pump is tightly connected with external and internal housings, in outer casing on side of turbine there is tapering element. EFFECT: due to usage as impeller machine drive operated from flow energy of pumped product, higher reliability of dispensing is achieved. 12 cl, 5 dwg

Gas-distributing module // 2593576
FIELD: gas industry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for delivery of compressed gas to consumer, mainly in field of aerospace engineering and aims at simultaneous provision of carrier rocket power plant systems with compressed gas obtained from one source, different required pressure and flow rate during process operations on technical complex. Gas-distributing module is made in form of blocks containing one or more identical combined feed manifolds, main lines with series-arranged electropneumatic feed valve and drainage, throttle, a pressure sensor and outlet nozzle, and switching unit, consisting of lines with series installed electropneumatic feed valve, pressure sensor and electropneumatic valve. EFFECT: simultaneously providing carrier rocket power plant systems with compressed gas obtained from one source, different required pressure and flow rate during process operations on technical complex. 1 cl

Structure for storage of liquefied natural gas (lng) // 2592962
FIELD: gas industry; construction. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design for storage of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in offshore structure housing compartment containing self-supported primary barrier, secondary barrier surrounding self-supported primary barrier, and space for access between self-supported primary barrier and secondary barrier, where self-supported primary barrier represents self-supported tank LNG and is connected with compartment housing by means of support devices, penetrating into secondary barrier, secondary barrier is impermeable for liquid heat insulation, connected with housing inner surface, and is sealed with support devices with help of flexible watertight seal so that self-supported primary barrier and secondary barrier are connected separately with housing compartment for prevention of force transfer between primary barrier and secondary barrier. EFFECT: increased structure reliability and manufacture ability. 7 cl, 2 dwg

System and compact gas spill method // 2592697
FIELD: gas industry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to system (1) and compact method of gas spill. Compact system (1) of gas spill contains device for gas transportation from reservoir (2) in gas cylinders (3) located in closed compartments (4). System includes retractable coupling, connected to supply line and located in compartment. Coupling is automatically moved towards accumulating gas bottle valve during filling. System also comprises processor functionally connected with control panel, sensor and retracted coupling for control and automatic control over filling. EFFECT: invention usage allows to establish gas spill system at any arrangement of retailers to dispensing gas in cylinders (3) directly to consumer, or in vehicles that dispensing in cylinders in places of residence, where they are consumed. 22 cl, 12 dwg

System for monitoring state of main and auxiliary equipment // 2592089
FIELD: electronic equipment; data processing. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems for monitoring state of main and auxiliary equipment. System for monitoring state of industrial equipment includes automated workstations, equipped with computer and colour mnemonic display information, network equipment, subsystem levels, units of sensors, signal processing modules configured to receive, registration of signals of sensors and servers, which enable to compare information from signal processing modules with determined and/or saved in memory threshold values. EFFECT: higher efficiency and safety of industrial equipment. 4 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of detecting emergency leaks of pipeline for environment protection // 2591752
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil and gas equipment, which provides protection from pollution near pipeline. Method of detecting leakages of transport pipeline of liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons or mixtures thereof, involves construction of a "pipe in pipe" structure, consisting of a pipeline and an outer jacket made of sealed sections equipped with gas outlet devices - at top points of pipeline route and nozzles with shutoff valves for removal of liquid in drain bends at lower points of pipeline route. Each section is filled with a control liquid or gas and is equipped with pressure and temperature control means, which are connected with system for collection, processing and transmission of information on leakage in measuring and computing system. At pressure change control of liquid or gas in sections, emergency control algorithms are used.EFFECT: higher efficiency of protecting environment from contamination near pipeline.4 cl, 4 dwg

High-pressure tank // 2589956
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: tank contains metal liner, comprising top and bottom heads of oval form, made as hemispheres, tightly connected with each other by single weld along perimeter of their edges, external reinforcement enclosure out of tape composite materials, impregnated by binding substance, output high pressure main line, which cavity is rightly connected by welding with tank cavity. The tight connection of the head edges with each other is made by single weld along the perimeter by two external frames. The tight connection of cavity of the output high pressure main line with the tank cavity is made by welding through hole in said weld. The weld of high pressure main line passes along closed perimeter of weld connecting the head edges and along frames. The details of the tank securing to the space vehicle are made with vertical holes for bolts in the projecting parts of frames, made monolith along the external perimeters of the frames and having washers, which surfaces are made interfaced with surfaces of the projecting parts of frames, looking on each other around their holes.EFFECT: increased reliability of tank structure.3 dwg

Vessel for transportation of compressed gas // 2589811
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly to compressed gas transfer by sea transport. Proposed ship for transportation of compressed gas, which hull is divided into cells with vertical guides, at least one bulkhead in which is water and gas tight, unified containers with horizontal vessels for compressed gas are installed on each other in guides, which are connected with ship system of compressed gas transfer, wherein ship hull is divided into cells so that in area of at least one cell limiting bulkhead distance is provided from 0.8 to 2 m and compressed gas distribution headers, pipelines with shutoff valves, compressor, and emergency control devices are located in this space.EFFECT: technical result consists in enhanced performances for transportation of compressed gas vessel, expansion of its functional capabilities.12 cl, 6 dwg

ethods for storage and transportation of natural gas in liquid solvents // 2589591
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems and methods to create and store a liquid phase mixture of natural gas absorbed in light-hydrocarbon solvents under temperatures and pressures that facilitate improved volumetric ratios of stored natural gas as compared to CNG and PLNG at same temperatures and pressures of less than 80° to about -120 °F (-62.2 °C to -84.4 °C) and from about 300 psig to about 900 psig (2.07-6.2 MPa, manometric). Preferred solvents include ethane, propane and butane, and natural gas liquid (NGL) and liquid pressurised gas (LPG) solvents.EFFECT: systems and methods for receiving (11, 13) raw production or semi-conditioned natural gas, conditioning gas, producing (14) a liquid phase mixture of natural gas absorbed in a light-hydrocarbon solvent, and transporting (16) mixture to a market where pipeline quality gas or fractionated products are delivered in a manner utilising less energy than CNG, PLNG or LNG systems with better cargo-mass to containment-mass ratio for natural gas component than CNG systems.48 cl, 25 dwg, 3 tbl

Sealed and heat insulated cargo tank, integrated into bearing structure // 2588920
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: tank is intended for storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas. Tank (71) comprises a heat insulation, containing multiple adjacent insulating units (28) on bearing structure, and a seal, which includes multiple sealing metal sheets (25) located on insulating units (28) and welded to each other. Mechanical connection elements (11) pass through heat insulation at level of edges of insulating units (28) and held insulating units in support contact on bearing structure (3). Metal sheets (25) are located so that edges of metal sheets are shifted relative to edges of underlying insulating units (28). Metal sheets (25) are retained in support contact on insulating units (28) only by means of connecting elements. Mechanical connection elements are attached to metal sheets (25) at level of areas (11) fixing at distance from edges of metal sheets.EFFECT: high reliability.19 cl, 13 dwg

ethod of preparation for transportation of natural gas // 2588912
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of natural gas, in particular its preparation for transportation, as well as operation of gas collector pipelines and heat exchange unit for reducing gas temperature after compression. Method of preparation for transportation of natural gas consists in delivery of gas from well to booster compressor station via gas line, cleaning, compression and cooling of gas in heat exchanger using water-methanol solution (WMS), which after heat exchanger in a heated condition is supplied for cooling gas cavity through pipeline of smaller diameter laid inside gas pipeline, and WMS cooled in gas pipeline is returned to heat exchanger along external pipeline; wherein depending on ambient temperature initially WMS can be directed towards well after heat exchanger in external pipeline, and from well to heat exchanger - along pipeline laid inside gas line.EFFECT: technical task of invention is providing simultaneous efficient and trouble-free operation of two interconnected process systems: collection of natural gas and its cooling in heat exchange unit after compression.1 cl, 1 dwg

Centralised system for automatic emergency of main oil pipelines and oil product pipelines // 2588330
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil industry and can be used on pipelines in centralised system of automatic protection against excess pressure, providing safety of process of transportation of oil (oil products). Centralised system for emergency automation (CSPA) of main oil pipelines and oil product pipelines is a program-technical complex (PTC) comprising CSPA server with hot backup, and an automated workstation (AWP) of CSPA, wherein PTC is configured for integration with monitoring and control system (SDKU) by means of input-output server of SDKU, wherein CSPA server and CSPA AWS comprise corresponding modules.EFFECT: providing system complex protection of main pipeline from emergencies related to increase of pressure, loss of tightness or seismic effects is more than 6 points.4 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of transportation of gases and liquids through pipeline // 2587798
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to pipeline transport and can be used in various fields to transport viscous structured liquids, particularly gas, oil and oil-gas-fluid mixtures containing sand and other mechanical impurities through a pipe. Method of the transportation of gases and liquids through a pipeline 1 consists in overpressuring the transported material at the pipeline inlet 1, wherein the material is being spun thought the entire length of the pipeline 1 by a spin activator 3 arranged inside the pipeline 1; the spin activator 3 spins the transported material using a section of a threaded pipeline with rectangular cross-section; the swirl angle along the longitudinal axis is φ=n×90°, where n = 1, 2, 3, ...EFFECT: to reduce head losses.1 cl, 3 dwg

Gas transportation system and method of operating gas transportation system // 2587024
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to pipeline transport. To prevent corrosion in the pipeline cathodic protection system is used, which comprises a plurality of ground rods in the ground, which are each electrically connected with the ground and are electrically connected to being in connection with the soil pipe. To provide a little difficulty with respect to the pipeline system communications infrastructure, communication between communication devices through the pipeline itself. Communication devices comprise a sensor units and input nodes in a central processing unit. Arranged along the pipeline sensor units are used to measure signals and are equipped with energy of cathodic protection system. As a result, there is no need in separate power supply system. For power supply completely from cathodic protection system, each autonomous sensor unit is equipped with such components which enable communication with the help of less complicated methods of modulation. EFFECT: due to treatment of soil concussions signals and their classification, alarm messages in the input nodes are transmitted only when recognising critical events.16 cl, 4 dwg

Device for pressure regulation in gas line // 2587021
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for controlling pressure in gas line by means of expanders and can be used at gas distribution stations for electric power generation. Device includes gas distributor, a controller, a pressure sensor, turbine expander, electric generator, rectifier, inverter, load pickup external electric network, heating elements, power switches, load pickup heating elements, controlled power amplifier, an adder, scaling amplifiers, comparator, setter of nominal operating mode of turbine expander.EFFECT: higher reliability by provision of permanent parameters of operating mode of turbine expander and smooth variation of gas flow passing through the turbine expander at significant load drops in electrical network.1 cl, 1 dwg
Pressure shell of radiotransparent high-pressure housing made of basalt-reinforced fibreglass for electromagnetic well logging devices // 2586227
FIELD: measuring devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measuring devices for electromagnetic logging of wells when searching for oil and gas, particularly to designing of pressure shell of radiotransparent high-pressure housing made of basalt-reinforced fibreglass for electronic equipment and protection from aggressive environmental factors, cyclic dynamic axial loads, bending moments and external high pressure during well survey. High-pressure shell made by twisted-longitudinal-transverse winding of basalt-reinforced fibreglass onto a mandrel, wherein cross-stacking, i.e. on a ring relative to axis of mandrel, is formed from basalt fibre impregnated with an epoxy resin based compound, and longitudinal stacking, i.e. parallel to axis of mandrel, is made from glass, which braids basalt fibre.EFFECT: technical result is high elastic and strength properties of basalt-reinforced fibreglass, which ensure stability of dielectric properties in surveys, improve operating reliability of geophysical devices.4 cl

Discharge unit for transportation of oil well products with high gas factor and operation method thereof // 2586225
FIELD: oil production.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to oil production, specifically to intra-field oil pumping, and in particular, to delivery unit for transportation of oil well products with high gas factor and method of its operation. In a first aspect, invention provides a pump installation, saves wear on pump unit by means of simplified design of pumping unit, which increases range of equipment overhaul while ensuring reliability and stability of transport gas-liquid mixture with high gas factor in pipeline pumping oil systems.EFFECT: in an additional aspect of invention disclosed is a method of operating such a pump.21 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and device for evaporation of liquefied natural gas // 2585348
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is method for evaporation of cryogenic liquid. Method involves combustion of fuel in burner for production of waste gas; mixing of atmospheric air and exhaust gas for production of mixed gas; bringing mixed gas by means of indirect heat exchange with cryogenic liquid for evaporation of cryogenic liquid. Also method includes steps of mixed gas removed from casing by means of discharge, located between upstream heat exchange pipe and first downstream heat exchange pipe. This part of mixed gas forms bypass mixed gas flow, which are distributed downstream from first downstream of heat exchange tube.EFFECT: using invention enables to minimise emission of contaminants, reducing icing heat exchange elements of evaporator.26 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of preparation of high-viscosity oil to transport and device for its realization // 2584840
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the preparation of high-viscosity oil for transportation. Apparatus comprises a housing with jet maker electromagnet and current supply. Body is made as a single flow module, which houses a tapered jet maker dispersed heel support and non-magnetic inner yoke of the electromagnet. Jet maker's conical exit nozzle arranged coaxially with the dispersing fifth inner yoke electromagnet rigidly connected to the fifth and the dispersant has a common bore therethrough, and an inner yoke of the electromagnet coil of the electromagnet is wound DC electrical leadthrough is connected to. Non-magnetic support of inner yoke electromagnet is installed behind dispersing pad. Highly viscous oil is fed to the inlet of the flow module, and the module is carried out in a flow of magnetization of activation and ensuring improvement of shear velocity by dispersing the shock at the nozzle exit of cone jet maker.EFFECT: provides increased efficiency and reliability of preparation of petroleum products for transportation.8 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl, 3 ex