Storing or distributing gases or liquids (F17)

F17            Storing or distributing gases or liquids(3562)

ethod for determining location of liquid or gas escape from pipe located in ground, and device for its implementation // 2628872
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device implementing the method contains a synchronizer (1), four signal transmission channels, a view sector switch (7), a strobe pulse generator (8), a four-colour indicator (9), a thermal image sensor (10), a television sensor (11), a reception unit (12), an delay n-branch line (13.1-13.n), an adder (14), a processor (15) with software, a monitor (16). Each of signal transmitting and receiving channels consists of a transmitter (2.1-2.4), an antenna switch (3.1-3.4), a transmit-receive antenna (4.1-4.4), a receiver (5.1-5.4), a processing unit (6.1-6.4).EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of escape location by forming a narrow antenna pattern by receiving apertures.2 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for leak tightness control and determining leak point coordinate in product pipeline and device for its implementation // 2628672
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: acoustic signals are received in the first and the second pipelines (13, 14) located in parallel to each other by means of four acoustic sensors (1-4). Wherein the acoustic sensors (1-4) are arranged in pairs on each pipeline at a given distance (h1) along their length. Correlative processing of the acoustic signals from the acoustic sensors (1-4) is performed. The distances to the correlation function peaks are determined. Based on the difference in the correlation function peaks of the first pipeline (13) containing a leak (12) and the second pipeline (14) not containing a leak, the leak point coordinates in the pipeline are determined. The device for implementing the method comprises four acoustic sensors (1-4), and the first, second, third and fourth receiving paths located in the housing (10), a processing unit, an adder. Each receiving path contains a series-connected amplifier, a filter, an analog-to-digital converter. The receiving paths are connected to the acoustic sensors (1-4) and the processing unit. The processing unit is connected to the adder.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of determining a leak point in a pipeline.2 cl, 3 dwg
Turbulent viscosity reducing additive with anticorrosion properties // 2627355
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: turbulent viscosity reducing additive with anticorrosion properties contains the ultrahigh-molecular polymer of alpha-olefins, the condensation product of higher amines with carbon atoms number of 6-30 with the oxyalkylation degree of 2-50, while using as the oxyalkylating agent of the epoxy compound with the carbon atoms number of 2-6 with the dibasic organic acid and the carbon atoms number 3-9, the solvent. The mixture of linear and branched aliphatic monoatomic and polyatomic alcohols and/or ethers with the carbon atoms number of 1-15 is used as the solvent.EFFECT: reduction of the hydraulic resistance in the main pipeline and increase of its throughput capacity with simultaneous protection against the corrosion of the main pipeline inner surface and the equipment associated with it, used for transportation of hydrocarbon liquids.2 cl, 1 tbl, 25 ex

ethod and device for gas-fuel supply in internal combustion engine // 2627323
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: apparatus and a method for the supply of gaseous fuel from the tender in 20 of the internal combustion engine 30 of the locomotive, including fuel storage at ultra-low temperature cryogenic tank 50 to 20 tender; cryogenic pumping fuel from the tank 50 to the first pressure by means of pumps 60 and 70; transfer fuel to a gaseous state under pressure through the first heat exchanger 90 at 20 specified tender; and fuel supply translated into a gaseous state, of the tender 20 in the internal combustion engine 30; wherein the gaseous fuel vapour pressure in the range 310-575 bar.EFFECT: improved method feeder.42 cl, 10 dwg

Turboexpander device with pressure regulation in gas pipeline // 2626268
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: device contains a gas distribution device, a turboexpander, an electric generator, a rectifier, an inverter, shut-off and heating elements, a low pressure line pressure sensor, a turboexpander operation mode selector and a low pressure line pressure selector, a measuring rectifier, a filter, a regulating device with limit position indicators of the regulating element, comparison units of the preset turboexpander operation mode and the preset pressure value, a reversible binary counter, power keys, an amplifier and regulating device drive.EFFECT: increased reliability of the device and accuracy of pressure regulation in the gas main.1 dwg

ethod for improving heavy hydrocarbon mixture quality // 2625160
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method comprises: (1) separating the said heavy hydrocarbon mixture into, at least, the first part and the second part. The said first part contains 10-45 wt % of the heavy hydrocarbon mixture, and the said second part contains 90-55 wt % of the heavy hydrocarbon mixture; (2) thermal improving the said first part of the heavy hydrocarbon mixture in an upgrader to produce a light hydrocarbon mixture; (3) mixing the said light hydrocarbon mixture with the heavy hydrocarbon mixture to produce an improved hydrocarbon mixture. At the input to the said upgrader, the composition of the said first part of the heavy hydrocarbon mixture is identical to that of the said second part of the heavy hydrocarbon mixture, and the light hydrocarbon mixture produced by improvement is not subjected to separation before mixing with the said second part of the heavy hydrocarbon mixture. Thus, the heavy hydrocarbon mixture recovered from the well can be improved to lighter petroleum fractions.EFFECT: improving the heavy hydrocarbon mixture quality.18 cl, 1 dwg,1 tbl
Sulfur hydrocarbon gas steam conversion plant // 2625159
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses the sulfur hydrocarbon gas steam conversion plant, that is equipped with the feed gas inlet line and the converted gas outlet line with the recuperation device, also includes the heater and the converter. The plant is equipped with the adsorption desulfurization unit, consisting of at least two switchable adsorbers, at least one of which, being in the adsorbent regeneration mode, is connected to the converted gas outlet line into the reflux exchanger, installed as the recovery device and equipped with the prepared gas outlet line, and the rest adsorbers, which are in the adsorption mode are installed on the feed gas inlet line, in addition, the unit is equipped with the water preparation unit, connected to the prepared water feed line with the feed gas line after the adsorber, and equipped with the water inlet lines, the degassed water condensate supply from the reflux exchanger and the exhaust of the salt concentrate. The heater is installed on the steam-gas mixture supply line from the reflux exchanger to the converter.EFFECT: sulphur hydrocarbon gas processing, reduction of the energy and metal consumption of the equipment.4 cl, 1 dwg

obile system of compressed gas supply // 2624781
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: mobile system of compressed gas supply contains compressed gas storage containers, fixed platforms with a piping system, a charging compressor station for filling containers with compressed gas, a filling station for distributing compressed gas to consumers and vehicles with loading and unloading mechanisms. The proposed mobile system is equipped with a positioning system including graduated scales or marks on stationary platforms, video cameras and laser pointers on loading and unloading mechanisms and video cameras connected to video cameras in the cabs of the respective vehicles.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to simplify and improve the positioning accuracy of vehicles relative to fixed platforms and to shorten the time for loading and unloading.4 cl, 11 dwg

Check-filling throat // 2624756
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: check-filling throat comprises a body (1). Body (1) comprises two connecting pipes (2, 3), the seat (5) under the filling valve and the additional valve seat (4) of smaller diameter. The throat is also provided with a removable screening valve installed at screening studies for additional seat (4) of smaller diameter. Both valves are arranged to alternate with the screening installation or filling work and interact with the same set by a screening-refueling device (9) by means of its rod (10). In mentioned rod (10), an opening for supplying test gas or refueling container is made. The filling valve is adapted to cooperate with a plug through the elastic ring, urging the cap nut.EFFECT: invention simplifies the design and operation.2 dwg

odular system for electromagnetic transportation of liquids possessing magnetic properties // 2624082
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: modular system is designed for electromagnetic transportation of liquids possessing magnetic properties. The principle of transporting liquids possessing magnetic properties by means of direct electromagnetic control of flow characteristics is based on magnetorheological effects of changes in the internal energy of the magnetic particles and the energy of particles' interaction with each other in a magnetic field, as well as the interaction of particles with the magnetic field and the laws of hydrodynamics.EFFECT: increased reliability and durability of systems for transportation of liquids possessing magnetic properties, due to the use of hydraulic equipment with a design which excludes mobile mechanical elements.2 cl, 4 dwg

Self-contained block-modular automated gas distribution station // 2623726
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed station includes the gas preparation module, consisting of the switching block with high and low pressure switching units and the distribution unit, the gas cleaning unit, the heater with the gas and air heating units, the gas odorization block with the odorant capacity and the self-contained power supply block. In addition, the station includes at least one gas reduction and accounting module, which consists of at least one reduction block with the metering unit. During the station operation, the high pressure gas, entering through the high-pressure switching unit is cleaned, heated by the hot coolant, supplied from the coolant heating unit, odorized and sent through the distribution unit to the consumer after the reduction and commercial accounting. The part of the high-pressure gas is supplied for the own needs through the bypass lines for feeding the self-contained power supply unit, pneumatic drive shut-off and control valves, and the coolant heating unit.EFFECT: self-contained station operation, providing the gas to several consumers, reduction of the station metal and energy consumption.2 cl, 1 dwg

Tightly sealed heat insulated tank // 2623335
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: tightly sealed heat insulated wall of the tank contains the multilayer structure, consisting of the sealed baffle, the heat-insulating baffle and holding rods, connected to the supporting wall in the section between the heat-insulating elements and located taking into account the thickness of the multilayer structure to hold the latter on the supporting wall. In this case, the transverse beams are connected to the holding rods, with the possibility of the transverse beam location between the two holding rods at the boundary surface level between two insulating elements. Moreover, the floor slabs of the heat-insulating elements are connected to the transverse beams to be held near the supporting wall by means of transverse beams. The tightly sealed baffle is connected to the transverse beams to be held near the floor slabs of heat-insulating elements by means of the transverse beams.EFFECT: simplification of design and installation of the tank with tightly sealed heat-insulating wall.17 cl, 7 dwg

Chemical treatment system // 2622599
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: chemical treatment system comprises a hollow container, a liquid conduit, the first conduit communicating with the container, the second tube communicating with the conduit, wherein both tubes are equipped with the first and second check valves. The water hammer autodyne is provided with two working environment inputs and one working environment outlet. Pulse supercharger is divided with installed in it elastic diaphragm into upper and lower hydraulically isolated parts. Accumulator is set into a recirculating piping. The water hammer autodyne is mounted in the fluid conduit, the working environment inputs are combined with fluid conduit and further comprises the second blower, in the hollow body of which has a mounted piston connected to the rod withdrawn outside the hollow body, as well as a safety valve and flow rate regulator with a controlling element. Pulse supercharger upper part is connected to one of the working environment input of the water hammer autodyne, and bottom part - to the second input of the working environment, its elastic diaphragm is connected to the second supercharger piston by means of the rod. The first tube and the second tube are connected in series through the second supercharger. Accumulator and safety valve are installed into the recirculation piping, connecting the second tube to the first tube after the first check valve. Fluid flow controller is installed on the second tube after the recirculation piping. The controlling element is disposed in the fluid conduit behind the water hammer autodyne after the second tube insertion.EFFECT: improved accuracy of one liquid dosing into another.1 dwg

ethod of intra-tube defectoscopy of pipeline walls // 2622355
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: method consists in measuring the frequency response of the electrical impedance of the near-surface layer of the pipe wall. Electrodes are axially moved inside the pipeline both continuously and discretely with an interval equal to the interelectrode distance. The defect areas are detected by determining the deviations of the frequency response of the electrical impedance from the given values with reference to the current coordinates of the section. According to the command formed in the control system, the electrodes are returned to the coordinates of the pipeline section with the defect detected, and a repeated defectoscopy is carried out, followed by processing the measurement results. Defects in the pipe wall are detected by the deviation of the frequency response of the electrical impedance of the near-surface layer of the pipe wall from the set values measured by the sounding signal in the frequency range specified depending on the depths of the wall probing and the interelectrode distance. The electrical impedance is measured by a non-contact capacitive coupling of electrodes arranged in circular rows with the inner surface of the pipeline.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and reliability of the defect detection.5 cl, 3 dwg

Expander-generator set // 2620624
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in the composition of the gas distribution stations (GDS) and gas control points (GCP) for gas flow energy utilisation. An expander-generator set with a control system, including an electric generator, a drive-operated regulating device, a signal amplifier and a comparison unit, characterized in that a volumetric air motor is additionally installed in the reduction line between the safety shut-off valve and the pressure regulator. The output of the volumetric air motor is connected to its input via a control valve, the pressure difference sensor on the volumetric air motor is connected to the comparison element, the signal amplifier and the actuator connected to the control valve.EFFECT: possibility of an expander-generator set operation with relatively low pressures and costs, regardless of the unevenness of gas withdrawal by consumers and changes in the moment of resistance, as well as an increase in the utilized energy.1 dwg

Remote gas supply station using tank containers for liquefied natural gas and method of procurement of natural gas using such tank containers // 2620314
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: according to this invention the natural gas supply station includes a mounting structure on which a tank container for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is installed, and a gas evaporator, which receives liquefied gas from the tank container for liquefied natural gas (LNG) to convert the liquefied natural gas into the gaseous state. Wherein the mounting structure includes a movable part performing reciprocating motion in the same direction as the tank container for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is unloaded from a transport unit, and the moving part is fixed so that it can be separated, with a tank container for liquefied natural gas (LNG) to move the tank container for liquefied natural gas (LNG), loaded onto the transport unit, onto the mounting structure or to move the tank container for liquefied natural gas (LNG), loaded on the mounting structure, onto the transport unit.EFFECT: simplified unloading of tank container, reduced costs.17 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of manufacturing of hp metal-plastic bottle // 2620134
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method comprises: manufacturing a metallic liner of the bottoms of the upper and lower hemispherical shape with a uniform thickness of their walls and their connection hermetic weld edges on their periphery, on which the container carried evenly spaced mounting elements with holes; production of high-pressure tube equipped with a filling neck, and sealed it by welding the connection with the cylinder liner; thermal treatment of the metal liner; manufacturing the outer shell of the reinforcing belt reinforcing composite material by wet annular tension winding strands or ribbons of reinforcing material impregnated with a binder; drying and curing operation of the hardening reinforcing skin; autofrettage operation.EFFECT: increase the reliability in the operation of the cylinder, reducing weight and power consumption for its production.3 dwg
ultifunctional gel piston for pipelines cleaning and separation of environments and method of its obtaining // 2619682
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: multifunctional gel piston for pipelines cleaning and separation of environments is a composition comprising a water-soluble polymer, a hydrocarbon liquid, an organic cross-linking agent, for which polymethylol derivatives are used, inorganic cross-linking agents and water. The method of obtaining the gel piston comprises sequential dosing of components into fresh, or mineralized, or diluted formation water during the mixing.EFFECT: invention provides a high degree of pipelines cleaning and safety in the performance of cleaning operations.3 cl, 2 tbl

ethod of gas distribution station operation // 2619671
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for gas distribution station (GDS) operation comprises gas pressure and temperature measuring means in high and medium pressure gas lines, gas filtering and pressure adjusting means, whereby the natural gas from the high pressure line is fed into the storage tanks of the same size pre-filled with natural gas at a pressure 0.5-0.6 MPa higher than the pressure in the medium pressure gas line, gas is throttled with pressure increasing up to 2.5-3 MPa. Due to gas compression, the temperature rises, and then gas is throttled, purified and supplied at a positive temperature to the medium-pressure gas line to provide consumers.EFFECT: gas temperature increase up to a positive value during supply to the medium pressure gas line, exception of hydrate formation in winter and summer GDS operation, elimination of gas heaters installation and saving of gas spent on auxiliaries.1 dwg
ethod of selection of natural gas from disconnected main gas pipeline in multiline system (variants) and system for carrying it out // 2619669
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to transport gas trunkline (TG) and can be used in gas extraction cases with pipe sections before the repair work and the use of selected gas as fuel in the gas pumping units (GPU) with the gas turbine drives. The invention consists in the laying of an additional pipeline section diameter of at least 150 mm from security cranes COP multiline system MG to the pipeline's own needs KC, connecting it between the existing bypass shutoff valves security valves to the existing pipeline own use KC for the selection of natural gas from the disconnected portion of the TG to the COP in a multi-line system and a natural gas treatment plants fuel , starting and pulse gas.EFFECT: increased efficiency emptying the main transport stations of natural gas, reduction of losses during repair work on the main transport, improve environmental safety.4 cl, 2 dwg
Barrier device, placed in pipeline for transporting fluid, that contains undesirable environments or substances and to tubing containing such device // 2619515
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device, placed inside the pipeline for transporting a fluid comprising undesired substance or environment. The device comprises a barrier portion for separation in the longitudinal direction, at least the length of pipe to form a channel for the passage of fluid transported over a part of the barrier and the sump to collect unwanted substances or by environmental barrier part.EFFECT: increase in the performance.28 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of thermal effect on the product, transported through pipeline at the oil heating points and device for its implementation // 2619222
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method contains the adjustable fuel components delivery, fuel ignition and combustion in the furnace. The combustion products in the first heat-exchanging system heat the intermediate heat transfer medium and cool up to the temperature of 10-20C below the maximum temperature level of the transported product heating, after that the transported product (oil) is heated up to the temperature of 200-250C in the second heat-exchanging system. Then the fuel combustion products in the wasteheat exchanger heat the fuel components supplied into the furnace and pass into the atmosphere through the chimney. The compacted air in the compressor is used as the intermediate heat transfer medium, which after heating in the first heat-exchanging system is supplied to the turbine. The compacted air expansion work is used to drive the compressor and electric generator. The air after turbines is supplied into the furnace as the oxidant. Also proposed the plant for implementing the method.EFFECT: expanding of hardware range.3 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of obtaining anti-turbulent additive, method of milling polyalphaolefin for it and anti-turbulent additive // 2619124
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of obtaining the anti-turbulent additive includes (co) polymerisation of polyolefin in bulk, possibly pre-grinding, cryogenic grinding, heating the mixture to room temperature, introducing an anti-agglomerator into polyalphaolefin before preparing a suspension, mixing grinded polyalphaolefin particles with suspending liquid to form the suspension. As an anti-agglomerator, a copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene is taken with vinyl acetate content of 26-40% in the anti-agglomerator copolymer. The anti-agglomerator is introduced during the cryogenic grinding of polyalphaolefin, or during its preliminary and cryogenic grinding, or during cryogenic grinding and immediately after cryogenic grinding, or during the pre-grinding, or during cryogenic grinding and after cryogenic grinding. The total amount of anti-agglomerator is 5-80% by weight of the polyalphaolefin.EFFECT: dissolution of antiagglomerator in hydrocarbons, including at low temperatures, exclusion of polyalphaolefin agglomeration and therefore elimination of "cold flow" effect of polyalphaolefin over a wide range of ambient temperatures, including at elevated temperatures, and elimination of co-crystallization of antiagglomerator with paraffins at low temperatures.7 cl, 5 ex

Capacity of composite material // 2619000
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: capacity of the composite material comprises structural envelope formed with mating shell bottoms and interface unit located in the bottom zone of coupling with the shell. Wherein the interface unit to the power generated taped shell packets and the composite material comprises a metal made of a valve fastening, the frame and formed by a power shaft. The shank is designed as a ring fastened to the power frame longitudinal webs, and bonded to the ring longitudinal tabs. In this ring and longitudinal bridges longitudinal tabs are located between the main hull and the composite packets.EFFECT: weight reduction and interface unit length.6 cl, 4 dwg

Protecting cap for balloon valve with fluid under pressure and method of its production // 2617646
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: protective cap for a ballon valve with fluid under pressure comprises a handle forming protected space. Moreover, the lower end of the handle is fixed to a ring-shaped base which is designed to be installed around the neck of the balloon with a fluid under pressure. The handle comprises a metal sheet formed by stamping. The handle contains an edge which extends in the direction of the arch bending along the handle entire length or at its part. The noted edge is formed by stamping bending.EFFECT: increased security, without causing a negative impact on the weight of the cap, its cost, the ability of the cap shaping, adapting to the different valve geometry, and it has an attractive appearance.15 cl, 6 dwg
ethod for creating pipe session layout by data of pipeline position determining intra-tube inspection device // 2617628
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: to implement the method, the diagnostic data of the pipeline position determining intra-tube inspection device (PPD ITID) are downloaded through the interface for transferring the input data. Then, preliminary filtration is performed to remove noise from the mechanical movement of the PPD ITID. After calculating the criteria list for determining the threshold, exceeding which is a presence sign of a transverse welded seam on the pipeline, the area search exceeding the threshold and result record into the database are performed.EFFECT: creating the layout of pipe sections for its further use during the diagnostic data processing.
ethod of transforming diagnostic data for intra-tube inspections of main pipelines operating in reverse mode into view allowing interpretation with using data of previous inspections conducted during oil pipeline operation in direct mode // 2617612
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: diagnostic data, obtained during the intra-tube inspection of the main pipelines operating in the reverse mode, are converted into a view that allows interpretation using the data from previous inspections conducted during the oil pipeline operation in direct mode. The proposed algorithm is used for the transformation.EFFECT: method improves the interpretation quality.

Automobile gas-filling compressor station // 2617539
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: automobile gas-filling compressor station (AGFCS) includes: the filter separator (1), the compressor unit (2), the gas dehydration plant (3), the gas accumulators (4), the filling columns (5), the high pressure gas line (6), the jumper with a stop valve (7).EFFECT: reducing the time for refuelling a newly arrived gas-cylinder vehicle at an automobile gas filling compressor station during refuelling by a mobile car gas-refueller at said station.2 dwg
Ultrasonic flaw detector sensor carrier // 2617225
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: declared ultrasonic flaw detector sensor carrier is used in ultrasonic diagnostics of the pipelines and can be installed both on the ultrasonic flaw detector, and on the combined magnetic-ultrasonic flaw detector. The ultrasonic flaw detector sensor carrier is equipped with the sensor units, which are hingedly mounted on resiliently deformable polyurethane rings.EFFECT: invention increases the flexibility of the sensor carrier in all planes and enables the flaw detector, with the ultrasonic flaw detector carrier mounted thereon, to overcome the pipeline rotations without the loss of diagnostic information while moving in the pipeline, as hinging of the sensor units provides a constant sensor fit to the inner pipeline surface with the predetermined clearance, when the flaw detector moves both along the straight pipeline sections and in rotations.5 dwg

Automotive gas-filling compressor station // 2617224
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: automotive gas-filling station (AMG filling stations) comprising: a filter separator (1), the compressor unit (2), the installation of gas dehydration (3), block the gas accumulators (4) dispensers (5), the high-pressure line of the gas supply ( 6), the pressure change sensor (7), the adjustment unit (8), the shut-off valve (9).EFFECT: decrease filling time newcomer of LPG car on AMG station at a time when this is carried out refueling stations mobile Automobile gaz servicing truck.3 dwg

ethod for remote monitoring of linear part state of main pipelines and devices for its implementation // 2616736
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the diagnosis of the state of the linear part of main pipelines (LP MP), in particular to the detection and monitoring of changes in the technical condition of the main pipelines. The claimed device comprises, placed in a housing unit of reception and transmission of the global navigation system, digital video camera, a thermal imaging camera, a laser range finder, a control recording process unit block transmission of the recorded data, the unit receiving control commands from a block of data collection and processing, the execution unit. The device is movable along the conducting rails mounted on supports above LP MP level. The claimed method is that the claimed device is moved on rails along the conductive portion of the Champions League MT, produce the reception, recording, and transmission of data unit data acquisition and processing, placed in a remote control room, determine the location of the LP MP plots with identified disabilities.EFFECT: continuous integrated monitoring of the state of the linear part of the main oil pipelines.7 cl, 3 dwg

Device for reducing viscosity of oil and petroleum products // 2616683
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the oil industry and can be used in the extraction and transportation of heavy crude oils and petroleum products. The apparatus comprises an ultrasonic piezoelectric module connected to the pipeline by means of flanges ,consisting of a cylindrical piezoelectric element with a segment of metal pipe disposed inside, having an acoustic contact with the piezoelectric element, wherein the diameters of the cylindrical piezoelectric element and of the metal pipe segment, as well as the resonant frequencies of the ultrasonic vibrations source, correspond to the condition of excitating the cylindrical standing wave in the segment of the metal pipe filled with oil.EFFECT: invention provides increasing efficiency of the process of extracting and pumping heavy oils and petroleum products due to reducing their viscosity as a result of the simultaneous cavitation and thermal impact of the ultrasonic standing waves of high intensity without increasing the total power consumption.3 cl, 2 dwg

Storage method of natural gas by adsorption in industrial gas cylinders // 2616140
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a storage method of methane natural gas using adsorption in all-purpose gas cylinders, in the microporous material with an effective width of pores smaller than 3 nm, high bulk density, moulded into blocks as special hexagonal prisms, whose basal diameter of the mentioned circle is not less than 15% smaller than the hole in the neck of the cylinder, packed in such a way that the internal volume of the cylinder is filled with not less than 95% of the adsorption material, can be applied in gas fuel storage, distribution and transportation systems.EFFECT: increased amount of gas fuel stored in the cylinder, reduced fire and explosion hazard of the storage system.4 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of tubular products marking, tubular product with marking and identification system of tubular products // 2615329
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of tubular products marking is characterized by the fact, that the identification information encoding is perfromed through its conversion from the decimal numeration system into the hexadecimal notation, calculate the geometric dimensions of the marking elements corresponding to the obtained values of identification information in the hexadecimal notation, and then apply the marking elements in accordance with the calculated geometric dimensions through the metal fusion on the outer surface of the tubular product.EFFECT: provision of possibility to identify the tubular sections manufacturing factory as during the construction and renovation of piping and in the operation process of the underground laying pipeline, when carrying out the systematic and unplanned inspections using inline inspection tool.15 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of continuously-working cryogenic liquid cold regasification and device for its implementation // 2615302
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: air flow is formed, directed through productional evaporator 3, head of cryogenic liquid hydrostatic column is formed, liquid cryogenic product is directed from the reservoir 5 to boost evaporator 4, the air flow is dried, dried air flow is directed vertically down through the productional evaporator 3 and the boost evaporator 4 and the resulting productional gas flow is heated to the desired temperature. Wherein gasifier comprises a rotary adsorptive air dryer of low pressure 1, a fan unit 2, a productional evaporator 3, a boost evaporator 4, a reservoir of liquid cryogenic product 5, a safety valve 6 and a postheater of productional gas flow 7.EFFECT: increased productivity and efficiency of continuously-working gasifier.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for detecting and quantifying violations of minimal distances in areas of hazardous gas pipeline production facilities // 2615093
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: geospatial base is created to form a display on the object shooting materials of the technically processed materials of aerospace shooting, formed suitable for analysis and interpretation in the visible range of the object spectrum, consisting of a linear part and area facilities including compressor stations, gas cooling stations, gas distributing stations, transferring stations, pumping stations, underground gas, oil and refined product storages, taking into account the analysis of the raw data in the form of the technical documentation of these objects. The buffer zones are determined by the values of the minimal distances according to the regulatory documents around the dangerous objects. Interpretation of the shooting materials is carried out within these buffer zones, wherein the environment objects, namely settlements, individual industrial and agricultural enterprises, buildings, structures, man-made and natural objects, are identified and ranged by the groups and categories according to regulatory documents. If the object of the k-th environment object group is outside the buffer zone with the corresponding value of the minimal distance , then the object location establishes no violation, if the object of the k-th environment object group is inside the buffer zone with the corresponding minimal distance , its location is a violation, then the shortest distance is measured to the pipeline axis for the linear part or to the border fencing area of the area pipeline object, and a list of the dangerous surrounding objects is drawn, the location of which violates the limits of the minimal distances established by the respective regulations from dangerous objects to environment objects with the values of the normative and actual distances. A buffer is built for each environment dangerous object inside the buffer zone of the minimal distances, around its territory, with the minimal distance value specified for the given class of the environment objects, the intersection buffer points with the pipeline axis are determined, the length of the pipeline section is measured, located in the buffer area built around the environment object, and a quantitative assessment of the minimal distance violations is carried out, indicating the local linear coordinates of the pipeline sections, that are potentially dangerous to the environment objects identified in the zone of the minimal distances.EFFECT: ability is achieved to define and quantify the potentially dangerous areas of the dangerous objects.

Generator of electric effect on viscosity of oil stream // 2614757
FIELD: electricity; oil industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a generator of electric effect of viscosity of a stream of oil, comprising an electrolyser with plastic-graphite electrodes. Generator is characterised by that it comprises two flip-flops, which are connected in series to each other and are connected to ground, by combined input are connected to output of threshold element, and by outputs are connected to input of an integrator, output of which is connected to input of direct current amplifier, output of which is connected with combined inputs of threshold element and electrolysis cell with plane-parallel plastic-graphite or titanium electrodes for placing in stream of oil.EFFECT: simplified device and broader functional capabilities by using directly in stream of oil in a wide range of frequencies, possibility of controlling parameters of generated alternating current and voltage in real time.1 cl, 1 dwg

Cryogenic liquid evaporator // 2614552
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: cryogenic liquid evaporator contains the combustion chamber cooled by a cryogenic liquid, a mixing head including a fuel supply unit, an oxidant supply unit, fire bottom unit, wherein the nozzles are installed in the mentioned units along the concentric circles, consisting of a hollow tip and the sleeve, enclosing the tip with the annular gap. There are ribs on the outer surface of the nozzle tip, interacting by its outer part with the inner surface of the sleeve, wherein the heat exchange elements are disposed in the inner cavity of the combustion chamber made in the form of Field's tubes, which outer tube inlet and inner tube outlet is connected to the fire bottom unit cavities. One of its cavities communicates with the combustion chamber cooling channel, and the gas duct is installed in the outlet part of the combustion chamber, in the embodiment, the ribs formed on the outer surface of the mixing head nozzle tip, are positioned at the angle to the longitudinal axis of the nozzle, the mixing head nozzle tip from the oxidant supply side is made blind. The tangential holes are made at its outer surface, which are equally spaced around the circle and communicating with the oxidant cavity.EFFECT: using of invention allows to expand the evaporator functionality and improve its performance.3 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for integrated contactless ground technical diagnostics of underground pipelines // 2614414
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: first, the exact location of the pipeline axis is determined via the line location complex, and then the location of the pipeline insulation coating violations is determined by placing pairwise four copper-sulphate comparison electrodes on the ground. Approaching the insulation coating defect, the pulsing gradient values of the direct current voltage and the potentials "pipe-ground", synchronous with the DC breaker tact, are observed on the metre, by which the location of the insulation coating defect epicenter is determined, in which the longitudinal stress gradient is zero, and the transverse voltage gradient reaches its maximum value, then the measurements of soil resistivity along the underground pipeline are performed, the study of the underground pipeline is performed by magnetic imaging, and finally the control pit sampling is performed according to the land survey in the most dangerous areas, and the complex index of the technical p pipeline state is determined according to the obtained results, on the basis of which the decision is made on the conditions for the further pipeline operation.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of determining the location and size of the insulation coating damage, assessing the pipe metal state of the underground pipeline.2 dwg

Automatic gas reducing station // 2613772
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: automatic gas reducing station contains mounted on a common frame reduction and gas heater blocks in the metal cabinets, separated by the air gap and connected by sealed air ducts, reducing lines, heat exchangers, thermoelectric converter, power stabilization blocks, gas supply regulator, expander with the integrated electric generator, gas pressure and temperature sensor, identifier, break-in sensors, controller and information transmission unit.EFFECT: improving the reliability of the device operation by transmitting process parameters registrations and operational measures taking to ensure the security of gas supply and the device functioning independence from the weather conditions.2 dwg

Device for compression of natural gas // 2613552
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the main gas transport, particularly to compressor stations of underground gas storages. Device for compression of natural gas includes a centrifugal gas blower consisting of two compression sections arranged on the same shaft in a common housing, connected to the shaft of a driven gas turbine engine, herewith the process connections of the device is made with the possibility of switching the compression sections by means of stop valves to ensure series and parallel operation modes of the blower sections, the device also has three control shutoff valves, a filter-separator, gas air cooling devices.EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency of the device during the complete period of pumping into the underground gas storage in a wide range of variation of process parameters, as well as reduction of equipment.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of high viscous oil preparation // 2612964
FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of high viscous oil preparation for pumping through a pipeline, the method can be used in oil industry. The method comprises oil heat treatment by heating in heat exchangers and thermal cracking oven, further separation of the thermal cracking products to gas/vapour/liquid and liquid phases in an evaporator, the later phase use as heating medium in the heat exchangers with further separation of the cooled liquid phase to two parts, one part is delivered for quenching cooling of the thermal cracking products prior to delivery to the evaporator, and another part after additional cooling is used as oil component pumped in the pipeline, further separation of gas/vapour/liquid phase of the thermal cracking products in a gas separator to hydrocarbon gas used as fuel of the thermal cracking oven and distillate. Wherein the distillate is subjected to additional separation to the hydrocarbon gas and stable distillate in a stabilization column having a nozzle, the hydrocarbon gas from the stabilization column is mixed with the hydrocarbon gas from the gas separator, and stable distillate after heating in heater is partially used as hot jet delivered to the bottom part of the stabilization column, and partially after cooling in cooler is used as live reflux delivered to the top part of the stabilization column, and balance quantity of the stable distillate is mixed with the cooled liquid phase of the evaporator and delivered for transfer.EFFECT: method of high viscous oil preparation reducing losses during transport and storage by its physical stability increasing.5 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl
Non-aqueous suspension of agent reducing hydrodynamic drag of hydrocarbon liquids // 2612834
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: suspension comprises ultra-high molecular nonaqueous amorphous poly-alpha olefin separating the agent and the suspension mediumrepresented by organic compounds with a negative solidification temperature. Furthermore, the suspension comprises an additive representing at least one organic polar compound having a dipole moment of not less than 2.0 D, solubility in the suspension medium components and the unbranched spatial stereometry. The suspension can be used in pipeline transportation of crude oil and petroleum products in the conditions of the extreme continental and Arctic climate without its heating prior to injection.EFFECT: according to invention, the suspension due to difficulty of formation of crystallization centres has a lowered solidification temperature.2 cl, 2 tbl, 7 ex

Common main line of system for monitoring technical state of main pipeline // 2612447
FIELD: monitoring systems.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to continuous monitoring of technical state of main pipeline intended for transportation of gaseous and liquid substances, and allows maximum use of all infrastructure operating in organisations for controlling pipeline processes. System includes a set of sensors for measuring parameters of current state of pipeline, data collection system, a system for processing measured parameters of pipeline, sections of sensors are connected via common main line, transmitting information on state of all sections of pipeline.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing fault-tolerance and repairability of main line transmitting information on state of all sections of pipeline due to introduction of programmable router for remote line, which enables to diagnose type and place of failure of remote line, as well as control connection of sensors of damaged line to adjacent lines.1 cl, 3 dwg
Device for intensification of heavy oil pumping in pipelines // 2612238
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: device for intensification of heavy oil pumping in pipelines comprises an electronic unit, sound emitters connected to the output of the electronic unit, and means of acoustic vibration transmission to the oil pumped through the pipeline, is designed in the form of two identical parts which are symmetrical to the pipe axis, including supporting bars with threaded pins fixed on them and nuts, and acoustic waveguides designed as prisms with grooves for outer bore diameter of the pipeline, wherein the sound emitters are placed between the respective suporting bars and acoustic waveguides and designed as sets of piezoceramic rings with opposite polarization.EFFECT: increased efficiency of oil pumping and simplified design of the structure by providing for the device surface mounting on the pipeline without the need for modification of the pipeline components and welding operations.2 dwg

Cryogenic liquid evaporator // 2611225
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: cryogenic liquid vaporizer comprises a housing consisting of the inner and the outer cylindrical shells mounted coaxially with the annular gap and interconnected via the bottom; in the internal housing cavity, an additional cylindrical shell is disposed coaxially forming a single annular channel for the heating medium passage from the evaporator periphery towards its center, each of the shells comprises two rigidly interconnected cylinders, between which channels are formed which are combined into reservoirs for cryogenic liquid supply and discharge, a mixing head with mixing elements, an igniting device and fuel component supply reservoirs mounted on an annular channel inlet.EFFECT: invention use will reduce the evaporator size and weight and improve performance through advanced surface heating.2 dwg
Control method for pipeline process modes // 2611132
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a control method for process modes in the course of pipeline operation based on processing the data of dispatch control system regarding the actual cycling of operating pressure in the pumped medium.EFFECT: increased reliability of the pipeline operation due to predicting and detecting the moments of pipeline operation transition to dangerous operating conditions from the point of view of the cyclic damage accumulation leading to the growth of fatigue defects to a certain state.

ethod for detection of oil leaks // 2610968
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of pipeline transportation of oil and petroleum products, and intended for on-line detection of leakage of the transported fluid from the pipes. The method for detecting oil and petroleum products leakage, including pressure measurement along the pipeline route, the pressure forecast for the moment of the next measurement is built upon the results of measurements, the difference between the forecasted and measured pressure is computed and the decision on whether there is a leakage or not is made based on the indications of the decision function of the nonparametric fastest imbalance detecting method.EFFECT: invention increases the rate of leakage detection.4 dwg

System containing commercial transmission system (versions) and method of gaseous fuel flow control // 2610907
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: transmission system comprises primary flow meters which are arranged parallel to each other and each of which is configured to receive the primary measurement of gaseous fuel flow rate portion passing through the commercial transmission system and secondary flow meters located sequentially relative to the primary flow meters, and each of which is configured to receive the secondary measurement of gaseous fuel flow rate passing through the commercial transmission system, wherein each of the primary and secondary flow meters is arranged with a function to lock or unlock, respectively, ensuring prevention or admission of gaseous fuel supply based on the number of gas turbines in operation state.EFFECT: improved accuracy of gas flow measurements and reduction of downtime caused by maintenance or calibration of transmission system flow meters.20 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of gas pressure stabilization at main gas line compressor station // 2610876
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of gas industry and can be used in operation of main gas line multi-shop compressor stations. Method of gas pressure stabilization at main gas line compressor station, including natural gas offtake for own process needs, characterized by fact, that gas pressure stabilization is carried out, by installing inter-shop utility bridges between fuel gas supply lines from gas treatment plant to fuel, start-up and pulse gas treatment plant and between fuel and start-up gas treatment plants, representing two mounted pipeline sections, in which two ball valves are embedded, wherein utility bridges connection is made by four welded straight through tee-pieces.EFFECT: providing required stability of off-taken fuel gas parameters, reducing common power consumption due to gas operation from gas main line section disconnected for repair as fuel in adjacent compressor workshops through inter-shop utility bridges between fuel gas supply lines.1 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl