echanical engineering and lighting and heating and weapons and blasting (F)

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Aircraft engines capacitive ignition system control device // 2614388
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of transport and can be used for combustible mixtures ignition by means of electric spark, in particular in capacitive ignition systems for ignition system control, installed on aircraft engine, for ignition system technical condition evaluation in intervals between aircraft engines start-ups. Aircraft engines capacitive ignition system control device includes discharge current sensor, comparator, discharge current amplitude voltage check value setting device, time interval meter, actuator. Discharge current sensor output is connected to comparator first input, discharge current amplitude voltage check value setting device output is connected to comparator second input. Time interval meter output is connected to actuator. Control device additionally includes ambient environment pressure measuring transducer, containing serially connected ambient environment pressure sensor, amplifier, ambient environment pressure control voltage setting device, second comparator, univibrator, logical device "AND". Ambient environment pressure measuring transducer output is connected to second comparator first input. Ambient environment pressure control voltage setting device output is connected to second comparator second input, comparator output is connected to univibrator input, which output and second comparator output is connected to logical device "AND", by output connected to time interval meter input.EFFECT: technical result is increasing of aircraft engines capacitive ignition system serviceability control reliability.1 cl, 1 dwg

Fan assembly // 2614378
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: fan assembly containing a nozzle and the main part, on which the nozzle is installed. The nozzle contains a rear section, having at least one the first air inlet, at least one the first air outlet and the first internal passage for moving the air from the first air inlet to the first air outlet; and a front section, having at least one the second air inlet, at least one the second air outlet and the second internal passage, which is isolated from the first internal passage for moving the air from the second air inlet to the second air outlet. The nozzle sections define the internal hole through which the air from fan assembly outside is drawn by the air emitted from the nozzle. The main part includes the means for creating the first air flow through the first internal passage and the second air flow through the second internal passage, and also means for changing the second air flow moisture parameters before it enters the second internal passage.EFFECT: improvement of the device reliability.15 cl, 8 dwg

Dioptrical sight // 2614350
FIELD: weapons and ammo.SUBSTANCE: for the usage in shooting sports, biathlon, and sports and entertainment shooting galleries. The matter of the invention lies in the fact that the dioptrical hole of the sight is performed by crossing of two through orthogonal rectangular holes made in moving plates. The plate with the vertical through hole is performed with the possibility of moving in the horizontal direction. The plate with the horizontal through hole is performed with the possibility in the vertical direction. There are scales with zero points in the middle of the diptrical hole located on both plates along the longest sides of the through holes. The moving of the plates is performed in a particular case by screw mechanisms. The width of the through holes performed in the plates may be adjusted with the help of mechanisms.EFFECT: possibility of creation of the easy sight providing high shooting accuracy, as well as the possibility of horizon adjustments without moving the sight, for small-caliber and air rifles.8 cl, 2 dwg
Independent circulation thermal electrical pump for heating systems // 2614349
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: thermal electric pump comprises a feed pipeline (1) with thermoelectric unit (3), connected with electric wiring to an inverter (4), battery (5) and pump motor (6) mounted in pipeline (2). Block (3) consists of two semi-cylindrical shells with longitudinal slots in which ongitudinal ribs are inserted. Inside ribs over their entire length, zigzag rows are placed consisting of sequently plaved and interconnected thermionic converters consisting of a pair of segments made of different metals. The segments ends are flattened, tightly pressed against each other and located near the edges of the ribs pressed against the heating zone to the pipeline section (1) surface and in the cooling zone. The zigzag rows free ends of each rib pair at one end in the cooling zone are connected by bridges, and on the opposite are interconnected in the cooling zone through the condensers, forming thermoelectric sections. The condensers are connected through their bridges in series with each other, forming a thermoelectric unit provided with current terminals with the like charges, connected with wiring to inverter (4).EFFECT: increased efficiency and reliability of the heating system.8 dwg

ethod of thrower aiming for projectile throwing and system for its implementation // 2614344
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: system includes a target with a shock sensor, equipped with LED, mounted in the center of the target, a body catcher, high-speed camera and simulators of impact in the form of projectiles. Projectile throwing device is made in the form of a hollow barrel with the breech and muzzle ends, is equipped with detachable screens placed on the muzzle and breech ends and equipped with translucent inserts with holes in the middle. Targeting sight is designed as a laser emitter mounted on the carrier in front of the screen on the side of the breach end with the possibility of adjusting and fixing its position. The method of aiming resides in the fact that a series of projectile throwing is previously carried out and their impact points with the target are determined. Impact grouping center is determined according to the combination of the impact points. Subsequent pointer position adjustment is carried out by the fact that the pointer light beam is directed to the center of the grouping of projectiles impacts with the target through the removable barrel screens inserts holes and the sight beam axis is combined with the center of impacts grouping. Then, the position of the target is adjusted so that the center of the target coincides with the new position of the laser pointer beam center, is fixed and prepared for projectiles shooting in the specified area of the aircraft surface.EFFECT: improved accuracy of aiming in a given area of the test object's surface at one dash.2 cl, 2 dwg

Return valve for drilling strings // 2614342
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: return valve contains a hollow cylindrical body and disposed and located there the following components: the fixed saddle, forming by its inner surface with the inner surface of the valve body the flow path channel for fluid from the drilling string; as well as contacting with the saddle movable locking unit with disc-shaped head, providing that contact, with rigidly connected with it and tightening the locking unit to the saddle by spring-loaded rod in the form of the central rod with shank, with locking unit clamp relatively to the saddle and covering the rod shank by the locking plug with the slot for the locking unit clamp. At that the valve is additionally equipped with a hollow conical plug, covering the locking plug and supporting by its large base the disc-shaped head of the locking device, and its body is made as one piece and locking unit clamp is made as the press-fitted pin into the rod relatively to the saddle. At that the locking plug slot for the locking unit clamp is made as profiled-blind, providing due to its form the opportunity not only of free axial movement of the pin rod in it at vertical movement of the locking unit, but also the possibility of its locking in this groove at the forced rotation of the locking unit around the axis, and also the subsequent exit from it under the action of the fluid flow from the drilling string, falling to the head of the locking unit. The rod spring is installed on its shank in the locking plug, and the locking unit itself, generally, with its disc-shaped head, its spring-loaded rod with a pin, the conical and the locking plugs formed in the stable relatively to the axis of the one-piece unit valve, installed in the valve channel separately from the body under its saddle, and the fixed valve saddle is designed as a single metal sleeve fixed in the housing.EFFECT: increase of valve reliability and manufacturability.2 dwg

ethod for remote orientation of moving objects // 2614333
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: method for remote orientation of moving objects includes formation of orthogonal raster by row-wise, forward and counter reverse scanning of a laser beam with duplication of forward scanning, between which given time delays during radiation extinction are maintained in each row. Given time delays are maintained in each row between scanning instances, said time delays enabling to identify row number with a defined position of an object in the information field.EFFECT: invention increases the rate of transmitting information in remote orientation systems by reducing the amount of raster needed when forming an information field.2 dwg

Operation method of piston vertical hybrid machine of dimensional action and method for its implementation // 2614317
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: piston machine contains a cylinder 1, divided by the piston 2 into gas 3 and fluid chambers 4. They are connected to the gas and liquid source and consumer through the reverse suction 5 and 6 and discharge valves 7 and 8. The reverse self-operated liquid valve 9 is installed at the piston bottom 2 opposite to the suction valve 5 of the cavity 3, connected through the hole 10 with chamber 3 and through the channels 11 with chamber 4. The spring 12 of the valve 9, is leant through the glass 13 on the adjusting screw 14. During the compression and liquid discharge in the liquid chamber 4, due to the leakages of fluid through the piston seal, a layer of the liquid over the piston 2 in the gas chamber 3 is created, which is evacuated at the end of gas injection process into the liquid subpiston chamber. The liquid volume, exceeding the dead volume of the chamber 3 is left over the piston 2 by the end of the gas injection process. The excess liquid flows to the chamber 4 through the opened valve 9.EFFECT: power efficiency of the gas chamber work cycle is improved, the hydraulic impact occurrence conditions are eliminated, the operating pressures range of the liquid chamber is expanded.4 cl, 4 dwg

Last stage of steam turbine // 2614316
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: blades are made with a selection of moisture and steam inlet channels, communicating with through slots selection of moisture and steam inlet. The blades are divided into two groups: one group of blades disposed at the bottom of the diaphragm and the most remote from the connector, included in the nozzle array sector with a central angle of 120º-180º, and another group of the remaining blades. The annular chamber in every part of the rim of the diaphragm seals the inlet chamber is divided into steam and water sampling chamber. By the steam inlet chamber, the steam-receiving box is connected with steam supply pipes, which are installed in the throttle pressure regulators, and the moisture sampling chamber communicates with the holes in the rim, in which the throttling members are mounted. In the body of the diaphragm, the wet-receiving slots are made.EFFECT: proposed design of the blades of both groups and the presence of various elements dripping can improve efficiency, which increases the efficiency of the stage and the overall efficiency of the steam turbine, reducing the risk of increased wet-steam erosion of rotor blades.3 cl, 5 dwg

Sucker rod pump drive // 2614315
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: drive comprises a base with a stand and swing mechanism which includes a sway-beam with swinged horseheadand a traverse beam. Horsehead steering mechanism comprises a front inlet of the worm-reduction gear shaft, horsehead fixating in the operating position device with fixing bolts and locking nuts on them. The sway-beam fixating device comprises a coupler of adjustable length, as well as an automatic drive protection system. The front inlet of the worm-reduction gear shaft and fixing bolt heads are kinematically connected to the drive transfer box fixed at the sway-beam with a steering column, a steering wheel and turn a box-couplings engaging levers on it. Locking element of the fixing bolts is fitted in the drive transfer box. Adjustable coupler length of the sway-beam fixating device is made integral. Kinematical connection from the worm-reduction gear to the drive transfer box is made via attachable transient reducing gear and universalarticulated double coupling. Kinematical connection from the drive transfer box to the fixing bolts is made via articulated double coupling, attachable reducing gear with torque flow division into two flows. Attachable reducing gear and attachable casings with couplings are fitted at the additional bracket fixed on the sway-beam.EFFECT: improved comfort, reliability and safety of operation.4 cl, 10 dwg

Air cleaner of internal combustion engines // 2614314
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: an air cleaner of the internal combustion engine, consisting of a node pre-cleaning air comprising a housing, a cover, an intake grid dust separator, dust collecting bin, the check valve, otsosnuyu tube connected to the pipe of the ejector, the central tube, and the node main air purification, comprising a housing inside which a bracket with a pin and secured wing nuts and basic safety filter cartridge, inlet and outlet pipes, cover the outlet nozzle is further connected electric air filter contamination sensor connected to the lamp indication limit contamination of the main filter cartridge; the holes formed in the bottom of the hull, connected suction tube contaminated air connected via check valves otsosnoy tube; a lid mounted air distributor consisting of a fixed and movable parts, between which is installed a washer with holes for the passage of air, made from a material with low friction; a stationary part attached blowing air distribution duct connected through a connector mounted in an aperture formed in the housing, with the air duct in which is placed an electric valve, and the receiver; a movable part attached to the air distributor inner and outer conduits having a nozzle, and a gear driven by a motor, which is connected to an electrical circuit breaker, an electric valve and the battery.EFFECT: ability to clean the main filter cartridge without taking it out of the air cleaner housing.5 dwg

Piston ring with groove, which has periodically varying forms // 2614313
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: groove is located between two portions of the working surface in relation to the cross section of the piston ring. Two working surface portion are spaced apart, being substantially spherically convex, and each has the highest point. The groove has a periodically varying depth and periodically changing the width and depth of the course number of periods changes and changes in the number of stroke width the same periods.EFFECT: invention provides the sufficient lubrication conditions due to a more uniform distribution in the circumferential direction of the lubricating oil supplied in the groove.12 cl, 11 dwg

Pyro-valve // 2614312
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pyro-valve to shut off roads comprises a housing with inlet and outlet located on one axis. Between the said pipes are hermetically mounted thin-walled tube. Side pyro-valve cavity formed in a stepped cylindrical bore with a conical transition surface between the steps. Stepped tube shut-formed with a hole through which the tin-walled tube is omitted. The body cavity at the side opposite to the stepped stopper shut-stepped and an opening of the bore. The shut-speed traffic jam from the small end of the stage along the axis of a hole. Coaxially to the axis of the thin-walled tube has a groove. Perpendicular to the shut-axis speed of the output plug valve nozzle pipe at a distance from the hole axis equal speed course shut-stoppers, an opening is made. In this bore hole and plug speed shut-communicate with each other. The large bore side of the body cavity is a filter. On the outer surface of the side opposite to the stepped cavity of the housing tube shut-mounted plug.EFFECT: provision of rapid release of gas from the pneumatic valve control gas generator emergency shutdown liquid rocket engine.3 cl, 1 dwg

Steam generator // 2614311
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the power plants, that produce steam with high parameters, obtained by the power released during the combustion of hydrogen or natural gas (NG) in oxygen. The steam generator contains the ignition device with electro sparking plug, the mixing head with main pipes supplying the oxidant, fuel and water for film cooling, the combustion chamber with cooling path channel, the mixing chamber. In the combustion chamber near the mixing head there is additional fire wall with the length of 3÷4 output nozzle diameters, fixed by means of soldering with the inner wall of the combustion chamber and the oblique cooling path channels, which are connected to the cooling path channel of the inner wall through the holes.EFFECT: stable cooling of the combustion chamber inner wall and extention of the steam generator service life.3 dwg

System and method of ignition for internal combustion engine // 2614310
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to internal combustion engines (ICE), particularly to ignition systems, and can be used in the engine-building industry, and, in particular, in the automotive industry. The ignition of a combustion engine (1) includes circuitry (47) for generating the superimposed voltage, which, after the initiation of the discharge by applying a secondary winding of the discharge voltage, applies a superimposed voltage between the electrodes of the plug (29) of ignition in the same direction as the discharge voltage, to continue the discharge current and discharge cash performs ranging discharge activation superimposed with a high degree of exhaust gas recirculation. After switching from the activation range superimposed discharge with high exhaust gas recirculation range deactivation superimposed discharge with a low degree of exhaust gas recirculation occurs deactivation delay imposed on the discharge time delay T. Although the degree of exhaust gas recirculation, temporarily increased with a decrease in the intake of air control, valve after closing the exhaust gas recirculation, cash discharge continues for the delay time T to avoid interruption of ignition.EFFECT: ignition system, which increases the reliability of the ignition.12 cl, 17 dwg

Wet gas compressor and method // 2614309
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is centrifugal compressor for technological process performance over wet gas. Centrifugal compressor comprises body and, at least, one stage, containing, at least, one impeller (100), installed with possibility of rotation in body and having hub (107) and blades (111), wherein each impeller blade has low-pressure side and high-pressure side. Compressor stage contains, at least, one drops reducing device made with possibility of fluid drops reducing facilitation, flowing through compressor stage.EFFECT: invention is aimed at reduction of harmful factors from presence of liquid drops in pumped gas.30 cl, 21 dwg

ethod of engine operation (versions) and engine system // 2614308
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in diesel internal combustion engines (ICE) fuel supply control systems. Disclosed is method of number of fuel injections controlling supplied into ICE cylinder during cylinder cycle. According to disclosed method in ICE cylinder first and second fuel is fired, wherein combustion phase is controlled when second fuel is fired, as compared to, when first fuel is fired and number of fuel injections supplied into cylinder during cylinder cycle in response to combustion phase.EFFECT: reduced toxicity of ICE exhaust, reduced combustion noise.7 cl, 8 dwg

Heat exchanger and machine provided with such heat exchanger // 2614307
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: heat exchanger comprising: a central portion having a plurality of channels for a fluid and a tank, open on one side and formed by a top wall, opposing parallel walls and end walls, an open tank side adapted for welding to the end surface of the central portion of the heat exchanger at the inner side end of the side walls of the tank, is welded to the central portion of the heat exchanger formed by a smooth arc surface protruding inwardly of the tank. Furthermore, the invention also relates to the machine having a heat exchanger.EFFECT: increasing filter efficiency.6 cl, 3 dwg

Vortex heat generator // 2614306
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: device refers to the heat power industry and can be used for heating the residential and industrial premises, for hot water supply, the preparation of emulsions, suspensions, dispersion of various materials, decontamination of liquids and liquid foods, for disinfection of water in sewage treatment plants, in swimming pools, improve the quality of diesel and gasoline fuel, preparation of structured water for fish breeding farms, soaking of seeds and watering of plants, as well as for the preparation of structured water for farm animals. Vortex heat generator includes a mixer and a pump. The cavitator consists of a body fixed with the flanges to the pump and to the mixer. Inside the housing there are confusers and a diffuser welded to it, through which the deflector is passing, made of the solid metal and fixed to the housing, wherein the deflector is mounted so, that between it and all the confusers except the last in the course of the water movement, there is a gap, located at the upper part of the deflector, and the latter in the course of the water movement the confusers has the ring gap between the surface of the deflector and tappering of the confusers. The ring gap area corresponds to the area of the injection pump nozzle.EFFECT: invention should increase the density of cavitation in the continuous flow of liquid or suspension, to provide the cavitation bubble collapse process removal to the deceleration area, where there is no destruction of working surfaces.2 cl, 2 dwg

Combustion chamber wall // 2614305
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: turbomachine combustion chamber annular wall comprises cold side and hot side and has, at least, one primary hole to enable possibility of first air flow ingress, passing on wall cold side, to wall hot side for providing fuel combustion inside combustion chamber and plurality of cooling holes. Each cooling hole has diameter of not more than 1 mm in order to enable possibility of second flow of air ingress, passing on wall cold side, to wall hot side for wall hot side cooling. Plurality of cooling holes is also suitable for dilution of combustion gas, which is result of said combustion, due to use of air flow ingression on wall hot side through cooling holes. Said cooling holes represent not less than 50 % of entire surface area for air passage through wall.EFFECT: invention is aimed for provision of more uniform temperature distribution inside combustion chamber at simultaneous increase of turbomachine hydro-dynamic cycle efficiency.9 cl, 5 dwg

Heat exchanger // 2614304
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: heat exchanger comprises a housing with inlet and outlet nozzles for one medium, two concentrically disposed hollow rotors placed in the housing, an inlet and an outlet manifolds for another medium, made in the form of truncated cones plugged at one end and provided with openings on side surface, an inner rotor is made screw and assembled of guide elements made in the form of three rectangular strips with overlaps, alternately bent in opposite directions at an angle of 140° by cuts made at an angle of 60° to each other and to the longitudinal edges of the strips. Rectangular shape overlaps are formed along the internal screw rotor perimeter, they are arranged in series with gaps one after another on zigzag screw lines of base line, and the outer rotor is made screw in the form of a hollow screw surface with external overlap in the form of screw blades along its entire length, and is made of three or more rectangular strips of equal width and length, of a concave or convex shape relative to screw surface axis, folded in a vertical plane in the longitudinal direction and folded along screw lines in the transverse direction on a cylindrical mandrel and interconnected to form overlaps along the screw surface perimeter, made as screw blades on their entire length, and screw lines and screw curved surfaces relative to the screw surface axis with centers of curvature disposed outside or inside the screw surface cross section, and with helical grooves, wherein a helical spring with flat coil section is mounted in the space between the housing and the outer screw rotor, which is made with adjusting pitch change by its extension or compression.EFFECT: enchanced technological capabilities and intensified heat transfer.25 dwg

Housing with edges for axial turbine machine compressor // 2614303
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to an outer housing of a composite material for an axial compressor of a turbine machine; at the same time, the housing usually contains a round wall with the matrix and fibrous stiffener. The housing (28) contains a round wall (32) with the inner surface (40), which has a continuous curvature on the circumference of the wall (32). The wall contains flat edges (42), which are made level with the inner surface of the curved wall. The edges (42) are arranged in circular rows to let the annular rows of stator blades be placed on them. The edges (42) are made as flat discs to support the blades for optimizing the position of the blades and, at the same time, to reduce the stress concentration in the areas of platform/wall cooperation.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce the stress concentration between the wall of the housing and the blade platform, increases the accuracy of the blade's orientation, facilitates the regulation of the chord of the blades' orientation or blades' angle.21 cl, 6 dwg

Axial turbine machine stator blades retaining ring and axial turbomachine // 2614302
FIELD: turbo-machines.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to axial turbine machine low pressure compressor stator. Stator comprises circular row of stator blades 26, having radial ends, passing through inner casing 28 holes 36, and containing radial fixing slots 38. Slots 38 have conicity formed by hooks 44. Stator comprises ring 30 for fixation of blades 26 on casing 28. Ring 30 is bent along circumference for its installation in fixing slots 38 and has shape of strip with arc-shaped lateral cross-section, which is in contact with cones and rests against them so, that ring 30 was retained inside slots 38. Casing 28 comprises abraded material 32 circular layer, which surrounds ring so, that to block ring 30 arched shape curvature in order to prevent disengagement of its contact with slots 38 cones.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at improvement of fixation between blade and ring with arc-shaped lateral cross-section in axial turbomachine, as well as at increasing of stator with blades service life.24 cl, 4 dwg

Suction device design for additional unit // 2614301
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention may be used in internal combustion engines. Suction device design is intended for additional unit, in particular, air compressor, and arranged on air intake system (1) for burning of internal combustion engine fuel. Suction device for additional unit is connected to suction pipeline (5) for air of engine air inlet system (1). On suction pipeline (5) resonant and/or damping forming volume (8) is made, closed in outward direction. Suction device suction pipeline (10) enters housing (7) for additional unit in connection point, located at distance from suction pipeline (5). In suction pipeline (5), at least, one groove is made, open in direction of resonant and/or damping volume (8). Suction device is connected downstream of air filter (4), however, upstream of air masses measurement device and/or fuel metering device sensor (9). Forming resonant and/or damping volume (8) housing (7) is installed directly on inlet system (1) air filter housing (2) and communicated with air filter (4) clean air side. Air filter (4), built-in air masses measurement device and/or fuel metering device and suction pipeline (10) connection point for additional unit compose pre-mounted unit.EFFECT: technical result consists in simplification of device design and elimination of distortions during air mass measurement for fuel and air ratio calculating.6 cl, 1 dwg

Low-noise turbine for geared turbofan engine // 2614300
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: bypass gas turbine engine is used in combination with step-down reduction gearbox to reduce fan rotation speed relative to low-pressure turbine rotation speed. Disclosed also are turbine module and method of its designing. Gas turbine engine is made so, that number of blades in low-pressure turbine, multiplied by low-pressure turbine rotation speed, leads to formation of working noise, which lies outside of human hearing sensitivity range.EFFECT: enabling audible noise reducing during landing approach.20 cl, 1 dwg

Centrifugal screw pump // 2614299
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: centrifugal screw pump comprises a housing (1) with inlet (2) and outlet (3), a pump head (4), a partition (5), a shaft (6) an impeller (7) and a screw (8). The housing (1) and the pump head (4) are connected to the bearing housing (9). There is a high-pressure chamber (10) between the partition (5) and the pump head (4) which is connected to the outlet (3) by passages (11). The partition (5) forms a hub plate (13) seal (12) of the impeller (7) and groove seals (14), (15) of the barrel (16), the separating chamber (17) is positioned between them and connected to the chamber ( 10) by the holes (18). The partition (5), the plate (13) and the barrel (16) form a discharging chamber (19) which is connected to the impeller (7) entrance chamber (21) by the holes (20) in the plate (13). There is a drain cavity (22) behind the seal (15) which is separated from the bearings (24), (25) by the shaft (6) seal (26). The cavity (22) is connected by drain passages (23) which are made in the pump head (4).EFFECT: exclusion of environment air entering the pump and the deterioration of its anti-cavitation properties by maintaining the chamber pressure close to the pressure at the pump outlet during the pump operation.3 cl, 1 dwg

Steam turbine // 2614298
FIELD: heat-and-power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat-and-power engineering, particularly to steam turbines of low power. Proposed steam turbine comprises a housing with a horizontal connector, a fixed on the shaft disc with jet working blades installed in one line perpendicular to the cylindrical surface of the disc and forming rims, two diaphragms, one of which is installed before the jet working blades and comprises guide vanes and sealings to make inlets, and the other diaphragm is installed after the jet working blades and comprises sealings, which form outlets, rotary boxes to vary the working medium motion direction installed over the entire disc circumference above the jet working blades onto the sealings, which form the inlet and the outlet openings, covering the inlet and the outlet openings, a sealings unit arranged between the housing and the shaft and consisting of complete sealings and a device to feed and discharge the working medium. Invention ensures small sizes and low metal consumption of the turbine, as well as actuation of almost the whole enthalpy drop of the working medium (down to 0.03 kg/cm2), promotes reducing power losses, sharp reduction of leaks of the working medium for much higher efficiency of the steam turbine. Turbine has a larger range of RPM, since it is not sensitive to changes in parameters of the steam.EFFECT: proposed is a steam turbine.3 cl, 2 dwg

Centrifugal compressor rotor shaft seal group // 2614297
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: centrifugal compressor shaft seal group includes rigidly connected with each other the gas seal in the form of the seal rings and spacers package and the hydrostatic oil seal in the form of the inner and outer walls, limiting the inner ring cavity, opened towards the shaft. The oil seal ring cavity is connected through the opening in the outer wall with the interior cavity of the bearing housing and through the opening in the inner wall with the compressor flowpath. The inner ring cavity in the meridian section has the diffusion airfoil.EFFECT: invention let to create the compressor shaft seal group, that does not require the supply of buffer gas during compressor starting and stopping, by means of eliminating the oil from the bearing support entry into the compressor flowpath.2 cl, 3 dwg

Borehole sucker rod pump unit // 2614296
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: unit contains power drive with traction body, reversible drive body, two balanced lifting liquid lines of different weights, including the corresponding suspension, connected to a reversible drive body by a flexible element, polished rods, rod strings and pumps, placed in the appropriate pipe strings, isolated from each other, lowered into the borehole. Reversible driving body is connected to the actuator for rotation and reciprocation together with the traction body. The reversible drive body is equipped with a drum having flexible rod, adapted to be wound around the drum, while the reversible drive body is rotating. The other end of the flexible rod is fixed at a different level within the height of the actuator at the mounting mechanism, which is adapted for fixation relative to the hole top. The drum is adapted to wind the flexible rods with sequential increase or decrease of the winding diameter, respectively for increasing or decreasing of the uplift lines stroke relatively to the actuator stroke.EFFECT: expanded mounting possibilities and reduced power consumption, excluded the plant downtime, increased operational reliability.4 cl, 6 dwg

Clinker cooler // 2614295
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: clinker cooler comprises a water bath, a rotating drum installed therein, the means for clinker loading and unloading. The drum is designed as the obliquely installed respectively to its horizontal cylinder axis of rotation with flat end walls of elliptical shape, parallel to each other, perpendicularly or obliquely placed at the angle β to the horizontal drum axis of rotation, while maintaining parallel to each other, at that the major axes of the ellipses end walls are turned relative to each other at the angle ϕ and the spring of barrel shape with a circular coils section is fixed along the entire length of the drum, which equipped with device to change the turns pitch by its stretching or compressing.EFFECT: increase of the clinker cooling degree and expansion of the cooler process capabilities.4 dwg
ethod of blades forgings manufacturing from titanium alloys // 2614294
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: forgings manufacturing method from titanium alloys includes extrusion of billet under isothermal conditions at the same temperature of heating the billet and die and subsequent isothermal forging of the extruded billet. The extrusion and isothermal forging is performed at the heating temperature of the die and billet 800-830 °C±40 °C at average strain rate not more than 0.3 mm/s.EFFECT: reduce of alloy deformation resistance and increase of dimensional stability of dies, manufacturing of blade forgings with a fine-grained structure.1 dwg,1 ex

ethod of large diameter thermoplastic sealants moulding // 2614275
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to large diameter sealing rings producing method (versions). Method of sealing ring molding includes jointly extruded longitudinal layer of first polymer and longitudinal layer of second polymer, having higher quality and strength weld joint. Bending thermoplastic rod into round shape during heating and connecting rod heated ends by weld joint.EFFECT: technical result, enabled by using group of inventions, consists in fact, that to increase weld joint strength as a whole, including first polymer layer weld joint.15 cl, 10 dwg

Realization method of rocket power and device for its implementation // 2614271
FIELD: aviation, astronautic science.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for launching the rocket stages separating parts after switching off the sustainer liquid propellant engine (LPE). The method is based on injection into the combustion chamber of the gasified liquid propellant components (PC), by stopping the sustainer LPE, including PC gasification systems, based on the pressurization gas supply to spherical tanks with additional PC, and by oxidizing or reducing gas generator, depending on the particular fuel in the tanks, supply of coolant into the tanks with the PC remains. The fuel and oxidizer feed line into the tanks from the shut-off valves is to be blown-down after stopping the sustainer LPE, the gasification products from each tank are supplied into the combustion chamber of sustainer LPE. The device for implementing the power of the liquid propellant engine includes the system of control and guidance and gasification system, located behind the shut-off valves, in the main fuel lines of the oxidizer and fuel there are spherical tanks for blowing-down the lines and extra feed lines, supplying the gasified fuel mixture, connecting the oxidizer and fuel tanks with the main LPE to bypass the turbopump unit.EFFECT: LPE energy efficiency increase by means of energy resources implementation.2 cl, 1 dwg

Fuel feed unit to the bypass turbojet engine afterburner // 2614268
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: fuel feed unit to the afterburner of the bypass turbojet engine contains a fuel manifolds with the fuel feed fittings. The fuel manifolds are formed all-in-one with the housing, which by means of fixing elements is connected to the upper diffuser cowl and with the upper ring flame stabiliser fastener. At that the mentioned housing in the cross-section plane has a rectangular shape, and the fuel manifolds are made in the form of a ring.EFFECT: reduction of the full pressure loss in the afterburner flow section, thrust augmentation and reduction of coke formation in the fuel manifolds.3 cl, 3 dwg

Shell-and-tube heat exchanger // 2614266
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: shell-and-tube heat exchanger contains a housing with the built-in heat exchange surface in the form of straight-tube bundle with a movable bottom tune grid with the collector, pipes for input and output of gas-liquid coolants, disposed on the housing. Straight-tube bundle contains a central tube, having an outer ring cavity, closed at the bottom. The upper part of the straight-tube bundle pipes on the condensing side is limited by the partition-apron with a pipe for discharging the non-condensed gas outside the device housing.EFFECT: increase of the heat exchanger operation reliability.2 cl, 1 dwg

Sealing annular gap between separator and piston preferably for control valve of axial type (versions) // 2614259
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: performing a cuff 3 with an annular groove 17 and attaching it to the wedge 14 of the annular insert 1 are held in the process with the possibility of the wedge reciprocating movement 14, the radial movement of the sealing cuff 3 jaw 2 is provided within the annular groove 17.EFFECT: reducing the probability of damaging the cuff, when switching the valve, and minimizing the working medium leakage at high and low pressures, reducing the mass and dimensions of the control valve, increasing the speed of its switching.35 cl, 38 dwg

ethod and system for determining refrigerant cooling flow parameter // 2614241
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method may include receiving a signal associated with the first combustion product parameter value at a specific location within a gas turbine combustion zone, reception of a signal associated with the second combustion product parameter value at a specific location downstream below a combustion zone, comparing the first and the second combustion product parameter values and refrigerant cooling flow parameter determination through comparison of the first and second values.EFFECT: improved efficiency and improved performance of gas turbine.20 cl, 3 dwg

Control method of adjustable-blade turbine impeller by servomotor // 2614232
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: control method of adjustable-blade turbine impeller by servomotor by shifting the main valve from the middle position includes a determination of the current position of the main servomotor, a determination of the deviation of the current position from the set position, used the pulse three-position controller output signal to form the valve offset value from the central position, wherein the input signal is the deviation rate and the signal proportional to this value. An additional signal is formed proportional to the level increace of the specified deviation rate of the current position of the servomotor from the predetermined one which rate is selected in accordance with the speed determined by the calculation of its positioning accuracy at deviations selected to control its movement by the controller only. The amount of the additional signal and the controller output signal is used as a valve displacement signal.EFFECT: improved reliability of the impeller blades drive.12 dwg

ethod of thrower angle aiming for projectile throwing // 2614204
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: series of projectile throwing is previously carried out and their impact points with the target are determined. Impact grouping center is determined according to the combination of the impact points. Subsequent sight position adjustment is carried out by the fact that the sight light beam is directed to the center of the grouping of impacts with the target through the removable barrel screens inserts holes and the sight beam axis is combined with the center of impacts grouping. Then, the position of the sight, barrel and target are fixed and prepared for projectiles shooting in the specified area of the aircraft surface. The system includes a laser pointer, coupled with a thrower, which is designed as a hollow barrel with the breech and muzzle ends, a target with a shock sensor, equipped with LED, mounted in the center of the target, a body catcher, high-speed camera and simulators of impact in the form of projectiles. Projectile throwing device is made in the form of a hollow barrel with the breech and muzzle ends, is equipped with detachable screens placed on the muzzle and breech ends and equipped with translucent inserts with holes in the middle. Targeting sight is designed as a laser emitter mounted on the carrier in front of the screen on the side of the breach end with the possibility of adjusting and fixing its position.EFFECT: improved accuracy of aiming in a given area of the test object's surface at one dash.3 dwg

Replacement front-sight body mounting // 2614184
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: replacement front-sight body mounting includes a front-sight body with front-sight, base fixed to the barrel, nut and screw. Front-sight body and base are connected with plug connection. A transverse slot is formed in a front-sight body for a screw passing, a transverse slot is formed in a base. The plug connection may be made in the form of a longitudinal projection of "dovetail" type in a front-sight body interacting with a return groove in the base.EFFECT: increased reliability of replacement front-sight body mounting.4 cl, 6 dwg
Protector for power cable safety in well (variants) // 2614178
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: protector to save the power cable in the well contains a molded case, equipped with two longitudinal edges and formed integrally with the cable channel and the center channel with the size under the outer diameter of the tubing to lock the protector housing to the coupling joint, hinged arcuate clamping brackets one end of which is provided with an opening for rotation on an axis which passes through the bracket, and the second - is attached by a bolt to the housing. This clamping brackets are made cast or stamped. Housing protector is equipped at their ends guide channels: to secure wide and narrow electric cable for fixation of the high-pressure supply tubes of chemical reagents. Longitudinal hull rib has two abutments to prevent axial movement relative to the housing of the arcuate folding clamping brackets and the middle portion of the tread has a lateral housing edges connecting the longitudinal ribs and the housing having a guide channel in its middle part.EFFECT: increase of reliability of fixing of the electric cable and the high-pressure pipe supplying chemicals into the tread body.2 cl, 4 dwg

Pyrolysis reactor for producing synthesis gas // 2614168
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: internal reactor cavity is charged with raw material with the fraction of up to 50 mm: biofuel, solid household or agricultural waste, coal slurry - by means of the charging unit 3. The reactor comprises a screw compactor 4 and the scraper 5 for removing slag. An odd number of magnetrons 2 creating the temperature of 1000-1500°C by means of microwave radiation is mounted on the reactor housing 1 in the same horizontal plane at the equal distance from each other. Synthesis gas and slags resulting from the raw material pyrolysis are removed from the reactor through the unloading port 9, separated and purified from admixtures. The housing 1 is made three-layered: the inner layer 6 made of ceramic tiles, the intermediate layer 8 is heat-insulating, the outer layer 7 is of stainless steel with the openings for the free passage of microwave radiation from the magnetrons 2.EFFECT: expanding the functional capabilities of the reactor.8 cl, 2 dwg

Light weapon stock // 2614161
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the light weapons, particularly, to the stocks with a butt pivotally connected to a fore grip, and may be used in combat, hunting, or sports weapons. The light weapon stock contains the fore grip (1) and the butt (2). The fore grip (1) is pivotally connected with the butt (2) via the axis (3) with the possibility of rotation of the fore grip (1) and the butt (2) relatively to each other. For keeping the butt (2) in combat (unfolded) position, there is a lock (4) with a spring in the fore grip (1). For keeping the butt (2) in traveling (folded) position, there is a hole (8), in which a stopper (9) with a spring is installed, in the butt (2) and there is a groove (11) in the fore grip. There is a projection (12), which enters into the groove (11) of the fore grip (1) in the traveling (folded) position of the butt (2), on the stopper (9). For prevention of stopper (9) detachment from the butt (2), there is a plunger (13) installed in the butt (2).EFFECT: invention provides simplification of structure and increasing of operation reliability.2 cl, 9 dwg

Brake coupling with the universal self-centering system // 2614160
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: brake coupling with the universal self-centering system comprises input and output shafts and is fitted with a universal self-centering system. This system has internal and external bases, input, output and intermediate shafts, sprockets or gears, or rotation rollers connected by a closed belt, rope or chain lever. Torque from the rollers, gears or the sprockets is transmitted to the intermediate shaft, connected by a spring with an external base. When fixing the intermediate shaft relative to the outer base, a chain, rope or belt is fixed and the output and the input shaft rotation stops. Full coupling action time is dependent on the bases axis displacement and can vary over a wide range. The coupling does not contain switchable and rubbing parts.EFFECT: expanded operating capabilities.11 dwg

Lighting device and method of lighting device production // 2614135
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering, namely in a lighting device and a method of making the said lighting device. Lighting device (1) comprises first light-emitting element (101) connected optically with light guide (110) having output surface (111) for lighting by the light guide. Besides, the lighting device comprises second light-emitting element (102) intended for direct lighting by means of the lighting device. First light-emitting element (101), light guide (110) and second light-emitting element (102) are enveloped with shell (130). When an input signal comes to the lighting device, light intensity of second light-emitting element (102) is adjusted relative to light intensity of first light-emitting element (101).EFFECT: technical result is higher energy efficiency at use.14 cl, 4 dwg

Throttle-free heat pump unit // 2614133
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: throttle-free heat pump unit comprises heating and cooling circuits, compressors are positioned between the circuits. An additional reservoir containing a coolant is connected to the copper pipe on the side of the cooling circuit and upstream of the compressor via a motor operated valve.EFFECT: invention use allows to perform heating and cooling of gases, liquids and solids, dehumidification of air and heat recovery with the possibility of independent control of heating and cooling circuits' temperature parameters.1 dwg

Liquid ring machine with thermal accumulator // 2614112
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pumps and compressors production and vacuum engineering, namely to liquid ring machines. The liquid ring machine comprises a cylindrical housing, an impeller located in it on shaft with eccentricity and possibility of rotation with a partition, forming at one end of shaft an inlet branch, and at another end - outlet branch. The thermal accumulating material is located on internal and external walls of the housing. Inside the housing heat pipes are arranged such that one end will be in internal layer of the thermal accumulating material, and at the another end - in the external layer. A heat exchanger is located in the internal heat accumulating layer.EFFECT: invention increases efficiency factor and capacity of the liquid ring machine.2 cl, 2 dwg

Flangeless connection of cylindrical parts // 2614090
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: cylindrical parts flangeless connection includes a male part, at least with one blind rectangular groove, the female part, having a through rectangular groove and the ring segment, disposed within the recess, formed by the grooves in alignment. The groove, facing towards the male part and which coincides with its surface, is made in the ring segment, the female part is mounted with groove overlapping and it is pressed by the coupling nut, screwed on the male part thread.EFFECT: increase of the connection strength.2 cl, 3 dwg

Control device for internal combustion engine // 2614050
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: internal combustion engine control device is suggested, in which the electronic control unit is made with possibility to switch the control algorithms to calculate the command values for the actuator between the first control algorithm and the second control algorithm, and also to calculate the value received by summation the second control algorithm component value, varying in accordance with the deviation, calculated in the current control cycle, with the command value, calculated under the previous control cycle in accordance with the first control algorithm, as the value for the command value, calculated in the current control cycle, in the first control cycle after switching from the first control algorithm to the second control algorithm. Values of the component, varying in accordance with the deviation includes the I-component I-control updating value of calculated under the previous control cycle.EFFECT: suppression of the sudden command value change for the actuator due to switching of the control algorithm, not resulting the controllability reduction relatively to the control value.6 cl, 15 dwg

Rotor shaft bearing of low-pressure compressor of turbojet engine (versions), casing of rotor shaft rear bearing, rotor shaft component, polyfunctional external tightening component of rotor shaft, connection component of rotor shaft, casing of bearing of rotor shaft rear bearing // 2614029
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to the area of production and operation of gas turbine engines. The rotor shaft bearing of the low-pressure compressor is located in an intermediate casing of the engine and contains a ball bearing, which is performed thrust and radial, dividing the shaft bearing to stator and rotor parts. The stator part from its internal part is performed conjointly to the external ring of the ball bearing, and on its external perimeter, the stator part is secured in the intermediate casing of the engine and equipped with cover supports of labyrinth seals. The rotor part contains a trunnion of a drum-disk constituent of the rotor shaft detachably connected to a cylinder constituent of the rotor shaft, by means of which the rotor part is rested on the internal ring of the ball bearing, as well as contains the polyfunctional external tightening component in the form of a circular cylindrical nut and a connection component in the form of a hollow screw. The rotor and stator parts of the shaft bearing are in the oil medium common to them both.EFFECT: group of inventions allows adapting the low-pressure compressor as a part of the engine to more sensitive mode of external air current supply, as well as to intense operation in stationary conditions of ground functioning.20 cl, 7 dwg