Hydraulic engineering and foundations and soil-shifting (E02)

E   Fixed constructions(156823)
E02            Hydraulic engineering; foundations; soil-shifting(35165)

Working element of mole plow // 2614380
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: working element of mole plow comprises a vertical knife with a drainer (2), a reamer (3), a horizontal knife (4) attached to the reamer(3) and made in the form of the wings diverging from the reamer (3) . Additional drainers (5) are installed on the wings. The reamer (3), the drainer (2) and additional drainers (5) in cross section formed in a Reuleux triangle, wherein they are oriented upwards by one of the corners in cross-section, and the other two corners of the Reuleux triangle of the reamer (3) and additional drainers (5) are located on the horizontal plane at the same axis with the horizontal knife (4).EFFECT: increased stability of mole drains.2 dwg

ethod of formation of quays using ash waste pulp // 2614236
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for formation of quays using ash waste pulp includes preliminary formation of a ditch with the width greater than the width of geotube laying, while in areas with formed ditch the waterproofing material with the width greater than the width of the ditch is continuously laid, the first row of geotubes is filled with ash waste supplied in the form of liquid mixture, in the second row a part of geotubes are filled with a filtrate flowing down the formed slope sections of the ditch, and the other part of geotubes is filled with ash waste. Period of alternation of geotubes with filtrate and of geotubes with ash wastes depends on the amount of filtrate required to fill the geotubes without stopping the leachate pumping process.EFFECT: formation of quays using slag waste and ash waste leachate with a possibility of denser packing of the materials used at the maximum extraction of fine particles of ash waste.1 dwg
ethod of arrangement of root pile with controlled widening // 2614131
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of fabrication of root anchor piles with controlled widening includes well drilling, installation of an anchor in the form of tube-injector, injecting of the injection solution until controlled compression of borehole walls over the entire length of the annulus. The controlled widening is reinforced by sickle-curved rods, located along the perimeter of the bottom of the injector inside fixed rubber membrane barrel.EFFECT: increase of bearing capacity of anchor piles, fabricability improvement, decrease of required immersion length.4 dwg

Combined drainage of earthworks // 2614072
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: combined drainage containing two types of drains, consisting of interconnected flexible and gabion mattresses made of dense rows of light fascines, perforated pipes and lattice shells. One of these types - the batter drainage 1 is arranged in staggered stacked gabion mattresses 3 with drainage devices and flexible meshes 8 of fiberglass materials reinforcing the ground mass. Gabion mattresses 3 are made of light fascines and perforated pipes, which are laid in alternating rows into gabion mesh shell to which along the base 3 of the mattresses and throughout their length the flexible reinforcing meshes 8 of fiberglass material are attached. The flexible reinforcing fiberglass meshes 8 of gabion mattresses 3 in step manner are cut into the soil mass of lower slope at the altitude of drainage to form reinforced ground structure. The second kind of drainage - horizontal 2 - is arranged at the base of the lower slope with access to the downstream along its bottom and is made of two layers of mattresses, the first layer - water intake part 9 of flexible mattresses 4, laid horizontally along the base of the lower slope and the bottom of the downstream, and the second layer of gabion mattresses 3 is laid above rows of the first layer of flexible mattresses 4 along the normal line to it and along the seepage output line. At the foot of batter drainage 1 at the bottom and on top of the output end of the horizontal drainage 2 the stone backfill 11 is arranged. the combined drainage can be most effectively used in critical conditions of rivers of plains and foothill areas, where low pressure earthen dams and dikes of fine sand and clay soils are erected.EFFECT: improved operating efficiency of the drainage device.5 dwg

Batter drainage of earthworks // 2614071
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: batter drainage on the lower slope is made of prefabricated gabion mattresses 1 of modular design with the width 1-1.5 m, the thickness 0.4-0.6 m and the length up to 2.5 m, and from the underlying layer 5 of the light fascines 2. The underlying layer 5 of light fascines 2 in the base and gabion mattresses 1 from above are bundled with galvanized metal wire. Along the top row of mattresses 1 with deepening into the slope the heavy mattresses of bags 6 with local soil and vegetation are stacked, which are reliably bundled with each other and with gabion mattresses 1 on the slope. At the foot of the drainage in the downstream above the gabion mattresses 1 the stone backfill 7 of gravel and pebble soil is made. The efficiency of the drain device design is improved.EFFECT: batter drainage in the offered design can be most effectively used in critical conditions of rivers of plains and foothill areas, where low pressure earthen dams and dikes of fine sand and clay soils are erected.4 dwg
Residential building basement drainage method // 2614004
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: residential building basement drainage method involves trenching with a slope towards the discharge of drainage water, where perforated drainage pipes are laid in a homogeneous layer of filter material. In order to ensure free drainage, the trench bottom is made with a slope of ≥0.005. Drainage pipes with perforations made at the sides, are joint and placed on a layer of filtering material. The end of the drainage pipe is connected to the manhole through the exhaust pipe. A trash box of a sump, a check valve are installed between the drainage and discharge pipe, then the trench and the entire basement area is filled with a layer of filtering material.EFFECT: provision of continuous drainage of basement prone to flooding, where a constant or intermittent inflow of groundwater is observed, provision of a sufficient drainage area of the basement and provision of drainage construction durability in general.5 cl, 3 dwg

Grouting method // 2613700
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of grouting involves sequential injection masses of gas and of mounting solution into the compactor. The fortifying solution is made in advance. It consists of an aqueous emulsion of a mixture of epoxy resins and a hardener; after that compressed air at a pressure of 0.1-0.3 MPa is pumped into the soil mass to extrude the groundwater from the pores. The fortifying solution is then injected into the pore spaces under pressure of 0.1-0.2 MPa and molding is produced by re-injection of compressed air, followed by re-injection of the next portion of the fortifying solution.EFFECT: improved efficiency of grouting in sandy, macroporous and silty clay soils, including grouting at low temperature.6 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of breaking ice cover // 2613663
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: simultaneously with the forward movement the ship at a resonance speed makes a circulation during a time equal to the period of the resonant flexural-gravity waves.EFFECT: higher efficiency of ice breaking.2 dwg
Underwater trenching device // 2613647
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses underwater trenching device, which contains, at least, one trenching tool; lifting device attachment unit, intended for lifting device attachment, intended for trenching device lowering into working position or for trenching device lifting from it; at least, two controlled endless track units, intended for traction force transfer, to move operating underwater trenching device; and first mounting arrangement for each controlled endless truck unit, allowing to perform truck unit rotation relative to vertical axis, and first actuator, configured to move truck unit relative to vertical axis, and control unit, configured so, that to control actuator operation. In alternative forms in addition to controlled endless track units or instead of them device comprises height adjusting facility, intended for vertical gap adjustment between main housing and corresponding endless track belts; and control unit, configured so, that to control height adjustment facility operation.EFFECT: trenching.26 cl, 4 dwg

Hydrotechnical deferent tunnel with reinforced concrete lining // 2613461
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: hydrotechnical deferent tunnel with reinforced concrete lining is designed as a working 1 in the rock with a cross section in the form of a figure of a constant width and in contact with the bearing reinforced concrete lining 2 with the external and the internal surfaces made in the cross-section in the form of a figure with a constant width. The cross-sections of the working 1, of the external surface in contact therewith, and of the internal surface of the reinforced concrete lining 2 are made in the form of a Reuleaux triangle. One of the coinciding corners 3 of the Reuleaux triangle of the working 1, the external and internal surfaces of the reinforced concrete lining 2 is located in the vault portion 4 of the tunnel with the reinforced concrete lining.EFFECT: increasing the strength, stability and reliability of the hydrotechnical deferent tunnel in complex engineering geological and seismic conditions.1 dwg

Excavator bucket // 2613399
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: bucket includes a bottom, a visor, hydraulic cylinders of visor turning with respect to the bottom, hinges fastening the visor to the bottom. The housings of the visor turning hydro cylinders are secured to the bottom from the side of its lower edge, and the lugs of their rods are raised up from the bucket rear side. The rod lugs are hinged with the lugs of the double-arm levers nearest to the bottom, pivotally mounted on the axles rigidly fixed in the brackets on the bucket bottom. The double-arm levers lugs distant from the bottom are pivotally attached to the control rods that are hinged with the lugs on the bucket visor upper edge on the other side.EFFECT: reduction in size and weight of the bucket opening mechanism, reducing the cost of its manufacturing, simplification of mounting and dismantling, increasing the bucket useful capacity and the excavator performance.2 dwg

Jaw of working tool of motor grader // 2613207
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is relevant to building-road machinery intended for cleaning of road pavements of roads from packed snow formations and ice. For achieving technical result we propose jaw of working tool of motor grader, which includes steel plate with holes intended for fasteners placed on motor-grader dump. Cutting elements mounted at angle to horizontal surface are fastened to the plate lower edge with the aid of holder. At that, holder is equipped with slot on external surface abut to the lower edge of steel plate and connected to it by force of welding joint. In accordance with the invention cutting elements are manufactured in the form of two cutting disks (4) at least provided with cutting edges and mounted on disk holder (3), which is suitable for rotation around its axis at tilt angle of lower base to surface of snow-and-ice swell that is equal to 10° at most. At that, disk holder (3) is manufactured in the form of strip, and welding joint of disk holder with steel plate is manufactured with additional strengthening elements in the form of ribbed stiffeners or angle iron. Disk holder (3) is also provided with holes for bolts (7) intended for nuts (8). Said holes serve for mounting of cutting disks (4) on lower surface of disk holder. At that, intermediate washers (9) are set between disk holder (3) and cutting disks (4) for decreasing friction area.EFFECT: invention allows simplifying design and increasing efficiency of destruction process for removing snow-and-ice swell.2 dwg

Watercraft on the river // 2613072
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: watercraft on the river consists of several watercrafts with fixed turbines on them to select kinetic energy from the river flow. The watercraft turbine rotation axes are the same and are oriented across the river course. Turbine shafts of individual watercrafts are combined with each other in a single shaft of a united watercraft.EFFECT: possibility of increasing the selection of kinetic energy from the river flow.4 dwg
Bucket of mine excavator // 2612766
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method is performed by optimizing the design of the front wall and the teeth, using wear resistant materials, appying stable braking operation mechanisms and opening of the bucket bottom. This allows using the bucket for stripping operations on frozen and rocky soil, in faces with high-density and abrasive rock. This task is achieved by making the mine excavator bucket's rear, side, and front walls with the cutting edge and the bottom wall in the form of a wear-resistant cast steel slab with reinforcement ribs; closing and braking mechanisms of the bucket bottom. The cutting edge of the front wall has teeth, the bucket bottom closing mechanism is comprised of a bolt bar with guides and a lever system, the braking mechanism consists of discs with an adjustment spring. The cutting edge of the front wall of the bucket is arch-shaped with÷ a curve of 0.17-0.1 m-1; reinforcing patches of wear-resistant steel are installed between the teeth in the form of a truncated pyramid with the base located on the inside surface of the front wall and the height equal to a quarter of the front wall's thickness. Side edges of the front wall are fitted with detachable U-shaped plates made of wear-resistant steel. The teeth are of the tetrahedral prism shape with congruent side faces; the outer face of the teeth is coplanar with the front wall and the inside face at the top of the teeth forms an angle 10≤15 with the symmetry axis of the front wall. The teeth are installed in the slots of the front wall and secured with pins. The rear wall is provided with two pairs of bracing rings made of wear-resistant steel located on its outer surface, and the bottom of the rear wall has lugs for mounting the axle fixing the bottom of the bucket. The detachable braking mechanism of the bucket bottom is installed on the outer side of the lugs, which turns on the levers and friction discs mounted on hollow shafts with adjusting springs, blown-out holes and adjusting nuts are installed at the ends of the axles. Rib stiffeners on the bottom of the bucket are placed symmetrically from the ends of the bolt to side edges of the bottom, at an angle of 60°÷90°, rib stiffeners on the hole in the bolt contain a lever which is fixed yet movable on one side, and limited by the stop block on the other. Plates between the teeth of the front wall are removable. This invention can contribute to manufactufing of a reliable and highly durable mine excavator. Reinforcement of the bucket structure in areas most prone to abrasive wear and shock, as well as the design of the teeth, the use of the proposed detachable protection and opening and braking mechanisms of the bottoms allow to reduce the time and simplify repairs and replacement of units and parts, which will ultimately increase service life of the bucket.EFFECT: reliable, highly durable bucket of a mine excavator.2 cl, 5 dwg

Floating crawler-type device with earthmoving equipment // 2612548
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: floating crawler-type device includes a floating body, earth-moving equipment with a power unit, cab and a propulsion unit, installed on a support platform, two tracks, slave and master shafts. The floating body is designed as two floats with tracks, each provided with at least two inner partitions to form sections, and at least four stiffeners, fixed on the lower bottom segment of each float housing. The lower bottom of the float housing is double, the stiffeners are installed inbetween, and the housing of each float is provided with additional floats, each provided with a telescopic hydraulic clamp and mounting bracket for additional floats on the outer sides of each float housing. The support platform is fixed between two float housings on landing pipes.EFFECT: increased resistance when working on water.3 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for preventing the flood consequences // 2612432
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for preventing the flood consequences consists in that the coast dam is erected with the possibility to bar the main channel of the river. The coast dam is erected consisting of two parts, the main and the pre-fabricated ones, wherein the main part consists of two identical parts and is pre-erected on the banks of the river along its main channel. The prefabricated part is erected before the flood start, and by means of it two identical parts of the coast dam main part are rigidly connected perpendicular to the main river channel. The main part of the coast dam is made of two oppositely arranged permanent shields made of rectangular shape and rigidly connected to the dam parts located on the river banks. The central rectangular prefabricated shield is arranged in the aperture formed by the permanent shields and is movably connected through the guides, e.g. of the "tongue and groove" type, with the permanent shields of the main part and fixed thereon by means of the locking mechanism made, e.g., in the form of spring-loaded movable pins, the body of which is fixed in the permanent shields, and in the pre-fabricated shield openings for fixing the movable pins are made.EFFECT: increased efficiency of measures to prevent the flood consequences.5 cl, 1 dwg
ethod for sealing damages of impervious screen // 2612431
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for sealing the damages of the impervious screen includes laying polymeric material, dumping the protective layer, integrity testing from fixed soil moisture sensors to the portable data logger with subsequent transfer of information by GPS navigation to a personal computer, sealing the detected damage 8 in an impervious polymeric element with the injection of bentonite solution supplied under pressure by the pump 11 into the damaged openings 8. Patches 15 of a polymeric material are arranged on the damages with the opening diameter dop≥20 cm. The screen integrity testing is performed automatically and remotely, all the necessary information about leaks comes to the operator's personal computer, and sealing the damages is done punctually by means of the bentonite solution injection, and in case of detecting significant places of damages, besides the injection, patches of a polymeric material are additionally arranged.EFFECT: increased testing convenience, improving the accuracy of the damage sealing.2 cl, 4 dwg

Device for making underwater works // 2612421
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is relevant to communication-cable laying and making other construction works under water. The device includes above-water part in the form of flat-bottomed boat provided with operator board, combustion engine and source of electric power, and underwater part in the form of caterpillar undercarriage equipped with the system of electrically-controlled hydraulic drive and provided with rear-fastened operating element intended for trenching and cable laying into dug trench. The said operating element is provided with hydraulic drive and hydraulically-driven front-fastened moldboard. At that, underwater device part is connected to electric-power source and to operator board with the aid of electric control cable. It is also provided with coil of laid cable. When being transported overland, above-water part is fastened to underwater part with the aid of quick-split connection, and is equipped with floated balloons along outer perimeter for holding itself on water. Suitable-for-rotation coil of laid cable is fastened to moldboard, above-water- and underwater parts are additionally connected against each other with the aid of ropes and bundle of high-pressure sleeves for supplying working liquid from hydraulic pumps of above-water part to system of hydraulic control of caterpillar undercarriage and of hydraulic drive of operating elements. At that the mentioned bundle of high-pressure sleeves is laid together with electric cable on suitable-for-rotation drum fastened to underwater part.EFFECT: device is provided with expanded technological functions, capable to move with the aid of own driving force to the site for making works in position, when its above-water and underwater parts are jointed one with another (self-driving), and execute its tasks without return to production base during at least 24 hours.13 cl, 13 dwg

ethod for repairing concrete facing of irrigation channels // 2612419
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method comprises removing the defective portion of the coating, applying the concrete 3 with a layer thickness δ= 0.05 m, and laying the polymeric profiled geomembrane 4 on the concrete, with rigid ribs down. The concrete 3 is applied along the damage contour 2 on each of its sides to a pre-wetted surface. In presence of serious damage with the width bsurf≥1.5 m, a polymer geomesh is laid on the concrete 3 layer. The width of the geomembrane 4 strip is determined depending on the concrete facing 1 damage 2 size, considering the stock.EFFECT: use of the polymer profiled geomembrane and the geomesh for repairing the damaged concrete facings of irrigation channels will significantly extend the service life of the structures by 30-40 years, to reduce water losses through seepage, as well as to abandon large amounts of concrete work.2 cl, 2 dwg

Prefabricated shield for coast dam in flood // 2612371
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: prefabricated shield for coast dam in floods comprises the coast dam with the possibility to bar the main channel of the river. The coast dam consists of three parts: two identical parts are located on the banks of the river, along its main channel, and the third part, the main one, rigidly connects said two parts perpendicular to the main river channel. The main part of the coast dam consists of two oppositely arranged permanent shields made of rectangular shape and are rigidly connected to the dam parts located on the river banks, and the central rectangular prefabricated shield is arranged in the aperture formed by the permanent shields and is movably connected by means of guides, e.g. of the "tongue and groove" type, with the permanent shields and fixed thereon by means of the locking mechanism made, e.g., in the form of spring-loaded movable pins, the body of which is fixed in the permanent shields, and on the prefabricated shield openings for fixing the movable pins are made. The fixation mechanism of the prefabricated shield is made with the automatic drive controlled from the control unit located in the control room arranged in the coast dam. Video cameras to control the erection of the pre-fabricated shield are fixed on the permanent shields. The prefabricated shield is installed before the flood start in the river by means of lifting devices or a helicopter so that the aperture with the "H" height for small vessels passage remains till the flood start. The control of erecting the prefabricated shield is carried out from the command post located in the control room.EFFECT: increased efficiency of measures to prevent the flood consequences.4 cl, 1 dwg

Dry well // 2612367
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: dry well 1 comprises the cylindrical housing, in the bottom part of which the closed arch-type structure with the vault of the hemispherical shape is placed. The closed structure has the perforation in the form of mesh partitions of the upper part 3 and the lower part 2. Inside the closed structure made in the form of mesh partitions 2 and 3, the drainage element is placed, in the form of a soft elastic material, e.g. rounded rubber 4, the longitudinal edges of which are fixed between the partitions 2 and 3. The closed structure is made of metal mesh or a plastic material of increased strength with perforation. The circular channels in the soft elastic material 4 are placed around the entire perimeter relatively to the vertical symmetry axis symmetrically and at an acute angle to the vertical symmetry plane of the housing and toward the meshed partitions 2 and 3 perforation. The filter unit 8 in the form of a plate made of coarse porous concrete overlaps the body 1 in the upper part and is placed in a recess within the boundaries of the day ground surface base. At the top the mesh partition 3 is closed with the filter material in the form of gravel backfill 10. The outer sidewalls of the housing 1 have the seal 11, namely poroizol or a thickened geotextile material, which adheres to the sidewalls of the well housing 1, is greased with mastic.EFFECT: invention can be applied to different objects, can operate all year round and increases the operational reliability of the dry well.3 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of erection of alluvial waterworks // 2612205
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic engineering and can be used in erection of reclaimed waste storage facilities with a large consumption of water and its losses during operation. The method of erection of an alluvial hydraulic structure includes the operations on arrangement of a primary dike 5 of alluviated waste, an impervious screen, a settling pond with process water 4 for creation of an impervious screen. For formation of impervious screen to prepared inner slope of the primary dike 5 and the base 1 of the structure the continuous layer 2 of swellable material of natural moisture is bulked, for example, highly active sludge of metallurgical plants, on the graded surface of which the layer 3 of alluviated waste placed, and then through the pipeline system it is fed by process water from the settling pond 4 for wetting, full saturation, increase in volume and full compression of the continuous layer 2 of swellable material.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increase the impervious effect of alluvial hydraulic structure to prevent contamination of soil and groundwater and reduce its construction costs.1 dwg

ethod of formation of mole drains // 2612203
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of formation of mole drains involves cutting in the soil thickness 1 along the drainage route of W-shaped slot 2, enclosing the drain 3 along the sides and from bottom, forming drain cavities 3 with compaction of its walls with the vertical center part of the slot 2 goes to the drain 3 from below. The drain cavity 3 in cross section is formed as Reuleaux triangle, where one of the corners of Reuleaux triangle is located in the upper part of the dome part 4 of the drain cavity 3.EFFECT: increased stability of the dome and walls of mole drains.

Profiled fabric and multiple profiled fabric system // 2612184
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: profiled fabric made of plastic for application as drainage and/or sealing fabric, wherein at least one longitudinal edge of the profiled fabric, in particular, at two oppositely lying longitudinal edges, at least one sealing element is located, in particular, a sealing strip.EFFECT: creation of a liquid-tight fabric connection, ease of this connection.17 cl, 13 dwg
Tools and machinery of hydraulic excavator // 2612183
FIELD: building.SUBSTANCE: use: in ground and handling operations. Object of the invention: productivity increase, the functionality of the working equipment of hydraulic excavator enhancement with combining bucket functions and maintaining low metal design, its high manufacturability and reliability. The gist of the invention: Tools and machinery of hydraulic excavator, comprising 1 - bucket with 2 - controlled wall, 3 - handle, 4 - traction with 5 - double-hinge, 6 - handle controlling cylinder and 7 - wall controlling cylinder. There is a cutout in the back of the bucket, into which the controlled wall - 2 is inserted with traction - 4, and a handle - 3 controlled by the hydraulic cylinder - 6, which is pivotally secured with a fork member - 8 to the top front part of the bucket - 1. Moreover, the rod of the controlling cylinder of the wall - 7 is attached at the top of the traction - 4 and double-hinge - 5, the edges of which are hinged respectively, is secured on the handle-6 and the top of the back of the bucket - 1.EFFECT: invention ensures more efficient productivity of small volume construction works, the reduction of the demand on energy-intensive machines and mechanisms.2 dwg

Breakwater and caisson breakwater unit // 2611917
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a caisson breakwater and, in particular, to a caisson breakwater unit containing an oscillating water column. Unit 100 of a caisson breakwater has windward and leeward sides 110 and 120 and comprises an oscillating water column. Caisson breakwater comprises base 20 installed onto sea bottom 5 and cover 50 made able to be arranged over base 20. Base 20 makes a water intake on windward side 110 and additionally forms water oscillating chamber 21. Cover 50 forms breakwater section 52 on windward side 110, turbine chamber 51, at least one air duct 58 connected with chamber 51. Cover 50 has a built-in additional essentially tight chamber 57.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at creation of an improved breakwater structure.16 cl, 17 dwg

Ground dams, erected on weak bases in regions with high seismic activity // 2611805
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: ground dam erected on weak bases in the regions with high seismic activity, includes the curved with convexity toward the upstream aperture the orifice 2 made of the viscoplastic material, formed with bulges in the form of local bosses 4 in zones of change of the aperture curvature 2, the concrete gallery 3 with the acquis in the top and impervious element 6 in the base 7. The lower part of the orifice 2 is formed as a closed shell 5 enclosing the concrete gallery 3 and conjugate to the impervious element 6 in the base 7. The concrete gallery 3 in the cross section is formed as a Reuleaux triangle. Also one of the corners of Reuleaux triangle is located in the top acquis part of the gallery. Orifice material in bosses has greater fluidity than in other parts of the orifice.EFFECT: improved reliability of the ground dam at high seismic and static loads.3 dwg

Drain pipe // 2611803
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: drain pipe with perforations 3 in cross section is implemented as Reuleaux triangle and has a bottom part 1 and side parts 2. One of 4 corners of Reuleaux triangle is located in the top acquis part of the pipe.EFFECT: improved resistance, strength and the water procuring ability of the drain pipe in extreme operating conditions.1 dwg

Operating element of mole drain machine // 2611800
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: operating element of the mole drain machine includes a vertical knife 1 with two L-shaped wings 2 and drainers 4 attached to the L-shaped wings 2 of a vertical knife 1 by means of ribs 2 located behind and bent upward, parallel to it, and a line connection. The drainers 4 in the cross section are formed as a Reuleaux triangle. One of the corners of Reuleaux triangle in the sections of drainers 4 is oriented vertically upwards and the line connection between wings 2 of the knife 1 and drainers 4 is implemented in the form of rigid connecting rods.EFFECT: increased stability of the dome and walls of mole drains.2 dwg

ole drainage device // 2611787
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to irrigation and drainage equipment and is used in creating mole drains. The device comprises a vertical knife, a horizontal knife with leans arranged symmetrically relative to the vertical knife, with the drainer attached to each of them, with the cross section in the form a figure of constant width, with the front cutting edge beveled at an acute angle to the motion direction line and the cantilevered cutting portions after the drainers. The drainers in cross section are made in the form of a Reuleaux triangle. One corner of the Reuleaux triangle in cross section is located in the drainers' upper parts. The wings and the cantilever cutting portions are attached to the drainers in the plane of the Reuleaux triangle bottom corners location.EFFECT: invention enhances the stability of the arch and the walls of the drains.2 dwg

Pressure rounded tunnel for hydroelectric power plants // 2611718
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: pressure rounded tunnel for hydroelectric power plants comprises the pit 3 with the angles and with the acquis in the tunnel rock and the tunnel lining 2 with expansion joints located opposite the corners in the form of longitudinal slots 5 with the seal 6 at the bottom of each slot. Bases of longitudinal slots 5 for joints are located in the outer layer of lining 2. The pit 3 lining and the surface of the concrete lining 2 contacting it with are made in cross section in the form of Reuleaux triangle with the corners 4, wherein one of corners 4 of Reuleaux triangle is oriented vertically upwards, forming a dome part of the pit 3. The expansion joints are located opposite all three corners 4 of Reuleaux triangle.EFFECT: increase of strength, stability and reliability of performance of pressure tunnels of hydropower stations in critical geological and seismic conditions.1 dwg
Drainage discharge pipe // 2611717
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: drainage discharge pipe is provided with a trough part and in the upper part - the water receiving part with perforations. In the cross-section the drainage discharge pipe is designed as Reuleaux triangle. One of four corners of Reuleaux triangle in the drainage trench 2 is directed vertically downward, thereby forming with two sides 5 outgoing from it the tray part of the drainage discharge pipe, and the side 6 facing vertically upward with perforations 7 forms a water intake part of the drainage discharge pipe. Longitudinal stiffeners are formed by corner zones of Reuleaux triangle.EFFECT: design simplification, decrease of material consumption and increase of the strength of the drainage discharge pipe in critical soil and seismic conditions.1 dwg
ethod of creation of highly toxic waste storage on deformable substrates // 2611167
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method involves preparation of the base by dumping of the draining soil with a slope from the center to the periphery to the value equal to half of forecasted difference of the base setting. Then, the surface of the storage bottom is graded by ledges storage and a waterproof geomembrane, consisting of tightly connected panels, is laid. Then, in the storage the liquid (water or mud) is held until reaching the desired degree of consolidation of the foundation. After pumping it checks integrity of the geomembrane by successive execution of several operations: scanning of the base from geomembrane surface through physical measurements, supply into the storage of the indicator fluid, its holding, followed by draining and re-scanning of the base. After the test the geomembrane defects are eliminated and the protective layer is laid.EFFECT: method allows to ensure screen tightness due to pre-consolidation of the base and control of its integrity, thereby improving the operational reliability of the storage.3 cl, 8 dwg
Unit of impact action // 2611103
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the unit of impact action, in particular to a pneumatic hammer, hammers, drills, and can be used in engineering, construction, mining and other industries. Unit of impact action contains a working tool, the housing and the firing pin, which form the chambers of the working and return strokes, the brake chamber, pressure hydro-pneumatic accumulator in the pressure line, the spreader, designed as a sleeve and a rotary spool. The spreader connects one of the chambers alternately to the pressure and drain line, a stepper motor, resulting in the spool rotation, displacement sensors, to track the position of the striker, and the rotation of the spool, and an electronic control unit that generates, based on signals from the sensors for a given program, the defining mode of the device, the control action on the stepper motor to rotate spreader. All this is made through the windows and the channel.EFFECT: invention provides an expansion of the technological capabilities of the device and the rational use of drive power through the implementation of frequency and power automatic control strokes, depending on the parameters and modes of operation At the same time the invention provides the creation of switching loads on a given law, elimination of leakage at the mating surfaces of the hammer-body.1 dwg

ethod for fixing walls of drilled shaft enlargement in unstable soils // 2611099
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of fixing drilled shaft enlargement in unstable soils. The fixing is produced by cementation of the unstable soil mass, where shaft enlargement is drilled.EFFECT: possible use of shorter piles with shaft enlargement in unstable soils, improving the quality and reliability of elements of shaft enlargement, use of reduced amounts of materials.4 dwg

Distributed underground reservoir for coal mines artificial dam and its erection method // 2611095
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic engineering and, in particular, to distributed underground reservoir for coal mines artificial dam and method of its construction. Artificial dam of distributed underground reservoir for coal mines, containing bearing layer, which prevents infiltration, and layer of concrete structure, which are made successively in auxiliary gate from inner side to outside, wherein layer of concrete structure is embedded into safety coal pillars and/or surrounding rocks around auxiliary gate, and layer, which prevents infiltration, is made of empty or loess rock, and space between bearing layer and layer of concrete structure is filled with layer, preventing infiltration.EFFECT: technical result consists in forming of layer, which prevents infiltration from empty or loess rock.12 cl, 4 dwg

Wind-driven power plant tower base section // 2611086
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to tower base for wind-driven power plant tower installation and fixation on foundation and for construction on it. Tower base section for installation and fixation on foundation and for construction on it of wind-driven power plant tower includes lower outer annular flange for installation and fixation on foundation, upper inner annular flange for installation and fixation of tower segment with corresponding lower tower flange on it, lower inner support flange for installation on foundation and side surface annular section, connecting lower outer annular flange and bottom inner support flange with upper inner annular flange. Side surface Section defines outer and inner areas. Inner support elements, in particular, support posts, have first end connected with upper inner annular flange, and second end connected with lower inner support flange, and with possibility to support upper inner annular flange.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of tower base foundation reliability, simplified construction, reduction of labor intensity, reduced duration of construction.13 cl, 7 dwg

Wear elements with increased wear resistance for earthwork // 2610934
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a wear part of the mechanisms for moving the soil/rock, soil capture and/or loading of rock, such as excavators and loaders bucket teeth. The wear element includes a cast steel and at least one insert. Mentioned above insert is made of a three-dimensional cellular ceramic foam, and has an open-cell pore structure. Open-cell pore ceramic foam of the insert, as well as in the micropores in the walls of ceramic foam impregnated with molten steel, which has a composition, comprising wt %: Carbon from 0.15 to 0.35, silicon 1.0 to 2 manganese 0.5 to 1.5 chromium 0.5 to 2.5 nickel 0 to 2 and from 0 molybdenum, 15 to 0.35.EFFECT: invention improves the wear resistance of the wear elements, increases their service life.13 cl, 6 dwg
Ways of creating impervious geocomposite coating // 2610699
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for creating a geocomposite impervious coating includes preparing a foundation bed, covering it with a waterproof geomembrane, consisting of interconnected sealed sheets of polymeric material, and adding a protective layer made of geotextile material. To eliminate intensive lateral filtering along the contact between the geotextile and the geomembrane, geotextile material is made with polymer edges in the form of cells. The thickness of the geomembrane impervious element, the need for using protective linings of geotextile and the assessment of permeability in the presence of the hole is determined with us of calculated dependences.EFFECT: invention provides solid impervious protection of hydraulic structures in the foundation, and prevents contact filtration along the contour of geomembranes and geotextiles.4 cl, 4 dwg, 2 tbl

Wear pad assembly // 2610480
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to wear shoe assembly for installation on bucket-type working tools. Working tool wear pad assembly, contains edge with one or several holes made in it. Assembly contains wear-resistant pad, mounting bracket, made with possibility of attachment to wear-resistant pad, quick release pin for wear-resistant pad assembly attachment to working element edge and free coupling. Mounting bracket comprises one or several pairs of coaxial holes for pin. Free coupling is made with possibility of filling-in gap between one or several coaxial holes and pin. Road construction machine with working tool, containing edge with one or several holes made in it, as well as containing, at least, one wear pad assembly.EFFECT: technical result is wear pad assembly installation so, that it can be quickly attached to working member in changeable manner.13 cl, 5 dwg

Composite levelling unit under barrier railing above design of retaining wall, retaining soil pressure // 2610476
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to support walls, retaining soil pressure, used in construction sites and construction of railroads and roads. Composite levelling unit, arranged above upper part of underlying concrete soil retaining wall and below road driveway, comprises front part with front face, rear face, top face and bottom face. Front face is parallel to rear face, upper edge is parallel to longitudinal slope of road driveway, lower edge is perpendicular to front face, top face is not parallel to lower face. Horizontal thrust rib projects from rear face of front part and comprises triangular part, extending to the left and right relative to upper plane of horizontal rib, as well as square holes in lower part of prefabricated levelling unit. Levelling element extends outward at least at part of horizontal support rib. Concrete soil retaining wall has no slope and lower face of front part is parallel to underlying retaining wall, retaining soil pressure. Composite levelling unit is located below assembly unit of barrier enclosure and above concrete retaining soil wall, road driveway with longitudinal slope is located below one part of assembled unit of barrier enclosure but above other part of barrier enclosure.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of reliability of structure, providing barrier repeating varying vertical lengthwise profile of roadway.16 cl, 16 dwg

ethod for removing of negative friction from piles on grounds with highly compressible soils // 2610440
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of removing of negative friction from piles on grounds with highly compressible soils is based on creation of vibration action. The vibrating action is exerted onto a pile, it is performed at an angle from 0 to 90 degrees to the pile axis, the upper vertical part of the pile shall be free from soil to the maximum possible depth, and the vibratory impact is applied from the middle to the bottom part of the pile, free from soil at the bottom of the pit.EFFECT: increase of bearing capacity of a foundation, ensuring the reduction of soil adhesion to the side surface of the pile to reduce the negative friction.4 dwg

ethod to optimize control mode of water level in hpp reservoir // 2610306
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic engineering and may be used to ensure safety of the upper and lower pool infrastructure during flood routing. The method to optimize control mode of the water level in HPP reservoir via reducing amount of the flood waste flow is carried out in two stages. In the first stage before the flood the reservoir operation is carried out to level 5 that provides a degree of accumulation of inflow volume to limit the waste flow in the lower pool with the flow with 1% rating, and the specified level 5 of the reservoir is maintained during the flood whole period. In the second stage on the flood decline the level of the reservoir is raised to the NPU (2).EFFECT: invented method provides a high degree of security of the upper and lower pool infrastructure during flood routing without additional material costs.1 dwg

Drain well // 2610127
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to reclamation, in particular to drain wells. The drain well comprises a body, in the lower part of which along the inner generatrix an annular protrusion-ledge 2 is formed, and in the lower part there is a limit stop 3. The sump tank 10 is made of a two-layer closed chamber 11 of waterproof soft elastic material with sealed ends and is provided with a shell 13 of plastics material in the upper part. The shell 13 is made with the ability of a closed air-forcing ring which is connected to the annular jacket 12 and the latter is attached to the two-layer closed chamber 11. The outer layer of the surface of the two-layer closed chamber 11 is glued with a protective coating 18 in the form of cantilevered walls also made of plastic material of dome shape with a central opening 19 in its bottom. The cavities of the shell 13 and the chamber 11 by the tubes 14 and 17 through the three-way valve are communicated with the atmosphere and a compressed air source. The drain well in the side walls has recesses 4 and 5, the lower part of which is formed with a sloping bottom 6 and 7. In the recesses with the wellhead tubes 8 and 9 placed in them, the locking elements 20 and 21, made in the form of valves, are fitted end-to-end with the walls of the recesses 4 and 5 and have drive levers 22 and 23. One end of the drive levers 22 and 23 is pivotally connected to the walls of the recesses, and the other is bent and provided with loads 24 and 25. When cleaning the sump tank in the upper position when the shell 13 abuts the stop 3 by injection air by a compressor or a pump into the cavity of the two-layer closed chamber 11 its upper layer starts to bend upwards and the entire contents of the silt deposit is displaced on the land around the well.EFFECT: invention provides increase in the efficiency of a drain well under conditions of the silt deposit deposition while protecting the two-layer closed chamber.3 cl, 1 dwg

Arrangement for energy damping of waterways // 2610126
FIELD: building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic engineering, namely for the energy damping after pressure conduits in the receiving pit. The arrangement for damping of water flow energy involves stilling basin 1, a supply conduit 2 and outlet channel 4. The upper part of the well 1 has the form of a truncated cone 3, in which cavity the reflectors of the flow 5 are installed executed in several levels with their large bases to the direction of the bottom 7 of the well 1 and are arranged symmetrically to the vertical axis of the well 1. The pressure face of the reflectors 5 faces the side walls of the truncated cone 3. Below the reflectors 5 of the flow at the end of the truncated cone extension 3 and at some distance from the lower base of the reflector 5 in the walls of the truncated cone 3 lateral cycle-damping bowls 6 are located. The bottom 7 of the well 1 has an extension in the direction of its outlet channel 4. Additional closed damping chamber 8 is situated behind vertical cantilevered wall 9 and the chamber floor 8 is situated in one plane with the bottom 7 of the well 1 and has a threshold 10. The damping chamber 8 has a partition wall 11 at its end and is connected through the outlet 12 to the outlet pipe 13 and exhaust channel 4. The partition wall 11 is designed to change the direction of the effluent from the outlet of the well 1 between the vertical cantilevered wall 9, which ultimately reduces bottom and surface speeds of the outlet pipe 13.EFFECT: at all sections the flow is intensively damped, the high degree of protection of the exhaust channel from dynamic effects of excess energy of high-speed flow of the supply conduit is obtained, which increases the reliability of the arrangement, the exhaust channel length is reduced and the need for the well arrangement in the downstream channel is eliminated.3 cl, 2 dwg
ale die for grouted piles establishment by pressing method of establishment grouted concrete, reinforced concrete and fibercrete piles by pressing by means of grouted pile establishment with widening, using tremic accessory, male die // 2610053
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, specifically to foundation engineering, and can be used in piled foundations establishment during construction of new and reconstruction of existing buildings and structures of different criticality rating. Male die for grouted piles establishment by means of piles pressing consists of strong hollow body, providing sufficient strength and rigidity, required to take up forces from pressing plant and soil resistance occurring during male die immersion with grouted pile establishment, tremic pipe, moving in strong hollow body and having two identical tremic holes with total area of 100 cm2. Below tremic holes tip is rigidly fixed by means of fastening pin, which diameter is larger than tremic pipe diameter, but smaller than strong body diameter in form of drilling bit. Tremic pipe has limiter, due to which tremic pipe is limited in displacement inside strong body and remains in it during execution of works. Male die is made with forced movement of tremic pipe by means of drive or tremic pipe moves along strong body under its own weight.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of works execution efficiency and quality, reduced labor intensity, material consumption and power consumption for establishment of grouted concrete, reinforced concrete and fibercrete piles.2 cl, 3 dwg

Vacuum drainage system // 2609952
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the reclamation and can be used to dry the soil, especially heavy in texture with automatic control of groundwater levels. In a water inlet well 5 in the V-shaped bottom tube 3 subvalvular chamber 7 with an inlet 10 with valve 11 is placed. The valve 11 closes the inlet opening 10 by swinging action of body 14 connected to the rod 15 by moving the swinging body 13 and connected to the tank 18 of water-filled float 17, placed in the housing 23 moving along guides 24. Valve 11 is hinged to the body 14 of the tilt lever. Vessel 18 from the bottom side 19 is situated on a spring. Water-filled container 18 has orifice 20. The rod 15 is provided with a small float-counterweight 16. The top of subvalvular chamber 7 is covered by grid 8. Spring 19 serves to maintain the float 17 with the holding capacity 18 and supports the valve 11 in the subvalvular chamber 7, while opening and closing the hole in the connecting pipe 10; also, it eliminates the valve's impact loads on the pipe end 10. The opening of the hole in the pipe 10 in the subvalvular chamber 7 takes place only after the emptyfying of waterfilled capacity 18 the float 17 from the water through the calibrated hole 20 into the well 5. As a result, the operation of the float driving in the form of lever system, which is connected with the swing arms on the axes, balanced by the moments from the elastic force of the spring 19 itself and, respectively, fastening small counterweight float 16 on the rod 15; the valve 11 is mounted inside the subvalvular chamber 7 with the junction ability in the open position to the limiter 9. As a result an automatic mode of operation V-shaped pipe 3, and generally control of the level of on-diversion of excess water during the growing season, the corresponding groundwater levels rise, the maximum to the minimum mark.EFFECT: invention improves the reliability of the device, and provides an automatic water discharge, and increases the accuracy of controlling the water level in the pit, equipped with a microporous material and the regulator.1 dwg
Waterproofing creation method // 2609511
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to creation of vertical and horizontal waterproofing for foundations, walls, and can be used in erection of new and reconstruction (rebuilding) of existing buildings and structures. The waterproofing creating method includes surface plastering. Before plastering the foundation and the walls of the pit at the construction site are pumped by three-component mixture consisting of water-glass solution, calcium chloride and waste monomer fatty acids. The plastering is performed by spraying of the cement mortar. Then the prepared wall and bottom of the pit are coated twice with bitumen.EFFECT: provision of waterproofing of loam soils impacted by groundwater during construction and operation of buildings and structures.

Earthworks strengthening method and device for its implementation // 2609505
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, including transport, road and hydraulic engineering, and can be used for strengthening earthworks for various purposes, including roadbed embankments, dams, earthworks slopes for construction on them of various facilities, etc. constructed on weak, including swampy soils. The method of earthworks strengthening involves drilling along the earthworks of wells, filling of wells with hardening material and formation of pile trunks, while strengthening earthworks built or being built on weak or frozen grounds where wells are drilled from a mobile platform, supporting pipes are used, which are mounted in rows from the outer sides of paths from upper surface of the earthworks with cutting through the earthworks structure, its underlying layer of weak or mobile soil and penetration into underlying durable ground layer. The wells are filled with a hardening conductive material, the working electrode is lowered, which is connected to the electric impulse unit, the specified number of electrical discharges is performed. In each of supporting pipes, which support the movable platform with installed equipment, at least one holding and at least one drain hole are made. The holding hole is hooked with the rig winch hook and is used for retrieval and immersion of pipes from wells or into them, respectively. First, each of the wells is filled with hardening conductive material, and then the working electrode is lowered into the borehole and a predetermined number of electric discharges is performed.EFFECT: accelerating the production process, increasing the reliability of strengthening and providing the use in conditions of any weak and moving soils.3 cl, 4 dwg

Device for adjustment of groundwater level // 2609441
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: adjuster comprises a drain well 1 connected to the inlet drain 2 with a pipe 3 in which an additional inlet pipe 4 is inserted. The shut-off valve comprises a housing 5, a working chamber 6 and a flexible membrane 7. The working chamber 6 in its side part has an L-shaped water-discharge tube 10 provided with a shut-off valve 11 with a float 12. The float 12 with a cone 11 is fixed to double-arm lever comprising the levers 13 and 14; the latter is connected by rod 15 to the lever 16. The lever 16 is connected to the guide pins 17 passed through the holes 18 of the locking washer 19 which has a channel 20 for the passage of water into the cylindrical pipe 21 which is connected to the outlet pipe 22. The float 23 is attached to the upper part of the valve 24, which has limiting pins 25 with guide pins 17 attached to it. The float 23 is located between limiting pins 25. The presence of the master mechanism made in the form of a screw pair of a screw 27 and a nut 28, provides the ability of kinematic connection of two float drives connected through the levers and the guide pins 17 of the valve 24.EFFECT: improved reliability of the device operation, simplified design and reduced material consumption.2 cl, 1 dwg