Applications of measuring apparatus or devices for track-building purposes (E01B35)

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E01B35                 Applications of measuring apparatus or devices for track-building purposes (apparatus on locomotives or cars to indicate or record bad track sections b61k0009000000; measuring angles, linear dimensions, or irregularities in general g01b, g01c)(357)

ethod for controlling mechanical stresses of rail bars in presence of magnetic and temperature fields by barkhausen noise method and device for its implementation // 2640492
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: according to the method for controlling mechanical stresses of rail bars in the presence of magnetic and temperature fields by the Barkhausen noise method (BN), the obtained data is visualised in the form of an amplitude graph of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum. By the presence of deviations of the repetition interval of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum, the presence of the material magnetization in the application area of an attachable sensor for BN recording is determined. The detected magnetization of the material is compensated by creating magnetic field of opposite direction in the measurement area, for which a direct bias current is applied to the excitation coil, reaching the predetermined repetition interval of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum. The evaluation of the level of mechanical stresses is carried out when a predetermined repetition interval of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum is reached, taking into account the temperature of the control object. A device for implementing the mentioned method is also disclosed.EFFECT: increased reliability of control results, which allows to improve the safety of railway traffic.2 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for automatic monitoring of state of rail bars of continuous welded rail track and system therefor // 2636200
FIELD: physics, measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to inspection technology and can be used to inspect railway tracks. The method for automatic monitoring of the state of rail bars of a continuous welded rail track includes placing and fixing at a given point of a rail track a set of markers, detecting the position of the markers with a sensor installed on a vehicle moving on the rail track, sending the detection results to a pre-processing device, processing the obtained results in the pre-processing device and sending the pre-processed information to a server device for final processing, analysis and storage. The set comprises at least three magnetic markers. One of the magnetic markers of the set is placed and fixed directly on a beacon sleeper and the rest on two sides thereof at a distance of at least 0.8 m at the rail base. Detection is carried out using a magnetic field sensor, and detection results are processed using software which enables to determine mutual arrangement of the markers in the set. Also disclosed is a system for implementing said method for automatic monitoring of the state of rail bars of a continuous welded rail track.EFFECT: providing automatic high-precision monitoring of longitudinal-transverse deformations of rail bars on a section of a main railway line, independent of weather conditions.2 cl, 1 dwg

Determination method of the rail track spatial coordinates and geometrical parameters and device for its implementation // 2628541
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device, implementing the method of determining the spatial coordinates and geometric parameters of the rail track contains the track measuring truck, including the movable and fixed wheel pairs, interconnected between each other by the support frame, installed perpendicular to the direction of travel. The first and the second satellite antennas are installed above the corresponding rail threads in the terminal parts of the mentioned support frame. The phase centers of the antennas lie on the same line in the plane perpendicular to the direction of the track measuring truck, the indicated satellite antennas is being associated respectively with the first and the second inputs of the satellite receiver, which input-output is connected to the modem receiving the signals from the base satellite station, and the output of the indicated satellite receiver is connected to the on-board computer.EFFECT: simplification of the device design.4 cl; 3 dwg

ethod of detecting hazardous place with excessive longitudinal compressive force causing stability loss of continuous track // 2617620
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: when monitoring the railway track axis position in the diagram by the road measuring device (for example, a traveling car), at the beginning of the summer season (April-May, depending on the climatic zone), the rail bending values of a continuous track, not yet dangerous for the train movement, are fixed in the diagram. These original diagrams are retained until the diagrams are obtained in the next measuring device way. The subsequent diagrams are superimposed on the previous ones, combining them in a linear coordinate (abscissa), the difference in the ordinates is determined at the maximum boom position, this difference is divided by the elapsed time between the measuring device ways, the boom growth rate is determined, and thus a dangerous place is detected with a dangerous rate of the unevenness boom value change.EFFECT: dangerous place with excessive longitudinal compressive force in rail lashes is detected in advance.1 dwg
ethod to monitor temperature mode of operation of continuous welded railroad track // 2617319
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of railroad bed condition monitoring, in particular, to nondestructive testing of stressed condition of continuous welded railroad track rail bar sections. Proposed method to monitor temperature mode of operation of a continuous welded railroad track includes definition of optimal temperature of rail bars as they are fixed in the track for repair works, detection of a section of stressed condition in a rail bar by definition of the current value of bar temperature and intensity of generated Barkhausen noise, in relative units in cross sections with interval of 50-500 m. Besides, intensity of generated Barkhausen noise is tested twice: first at current temperature of a rail bar, which is lower than optimal temperature of bar fixation, second at current temperature of a rail bar, which is higher than optimal temperature of bar fixation. Besides, difference of current values of rail bar temperatures relative to optimal temperature of bar fixation in both cases shall be identical and shall amount to at least 10°C. They define difference of intensity values of generated Barkhausen noise, produced in first and second measurements. By produced values of Barkhausen noise intensity values, they evaluate temperature mode of operation of a continuous welded railroad track.EFFECT: invention simplifying monitoring of temperature mode of operation of a rail bar in a continuous welded railroad track, areas with danger of track distortion are identified more accurately, due to higher temperature mechanical stresses in a rail bar.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for astimating stability margin of continuous welded railway track // 2617315
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: method for estimating the stability margin of the continuous welded railway track includes the rail whip temperature registration when it is placed in the way, and after repair work, the identification of the rail whip stress state, for this purpose, the current value of the rail whip temperature and the intensity of the Barkhausen generated noise in this section of the way are determined on the rail whip in the sections at the intervals of 50-500 metres, the intensity of the Barkhausen magnetic noise is estimated in the relative terms, the definition of the actual temperature of rail whip fixing. The current value of the rail whip temperature and the intensity of the Barkhausen generated noise are determined at different rail whip temperature values, at least, two times at the rail whip temperatures lower than the rail whip laydown temperature, and, at least, twice at the temperatures above the rail whip laydown temperature, the equation of rail whip stretching is obtained from the values of the Barkhausen noise intensity produced at the rail whip temperatures lower than the rail whip laydown temperature, the equation of rail whip compressing is obtained from the values of the Barkhausen noise intensity produced at the temperatures above the rail whip laydown temperature. The actual rail whip fixing temperature (Taf) in this section is determined by calculation solving the system of two equations, the actual rail whip temperature increase [ΔTe]fact=(Tw-Taf) over the actual rail whip fixing temperature (Taf) is determined, the resulting value is compared with a normalized admissible temperature increase of the rail whips relative to their fixing temperature in this way section [ΔTe]. According to this difference, the temperature safety factor is estimated in this section of the continuous welded railway track.EFFECT: improved accuracy of estimating the stability margin of the continuous welded railway track.3 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for stability control of continuous welded rail // 2614744
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: according to method for stability control of a continuous welded rail by measuring the frequency of its own horizontal transverse vibrations, the ratio of the frequency of its own horizontal transverse vibrations at the current time to the pre-known vibration frequency of the same rail area, the longitudinal force being equal to zero, is taken as the stability criterion.EFFECT: possibility to accurately assess the risk of track buckling, which improves the train traffic safety.3 dwg

Device for measuring pressure force of terminals // 2587125
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway construction and is intended for periodic inspection of terminal during installation and operation. Device for measuring pressure force of terminals consists of support, force meter and an assembly, including a head piece and pivotally connected with it spring-loaded legs of assembly. Support is made in form of bracket to rest on sleeper and rail foot. Force meter is secured on support of hydraulic jack with a pump, manual drive and discharge valve. On movable jack piston head is fitted with blades and there is an axial hole with top pressure gauge.EFFECT: higher accuracy of measuring pressure force of terminal.1 cl, 2 dwg

System for monitoring railway infrastructure // 2584756
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to measurement equipment, specifically to devices for monitoring state of man-made structures for railway transport during their operation, and can be used for detection of potentially hazardous sections of track and its environment. System for monitoring railway infrastructure comprises at least one station for gathering and primary data processing and connected with it and to each other by means of radio communication measurement modules arranged in critical points of controlled objects railway infrastructure and made with possibility of measurement of elongation of rail road bed, shift compensator, tilt of contact network, a central data collection unit, connected to station for gathering and primary data processing at least one automated workstation, connected with central data collection unit. Each measurement module includes a self-contained power supply, sensors, a transceiver and a microcontroller. Each station for gathering and primary processing of data includes a self-contained power supply, controller and a transceiver connected via radio channel with transceivers of measuring modules. Central data collection unit includes a computing unit, a database, a control unit and transceiver connected via radio channel with transceivers of stations for gathering and primary processing data.EFFECT: higher accuracy of control with simultaneous expansion of functional capabilities.1 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of finding location of hidden fault of railway track by repair team // 2579605
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and telemechanics on railway transport. In compliance with the results of diagnostics of track geographic coordinates of fault in high-precision coordinate system, recorded in memory of the mobile hardware and software of the device and is positioned the location of defect on previously recorded in memory of the mobile hardware-software map within Strip removal of tracks made in the form of a three-dimensional model in the same coordinate system. Repair crew is equipped with mobile hardware-software, with the help of built-in the program navigation provide repair team arrival at the place of works to eliminate faults, exact fault location using mobile device, software which enables to map binding fault path relative to the current location of mobile device and stationary objects of infrastructure with display on screen of the mobile device.EFFECT: higher efficiency and accuracy of finding hidden faults track.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for assessing theft of rail section // 2578897
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of longitudinal movement (creep) of sections of jointless rail track. Method for assessing the rail stalk creep consists in the fact that on each reference sleeper and rail stalk, on the non-working side of the rail and at a known distance from each other, there are installed beacons - ferromagnetic elements so as to provide reliable detection of signals from them with the help of a magnetic flaw detector. Invention presupposes measurement of a time mismatch between beacons and determination of the distance between them. Rail stalk creep is evaluated by comparing the current distance between beacons with results of previous measurements taking into account the allowable value limit, as well as by comparing rail creepings on nearby reference sleepers.EFFECT: higher accuracy and reliability of evaluation of rail stalk creep.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device to measure horizontal forces between wheel flange and rail head during mock-up tests of rolling stock motion on rail track // 2570521
FIELD: instrumentation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement devices. A device for measurement of horizontal forces between a wheel flange and a rail head during mock-up tests of rolling stock motion on a rail track consists in a rail mock-up in the form of a steel tape, fixtures, sleepers and sensors. In the area of measurement on the rail mock-up made in the form of a strip, material is recessed for the possibility of installation of a sensitive element in the form of a plate that follows the shape of the rail mock-up of certain length, height and thickness, which provides for separation of action of weight and horizontal forces in points of contact between the wheel and the rail.EFFECT: increased accuracy of modelling and adequacy of testing results.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of mock-up modelling of rolling stock motion on rail track and structure for its realisation // 2570477
FIELD: testing equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bench structures for performance of mock-up research of railway transport rolling stock motion dynamics modelling in straight and curved sections of track. The method of mock-up research of modelling of rolling stock motion on rail track is characterized by the fact that fixation of a trolley before descent is carried out with the help of a trigger mechanism by means of trolley rolling onto a speeding hill until the wheelset axle, which is first along the path, starts resting against a tip of a hook, which goes down during further motion of the trolley until the incoming axle gets into a groove on the hook, afterwards under action of gravity of the counterbalance the hook returns to the initial position, thus fixing the trolley in the place of descent. A structure for realization of the specified method for mock-up research of modelling of rolling stock motion on rail track is characterized by the fact that the trigger mechanism of the trolley comprises a hook with a counterbalance fixed on the base with the help of a screw and capable of free rotation.EFFECT: increased efficiency of research.2 cl, 17 dwg

ethod of assessment of condition of railway track with isolating joint // 2567495
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: for assessment of state of the railway track section this section and the truck is represented by means of the models implemented in the electronic computer describing their interaction. Two mathematical models are used in parallel - static finite element model of the track section with isojoint and the dynamic one, comprising inter alia the track section with isojoint and truck. The finite element simulation is performed in two stages. On the basis of the obtained data the recommendations on change or finalization of isojoint design, its elements, strength and other characteristics are developed.EFFECT: possibility of assessment of technical state of isojoints.1 dwg

Determination of endless cylindrical surface curvature radii // 2566598
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to determination of endless surface curvature radius, for example, that of the track rail working surface. Wheel rolling path width is defined as well as the segment height measured from the chord subtending the circle arc of the rolling path surface outline. Quotient of the division of the sum of squares of the wheel rolling path half width and said segment height is calculated by said double height of the segment. Said segment height is measured in the axis extending from the rolling path centre perpendicular the chord subtending the extreme points of the rolling part surface.EFFECT: possibility of determination under open pit conditions without complicated calculations and shaping the worn-out rails in due time.2 cl, 4 dwg

System to control railway track alignment // 2565429
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: system to control railway track alignment comprises a mobile reference station, a track machine and a device mounted on its frame for railway track alignment. The system includes a unit of information processing, a rope-chord measurement system to measure bending beam in the area of a flattener and a sensor of an angle of inclination for an antenna of a satellite positioning system. The antenna is installed on the roof of an additional car arranged in front of the track machine. The projection of the antenna crosses the device for determination of the spatial position of a measurement trolley placed under the additional car.EFFECT: increased extent of approach of track position to rated one with provision of necessary smoothness.1 dwg

ethod of check of spatial position of railroad, and system of its implementation // 2556740
FIELD: instrumentation.SUBSTANCE: present group of inventions relates to measuring equipment, and can be used to check the railroad, in particular to determine deviation of the railroad from the design position. Method of check of spatial position of railroad means that using the receiving and analyzing systems two images of space adjacent to the railroad are obtained. Using the processing and control block the reference mark is detected on the obtained images, and coordinates of the reference elements of the reference mark are determined by preliminary measurements of the mutual spatial position of the check elements. Then displacement of the check elements relatively to the base point of the devices coordinate system in vertical, longitudinal and transverse directions are determined, angles of rotation of the reference mark around the vertical and longitudinal axes, as well as angle of system rotation relatively to the transverse axes is measured. Set of obtained values of displacement of each check element relative to the datum point of the devices coordinate system is compared with the pre-measured mutual spatial position of the mass elements. Based on the results of such comparison the displacements of the reference mark in vertical, longitudinal and transverse directions are determined. Correction of the obtained displacements is made considering the obtained angles of rotation, and railroad position is determined.EFFECT: reduced error of determination of the railroad position.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device to straighten railway track and method to straighten railway track // 2551637
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: device to straighten a railway track comprises a frame of a track machine resting upon carriages, a device to measure path travelled, a measurement carriage contacting with rails. The track machine is equipped with straightening and flattening equipment. The measurement carriage comprises a mobile base, with a space position sensor installed on it, a sensor of track machine inclination angle. Sensors and the device of travelled path detection are connected to an on-board computer. The sensor of space position is a laser range finder with an inclinometer installed with forced space orientation onto a support measurement base or a laser scanner with the set reaming angle. The sensor of space position is fixed on a guide element installed at 90 degrees relative to motion direction and is rigidly fixed to the centre of the mobile base of the carriage. The other end of the guide element slides with the head of the rail of the adjacent track. The device of travelled path detection includes a satellite antenna on the roof and a received connected to the on-board computer, an odometer. Prior to the start they measure space coordinates of the adjacent track taken as the measurement base and record them into the on-board computer. In process of works performance they measure positions of the carriage with the help of the laser range finder with the inclinometer relative to the measurement base, compare them with design values, produce a control signal to the straightening and flattening device.EFFECT: invention provides for high accuracy of track setting into design position.8 cl, 1 dwg

Automated control system of geometric parameters of cross-ties // 2538482
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: linear guide with a sliding carriage is installed on a framework. Laser range profilometers with the possibility of moving them to change the position by the conveyor are mounted on the carriage. Laser scanners fixed on a bracket with one laser emitter and two receivers of the reflected signal, which are installed in the laser scanners, are used as the laser range profilometers. The receivers read the reflected signal simultaneously of the same cross-section of a reinforced concrete cross-tie. Minimum two laser scanners for simultaneous measurement of two or more reinforced concrete cross-ties are fixed on the carriage.EFFECT: simplification of the system and measuring process and an improved performance and efficiency of the system operation due to the provision of a possibility to measure the parameters of two or more cross-ties at the same time.2 dwg

easuring system for contact rail position continuous control // 2533940
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: system (2) is installed on running rails (3), includes two pairs of running wheels (5) mounted on frame (4). Wheels (5) of one of the pairs are made as units containing two base wheels (6) each. The system (2) contains recorder (8) installed on table (9) on the frame (4), measuring unit (7) and bar (22). Device (8) includes curve recorder (10) with two groups of immovable rods (11) and two movable rods (12) coupled with measuring rollers (20) and (21). The device (8) is provided with switching device (18) permitting to continue diagram recording when system movement direction is changed. The unit (7) is made with vertical (20) and horizontal (21) rollers. The roller (20) is coupled with measuring lever (27) coupled with rod (12) of curve recorder (10). The roller (21) is coupled with rod (12) of curve recorder (10). The unit (7) is located one end of the bar (22). The bar (22) with the unit (7) is made capable of horizontal movement by means of shifting out to the zone of interaction with rail (1). On the bar (22), fixing retainer (23) is made. The other end of rod (22) is able to interact with recorder (8).EFFECT: clearness and reliability of results, reliability of system and recorder and better operation conditions.6 dwg

Control method of rail strings of continuous welded railroad track // 2521114
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: control method of rail strings of continuous welded railroad track includes registration of a rail string temperature and control over the rail string creeping. Areas of stress state of the rail string by the current values of the string temperature and intensity of generated Barkhausen noise are detected additionally. An actual value of mechanical longitudinal stresses by dependence diagram of Barkhausen noise intensity on mechanical longitudinal stresses, obtained during calibration of the intensity analyser of magnetic Barkhausen noises is determined also. When calibrating the analyser, the sample carved out of the rail steel sample is subjected to axial compression and longitudinal bending. When constructing the calibration curve, intensity of magnetic Barkhausen noise is estimated as the difference between the analyser readings to their sum, obtained when measuring the intensity of magnetic Barkhausen noise in two perpendicular directions. The obtained values of stresses and temperature are applied on the calculated dependence of values of stresses in the rail on the temperature of the rail string, difference between the measured and calculated stresses is determined and the fixing temperature deviation from its normative value is determined by the value of difference.EFFECT: increase of control precision of rail strings.2 dwg

Device for automatic monitoring of straightness of welded joints at rails and method of its application // 2520884
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: device is used to monitor the deviation from straightness at the surface of the side active face of a rail head in horizontal plane and at the rail head running surface in vertical plane by contactless method. The device for automatic monitoring of rails' welded joint straightness comprises a casing, a mechanical portion, end face panels, contactless location sensors, sensors for contactless measurement of distance to the rail surface and an electronic unit. The mechanical portion consists of locating prisms closed by the end face panels on the outer side, the panels are fitted by cutouts corresponding to the surfaces mating the surfaces to be monitored with built-in magnets being installed between them. Each prism is equipped by backing-up tips contacting with the monitored surfaces. The contactless location sensors interfaced with the electronic unit are set near the tips. In the central casing part between the auxiliary prisms there installed are the sensors for contactless measurement of distance to the rail surface which are interfaced with the electronic unit providing for the display of the nonstraightness at analogue indicators and at a graphic display unit and for the storage of nonstraightness results in a memory block. The invention is also related to the method of using the device.EFFECT: possibility of getting visualised and reliable information, reduction of time required for monitoring of rails' welded joint straightness.2 cl, 10 dwg

Estimation of track state // 2513338
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: diagnostics car incorporated with the train and equipped with strain-gage mounted axles, strain-gage auto couplings, meters, systems of satellite navigation and wireless communication are used to define the track geometry conditions. Cure radii, positions of rail threads in plan and profile, track gage and other parameters related to electronic GPS map to relate them to the data of last trips of track metering train. At a time, strain-gage mounted axles are used to define vertical and lateral forces, their relationship in interaction between track and rolling stock and between rail and wheel. Strain-gage auto couplings are used to define dynamic forces at rolling stock to estimate dangerous section of the track for empty cars to be related to track profile. Proceeding from track geometry parameter measurements and train speed, probability of train derailing is estimated caused by rolling of wheel flange on the rail. Track sections are defined which can have anti-derailing factors lower than standard ones to work out recommendations on current maintenance of said tracks.EFFECT: higher validity and efficiency of estimation.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of optical determination of tack irregularities and defects // 2489291
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: Invention relates to railway transport, particularly, to determination of track irregularities and other defects. Propose method consists in defining the level controlled track section of electromagnetic radiation by video control appliances in shifting electromagnetic radiation receiver along said section. Measured level of electromagnetic radiation is used to define track wear and defects. Track image is locked in visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation in polarisation filter with rotary gating axis and processing of images by estimation of Stocks parameters.EFFECT: determination of track whatever defects and irregularities by whatever processing means.4 dwg

Determination of force of wheel flange impact against rail head in railway car motion // 2485239
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with proposed method, moment of wheel flange approach to rail head and time before their collision are fixed using frame rate fps to determine gap between wheel flange and rail head. Registered data are used to calculate railway car wheel displacement speed in transverse direction before collision. Time of contact in stroke of wheel flange at rail head from time whereat aforesaid gap value does not vary is defined. Defined said time of contact is used to calculate car wheel displacement speed in transverse direction is used to calculate railway car wheel displacement speed in transverse direction at the moment of collision. Force of stroke of wheel flange at rail is defined from relationship: product of difference in speeds of displacement before and at stroke at unsprung mass of track and rail referenced to time of contact between wheel flange and rail head at collision.EFFECT: definition to determine force of stroke and to forecast points of rail side wear nucleation.3 dwg

ethod to determine mechanical stresses in rail and device for its realisation // 2478153
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method to determine mechanical stresses in a rail consists in the fact that a conical hole is drilled in rail journals, and its diameters are measured along perpendicular axes, afterwards the measured diameters are subtracted. Rail temperature is also measured, afterwards all measured data is sent to a diagnostics station. The device for determination of mechanical stresses consists of an accessory of a conical shape for measurement of diameters, where a disc is inserted, the plane of which is parallel to the plane of the rail journal. At each side of the disc there is one strain gage sensor arranged on the perpendicular axes of the disc. Inside the accessory there is a temperature sensor. Outlets of sensors, via a sealing unit, are serially connected with amplifiers, analogue-digital converters, a microprocessor and a wireless modem.EFFECT: higher reliability of rails operation by monitoring of mechanical stresses.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for maintenance of railway infrastructure using digital railway model // 2466235
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for maintenance of railway infrastructure using a digital railway model involves monitoring and diagnosing the condition of a railway section by monitoring and measuring the position of objects of its infrastructure and their geometric dimensions at different times using means of monitoring railway, overhead system, signalling, neutralising and blocking, synchronised on the linear coordinate of the railway and the geographical coordinate. Measurement data are processed based on a spatial three-dimensional coordinate presentation of the position and geometrical parameters of objects of the infrastructure. The obtained data are compared with data of the design spatial three-dimensional coordinate presentation of the position and geometrical parameters of the same objects of infrastructure presented in the digital model of the railway. Comparison results analysed with existing tolerance values and limitations to the position of objects and their geometry and comparison results are provided in order to bring the objects of the infrastructure to a position close to the design position, through communication channels in the railway operation service.EFFECT: high reliability of using railway infrastructure.1 dwg

ethod to repair and reconstruct railway infrastructure using digital track model // 2465385
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method to repair or reconstruct using a digital track model, consisting in monitoring and diagnostics of actual condition of a repaired railway section by means of monitoring and measurement of position of objects in its infrastructure and their geometric dimensions done simultaneously with the help of software and hardware installed on a single mobile facility and synchronised by track coordinate and geographical coordinate. Measurement data is processed on the basis of space 3D coordinate representation of position and geometric parameters of railway section infrastructure objects. Produced data is compared with data of rated space 3D coordinate representation of position and geometric parameters of the same objects of infrastructure that are represented in the digital track model. Results of comparison with existing values of allowances and limitations to position of infrastructure objects and their geometry are analysed. Comparison results are provided to put infrastructure objects into a position close to the rated one.EFFECT: improved quality, accuracy and efficiency of railway infrastructure repair management.1 dwg

ethod of defining state of continuous welded rail track assembled rails and sleepers // 2457969
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to continuous control over continuous welded rail track by track measuring devices. Proposed method comprises defining averaged curvature in the limits of circular curve on basic length defined by regulations and defining averaged curvature on preset length of short irregularity. For every circular curve, defined is designed minimum temperature of fixture min tf to define deviation of actual temperature Δt"рих". New temperature of assembled rails and tracks fixture in the curve by the following formula: t"о.рих"=t3-Δt"рих", where tf is temperature of assembled rails and tracks fixture, °C. Then, stability of circular curve defined by the formula: t"о.рих">mintf and determined crosswise stability margin within the limits of circular curve (ΔΔt"рих") defined by the formula: ΔΔt"рих"=t"о.рих"-mintf, are used to decide on state of assembled rails and tracks.EFFECT: higher accuracy.2 tbl, 2 dwgl

Track straightening-tamping machine and optoelectronic system of said machine // 2443826
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed machine comprises frame resting on bogies, tie tamping device and lifting-straightening device, measuring tool and platform coupled with said platform, test bogie and video cameras to observe track top structure. Test bogie is equipped with controller, track geometry pickup, equipment to process global navigation satellite system signals, optoelectronic measurement system and video data processing unit. Said optoelectronic system comprises, at least, one radiation source, data processing unit and photo receiver. Reference mark makes radiation source. Said reference mark comprises modulated LED, LED control circuit, photo receiver and self-contained power source. Photo receiver comprises two receive-and-analyse systems, inclination transducer and control module including data signal processor and photo receiver. One on the inputs of data processing unit is connected with inclination pickup, second input is connected with receive-and-analyse systems and third input is connected with data signal processor.EFFECT: higher accuracy of track location measurement.6 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and system of elements installation into base // 2430209
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: system of installation of a previous element, then the subsequent element into a base comprises a setting stand with a displacement direction, at least one measuring post installed at the first sign for topographic survey and a unit for direction of the setting stand movements. The method of installation of a previous element, then the subsequent element into the base consists in the fact that at first nominal positions are identified, in which the elements are to be installed into the base, depending on a theoretical trajectory. Then absolute error is determined in position of the previous element relative to the nominal position, into which the previous element is to be installed. Afterwards the setting stand is automatically sent to the assigned position, in which the subsequent element is to be installed, depending on absolute error of positioning determined for the previous element, to reduce the relative error of the subsequent element positioning relative to the previous element.EFFECT: reduced relative error of installed elements positioning.9 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of determining wheel lateral to rail in train movement // 2426664
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to using instrumentation for measuring railway wheel flange relative to rail head in rolling stock movement. Proposed method comprises recording wheel pressing to rail by video camera focused at zones of contact between wheel flanges and rail heads so that one video camera records the instant of wheel flange pressing to rail head while another video camera records the instant wheel flange comes off rail head in real time. Results of video observations are recorded at once on digital data carrier. Then, computer programme is used to divide recorded data into frames and number of pixels in each frame are counted. Image on each frame is converted from colour into black-and-white image. Note heat that black color is used to encode the gap between wheel flange and rail heat while white colour is used to encode wheel and rail. Pixels are converted into millimetres and tables are compiled for each video camera: frame number is gap in millimetres, to determine moment of lateral force action start, its maximum value and moment of action termination. Proceeding from train weight and gap change rate, wheel lateral pressure to rail is calculated.EFFECT: higher accuracy of measurement, higher rate of data processing.3 dwg, 1 tbl

Device for remote detection of objects hidden on railway track // 2425769
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises penetrating radiation source and detector mounting on self-propelled trolley and connected via cable with power supply and microprocessor. Trolley drive control unit, data processing and signaling unit, detector and video camera control units are connected to microprocessor. Additionally, proposed device comprise two detectors with appropriate control units and bar with turn drive and control unit mounted on said trolley. Two detectors are arranged on bar ends to cover both track benches including rail outer sides. Third detector is arranged at trolley frame center to cover inner space between rails including their inside sides. Outputs of said two additional detectors are connected to microprocessor inputs as well as control units and bar turn drive control unit.EFFECT: higher efficiency of detection.2 cl, 5 dwg

Optoelectronic system to control spatial position of railway track // 2424932
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control instruments. Proposed system comprises radiation source 2 and signal processor 3 and photo receiver 1 made up of level transducer 21 and receiving analyser system 11 including lens 13 and position-sensitive optical radiation receiver 15, arranged on control truck 9 arranged on track 10. Output of photo receiver 1 is connected to input of signal processor 3. Radiation source is arranged on at least one contact-wire line support 4 or other structure, and is made up of reference mark containing at least two modulated light diodes 5 and photo receiver (b) and radiation source control circuit connected to independent power supply input 7. Photo receiver unit comprises extra receive-and-analyse system 12, control module 17 including at least one light diode radiator 18, photo receiver 18 and data signal processing circuit 20 with its output connected with input of second processing unit 3 with third input connected to level transducer 21 rigidly coupled with photo receiver 1.EFFECT: higher accuracy of measurement.2 dwg

ethod and device to control railway track rails // 2419567
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. Proposed method comprises measuring rails spacing by means of contact and contactless (laser) metres. Distances between rails measured by contact and contactless metres are compared. If discrepancy in readings of said metres falls below tolerance, mean arithmetic values is entered into memory. If discrepancy in readings of said metres exceeds tolerance for straight track section, readings of contactless metre are entered in memory. In control track curved section, track curve radius is defined.EFFECT: higher accuracy of control.6 dwg, 2 ex

ethod of controlling crosswise profile and distance between track rails, and track-tester car // 2418705
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to railway transport. Proposed method comprises measuring rail profile, track gauge and distance to rails with the help of beams of two laser senders arranged on track-tester car platform above the rails. Measured data is entered into onboard computer memory together with data on run time to determine departure from preset values. Laser senders are secured to turn around. Turn of laser senders is synchronised. Proposed track-tester car comprises two laser senders secured on car platform above the rails and connected via controller to computer. Said senders encased in protective enclosures arranged to turn relative the axis perpendicular to lengthwise axis of senders and are connected with, at least, one drive, e.g. hydraulic cylinder with rod.EFFECT: higher accuracy of measurements.11 cl, 10 dwg

ethod and device to control railway track rails // 2418704
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. Proposed device comprises transducer of distance covered and displacement transducer to measure distance between rails, controller, processor and storage unit mounted on truck. Said truck comprises measuring rule with support and measuring wheels articulated with platform by means of hinged tie rod. Measuring wheel is spring loaded in direction opposite the support wheel and fitted on axle that can axially displace to get in contact with displacement transducer. Hinged tie-rod comprises pins coupled with angular turn transducers electrically connected with processor.EFFECT: higher accuracy of measurements.4 cl, 9 dwg

ethod to estimate track state // 2394120
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in that track position at certain car speed, its position with respect to level and in plan and track width are measured. Prior to departure, mathematical model of interaction between estimated track section and train crew is loaded into computer for required train speed as well as track position parametres. Irregularities on rain working surface are measured, as well as coefficient of elasticity of rail base and coefficients of damping and rigidity in car couplings. In car motion, set of algebraic equation and differential equitation of mathematical model describing interaction between crew and track are used to calculate coefficient of resistance of assembled rails and sleepers against transverse shift, coefficient of safe wheel flange creeping onto rail, dynamic width of track, basic strains in rail base and head, tensor of rail contact strains, lengthwise forces caused by track displacement. Aforesaid magnitudes are compared with tolerances.EFFECT: valid data on track state.8 dwg

Opto-electronic system for monitoring spatial position of railway track // 2387561
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: opto-electronic system for monitoring spatial position of a railway track includes at least one radiation source, a measuring bogie mounted on the rail track on which there is a processing unit and a photodetector unit, optically connected to the radiation source. The radiation source can be installed on structures moved out of the boundaries of the rail track and lying on the path of the measuring bogie. The photodetector unit has two reception and analysis systems, a tilt sensor of the photodetector unit, a control module whose output is connected to the input of the processing unit, and other input to the output of the tilt sensor of the photodetector unit, and an indicator for movement of the measuring bogie past the radiation source, whose output is connected to the input of the control module.EFFECT: increased accuracy of measuring spatial position of a railway track and possibility of monitoring the design position of the rail track simultaneously in two mutually perpendicular directions.6 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and device to lay railroad ballast // 2381321
FIELD: railway transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems intended for distributing ballast along railway in railroad maintenance. Proposed method comprises moving railway carriage with ballast that is furnished with ballast hatch cover that opens to let ballast out onto track bed and closes to prevent discharge of ballast. Proposed device can exploit multiple processes designed to determine train location and speed to distribute said ballast, including non-automated and automated visual processes and thermal vision.EFFECT: higher accuracy and efficiency of laying ballast on railroads.7 cl, 27 dwg

ethod for comprehensive analysis of railway subgrade // 2380472
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: railway subgrade analysis comprises preliminary processing of available data to disclose abnormal sections and select control drilling points and additional geo-radiolocation profiles. Geo-radiolocation analysis allows isolating layers with different dielectric factors. Drilling is performed in not only within disclosed abnormal zones but also on every kilometre of analysed section. Track bed is manually drilled to obtain data on broken stone layer properties, particle sizes and lithology, mechanical grading, moisture content, density and soil solid-to-liquid ratio. Data obtained are interpreted to plot them onto exaggerated longitudinal track section.EFFECT: higher efficiency of analysis, reduced railway repair costs, repair materials savings.3 dwg

Diamond switch test stand // 2351498
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to appliances intended for testing diamond switches in conditions corresponding to their operating conditions. Test stand comprises a track section making a tested specimen with its head accommodating a smaller-than-normal-size diamond switch and a rolling body that, given the normal force applied thereon, rolls on over the track section diamond switch profile.EFFECT: probability to forecast service life of certain material for wheel/rail pairs and to define influence of geometrical linear variations, load size and cycles on results of model test series.5 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for evaluation of defect in rail head // 2340495
FIELD: transportation, physics.SUBSTANCE: at least three electroacoustic transducers are installed so that their sounding lines are intersecting by pairs. Sounding plane is selected being parallel to rail generatix. Rail head is sounded by all pairs of electroacoustic transducers separately. Then all electroacoustic transducers are moved over mentioned plane, position of each of detected defect boundaries lines is saved, all lines are conjointly analysed and defect position and orientation in sounding plane is calculated.EFFECT: reliable estimate of sizes, position and orientation of defect in rail head.3 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of supervisory control of railway position and device for its implementation // 2334840
FIELD: building, road works.SUBSTANCE: the invention refers to area of a railway transportation and is intended for the supervisory control of a rail way. The method of supervisory control of a railway position consists in installation of device on a rail rut, measurement of the passed way, excess of rails, rail gage, registration of the obtained data and addition of values with distance between measuring elements. Installation of wheel pairs on a device frame on the one hand, is performed rigidly, and on the other hand, with possibility of swinging against a cross-section axis. A gauge is measured by installation of measuring elements on lateral surfaces of rails for measurement of distance to an inside face of rails against the frame. Measuring elements are fixed in whatever position. The wheel pairs are used in a control unit of position of a railway, one of which mounted rigidly on a device frame, and the other so that to swing against the cross-section axis fixed on a device frame. The lock elements and the additional detecting device of linear movement are included into the detecting device of measurement of a gauge. Detecting devices of measurement of a gauge are located on a frame from the interior of each rail and supplied with spring-actuated measuring elements capable of being fixed with the lock elements connected with detecting devices of measurement of a gauge.EFFECT: increase in measurement accuracy, higher operation amenity, expansion of the cart functionality.2 cl, 4 dwg

Rail deflection control device // 2333858
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metrology and can be used for automated control of the rail deflection, for example, in straightening the rail prior to welding the seamless rails. The device incorporates a measuring platform accommodating three optical pickups to keep its front and rear ends and centre, and a measuring device connected to the said pickups. The device comprises also the strips optically contrast relative to the rail surface, arranged on the platform beneath the rail, and a mechanism shifting the rail relative to the immovable measuring platform. The optical pickups are shadow column instruments to record the rail shadow projection against the background of the contrast strip.EFFECT: possibility of measuring vertical and horizontal rail deflection in straightening.6 cl, 3 dwg

Force transducer // 2329176
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods and devices intended to measure the rolling stock weight in operating conditions without stopping the said rolling stock and in inclined track automatic control systems. The force transducer incorporates a signal processing unit and a sensitive element fitted on the rail and made up of a passive and active parts moving relative to each other, the passive part being fitted directly on the rail while the active one being fitted on a rigid beam mounted on two hinged supports equidistant, along the rail, from the passive part. The aforesaid passive part represents a bush with an inner and outer threads and is fastened, by means of outer thread and nut, in the rail web hole, while the bush inner thread serves to locate a threaded stepwise rod made from a nonmagnetic material accommodating a magnetic material insert on its end face closer to the sensitive element active part. The said insert magnetisation vector is parallel to the measuring rail direction. The sensitive element active part incorporates a magnetic field intensity meter.EFFECT: higher measurement accuracy.2 dwg

ethod of determination of clearance between ridge of railway wheel and rail head and device to effect determination // 2326782
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the equipment for measuring railway rails and wheels. The method of determination of the clearance between the railway wheel ridge (2) and rail head (1) includes attaching a pickup with its sensitive element directed towards the point of contact between the wheel and rail head to a crosswise beam (3) of the car truck. Simultaneously with the start of the car, the data coming the pickup on displacement of the wheel ridge relative to the rail head at a preset distance is continuously recorded. Then the pickup is removed from the car, the data carrier is removed from the pickup and the data obtained is processed using a computer programme to provided for a digital visual picture. On the picture thus obtained, a video image of a ruler with divisions is imposed to define the abode said clearance in divisions of the ruler. The said device has a case with a core, a pickup and light sources arranged on both sides of the pickup at an equal distance from it.EFFECT: simpler design and smaller sizes of the device.3 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of and device for straightening railway track in plan, physical profile and level // 2320801
FIELD: railway transport; track facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relate to method of straightening railway track in plan, physical profile and level and to device for implementing the method and they can be used in scheduled preventive straightening out of track and finishing of track before handling over for operation after major repairs. According to proposed method, railway track is electronically marked out by fitting electronic marks on track axis on each hundred meter and kilometer mark, and scanners of said marks are installed on track measuring car on each track maintainer. Parameters of track rails in plan, physical profile and level are checked by electronic marks. Marks are uninterruptedly read out, their identification number are kept in memory and distance covered at moment of their detection is recorded. In process of calculations and corresponding shifts of track, data base of said electronic marks is formed containing information on location of each marks and distance between adjacent marks. Results of obtained calculations and data base of electronic marks are transmitted to dispatcher centers of track maintainers and further on to computers of said machines. Track is subjected to straightening out starting from set mark and continuously reading information from electronic marks and automatically correcting current index of program task in moment of detection of mark if measured distance from initial mark differs from Log value. Information on current calculated shifts of track is periodically renewed basing of subsequent passings of track measuring car and is transmitted to track maintainers. Invention increases capacity of machine maintenance of track, cuts down time taken for calculation of required straightening out of track, provides acceleration of total certification of geometrical parameters of rail track gauge geometry measuring device and improves quality of said device, provides automatic tie of readings of track maintainers to longitudinal coordinates of track owing to doubling of existing staking out with electronic marking out.EFFECT: increased capacity of track maintainers.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for checking force of pressing clamp of fastening to rail // 2320800
FIELD: railway transport; track machines.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manually operated devices for checking reliability of anchor fastenings of rail track. Proposed device includes lever with hook, support and force measuring unit and handle connected to end of lever. Said handle is made resilient, is provided with aperture and slot and is furnished with double-arm bar connected by middle part with handle under slot, and contact screw made for contact with first arm of double-arm bar and installed for shifting and fixing in cross bushing installed for turning and fixing in handle over slot. Force measuring unit is made in from of standard indicator whose housing is attached to handle in place of its connection with lever. Head is made for contact with second arm of double-arm bar. Hook is made in form of split hook turnable relative to end of lever and spring-loaded relative to lever to lever to catch crossmember of clamp. Support is made in from of stop turnable relative to lever for engagement with rolling surface and with side faces of rail head.EFFECT: increased accuracy of measuring force of pressing clamp to rail, reduced fatigue of operator.2 dwg

ethod to determine elastic deflection of rails // 2319803
FIELD: railway transport; permanent way.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of measurement of displacement of rails under action of movable loads. According to proposed method, horizontal mark is made on nonworking face of rail and magnetized metal rule is attached to nonworking face of rail so that visible division on rule is parallel to horizontal mark on nonworking face of rail. Then geodetic stand is installed stationary out of the limits of track, and video camera is rigidly secured on stand. Definite focal distance is chosen, and horizontal collimating ray of video camera is directed perpendicular to nonworking face of rail to get simultaneous image of mark and rule division. Video frame of rail in unloaded state is fixed. Rule is removed. Then, without changing position of video camera and focal distance, video survey of change of rail level, when train passes, is carried out. Data, thus obtained, are compared by registration of frames of initial and loaded state of rail in computer program for processing of video frames. Difference in positions of rail head is revealed by displacement of horizontal mark relative to its initial positions, and elastic deflection of rail is determined in divisions of rule.EFFECT: facilitated measurements, possibility of storing results of measurements.2 cl, 3 dwg