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Highway bridge expansion joint // 2614172
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to closed expansion joints for highway bridges. The expansion joint has a metal compensator attached to anchor rods, containing an additional back-curved compensator made of sheet brass or galvanized steel located in the cavity under porous filler.EFFECT: increased service life of closed type expansion joints with a metal compensator.1 dwg

Off-road vehicle // 2613751
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to off-road vehicles using an air cushion, for instance, in open pits after blasting works. Vehicle comprises a body, a bottom, a flexible barrier of the air cushion cavity made along the perimeter of the body bottom, nozzles to supply compressed air, a suction air intake of an air blower, relief pipelines, a cargo container. Besides, outside the perimeter of the flexible barrier of the air cavity, the bottom is equipped with a looped elbow with nozzles to suck in loose material. Besides, the looped elbow by means of relief pipelines is equipped in series both with the cargo container to collect loose material and to clean air from it, and an air intake.EFFECT: invention provides for collection and transportation of dust generating loose material from soil surface.1 dwg
Barrier // 2613707
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: barrier comprises the housing fixed on the base, the movable beam placed partially in the housing, and the drive mounted in the housing for horizontal movement of the movable frame-structured beam from the movement path blocking position from one side of the housing in the rollback position providing the possibility of movement on this path on the other side of the housing, the supporting stand at a distance from the base, configured with the socket for the movable beam end portion. The housing contains a horizontal guide for the movable beam placement in its horizontal position with rollers arranged in line for supporting the movable beam bottom part and for the possibility for moving the latter in the horizontal direction. The openings for moving the movable beam in the housing are sealed with rubber gaskets, the upper housing surface is inclined, and the upper part of the housing side wall opposite the location of the guide with rollers is made hinged, the through openings in the beam are made closed, the beam downward and upward limit stops are made on the support stand, and in the area of switching the beam into the rollback position the enclosure with a cavity for accommodating the beam is mounted on the base.EFFECT: design improvement.2 dwg
Bridge support // 2613384
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bridge engineering, in particular to bridges supports across rivers. Bridge support has cross-section in form of Reuleaux triangle. Bridge support is installed so, that one of the Reuleaux triangle corners was directed against water flow flowing direction.EFFECT: invention objective is improvement of bridge support stability, rigidity and streamlining.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of concrete slab span rail bridge reconstruction // 2613227
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of concrete slab span rail bridge reconstruction by increasing the longitudinal sides of the ballast trough plate by concreting. The method envolves the use of anchors to form the reinforcing framework of longitudinal side extension piece, which consists of the transverse reinforcement attached to the anchors, and joint at the top by the longitudinal reinforcement.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the carrying capacity of the longitudinal side and provide railway track lateral stability.2cl, 2 dwg

Jaw of working tool of motor grader // 2613207
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is relevant to building-road machinery intended for cleaning of road pavements of roads from packed snow formations and ice. For achieving technical result we propose jaw of working tool of motor grader, which includes steel plate with holes intended for fasteners placed on motor-grader dump. Cutting elements mounted at angle to horizontal surface are fastened to the plate lower edge with the aid of holder. At that, holder is equipped with slot on external surface abut to the lower edge of steel plate and connected to it by force of welding joint. In accordance with the invention cutting elements are manufactured in the form of two cutting disks (4) at least provided with cutting edges and mounted on disk holder (3), which is suitable for rotation around its axis at tilt angle of lower base to surface of snow-and-ice swell that is equal to 10° at most. At that, disk holder (3) is manufactured in the form of strip, and welding joint of disk holder with steel plate is manufactured with additional strengthening elements in the form of ribbed stiffeners or angle iron. Disk holder (3) is also provided with holes for bolts (7) intended for nuts (8). Said holes serve for mounting of cutting disks (4) on lower surface of disk holder. At that, intermediate washers (9) are set between disk holder (3) and cutting disks (4) for decreasing friction area.EFFECT: invention allows simplifying design and increasing efficiency of destruction process for removing snow-and-ice swell.2 dwg

Retroreflective device of road barrier fence // 2613059
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device housing is made of high strength polymer material and is enclosed with the working and the contact surfaces. The contact surface fits the fence beam configuration. The housing has a section in the form of an isosceles triangle, with the angle at the base 25…35° and with the corner rounded with the radius 40…50 mm. The height of this triangle is taken to be equal to 0.5…0.7 of the depth of the depression of the road fence beam. The contact surface of the housing has a projection fitting the mounting hole in the beam, the height of the projection is equal to the thickness of the beam wall. The fixing element consists of a threaded rod with a rounded head pressed in a housing, and nut and washer. The rod has a shoulder. On the flat end of the working part of the housing the recesses are provided, in which the reflective elements are installed. The bottom of the recesses is located at the angle of 30° to the planes of the ends of the working surface of the housing.EFFECT: device has a high resistance to external mechanical impacts.2 cl, 4 dwg
Cold method for producing extra strength stone mastic asphalt concrete for repairing and setting up layers of road surface // 2612681
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method involves preparing a mixture with use of mineral material in the form of rock rubble, sand residues of rock rubble, and mineral powder by means of mixing them with cement and bitumen emulsion, with the subsequent coating of the road surface with the mix and its packing. The mixing is done by successively introducing the following components to the cold mineral material, wt %: cement - 3.0-6.0, nanopolymeric water soluble additive with the particle size of 50-300 nm, a latex containing styrene-based copolymer with polar monomers or butadiene, acrylic or methacrylic acid as dry matter - 0.1-0.5, nonionic surfactants from theethoxylated higher fatty alcohols or alkylphenols class - 0.05-0.1, cationic bitumen emulsion as bitumen - 3.0-5.0.EFFECT: improved physical and mechanical properties of asphalt pavement and better eco-friendliness of the process.4 tbl, 7 ex

ethod of road construction machine internal combustion engine rotation speed control and corresponding road construction machine // 2612536
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for control of road construction machines internal combustion engines rotation speed. Method of internal combustion engine (1) rotation speed control is intended for road construction machine, which along with motion drive (2) has connected to internal combustion engine (1) hydraulic motors (3) for actuation of working elements and at which rotation speed is adjusted depending on working elements instant power consumption. Hydraulic motors (3) are operated using uncontrolled pumps (5), and reducing currently output residual volume flow rates of active working elements hydraulic motors (3) flow valves (6). Internal combustion engine (1) speed is automatically adapted during operating mode. Disclosed is road construction machine, having internal combustion engine.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of engine excessive energy output.12 cl, 1 dwg
Device for introducing a force into tension elements made of fiber-reinforced plastic flat strip plates // 2612390
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device (1) for creating pre-stress in the clamping elements (2), made from fiber-reinforced plastic flat strip plates with clamping element (3), which is located on the tension element (2) and has at least one contact surface interacting with a tension element (2), as well as at least one rigid sleeve (4), that is located, at least around one clamping element (3) and the tension element (2) and thus, by means of clamping element (3) applies a compressive pressure to tension element (2).Clamping element (3) is made of plastic, which has a module of elasticity in the range of 1,000–5,000 MPa, tensile strength in bending ≥ 25 MPa and ultimate compression strength ≥ 25 MPa.EFFECT: creation of pre-stress in clamping elements.15 cl, 13 dwg
ethod for wheelsets centre of gravity vertical oscillations elimination // 2612339
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: simultaneous transmission of temporary load by both wheels to the sleeper load bearing pad is eliminated by advancing of all supporting platforms under one rails by a half of the sleeper laying pitch, and displaced in time requied for the train to cover the distance equal to the half of the sleeper laying pitch.EFFECT: reduced vertical oscillation of wheelsets center of gravity.1 tbl

Device for spacing of sleepers according to sleeper density during assembly of track links // 2612313
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for spacing of sleepers along plot during assembly of railway track links contains a portal trolley moving along the rail track enclosing the assembling bench path. The trolley is equipped with grippers for rails of the path enclosing the bench and with the sleeper position sensors. A movable carriage is mounted on a trolley to move on it along guides. The carriage is equipped with a sleeper density step setter. Regulated stops to interact with lateral edges of concrete sleepers are mounted on the carriage and made vertically rotating to move them along shallow arc when placed between the side faces of the adjacent sleepers. The carriage movement is performed after reset of all the previous commands by the command of the sleeper position sensor for the sleeper link mounted according to sleeper spacing.EFFECT: increased productivity and improved performance of the device.2 dwg

ethod for laying road marking // 2612168
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: road marking laying method consists in forming the lower layer of asphalt concrete layer of the roadway platform. After that, a geogrid is laid and beacons are installed. The geogrid is then raised to the desired level and fixed with beacons. The top layer of the asphalt concrete pavement is formed in such a way as to form cavities corresponding to dimensions of road marking elements, which is filled with a construction mixture of a different colour.EFFECT: better road safety, improved self-descriptiveness of pedestrian crossings, dividing lines and zones for comfortable movement of pedestrians and vehicles, with better service life of the marking.1 dwg

Device of measurement of coefficient of adhesion of wheels with airfield pavements // 2612074
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: device of measurement of the coefficient of adhesion of the wheels with the airfield pavement includes a support frame resting on two support wheels, linkage suspension with a measuring wheel, the lever with the independent cargo, spring shock absorber and a damper connected to the suspension by means of the first bearing assembly, brake generator, chain drive, a current sensor braking, an angular velocity sensor measuring wheel and one of the load-bearing wheels, controlled three-phase rectifier, load resistance, strain gauge system consisting of a strain gauge and load cell signal conditioning unit, computer control and indication system and sliding automatic control (inhibition) of the measuring wheel. The device is also introduced the thrust ball bearings and the ends of the auxiliary beam, bonded to the base frame by the second bearing support. The base of levered suspension of measuring wheel is attached to the supporting beam by means of the third bearing assembly. Brake generator is mounted on the auxiliary beam and its associated shaft chain drive with a measuring wheel hub. The strain gauge is embedded in a console, fixedly mounted at one end on the support frame, and the free end of the load cell is connected to the console with the supporting beam via a thrust ball bearings at the ends so that the longitudinal axis of the horizontal rod and lies in a vertical longitudinal plane of symmetry of the supporting frame.EFFECT: invention increases the accuracy and stability of measurement of friction coefficient.3 dwg
Construction method of cable-stayed bridge above sea navigable strait // 2612050
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: when testing in construction of span bridge almost complete safety of each full cycle of supply of beams for mounting is provided, as well as safety of personnel occupied in these operations. Essence: special method of towing of floating system (3) and applied equipment is used – tow type (5, 6), length of towing ropes (7, 8), special cleats (9, 10), floating ice mooring buoys (16), saith-hook (27), leading units (49). Casement signs (43, 44),made for specific operations. Maneuvering in operating zone of mounting and positioning for mounting lifting unit (37) are secured using instead of GPS, casement marks, installed in operating zone of bridge construction on both sides. Invention can be used for transportation of metal stiffening girders of bridge flight using floating system (3), its attachment by dead anchors (12) with help of floating ice mooring buoys (16) and saith-release gear (27) and subsequent positioning in operating zone of construction under mounting lifting unit, mounted on end of bridge cantilever at height of 70 m to lift beams at elongation of bridge cantilevers at both sides of spillage to their coupling. Time for one cycle of beam removing is decreased from 5–6 hours to two hours, which promotes clear and smooth running of bridge construction schedule and significant saving of funds.EFFECT: technical result is reliable and safe all operations in process of implementation associated with loading of metal beams of bridge flight, such as transportation of floating system, its fixation on dead anchors with further positioning of floating system for mounting lifting unit in difficult weather conditions, including wind, storm excitement, change of currents with semidiurnal nature and operating under significant angle to axis of bridge, as well as impact of ice, broken by passing vessels and brought out by current.11 cl, 14 dwg
Composition for road construction // 2612039
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: composition for road construction, containing cement, soil-aggregate mixture and a modifier contains oil including cuttings as a modifier and additional fiber, %: 100 of soil-aggregate mixture, 2-12 (over 100%) of cement, 10-50 (over 100%) of cuttings, 0.01-5 (over 100%) of fiber.EFFECT: increased strength and frost resistance, as well as economic efficiency of the construction.1 ex, 1 tbl

Self-propelled milling machine and method of milled material unloading // 2611802
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: in self-propelled milling machine (1, 1a, 1b) containing frames (2), controller (3) for performing of movement and milling operations, transport conveyor (12) is made with possibility to turn relative to machine frame (2), around first axis (21) passing substantially horizontally, at ascent angle, and in sides around second axis (23) passing perpendicular to first axis (20), at turning angle. Transport conveyor (12) unloads milled material (14) onto transport vehicle (10) loading surface (15) with specified transfer speed, and controller (3) continuously controls milled material (14) positioning on loading surface (15) automatically via, at least transport conveyor (12) turning angle.EFFECT: controller (3) sets and monitors transport conveyor (12) maximum allowable angular range (36, 38) limit values, which varies in accordance with current operational conditions.16 cl, 3 dwg
Set of ingredients for local depressions elimination in asphalt concrete pavement of roads and method of its application // 2611769
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: set of ingredients for depressions elimination is applied, consisting of granulated asphalt concrete mix and combustible particles, such as peat or chips, each placed in a sealed waterproof container (package) at a predetermined volumetric weight, and the free space in the container (package) between the asphalt concrete mix granules is filled with water by at least two thirds of container volume till application. A method of such set application to eliminate local depressions is also described.EFFECT: possibility of rapid local depressions elimination after detection on the road surface without application of power-hungry devices.2 cl

ine monorail // 2611660
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: mine monorail is comprised of rail segements attached to the suspensions of the lining excavation, each of which includes a plate with holes and bolts in such holes; on top the system is connected to the bolting excavation by means of inserts made of pliable material, while the bottom is connected to a segment of the monorail . The suspension comes with a metal plate placed on the part of the lining on the surface of the insert provided with thickness limiter compression insert placed between the metal sheet and the plate, and the section of each bolt under the plate, has at least one pair of disc springs placed inside the grummet in contact with its inner surface. Belleville springs are installed with the stiffness coefficient determined by means of a mathematical relationship.EFFECT: reduced dynamic loads on the supports of them and increased stability of the mine.3 cl, 4 dwg

Bridge // 2611643
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: horizontal shaft is mounted in the projection and the stand. Blades are attached to the shaft. A gear is mounted on the shaft. A gear in contact with the gear is mounted on the electric generator shaft. Water flowing around a support pushes the blade. Voltage is generated on the electric generator stator and supplied to the power line. In winter, the time relay supplies the voltage to winches. Tanks located on the water float off under the flow action from their winches, unwinding the cables. Then the time relay supplies the voltage to the winches electric motors. The tanks return upstream, respectively, to the winches. The tanks break the ice with teeth in front of the blades, on the sides of the blades and behind the blades. Thus, the blades rotate continuously in water free from ice.EFFECT: bridge of the proposed design generates electricity of high power.4 dwg

Unregulated pedestrian crossing // 2611642
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: unregulated pedestrian crossing includes the road surface area, perpendicular to the road axis, with artificial "humps" installed on the borders of the oncoming traffic lanes, equipped with reflective semistuds-pillars at the ends on the road axis, and the sign stand 1750 mm high with telescopic collapsible cassette-frame with pocket sections, in which the original reflective signs are inserted, is installed at the opposite end coaxially with the axis of the artificial "hump" on the outer sidewalk side.EFFECT: increasing security.4 dwg
obile hoisting complex for loading, transporting and unloading of railway rails and method for its operation // 2611473
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to railway transport and is designed for all types of railway track repair. The complex contains two freight platforms 2 mounted on undercarriages 3, and includes two cantilevered rotary cranes 4 (one for each platform 2), turnstiles 16 (two on each platform 2) and end shields 25 (two on each platform 2), power plant 13 (in the end portion of one of platforms 2) and casings of different size 15 (near power plant 13). Cranes 4 are provided on supporting plates 6, provided with moving mechanisms collectively made roller units 7 and worm gear 8. If necessary, cranes 4 are moved from one side of platform 2 to the opposite. Rails 1 are loaded on one or two platforms 2. Each crane 4 is connected to the control, audible and visual alarm system 10 by portable hand panels 11 (radio) and 12 (cable control). Rails 1 12.5 m long are loaded by one crane 4 on one of platforms 2 controlling by one of panels 11 or 12, then by the other crane 4 from the other panel 11 or 12 on another platform 2. On two platforms 2 two 25 m long rails are loaded using two remote controls 11 or 12 of two cranes 4. Tourniquet 16 is designed as frame 17 with horizontal support beam 21 on top, with thrusts 22 and support plates 23. Pad 24 is laid upon each row of loaded rails 1, and each four rows of rails 1 are pressed in turnstile 16 by the clamping screws. End panels 25 are provided with working areas 27, which control close fitting of rails 1 and rails 1 displacement during transportation. Transportation is carried out at a speed of up to 90 km/h.EFFECT: invention allows to extend the operational capabilities of the complex, to improve safety and performance of the complex and its equipment.7 cl, 5 dwg

Automated system for monitoring transportation of cargo on rolling stock // 2611452
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and telemechanics on railway transport for monitoring long rail bars during transportation. The system includes a mobile monitoring station with an automate workstation, an uninterrupted power source and a system of cargo monitoring equipment, which includes sets of sensors, wire and wireless communication channels, as well as storage batteries. The system further includes a car-to-car communication module, designed to monitor integrity of the wire communication channel, a first set of sensors mounted on bars transversely installed on a latching platform, a second set of sensors, placed on a passage platform and configured to interact with ends of a large-size U-shaped bar, a third set of sensors, mounted on the radio channel module for car-to-car communication with a transceiving antenna configured to interact with support bars, pressed between guide shoes and the end of the long cargo.EFFECT: high reliability of monitoring overall state of transported cargo.9 cl, 9 dwg

Isolating rail joint // 2611295
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: shockless isolating rail joint contains superimposed upper and lower bolted parts. The lower part from the bottom reproduces the shape of the sole of the receiving rail. In its neck section the lower part has a thickness of one and a half of the rail neck thickness, and in the top ends by the longitudinal bearing area at the height below the lower line of the rail head height by the value of thickness of electrically isolating layer. The lower part of the end face of its bottom part and the neck part is welded to the end of the receiving rail. The upper part follows the shape of the rail head width equal to the width of the bottom of the rail head and it is welded to the rail end face with the end face of its head part and with the plate welded to the sides. The upper part is split into two longitudinal halves. The electrically isolating layer of or AST-T plastic or epoxy plastic is placed in gaps between the bodies of the bolts and holes, gaps between rails and in the gaps between the lower and upper parts of the joint with the maximum thickness 10 mm.EFFECT: design simplification and reduced specific content of metal of joints.21 cl, 6 dwg

Shockless rail joint // 2611292
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: shockless rail joint comprises mutually superimposed and enlarged in cross-section the upper and the lower parts, fastened together with bolts to move longitudinally. The lower part from the bottom reproduces the shape of the sole of the receiving rail. In the top at the level of the lower line of the lower height of the rail head the lower part has a support area, there beginning of which is made with a small sphericity to the length of the longest gap between rails. The upper part in the top follows the shape of the rail head and throughout its height has a width equal to the width of the rail head bottom. On the bottom line of the height of the rail head the top portion is split into two halves, forming downward clamp-like shape and flat longitudinal bearing area. The gap between rails is spaced into two gaps which do not match in vertical direction, the first one upwards, towards the end face of the receiving rail head, the second one downwards to the toe of the passing rail.EFFECT: possibility for joint design simplification and increase of its working section.16 cl, 6 dwg
ethod for operation at curve road land plotin plan and rail track arrangement in curves // 2611234
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: arrangement of a curved road portion in plan comprises a rail track. The curved portion is shifted in the places of interaction of the wheel - rail system elements on the rail rolling surface away from the center of the curve by changing outer rail canting. The process of interaction between the rail and the train undercarriage is performed by the track made with a shift in the places of interaction of the wheel - rail system elements on the rail rolling surface away from the center of the curve.EFFECT: possibility to improve the reliability and increase the service life of the track and rolling stock.2 cl, 1 dwg

Culvert // 2610955
FIELD: roads.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to outfitting of roads, namely to water drainage from highways base or from railway ballast layer with the help of culverts. Culvert pipe is made of fiber-concrete fragments of two types, provided with embedded elements. Pipe center fragments have shape of isosceles trapezium with small and large bases and sides inclination angle of 30–45 degrees. Pipe outermost areas fragments have shape of rectangular trapezoid with side inclination angle, opposite to straight angle, also of 30–45 degrees. Each fragment is made concave with radius, equal to assembled pipe radius, fragment thickness is 50–300 mm, and each fragment all sides are equipped with embedded devices in form of metal plates with bolt holes. During culvert assembly fragments are arranged along pipe circumference so, that large base is docked with trapezoid larger base, and smaller is with trapezoid smaller base. Along length pipe fragments are connected to lateral sides and all fragments are fixed to each other by means of embedded devices with bolts.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of culvert assembly.1 cl, 6 dwg
Device for degaussing of insulating rail joint // 2610893
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of railway transport, more specifically, to devices for degaussing of insulating rail joints. A source of three-phase AC voltage (9) energizes a distributed three-phase winding (8) with three-phase current, and the winding develops a traveling magnetic field, which is closed via an inductor core (5), rails (1) and a joint (2). This field degausses the insulating joint (2) and induces vortex current in rails (1). Interaction of these vortex currents with the traveling magnetic field results in a longitudinal electromagnet wave acting at the inductor core (5), under action of which a trolley (3) is put in motion, resting on wheels (4). Since the device for degaussing of the insulating rail joint is in the area of the insulating joint (2) only for the time of degaussing, the device condition is hardly affected by the conditions of the environment surrounding the insulating joint (2).EFFECT: invention increases reliability of device operation.2 dwg

Transitional shockless rail joint // 2610890
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: transition shockless rail joint contains superimposed lower and upper parts, bolted with the possibility of longitudinal movement. The lower part from the bottom reproduces the shape of the sole of the larger receiving rail. In its neck section the lower part is thickened to one and a half of the thickness of the neck of a larger rail completely, in the top it has a flat longitudinal bearing area, the beginning of which is made with a small sphericity to the length of the longest gap between rails. The upper part in the top has a shape of head of smaller passing rail the width of which smaller than greater width of complete smaller rail, at the bottom line level of the rail head elevation it is split into two halves. Gap between rails is spaced into vertically mismatched two gaps.EFFECT: joint design simplification and increase of its working section.19 cl, 6 dwg
Road blocker // 2610804
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the hindering the vehicles traffic means, in particular to anti-ram devices intended to prevent the unauthorized vehicles entry into the protected sites territory by forced stopping of wheeled vehicles. The road blocker includes a steel base, lifting platform, drive, drive shaft and swivel arm. On the drive shaft between the drive and the pivot arm there is at least one annular groove with shaft diameter depth 0.1-0.25, shaft diameter width of 0.1-1.0.EFFECT: invention provides an increase in the road blocker reliability, protecting the drive and other moving parts of the construction, improving maintainability.
ethod of rail bar connection with recovery of continuous welded rail operating temperture at low temperatures // 2610761
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction of track and may be used in the repair or continuous welded rail laying. For rail bar connection with the recovery of continuous welded rail operating temperature at low temperatures ends of adjacent rail bars are welded with a traction device. Necessary clearance is determined before the calculation of bars tension. After thermite welding the part of the rail bar determined by calculation is detached at both ends of the weld joint. Ram down sleepers and fix rails on them. On both sides of the tensioning device in a calculated rail length before welding detach, heat and bent to the calculated value. After rails cooling and the reaching of the necessary strength by the welded joint the heating is stopped, and the curved areas of the rails are straightened.EFFECT: possibility of withdrawing the excess longitudinal force in the tensioner is achieved.
ethod of producing impregnating composition based on modified bitumen used for surface treatment of asphalt-concrete coatings // 2610510
FIELD: roads.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to road construction and a method of producing compositions based on polymer-bitumen binders, which can be used for protection of road asphalt-concrete coatings from adverse effects. Method is implemented by forming a bitumen-polymeric petroleum mixture and introducing it with modifying additives and a petroleum solvent having the boiling point of 140 °C and higher. Modifying additives used are diatomite and a highly concentrated aqueous solution of potassium and/or sodium methyl siliconate, which are added to bitumen in quantities corresponding to the obtained composition containing 52–55 wt% of petroleum bitumen, 9.5–10 wt% of polymeric petroleum resin, 0–3 wt% of mineral oil, 0.1 wt% of diatomite, 0.1 wt% of the solution of potassium and/or sodium methyl siliconate and 35 wt% of the solvent. Herewith the bitumen heated up to 158–162 °C while stirring at the rate of 170–200 rpm is added with the polymeric petroleum resin, the mixture is heated up to 170–180 °C, and then cooled down to 110–120 °C and added with the solvent, the solution of potassium and/or sodium methyl siliconate and diatomite, after which the produced composition is cooled while stirring down to 25–35 °C and packed.EFFECT: technical result is improved operating properties of impregnating compositions.4 cl, 2 tbl, 4 ex

Installation for snowmelt (versions) // 2610491
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a device for disposal of snow and ice masses, namely to devices forcing the snow melts, and can be used in municipal services for the utilization of snow-ice mass, resulting in the purification of urban areas, fractionation and removal contained in the snow -ledovoy mass garbage inclusions. Installation for melting the snow comprises a housing, a heat exchange system, meltwater drainage system, garbage disposal system. The housing has two housings rigidly connected with three inclined plates and coaxially arranged with a gap between the tubular member. The first plate is firmly connected with the outer end on a tubular outer and inner surface with a tubular projecting element, over which the shield is attached. The second plate is rigidly connected at its end with an averagely located between the plates tubular member. The inner tubular element has a heat exchange system, which comprises a heating element and a propeller rotatably mounted on the shaft. Wherein the first plate, made with perforations between the housing and a tubular outer member coupled to a receiving device for large garbage, and the lower plate is connected to the receiver for fine dust. As a second embodiment, the heat exchange system may be implemented as a centrifugal bubble device, with one side connected to the air heater and on the other hand - the water supply pipe in a centrifugal bubbling device located at the bottom of the housing, and removing water from the nozzle centrifugal-bubble machine, located in the interior of the tubular element, with installation for melting snow.EFFECT: invention provides a cost-effective, easily operated installation allowing to separate garbage inclusion contained in the snow and ice mass fractionation, highlighting the large and small debris without interrupting the snow melting process.2 cl, 2 dwg
Composite deck of pedestrian bridge // 2610467
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bridge building and can be used in designs of pedestrian bridges and pavements of bridges of other purposes. Composite deck of pedestrian bridge consists of parallel panels made of pultrusion fibre-glass, having face part and lengthwise ribs, resting on transverse beam and connected by bolts along planes adjoining lengthwise ribs to each other, wherein panels are made of construction U-section profiles ribs of outermost panels are bolted to main carrying structures, and only flat part of panels rests on transverse beams. Floor panels are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics.EFFECT: at planes adjoining lengthwise ribs to each other adhesive joint is arranged.1 cl, 2 dwg

Single-span pipeline crossing over natural obstacles // 2610367
FIELD: pipeline transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pipeline transportation field and can be used for construction of pipeline crossings over natural obstacles, rivers, ravines. Single-span pipeline crossing comprises bank piers and anchors. Bank piers are made of bearing and thrust bearing elements connected in their upper part in pairs, and installed on inclined support plates. Support plates arranged in natural obstacle slope upper part and rigidly connected with mating anchor plates, equidistantly arranged on pipeline axis both sides and fixed on horizontal surface adjacent to natural obstacle slope edge. Pipeline is arranged in side beds and in central bed. Side beds are attached to thrust bearing elements. Central bed is connected with pillars with help of suspensions, rigidly fixed in each bank pier upper part. Bank piers and suspensions form angles with pipeline axis, sufficient to compensate for side wind loads on pipeline.EFFECT: increasing covered span length in case of natural obstacle complex shape and higher crosswise stability of pipeline inter-support part.1 cl, 2 dwg

Device for fog dissipation // 2610315
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a frame free for passing the cleaned gas stream. A filter material (3) with open pores is mounted in the frame. The filtering material is made in the form of stacked belts. The partitions (2) impermeable for the separated liquid are installed between the belts at an angle to the horizon.EFFECT: increased efficiency of fog dissipation.1 dwg

Device and method for continuous removal of deposits // 2610308
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to deposits continuous removal system and method for removal of mechanical mixture from snow melting vehicle receiving container or melting tank. Deposits removing device for snow melting vehicle, having receiving container to receive snow load, subjected to processing into melt water inside receiving container, contains garbage collecting system for garbage displacement, falling on receiving container bottom, into collecting chamber arranged next to receiving container. Device also includes lifting system for garbage lifting from collecting chamber into higher position for garbage discharge by gravity beyond collection chamber.EFFECT: technical result of group of inventions consists in providing of snow melting vehicle continuous operation.21 cl, 4 dwg

Asphalt modification process system and method of asphalt additives introducing // 2610087
FIELD: roads.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to asphalt products, including modified asphalt compositions. Described is modified asphalt binder compositions producing method, which involves stirring of asphalt binder and at least one asphalt additive and/or asphalt modifier in ball mill-mixer, which causes stirring, shifting, impact and grinding effect on mixture. Invention also relates to road surface compositions, which include said modified asphalt binder composition and filling material.EFFECT: technical result is obtaining asphalt composition which has improved operational characteristics compared to similar asphalt and additive mixture made not in ball mill-mixer.14 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl

Automatic grinding machine, as well as crushed material unloading method // 2610042
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is automated grinding machine with height-adjustable machine housing, with controller for performing of movement and crushing, with working drum, with rotary transportation conveyor device, located in front of or behind working drum, if seen in direction of grinding machine movement, wherein last or only one transporting conveyor device transfer conveyor, if seen in direction of transportation, is made with possibility of turning aside, relative to machine housing, around, substantially, vertical axis at angle of rotation and around axis, perpendicular to axis, at elevation angle, and wherein transfer conveyor unloads crushed material at specified rate of supply into fall point on vehicle loading surface.EFFECT: controller comprises detection and control system, which continuously determines vehicle loading surface changed position and transporting conveyor relative to machine housing or vehicle loading surface changed position relative to transfer conveyor and continuously automatically controls of ground material fall point positioning via turning angle, and/or elevation angle, and/or transfer conveyor feed rate so, that unloaded ground material falls within limits of loading surface.13 cl, 3 dwg

Device for ice chipping // 2609879
FIELD: tools.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to percussion tools for chipping ice and tightly compact snow. Device includes a housing, rotation drive arranged on the housing and connected with the gear wheel of the gear rack gear, return compression spring and working member. Gear wheel is made with at least one section which does not engage with the toothed rack. Return compression spring, gear rack and working member are sequentially installed in the guides of the housing with the possibility of axial movement and interaction. Working element has a sharpened part extending beyond said housing and axial movement stoppers in both directions. Weight of the working element is less than the weight of the gear rack.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of reliability.6 cl, 6 dwg
Expansion joint // 2609782
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method is implemented in the expansion joint of closed type between the superstructure and the enclosure wall of end supports, comprising the connecting slab of the span structure installed over the superstructure end supports, partially overlapping the transition slab made with the stopper, between which and the connecting plate a gap to compensate for the span displacement while at the contact with the connecting slab the surface of the transition slab PTFE plate is located in the gap between the connecting slab and the stopper of the transition slab the waterstop is installed, over the connecting slab and the transition slab the leveling layer of asphalt concrete pavement is arranged, which is reinforced with geogrid, under the leveling layer of connecting slab a solid layer of lining hydraulic sealing and the sheet metal, overlapping from above the clearance for movement compensation are laid.EFFECT: improvement of operating reliability of the expansion joint design, its durability by eliminating the possibility of ingress of water, dirt, salt, and a variety of subjects in the underlying structures and bridge structure elements.7 cl, 1 dwg

Ice removing device // 2609590
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: ice removing device (1) of the self-propelled unit (2) comprises a spring-loaded breakers in the form of rods (5) with working tips (6) and their impact drive from cams (7) of the rotating body. The rotating body is designed as screws (4) with multidirectional coils, on which the cams (7) are installed with offset by the angle of rotation, and the impact drive comprises cam followers (8) and levers (9) from them to the breaker rods (5).EFFECT: invention provides high efficiency of cleaning from snow and ice formations of sidewalks and streets.5 cl, 4 dwg

onorail system // 2609552
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: monorail system consists of a supporting and guiding line and a train. The supporting and guiding rail line is a triple pipe structure symmetrical in transverse direction with lower thick-walled large diameter pipe that support the train, the wheels of which are made in the form of hyperboloid rollers. The guides for upper level hyperboloidal rollers of the train are mounted on a horseshoe-shaped rod system, ended by pipes at the top of the horseshoe and rigidly connected in the bottom of the horseshoe to the support pipe of the train. Hyperboloidal rollers, at least of the upper level are hollow, filled with compressed air and have the system of holes on the working surface.EFFECT: simplified monorail system design and improved safety of its operation.2 dwg

ethod of increase of bearing capacity of bridge support body // 2609510
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for increasing the bearing capacity of the bridge support body includes drilling of grooves along the outer circumference of the element to be strengthened, installation of rods, installation of enclosing strands, their bracing and applying of polymer solution. The grooves are drilled in the bottom of the support along its outer circumference, and the number of recesses is calculated from the bearing ability of the support. Then the calculated amount of holes is drilled in the support body and anchors are arranged in them. Into the grooves drilled in the bottom of the support, the reinforcing profile rods are glued, their length is no less than the support height. The rods are fixed on the support body by the anchors installed earlier. Before installing the enclosing strands made of high-strength reinforcement, the level of their installation is calculated. After that, at this level the additional anchor blocks are installed which are fixed on a support body with reinforcement anchors. Then the enclosing strands are installed and pulled together by jacks, and their ends are fixed on the anchor blocks and tightened by collet anchors. Then, the resultant structure consisting of the support itself, the rods of reinforcing profile and bundling enclosing strands is covered, for example, by guniting, with layers of the polymer solution of special composition.EFFECT: strengthening of reinforced concrete massive supports of bridges.3 dwg

Steel and concrete bridge span // 2609504
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bridge erection and can be used in structures of steel-concrete bridge spans during their construction, reconstruction and overhaul of bridges associated with broadening of their clear headway. The steel and concrete bridge span comprises the combined cross-linked metal main beams, a reinforced roadway concrete slab mounted on main beams, reinforced with top and bottom working reinforcement, oriented transverse to the longitudinal axis of the steel and concrete bridge span, and integrated with them by stops in joint duty. A steel-concrete bridge span is made modular formed by individual steel-concrete beams, each comprising a metal main beam with stiffeners and combined with it by means of stops the monolithic reinforced concrete slab and metal struts that connect the stiffeners of the metal main beams near the bottom flanges with gussets, attached to the metal upset details, located on the bottom plane of the concrete slab of the roadway of steel-concrete beam, near its longitudinal edges. The steel-concrete beams of the steel-concrete bridge span are united together along the concrete slab of the roadway by longitudinal joints mainly of reinforced concrete and metal rod elements combining neighboring stiffeners of adjacent steel-concrete beams in their lower parts in a plane of metal braces.EFFECT: invention provides improved quality of the steel-concrete bridge span due to lower consumption of materials and increased durability of the span.3 cl, 4 dwg

otor road // 2609487
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry and may be used in road construction. The road consists of reinforced concrete slabs, which have railway lines laid in them. Before the crossroads one railway line rails, located in the far right row, branch out with the one railway line rail location between the rails of the other two railway lines into the three rail lines. From the beginning with the placement on the sidelines with the device for the transfer of rolling stock from one line to another. Then, they go on the road on the border of the crossroad.EFFECT: invention provides higher crossing capacity.4 dwg

Sound protection screen // 2609042
FIELD: acoustics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to noise reducing structures. Sound protection screen contains sound-absorbing panels made in the form of blocked separate structural container-type modules represented by cavity capacities of casings with dismantled covers of automotive storage batteries and installed sound-transparent perforated covers or sound-transparent covers of the mesh type with filled with a sound-absorbing substance cavity capacities in the form of separate crushed fragmented sound-absorbing elements, a face perforated sound-transparent panel. Modules are mounted in separate cells of the bearing base represented by a sheet or a rod-shaped bearing matrix structure secured to cross bars, and/or longitudinal profiles, and/or the rear sound-reflecting panel, and/or the bearing base of the sound protection screen to generate corresponding narrow-slit air gaps formed between opposite outer walls of separate modules. In the cavity capacities of the modules there are separate crushed fragmented sound-absorbing elements made from sound-absorbing porous breathable fibre, and/or open-cell foamed, and/or non-porous unbreathable fibre, and/or foamed close-cell polymer materials and/or dense non-porous polymer materials represented by solid recyclables liable to recycled recovery processing.EFFECT: reduced contamination of the environment.9 cl, 45 dwg

ethod of reconstruction and reinforcement of steel-concrete composite simply supported bridge superstructure by straight cables // 2608378
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for reconstruction and reinforcement of existing steel-concrete composite simply supported bridge superstructures with spans of up to 63.0 m. Method of reconstruction and reinforcement of a steel-concrete composite simply supported bridge superstructure by straight cables comprises replacement of a reinforced concrete plate, reinforcement of main beams, repair, replacement or increasing the number of devices combining the plate with metal structures, and reinforcement of the main beams walls with additional stiffening ribs, herewith the main beams reinforcement is performed by installation of straight cables located above the lower belts of the main beams, and which after arranging the new reinforced concrete plate remain on the beams and maintain extending beyond the anchor ends of the cables for lifting the cables before completion of the construction works on the bridge superstructure and recovery of the rated capacity of the bridge superstructure.EFFECT: technical result is more complete usage of reserves of materials strength, reduction of restrictions for vehicles moving under the bridge and improved operating conditions and higher safety of works on metal structures reinforcement.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for obtaining bainitic rail steels // 2608254
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy, specifically to a rail made of low-alloy steel. Rail made from low-alloy steel, wherein steel structure in head contains 5–15 % by volume of ferrite and multiphase bainite, consisting of upper and lower bainite. In method of making a rail from low-alloy steel from a hot-rolled profile rail head in hot-rolled profile directly after coming out of rolling mill stand is subjected to controlled cooling. First step comprises accelerated cooling from temperature 740–850 °C until achieving a first temperature providing ferrite conversion. Second step comprises holding at first temperature. Third step comprises further cooling to a second temperature to allow formation of multiphase bainite. Fourth step comprises holding at second temperature.EFFECT: rail is characterised by high wear resistance, weldability; constant properties are provided throughout length of rail.28 cl, 3 dwg, 2 ex
Gripping device row by row laid road tiles for their movement from the place of storage to the point of laying into roadway // 2607698
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely, to devices for road laying tiles. Gripping device is attached to vehicle manipulator and moved to the place of location of the row by row pre-stacked tiles. In the place of pre-stacked tiles gripping device is lowered on tiles include hydraulic cylinders to capture the row of tiles. Tile "soft" captured, rise and transferred to the place of laying of road bed. On the territory of works on laying tile production the device is lowered into the required laying, hydraulic cylinders are switched on to loosening of tiles, device is lifted and go beyond the following row pre-stacked tiles.EFFECT: technical result of the present invention is simplification of design, increasing of reliability and cost savings while reducing the "rigidity" of the grip.3 cl, 6 dwg