Auxiliary apparatus (D07B7/16)

ethod of closed rope making by means of splicing // 2607756
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to closed rope production method, containing core and metal strands helically wrapped around it, wherein method includes connection of two cable ends in areas of splicing, formation of splicing assembly at each strand ends, which are inserted inside cable after local removal of core, wherein each splicing area is molded with polymer. Invention also relates to closed rope production method, in which ends of strands are molded with polymer before they are inserted inside cable.EFFECT: invention also relates to closed rope produced according to invention, and its use as traction or traction-supporting rope.13 cl, 3 dwg

Apparatus for manufacture of straps // 2314377
FIELD: technique for manufacture of loading tackles from steel ropes used, in particular, for carrying out of vessel lifting and submarine-technical works.SUBSTANCE: apparatus has frame, immovable and movable clamps mounted on column, and drive for rotary clamp. Rope yarn pulling-through unit is mounted on frame and consists of drum equipped with drive, cable of small diameter wound onto drum and provided with self-clamping grip at its end, and cam coupling. Drive for movable clamp is made in the form of warm reducer provided with handles. Column with immovable clamp is adapted for movement along guides of frame and fixing therein.EFFECT: increased efficiency and simplified strap manufacture process.2 dwg