Devices for adding soap or other washing agents (D06F39/02)

Linen processing device // 2607778
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: provided is linen processing device (100), which consists of first processing device (100a) and second processing device (100b). First processing device (100a) consists of housing (110), front panel (112), top panel (119), side panel (116) and support panels (117). Loading opening, intended for linen loading into tank, is closed by means of door (120), on which control panel (122) is arranged. In detergent supply module (200), which is closed by module door (220), detergents are stored, and it provides stored detergents into tank. Detachable detergent supply module (200) is arranged in housing (110) open part.EFFECT: water supply device is supplying washing water into tank and performs detergent supply module washing using washing water supplied into tank.15 cl, 11 dwg

Domestic electrical appliance // 2606704
FIELD: household items.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is electrical household appliance for washing laundry, comprising: washing compartment (70); feed line (71) for feeding detergent to washing compartment (70) comprising drawer (72) for holding detergent and conduit (73) interposed between drawer (72) and washing compartment (70); panel (74) for obstructing detergent feed line (71), wherein drawer (72) comprises: first positioning means (75) for positioning panel (74) in an operating position where it obstructs feed line (71), first positioning means (75) being located along feed line (71); and front wall (76) transversal to direction (77) of extracting/inserting drawer (72). Wall (76) comprises second positioning means (78) for positioning panel (74) and housing cavity (79) formed in wall (76), said panel (74) being able to adopt a first configuration where it is connected to first positioning means (75), and a second configuration where it is connected to second positioning means (78).EFFECT: disclosed is a household electric appliance for laundry.9 cl, 14 dwg

Detergent feeding device and washing machine having the same // 2597534
FIELD: home appliances.SUBSTANCE: disclosed herein is a washing machine including a body, a tub disposed within the body to retain water, a spin basket rotatably installed in the tub, a detergent feeding device to supply detergent and water to the tub. Detergent feeding device includes a detergent housing installed in the body, a detergent case installed in the detergent housing to store liquid detergent, and a detergent introduction module to introduce the liquid detergent stored in the detergent case into the detergent housing.EFFECT: as the detergent introduction module is installed on the outer surface of the detergent case, placement of electrical components inside the detergent case is avoided.10 cl, 9 dwg

Linen processing device // 2596106
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: linen processing device (100) consists of first processing device (100a) and second processing device (100b). First processing device (100a) consists of housing (110), front panel (112), top panel (119), side panel (116) and support panels (117). Loading opening for linen loading in tank is closed by door (120), where control panel (122) is located. In detergent supply module (200), which is closed by module door (220), detergents are stored, and it feeds stored detergents into tank. Detergent supply module (200) is arranged so that at opening of housing (110) it can be detached.EFFECT: disclosed is linen processing device.20 cl, 11 dwg

Washing machine // 2594962
FIELD: home appliances.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to washing machine (1), having body (2), supporting washing tank (3) located outside of washing drum (4) intended for loading into it of laundry to be washed, and system (5, 35; 55; 65; 105) for supply of detergent containing mixing chamber (6; 56; 86; 106) intended for introduction into it of detergent (D) and water (W), and mixing device (20; 40; 100) intended for mixing of detergent (D) with water (W) to form washing solution (S). Mixing chamber (6; 56; 86; 106) and mixing device (20; 40; 100) are located inside body (2), wherein mixing chamber (6; 56; 86; 106) contains input (7; 57; 87, 107), accessible from outside of body (2) for introduction of detergent (D), and output (14; 94) for discharge of washing solution (S) into washing tank (3).EFFECT: washing.27 cl, 16 dwg

Flushing device for household appliance for linen processing and household device for linen processing // 2592348
FIELD: personal use and household items. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to flushing device (8) for household appliance (1) for linen processing with drain tray (8a), having upper part (8b) and lower part (8c) connected to it, wherein in lower part (8c) there is supply pipeline device (8d) with bowl-water receiver, and on lower part (8c) is outlet branch pipe (8e, 8f), which is output into bowl-water receiver, wherein there is partition (31) made separately from the lower part (8c) installed on lower part (8c), wherein in partition (31) installed between outlet branch pipe (8e, 8f) and water intake space (8j) made in lower part (8c) by hydraulic gate (8n) is formed. Invention also relates to household appliance (1) with such flushing device (8). EFFECT: proposed is flushing device for household appliance for linen processing with drain tray. 12 cl, 9 dwg

Flushing device for household appliance for laundry treatment and household appliance with such device // 2570777
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a flushing device (8) for the household appliance, (1) intended for laundry treatment, comprising a flushing tray (8a) having an upper part (8b) and a lower part (8c) connecting to it. In the lower part (8c) the means for feeding water with the trough for water and the outlet pipe (8e, 8f) extending into the trough for water are made, and the lower part (8c) comprises a part (8k) of the vent channel (8g) extending into the outlet pipe (8e, 8f). The invention also relates to the household appliance (1) with such flushing device (8).EFFECT: improvement of operational reliability.10 cl, 8 dwg

etering device with gradual release and sealing of household appliance // 2560307
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: metering device with a gradual release of at least one substance into the household appliance is proposed, comprising the presence of aqueous working fluid characterised in that it comprises a shell inside which there is a large number of doses of the said substances required for the corresponding large number of operation cycles of the said device. The said shell is at least partially formed by a material permeable to the said working fluid, and is capable to release at least a dose of the said substance in each cycle of the device operation. The substance comprises at least a substance agent active at washing, active at dishwashing or active at cleaning, from the group comprising surfactants, washing components, water softening agents, zeolites, silicates, polymers, carbonates, carboxylates, sulfonates, bleaches, bleaching activators, bleaching stabilisers, bleaching catalysts, washing co-components, alkalising agents, acidifying agents, redeposition inhibitors, dyes, flavouring agents, optical brighteners, UV filters, conditioners for fabric and means for rinsing.EFFECT: improvement of the design.13 cl, 17 dwg

Washing device // 2560273
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: detergent dispensing cartridge for use in a washing machine, where the washing machine is intended for washing contaminated material, and treatment of the wetted material is carried out using a composition comprising a plurality of polymer particles.EFFECT: said composition contains no organic solvents.10 cl, 2 tbl, 3 dwg

Device for washing linen // 2544128
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: device for washing linen (100) comprising a housing (105) containing a washing tank and a dispensing device for dispensing washing agents, comprising a sliding container (125), a suction pump (265a, 265b, 365a, 365b) and fluid connecting means of the suction pump with at least one cell of the sliding container. The suction pump and the fluid connecting means are made with the ability to provide suction of dosage amounts of the washing agents from the top of the surface for the washing agent, located in the cell. The suction pump comprises a part with a motor and the main part detachable from each other, and the part of the pump with the motor is mounted on the location place of the sliding container, and the main part of the pump is mounted on the sliding container. According to the second embodiment of the device, the dispensing device comprises a mixing chamber (269), the cell of the sliding container is fluid connected to the mixing chamber which is in fluid communication with a water receiver (270, 271) and with the washing tank. The device for washing linen comprises a channel (272) for feeding water, connected to the outlet opening of at least one electric valve (270, 271) which in operation is connected with the external water-supply network. Also, the channel for feeding water is fluid connected to the mixing chamber, and the mixing chamber and/or the channel for pouring water are a single-piece construction with the location place of the sliding container.EFFECT: improved performance characteristics.28 cl, 20 dwg

Laundry washing device // 2541749
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: laundry washing device contains a body (105) wherein a washing tank for laundry and a dosing device for washing agents supply are placed. The dosing device contains: a drawer (125) designed so that to enable sliding inside the footprint (227) in the body (105). The drawer forms at least one container (201a, 201b) for washing agents, at least one suction pump (265a, 265b) connected to at least one container and connected via the liquid to the laundry washing tank for supply of dosed quantity of washing agents, at least one valve (235a, 235b, 310, 343a, 343b, 310a, 310b, 343a, 343b) for connection of at least one container to at least one suction pump via the liquid. The valve is designed so that to enable automatic closing and interruption of communication via the liquid between the container and the suction pump when the drawer is even partly pulled out from the footprint and automatic opening and establishment of communication via the liquid between one container and the suction pump where the drawer is slid into the footprint.EFFECT: design improvement.25 cl, 19 dwg

Washing machine with improved circuit for supply of detergent/rinsing liquid // 2525779
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: presented is a washing machine (1) containing: - washing tank (5) containing a rotary perforated drum (6); - dispenser for detergent solution/rinsing liquid (8) hydraulically connected to a water source and containing a body (9) and a bin (10) detachably connected to the body (9) and equipped with one or several compartments (11a, 11b) to be filled with washing or rinsing products; - water supply line (13) hydraulically connecting the dispenser for detergent solution/rinsing liquid (8) to the tank (5). The water supply lines (13) contains: the first water conduit (25) containing one or more integral element(s)(13, 13a, 13b) hydraulically connecting the compartments (11a, 11b) to the tank (5) and the second water conduit (27) hydraulically separated from the said first water conduit (25) but hydraulically connected to the water source (upstream) and the tank (5)(downstream). The first and the second water conduits represent an integral structure.EFFECT: design improvement.25 cl, 17 dwg

Coated box for detergent // 2487204
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: washing machine with a vertical or front loading, comprising a dispenser (1) of the auxiliary detergent and a washing tank made with the ability to receive from the dispenser of the mixture of water and the detergent. The dispenser is equipped with at least one compartment for detergents. At that, at least one of the compartments is covered by a smooth diamond-like carbon layer which prevents adhesion or made of a material that prevents adhesion. The layer is represented preferably by a carbon film of a thin film amorphous carbon. In the preferred embodiment of the invention, the compartments are made of plastic completely or partially, and the coating is applied by chemical vapour deposition or gas in plasma medium.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.6 cl, 3 dwg

etering unit of washing or similar means of washing machine // 2472883
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: washing machine comprises the metering unit of washing or similar means. The metering unit comprises a drawer located in the front wall of the machine and comprising a first section adapted to accommodate at least the first washing or similar means for one washing, enabling to use the said washing machine as a standard washing machine with manual loading of the metering unit. The drawer comprises a separate second section adapted to accommodate at least the second washing or similar means, sufficient for a given number of washings, enabling the use of the said washing machine also in the automatic metering mode.EFFECT: cheap and easy to use metering unit that enables to carry out manual loading of the washing means during each washing and automatic loading with use of cartridges of long-term use.26 cl, 6 dwg

etering unit for detergents or similar agents for washing machine // 2468132
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: metering unit (1) for detergents or similar agents for washing machines comprises a container (5) inserted into the compartment (5a), made in the housing (3) of the washing machine; and the container (5) is divided into a number of independent compartments for detergents. The metering unit (1) also comprises an additional self-supporting container (8) for liquid detergents, which can be inserted with the ability of easy removing into the first compartment (b) of the container; and a siphon trap (10) for discharge of liquid detergent from the tank (9). In one of the side walls of the tank there is a through hole (9a). The additional self-supporting container (8) also comprises a movable closing element (11) which encloses the through hole (9a) of the tank (9) to prevent leakage of liquid detergent, or at a wide open position it allows the liquid detergent to pass freely through the hole (9a).EFFECT: prevention of leakage of detergent.1 cl, 4 dwg

Washing machine // 2467108
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: washing machine comprises a tank for washing and an automatic device for distribution and dispensing at least one detergent discharged from a suitable container, containing a sufficient amount of detergent for multiple washing cycles. The device for distribution and dispensing comprises at least one input for detergent, water circuit closed on the tank, and a means of dispensing the detergent located between the input and the circuit and designed for supplying metered amount of detergent into the circuit when water circulates in it. The circuit comprises a mixer which communicates with the output of the device for dispensing the detergent, and also a pressure and return pipelines which are communicated with each other at one end through the tank, and at the other end through the mixer.EFFECT: simplified and more efficient automated distribution and dispensing of detergent is provided.25 cl, 4 dwg

Nozzle device and device for insertion of additives in device for treatment of textiles // 2456391
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a nozzle device made with the possibility of insertion of at least one additive in the fluid phase into the loading chamber of the device for treatment of textiles, in particular, in the drying unit of ventilation and / or condensation-type, a refreshing device or a washing machine having a function of drying. A nozzle device comprises at least one nozzle, made with the possibility of insertion of additives and at least one separating device made with the ability to capture and / or remove fluid and / or microparticles, leaving at least one nozzle or formed near the said nozzle. In addition, the present invention relates to a device of insertion of additive, made with the possibility of insertion of at least one additive comprising at least one nozzle made with the possibility of the insertion of additive; at least one source of insertion of additive; and at least one channel for the fluid, connecting at least one source of insertion of additive with at least one nozzle, characterised in that at least one fluid channel comprises at least one capillary.EFFECT: elimination of droplets or solid particles of additive supplied.39 cl, 8 dwg

Washing machine with visual indicator of detergent level // 2451120
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: washing machine which comprises a drawer (1) having the possibility of sliding and located within its niche (2), and comprising at least one compartment (4) for a certain amount of detergent (9), and a device (5) of visual indication of detergent (9) necessary for laundry, at that the device (5) of visual indication contains at least one lighting means (6, 7) established with the ability to display the required level of filling of the compartment (4) by the detergent (9) placed in it, which is distinct by the fact that the lighting means (6, 7) comprise at least one light emitter (6) and at least one connected with the drawer (1) fiber (7) for receiving light rays from emitter (6).EFFECT: creation of the washing machine in which the required amount of detergent is indicated to the user with high reliability.14 cl, 2 dwg

Washing machine with top loading // 2445411
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: dispenser (30) of detergent agents is installed in the loading hopper (10) of the machine and its closure is provided by the hopper cover (20). The loading hopper cover (20) is equipped from the inner side with protruding parts made of an elastic material, which have the same shape as entry edges (326-328) of the respective chambers (310-312) of the dispenser (30) of detergent agents to ensure proper closure of the chambers (310-312) of the dispenser (30) under pressure exerting on them by the hopper cover (20), when it closes. The dispenser (30) is mounted with an ability of its permanent retention in the position, pressed to the rear part of the slot (12), under the action of elastic plates (318 and 319).EFFECT: improvement of ease of use.3 cl 3 dwg

Washing machine with dispenser of liquid detergents // 2434980
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: washing machine comprises a body (22, 222), a chamber (1, 201) for washing items and a dispenser (2, 202) of liquid detergents with at least one first compartment (3, 203) to hold a container (4, 204) with soft walls, designed for a liquid detergent. At the same time the first compartment (3, 203) is equipped with a peristaltic pump (6, 206), providing for repeated compression, of at least one section (5, 205) of the container with the purpose to feed dosed amount of liquid detergent from the compartment (3, 203) into the chamber (1, 201) for washing items. At least one first compartment (3, 203) and the peristaltic pump (6, 206) are installed on an element (23, 223) movable relative to the body (22, 222).EFFECT: invention makes it possible to do multiple cycles of washing without necessity to fill the container for detergents by user prior to every operation of washing.17 cl, 4 dwg

Washing machine with controlled system of water supply and method of such machine control // 2428531
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: outlets (35-37) of compartments (19-21) for detergents are located on an inclined lower panel (9) of the body (8) and make it possible to supply the content of these compartments into a tank (4) for a washing solution. The lower panel (9) is divided into segments (10, 11), which have inclination that differs at least from one of other segments and deviates along the horizontal line. Each segment (10, 11) is connected to at least one compartment (19-21) for a washing solution and has its own outlet (12, 13) in its deepest area. The first part of water is sent via the compartment (19) for preliminary washing directly at linen. The second part of the total volume in the form of a water and washing solution mix for the main washing stage is sent to the upper part of the washing solution tank (4). The third part of water without the washing solution is sent directly to the linen to reach the total volume.EFFECT: optimised process of detergent and water feed during washing.15 cl, 3 dwg

Demountable feeder of detergents for top-loaded washing machines // 2415213
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: detergent feeder of top-loaded washing machine and rotary drum is made of two parts joined together. One part of feeder comprises compartments for detergents, inlet for liquid and outlets for detergents. Other part comprises water-distributing partitions, inlet edges of compartments for detergents and bellows. Two parts of feeder make a demountable piece installed in appropriate seat arranged in hole of washing machine loading feeder.EFFECT: development of a detergent feeder, compartments, supply and feed channels of which are easily accessible for their cleaning since the feeder may be taken out of seat and disassembled into halves.7 cl, 3 dwg

Washing machine // 2415212
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: washing machine comprises tank, drum arranged inside tank, and detergent feeder. Detergent feeder has one or more compartments, where detergents are placed (washing detergent, water softener, etc.) with various properties. Washing machine also comprises ozone generator designed to supply ozone inside detergent feeder.EFFECT: development of washing machine, which destroys microorganisms accumulated inside detergent feeder and provides for proper hygienic condition of feeder and washed linen, due to supply of ozone directly into detergent feeder.6 cl, 1 dwg

Front-loaded washing machine // 2414554
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: washing machine comprises external structure equipped with loading hatch to load linen into washing tank, and door to close loading hatch, which includes dosing device for detergents. Sealing gaskets that surrounds loading hatch includes hole to supply water into washing tank. At least one hose is used to supply water to hole in sealing gasket, and which is arranged inside specified external structure of machine from its front to rear end. Hose is fixed to structure at least in one point between two specified ends.EFFECT: reduced noise and wear of machine.22 cl, 3 dwg

Washing or dishwashing machine // 2407833
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: machine comprises tank, where washing process is carried out, and chamber for detergent. There is one or more sources of light, which partially or fully illuminate internal part of chamber. Ultraviolet light radiation destroys microorganisms that were generated in chamber as a result of availability of detergent or softener remains in it.EFFECT: increased efficiency of cleaning.18 cl, 3 dwg

Detergent dispenser with mixing device that detects level of dispenser fill by current value // 2402257
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cleaning machines, such as dishwashing or washing machines designed to wash dishes or laundry with the help of detergents. Machine used to clean articles by means of washing comprises tank, where articles to be washed are placed, dispensing device for dispensing of required amount of detergent into washing tank, container, where detergent is placed, required for more than one washing cycle, and where mixing device is installed to prevent formation of detergent flakes in container, due to motion, and motor of mixing device, which sends required energy for motion of mixing device. Machine comprises control device, where values of current sent to mixing device motor and corresponding to a certain amount of detergent available in container at a specific moment of time are recorded, through monitoring of current values sent to motor of mixing device, and their comparison to recorded values of mixing device motor current. Mixing device is arranged in the form of hollow cylinder, which is fixed by its one end to container wall. The second free end of hollow cylinder is arranged horizontally and is put in vibratory motion. Control device informs the user about the fact that detergent ran out, with the help of audio signal and/or video signal, when current goes below specified threshold value.EFFECT: increased efficiency of dispenser operation and its higher effectiveness.7 cl, 5 dwg

Household appliance with at least one grip comprising device for cleansing agents placement // 2397282
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: household appliance for carrying out at least one textile products washing, comprising rotating cylinder designed for placement of textile products to be treated, and at least one element for textile products transition and/or lifting while washing. Element for textile products transition and/or lifting comprises device for cleansing agents and/or detergent additives placement, and at least one cleansing agent and/or detergent additive release system sensitive to the said cylinder speed (ω).EFFECT: household appliance development for textile products washing without traditional cleansing agent measuring hopper in the form of a box and connected to it hydraulic circuit.14 cl, 4 dwg

Household water consumption device // 2382590
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: device comprises dissolution chamber in feed reservoir for objects to be washed for feeding of detergent, and this chamber has at least one slot-like opening on bottom. Device comprises sprinkling device with multiple nozzles. Slot-like opening of chamber bottom is installed longitudinally or transversely versus direction of jets, which come out of nozzles of sprinkling device. Chamber bottom is arranged with internal bend and may be oriented longitudinally along with longer sides of rectangle. Dissolution chamber has filling window for detergent, which is arranged at least on one side wall and/or on cover.EFFECT: improved conditions for dissolution of detergent, elimination of possibility for depositing of its residues in dissolution chamber on completion of washing process and prevention of stains on washed objects.6 cl, 4 dwg

Washing machine and method of machine washing // 2372426
FIELD: personal articles.SUBSTANCE: washing machine contains reservoir for water, in which water for washing is located, steriliser, which realises sterilising of water for washing by process of electrolysis, and circulating system, which realises circling of water for washing in steriliser. Steriliser has first electrode, which contains silver, and second electrode, which contains metal, which is more likely to ionise water than silver. Machine also contains power unit for supplying electric current to electrodes and controller for switching of electric current polarity, which is applied to first and second electrodes.EFFECT: persistent manifestation of sterilising effect during washing and rinsing process.13 cl, 3 dwg

Laundry washer equipped with silver solution feed device // 2324026
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: laundry washer consists in tank, unit for water feed to the tank and device to feed the silver solution to the tank. The silver solution feed device consists in a body with inlet and outlet holes, water feed unit to connect the body inlet hole and laundry washer water feed unit, two silver elements, installed in the body and ionized using electrolysis and flow rate decreasing element. The latter is located between the end surface of the silver element near the outlet hole and the body outlet hole.EFFECT: provides required silver element ionization, sufficient antimicrobial and bactericidal effects.8 cl

Laundry washer // 2324025
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: laundry washer contains feed device for detergent, filled into the detergent container, in the laundry tank with water for laundering. The detergent feed device consists in body, detergent container and limiting element. In the body there are inlet holes, connected with the corresponding pipes for water feed, and outlet hole, connected with the tank for laundry. The detergent container is installed in the body, it is possible to dismount it, inside it there is a receiving chamber for liquid detergent. In the liquid detergent receiving chamber there is an outlet element provided for the discharge of liquid, filled into the receiving chamber, to the water tank. The limiting element is a baffle plate projecting from the container bottom to divide the receiving chamber for the first liquid detergent into the front and back sections to prevent the liquid detergent from moving from side to side inside the container under the influence of the external force. The baffle plate is narrower than the receiving chamber for the first liquid detergent thereby it makes a passage for liquid on its side face.EFFECT: prevents the liquid detergent from moving from side to side inside the container under the influence of the external force.7 cl, 8 dwg

Cloth washing machine // 2318938
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: washing machine has apparatus for forming of colloidal silver and detergent feeding device, said apparatus and said device being integrally connected with one another. Apparatus for forming of colloidal silver has silver ion casing, cover, and pair of silver plates. Discharge pipe and connection part are provided in predetermined parts of silver ion casing. Discharge pipe is connected to inlet opening of detergent feeding device. Connection part integrally connects apparatus for forming of colloidal silver and detergent feeding device. Thus, said apparatus is connected integrally with detergent feeding device while silver ion casing of said apparatus is communicating with detergent feeding device. Silver plates are positioned within silver ion casing and supported by cover. At least one spacer protrusion extends upward from lower part of silver ion casing and is defined between pair of silver plates.EFFECT: simplified assembling and enhanced reliability in operation of washing machine.11 cl, 4 dwg

Device of the colloidal silver formation and the washing machine using such a device // 2318735
FIELD: chemical industry; mechanical engineering industry; other industries; devices and the washing machines using colloidal silver.SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the washing machine equipped with the device of the colloidal silver formation is made in such a manner, that in the body of the ions of silver does not remain water at the water feeding failure, at the expense of what sedimentation of the impurities on silver slices is prevented. The device of the colloidal silver formation contains the body of the ions of silver, the cover and the pair of the silver slices. The outlet opening is formed on the surface of the body of the ions of silver and goes from the lower butt surface to the upper butt surface of the body of the ions of silver. The outlet opening may have the form of the ellipse and is formed in such a manner that its height exceeds its width. Besides, the height of the body of the ions of silver and the height of the outlet opening are in the ratio approximately of 3:2. The given realization of the outlet opening prevents the presence of the water for laundering in the body of the ions of silver after the water feeding failure and ensures addition of the ions of silver in the optimal concentration into the water for laundering.EFFECT: the invention ensures that the given realization of the outlet opening prevents the presence of the water for laundering in the body of the ions of silver of the washing machine after the water feeding failure, and ensures addition of the ions of silver in the optimal concentration into the water for laundering.12 cl, 3 dwg

Washing machine equipped with detergent feeding apparatus // 2300593
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: washing machine has detergent feeding apparatus adapted for mixing detergent dispensed from container with washing water and for feeding of mixed detergent and washing water into washing reservoir. Detergent feeding apparatus has housing, detergent container, and water feeding chambers. Housing has a plurality of inlet apertures connected with respective water feeding pipes, and outlet aperture connected with washing reservoir. Detergent container is detachably inserted into housing and is equipped with a plurality of chambers for receiving of detergent. Water feeding chambers are equipped with a plurality of through channels, one of through channels being adapted for feeding of washing water delivered through inlet apertures into chambers for receiving of detergent while adjusting washing water pressure within predetermined range.EFFECT: increased efficiency and improved quality of washing of cloths.7 cl, 3 dwg

Detergent feeding unit for washing machine // 2293151
FIELD: mechanical engineering, in particular, technique for washing machines.SUBSTANCE: detergent feeding unit has container for detergent, at least one inlet cavity defined within container for detergent, and control member located within inlet cavity and designed for controlling of detergent flow within inlet cavity. Control member is positioned within inlet cavity for increasing or decreasing time during which detergent is staying within inlet cavity. Detergent feeding unit has members designed for preventing separation of control member from inlet cavity and positioned near opposite sides of said cavity. Detergent feeding unit of such construction allows user to selectively charge powdered or liquid detergent into one and the same cavity for detergent and also to control detergent flow within inlet cavity in order to provide for uniform mixing of detergent in water for washing.EFFECT: improved quality of washing due to uniform mixing of liquid or powdered detergent within inlet cavity of washing machine.15 cl, 11 dwg

ethod for machine wet cleaning leather and suede products and the composition of the detergents used in this way (options) // 2173361
The invention relates to the cleaning of leather and suede products wet method, in particular to machine wet cleaning using detergent compositions and detergent for finishing products