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Composite material including warp knitted textile panel which has first and second opposing front surfaces while said first front surface is covered with a layer consisting of at least one polymer material and method of its manufacture // 2640995
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a composite material including a warp knitted textile panel having ribs corresponding to the direction of the base and rows of loops corresponding to the direction of the weft and the first and second opposing front surfaces, while the said first front surface is covered with a layer of at least one polymer material. Each of these ribs favourably includes the first loops, shaped on every second row of loops if the first thread is used, and the second loops, shaped on every second row of loops if the second thread is used, while the first and the second loops alternate on every second row of loops and have opposite directions. In addition, in the weft direction, each of the threads selected from the first thread and the second thread, alternately forms loops on each second row of loops.EFFECT: improved material properties.15 cl, 14 dwg

ethod for optimizing contact resistance in current-conducting textile materials // 2638751
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method may comprise: choosing a discriminating action for the textile material, choosing a combination of variables among thread variables, stitch variables and textile variables; and intertwining a current-conducting thread by knitting into textile material in accordance with the chosen combination of variables, wherein the knitted combination of variables ensures optimum contact resistance in the textile material correlated with electrical conductivity necessary for the discriminating action.EFFECT: predicted contact area of the thread for a current-conducting thread correlated with the optimum contact resistance.13 cl, 23 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod for making double bead of product on two-cylinder seamless hose machine and knitted product with double bead // 2635781
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: needles of the upper cylinder of a two-cylinder seamless hose machine with a core thread and an elastic thread are lifted up, while retaining the core and elastic threads, the core and elastic threads are knitted together by the needles of the lower cylinder, and upon completion of the bead knitting, the extreme bead loops are connected with the loops located on the needle of the upper cylinder by the "loop-in-loop" seam. The above technical results are achieved in the design of a knitted product with a double bead made in the ribbed stitch of the links-links structure, by that the bead is made with knitting the core and elastic threads together, and the extreme bead loops are connected with the product by the "loop-in-loop" seam.EFFECT: improving the appearance of the double bead of the knitted product and the knitted product as a whole, improving the consumer properties of the knitted product.2 cl, 4 dwg

achine for knitting machine needle bar plates cleaning // 2624177
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: machine for knitting machines needle bar plates cleaning comprises a main frame, a washing tank mounted on the main frame, a support device arranged to be positioned in accordance with the washing tank and configured to maintain at least a knitting machine needle bar plate in a predetermined washing position. The needle bar plate comprises a plate-shaped base with a substantially straight working side and a plurality of grooves substantially transverse to the working side as well as a plurality of needles for knitted articles slidably disposed in these grooves and having an operative end, overhanging from this working side. The machine also includes dispensing means connected to the main frame and configured to supply the washing liquid under pressure towards the needle bar plate placed in the said predetermined washing position.EFFECT: reduced costs.13 cl, 7 dwg

Elastic knitted fabric and items of clothing // 2622804
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: elastic knitted fabric comprising an elastic and a nonelastic yarn, differs in that: the elastic yarn comprises 20-60 g/m2; where the knitted fabric stretches for 80%, and then returns to its original length, and the straining under the forward movement and the backward movement in a 50% point during stretching and contraction are measured, the ratio of straining, measured with the following formula: straining ratio = (straining under the backward movement (H) in a 50% point)/(straining under the forward movement (H) in a 50% point) is 0.40-0.80; and the instant temperature increase caused by the heat generation during stretching in the direction of the base and/or the weft is at least 1.0°C.EFFECT: improved material properties.13 cl, 5 dwg, 2 tbl
ethod for determining the structure changes in knitted fabric with spatial stretching // 2619728
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: evaluation criterion used is the change of area of holes in the knitted fabric after it is spatially stretched within the operational load limits. The method is based on the application of principles of automated optical image recognition. The technical result of the proposed invention is a quantitative measure: the coefficient of changing structure of knitted fabric with spatial tension that characterizes the actual process of deformation of the fabric on the human figure.EFFECT: method for quantifying changes in the structure of knitted fabric with spatial tension.3 dwg

Device for yarn delivery to textile machine // 2617343
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: device for yarn delivery to the textile machine, comprising a main body forming an entry section and outlet section for yarn; a rotatable drum for winding of the noted yarn coming from the noted entry section, and a motor connected to the noted drum for its rotation; a control element affectin at least the noted engine to regulate its torque and speed, the noted outlet section is optionally switchable between the first configuration in which it forms a free outlet section for the yarn, whereby the delivered yarn forms a closed trajectory around the drum rotation axis, and the second configuration in which it forms a limited outlet section through which the delivered yarn forms an open trajectory. The device also comprises a locking element with a half-annular apendiks with the possibility to be rotated, attached to the main body at its free ends.EFFECT: simplified design and improved attendance.10 cl, 4 dwg

Simplified system and method for managing the feed of a plurality of yarns at constant tension and/or velocity to a textile machine // 2614611
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: system and method for managing the feed of a plurality of yarns at constant tension and/or velocity to textile machine (2) of circular, loom or yarn preparation type, where the yarns is being fed to said machine by a corresponding plurality of feed devices (1). Interface block (3) is provided, connected to said plurality of devices (1) and arranged to set their operation, wherein said interface block (3) receives synchronization signals from machine (2) and measures on the basis of these latter every portion of an article production cycle; said cycle is being divided into different stages, wherein interface block (3) acting on each individual feed device (1) on the basis of said stages such that each feed device (1) feeds the respective yarn with predefined tension and/or velocity individual to each of said stages.EFFECT: managing the feed of a plurality of yarns.12 cl, 1 dwg

Tightening knitted elastic piece of clothing for lower body // 2610806
FIELD: clothes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to knitted elastic underwear item, containing panties (1) with elastic base knitted article, connected to mesh (7) from elastic rubber, laid on one surface of panties elastic base knitted article, that forms panties base, at panties front and/or rear side, characterized by fact, that on said elastic base knitted article (5, 6) knitted elastic lining (20) is provided, lighter, than base knitted article (5, 6), for free application at, at least, said rubber mesh (7) location.EFFECT: new design of clothes.11 cl, 5 dwg

Prosthesis and its production method // 2606745
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to prosthesis for tissue recovery and namely to surgical silk mesh device, used for stable sutured structure. Implanted surgical mesh includes fabric consisting of, at least, two threads of yarn, differentially engaged with each other in certain pattern to form multiple connections. In each of multiple connections threads are fixed in such order, that, in fact, disengagement of threads of yarn from each other is retained, when applying tension to tissue in fabric mesh cutting, in which mesh has circuit of pattern, which defines area of separation between separate meshes to provide control both for correction of length of separate mesh and control of tool for separation of separate surgical meshes. In compliance with second version, implanted surgical mesh comprises fabric, in which certain pattern of threads generates multiple holes, promoting tissue growth, and where yarn threads are woven yarn threads made of silk fibre, woven together to form strands and further combination of three obtained strands. Method for production of connected mesh for prosthesis includes four movement of sutured product: two displacement in direction of the hilum and two displacement in direction of row. Two displacement in direction of hilum include application of the first set and the second set of threads in the direction of hilum. First set of yarn threads and second set of threads yarn in turn is applied to form loops in staggered order, and first set of threads are woven with second set of yarn threads, thus making nodes for associated mesh. Alternating application of first set of yarn threads and second set of threads yarn causes the fact, that first set of threads has different tension relative to second set of yarn threads in nodes. Difference in tension, in fact, prevents untangling of associated meshes, while cutting, wherein yarn threads are made of silk, depleted of sericin, and in which method generates pores in mesh.EFFECT: group of inventions provides biocompatible surgical silk mesh device for use in soft and hard tissue recovery.14 cl, 54 dwg, 12 tbl

Feeder of yarn with accumulation, with magnetic brake // 2606571
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: device for supply of yarn with accumulation for textile applications comprises housing with drum, on which yarn windings are placed, coming from bobbin, braking element, relating to type using magnets, tension sensor for measuring tension value of coming yarn, wherein braking element comprises first permanent magnet and fixed second magnet, control means to change exposure, applied by second magnet to first permanent magnet, and control unit, controlling means of control. First magnet is ring-shaped and moving parallel to axis of drums and along it between first position, in which first permanent magnet allows yarn pressing to counter-acting element, attached to drum, and second position, in which this action does not emerge, wherein control unit receives values of tension, measured by tension sensor, compares them with preset value and affects in real time said control means to adjust tension value to preset value, when these two values do not coincide.EFFECT: supply of yarn.13 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and device for storing yarn in order to feed thread without creating twisting thereof // 2601927
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: method for supplying thread (F) to textile machine (100) without creating torsions thereof, which comprises picking up thread (F) from a reel, winding the thread on rotary drum (5) driven by electric motor (6) thereof and supplying such thread (F) to the textile machine, at constant tension and/or quantity. Method also comprises measuring the amount of thread (F) leaving rotary drum (5), and the amount of thread wound thereon and intervening on the rotation of such drum, so the amount of thread leaving the drum is equivalent to the amount of thread loaded thereon to avoid the creating of torsions on the thread.EFFECT: device for implementation of the above method is also proposed.10 cl, 3 dwg

Base material from stitched carbon fibre and wet prepreg using thereof // 2601761
FIELD: space.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in aerospace industry, in production of sports goods and leisure products. Prepreg with formability comprises a base material from a stitched carbon fibre. Multiple sheet materials 1 are arranged in layers and then stitched and joined together in a stitched base material using stitch thread 2 interlaced when passing through sheet materials 1. Each sheet material 1 is formed by arranging lines 11 of the carbon fibre parallel to each other. Direction of arranging lines 11 of the carbon fibre of each sheet material 1 forms an angle ranging from ±30° to ±60° to the direction of movement of interlacing stitch thread 2. Degree of the stitched base material tension in its longitudinal direction in case when a specific load per inch of width of the stitched base material is applied in the direction of movement of interlacing stitch thread 2 is equal to or below 4 % when the load is equal to 5N and is equal to or higher than 10 % when the load is 25N. Prepreg is formed by impregnation of the base material from the stitched carbon fiber, in which multiple sheet materials 1 are arranged in layers and then stitched and joined together using stitch thread 2 interlaced when passing through sheet materials 1 by a thermosetting resin within the range from 30 wt% to 50 wt%. EFFECT: invention enables to obtain a base material from a stitched carbon fibre, which has high shape stability and moldability and provides for convenience in processing a wet prepreg, facilitates production of a 3D shape.9 cl, 6 dwg, 1 tbl, 4 ex

Device for stretching stitches, stretching device to create network with stretched stitches method with stretched stitches and network with stretched stitches // 2594850
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: elongating device for elongating length of a stitch made of a weft joining two rows of loops of warps during manufacturing of a net in a Raschel knitting machine by controlling travelling of stitch during dragging of rows of loops, comprising an oblong, flexible object with a surface for positioning stitch during dragging of rows of loops and with an abutment portion for pressing against an abutment element during a reciprocating motion of object; and an attachment means for attaching a driving means for causing reciprocating motion. Elongating device is configured for moving surface of object towards stitch during reciprocating motion.EFFECT: method, an elongating device, a Raschel knitting machine comprising elongating device for producing nets with elongated stitches and a net comprising elongated stitches is described.20 cl, 10 dwg

Unit of guide elements and device for stitching jersey fabric using said unit // 2585571
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to production of jersey fabrics, namely to the guide element unit and looping device using said unit, and can be used for automation of the process of knitting using spatial manipulator. Guide element unit comprises a set of panels, each being provided with at least one rod guide element (1). Said panel set comprises: at least one transverse-movable panel (2) installed with possibility of linear motion in plane perpendicular to axes of guide elements (1), and at least one lengthwise-movable panel (3) installed with possibility of straight-line movement along axes of guiding elements (1). Looping device comprises this unit of guide elements and at least one controlled manipulator with at least one working tool for thread handling.EFFECT: technical result provides the possibility of unit reconstruction due to change of relative position of guide elements, which in turn provides improved universality of looping device with the possibility of producing webs of different sizes, shape and configuration, as well as faster looping due to possibility of unit reconfiguration during looping.10 cl, 16 dwg
Stretchable knitted fabric and clothing // 2582466
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to stretchable knitted fabric, the temperature of which rises instantaneously when stretched and which when repeated stretching and relaxation for a long time generates heat when stretched. The stretchable knitted fabric comprising inelastic yarn and elastic yarn, in which the temperature raise as a result of instantaneous heat generation when stretched by 100% one hundred times in the warp and/or weft direction of the knitted fabric is 1.0°C or more.EFFECT: improvement of properties.8 cl, 1 tbl, 1 dwg

ethod for producing knitted fold based on incomplete weave // 2581006
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to knitted fabric production, in particular to production of double-weft incomplete knitted fabric. Invention consists in a manufacturing method of knitting pleats on incomplete weaves consisting of three layers of material, inner layer disposed closest to body, developing a full fabric comprising loops of stocking stitch structure formed on different needle bed and are connected to each other broaches, middle and upper layers, determining value of call folds, making stocking stitch structure, embroidery produced alternately on one and then on other opposing needle bed, and value of call (depth) folds depends on amount - not less than three, switched off from work of needles on other opposing needle bed.EFFECT: object of invention is a method for producing folds possible to run on machines of low (3-7) class, reducing material consumption by reducing thickness of folds.1 cl, 2 dwg

Compression tubular article for placement around limb containing joint // 2571045
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: compression tubular article for placement around the limb containing joint, consisting of knitting yarn and elastic yarn which form loops, and nested elastic weft yarn comprising two first knitted parts (2) located at a distance from each other in the longitudinal direction, which are knitted by broaching and between which the knitted part (3) is provided, consisting of other various knitted parts adjacent to each other in the circumferential direction, and the knitted part (3) consists of a second knitted part (4) which is knitted by broaching, and the amount of broaches is greater than on the first knitted part (1), two third knitted parts (5) adjacent to the second knitted part (4) in the circumferential direction, each of which is knitted by broaching, and the broaches of one row of loops are knitted with an offset relative to the next row of loops, and also a fourth knitting part (7) provided between both third knitted parts (5) in the circumferential direction, which is knitted evenly.EFFECT: increased efficiency of a bandage.15 cl, 3 dwg

Device for closing toe // 2561909
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a sewing device having a main housing, a stationary reed, a movable reed pivotally mounted on the stationary reed, and a main drive unit designed to rotate the movable reed relative to the stationary reed between the adjacent position and the stacking position. The control unit of rotation comprises a support frame that supports the main housing, a rotating disc attached to the main housing, several locking elements located around the rotating disc, and several control drive elements actuating respectively the locking elements. The control drive elements operate consistently, to actuate consistently the respective locking elements, so that the rotating disc with the sewing device consistently intermittently performs the rotation limited in value.EFFECT: simplification of the structure of the device for closing the end with a toe of a tubular base of stocking.11 cl, 23 dwg

Stitched multiaxial multilayer nonwoven fabric // 2555688
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a multiaxial multilayer nonwoven fabric of at least two layers located one above the other, of complex reinforcing filaments located in the layers parallel to each other and adjacent to each other, at that the reinforcement filaments in one layer and also in the adjacent layers are connected to each other and fixed relative to each other by means of sewing threads extending parallel to each other spaced apart by the stitch width (w). The sewing threads form loops with a stitch length (s) and determine the direction of zero degree of the multilayer nonwoven fabric. The reinforcing filaments of the layers of relative to the direction of zero degree of the multilayer nonwoven fabric are located symmetrically and in their direction form an angle (α)with a direction of zero degree, which is not equal to 90° and not equal to 0°. The sewing threads have a titre in the range from 10 to 35 dtex. Also the invention relates to a preform from this multiaxial multilayer nonwoven fabric.EFFECT: invention provides improvement of properties of structural elements or production materials, particularly when the shock load and the compression load.14 cl, 2 dwg, 4 tbl

ethod of casting on loops of knitted fabric and device for its implementation // 2549083
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: method of casting on loops comprises placement of the thread (5) between the guide elements (2, 3, 4), and implementation of the translational and rotational movements of at least one knitting tool (8) by the controlled manipulator (7). The manipulator has three translational degrees of freedom and two rotational degrees of freedom relative to the axes which do not coincide with the axis of the knitting tool (8). At that the movements are carried out with the gripping of thread (5) by the knitting tool (8) and forming loops according to the loop formation algorithm. The device for implementing the method comprises a base (1) on which at least two guide elements (2, 3, 4) are mounted, as well as the tension mechanism (6) of the thread (5), at least one said spatial manipulator (7) with the gripping unit for the knitting tool (8), a control system (9) of the manipulator.EFFECT: providing the automation of the process of casting on the loops of the first row, increase in the rate of loop formation, increase in universality and enhancing the technological capabilities of the method and the device.14 cl, 10 dwg

Pipe-like elastic net with inextensible weft // 2543460
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: pipe-like elastic net used for heat treatment of layered meat products or rolled meat products such as cooked ham has non-interconnected elastic 12 and inextensible 13 weft cords. The inextensible weft cords (13) limit the said pipe-like net diameter increase to the desirable size of the ready product while the elastic cord 12 clamps the said meat product during its thermal treatment.EFFECT: design improvement.9 cl, 2 dwg

Device for control of breakage or absence of thread when knitting on circular knitting machine // 2530082
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: device for control of breakage or absence of thread when knitting on a knitting machine comprises two fixedly mounted thread guides, the inlet and outlet, with holes for the thread, the thread tensioner located between them and the sensor of thread control made in the form of two-armed rotary lever which one lever in the working position interacts with the thread, and the second, in case of thread breakage - with the contact of the electric circuit of the machine. According to the invention, the end part of the lever interacting with the thread is located outside the outlet thread guide, it is pressed by the action of the thread tension to the outlet thread guide and partially overlaps the hole for the thread. As a result the value of the thread tension is reduced when placing into the unit, while knitting, the probability of breakage is decreased, reliability and stability of operation are increased.EFFECT: these conditions enable to process on knitting machine threads and yarns with a lower breaking strength, including of low linear density.4 dwg

ethod for knitting products such tights, corresponding machine and product // 2517126
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a machine for knitting articles of clothing such as underpants, tights and other similar articles. The method involves stages of knitting of at least one part of the body piece by way of reciprocal movement of the two cylinders of a double cylindrical machine. The leg pieces knitting is performed by way of continuous circular movement of the two cylinders; the first leg piece is knit by the first of the said cylinders while the second leg piece is knit by the second of the said cylinders. According to the invention, the gore zone needle arc remains temporarily inactive on each of the said two cylinders during knitting of the said at least one part of the body piece by way of reciprocal movement. It is additionally envisaged that the temporarily inactive needles must come into operation when knitting of the said at least one part of the body piece by way of reciprocal movement comes to an end which results in formation of an interknitting line in the gore zone for connection of the both leg pieces; then knitting is continued by way of continuous circular movement with all the needles of the both cylinders.EFFECT: method and machine are aimed at enhancement of the product strength characteristics and use convenience.40 cl, 22 dwg

ethod of production of knitted goods with specified structural parameters of web // 2514814
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of technology of knitwear manufacture, in particular to processes of manufacturing knitted goods on knitting machines with electronic programme control, to technology of hosiery manufacture. The method of manufacturing knitted goods comprising areas of knitted fabric with the specified length of thread in a loop when designing, or runner length when knitting, and the weave construction. In this method, the velocity of thread is continuously measured in the area between the thread tension regulator and the knitting mechanism of the knitting machine, according to the measured values of the velocity of thread and the specified values of needle cylinder rate of rotation and the number of needles of the knitting machine, using the computing device the dependence of the length of thread in the loop or the runner length is created on the depth of knocking-over in the "operation mode" according to the specified values of the length of thread in the loop and the created dependence on the computing device the functional command of the thread length regulator in the loop is formed.EFFECT: improvement of the method.5 cl, 2 dwg

Knitted fabric and method for its manufacture // 2513680
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manufacturing process of tubular knitwear, principally legwear garment classified as casual clothes, mostly for autumn or winter. According to the invention the product is characterised in that, for example, in the manufacture of tights, while knitting a torso part having a maximum width corresponding to the maximum perimeters of the circumference of human body in its critical standard sections, the length of thread in the loop (ℓ) is increased and simultaneously the total linear density of the threads (T) is increased, preferably by inclusion of additional thread in the knitting process, in which the filling coefficient of knitwear (kℓ) is within the range of 0.85-0.95 and is determined by the formula kℓ=ℓT, where ℓ is the length of the thread in the loop, and T is total linear density of the threads. The proposal does not exclude the construction of products in the form of tights, leggings, shorts, half-stockings and other products where the parts of the product of maximum width are made of thicker yarn and the length of thread in the loop is simultaneously increased.EFFECT: proposal according to the invention provides creation of a wider range of product sizes, including breeches with treads (tights) and leggings without gore of large sizes.5 cl, 2 dwg

Impregnated fabric // 2513383
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: in the invention the knitted volumetric fabric is provided, comprising tight knitted layer (10) of the lower side, less tight knitted layer (12) of the upper side and the connecting fibers (14) extending through the space (16) between the lower and upper sides (10, 12). Solidifying material such as cement is inserted into the space (16) between the upper and lower sides, and the addition of liquid, e.g. water, can cause its solidification. Prior to solidification the fabric is flexible and it is possible to shape it, but after the material in the space (16) is solidified, the fabric becomes hard, and it can be used as a structural element in a wide range of applications. The lower layer (10) comprises a protruding part (24), which protrudes from the lower side (12) and is connected to the upper side via the elastic connecting fibers (26), which attract the protruding part to the other side, thereby at least partially closing the space on the edge of the fabric and preventing pouring out the solidifying material. Furthermore, the package of the solidifying material and the maximum space between the sides is such that only a predetermined amount of liquid can be placed in the space, and this amount corresponds to the amount of water required for solidification of cement.EFFECT: providing knitted volumetric fabric.12 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of knitting with double feeding for product, such as tights and other similar product, machine for implementation of said method, and product produced by said machine // 2499854
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method comprising the stages when at least one part (5A, 5B) of the body part (1) is knitted by reciprocating motion of two cylinders of the double cylindrical machine and the parts for legs (9A, 9B) are knitted in a continuous circular motion of two cylinders (11, 13). The first part for legs is knitted by the first of the said cylinders, and the second part for legs is knitted by the second of the said cylinders. It is envisaged that the arc of needles (C) remains temporarily inactive on each of the said two cylinders during knitting of the said at least one part (5A, 5B) of the body part (1) by reciprocating motion. Moreover, it is envisaged that the temporarily inactive needles should enter into operation at the end of knitting of the said at least one part (5A, 5B) of the body part (1) by reciprocating motion, as a result a knitting-in line (CC) is formed for connection of two parts for legs (9A, 9B), then knitting is continued by continuous circular motion by all the needles (15) of both cylinders (11, 13).EFFECT: tights in accordance with the present invention have significantly more comfortable fit, comfort and stability.50 cl, 21 dwg

ethod and device of production of combined multilayer fabrics // 2499089
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: in one of the versions the method comprises the steps of using a plurality of drivers of twisted yarns forming the multilayer structure in the first direction, in which all drivers are able to move promptly relative to each other in a second direction which is perpendicular to the first direction, and form a plurality of intersection points of twisted yarns by moving at least one driver of twisted yarns in the second direction according to the scheme of combining, the binding yarns are moved through a plurality of twisted yarn layers at predetermined positions in the first direction, the binding yarns are fixed in place, the binding yarns are pushed to the side of felled seam of the multilayer fabric and the formed multilayer fabrics are wound.EFFECT: improvement of the method.20 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of knitting tubular knitted goods // 2496931
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: tubular knitted good, such as socks, is manufactured on a machine with a fixed number of needles in the needle cylinder, the parts of calf, panel, heel and toe and other parts are knitted successively by plated hosiery of at least two threads, one of which is relatively inextensible, such as cotton yarn, the second is elastane or complex elastomer, form the front and rear parts of the product in relation to the man's leg. At that, the front part of the panel and the foot are knitted by incomplete weaving with part of the inoperative needles with formation in place of the inoperative needles of broaches of the two threads, which together form vertical strips in the form of alternating columns of loops and broaches of threads, located across the width of the entire site, or symmetrically relative to the front edge (fold) of the sock, opposite the heel part at placing of the sock on the plane.EFFECT: ability to use one machine with a predetermined number of needles for knitting goods of different sizes.3 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of knitting knitwear with hood // 2495169
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: method of knitting knitwear with a hood as follows: the individual parts of an item is knitted with flat knitting machine. New is the fact that they are joined together while knitting on both sides in the vertical direction, first stitches of body and left sleeves are connected and then stitches of body and right sleeve by successive shifts of body and sleeve parts relative to each other the required number of steps of needle and production is begun with knitting of bottom of each part of item with incomplete double purls and sleeves and body are knitted with incomplete slur, hood stand area is knitted with incomplete ribbed knitting, construction of body is knitted through the needle on the first front bed on odd needles, then on back bed through on even needles, then stiches of back bed is transferred to the front bed to the free even needles for after knitting of a raw in even needles of the front bed all the stiches are moved on the odd needles of the back bed and stiches on odd needles of the current row are knitted, then knit stiches are moved to the odd the needles of the front bed.EFFECT: robust and extensible connection of parts.2 dwg

Jersey fabric and clothing of lower layer with improved thermal protective properties made from it // 2494179
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: fabrics are composed of mixed yarn made from a uniform combination of staple fibers of nylon and cotton. Such fabrics comprise the weight ratio of cotton to nylon, which is in the range of from about 55:45 to about 85:15, and these fabrics also have a mass that is in the range from about 3 to about 8 ounces/square yard. The jersey fabric of this type has the specified combination of good thermal protective properties provided.EFFECT: high level of uniformity of mixing of staple fibers with very useful properties of abrasion resistance, bursting strength and drying time.40 cl, 1 dwg

Device of needle bar of flat-knitting machine // 2493301
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: device of needle bar of a flat-knitting machine in which the needle bar is placed on either side of the recess for the needle bar, comprises a plurality of parallel needle plates, a plurality of knitting needles and sinkers placed between the needle plates, the sinkers control unit, moving parallel to a given direction of the sinkers, as well as, at least one control cam driven by the switching unit, when switching providing the movement and rotation of the sinkers in the direction of the recess for the needle bar. At that, the unit performs the switch in accordance with the direction of the movement. The needle plates provide the presence of at least one presser needle panel which limits the vertical movement of the knitting needles. In the switching unit there is a magnetic element corresponding to the presser needle panel which generates a magnetic attraction with this panel. Between the adjacent needle plates the presence of the spacer is provided, which limits the horizontal movement of the sinkers.EFFECT: absence of the usual bed of the sinkers in the construction of the proposed needle bar enables to reduce significantly its consumption of material.15 cl, 7 dwg

Control device of sinkers for flat-knitting machines // 2489539
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: control device of sinkers for flat-knitting machines, which is located on the transversal plate over a set of knitting needles and drives the parallel pivotally mounted sinkers pivoting between the knitting needles. Control device of sinkers comprises a base, a unit of transmission of motion associated with the base with the ability of a driving movement, the first control cam and the second control cam which are pivotally connected to the unit of transmission of motion and a switching unit connected to the unit of transmission of motion. The switching unit comprises at least one connecting element connected to the unit of transmission of motion, the switching unit connected to the connecting element, and an elastic element located around the connecting element for providing the pressing force of the switching unit to a transversal plate. The switching unit comprises a magnetic attracting unit on one side, facing the transversal plate, to attract the transversal plate due to magnetic force.EFFECT: device enables to control the sinkers, ensuring smooth switching during movement relative to the needle bed.10 cl, 7 dwg

Looped pressure mechanism and sinker of flat-knitting machines // 2489538
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: looped pressure mechanism of flat-knitting machines comprises a needle bed, a base on which a number of sinkers and knitting needles is mounted, separated by spacers, the holder of the cam which is located over the sinker and on which the cam is mounted having a guide groove on which the sinkers move by translational motion, at that each sinker comprises an element of pressing the yarn for its pressing and forming a loop, the rotary protrusion that moves along the guide groove and the recess of rotation for connection to the support axis, at that the support axis extends through the a lower part of spacers in the vertical plane. The sinker for flat-knitting machines comprises a recess of rotation in the lower part, a rotary protrusion that extends forward at the upper part of the sinker and the yarn pressing element protruding beyond the line of connection of rotary protrusion and recess of rotation, to press the yarn and form loops.EFFECT: sinker design is made simple and reliable, resulting in the fact that the process of manufacturing, assembly, repair or replacement became easier and faster, labor costs and material costs can be reduced that enables to reduce the cost of production according to the requirements of the market.20 cl, 6 dwg

Device for knitting // 2489537
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: device for hand knitting is designed to protect the strands of yarn from tangling by separation and direction of individual strands of yarn. At that the device is a tube with a slot that fits on the knitting needle through the slot, on which perpendicular to its longitudinal axis the rings are fixed, designed for passing the yarn. The tube is made with the ability to fit tightly the needle through resilient properties of the material, and can be rotated on the needle in any direction, at that the ends of the tube are made conical. Each ring is made with the ability of placement the required thread in it easily and quickly on the basis of a paper clip, without the possibility of spontaneous loss it out of the ring in the knitting process, the walls and the ends of the rings have smooth rounded edges providing passage of thread without engagement. At that the device is provided with a cut and made with the ability to disconnect it on the cut line, and with the ability to add to the device the additional required number of elements in the case of work with a large number of threads, at that the rings limit the lateral movement of the corresponding threads, not limiting their longitudinal movement, while preventing tangling of threads with each other and their direct sliding contact with the fingers in the process of knitting, and providing the possibility to put off the product if necessary.EFFECT: avoiding tangling of threads with each other in the process of knitting.3 dwg

Grill for reinforcement // 2482232
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: grill comprises vertical and horizontal weft reinforcing high-module threads, which form cells of rectangular shape, threads of soil "cord" structure and a binding thread. The "cord" structure soil thread covers vertical weft threads and fixes horizontal weft threads, and the binding thread of soil is connected to threads of the "cord" structure soil. The total length of the grill L contains several repeats, location of horizontal weft threads in which is determined by mathematical relation.EFFECT: improved shape stability of a grill with simultaneous reduction of relative extension along a vertical line due to reliable fixation of vertical weft threads, which twist around a structure "closed tricot" laps, ability to perceive higher loads in the specified zones of each repeat due to uneven laying of horizontal weft threads, providing for alternate specified flexibility along the entire length of a grill.5 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl, 4 ex

Appliance for knitting // 2478744
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: in an appliance (1) for knitting the knitting device (2) is attached to a flexible cord thread (3) to hold a knitted product. According to the first version the knitting device (2) and the flexible cord thread (3) are connected to each other by a connecting device (4). The device (4) comprises at least two elements (5, 6) which can be connected to each other with the possibility of separation, by a bayonet lock. And the elements (5 and 6) comprise a slot (6) and a plug (5) which is made with a longitudinal channel or a groove (7) and a transverse channel or a groove (8) adjacent to its end at a right angle. According to the second version the flexible cord thread (3) has plugs (5) on its each end, and the plugs are connected to each other through the connecting element (13) with the slots (6) on its each end. And the plug (5) of the flexible cord thread (3) and one slots (6) of the connecting element (13) are connected to each other by the bayonet lock. The plug has a longitudinal channel or a groove (7) and a transverse channel or a groove (8) adjacent to its end at a right angle.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.14 cl, 6 dwg
ethod of knitting knitwear // 2475574
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: method includes formation from a working thread with a hook or knitting needles of rows of loops from which the corresponding parts of a knitwear is formed, while as a working thread a working thread with parts of varying thickness is used. The thickness of the working thread on its corresponding part of variable thickness is adjusted according to the required thickness of the performed part of the knitwear, for formation of which this part of the working thread is used.EFFECT: increased operational reliability of the product.4 cl

Comb of tension for flat knitting machine square machine // 2472880
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: comb of tension (11) comprises at least one plate of engagement (13) comprising at least one hook (16), extending mainly in the longitudinal vertical plane (xz), having a thickness in a direction (y) and comprising at least one stripper (23) movable relative to at least one plate of engagement (13) so as to provide the ability to remove the thread (9) from the hook (16) of at least one said hook. And the stripper (23) or the plate of engagement (13) comprises a groove (19, 25) providing slip of the stripper (23) and plate of engagement (13) with respect to each other.EFFECT: invention enables to retain a thread on each side of the machine for production of knitted fabric, to provide with reliable removal of knitted fabric, and is a simple and economical solution.17 cl, 10 dwg

Piled knitted material and sewn product in which piled knitted material is used // 2470099
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a piled knitted material. The piled knitted material contains a ground structure and a piled fiber backcombed of the ground structure. The piled knitted material contains: piled fiber knitted into a loop of the ground structure and backcombed from it; and a loop consisting of only the ground structure, where: the pile length of the piled knitted material ranges from 6 mm to 25 mm. The continuous length of the part of the pile fiber, where the piled fiber knitted into a loop of the ground structure and backcombed from it is 10 mm or more. The width of the line of the loopy pattern consists only of the ground structure, ranging from 1 mm to 6 mm. The continuous length of the line of the loopy pattern consists only of the ground structure and is 10 mm or more. The ratio of the width of the line of the loopy pattern consisting only of the ground structure to the pile length is from 0.09 to 0.30. The weft direction of the piled knitted material is located horizontally at an acute angle. The angle between the weft direction of the piled knitted material and the line of the loopy pattern is formed only from the ground structure and ranges from 20° to 90°.EFFECT: piled knitted material is obtained that looks non-patterned in a flat state when the material is observed from the location of piled fiber, but which pattern appears when the material is removed from the flat state in the sewn product, or in a state of wearing.6 cl, 38 dwg, 2 tbl, 11 ex

Conjugate reinforced thread of rod braiding-type, knitted fabrics, items of clothing and methods of making conjugate reinforced thread of rod braiding-type // 2463395
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: conjugate reinforced thread of rod braiding-type contains a rod part containing polyurethane, and braided portion containing elastomer. Polyurethane contains polyurethane of double prepolymer type. It is obtained from interaction of prepolymer having isocyanate groups at both ends, which is obtained by interaction of polyol and a diisocyanate with one another, and prepolymer having hydroxyl groups at both ends, which is obtained as a result of interaction with each other of polyol, diisocyanate and diol with low molecular weight. Conjugate reinforced thread of rod braiding-type is obtained by spinning of conjugate yarn in a fineness conditions of 18 to 110 dtex, the ratio of core part mass to the braided part from 95/5 to 60/40, and the multiplicity of exhaust from 1.5 to 4.0. Knitted fabric is connected to the use of such conjugate reinforced filament. Item of clothing is obtained by using such knitted fabric.EFFECT: conjugate reinforced fiber has excellent elongation, has sufficient strength, reveals high transparency, provides a pleasant tactile feeling and has a moderate fitting potential.7 cl, 6 tbl, 8 ex

Pusher for transfer loops in hosiery circular knitting machine for manufacturing knitted goods // 2461674
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: pusher for transfer loops in hosiery circular knitting machine for manufacturing knitted goods has a foot that has a heel on the bottom edge and the working upper part adapted to transfer the loop from one needle to another adjacent needle. Working upper part has a bend, which, when viewed from the side, protrudes on the edge of the foot in the same direction as the heel and is formed by the first curved portion, an intermediate portion and a rounded step. The intermediate portion is rejected in the direction relative to the plane of the foot and ends, passing through a rounded step, with the second substantially straight portion, passing parallel to the foot plane shifted relative to it, and ending with the pointed end passing through the third sloping site, sloping in the opposite direction relative to the intermediate area. Moreover, the pointed end protrudes relative to the foot plane in the opposite direction with respect to the side where the intermediate area is rejected. At the second portion first bevel is made, preventing a collision of the pusher when it is lowered with the adjacent pusher having the same bending and located in a non-working position.EFFECT: increased efficiency and reliability of the loop transfer.6 cl, 7 dwg

Convertible table for knitting machine // 2456390
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to convertible table for a knitting machine, which includes two side walls, a rear wall, an upper panel connected to the flap cover, which includes the upper and front parts, a withdrawable device consisting of a sliding mechanism with guides coupled with a sliding panel, the internal rigidly mounted box with a hinged door and a sliding lower drawer, and the flap cover additionally comprises two sidewalls, the size of the upper part of the flap cover is equal to size of the upper panel of the table, the side walls of the table are made with shaped cut-out for the flap cover sidewalls, the bottom of the folding drawer is additionally connected to the side wall of the table with an additional rail for mounting the sliding mechanism, to the sliding panel in addition on hinges a retainer bar is mounted with the possibility of fixing it with a sliding panel in a horizontal position; as a sliding mechanism the supporting modules are used with linear bearings; and as guides a metal rod of circular cross section is used, which with one its end is fastened to the rear wall mortice, and the other to the mortice for mounting the sliding mechanism, and sliding lower drawer is made roll-out.EFFECT: increased compactness of the table in the assembled and disassembled state.

Double combined filling-knit fabric on basis of double-back stitching and overhead jacquard weave // 2456389
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: double combined filling-knit fabric based on the double-back stitching and overhead jacquard weave contains a overhead jacquard weave with a wale of elongated double stitches, underlap of each loop of which are connected with loops of different rows of double-back stitching.EFFECT: broadening the range of knitted fabric due to obtaining the effect of a combination of loops with machines of different classes.2 dwg

ethod for producing flat knitted fabric with reinforced end brim, in particular, bandage // 2449065
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing a flat knitted fabric with reinforced end brim, in particular, the bandage, on the flat knitting machine with front and back needle beds, lies in the fact that the first on one or two needle beds knit foundation is knitted while in the edge of knitted fabric at least on the needle bed which forms the inner side of the knitted fabric, elastic thread is knitted and on at least one needle bed melting adhesive thread is knitted. The knitted fabric for making edge is knitted only on the needle bed which knits the outer side, so that the elastic thread located on other needle bed is stretched, and then loops are knitted to the end. The edge is contracted with elastic thread, which is shortened when releasing the tension, onto the inner side of the knitted fabric where it is then fixed by heating of melting adhesive thread.EFFECT: increased reliability of fixation loops to form an adjacent edge more comfortable in use.9 cl, 4 dwg

Sausage product net // 2444899
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to packages used during production of sausage products, in particular - to sausage product casing nets. The sausage product net is represented by a seamlessly knit net sleeve and contains elastic crosswise elements and non-elastic longitudinal elements crossing the latter. The elastic crosswise elements are shaped in the form of at least one continuous spiral or a multitude of individual ring loops passing across the net sleeve periphery. The longitudinal elements are represented by warp-knitting chains formed by way of simultaneous laying of individual threads mutually crossing in each loop of the chain with the crosswise elements crossing the longitudinal elements are tied up with the both threads of the longitudinal elements at the spots of interconnection of two subsequent lops of the warp-knitting chain.EFFECT: due to strong rigid contract of the longitudinal and the crosswise elements of the net at their crossing point the geometric shape of the net cells is preserved in the process of sausage products forming.9 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for production of piece of clothing such as calf-length sock // 2442848
FIELD: textile industry.SUBSTANCE: described is the method for production of piece of clothing such as the calf-length sock on the circular fabric machine with cyclic movement. The sock is produced as an “entire piece” bound without knit lines and formed as a single piece comprising a front end which is elongated and has the form of the socket which corresponds to the toe. The socket contains the first and the second front sections. The sock also comprises a jointing section between the said front end and the rear end. The jointing section contains a sole section and two side sections, and an upper opening between the side sections where the foot is inserted. All sections are produced through knitting phases, and, according to the method, several thread guides can be used simultaneously and independently during all stages to produce the calf-length sock. Described is a piece of clothing, such as a calf-length sock. EFFECT: reduced time required to produce the piece of clothing, patterned or coloured sections can be produced without loose threads on the inside of the piece. 13 cl, 2 dwg

Jersey fabric // 2435880
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: jersey fabric produced by means of excluding 1×1 needles from operation, related to a class of figured ones, formed on the basis of the main looping weaves - by incomplete weaving, consists of half-woollen yarn with linear density of 62 tex or cotton yarn of linear density of 65 tex, used to form baseline loops of the jersey fabric and threads of leather with linear density of 673-924 tex. At the same time the following ratio of components, wt %, is selected: half-woollen yarn - 16-20 and leather threads - 80-84 or cotton yarn - 17-20 and leather threads - 80-83, number of wales and courses per 10 cm in the fabric are chosen as Pg 8-9 and Pv 14-16 accordingly. At the same time the surface density of the fabric is 479-530 g/m2.EFFECT: jersey fabric has higher wear resistance, shape resistance, insignificant twisting at cut edges during pattern cutting of articles and at edges during article production at flat-knitting machines with one set of needles in separate parts and making it possible to expand the range of jersey fabrics, and is more comfortable for outerwear jersey items of new fashionable trends produced commercially.1 tbl

Lighting fixture for use in woven structure // 2431703
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric conducting system comprises electric components, which are electrically connected to it and ensure at least a function of lighting, for instance, light diodes or similar devices arranged in a woven structure in its longitudinal (s) and/or transverse (p) direction at a distance from each other to develop effect of substantially meshy lighting, and includes a control and supply system for operation of electric components. The electric conducting system is made with application of printed circuit boards technology from flat conducting elements, for instance, belt, strip and other conducting elements, which, in process of their manufacturing, are equipped with the specified electric components and with an insulating element for their thorough protection. The conducting element is built into the woven fabric structure by method of laying using machine knitting.EFFECT: possibility to use the device under moist medium conditions.10 cl, 11 dwg