Textiles and paper (D)

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Linen processing device // 2607778
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: provided is linen processing device (100), which consists of first processing device (100a) and second processing device (100b). First processing device (100a) consists of housing (110), front panel (112), top panel (119), side panel (116) and support panels (117). Loading opening, intended for linen loading into tank, is closed by means of door (120), on which control panel (122) is arranged. In detergent supply module (200), which is closed by module door (220), detergents are stored, and it provides stored detergents into tank. Detachable detergent supply module (200) is arranged in housing (110) open part.EFFECT: water supply device is supplying washing water into tank and performs detergent supply module washing using washing water supplied into tank.15 cl, 11 dwg
ethod of closed rope making by means of splicing // 2607756
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to closed rope production method, containing core and metal strands helically wrapped around it, wherein method includes connection of two cable ends in areas of splicing, formation of splicing assembly at each strand ends, which are inserted inside cable after local removal of core, wherein each splicing area is molded with polymer. Invention also relates to closed rope production method, in which ends of strands are molded with polymer before they are inserted inside cable.EFFECT: invention also relates to closed rope produced according to invention, and its use as traction or traction-supporting rope.13 cl, 3 dwg
Device for plate of disperser and method of grinding paper // 2607753
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: subassembly opposite discs or cones for disperser, wherein each disc or cone has plate or set of segments of plate with front surface on each plate or group of segments of plate, and each surface has sequence of knives, grooves and webs. Knives are arranged in rows, rows are separated by annular webs with substantially fixed radial location, and grooves are located adjacent to blades in rows so that grooves form path in form of serpentine extending radially between opposite plates or set of segments of plate on opposite discs or cones.EFFECT: opposite plate or plate segments group are located so that annular connection strap on one plate or group of segments of plate face approximately towards middle row of blades on opposite plate or group of segments of plate.20 cl, 6 dwg
Prepreg // 2607582
FIELD: materials.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to impregnated materials, such as prepregs and decorative impregnated materials or decorative coating materials. Prepreg, used for producing decorative paper or decorative coating material, is produced by impregnating decorative paper-base with a solution of an impregnating resin. Solution of impregnating resin contains at least one styrene-alkylacrylate-hydroxyethyl methacrylate copolymer, wherein alkyl denotes methyl, ethyl, propyl or butyl, and at least one water-soluble polymer, selected from starch or dextrin from starch.EFFECT: prepreg is characterised by improved resistance to separation, as well as better adhesion and flatness.10 cl, 1 tbl, 9 ex
Linen processing device // 2607549
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: linen processing device is disclosed. Device includes a housing, box, installed in housing with possibility of extension, receiving unit, located in box and having a compartment for containing water for washing, guide device, including a first element, connected with possibility of rotation with housing, and a second element, connected with possibility of rotating with first element and box, for connection of first element with box, feed unit, connected to water supply source, and water feed channel, located in guide device, for connection of feed unit with a receiving unit.EFFECT: laundry processing.26 cl, 10 dwg
Ironing board cover // 2607533
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to an ironing board cover comprising at least three layers arranged on top of each other, wherein one of layers is a heat resistant cover layer that is permeable to steam, another one of layers is a porous layer that is at least partially permeable to steam and heat, and a further one of layers is a water proof layer that is impermeable to steam and/or liquid, wherein porous layer is arranged between cover layer and water proof layer.EFFECT: ironing board cover is disclosed.14 cl, 7 dwg
Barrier for spindles of a textile machine // 2607482
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to textile industry and concerns noise-attenuating barrier for textile machines. Barrier for spindles of a textile machine comprises a metal casing installed using brackets on a spindle bar of the machine, on the inner surface of the metal casing there is a vibration-absorbing layer, made in the form of elastic sheet vibration-absorbing material with internal loss coefficient not lower than 0.2, or composite material, or plasticate of “Agat”, “Antivibrat”, “Schwim” type. Thickness of the vibration-absorbing layer arranged on plates 2…4 times exceeds thickness of the plates. Spindles turn from a belt drive and are secured on the spindle bar of the machine by means of elastic damping gaskets from elastomer. Ratio of their total stiffness to bending stiffness of the spindle bar is within optimal range of 0.01…0.1. Metal case is located in the zone of spindles along their row and is box-shaped, and covers both rows of spindles of the machine. Plates are arranged on the casing on its inner side and on both sides, top and bottom, are coated with vibration-absorbing layers with sound-absorbing layers arranged on them. On upper and lower planes of the casing there are process holes Z1 and Z2. Ratio of total area of F1 of the process holes to the total area of casing F is within optimal range of values F1/F=0.1…0.4. Sound-absorbing element of the barrier of spindles comprises a smooth surface and a perforated surface, between which a multilayer sound-absorbing structure is arranged, made in form of rigid and perforated walls, between which two layers are arranged: sound-reflecting layer, adjacent to rigid wall, and sound-absorbing layer, adjoining perforated wall. Layer of sound reflecting material is made with complex profile, consisting of evenly distributed hollow tetrahedrons, which enable to reflect sound waves incident in all directions. Perforated wall has the following perforation parameters: hole diameter – 3÷7 mm, perforation percentage – 10÷15 %. Holes can be made as holes of circular, triangular, square, rectangular or rhomboid profile. In case of non-circular holes, it is necessary to consider as nominal diameter maximum diameter of circle inscribed in polygon. Sound-absorbing material used is mineral wool on basalt base of “Rockwool” type, or mineral wool of “URSA” type, or basalt wool of P-75 type, or glass wool lined with glass felt, or foamed polymer, for example, polyethylene or polypropylene. Surface of fibrous sound absorbers is treated with special porous air-permeable paints (for example, “Acutex T”), or coated with air-permeable fabrics or nonwoven materials, for example, “Lutrasil”.EFFECT: invention provides higher efficiency of noise reduction.3 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of treating surface of particles of inorganic pigment and method for production of plastics, coatings and laminates using said obtained inorganic pigment // 2607402
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in production of plastics, coatings or laminates. Method of treating surface of particles of an inorganic pigment involves obtaining an aqueous suspension of particles of an inorganic pigment. In a separate container inorganic compounds are precipitated from an aqueous solution by mixing at least two components in aqueous solution and with proper control of value of pH and/or temperature. Suspension of precipitation product is formed, which is then added to aqueous suspension of particles of inorganic pigment. Precipitation product consists of agglomerates of fine primary particles and/or separate crystals. Precipitated inorganic compounds are oxide or sulphate, for example an oxide of silicon, aluminium, zirconium or titanium or mixtures thereof.EFFECT: invention increases covering capacity of inorganic pigments, their resistance to ageing, opacity, brightness and reducing power.11 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl, 2 ex
ethod of preventing multi-strand chain stitch seam releasing, device for prevention of seam releasing for multiline chain stitch sewing machine and design of multiline chain stitch // 2607318
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is method of preventing multi-strand chain stitch seam releasing. Normal sewing stops by looper installation in motion state advanced forward position, wherein needle thread loop is trapped by looper, subjected to retention in looper motion path front end position closer than to needle falling position, it is maintained until needle falling through needle thread loop, caught by looper. Then needle thread loop is released from retention position, allowing to realize sewing action at least in one stitch, thus allowing needle thread loop to be self-engaged with needle thread loop held by needle.EFFECT: this undoubtedly reliably prevents occurence of multi-strand chain stitch seam releasing, formed by single needle, regardless of tension applied to thread needle and looper thread.7 cl, 29 dwg
ethod of cellulose producing for ethers and esters // 2607172
FIELD: pulp and paper industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of cellulose for cellulose ethers and esters and can be used in pulp and paper industry. Method involves cellulose-containing raw material acid cooking in boiling device with bisulfite solution on sodium base in presence of deresinator and boiling product hot refinement with sodium hydroxide in presence of additive. Boiling product hot refinement is carried out in stages, hot refining first stage is performed in presence of complexing agent in amount of 0.1–0.2 % in terms of absolutely dry fiber mass, second stage is performed with separation of spent solution, which is supplied to refining first stage in amount of 20–30 % of total sodium hydroxide consumption at first stage, and boiling product hydrothermal processing is performed between first and second refining stages at temperature of 60–70°C for 50–60 minutes.EFFECT: as a result obtained cellulose has following properties: high content of alpha-cellulose, higher viscosity and low content of lignin.4 cl, 1 tbl, 4 ex
Iron with steam distribution loop equipped with filtering grid // 2607171
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: iron (1) having ironing sole (2), above which there is housing (3) having a rear end equipped with base (32), onto which iron (1) can be installed, in fact, vertically during nonworking stages of ironing, and a steam distribution loop provided with at least one filtering grid (8, 9) intended to hold scale particles, characterized by that the said filtering grid (8, 9) passes in parallel to the longitudinal direction of sole (2).EFFECT: proposed is an iron.12 cl, 7 dwg
Chemical compounds // 2607082
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compounds of formula (I) and formula (II), where R1 and R2, independently from each other, are selected from aliphatic hydrocarbons, containing from 1 carbon atom to 30 carbon atoms, provided that at least one of R1 and R2 is selected from aliphatic hydrocarbons containing at least 8 carbon atoms, and A is a halogen as a hydrophobicity-providing agent, such as adhesive for making paper.EFFECT: invention discloses chemical compounds.9 cl, 2 tbl, 6 ex
ethod of tissue antimicrobial treatment // 2606983
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to textile industry and concerns method of tissue antimicrobial treatment. Tissue treatment is performed by antimicrobial composition spraying with subsequent heat treatment at temperature of 30–50 °C. Biocidal agents in used antimicrobial composition are compound of guanidine or guanidine compound with quaternary ammonium compound synergic mixture. Remaining components are sodium sulfo ethoxylate and polyethylene glycol are added to improve consumer properties.EFFECT: invention provides expansion of treated tissues range and wider spectrum of antimicrobial activity.1 cl, 3 tbl, 7 ex
Winder // 2606871
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to winding device. Winding device includes two side frames in horizontal direction separated by telescopic separating crosspiece. Each of side frames includes axis on supports for installation of cable drum, tube and/or hose. Telescopic separating crosspiece comprises, at least, one outer pipe and, at least, one internal pipe, installed with possibility of extension and sliding one inside another, and locking device arranged between outer pipe and inner pipe, which serves for external and internal pipes locking in adjustable position. Locking device includes cut part located in section along internal pipe length and dividing this inner pipe into sections, and power element adapted to create separating force acting on inner pipe said cut part for pressing said sections to outer pipe inner surface. Outer and inner pipes have square cross-section shape, and power element comprises inflatable bag, or hydraulic cylinder, or electric cylinder.EFFECT: invention is intended for higher reliability of device.7 cl, 5 dwg
ethod of producing cellulose pulp // 2606867
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method of defibring lignocellulose-bearing raw material with a polysulphide-bearing cooking liquor in a boiler for continuous cooking. According to this invention, the cooking liquor is mixed into the raw material which is to be defibred before the cooking, and the cooking liquor is allowed to absorb into the raw material at a temperature which is at maximum approximately 130 °C. After that, cooking liquor used in the absorption is separated from the treated raw material, separated cooking liquor is heated to a temperature of approximately 140–170 °C, after which, the generated hot cooking liquor is mixed back into the treated raw material, possibly together with a fresh feed of cooking liquor, and raw material is defibred with a hot cooking liquor in the boiler for continuous cooking in order to produce cellulose pulp which has a desired kappa number. Thus, in the cooking stage, alkaline cooking liquor which originally was dosed into the absorption solution is used, but the temperature of which has been increased; absorption liquor is not removed, and fresh liquor is not fed into the boiler for continuous cooking or, it is fed, but only in a small amount.EFFECT: disclosed is a method of defibring raw material.18 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex
ethod to wash greasy wool, method to separate lanolin from said greasy wool, wool and lanolin obtainable by these methods // 2606788
FIELD: consumer goods industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light industry. Method to wash wool containing lanolin and impurities, comprises providing a volume of an aqueous liquid at a temperature below melting temperature of lanolin, soaking wool in said volume of liquid, creating air bubbles in volume of liquid by injecting liquid containing air bubbles into volume using an injection nozzle, and allowing air bubbles to pass through wool to attach impurities, and removing wool from said volume.EFFECT: invention enables to obtain wool without "stable" odour.9 cl, 2 dwg, 2 ex
Prosthesis and its production method // 2606745
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to prosthesis for tissue recovery and namely to surgical silk mesh device, used for stable sutured structure. Implanted surgical mesh includes fabric consisting of, at least, two threads of yarn, differentially engaged with each other in certain pattern to form multiple connections. In each of multiple connections threads are fixed in such order, that, in fact, disengagement of threads of yarn from each other is retained, when applying tension to tissue in fabric mesh cutting, in which mesh has circuit of pattern, which defines area of separation between separate meshes to provide control both for correction of length of separate mesh and control of tool for separation of separate surgical meshes. In compliance with second version, implanted surgical mesh comprises fabric, in which certain pattern of threads generates multiple holes, promoting tissue growth, and where yarn threads are woven yarn threads made of silk fibre, woven together to form strands and further combination of three obtained strands. Method for production of connected mesh for prosthesis includes four movement of sutured product: two displacement in direction of the hilum and two displacement in direction of row. Two displacement in direction of hilum include application of the first set and the second set of threads in the direction of hilum. First set of yarn threads and second set of threads yarn in turn is applied to form loops in staggered order, and first set of threads are woven with second set of yarn threads, thus making nodes for associated mesh. Alternating application of first set of yarn threads and second set of threads yarn causes the fact, that first set of threads has different tension relative to second set of yarn threads in nodes. Difference in tension, in fact, prevents untangling of associated meshes, while cutting, wherein yarn threads are made of silk, depleted of sericin, and in which method generates pores in mesh.EFFECT: group of inventions provides biocompatible surgical silk mesh device for use in soft and hard tissue recovery.14 cl, 54 dwg, 12 tbl
Domestic electrical appliance // 2606704
FIELD: household items.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is electrical household appliance for washing laundry, comprising: washing compartment (70); feed line (71) for feeding detergent to washing compartment (70) comprising drawer (72) for holding detergent and conduit (73) interposed between drawer (72) and washing compartment (70); panel (74) for obstructing detergent feed line (71), wherein drawer (72) comprises: first positioning means (75) for positioning panel (74) in an operating position where it obstructs feed line (71), first positioning means (75) being located along feed line (71); and front wall (76) transversal to direction (77) of extracting/inserting drawer (72). Wall (76) comprises second positioning means (78) for positioning panel (74) and housing cavity (79) formed in wall (76), said panel (74) being able to adopt a first configuration where it is connected to first positioning means (75), and a second configuration where it is connected to second positioning means (78).EFFECT: disclosed is a household electric appliance for laundry.9 cl, 14 dwg
Formaldehyde-free binder composition for mineral fibres // 2606615
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to formaldehyde-free aqueous binding composition for mineral fibres. Composition contains at least one monosaccharide, ammonium sulphamate or sulphamate of alkali or alkali-earth metal in amount from 1 to 10 wt% and ammonium hydroxide and/or organic ammonium salt.EFFECT: composition provides an advantage in form of a short time of polymerisation during production of fibrous mineral material, ensuring thermal and mechanical stability of said material.17 cl, 2 tbl, 2 ex
Garment cleaning appliance // 2606584
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a garment cleaning appliance and more specifically to a device for cleaning of garments by means of steam. Advantage of rinsing of garments using water condensed from steam in a chamber, consists in that there is no need for additional supply of water, supply or pumping for transfer of water into top part of chamber. Futhermore, steam condensate is clean water and not tap water, which usually contains scale. Therefore, it will be most effective to rinse garments, remove residues, such as detergents. Furthermore, steam condensate will be at high temperature, which is the best for rinsing clothes, since it will best dissolve any residues and dirt. Device for cleaning garments consists of a housing (1) having chamber (2) for placement of garments to be cleaned, and steam generator (6) for feeding steam into chamber (2) for cleaning garments in chamber (2). Device also includes condensation element (9), configured to condense steam, so that condensate is directed to garments.EFFECT: disclosed is a device for cleaning garments by means of steam.13 cl, 4 dwg
Linen treatment device // 2606577
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: device for linen processing is disclosed. Linen treatment device includes casing, containing front panel, having loading opening, linen receiving device arranged in casing, for placement of linen loaded via loading opening, door for opening and closing of loading opening, first rotation axis to form door turning center, second axis of rotation, around which door turns in direction, different from direction, in which door turns around first axis of rotation, wherein second rotation axis also forms door turning center, first switching element, located in door for connection of door with first axis of rotation, second switching element, located in door, for connection of door with second axis of rotation, when first switching element moves in direction, in which door is separated from first axis of rotation, and retainer to fix position of, at least, one of first and second switching elements, when door opens loading opening.EFFECT: linen treatment.17 cl, 15 dwg
Feeder of yarn with accumulation, with magnetic brake // 2606571
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: device for supply of yarn with accumulation for textile applications comprises housing with drum, on which yarn windings are placed, coming from bobbin, braking element, relating to type using magnets, tension sensor for measuring tension value of coming yarn, wherein braking element comprises first permanent magnet and fixed second magnet, control means to change exposure, applied by second magnet to first permanent magnet, and control unit, controlling means of control. First magnet is ring-shaped and moving parallel to axis of drums and along it between first position, in which first permanent magnet allows yarn pressing to counter-acting element, attached to drum, and second position, in which this action does not emerge, wherein control unit receives values of tension, measured by tension sensor, compares them with preset value and affects in real time said control means to adjust tension value to preset value, when these two values do not coincide.EFFECT: supply of yarn.13 cl, 4 dwg
Pellet comprising aramid pulp and filler material // 2606438
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pellet consisting of aramid pulp, filler material and moisture, wherein pellet contains not more than 90 wt% aramid pulp, at least 10 wt% filler material and less than 10 wt% moisture and in which amount of moisture, amount of aramid pulp and amount of filler material is 100 % by weight of pellet.EFFECT: invention also relates to a method for production of such pellet.14 cl
anufacture and use of composite structure containing precipitated carbonate // 2606433
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a composite structure and a method of producing a composite structure having a polysaccharide body on which is a carbonate is deposited, characterised by that it comprises preparing a solution of carbonate ions; mixing polysaccharide in a form, having free hydroxyl groups on its surface, with solution of carbonate ions to produce carbonate-polysaccharide suspension; and depositing carbonate salt from suspension onto polysaccharide.EFFECT: precipitated carbonate-polysaccharide structure, which, when it is used as filler, improves structural strength of paper or cardboard, gypsum board, plastic or rubber, inter alia, as well as level of rigidity and optical properties (whiteness and opacity) of paper or cardboard together with other fillers or separately from them, in particular with carbonates; furthermore, invention improves hardening of printing ink on surface of paper or cardboard.21 cl, 7 dwg, 7 tbl
Iron // 2606317
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: described is the iron(1) with steam distribution circuit to feed steam to steam outlet holes (20), Said steam distribution circuit is equipped with at least one filter (8, 9, 10) configured to hold scale particles.EFFECT: proposed iron is characterised by that said filter (8, 9, 10) has an anti-adhesion coating.13 cl, 7 dwg
ethod of producing acylated vinylamine-containing polymer and use thereof as papermaking additive // 2606227
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention describes a method for producing acylated vinylamine-containing polymer comprising steps of: a) conducting free radical polymerisation of N-vinylformamide in an aqueous solution; b) conducting alkaline hydrolysis to form vinylamine-containing polymer and c) reacting vinylamine-containing polymer with at least one acylating agent, wherein acylating agent is selected from a group consisting of carboxylic acid anhydride, acyl halide and mixtures thereof, and wherein acylation temperature ranges from about 20 to about 50 °C and wherein carboxylic acid anhydride is not a cyclic anhydride.EFFECT: technical result consists in application of acylated polymer in making paper as additives for increasing strength in dry state, retention and dehydrating agents, as well as agents for inhibiting formation of deposits of resin and adhesive materials.13 cl, 32 ex, 3 tbl
Device for formation of three-dimensional tissue // 2606221
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to textile industry and can be used on weaving machines with three-dimensional tissues multi-shell threading system, including laminated framed. Technical result is achieved due to maintenance of warp threads tension level in specified range due to creation of conditions of warp threads tension continuous control and its maintenance at constant level due to direct and reverse rotation of weaving beam. Method is implemented so, that at increase of threading tension level warp threads are unwound from weaving beam and supplied into forming zone, and at decrease of threading tension level, wound on it again due to weaving beam turn in opposite direction.EFFECT: technical task of disclosed invention consists in maintaining of threading tension level during entire cycle of three-dimensional textile article repetition forming.1 cl, 1 dwg
Fibre precursor for carbon fibres, carbon fibre and method of producing carbon fibre // 2605973
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fibre precursor for carbon fibres, carbon fibre and a method of its production. Fibre precursor of carbon fibre contains a polymer of general formula (1): (1), where Ar1 is an aryl group, expressed by any structural formulae (1)-(5), and Ar2 is an aryl group, expressed by structural formula (6) or (7), except a combination, where Ar1 is a group, expressed by structural formula (3), and Ar2 is a group, expressed by structural formula (6), and combination, where Ar1 is a group, expressed by structural formula (1), and Ar2 is a group, expressed by structural formula (6): .EFFECT: technical result is obtaining carbon fibre with excellent mechanical strength without non-fusible treatment.8 cl, 10 dwg, 1 tbl, 2 ex
Compositions and methods of making paper products // 2605971
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of paper. Invention discloses paper strength systems including polyamine-polyamidoamine-epihalohydrin (PPAE) resin. Also disclosed are methods of forming a paper including applying a strength system comprising PPAE to cellulosic fibre, as well as resultant paper.EFFECT: invention provides high tensile strength of paper in dry condition and low permanent strength in wet state.24 cl, 1 dwg, 8 tbl, 30 ex

Device for bonding textile products by means of hot gases // 2605891
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for bonding web-shaped textile products by means of hot gases, in particular for bonding a nonwoven fabric, that has thermally fusible fibres and/or filaments, comprising a drum that is rotatably mounted within a treating chamber to which hot air is supplied, said drum comprising a circumferential surface which is designed to be gas-permeable by means of a plurality of openings and which is partly looped by web to be bonded; suction unit which is paired with drum and by means of which drum is placed under suction such that hot air flows out of treating chamber through material web to be bonded; and a heater for heating air that is conducted out of drum; and includes a structured lining that embosses textile product by means of a plurality of openings during bonding process is wound onto drum circumferential surface that is designed to be gas-permeable, said openings being larger than openings in drum circumferential surface that is designed to be gas-permeable.EFFECT: disclosed is a device for bonding non-woven material.9 cl, 6 dwg

Steam iron // 2605845
FIELD: home appliances.SUBSTANCE: steam irons are known which provide steam to a fabric of a garment to be pressed through holes in a sole plate. Present invention relates to a steam iron comprising main body (2), steam generating unit (6) and sole portion (4). Sole portion (4) comprises steam cavity (20) and outer rim (19) extending around steam cavity (20), outer rim (19) having fabric contact surface (22) and steam cavity (20) having permeable element (42) disposed therein.EFFECT: therefore, steam supplied into steam cavity (20) from steam generating unit (6) is supplied to a fabric to be pressed when fabric contact surface (22) is located against said fabric.15 cl, 13 dwg

Water-dispersible nonwoven material // 2605827
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine, specifically to nonwoven textile material for various types of application, such as for household use and for personal care, in particular for production of napkins and wiping cloths. Nonwoven material contains two outer layers made from continuous fibres from water-soluble or water-dispersed polymer, and at least one inner layer of water-absorbing blurrable material.EFFECT: nonwoven textile material is biodegradable, therefore it may be blurred.28 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of washing loose textile articles in automatic washing machine // 2605678
FIELD: home appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a method of washing loose textile articles in washing machine, having compartment (2) for washing with rotating drum (3) installed therein, comprising following steps: loading articles (4) to be washed into rotary drum (3); pouring washing liquid (5) into drum (3); starting rotation of drum (3); introduction into drum (3) of an amount of washing fluid such that articles (4) to be washed are lifted by Archimedes buoyancy force, which enables articles to separate from drum (3) and float inside it.EFFECT: washing fabric articles.9 cl, 2 dwg

Rheologically stable aqueous suspensions of mineral material containing organic polymers with low content of volatile organic compounds (voc) // 2605586
FIELD: paper industry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in production of paper, plastics, dyes, coatings, concrete, in agriculture and biotechnology. Rheologically stable aqueous suspension of mineral material contains at least one mineral material and at least one polymer of acrylic and/or methacrylic acid taken in the amount of 0.01 to 10 wt% per total weight of the solid substances in tha suspension. Said polymer is obtained by polymerizing a monomer(s) of acrylic and/or methacrylic acid in water using the compound of formula (I) where X is Li, Na, K or H, and R is alkyl chain containing 1-5 carbon atoms. Compound of formula (I) is used in the amount of 0.1-2.5 wt% by weight of the said monomer(s). It has weight-average molecular weight Mw from 800 to 8,000 g/mol, coefficient of polydispersity Ip in the range from 2 to 3. Suspension of mineral material has content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) of ≤ 20 mg/kg.EFFECT: invention enables to obtain a suspension of mineral material containing organic polymers with low content of VOC while preserving rheological stability and without deterioration of optical properties of the paper produced using the said suspension.25 cl, 1 dwg, 4 tbl, 2 ex

Water-consuming domestic appliance with mist generation device // 2605383
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: water-consuming domestic appliance (1), in particular, linen processing device (1), includes mist generation device (2). Mist generation device (2) includes container (20) for liquid and ultrasound generator (32). Ultrasound generator (32) is intended for water-containing liquid (25) conversion into mist, which is poured into container (20) for liquid. Container (20) for liquid is made so, that when viewed in working position, in direction from top to bottom, starting from certain specified filling level (26), to which, at least approximately, water-containing liquid (25) is regularly topped up during operation, its inner cross-section (28), oriented perpendicular to vertical direction (22), is reducing.EFFECT: disclosed is water-consuming domestic appliance with mist generation device.10 cl, 5 dwg

Washing machine with water drops production device and method of such washing machine operating // 2605382
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to washing machine (1) with drum (2) installed with possibility of rotation in washing solution tank (3) and intended for arrangement in it of washing objects (7) to be treated containing water supply system (8, 10), control device (12), water tank (29) and water drops generator (18, 22), wherein water drops generator (18, 22) comprises ultrasonic sprayer (18) located in water tank (29). Invention also relates to washing objects (7) treating method in such washing machine.EFFECT: disclosed is washing machine with water drops production device and method of such washing machine operating.12 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of longitudinal zigzag shadow weaves fabrics producing // 2605379
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: invention allows to expand range of combined shadow weaves fabrics with effect of longitudinal volume zigzags by changing ascent angle of longitudinal zigzag pattern ascending or descending teeth line. Method to produce longitudinal zigzag shadow weaves fabrics consists in formation of teeth on fabric surface, located at ascending or descending line, formed by inclined dimensional light strips, varying their width and direction across width of fabric, in selection of basic main class weaving, in selection of one of threads systems as active, formation of initial shadow weaving along threads passive system with single over-lappings reinforcement along weft base; in selection of number of base threads Kb to break by base, formation of first tooth first and second fragments and tooth in general with subsequent formation of second tooth, wherein rapport is determined by longitudinal zigzag shadow weaving weft Rw using mathematical expressions: at base threads active system: - at odd rapport Rb of basic weave Rw=2Rb[Rb(Rb-1)-1], - at even rapport RbRw=Rb[Rb(Rb-1)-1]; at weft threads active system and any rapport Rb:Rw=2[Rb(Rb-1)-1], for changing of shadow zigzag weaving teeth line ascent or descent angle on fabric surface adopting peaks shift value ±Sp, varying multiple to base threads active system basic weave repeat Rb in range of Rb≤|Sp|≤Rw-Rb, at weft threads active system in weft threads range of Rb≤|Sp|≤Rw-2(Rb-1), then adopting number of base threads Kb before fracture by base in each tooth, considering that on one side, number of threads Kb≥Sp+ Rb+2, and on other side, with weft threads active system Kb≥2[Rb(Rb-1)-1], with weft threads active system and odd rapport Rb of basic weave number of threads Kb≥2Rb[Rb(Rb-1)-1], and with base threads even rapport Rb Kb≥Rb[Rb(Rb-1)-1]; determining tooth rapport Rt, number nt of rapport teeth by base and rapport by base Rb of longitudinal zigzag shadow weaving using mathematical expressions: Rt=2Kb-Sp-2; nt=LCM(Rw, Sp)/Sp (LCM is least common multiple); Rb=Rtnt; after that, on initial shadow weaving base forming inclined light strips in first tooth first and second segments and tooth in general of longitudinal zigzag shadow weaving considering obtained Kb and Rw of threads; formation of second and subsequent teeth is performed taking into account obtained peaks shift value ±Sp.EFFECT: expansion of fabrics range.1 cl, 4 dwg

Air dispersion of mineral fibres in production of ceiling tiles // 2605210
FIELD: construction; acoustics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of acoustic ceiling tiles based on mineral wool. Method of producing diluted aqueous suspension for water hardening of main mat for acoustic ceiling tiles, includes delivery of a bale of pressed mineral wool with density of at least 8 pounds per cubic foot (approximately 0.13 g/cm3) on section for unpacking bales, disconnection of attachment holding bale in compressed state, mechanical separation of fibres from bale of mineral wool by mechanical means arranged with possibility of dispersion of fibres to ensure overall uniform density of less than 2 pounds per cubic foot (approximately 0.032 g/cm3), until passage of fibres via inlet of tank and direction of separated mineral fibre into mixing tank for bringing into contact with binding agent suspended in water.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of acoustic characteristics, high mechanical properties of tiles.4 cl, 3 dwg
Fire-retarding composition for fabric of special purpose of moleskine type based on aflammit-sap and silicon dioxide // 2605187
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: wide practical use for fire-proof finishing of cellulose-containing tissues of special purpose, including Moleskine (dense and strong cotton fabric produced by reinforced sateen weave), found flame retardants based on organic nitrogen-phosphorus compounds. Aflammit SAP - Tetrakis(oxymethyl)phosphonium chloride (hereinafter TPC) relates to compounds of this kind. However, at present moment there is a problem of TPC are on woven material. Existing technology of finishing Aflammit SAP fabric has some shortcomings: 1. Large number of steps and labour intensity of process of application and fixation. 2. High environmental risk and fire and explosion hazard (ammonia, its dangerous action in case of accident, in production, in recycling). 3. Reduced tensile strength. Disclosed is a method of applying commercial antipyrrite preparation "Aflammit SAP" on Moleskine, alternative multistep, fire-explosion- and environmentally hazardous industrial method. In disclosed fixation of Aflammit SAP on fabric surface is carried out without using ammonia, but using a solution of 1,4-dibromobutane in non-aqueous solvent. Technology of application Aflammit SAP on Moleskine 1. Before application of fire-retardant composition tissue samples are held for 72 hours in water, changing said water every 24 hours. 2. Drying samples. 3. Treating with hot steam. 4. Application of anti-pyrrhite composition based on aqueous solution of Aflammit SAP (600 g of preparation of Tetrakis(oxymethyl)phosphonium chloride (Aflammit SAP) in 1,000 g H2O) on samples of moleskine by padding method. 5. Heat fixing composition at temperature 150 °C for 15 minutes. 6. Application of fabric samples 9.22 % solution of 1,4-dibrombutane in carbon tetrachloride with addition of 3.5 wt% silicon dioxide (commercial preparation "Kovelos®"). 7. Atmospheric drying of treated samples.EFFECT: wide practical use for fire-proof finishing of cellulose-containing fabric of special purpose.1 cl

Lighting device on a laundry appliance // 2605184
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: to illuminate structure (5) with informational content on components (3, 20) of a filling opening in a laundry appliance, particularly a washing machine or a washer/dryer, components (3, 20), which are made of a transparent or translucent material, have pot-shaped laundry deflector (20) and window cover (3) lying at least approximately flush with front face (1) of the laundry appliance. Components (3, 20) bear lettering (4, 16) or a symbol. Light-emitting elements (6, 17) are arranged opposite lateral edge faces (10, 15) of at least one of components (3, 20), light beams (9, 19) emitted by said elements is being directed onto the edge faces (10, 15). Lettering (4, 16) or the symbol consists of three-dimensional structure (5) in the material with an at least microscopically small extension into the material.EFFECT: to specify a structural illumination in which a lower number of light sources is adequate, one of components (3), which is located at least approximately flush with front face (1) of the laundry appliance and which is provided with structure (5, 16), has light-conducting element (13) extending inwards away from the flush line, light inlet area (15) of which element extends as an edge face to other component (20) and is guided into the radiation range of light-emitting element (17).6 cl, 2 dwg

System and method of drying base of mat of soundproof tile // 2605181
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for dehydration of a suspension of fibres and binding substance used in making a base of a mat for soundproofing tiles. Method includes placing suspension on continuously moving screen and vacuum exposure of suspension, applied to lower part of screen, by cyclic modulation of vacuum in a vacuum chamber between a maximum value of vacuum and atmospheric pressure.EFFECT: as a result, abrupt turning on of suction on a relatively large surface area of base of mat is avoided, that otherwise leads to its cracking or caking due to dehydration.5 cl, 2 dwg
Twisted long article from mixed textile fabrics or scrap material // 2605170
FIELD: metal processing.SUBSTANCE: long twisted article for producing an article form of yarn, string, rope, cable, that is made from mechanically twisted from 10 to 50 turns per metre of bundle of bands with width from 10 to 80 mm, obtained from wastes mixed textile fabrics or scrap mixed textile fabrics, wherein material from which bands are made, selected from wastes of mixed textile fabrics or scrap, has surface density of not less than 0.9 g/cm3.EFFECT: high density.1 cl

Fibrous structures comprising particles // 2605065
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: proposed are fibrous structures containing one or more particles: - fibrous structure comprising a plurality of fibrous elements and one or more water-soluble, active agent-containing particles, one or more of the fibrous elements are water-soluble, fibrous elements comprise one or more filaments, at least one fibrous element comprises one or more filament-forming materials, at least one fibrous element comprises one or more active agents, one or more active agents comprises a surfactant, selected from the group consisting of: anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, zwitterionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants and mixtures thereof; - multi-ply fibrous structure comprising at least one ply of said fibrous structure, one or more water-soluble, active agent-containing particles are positioned between the at least one ply of fibrous structure and a second ply of fibrous structure.EFFECT: fibrous structures are proposed.20 cl, 17 dwg, 5 tbl, 3 ex

ethod of forming fibrous product // 2604851
FIELD: hygiene.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to method and device for forming fibrous product, involving following steps: 1) passage of formed fibrous product through calender, comprising vacuum drum and opposite calender shaft, on surface of which, at least one groove is located, configuration of which allows to give volumetric contour to formed fibrous product; 2) embossing calendering of fibrous product in embossing calender between first and second rollers without use of bearing layer. Thus produced fibrous product can be used as layer of absorbent core of disposable hygienic products, such as sanitary napkins, daily linings, diapers, etc. Present invention also relates to disposable hygienic products, base for making of which is formed fibrous product, made in compliance with principles of present invention.EFFECT: use of bearing layer complicates production of products, and if bearing layer must be added to end product, it may cause increase of cost of end product and(or) negatively affect hygroscopic properties of product, therefore method and device for forming fibrous product allows to avoid above disadvantages.18 cl, 26 dwg, 1 tbl, 4 ex

High-strength waterproof organocomposite and preparation method thereof // 2604621
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of light-weight high-strength water-resistant organocomposites based on fibrous fillers of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and polymer binder and can be used in elements of structures in various engineering fields: aviation, machine-shipbuilding, chemical and defense, etc. Disclosed is a high-strength waterproof organocomposite made of fibrous filler based on high-strength high-modulus multi-filament polyethylene fibres and polymer binder based on epoxy resin with amine curing agent. Surface of filler is pretreated in barrier discharge plasma with impact of pulse barrier discharge in air at atmospheric pressure when exposed to alternating voltage with frequency of 10-50 kHz, with specific power of discharge of 50-500 W/m2, at rate of treatment of 0.3-7 m/min. Method then comprises treatment with acetone of a solution suspensions metal-containing nanostructures in carbon-polymer media. Filler is then dried, impregnated with polymer binder prepared by mechanical mixing of components, and organic composite is moulded with hardening temperature not higher than 75 °C. As epoxy resin of polymer binder, organocomposite contains a mixture of epoxy-diane (A) and epoxy-aliphatic (B) oligomers in ratio A:B from 10:1.3 to 10:3. As amine curing agent - eutectic mixture of metaphenylenediamine (MPDA) and 4,4′-diaminodiphenylmethane (4,4′-DADPM) at following weight ratio from 22:78 to 78:22; and additionally contains a mixture of oligoester-cyclocarbonates, urethane prepolymer. Ratio of components in organocomposite, pts.wt: fibre filler - 250-700; epoxy-diane oligomer (A) - 100; epoxy-aliphatic oligomer (B) - 13-30; mixture of oligoester-cyclocarbonates - 10-20; urethane prepolymer - 5-25; eutectic mixture MPDA + 4,4′-DADPM - 28-45.EFFECT: invention improves physical and mechanical properties and water resistance of organic composite while providing environmental friendliness and simple process during implementation of industrial production.7 cl, 1 dwg, 3 tbl, 6 ex
ethod of composite fibrous adsorbent producing // 2604620
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to carbonic adsorbents production. Described is method of composite fibrous adsorbent production, characterized by that initial components taken are hydrolyzed lignin and polyacrylonitrile, making their mixed at ratio of 80:20 by weight, this mixture is placed into pyrolysis reactor, performing its blowdown by nitrogen flow, after that, mixture is heated in pyrolysis reactor at rate of temperature raising of 15 deg.·min-1 until mixture temperature of 800 °C, maintaining this temperature for 0.5 hours, stopped heating and performing cooling of carbonized fibers to room temperature under nitrogen at rate of its flow of 50 cm3·min-1.EFFECT: producing adsorbent based on wood processing wastes in large quantities, having higher heat resistance and strength.1 cl

Carpet unit arrangement and carpet unit // 2604583
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a carpet unit arrangement comprising a carpet unit and a light source. Carpet unit comprises a carpet or a carpet tile, wherein carpet unit comprises a user face, formed by carpet tuft yarns, and an opposite back face. Seen in a direction from user face to back face, light source is arranged behind user face of carpet unit. Light source is further arranged to provide light downstream of user face of carpet unit.EFFECT: carpet unit is an axminster-based carpet unit, comprising wefts, warps and said tuft yarns.15 cl, 12 dwg

Laundry washing machine // 2604484
FIELD: home appliances.SUBSTANCE: laundry washing machine (1) comprising an outer casing (2) provided with a front wall (2a), two side walls (2b), a rear wall (2c) and a top wall (2d), washing tub (3) arranged inside the casing (2) directly facing a laundry loading/unloading opening realized in the front wall (2a) of the casing (2); rotatable drum arranged in axially rotating manner inside the washing tub (3) and structured for receiving the laundry to be washed; detergent dispenser (9) which is housed inside the casing (2) between the washing tub (3) and the top wall (2d) of the casing (2) and is structured for feeding into the washing tub (3) a detergent, softener and/or other washing agent mixed with fresh water arriving from the water mains; and water softening device (11) which comprises water softening agents for reducing the hardens degree of the fresh water supplied to the washing tub (3); and a regeneration-agent reservoir (21) which is housed inside the casing (2) and is structured for receiving salt or other regeneration agent for performing a regeneration of said water softening agents; detergent dispenser (9) being provided with a first inlet (13a) which is exposed or exposable to the outside on the front wall (2a) of said casing (2); meanwhile a regeneration- agent reservoir (21) being housed inside the casing (2) between the detergent dispenser (9) and one of the side walls (2b) of said casing (2b), and is provided with an independent second inlet (33a), which is exposed or exposable to the outside of the casing (2).EFFECT: washing.39 cl, 18 dwg

Additive for dry sheet of loose cellulose // 2604459
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is method of making sheet loose cellulose, involving formation of cloth containing fibre loose cellulose, and application of at least one aerating surfactant on web to make sheet loose cellulose. Also disclosed is sheet of loose cellulose, including web containing fibre loose cellulose, at least one aerating surfactant and having energy separation into fibres < 145 kJ/kg.EFFECT: invention also discloses products and uses sheet loose cellulose.21 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Balancing module and washing machine having same // 2604457
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: washing machine having a balancer includes a rotating basket in which laundry is accommodated, rotating basket being configured to be rotated upon receiving rotation power from a drive source, at least one balancer housing mounted to rotating basket, balancer housing internally having an annular channel, and at least one balancing module movably disposed in channel to alleviate load unbalance caused during rotation of rotating basket. Balancing module includes a main plate, at least one mass body provided at main plate, a drive unit mounted to main plate to assist balancing module in moving to a position, where balancing module alleviates load unbalance of rotating basket, and a brush configured to transmit electric power supplied from an external power source to drive unit.EFFECT: washing machine is disclosed.13 cl, 20 dwg