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Dry cellulose fibers and the process of making the same // 2628382
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: dry cellulose fibers contain at least 50 wt % of fibers having a length of up to 350 mcm and a diameter in the range of 100-500 nm, where the fibers do not contain additives, are not derivatized and are redispersible in water. A film of dry cellulose fibers containing the described fibers is shown where the film is water dispersible. Also described is a process for producing a dry film of cellulose fibers, comprising preparing a liquid slurry from the above-described cellulosic fibers obtained by multi-step highly refined wood or plant fibers and retaining more than 90% of the fibers on the forming section of the papermaking machine in which the fibers do not contain additives and are not derivatized. The film can be converted into powders or flakes for transport, storage or subsequent use.EFFECT: creation of repeatedly water-dispersible fibers of fibrillated cellulose, obtained without the use of chemical additives and derivatization.23 cl, 3 dwg, 5 tbl, 5 ex

Textile type texturized nonwoven fabric, containing paper forming filament, calender roll and material manufacturing method // 2628381
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: calender roll is used to produce the texturized nonwoven material, containing the paper-forming filament. The calender roll includes a protruding relief, that includes: a base element, having the ring shape, at that the ring defines a top relative to the central part of the ring, defining the recess and the grinded surrounding area, at that the ring containing at least one radial channel, providing the recess communication with the grinded surrounding area in such a way to determine the discrete calendering surface; repeating of the specified base element along a plurality of rows and columns, substantially along the entire peripheral surface of the calender roll, at that the repeating is being regular, with the exception of a plurality of substantially longitudinally oriented parts and transversely oriented parts, at that the mentioned parts have limited size with respect to the size of the calender roll and are optionally distributed so as to define a plurality of the optionally distributed longitudinal and transverse lines in the texturized nonwoven material, containing the paper forming filament, forming a visually textile type texture.EFFECT: creation of the texturized nonwoven material, containing the paper forming filament, having the appearance of the textile type material with high quality, improved aesthetic characteristics.16 cl, 13 dwg

Valuable document protected from forgery, and method of determining its authenticity // 2628378
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: document includes a substrate and contains two hidden markings visually indistinguishable, when observed in daylighting on its surface, or in its composition. The markings are made in the form of periodic code sequences. The code sequences contain predetermined information. The material of one of the markings has magnetic properties different from the magnetic properties of the substrate material, and the second marking material has spectral properties or luminescent properties in the infrared spectral range that are different from the corresponding spectral or luminescent properties of the substrate material.EFFECT: increasing the security level of a valuable document from partial forgery.18 cl, 7 ex, 4 dwg

Strengthening layer for the products made from elastomeric material, preferably for pneumatic tyres of the vehicles and pneumatic tyres of the vehicles // 2627889
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: strengthening layer has the plurality of parallel tire cords, spaced apart, and mentioned tire cords are hybrid cords, composed of at least two multifilaments, twisted with each other. The first multifilament is the viscose multifilament, and the other multifilament is non-metallic multifilament, which consists from the material, that is not identical to the first multifilament. The viscose multifilament was subjected to exposure at environmental conditions, determined by the standard DIN EN ISO 139-1: 2005, and after exposure it has the linear density of the filament <1100 dtex and the tensile strength ≥45 sN/tex. The hybrid cord has the cord linear density ≤3000 dtex.EFFECT: creating from the environmentally friendly material the reinforcing layers in the elastomeric products with high physical properties, in particular its usage in the tires with the relatively low rolling resistance.14 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod of inspection of the authenticity of a protected document // 2627873
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of verifying the authenticity of a security document, in particular a fiduciary document containing a zone with an invertible luminescent mechanical compound located inside or on its surface, of the formula: where R is an alkyl chain having 1 to 12 carbon atoms. The method includes the step of subjecting said zone to ultraviolet irradiation so that the entire zone becomes visible to the naked eye in the first colour (C1) of the fluorescence. The method also includes the step of heating at least mentioned zone to a temperature of at least 50°C without any friction or mechanical stress. In this case, the authenticity of the protected document is confirmed by changing the first colour (C1) of fluorescence to a second colour (C2) of fluorescence, different from the first.EFFECT: additional enhancement to authenticate a protected document.16 cl, 4 dwg

Cover composition, method of coating cover, coated substrate, packaging material and packaging for liquid // 2627404
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: surfactant is a water-soluble non-ionic ethoxylated alcohol of the formula RO(CH2CH2O)xH, wherein R is iso-C13H27 and x is 8 or R is iso-C10 and x is 5 or 7. The solids content in the composition is from 4 to 20 wt %. A method for applying a gas impermeable layer to a substrate using a coating composition and a coated substrate having at least one gas impermeable layer obtained by applying a coating composition to the substrate is also described. In addition, the present invention relates to a packaging material comprising a coated cardboard on which a coating composition is applied and a liquid package containing such a packaging material.EFFECT: ensuring the stability of the coating applied by the irrigation at a value of dynamic surface tension up to 50 mN M and ensuring faultless operation at very low flow rates, high quality protection combined with an acceptable small number of point defects.14 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl
Bullet-proof unidirectional tapes/products with rigid structure and low value of the depth of cup and methods of their manufacture // 2627374
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: bullet-proof fiber composite comprises a variety of adjacent layers on the basis of fibers, where each layer on the basis of fibers comprises synthetic fibers with a high tensile modulus, characterized by the surfaces which are at least partially covered with a polymeric material, where the said fibers do not basically comprise any fibers protective cover so that the said polymeric material is mainly in direct interaction with the surfaces of the fibers. The said fiber composite is characterized by the value of dynamic tensile modulus which exceeds the value of the dynamic tensile modulus of the comparable fiber composite, characterized by the fiber surfaces, which are mainly covered with a fiber protective cover. The said fiber protective cover is disposed between the fiber surfaces and the polymeric material. Methods for manufacturing of bullet-proof composite are also described.EFFECT: invention provides a composite with improved resistance properties against bullets and shrapnel, in particular improved values of dynamic tensile modulus that correlates with the composite low depth of cup.15 cl, 4 tbl
ethod for producing starch binding for surface paper sizing // 2627373
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: simultaneous supply of persulphate ammonium, sodium or potassium solution is performed into a digester of natural starch, in the amount of 0.25-0.60 wt % of absolutely dry starch and water in an amount providing the concentration of starch suspension in the range of 8-16 wt %. The resulting suspension is cooked at 110-130°C for 30-40 seconds, after which it is diluted with water to a concentration of 3-10 wt %. The process is carried out continuously.EFFECT: reducing the duration of cooking binder, increasing the productivity of the process and reducing the consumption of oxidizer while maintaining the high quality of the binder.1 tbl, 4 ex
ethod of control of polymer particles distribution on sizes in proceeding of water polymer dispersion, water polymer dispersion and its application // 2627365
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of controlling the size distribution of polymer particles formed during the preparation of the aqueous polymer dispersion is described; it comprises: preparing an aqueous solution of a polysaccharide which comprises: (a) 10 to 40 wt % of a polysaccharide containing a free hydroxyl group such as starch, polymerization in a solution of the polysaccharide in the presence of a water-soluble oxidation-reduction system for crosslinking by grafting; (B) from 30 to 60 wt % of at least one optionally substituted styrene, (c) from 60 to 30 wt % of at least one C1-C4 alkyl (meth) acrylate, (d) from 0 to 10 wt % of other ethylenically unsaturated copolymerizable monomers, wherein the sum of (a)+(b)+(c)+(d) is 100%. The polysaccharide is an anionic starch derivative, and the size distribution of the polymer particles obtained is controlled by adjusting the viscosity of the polysaccharide solution before polymerization to a level of <10 mPaSec⋅, with a solid content of 15%, as measured at 23°C using a Brookfield LVDV viscometer with a spindle 18 at 60 rpm. An aqueous polymer dispersion for use in the pulp and paper industry is also described.EFFECT: preparation of an aqueous polymer dispersion containing small particles, with a narrow size distribution.15 cl, 1 tbl, 7 ex

Linen processing device // 2627008
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: linen processing device includes a main washing device and an auxiliary washing device for linen processing. Auxiliary washing device comprises a cover forming an exterior of the auxiliary washing device, a withdrawable drawer housing made with the possibility to get in and out of the cover, a tub disposed in the withdrawable drawer housing for holding washing water, a variety of low suspension connecting devices, mounted on the outer peripheral surface of the tub and disposed in the indicated distance from each other, a variety of upper suspension connecting devices mounted in the withdrawable drawer housing in positions corresponding to the low connecting devices, a drum mounted with possibility to rotate in the tub and suspension assemblies disposed between the withdrawable drawer housing and the tub to reduce horizontal and vertical vibrations of the tub and disposed between the respective low suspension connecting devices and the upper suspension connecting devices to support the tub. Both horizontal and vertical vibrations of the auxiliary washing device are effectively absorbed with the suspension assemblies.EFFECT: device improvement.13 cl, 7 dwg

Adsorption non-woven material in particular to adsorb petrochemicals from liquid substances and/or to adsorb odorants from gas phases with at least one spunbonded non-woven material and its manufacture method // 2626993
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: adsorption non-woven material, its manufacture method, in particular to adsorb petrochemicals from liquid phases and/or to adsorb odorous substances from gas phases, comprising at least one non-woven material (2). Where on at least one surface of the non-woven material (2) a polymer is applied which contains at least one adsorbing material as a filler, and this adsorption substance has micropores and/or mesopores and/or macropores, where the surface of the non-woven material (2) covered with the polymer of the nonwoven material (2) is covered with at least one non-woven cover material (7) which is connected to the non-woven material (2) and/or polymer.EFFECT: improved material properties.9 cl, 1 dwg

Dryer // 2626952
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: it proposes a drying machine which includes a drum configured to accommodate items to be dried, a device for air circulation, which provides the air circulation through the drum, a motor which drives the dryer fan for air circulation, a condenser which condenses the moisture from the circulating air, released from the drum, a heater, which heats the circulating air discharged from the condenser, and a base which is disposed below the drum to support it and which can form the lower part of the dryer. The device for air circulation may include a condensing duct, which can change designs for accommodating capacitors of different types based on how the respective capacitors perform heat exchange. The base may include a support of the condensing duct which has a constant shape and size to accommodate the condensing duct regardless of the shape of the condensing duct.EFFECT: reduced costs and increased efficiency.27 cl, 18 dwg
Dispersing non-woven material // 2626936
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention describes a method to make a dispersing non-woven substrate in an aqueous medium, including: a) making an aqueous non-woven binder comprising a selected emulsion polymer, where the polymer has been modified with a compound containing a trisubstituted atom N, the compound value is in pKb from 4 to 7; b) interreacting of a non-woven substrate with an aqueous non-woven binder; c) heating the interreacting non-woven material at the temperature from 120 to 220°C; and d) immersing the interreacting heated non-woven material into an aqueous medium with a finite value of pH<5. The invention also describes a dispersing non-woven substrate in an aqueous medium, made with the said method, and a method for getting a dispersing non-woven material in an aqueous medium.EFFECT: improved material properties.4 cl, 3 tbl

Cover composition, method of coating cover, coated substrate, packaging material and packaging for liquid // 2626848
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a gas impermeable cover composition suitable for a water-borne coating, in particular relates to a method of applying a gas impermeable layer to a substrate using a coating composition, a coated substrate, a packaging material comprising coated cardboard, and a liquid package containing such a coating packing material. The composition comprises a polymer and a surfactant, the polymer is selected from polysaccharides or a mixture of polysaccharides and polyvinyl alcohol. The above-mentioned polysaccharides are soluble, dispersible or suspended in water, and the surfactant is a water-soluble non-ionic ethoxylated alcohol, the solids content of the composition being 4 to 20 wt % and the surfactant having the formula RO(CH2CH2O)xH, wherein R is iso-C13H27 and x is 8 or more, or R is iso-C10 and x is 5, 6, 7, 8, or 11.EFFECT: obtaining a coating that is suitable for the food industry does not contain any toxic or harmful substances and which is safe to use.24 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl, 7 ex

Clothespin with dispensers // 2626808
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: device in the form of clothespins with dispensers for dosing of medicines and food spices is offered. The device is made in the form of upper and lower buckets of different capacity connected by a spring arc.EFFECT: increasing convenience in handling.2 dwg

Casing for draw frame // 2626807
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: casing for a draw frame comprises a sound-insulating enclosure in the form of a hinged lid mounted on the vibro-active machine units; the sound-insulating enclosure is fixed to the head part of the machine, comprising combed strips, and vibration-sound-absorbing layers are fixed onto the inner enclosure surface. The thickness of the vibration-absorbing layer is 2-4 times the thickness of the lid material. The casing elements are mounted onto the machine by means of vibration-insulating rubber gaskets, the total rigidity of which is lower than the lid rigidity. According to the invention, the sound-absorbing element of the sound-insulating enclosure comprises a smooth surface and a perforated surface, between which there are two layers: a sound-reflecting layer adjacent to the rigid wall and a sound-absorbing layer adjacent to the perforated wall. The layer of the sound-reflecting material is made of the complex profile, in the form of evenly distributed hollow tetrahedrons allowing to reflect sound waves falling in all directions, and the perforated wall has the following perforation parameters: the hole diameter - 3÷7 mm, the perforation percentage - 10÷15%. As per shape, the holes can be made as holes having round, triangular, square, rectangular, or diamond profile. In case of non-circular holes, the maximum diameter of a circle inscribed in a polygon should be considered as the nominal diameter; basalt-based mineral wool with glass-wool lining is used as a sound-absorbing material. Also the sound-absorbing element can be made in the form of five layers, two of which, adjacent to the walls, are sound-absorbing layers of materials of different density, and three central layers are combined. The axial layer is made sound-absorbing, and two symmetrically located adjacent layers are made of a sound-reflecting material of a complex profile, consisting of uniformly distributed hollow tetrahedra with similar parameters.EFFECT: increased noise reduction efficiency.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of manufacturing roofs of close construction // 2626327
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method of making ropes of a closed structure is as follows. The steel core 1 is made in one technological operation with a linear contact of the wires both over the layers and in the layer itself. All layers of the core are made with the same pitch of the web, in one direction with simultaneous deformation with a reduction ratio of the cross-sectional area of the core 8÷12%. On top of the steel core are coils of shaped wires 2 and 3 of different profile and section. Subsequent extraction of the rope with a fixed load, by applying a load in the range (0.35÷0.55) P, where P - aggregate breaking force of a rope, endurance of loading and the subsequent unloading. The cycle is repeated one to five times. Such a drawing mode allows to stabilise the elastoplastic properties, to remove the residual structural elongation.EFFECT: improving the quality of the rope of a closed structure, increasing the service life, increasing the efficiency when commissioning.1 dwg

Environmentally safe packing material based on polylactide // 2626022
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: packing material based on polylactide is created by mixing polylactide with dispersed filler SiO2 (aerosil) with a concentration of 1.9-2.1% by volume and a particle size of 12 nm. Mixing was carried out for 5 minutes at a temperature of 180°C. Further, the finished composition was placed in a hot press at a pressing temperature of 180°C and a pressing pressure of 15 MPa. The films were cooled for 1 min, then placed in a positive corona discharge field, charged at room temperature or at a temperature above the polylactide glass transition temperature for 5 min to a surface potential of 1.3-1.5 kV.EFFECT: production of active packaging on the basis of biodegradable materials with increased electret effect.4 dwg, 2 ex

Packaging for goods // 2625930
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: each of the fibers plurality contains the plurality of fibrils, extended outward from the fibers surface in the central longitudinal third of the fibers, at that the fibrils plurality contains the plurality of wet carboxethyl ester, characterised by the melting point above 35°C, and wherein the plurality of fibers does not contain the drop shaped clusters of the wet carboxethyl ester.EFFECT: good resistance to the moisture penetration into the package, thereby maintaining the products in the dry state, at the same time providing some ability of the package to breathe.37 cl, 36 dwg
Aqueous binder composition // 2625875
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an aqueous binder composition comprising: (1) a water-soluble binder component obtainable by reacting at least one alkanolamine with at least one polycarboxylic acid or anhydride and, optionally, treating the reaction product with a base; (2) the product of the soy protein; and optionally one or more of the following components of the binder; (3) sugar as the component; (4) urea.EFFECT: binder composition is particularly suitable as a binder for mineral fibers, or as an adhesive for a particleboard and other composites.14 cl
Kochetov casing for textile machine spindles // 2625427
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: casing for spindles of a textile machine contains an enclosure, installed on the spindle rail of the machine at the level of its spindles along their row, and vibration- and sound-absorbing layers fixed on its inner surface. The fence is made of the upper and lower parts, each of which consists of a body made of sheet angle sections with an angle of 90° at the apex, rigidly fixed to the spindle rail in its upper and lower parts, and a vertically disposed removable cover. The thickness of the vibration-absorbing layer, placed on plates, is 2-4 times the thickness of the cover and body plates. The casing elements are mounted on the machine by means of rubber vibration isolators. The overall rigidity of them is lower than the rigidity of the vibration-isolating suspension of the spindle. An elastic sheet vibration-absorbing material with internal loss ratio of not less than 0.2, or a composite material or plasticate can be used as a vibration-absorbing material. The sound-absorbing element of the enclosure contains smooth and perforated surfaces, between which there are two layers: a sound-reflecting layer adjacent to the rigid wall, and a sound-absorbing layer adjacent to the perforated wall. The sound-reflecting layer material includes of uniformly distributed hollow tetrahedra allowing to reflect the sound waves from all directions, and the perforated wall has the following perforation parameters: the hole diameter is 3-7 mm, the percentage of the perforation is 10-15%. Holes can be of round, triangular, square, rectangular or diamond shape. In case of unround holes the nominal diameter is regarded as the maximum diameter of the circumference, inscribed in a polygon. The sound-absorbing material is basalt-based mineral wool. The surface of sound fiber absorbers is treated with air-permeable porous paints or covered with air-permeable fabrics or nonwoven materials. According to the invention, between the sound-absorbing layer and the sound-reflecting layer material adjacent to it, there is an element of resonant type, made in the form of a rigid resonance plate with resonant holes that act as the neck of Helmholtz resonators. The volume functions of the Helmholtz resonator are performed by the layer of sound-reflecting material consisting of uniformly distributed hollow tetrahedra that allow to reflect sound waves from all directions.EFFECT: better noise reduction.3 dwg

Car parts // 2625359
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: carpet floor consists of a wearing surface, the first adhesion layer, a protection layer and an insulation layer. The wearing surface contains yarn/fiber of polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) and/or PET BiCO fibers. The first adhesion layer is made of polyethyleneterephthalate-based adhesion. The protection layer is made of a fiber linen or a polyethyleneterephthalate-based fabric and, optionally, PET BiCO fibers. The insulation layer is made of polyethyleneterephthalate/polyethyleneterephthalate copolymer fibers and PET BiCO fibers.EFFECT: lower fabric total weight.11 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl, 4 ex
ethod of manufacture of lignin-containing prediminary fiber, and also of carbon fibers // 2625306
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a process for the production of lignin-containing precursor fibers for production of carbon fibers and/or activated carbon fibers, wherein: a) a solution containing at least one kind of lignin, as well as at least one fiber-forming polymer selected from the group consisting of cellulose or cellulose derivatives, at least one solvent selected from the group consisting of tertiary amine and/or ionic liquids b) transferred into a coagulation bath after extrusion of the solution spinning spinneret wet spinning method from a solution or spinning with an air gap, precipitating lignin precursor c) is stretched lignin precursor, at least 1.1 times, at a temperature of at least 60°C, wherein lignin thread is an economical starting material for the production of activated carbon and carbon fibers. The invention also relates to a method for manufacturing carbon fiber.EFFECT: increased productivity.15 cl, 4 ex

ethod for manufacturing elastomer floor covering and floor covering // 2625242
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: first rubber mixture (2) and a decorative substrate material (6) are used, including making the decorative substrate material (6) with the decorative layer (7) areas, profiling the first rubber mixture (2) by means of conversion to a rubber web (5), depositing the decorative substrate material (6) with the decorative layer (7) onto the rubber web (5), ensuring the contact of the decorative layer (7) with the rubber web (5), vulcanizing the rubber web (5) together with the decorative layer (7), and removing the decorative substrate material (6). The decorative layer (7) comprises the second rubber mixture and is made fastened to the rubber web (5).EFFECT: invention allows to improve the quality, durability of the floor covering and to simplify the method of its manufacturing.14 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl
One-directional tape and composite with hard structure on the basis of super-high-molecular polyethylene and the method of their manufacture // 2625233
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a unidirectional tape and a composite with a rigid structure based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and a method for manufacturing them. The composite is made of a plurality of adjacent fiber-based layers, each fiber-based layer contains synthetic fibers with a high tensile modulus and is characterized by the presence of surfaces that are partially coated with a polymeric material. The fibers do not contain a protective coating, and the polymeric material is in direct interaction with the surfaces of the fibers. The production of bullet-proof fibrous composites is characterized by their improved bending properties, which correlates with the low depth of the composite impression. Composites are suitable for the production of solid bullet-proof products, including helmets.EFFECT: creation of bullet-proof fibrous composites, which have improved properties for resistance to bullets and fragments.15 cl, 3 tbl, 12 ex
Kochetov acoustic emclosure for textile machine spindle // 2625082
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: acoustic enclosure for the spindles of a textile machine, containing a casing, installed on the machine spindle rail at the level of its spindles along their row, with vibration- and noise-absorbing layers fixed to its inner surface, and on the outside there are plates, cantilevered to it along the row of machine spindles, and a vibration absorbing layer on their lower surface. The spindles on the spindle rail of the machine are installed by means of elastic gaskets made of elastomer. The ratio of their total rigidity to the bending stiffness of the spindle rail lies in the optimum range of the following values: 0.01…0.1, and the thickness of the vibration-absorbing layer, placed on the plates, is 2…4 times the thickness of the plates. As the material of the vibration-absorbing layer, an elastic sheet vibration-absorbing material with a coefficient of internal losses of not less than 0.2 or a composite material or a plasticate are used. And as a sound-absorbing material of the casing, the elements of mineral wool, based on basalt, or mineral wool, or basalt wool, or fiber glass, covered with glass wool, or foamed polymer, polyethylene or polypropylene are used. The entire surface of the sound-absorbing material is covered with an acoustically transparent material. According to the invention, the spindle enclosure comprises of a sound-absorbing device made in the form of rigid and perforated walls, between which there is a multi-layer sound-absorbing element made in the form of five layers. Two of the layers, adjacent to the walls, are sound-absorbing layers of materials of different densities, and three central layers are combined. The axial layer is made sound-absorbing, and two symmetrically located and adjacent layers are made of a sound-reflecting material consisting of uniformly distributed hollow tetrahedra, allowing to reflect the sound waves falling in all directions. Each of the perforated walls has the following perforation parameters: the diameter of the holes is 3÷7 mm, the percentage of the perforation is 10%÷15%. Holes can be of round, triangular, square, rectangular or diamond shape. In case of unround holes the nominal diameter shall be maximum diameter of circumference inscribed in a polygon.EFFECT: better noise reduction.3 dwg

Panel heating device for heating water in tank for washing solution, washing machine and method of panel heating device manufacture // 2624725
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a panel heating device (6) for heating water in a washing machine washing solution (4) tank (1) comprising a small thickness carrier plate (7) connected to a washing solution tank (4) and an electric heating element (12) for generating heat, made in the form of a conductive path (13). Heat is transferred to the water through the carrier plate (7). An intermediate layer (10) the thermal conductivity of which is greater than the thermal conductivity of the carrier plate (7) is located between the electric heating element (12) and the carrier plate (7). Intermediate layer (10) is used to distribute the heat.EFFECT: heat interchange increase.14 cl, 2 dwg

Linen for bellows seal of transition between two hinged vehicles and fabric for canopy of passenger stairs or air bridges // 2624512
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: subject of the invention is a fabric of bellows seal in the transition point of two hinged vehicles or a canopy fabric of a passenger stairs or air bridges, wherein the fabric has at least one carcass layer which has an elastomeric interlayer on both sides with at least one carcass layer being formed from a nonwoven material. An intermediate adhesion layer is provided between the nonwoven material and the elastomeric interlayer.EFFECT: increased reliability.14 cl, 4 dwg

ultilayer decorative composition, being art image media, and method of its producing // 2624336
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: multilayer decorative composition, being an art image carrier and consisting of consecutively arranged heterogeneous layers, comprises a carrier layer made of a sheet of glass, an adhesive layer, a layer of porous material fixed via an adhesive layer on the surface of the glass sheet, a laminating layer, a soil layer, an art decorative layer and a protective layer covering it, wherein the art decorative layer is formed by application of art images on the soil layer by printing means of a UV printer, and the laminating and adhesive layers are frozen waterglass. The method of producing a multilayer decorative composition, which is the bearer of an art image, comprises sequential applying several layers of chemical composition different on the glass sheet and multiple drying. On the glass sheet, first a glue layer of liquid glass is laid, on which a layer of porous material is applied with a uniform distribution along the contour of the sheet glass, fixing and crimping along the edges of the latter, while ensuring the connection of the porous material to the surface of the sheet glass. Then the porous material is laminated with liquid glass, dried and covered with a soil layer, after drying the soil layer on it, an art image is printed on it using a UV-printer to form an art decorative layer that is covered with a protective layer and then subjected to final drying.EFFECT: creating a new inexpensive decorative-and-finishing material, which has a high art-visual appeal with improved physical properties, namely lightness, strength, moisture resistance, resistance to temperature fluctuations, and aesthetic properties, namely decorative attractiveness, high realism, colour saturation, texture, presence of art effects, providing a wider application range of finishing material.20 cl, 1 dwg

Device for moulding the products from cellulose-filled compositions // 2624320
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: device for moulding articles from cellulose-filled compositions, including a forming mould on which a wire mesh is fixed. To ensure a tight connection between the moulding matrix and the base, there is a rubber band. A flange with a grid welded to it is fastened with a screw to the moulding matrix with drainage holes of 1.5-2.0 mm, the distance between which is 5-8 mm. The stem with the reflector is fixed to the adapter cup with the nozzle.EFFECT: increasing the height of the resulting workpiece, eliminating the uneven distribution of particles along the thickness of the workpiece.2 dwg

Improved fiber from polylactic acid // 2624303
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: multicomponent fiber includes an inner component surrounded by a distinct component of the shell. The inner component is formed of polylactic acid, and shell component is formed by polymer additive, which increases toughener. Configuration of fiber, which comprises an inner portion/shell attaches many different useful properties to obtained fibers. Introduction of polymeric additive, which increases toughness of fiber, increases energy absorption capability stresses, arising during fiber drawing, which increases the overall rigidity and strength of the fibers. Moreover, the presence in the shell of additive component, which increases toughness, increases the binding with other fibers, e.g., during the formation of nonwoven webs. Another advantageous effect of the invention is that the configuration of the inner part/shell can be obtained from the thermoplastic composition, in which polylactic acid and a polymer additive, that increases the impact strength, are mixed with each other.EFFECT: receiving fibers from polylactic acid having good parameters elongation and high strength.20 cl, 8 dwg, 10 tbl, 55 ex
Water binding means for grain and/or fiber substrates // 2624302
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: aqueous dispersion of the polymer P comprises, wt %: ≥0.1 and ≤2.5 acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and/or itaconic acid (monomer A), ≥0.1 and ≤1.5 allyl methacrylate (monomer C), ≥0.1 and ≤5.0 N-methylolacrylamide and/or N-methylol methacrylamide, ≥25 and ≤69.7 n-butyl acrylate, and/or ethyl acrylate, ≥30 and ≤70 styrene (monomer F). The amounts of monomers A, C, D, E, F in total amount to 100 wt %. The aqueous binder formulation further comprises a saccharide compound S selected from hydroxypropylated potato starch, the amount thereof being such that it is ≥10 and ≤400 wt. parts per 100 wt. parts of the polymer of P. Total amount of the saccharide compound S is added to the aqueous dispersion of the polymer P. Method of producing a molded article from fibrous substrates, the use of an aqueous composition of a binder as a binder for fibrous substrates, non-cement coatings, sealants and adhesives and the use of a moulded article for the production of bituminous roofing cloths.EFFECT: providing an aqueous dispersion of the polymerizer and an aqueous dispersion of the binder, by means of which it is possible to produce moulded articles with an improved transverse rupture force index at room temperature or reduced stretching at an elevated temperature.17 cl, 1 tbl, 13 ex
Filter paper breaking down in water quickly // 2624301
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: paper used as a filter material or a filter wrapping paper for a cigarette filter is made of cellulose fibers for at least 80 wt %, where at least 80 wt % of the said fibers consist of a mixture of long-fiber cellulose and mercerized cellulose. At the same time from 0 to 90 wt % of the said mixture consists of mercerized cellulose, and the remainder consists of long-fiber cellulose, and the grinding degree of the cellulose fibers of the said mixture determined according to ISO 5267 does not exceed 30°SR. During the breaking test with devices described in TAPPI T 261, after 30 seconds the paper is broken down for at least 60%, preferably at least 70% and particularly preferably at least 80%.EFFECT: invention provides a paper for a cigarette filter, which breaks down in water quickly and is easy to manufacture.15 cl, 5 ex

ethod for obtaining fibrous material containing oxide nanoparticles from thermoplast melt // 2624189
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method, like the prototype, involves forming a fibrous material by laminating a melt of a thermoplastic polymer by the action of a gas stream containing solid particles. Particles penetrate into the surface layer of the softened material, and particle consolidation occurs, when the material passes into a solid aggregate state. New is that the formation of fibers occurs under the influence of an unheated gas stream containing oxide nanoparticles or small droplets of liquid, in which such nanoparticles having an ambient temperature are dispersed. Gas ejection is provided, in which an additional flow of unheated gas is generated around the jet of molten polymer fed. The particle size is less than 100 nm.EFFECT: production of fibrous material with oxide nanoparticles fixed on its surface with one or, at least, two kinds, with minimal energy costs and simplification of the technological process.2 dwg

achine for knitting machine needle bar plates cleaning // 2624177
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: machine for knitting machines needle bar plates cleaning comprises a main frame, a washing tank mounted on the main frame, a support device arranged to be positioned in accordance with the washing tank and configured to maintain at least a knitting machine needle bar plate in a predetermined washing position. The needle bar plate comprises a plate-shaped base with a substantially straight working side and a plurality of grooves substantially transverse to the working side as well as a plurality of needles for knitted articles slidably disposed in these grooves and having an operative end, overhanging from this working side. The machine also includes dispensing means connected to the main frame and configured to supply the washing liquid under pressure towards the needle bar plate placed in the said predetermined washing position.EFFECT: reduced costs.13 cl, 7 dwg

Structures of fusion protein in spider silk for binding to organic target // 2624036
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to obtaining a polymeric protein structure capable of selective interaction with organic targets and can be used in medicine. The polymer protein structure contains a recombinant fusion protein, as a recurring structural element, which includes parts B, REP and CT.EFFECT: invention allows for producing a protein structure, which can be used as an affine medium and scaffold material for cells.41 cl, 34 dwg, 5 tbl, 28 ex
Ways of obtaining waffle weave fabrics with differently directed square diagonally spaced relief elements // 2623989
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: way for producing waffle weave fabrics with differently directed square diagonally spaced relief elements, consists of forming parallel diagonals from single main floats, between which, one float from the diagonals, the main deckings of variable length are placed, which create repeating square relief elements from the main deckings with a slope. A second perpendicularly directed rectangular relief element is formed having a common or separate diagonal with the first element, for which a basic filling twill of the principal class with an odd rapport Rb is accepted, the number of mm main deckings of maximum length in the rapport of the relief element within 2…Rb, one of the systems of threads as active, the second as passive; rapiers of wafer weave for the passive Rpassive and active Ractive and thread systems are determined; the vertex of the diagonals of the first relief element at the intersection Rb of the passive system thread (x1=Rb) with the first thread of the active system (y1=1) is put, a short diagonal of the relief element is obtained as a filling twill of the principal class with negative shift; long diagonals with the number of main deckings are placed perpendicularly to the short, equal to Im=Rb+mm-1; deviating one float from diagonals, the main deckings of variable length are placed, mm of which have a maximum length equal to ld=2Rb-5 of floats, obtaining in the rapport the first rectangular relief element; the coordinates of the vertex of the second relief element from the main deckings along the passive x2 and by active y2 systems of threads are determined; the first part of the second relief element from the main deckings of variable length is formed, varying from 1 to ld with a pitch equal to two floats, then a second part of the second relief element is obtained, successively shifting mm-1 of main deckings of ld floats along the active system by one strand of the passive system to the left with the active system of weft threads or downwards with the active system of warp yarns, after which a third part of the main deckings element of variable length is formed, varying from ld-2 to 1 in increments of two floats; then the resulting second relief element from the main deckings is framed by short main floats; retreating from the element one float; during the entire construction, the main floats that go beyond rapports on the active or passive filament systems are placed within their limits.EFFECT: invention extends the range of waffle weave fabrics by a new arrangement of square relief elements from the maindeckings and floats of variable length.8 dwg
Washing machine with automatic drum balancing and universal self-centering system // 2623975
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: in a washing machine with the automatic drum balancing and the universal self-centering system, the dynamic properties of the universal self-centering system are used. The torque is transmitted to the drum shaft from one of the bases of the universal self-centering system, and the balancing is carried out due to turning the drum shaft relative to the base axis of the universal self-centering system; for this purpose, pinions having gear engagement with a pinion fixed to the drum shaft of the washing machine are fixed to the pulleys of one base.EFFECT: minimizing the degree of the rotating body deviation from the axis at the critical speed.10 dwg

Fiber preform woven using two-dimensional weaving as single piece, for shelve manufacture from composite material with closed box construction for the turbine engine fan // 2623921
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a fibrous preform (100) woven as a single piece using three-dimensional weaving, intended for the shelve manufacture of a composite material with a closed box construction for a turbine engine fan. In each plane of the fiber preform, a plurality of threads are interwoven with the layers of fill yarn threads on the first, second and third sections (102, 104, 106) of the fiber preform; at the same time, there remains a closed (thread) non-interlacing zone 108 separating the first section from the second section over a certain dimension of the fiber preform length in the direction of the base between the upstream (thread) non-interlacing border (108a) and the downstream (thread) non-interlacing border (108b); and at the same time, at least one open (thread) non-interlacing zone (110) that separates the second section from the third section over a certain dimension of the fiber preform length in the direction of the base, from the (thread) non-interlacing border (110a) to the downstream (100c) fiber preform. The invention also provides a method of manufacturing a preform for a composite material shelf with a closed box construction designed for a turbine engine fan using such a fiber preform.EFFECT: increased effectiveness of the preform.15 cl, 23 dwg
Fabric for protective working clothes manufacture // 2623908
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: fabric for protective working clothes manufacture has a twisted thread comprising at least one first strand that has a core of sealed high strength synthetic fiber and a sheath of natural cellulose fiber treated against ignition.EFFECT: increased fabric strength.9 cl

Steam generator and device for linen processing, including steam generator // 2623907
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: steam generator includes a generator housing including an inlet through which fluid is introduced and an outlet through which the fluid exits; the first flow channel forming a fluid flow path that is introduced into the generator housing through the inlet; the second flow channel connected to the first flow channel to direct the fluid to the outlet; and a heating part for generator housing heating to supply heat to the fluid in the respective flow channels and to supply heat from the generator zone where the largest amount of heat is generated to the fluid in the first flow channel.EFFECT: increased efficiency of steam generation, reduced energy costs.14 cl, 7 dwg

echanism for driving heddle // 2623613
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: mechanism for driving heddle contains cranked levers, an under-heddle draft, updrafts and a heddle frame. In addition, it comprises an elastic-compensating assembly, support-mounting elements and fastening means. The under-heddle draft and a lower arm of at least one cranked lever are connected by means of an elastic-compensating assembly. This assembly is mounted in the articulated joint area of the mentioned draft and the cranked lever, formed by the elastically deformable element. The end sections of the elastically deformable element are fixed to the support-mounting elements, each is fixed to the under-heddle and the cranked lever, respectively.EFFECT: reduced vibration.4 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for producing cardboard-base and cardboard-base for laminate material // 2623405
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method comprises the stages of: a) obtaining the recycled fibrous material mixture, b) obtaining, at least, one fibrous material suspension, which comprises, at least, a portion of the obtained fibrous material mixture, c) preparing, at least, one fibrous material suspension, consisting in that, at least, the ash level of the fibrous material suspension is decreased to the dry fraction ash level of the fibrous material suspension not more than 15 wt % and admixed with, at least, one additive to, at least, one fibrous material suspension, d) producing a layer system of, at least, one fibrous material suspension. Another aspect of the invention relates to the cardboard-base for manufacturing a laminate material.EFFECT: creating cardboard-base for the laminate material consisting of a recycled fiberrous material mixture having low abrasiveness with respect to the cutting tool, good breathability and improved balance of cost and environmental impact.57 cl, 3 dwg
Paper-base for decorative coating material // 2623260
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: paper-base has a surface coating on the original paper, which contains an alkaline earth metal salt. The coating contains, at least, 5 wt % of a polymeric binder. Also, the coating contains an inorganic pigment having a specific surface area of 100-400 cm2/g measured by the BET method.EFFECT: invention provides a paper-base having a good ability to be subjected to printing by the ink jet printing method.13 cl, 1 tbl, 6 ex

ethod of controlled chemical interaction of solid filler surface and additives to produce filler product with treated surface // 2623258
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of producing a filler product comprising calcium carbonate, with treated surface is disclosed, wherein the surface treatment layer comprises at least one mono-substituted succinic anhydride and optionally at least one mono-substituted succinic acid and/or salt product(s) of their interaction. The filler product with treated surface, and a polymer composition containing the mentioned filler product, and a product such as fibre and/or yarn and/or film and/or thread, and a product such as article are also disclosed. The use of mono-substituted succinic anhydride to reduce the hydrophilicity of the filler surface comprising calcium carbonate, and the use of the filler product with treated surface to initiate the cross-linking reaction in epoxide resins are also disclosed.EFFECT: invention provides a filler with reduced hydrophilicity and mechanical property improvement of articles using it.36 cl, 2 dwg, 14 tbl, 90 ex
Wholly aromatic couple-type sopoliamide drawn fiber and its manufacturing method // 2623253
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: wholly aromatic couple-type sopoliamide drawn fiber has a tensile modulus of 630 cN/dtex or more, a dry heat creep 2.0×10-4 % or less after 10 hours at 80°C. Hot-stretch fiber is at high voltage and at a temperature in certain ranges of para-substituted aromatic sopoliamide fiber type.EFFECT: creation of a wholly aromatic couple-type sopoliamide fiber having excellent tensile modulus.8 cl, 2 tbl, 10 ex

Polyamide threads for clothing textiles and fabrics and items of clothes made of them // 2623219
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: thread is made from polyamide containing nylon and polyether diamine which has an average molecular weight of at least 1500 and an equivalent weight per one atomic hydrogen atom (AHEW), less than 10 percent greater than the idealized AHEW value for simple polyether diamine, wherein the amount of active amine hydrogen atoms per molecule and, thus, the AHEW value is calculated by determining the nitrogen content of the amine groups using the procedure described in the document ISO 9702. Clothing fabrics contains the abovementioned thread. The garment comprises a clothing fabric and represents a integral knitted garment or hosiery. The method of thread manufacturing lies in the fact that the melt of the abovementioned polyamide is extruded through a drain bushing containing capillary holes, and filaments are formed from the filaments coming out of the drain bushing.EFFECT: invention provides a polyamide and thread which have a high residual moisture.44 cl, 8 dwg, 4 tbl

Auxiliary washing machine and device for laundry processing using this machine // 2622832
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: laundry processing device comprises the main washing machine made with the possibility to process laundry and the auxiliary washing machine, disposed on one side of the main washing machine. The auxiliary washing machine comprises a frame defining space for positioning, a withdrawable drawer made with the possibility to dispose in the said space and forming a space to dispose washing water, a rotary assembly inside the withdrawable drawer. The said rotary assembly comprises a rotary shaft extending through the withdrawable drawer and made to rotate the rotary assembly, and a front panel disposed in front of a withdrawable drawer. The said front panel defines the exterior front view of the auxiliary washing machine.EFFECT: improved performance.26 cl, 12 dwg

Drain pipeline for dishwashing and washing machines // 2622831
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: drain pipeline for dishwashing and washing machines provided with a disc valve placed in the sleeve, made of silicone material and having a central cylindrical protuberance, inserted into the center hole in the bottom of the cup-shaped valve supporting element.EFFECT: uniform discharge and distribution.6 cl, 6 dwg

Device for linen processing and method for its control // 2622817
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: linen processing device is described including a rotary knob, a control panel housing including an opening for the rotary knob in which the rotary knob is pivotally disposed, and at least one indicator corresponding to the mode capable of being selected by the rotary knob, a plurality of LEDs disposed on a printed circuit board in a circular shape and having a number greater than at least one indicator, and a window through which the light emitted by the plurality of LEDs passes, at that, the plurality of LEDs includes the first group of LEDs including at least one LED to emit light into the window display area corresponding to at least one indicator and the second LED group including at least one LED to emitting light into an area other than the window display area.EFFECT: invention generates a luminescence scheme that displays a mode in the window display area and forms an arcuate or annular luminescence scheme in areas with indications and areas without window indication, to display information other than the mode display.14 cl, 21 dwg