With gas introduction means (C12M1/04)

Biological reactor for transforming gas-hydrogen hydrocarbons to biologically active compounds // 2644344
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: reactor includes a fermentation tank, a heat exchanger, a pump for pumping water from the bottom to the upper cavity of the heat exchanger, a gas permeable polymeric tubular membrane for methane, a gas permeable polymeric tubular air membrane with an aerator function, an air receiver, a methane receiver, a gas-liquid separator, and a control device. Herewith the tubular membranes for methane and air occupy the entire volume of the fermentation tank, are arranged parallel to each other and with a gap between them for a free flow of the working fluid.EFFECT: increasing the productivity and explosion safety of the biological reactor.2 cl, 1 dwg

Fermentation systems with gas supplies // 2639542
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: system, a device and a method of stimulating the growth of microorganisms are offered. The system comprises a hollow fluid conduit with inlet and outlet openings, a gas distributor, a fluid transfer device, and a heat transfer system within the vessel. The device comprises a plurality of hollow fluid conduits disposed partially inside the vessel, a gas distributor, and a plurality of structures, where each structure of a plurality of structures promotes the growth of microorganisms thereon. The method includes dispersing the gas in a liquid medium to form a multiphase mixture, passing the multiphase mixture at the first rate and at the first pressure into one or more downstream flow paths, increasing the pressure of the multiphase mixture to form compressed gas bubbles in the multiphase mixture by contacting the multiphase mixture with a plurality of microorganisms to provide the first biomass, passing the multiphase mixture at the second rate through a plurality of upstream flow paths and maintaining pressure to maintain the compressed gas bubbles in the multiphase mixture by contacting the multiphase mixture with a plurality of microorganisms to provide the second biomass.EFFECT: effective mass transfer of gaseous substrates for microbial fermentation.90 cl, 9 dwg

ultiorganic chip with improved durability and homeostasis // 2630667
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: multiorganic chip for organs and/or organoids cultivation is proposed. The chip contains consistently the base layer, the layer of organs, the organ retention layer, the antral layer and the actuator layer. The organ layer contains a plurality of separate organ equivalents, each organ equivalent contains one or more organ growth sections, each growth section comprises a cavity for organoid housing, a microinput and a microoutput for fluid connection of the cavity to an autonomous circulation system. The antral layer contains a plurality of cavities and tubes in fluid connection with the organ equivalents or organ growth sections. The organ retention layer isolates and/or stabilizes the organ layer to maintain fluid connection of the organ equivalents with the antral layer. The actuator layer contains a plurality of actuators to adjust the pressure force applied to the selected organ equivalent, autonomous circulation system and/or part thereof.EFFECT: invention provides an imitation of the basic functions of the body necessary for an organ or body homeostasis.15 cl, 9 dwg, 2 tbl, 2 ex

ethod for wastewater purification from ammonium and organic material and plant for its implementation // 2630238
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method and a plant for wastewater purification from ammonium and organic substance under microaerobic conditions are proposed. The purification process includes autotrophic and heterotrophic denitrification with free-floating flocculated silt and silt fixed on a stationary charge in the reactor, silt grinding, re-settling, phases separation with removal of purified water and returning of the compacted silt to the bioreactor. Active silt contains anamox bacteria. The waste water purification plant includes a filter with a grid, a settling tank, a primary settler, a heat exchanger, a bioreactor with a blade agitator and a stationary sheet feeder, a post-oxidation reactor with an air supply, a flow mill, a secondary settler connected to a bioreactor, all interconnected by pipes.EFFECT: improved wastewater purification efficiency.6 cl, 5 dwg, 4 tbl, 5 ex

A method for producing basic amino acid (variants) // 2628696
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method for producing a basic amino acid (variants) is proposed. The method comprises culturing a microorganism and collecting basic amino acid. The cultivation is carried out by controlling the concentration of ammonia in culture medium by using process and ammonia control device, wherein the device comprises an ammonia supply device, an ammonia sensor and a control part. In one embodiment, the ammonia concentration is controlled by control part and the concentration of non-ionized ammonia in the culture tank is calculated by substituting signal from ammonia sensor in calibration curve and instructing the device to supply ammonia to the culture tank. In another embodiment, the total concentration of ammonia in the medium is adjusted so that it is in a certain concentration range during at least part of the process. Thus, ammonia sensor reacts to non-ionized ammonia in culture medium, the control part creates a calibration curve, calculates the concentration of non-ionized ammonia of culture medium by substituting signal from ammonia sensor in the calibration curve and instructs ammonia supply device to supply ammonia to the culture tank.EFFECT: invention provides the possibility of cultivation under continuous and arbitrary control of ammonia concentration in culture medium.24 cl, 10 dwg, 2 tbl

ethod and device for obtaining haprin // 2626592
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method and apparatus for obtaining haprin is proposed. The method is carried out by grinding and homogenizing wood chips, transferring pulp of wood meal to a reactor for wood processing by supercritical technology. The gas produced in the reactor is fed to the fermenter, and in the fermentor on a nutrient medium, a culture of methane-oxidizing microorganisms is grown during aeration. A concentrated solution of haprin is isolated from the culture liquid on the separator, subjected to plasmolysis, followed by isolation of haprin. The device contains a sequentially installed block for pulverization and homogenization of wood meal pulp, a wood processing reactor based on supercritical technology, a fermenter, a separator, a plasmolysis unit, a drying and granulating agent, and a collection of haprin.EFFECT: simplification of the method and plant for obtaining haprin, as well as production of grapre without natural gas.7 cl, 1 dwg
System of animal and human tissue bio-engineering models creation // 2626526
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: system for creation of bio-engineering models of animal and human tissues is proposed. The system contains a set of gas cylinders with gas mixtures of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide of a predetermined composition. Each cylinder is connected to a communication system, a culture medium tank, a pump and a heated sealed chamber to accommodate tissue or cell membranes immobilized on the biodegradable carrier. At that, the oxygen content in each cylinder is 1-5%.EFFECT: invention ensures the reproducibility of optimal conditions for independent formation of tissue structures by cells under the conditions of hypoxia.2 cl, 1 dwg

Bioreactor for biochemical processes // 2610674
FIELD: biochemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to biochemistry. Bioreactor for biochemical processes is disclosed. Bioreactor includes cylindrical vessel with device for medium mixing. Device for medium mixing consists of impeller, round partition and position control mechanism of impeller in height relative to surface of mixing medium. Impeller is horizontally fixed on vertical rod in upper part of vessel. Control mechanism includes rod vertically installed along vessel axis, connected by means of retainer with round partition for its rotation. Round partition is made with side diffuser holes at angle of 30–45° to circle and with top holes at angle of 45–60° to horizontal. Wherein above round partition additional impeller is placed on rod.EFFECT: invention provides simplified design and elimination of power consumption.1 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of recycling of combustion products of power plants using natural gas // 2608495
FIELD: biochemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to biochemistry. Method of recycling of combustion products of power plants is disclosed, using mainly natural gas. Method includes pumping of part of flue gases from stack of power plant, direction of gases through sprayers in vessel for production of microalgae biomass; pumping of water with microalgae from tanks through filter-concentrator with reverse osmosis for separation of fluid to water and microalgae concentrate; supply of concentrate into bioreactor, enrichment of concentrate with carbon dioxide from flue gases; plasma treatment of algal concentrate using incombustible electrodes under increased pressure; separation of algal concentrate as result of plasma processing into components with extraction of biofuel; supply of processed algal concentrate in rectification column, where free ethanol is released.EFFECT: invention provides reduction of environmental load from SDPP, as well as possibility of obtaining algal biomass for further use.1 cl

Bioreactor for growing methane-recycling microorganisms // 2607782
FIELD: biochemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to biochemistry. Disclosed is a bioreactor for growing methane-recycling microorganisms with possibility of using methane-containing gas and oxygen-containing gas as substrates for cell growth. Bioreactor is a vertical cylindrical housing with a cover, bottom and central circulation pipe. In upper part of housing of bioreactor on opposite sides there are two closed sectors. Closed sectors form an external reaction volume, each sector is equipped with pipes to feed gaseous substrate for discharge of gas-liquid dispersion medium and to feeding a liquid stream into lower part of sector. Discharge pipe is connected with central circulation pipe, liquid stream feed pipe is connected with pipe for extraction of culture liquid from bottom of bioreactor. In each closed sector there is a mixing device with a logical device.EFFECT: higher efficiency with simultaneous reduction of power consumption, as well as possibility of making a bioreactor in proposed design of different volume.13 cl, 1 dwg

Biogas plant // 2605312
FIELD: biochemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to biochemistry. Disclosed is a biogas plant. Plant includes a sealed vertical cylindrical tank with detachable top and bottom in form of a hemisphere, as well as process pipes. In tank there is a bubbling mixer in form of helical perforated pipe. Helical pipe is located along walls of tank, wherein its turns repeat shape of tank. In tank there is a vertical frame mixer with vertical and horizontal blades. Lower horizontal blade has a curvature radius, corresponding to curvature radius of bottom of tank. Holes on helical pipe are end to end, vertical and equidistant from each other.EFFECT: invention provides higher efficiency of plant, higher output of biogas, as well as easy maintenance and repair of plant.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device for recycling combustion products of power plants using natural gas // 2599436
FIELD: ecology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to disposal of waste gases of power plants. Proposed is a device for recycling combustion products of power plants using natural gas. Device includes an exhaust fan, a line for carbon dioxide gas supply from a SDPP chimney into a phytoreactor and/or a gate tank of a water reservoir and a bioreactor, as well as a filter for separation of the fluid into water and a concentrate of microalgae. Filter is connected with the supply pipeline to the phytoreactor and/or to the gate tank of the water reservoir, with the feeding pipeline the filter-collector is connected to the bioreactor. Bioreactor comprises a compressor to create increased pressure and spark plugs with non-combustible electrodes for implementation of plasma treatment of the concentrate of microalgae.EFFECT: invention ensures reduction of environmental load from SDPP on the environment, as well as the possibility of obtaining biomass from microalgae.1 cl, 1 dwg

Bioreactor with membrane device for gas supply of microorganisms // 2596396
FIELD: biochemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to biochemistry. Proposed is a bioreactor with a membrane device for gas supply of microorganisms. Bioreactor comprises a cylindrical housing, a cover, a bottom, a heat exchanger, a gas distributor, an aerator, a methane collector, tubular gas-permeable polymer membranes, branch pipes for the working liquid and gas flowing, an analyzer of exhaust gases CH4, O2, CO2, sensors of pH and T°C, electronic air flow and carbon dioxide meters, methane pressure regulator and enzymatic process controller. Gas distributor is equipped with guide plates and an aerating air diffuser, herewith it is made as a multichannel gas-lift pump. Methane collector is equipped with perforated holes for passage of liquid-gas mixture through the gas distributor. Separator of exhaust gases from liquid products of fermentation is equipped with working fluid level sensor and a pipeline connecting the lower part of the separator with the bottom part of the bioreactor.EFFECT: higher efficiency and explosion safety of bioreactor are provided.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of obtaining polypeptide and method of producing reduced amount of glycoform g(0) and/or amount of glycoform g(1) of polypeptide // 2595407
FIELD: biochemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a method for obtaining a polypeptide and a method of obtaining a reduced amount of G(0) glycoform and/or increased amount of G(1) glycoform of polypeptide. Method for producing polypeptide involves cultivating a cell comprising a nucleic acid encoding polypeptide in a cultivation vessel and recovering polypeptide from culture medium or from cells. Method of producing a reduced amount of G(0) glycoform and/or increased amount of G(1) glycoform of polypeptide involves cultivating a cell containing polypeptide coding nucleic acid in a cultivation vessel and recovering polypeptide from culture medium or from cells. Acidic feed solution and an alkaline feed solution are mixed added to culture medium.EFFECT: invention enables to maintain viability of cultivated cells for a long period of time, reducing time during which nutrient compound is held at pH which reduces stability thereof, use of nutrient solution of solid substances, dispersion and hard-to-mix compounds/solutions, as well as reducing concentration of host cell protein in cell culture supernatant.12 cl, 20 dwg, 3 tbl, 3 ex

Apparatus for synthesis of oligo(poly)nucleotides // 2593943
FIELD: biology. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for synthesis of DNA and RNA molecule fragments in automatic mode, is used in molecular biology, genetic engineering, medicine. Apparatus for synthesis of oligo(poly)nucleotides comprises a reaction column with a solid-phase carrier placed therein, container with reagents for synthesis and auxiliary reagents, means of feeding reactants into reaction column and means to remove reagents therefrom, excess pressure gas source, vessel with flushing liquid, gas and fluid valves. Device is equipped with control and monitoring means in form of a programmable computer. Reaction column is in form of cylindrical container with a piston located in cavity thereof, installed with possibility of movement along axis of vessel. Reaction column is equipped with piston position sensor and drive and has at least two inputs for supply and removal of reactants. One of inputs is located in piston, and second is located opposite - in base of cylindrical vessel. EFFECT: higher quality of synthesis of oligo(poly)nucleotides using solid-phase carrier with possibility of changing their volume during synthesis and reduced consumption of reactants. 4 cl, 1 dwg

Apparatus for culturing autotrophic microorganisms // 2586534
FIELD: biology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cultivation of microorganisms. Device for culturing autotrophic microorganisms is disclosed. Apparatus comprises a cylindrical housing divided by horizontal partitions into sections for inlet and outlet of culture fluid and an additional section with inside mirror surface, pipes for inlet and outlet of cooling air, a film-forming device, an incandescent lamp, a bubbling device, a system for recirculation of culture fluid. System consists of a transparent circulation pipe located vertically along axis of symmetry of vehicle. Bubbling device with a mixture of carbon dioxide gas feed branch pipe with air is made in form of annular header in output of culture fluid, wherein inside central tube there is a shaft, circulation on shaft in zone of additional section is fixed rotary blower guide culture liquid from output of culture medium through circulation pipe in section of its input. Lower part of shaft is equipped with impeller made with possibility of rotation around its axis due to gas flow kinetic energy.EFFECT: invention provides higher yield of biomass, higher quality, reduced dimensions of device, simplified design, reduced power consumption, optimum distribution of gas flow, higher quality of transfer.1 cl, 1 dwg

Fermentation apparatus for methane-assimilating microorganisms // 2580646
FIELD: biochemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of biochemistry. Disclosed is a fermentation plant for methane-assimilating microorganisms. Plant comprises a column fermenter and two reactors. Fermenter comprises a housing, an exhaust gas outlet pipe, a tube for feeding nutrient salts, process water, food components and seed biosuspension, a pipe for inlet of gas-liquid flow into fermenter from reactor and a pipe for outlet of biosuspension from fermenter into reactor. Each reactor comprises a sampling tube for gas-liquid flow in fermenter, a disc mixer with a drive, a pipe for feeding biosuspension from fermenter into reactor. First reactor comprises a pipe for feeding methane-containing gas, second reactor comprises a pipe for feeding oxygen-containing gas. Fermenter additionally contains temperature maintenance means, means of maintaining pH of medium, means of maintaining level of dissolved oxygen, exhaust gas analyser. Mixer drive in each reactor is equipped with power transducer connected via logical device controller with flow rate regulators of incoming gas flows and with control valves of supply of liquid in each reactor.EFFECT: invention reduces power consumption on process of aerobic fermentation, high degree of usage of oxygen and methane, increased efficiency, as well as possibility of making efficient industrial plants with volume of up to 100-400 m3.12 cl, 1 dwg

Biogas unit // 2567649
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: biogas unit is suggested. The unit includes a sealed vertical cylindrical reservoir with tubes to feed the processed biomass, to drain the processed substrate and to outlet biogas. In the reservoir there is air-lift mixer shaped as vertical helical perforated pipe. The helical pipe is placed along walls and bottom of the reservoir, pipe turns repeat shape of the reservoir and its bottom; moreover openings in the pipe have nozzles shaped as pipe angle piece. In the reservoir centre there is vertical perforated pipe with diameter more than diameter of the helical pipe, openings in the vertical and helical pipes are made in staggered arrangement. Lower ends of vertical and helical pipes are fixed rigidly to steel angle piece.EFFECT: improved capacity of the unit and increased biogas output.3 cl, 4 dwg

Device for cultivation of microorganisms // 2565557
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: device for cultivation of microorganisms is proposed. The device comprises a container, a mixing device inside it, made of agitators mounted on the shaft in tiers, the pipes for input of the nutrient medium, aerating gas and discharge of the exhaust gas and the finished product. The mixing device consists of three agitators. The upper agitator is made in the form of a solid disc with holes cut in it, at that the T-shaped blades with the wave-shaped slits in the visor are mounted on the disc. The central one is provided with vertical slits in the lateral sides, and the lower - in the form of a propeller.EFFECT: invention provides an intensification of the process of cultivation of microorganisms.4 dwg

Bioenergy complex for production of biogas and granular biofuel // 2545737
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of biogas production using the method of anaerobic methane fermentation. The bioenergy complex for production of biogas and granular biofuel is offered. The complex includes a biopond and the unit for production of gaseous biofuel, with the series-connected branch pipes for biomass supply by chipper, homogenizer and bioreactor. The bioreactor consists of, at least, one methane tank, the gas output of which through gas-holder and compressor is connected with the power unit. The tanks made from composite elastomers with polyurethane or polyvinylchloride two-sided coating are used as pressure-tight methane tanks that are equipped with the piping heating system. The tanks are connected through branch pipes with the hydromixing system. The chipper has a receiving bin, and the output for the used bioreactor biomass is provisioned with the receiving vessel. The complex is supplemented with the unit for pellet fabrication, with the possibility of its work in a mode of fabrication of pellets from green vegetative mass, planted in the biopond, or in the mode of fabrication of pellets from biomass processed in the reactor. The unit for fabrication of pellets consists of the pressing-out unit, and the liquid discharge branch pipe of the pressing-out unit is connected with the possibility of adjustment with the homogenizer of the unit for production of gaseous biofuel or with the biopond. The solid fraction output of the pressing-out unit is connected with granulator, the output of which is connected with the packaging line for two kinds of pellets.EFFECT: invention allows to perform deep degassing of organic mass, to increase the output of biogas, profitability of biogas units for electrical power generation in a low power range from 10 kW/h up to 500 kW/h, expand functionalities, ensure mobility and work capacity of the complex in any climatic conditions.9 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and system for obtaining products, including alcohols and/or acids, in microbiological fermentation // 2539027
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to field of biotechnology, namely to method and system for obtaining one or more products, including alcohols and/or acids, by means of microbiological fermentation. Discontinuous or inconstant flow(s) of CO-containing flue gas or offgas is received from production process into storage reservoir. Substantially continuous flow(s) of gas from storage reservoir is (are) directed into bioreactor, which contains culture of one or more carboxidotrophic bacterium in nutritional medium. Said culture is fermented with obtaining one or more products, including alcohols and/or acids. System for obtaining one or more products, including alcohols and/or acids, contains input for reception of discontinuous or inconstant flow(s) of CO-containing flue gas or offgas, storage reservoir for reception of said gas flow, made with possibility of directing said gas flow in substantially continuous mode into bioreactor. System is made with possibility of directing at least a portion of said gas into bioreactor.EFFECT: inventions make is possible to use inconstant in its nature flows of gaseous substrate and ensures achievement of such substrate flow continuity when it is supplied into bioreactor.7 cl, 17 dwg, 5 tbl, 2 ex

Vortex bioreactor // 2538170
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: vortex bioreactor includes cylindrical vessel1 with lid 2 provided with a device for medium mixing. Mixing device consists of bladed wheel 7, horizontally fixed on vertical shaft in upper part of vessel 1 and horizontal annular partition 9, installed in vessel 1 with a gap relative to its cylindrical walls, rod 10 vertically installed along axis. Horizontal annular partition 9 is located with possibility of rotation on vertical rod 10 and has retention mechanism of horizontal annular partition 9, installed on rod 10. Bioreactor is provided with pipe 19 or telescopic pipe 20, mated to axial hole 13 of horizontal annular partition 9, attached to the bottom of the last one and located around rod 10. On upper surface 11 of horizontal annular partition 9 there made are radial channels 12, located from axial hole 13 to the edge of annular partition 9 inclined downwards to the bottom of vessel 1. Horizontal annular partition 9 is designed floating, for example, from polypropylene. Inner diameter of pipe 19 or telescopic pipe 20 corresponds to diameter of axial hole 13 of horizontal annular partition 9. Area of axial hole 13 of horizontal annular partition 9 equals to cross sectional area at inlet 14 to radial channels 12 and total cross sectional area at outlet 15 from these radial channels 12.EFFECT: improving efficiency of mixing and speeding up biochemical processes upon their carrying out using fluid mediums of various viscosity.6 cl, 5 dwg

Bioreactor with membrane device for gas feeding // 2534886
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: bioreactor contains cylindrical casing, detachable cover, bottom, gas distributor. Gas distributor has carrying pipe for gas feeding routed along the central axis of the casing, between the carrying pipe for gas feeding and casing along the radial lines the uniformly spaced vertical comb-shaped planks with slots are installed in equal number. In slots of the comb-shaped planks the gas-tight tube membranes are located creating spiral coils with s pace equal to distance between the slots of the comb-shaped planks.EFFECT: invention increases capacity of the bioreactor by 1,5 times upon simultaneous design simplification.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of surface growing of microorganism on liquid culture medium and device for its realisation // 2532828
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to biochemistry. Claimed is a device for surface growing of a microorganism on a liquid culture medium. The device includes a dish with a drain pan for growing of the microorganism, provided with a transport net freely dropped on its bottom. The transport net is made from a neutral material and is fastened by its ends to drive drums, which ensure lifting of the transport net from the dish bottom. The device also contains a reception device with a valve for the connection to a mixer-doser and supply of the liquid culture medium mixture with mother culture into the dish, rotary flaps, placed on butt ends of the dish for the regulation of air exchange in the dish, a drain device for pouring out the culture liquid, a pipe branch for the supply of a drying agent under the net, a sampling instrument and removable colour filters on lamps for the regulation of illumination, placed on side walls of the dish, a lid, which hermetically closes the dish, made with a possibility of its opening and/or removal, equipped with injectors for spraying the SAS solution above the surface of biomass growing in the dish and washing heads for the realisation of sanitary processing of the device. Also claimed is a method of surface growing of a microorganism on a liquid culture medium with the application of the claimed device.EFFECT: claimed inventions ensure growing of microorganisms on the liquid culture medium with the minimal application of manual labour.7 cl, 1 dwg, 2 ex

ethod of obtaining cellulose-containing product, and product obtained thereof // 2525142
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to biotechnology. Claimed is method of obtaining cellulose-containing product by means of cellulose-producing bacteria. Method includes preparation of membrane, passing nutrient solution and not passing bacteria. Also prepared is nutrient solution on the first side of membrane to be supplied through membrane to the second side. After that, prepared are: gas mixture on the second side of membrane, cellulose-producing bacteria on the second side of membrane for bacteria to obtain nutrient solution, penetrating through membrane. Also claimed is cellulose-containing product, obtained y claimed method.EFFECT: absence of formation of granules in nutrient solution and absence of cellulose deposits in feeding and discharging channels, as well as obtaining cellulose-containing product, possessing homogeneous structure and density.33 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of growing colonies of microbial cells and device for its realisation // 2522005
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to biotechnology. Claimed is a method of growing colonies of microbial cells on a surface of a porous plate. The method includes supply of a nutrient solution from bottom to top through the porous plate into zones of growth of colonies of the microbial cells on its upper surface, supply of a suspension of the microbial cells onto the upper surface of the porous plate, creation of controlled conditions for the colony growth, performing observation of the colony growth, separation of the grown colonies of the microbial cells from the zones of growth and their transfer into external means of identification. The nutrient solution is supplied into the zones of growth of the colonies of the microbial cells by creation of a pressure difference between the hole input and output. Holes are made in the plate from an anode aluminium oxide orthogonally to its large plane and are topologically coded. The said zones of growth are formed in them in the form of porous membranes. The porous membranes are located at the same level as the upper surface of the plate or with formation of a hollow and do not pass the microbial cells. After supply of the nutritional solution, the suspension of the microbial cells of a specified concentration is supplied onto the upper surface of the plate until their homogenous distribution is achieved. Between the zones of growth on the surface of the plate a film, preventing attachment of the microbial cells, is formed. Separation of the grown microcolonies from the zones of growth is performed by hydroblow. A hydroblow is directed from the side of the input of cylindrical holes of the plate and spreads along them and farther through the pores of the porous membranes with force, which does not destroy the microcolonies but is sufficient for their separation from the growth zones. Also claimed is a device for growing the colonies of the microbial cells by the claimed method.EFFECT: providing conditions of automation of processes of the nutrient solution supply and processes of separation and transfer of the grown colonies, possibility of integration into miniature portable devices, and application in laboratories on a chip and provision of the device portability.6 cl, 14 dwg, 4 tbl, 2 ex

Photobioreactor // 2508396
FIELD: biotechnologies.SUBSTANCE: photobioreactor includes elastic working capacity (2) with the first and the second external side surfaces (20, 20'). Capacity (2) is made from elastic transparent material non-permeable for fluid medium and is installed in frame (3). Frame (3) has elongated and essentially vertical support components (32). Components (32) are located at least in one horizontal row; besides, they are installed so that they are in series adjacent to the first and the second external side surfaces (20, 20') of working capacity (2) with the possibility of their support.EFFECT: improvement of efficiency and quality of a cultivation process of microalgae at simultaneous reduction of costs.15 cl, 5 dwg

Biological reactor // 2491330
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to microbiological industry, yeast and alcohol production and is intended for treatment of liquid organic wastes, mainly, manure or excrements to produce pollution-free organic fertilisers and combustible biogas. Proposed biological reactor comprises body with partitions. Reactor body represents a vertical sealed and heat-isolated tank with walls connected by dome or stiff roof to create a space between biomass surface and roof for pre-accumulation of biogas. Tank inner space is divided by partitions in, at least, two sections. Said partitions are installed vertically at the tank center and over bioreactor height and connected with the tank walls. Biomass overflow openings are made in every partition between first section, between midsections and between last section, at lower peripheral part. Bottom of every said section is inclined both from the center to periphery and toward the next section. Every section if equipped with manifold for makeup feed, heat exchanger, mixer, pH and eH gages and temperature gage. First section loading assy is composed of the manifold with shutoff valves for biomass loading while discharge assembly represents the manifold with shutoff valves for discharge of risen biomass. Biomass level gages are arranged at top lateral part of the last section.EFFECT: higher efficiency, lower costs.11 cl, 6 dwg

Bioreactor // 2478699
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an anaerobic recycling of agricultural wastes and activated sludge of industrial sewage works and public owned treatment works to obtain biogas and organic fertiliser. The bioreactor comprises a housing which is a nonrigid container with pipes to supply process material, an overflow of slime, a branch of the produced biogas. Over the housing the plant of heating and mixing of the substrate is mounted. The nonrigid container is made with the ability to place it in a pit on a layer of sand and a multilayer layer, comprising gas-proof covering, such as a polymer film, of woven synthetic material such as polyester fabric with PVC coating and heat-insulating layer, for example, a porous polymeric material.EFFECT: invention provides increased reliability in operation and efficiency of performance while simplifying simultaneously work on production and mounting of the bioreactor and reduction of costs of the bioreactor.2 cl, 2 dwg

Bioreactor and method of culturing photosynthesising microorganisms using said bioreactor // 2471863
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: bioreactor has a vessel (1) with a cover (2) and a device for mixing and aerating microorganisms, having pipes (3 and 4) on the cover for inlet of aerating gas and outlet of gaseous medium, respectively. The vessel (1) is fitted with multiple coaxially arranged and spaced apart annular partitions (12 and 13) with floats (14 and 15) which are open at the bottom, on a vertical hollow shaft (11) with possibility of rotation and back-and-forth movement thereon with formation of a gap between the wall of the vessel (1) and the annular partitions (12 and 13). The vessel (1) and the cover (2) of the reactor are made from transparent materials. The bioreactor has a meant (19) of holding the reactor afloat in a liquid medium and sources (20 and 21) of artificial light, which are mounted inside the floats (14 and 15) of the annular partitions (12 and 13). The latter are made from optically transparent material. The vessel is in form of a disposable or reusable dismountable envelope (22) and has means (23 and 24) of fastening it to the cover (2) and the bottom (17) of the vessel, respectively. The method of culturing photosynthesising microorganisms involves creating biochemical and physical conditions for growth of the microorganisms in a culture medium and maintaining culturing temperature conditions. The latter is carried out in the bioreactor, which is immersed and held afloat in a natural or manmade water body at water temperature which is favourable for growth of photosynthesising microorganisms in said water body, wherein the culture medium used is the filtered water from the water body in which the bioreactor is located.EFFECT: high output of biomass of photosynthesising microorganisms, while reducing power consumption and simplifying maintenance.6 cl, 1 dwg

Disposable apparatus for culturing and collecting plant tissue and/or cells, method and system for culturing and collecting plant tissue and/or plant cells // 2468076
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to biotechnology, particularly for culturing cells/tissue, as well as plant cells. The disposable apparatus for culturing and collecting plant tissue and/or cells has a flexible container with volume of not less than 400 l, having gas-exchange channels and a collection channel. The apparatus can be used continuously for at least two successive culturing/collection cycles with values or range of values of parameters selected from at least one of the following values or ranges of values: height to volume ratio from about 0.06 to 1 cm/l; gas pressure at the input from about 1 bar to 5 bar; input gas density per cross-sectional area from about 20 inputs per square metre to 70 inputs per square metre; rate of aeration at the input from about 0.05 to 0.12 gas volume per medium volume per minute; gas bubble volume at the input from about 20 cubic millimetre to 1800 cubic millimetre. The method and system for culturing and collecting plant tissue and/or plant cells employ the disposable apparatus.EFFECT: invention provides high output of the end product while reducing cost.21 cl, 7 tbl, 20 dwg

Displacement bioreactor with membrane gas supply device // 2446205
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: displacement bioreactor with membrane gas supply device includes cylindrical housing, cover, bottom, gas distributing device, and gas-permeable polymer tubular membranes. The latter are installed along the housing axis. Load-carrying pipe of heat exchanger is installed inside the housing along its central axis. Gas supply pipe connected to gas-distributing device is located inside heat exchanger pipe. Screw perforated surface through the holes of which gas-permeable polymer tubular membranes fixed between the cover and gas distributing device pass is installed outside the load-carrying pipe of heat exchanger.EFFECT: displacement bioreactor, when in operation, provides the increase in efficiency owing to intensifying the mass exchange, and operation is simplified.2 dwg

Bio-reactor // 2430153
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: bio-reactor consists of case with branches for supply of processed bio-mass (source substrate), for drainage of finished fertiliser, and for withdrawal of bio-gas, of circulation pipe positioned in centre of case and of uniformly perforated pipe in form of vertical spiral located under circulation pipe. Turns of spiral of the perforated pipe form a cone with its base up. Diametre of an upper turn of the spiral is equal to internal diametre of the circulation pipe and is located at the level of a lower cut of this pipe. The circulation pipe is made in form of a cylinder reservoir consisting of two pipes of different diametre, space between which is filled with heated water for bio-mass heating. The branches for supply of bio-mass and drainage of finished fertiliser are arranged on opposite sides of the case, also, the supply branch is set in an upper section of the case, while the drainage branch - in a lower one.EFFECT: raised efficiency, stability and completeness of bio-chemical processes in bio-reactor due to uniform bio-mass mixing and distribution of temperature through whole volume of bio-reactor.2 dwg

Extrusion bioreactor with membrane device for supplying and sterilising gas feed // 2415913
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: extrusion bioreactor with a membrane device for supplying and sterilising a gas feed has cylindrical housing with a heat exchange jacket, a cover, a bottom, a gas distribution device and gas-permeable polymer tubular membranes placed along the axis of the housing. Inside the housing along its centre axis there is a gas carrying pipe which is connected to the gas distribution device, on which are mounted equally spaced perforated discs, through some of the holes of which pass the gas-permeable polymer tubular membranes, attached between the cover and the gas distribution device.EFFECT: high working pressure of the gas in the gas permeable polymer tubular membranes and high oxygen mass transfer inside said membranes.2 dwg

Fermenter system for bio-technical processes // 2415912
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: reservoir (1) of the fermenter has an outer wall (2) which encloses the volume of the reservoir, having a sight hole (7) in the outer wall (2) for monitoring processes inside the reservoir, where the sight hole (7) has a transparent element (8) which is fitted with a heater. The heater can be in form of a lamp lying outside the reservoir, a conductor lying on the surface of the transparent element or in form of an internal heating conductor built into the transparent element. The heaters can be used successively or as a group.EFFECT: invention enables optical monitoring of the inside of the reservoir and ensures its efficient sterilisation.5 cl, 6 dwg

Air-lift loop bioreactor without use of external gases // 2411288
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: device has a main bioreactor (1), a gas circulation line (2), a gas pump (3), a jacket (4), a gas inlet (5), a gas outlet (6), a stream guide (7), a gas flowmetre (8), a loading device (9) and a discharge opening (10). The gas outlet (6) in the top part of the air-lift loop bioreactor is connected to the gas inlet (5) in the bottom part of the bioreactor and the gas pump (3) is installed in the gas circulation line (2). Consequently, inner gas is used as the circulation driving force i.e. gases are directed through the circulation line (2) back to the bottom part of the bioreactor after passing from the top part of the bioreactor, repeatedly fed into the bioreactor by the gas pump (3) and used as the circulation driving force again.EFFECT: efficient reduction of consumption of external gases and reduction of production costs, very high potential for industrial application.5 cl, 3 dwg, 1 ex

Device for growing microorganisms // 2408720
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device for growing microorganisms includes tower with detachable cover, nozzle of air exhaust, nozzle for drain of culture fluid and flushing waters, nozzles of nutrient medium, titrating agent and seed culture, multilevel disk mixer with drive installed in tower, aerator. Tower consists of two cylindrical reservoirs arranged one above other. Upper reservoir is arranged of larger diametre to contain lower reservoir installation in transport position for growing stock culture and has flange fixed in lower part with fixing bolts to seal reservoirs. Shaft of disk mixer is arranged as composite. Lower part of shaft is arranged as tubular and is installed in reservoir for growing stock culture. Upper part of shaft is arranged in the form of solid cylinder fixed in detachable cover of installation and inserted into lower tubular part of composite shaft of mixer with the possibility of displacement relative to each other. On upper cylindrical part of disk mixer shaft there is a disk with the possibility of displacement along shaft and its fixation by means of pins at specified height. Disks are arranged at the ends of lower tubular part on lower tubular part of disk mixer shaft. Installation is equipped with lifting mechanisms arranged under flange of upper reservoir to match reservoirs with each other in working position of installation.EFFECT: increased convenience of installation operation due to reduction of dimensions and possibility to use it in mobile complex of ecological biotechnology.2 dwg

Film apparatus // 2363728
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to film apparatuses intended for cultivation of autophyte misroscopic organisms and can be used in microbiology, feed mill, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Proposed film apparatus comprises the housing with fluid inlet and outlet unions, gas-heat carrier inlet and outlet unions. Aforesaid housing is divided by horizontal partitions into fluid inlet/outlet chambers, heat exchange and additional chambers. Cylindrical pipes incorporating fluid control valves and helical spiral pass through aforesaid chambers. Light source, for example, daylight filament lamp, is fitted on the additional chamber lower horizontal partition to illuminate fluid film representing autophyte microorganism suspension. The additional chamber inner side surface represents a mirror. Gas-heat carrier is fed and withdrawn via appropriate unions of additional chamber. Heat exchange chamber incorporates cooling water feed and discharge unions and outer thermal insulation. Cylindrical detachable pipes are furnished with a set of transparent and opaque drawn pipe elements, helical spiral representing semi-circular section groove being applied on inner surface of aforesaid elements. Transparent drawn pipe elements are installed in additional chamber while opaque drawn pipe elements are fitted in heat exchange chamber. Both types of aforesaid elements are jointed with the help of sealed couplings. Fluid discharge chamber accommodates a bubbler and bent branch pipes to feed the mix of carbon dioxide with air into cylindrical pipes. Vertical sections of the said bent branch pipes enter the cylindrical pipes for 20 to 30 mm, while their horizontal section is immersed into fluid. Note here that bent branch pipe outlet holes feature conical surface representing a funnel with 30°-angle to accelerate gas flow along the cylindrical pipe length. Note also that aforesaid outlet hole accommodates tapered plug with the like angle at its apex to form a circular tapered channel. The fluid outlet union accommodates a controlled valve.EFFECT: higher yield of prepared biomasses due to increased efficiency of heat exchanger.3 dwg

Reactor for performance of biotechnological processes under conditions of zero gravity // 2360958
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: reactor for performance of biotechnological processes under conditions of zero gravity includes body and connected unit for gas supply and exhaust, unit for supply and drain of microorganisms suspension and device for aeration of microorganism cells. Reactor body is arranged in the form of hollow cylinder. Device for aeration of microorganism cells in reactor is arranged in the form of piston with stem, in body of which through holes are evenly arranged. Piston with stem is installed in cylindrical body with the possibility of reciprocal displacement from one end of body to the other end. Drive of piston displacement is installed outside body and connected to its stem brought through one of body end walls. Unit of microorganism suspension supply and drain and unit for supply and exhaust of gas are installed outside body and connected to it from the side of its end walls. At that all or part of body side wall is arranged as transparent.EFFECT: simplification of unit design, lower number of movable parts on external side of device and increased mass exchange characteristics in process of microorganism cultivation.2 cl, 2 dwg

Vortex reactor for carrying out biotechnological processes under microgravity conditions // 2355751
FIELD: biology.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to devices for carrying out biotechnological process, in particular, for growing tissue cells and microorganisms in microgravity conditions and can be used in space biotechnology. The bioreactor has a hollow cylindrical body, the ends of which are closed by removable discs, a system for feeding and outlet of culture medium, aerating gas and removal of target product and products of metabolism of cells or microorganisms, unit for controlling and monitoring the culturing process. Inside the cylindrical body and coaxial with it, there is an immovable cylindrical partition wall. Inside the partition wall a movable cylindrical partition wall is fitted on an axis with possibility of rotating, forming coaxially arranged axial, inner and outer circular channels. An impeller of the activator of a circulating stream of gas from the axial to the inner circular channel and back with its rotation actuator is on a shaft with the end of the housing in front of immovable and movable cylindrical partition walls. An immovable swirler of the gas stream in the axial channel is put on the axis of the movable cylindrical partition wall on the other end of the housing. At the ends, the cylindrical movable partition wall has mouth pieces with circular shoulders for creating a gas-storage circular cavity on its inner side. In line with the immovable cylindrical partition wall and to its ends are fixed flanges with circular cone-shaped elements, fitted with clearance from the mouth pieces of the movable cylindrical partition wall. In the inner circular channel between the movable and immovable cylindrical partition walls, there are blades, made in form of an Archimedes screw and fixed to the outer surface of the movable partition wall. The aerator of the system for inlet and outlet of aeration gas has perforated pipe-shaped elements, uniformly arranged near the immovable cylindrical partition wall with clearance from its inner surface.EFFECT: increased output of the culturing process and improved mass-exchange characteristics.4 cl, 2 dwg

Apparatus to grow microorganisms // 2352626
FIELD: mechanics, microbiology.SUBSTANCE: apparatus comprises a vessel to receive culture liquid till a certain level. The said vessel has branch pipes to feed liquid mineral culture medium, air and to discharge accumulated biomasses, and, at least, one additional vessel making an adsorber of gaseous substrate. The aforesaid vessels have flanged rings fitted along the vessel axis to divide the vessel part filled with liquid into upward and downward channels. Air feed bubblers are arranged in the vessel upward channels. The vessels lower parts communicate via a liquid duct so that the main vessel downward channel communicates with the additional vessel upward channel, while the additional vessel downward channel communicates with the main vessel upward channel. Note that the liquid duct accommodates a liquid circulation agitator arranged between the vessels. The additional vessel ring upper flange can represent a funnel directed inside the downward channel and symmetrical to the downward channel axis. A surge pipe can be mounted at the flange center to communicate the vessel above-liquid part with the downward channel inner side. Note that another funnel can be mounted below and coaxially with the aforesaid funnel and surge pipe.EFFECT: producing protein masses of aerobic microorganisms in using gaseous substrate as nutrition.4 cl, 2 dwg

Stirrer for the process installation // 2312133
FIELD: chemical industry; food industry; microbiological industry; other industries; production of the stirrers for the process installations.SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the devices intended for gasification of the liquid medium, for example, by the air and may be used in the different branches of industry, including food industry, chemical industry and microbialogical industry. The stirrer for the process installation system contains, at least, one gas-liquid jet-type mixer with at least one fitting pipe for the gaseous medium and is kinematically connected with the drive gear. At that the fitting pipe of the gas-liquid mixer for the gaseous medium takes its beginning from the surrounding gaseous medium of the process installation disposed over the surface of the treated liquid medium. The presented stirrer for the process installation has more simple design at the expense of exclusion of the compressed air source.EFFECT: the invention ensures, that stirrer for the process installation has more simple design at the expense of exclusion of the compressed air source.12 dwg

Bioreactor // 2299903
FIELD: biochemical engineering; production of the apparatuses for realization of biochemical processes.SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the apparatuses for realization of biochemical processes and may be used in various branches of industry. The bioreactor includes the cylindrical container with the cover, the device located in the container and used for the medium stirring and consisting of the bucket wheel horizontally fixed on the vertical shaft in the upper part of the container, and the annular partition mounted in the container with the possibility of rotation and forming the clearance with the wall of the container and supplied with the floaters. The container is supplied with the mechanism adjusting the position of the annular partition in height concerning the surface of the stirred medium. The mechanism contains the bar vertically mounted along the axis of the container and the arranged on it bush linked by means of poles with the annular partition for its rotation on the bar. This mechanism may be supplied with: the annular partition position clamper concerning the bar, which may have the additional bush located between the bar and the bush of the annular partition; the annular partition motion limiters and at least one clamping tool. At that the bar is installed with possibility of its axial relocation. The invention ensures the effective stirring of both the liquid and viscous culture mediums and accelerates realization of the biochemical processes.EFFECT: the invention ensures the effective stirring of both the liquid and viscous culture mediums and accelerates realization of the biochemical processes.2 cl, 3 dwg

Apparatus for suspension cultivation of tissue and microorganism cells // 2270245
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: claimed apparatus contains fermentation vessel with closure and nipples for aerating gas feeding and gaseous medium discharge, respectively; and devise for cultural medium aeration and agitation. Said devise contains aerating gas circuit comprising pipeline and screen installed inside of vessel above outlet port of pipeline. Screen is placed horizontally and with gap to vessel walls to form gas cushion under thereof. Device also contains attachment for forming gas cushion vibration to agitate the cultural medium and gas flow controller, interconnected with abovementioned pipeline. Apparatus may be equipped by one or more said devices for cultural medium aeration and agitation. Screen has quarrel cross-section having longitudinal slit in bottom part for reciprocal movement of cultural medium flow. Attachment for forming gas cushion vibration contains pulsator with mobile membrane to produce reciprocal movement of gas flow in gas cushion under screen.EFFECT: increased mass exchange effectiveness in cell cultivation process due to enhanced gas-liquid boundary surface; apparatus of increased productivity.4 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and plant for the production of biological products based on entomopathogenic nematodes // 2239315
The invention relates to the microbiological industry, and in particular to methods and lines for the production of biological products based on entomopathogenic nematodes used as biological agents in the control of insect pests

Apparatus for aerobic liquid-phase fermentation // 2236451
The invention relates to the field of chemical, physical and physico-chemical processes implemented in devices with aeration and stirring of a liquid medium, namely the processes of synthesis of various biological products, recycling of various biological products and processes of wastewater treatment, and can be used in food, pharmaceutical, microbiological, petrochemical industries, as well as in the sphere of environmental protection of the environment from various waste

Apparatus for the cultivation of biological objects // 2223312
The invention relates to biotechnology, and specifically to apparatus for culturing cells and viruses human or animal in suspension and/or microsites, and can be used in the manufacture of vaccines and other biological products

Apparatus for the cultivation of microorganisms // 2221038
The invention relates to microbiological and food industry

Device for aeration of a liquid a. d. korneev // 2195489
The invention relates to equipment for aeration of a liquid and can be used in microbiological and other industries

Apparatus for the cultivation of microorganisms // 2144952
The invention relates to biotechnology and can be used in various industries