Powder and flakes and free-flowing mixtures and sheets (C11D17/06)

Compositions, their application as or for receiving means for washing the dishes and their obtaining // 2629112
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compositions for machine washing of dishes and utensils, comprising (A) in combination in the range from 1 to 50 wt % of at least one amino carboxylates selected from metilglitsindiatsetata (MGDA), as well as its salts, (B) an aggregate in the range from 0.001 to 5 wt % of at least one alkileniminovogo polymer which is covalently modified by at least one carboxylic acid or at least one carboxylic acid or at least one derivative of carbonic sour you, wherein a maximum of 75 mol % of the nitrogen atoms of primary and secondary amino groups of mentioned alkyleneimine polymer react with carboxylic acid, carboxylic acid derivative, respectively, carbonic acid, respectively, or with hydrocyanic acid and formaldehyde, in each case in terms of the solids content of the corresponding composition.EFFECT: glass corrosion inhibition.16 cl, 3 tbl
Visual contrasting particles with aesthetic properties, characterized by increased solubility in water, especially effective when combined with powdered or granulated compositions // 2615165
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a detergent composition for washing in form of particals comprising basically white or colored particles of detergent and a minor portion of visually contrasting particles with aesthetic properties, while the visually contrasting particles with aesthetic properties comprise one or more C6-C22 fatty acids which may be saturated or unsaturated fatty acids containing 1-3 double bonds, sodium montmorillonite clay and calcium montmorillonite clay, and a dye and / or pigment, where visually contrasting particles with the aesthetic properties are less than 15% of residue when they subjected to a dissolution test as described herein. The present invention also relates to the method of adding water-soluble colored dye or water-soluble pigment to water, comprising the stages where colored dye or pigment is added to particles having one or more C6-C22 fatty acids which may be saturated or unsaturated fatty acid containing 1-3 double bonds, sodium montmorillonite clay and calcium montmorillonite clay to produce colored particles, and then colored particles are contacted with water for solubilisation of a portion of the said particles in the above-mentioned water, with addition of the said colored dye or pigment to the said water.EFFECT: invention provides a visually contrasting particles with aesthetic properties with increased water solubility.23 cl, 1 dwg, 2 ex

Strip-shaped toilet cleaning product // 2607768
FIELD: household chemicals.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multi-phase strip-shaped toilet cleaning product. Described is strip-shaped toilet cleaning product (1) for application in interior of a toilet bowl, comprising width (B), height (H) and thickness (S), wherein ratio of width (B), height (H) and thickness (S) is between 1:1:0.01 and 1:0.1:0.2, comprising first extruded phase (2) and at least one second extruded phase (3), wherein first phase (2) differs from at least second phase (3), wherein however all phases (2, 3, 7) comprise at least one adhesion promoter at least on side of toilet cleaning product (1) to be applied onto toilet bowl, and first phase (2) and at least second phase (3) have contact surface (4), wherein at least contour of contact surface (4, 4a, 4b) along center axis (8) is designed in form of a sine wave, having amplitude of A1,O, wherein ratio of amplitude to width (B) A1,O: B ranges from 1:10 to 1:25, and period of sine wave corresponds to 0.1 to 1 times width (B) of toilet cleaning product (1).EFFECT: technical result is development of a multiphase strip-shaped toilet cleaning product, which when applied on ceramic surface does not break down into parts along phase boundaries and interface has higher stability.13 cl, 9 dwg, 2 tbl

Granule for use in powder detergents and composition of granule detergent // 2573907
FIELD: bioengineering.SUBSTANCE: granule for use in powder detergents, and composition of granule detergent are suggested. The granule contains core and protective coating in amount of 10-50 wt % relatively to the core. The core contains amylase, protease, cellulase or lipase, thiosulphate of alkali or alkali-earth metal or methionine - 0.5-5 wt % in relation to the core, magnesium sulphate or zinc sulphate - 0.1-15 wt % of waterless salt in relation to the core, and mixture of citric acid and citrate - 1-5 wt % in relation to the core. The protective coating contains at least 75 wt % of sodium sulphate, and one or more other materials selected from the fillers, substances preventing their adhesion, pigments, dyes, plastifiers, binding substances. Composition of granule detergent contains the surface-active substance and said granule.EFFECT: due to synergistic effect the invention granule components improve stability of the ferment during storage, when the granules are added to detergent composition containing the corrosive components.7 cl, 6 ex

ethod of obtaining loose powder, containing one or several glycin-n,n-diacetic acid derivatives, and application of loose powder for obtaining pressed agglomerates // 2533974
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of obtaining loose powder, containing one or several glycin-N,N-diacetic acid derivatives of general formula VOOC - CHR - N(CH2COOM)2 (I), from a water solution as an initial material, containing one or several glycin-N,N-diacetic acid derivatives, which is dried by a method of spray drying with the air supply. The method is characterised by the following: the water solution contains one or several glycin-N,N-diacetic acid derivatives in a quantity of ≥84 wt % counted per the total weight of the dry substance. Spray drying is carried out in a drying apparatus, into which the water solution and air are supplied in a continuous-flow mode with the difference of temperatures between the water solution and air in the range from 70 to 350°C. The water solution is dispersed in the drying apparatus with the formation of tiniest liquid drops by its supply onto one or several discs, rotating at a linear rate of ≥100 m/s, or by the creation in it of absolute pressure ≥20 bar by a pump and its supply under the said pressure into the drying apparatus through one or several nozzles. In formula (I) R stands for an alkyl group with the number of carbon atoms from one to twelve and M stands for an alkali metal. The invention also deals with the application of the claimed loose powder for the production of pressed agglomerates, which can be used in solid or liquid cleaning means.EFFECT: claimed method makes it possible to obtain the powder, possessing good bulk weight, flowability and storage stability.13 cl, 3 ex
Composition and method of cleaning carpets // 2468073
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: granular composition contains hydrophobic cellulose and/or silicated cellulose and a metal salt, such as an alkali metal salt. Preferably, the composition contains a metal salt and a cellulose component in equal ratios. The method involves the following steps: 1) depositing the granular composition onto the carpet; 2) facilitating contact between the cellulose-containing composition and the spot/dirt on the carpet; and 3) removing, at least partly, the cellulose-containing composition. Step (3) is preferably carried out using a vacuum cleaner.EFFECT: preventing damage to carpets and change of colour.11 cl, 24 ex

Fluid discrete media // 2424283
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of moulding particles of a composition for cleaning or treating articles, comprising steps on which: a) mass of nucleating agents is layered, where the said nucleating agents have average particle diameter 150-1700 mcm, size distribution interval from 1.0-2.0, volume density of the nucleating agents is between 50 g/l and 2000 g/l, preferably between 200 g/l and 1650 g/l; wherein said mass of nucleating agents is independently brought into contact with binder, having viscosity between 0.5 cP and 4000 cP, and layered powder, having average particle diameter between 1 mcm and 100 mcm and b) treating said particles in order to remove any materials which might lead to that, for the said particles, the relative factor for the beginning of blockage of flow of particles corresponds to the ratio of the diameter of the outlet opening to the average diameter of particles of the 30th percentile of over 14 with average output of 25 wt %.EFFECT: invention enables to obtain discrete media which ensure controlled batching without shortcomings associated with liquid products.35 cl, 9 tbl, 14 ex

Oil-containing starch granules for delivering perfume oil as beneficial effect endowing additives to substrate, method of obtaining said granules and laundry detergent composition // 2408667
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil-containing starch granules for delivering perfume oil as beneficial effect endowing additives to a substrate, containing: (a) starch in amount which forms an effective matrix for said granules; (b) perfume oil containing ingredients with Clog P equal to at least 3; and (c) an effective amount of an amidoamine compound for inhibiting migration of said oil to the surface of the said starch granules, said compound has the following structure: (I) or (II), where radicals are described in the claim separately for each structure. The invention also relates to a method of producing oil-containing starch granules, comprising the following steps: (a) preparing a dispersion of starch in water to form a starch suspension; (b) melting an effective amount of the amidoamine compound of structure (I) or (II) to obtain a molten amidoamine compound; (c) adding perfume oil to the molten amidoamine compound from step (b) to obtain a solution of the amidoamine compound in perfume oil; (d) adding the solution from step (c) to the starch suspension from step (a); (e) homogenisation of the obtained suspension by mixing to obtain a homogeneous mixture; and (f) spray drying the said homogeneous mixture to obtain oil-containing starch granules. The invention also relates to a method of washing fabric, comprising the following steps: (a) preparation of an aqueous solution containing an effective amount of the oil-containing starch granules in claim 1 or 2, and (b) bringing the fabric to be washed into contact with the aqueous solution from step (a). The invention also pertains to a laundry detergent composition containing: (a) at least one surfactant; and (b) an effective amount of oil-containing starch granules.EFFECT: prolonged existence of the aromatising agent in the substrate owing to inhibition of migration of perfume oil to the surface during laundry.7 cl, 5 tbl

Solid laundry detergent composition containing detergent anionic surfactant and high-porosity carrier // 2396311
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laundry detergents. The solid detergent composition in form of particles contains a detergent anionic surfactant, a solid carrier with total pore volume greater than 0.3 ml/g, average pore diametre greater than 3 micrometres and surface area less than 1.0 m2/g, a zeolite additive, a phosphate additive and a silicate salt. At least part of the detergent anionic surfactant and at least part of the solid carrier are in form of a jointly ground additive. All components are taken in a defined ratio. The method involves mixing the initial material to make a solid carrier with formation of an aqueous mixture, drying the aqueous mixture at input gas temperature of at least 300°C for less than 20 seconds to form solid carrier material and mixing the solid carrier material with a detergent anionic surfactant to form a jointly ground mixture. The solid carrier material or jointly ground mixture is mixed with one or more components selected from a zeolite additive, a phosphate additive and a silicate salt.EFFECT: invention enables to obtain solid unfinished laundry detergent compositions which contain a combination of a detergent anionic surfactant and a high-porosity carrier.7 cl, 1 tbl

ethod of laundering // 2379336
FIELD: textile industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes stage of article washing with detergent solution, which contains organic polymer, having spinnability, with average molecular weight of 1500000 or more, and where 60 mol % or more of its component monomers contain sulfonic acid group, or form of its salt, or sulfuric acid group, or form of its salt, provided that polyethylene oxide is unavailable. Invention also describes the following: method of hand washing, including stage of hand washing of laundry item with specified detergent solution, or washing solution produced by dissolution of detergent solution with more than 1-1000-multiple amount of water; and versions of detergents. Suggested washing solution may be used for hand washing.EFFECT: improved smoothness of articles in process of washing and hand care, reduced unfavorable factors of squeaking, rough texture and physical fatigue in process of hand washing.19 cl, 2 tbl, 11 ex

A method of obtaining a granulated synthetic zeolite component sms // 2213770
The invention relates to a process for producing granulated zeolite components of synthetic detergents (CMC) and may find application in the production of CMC in the chemical industry

Washing or cleaning agent, the composition or processed source products for their production in the form of decorated particles and method of production thereof // 2200190
The invention relates to a method for rapidly dissolving compacted decorated particles of detergents or cleaning agents, or compositions, or processed source products for their production, and thus obtained detergent or cleaning agents, which show significantly higher consumer quality

The composition of the amorphous alkali metal silicate, obtained by spray drying with the secondary washing ability, detergent or detergent and extruded(th), detergent, or detergent containing the composition // 2168542
The invention relates to the industrial production of detergents or detergents, and more particularly to a composition of amorphous alkali metal silicate, obtained by spray drying with the secondary cleaning effect, the cleaning tool or detergent and extruded cleaning tool or detergent containing the composition