Containing phosphorus (C11D3/36)

Hardness salt removing composition // 2627376
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition of the following composition is proposed, wt %: hydrochloric acid 10-40, hexamethylenetetramine (urotropine) 0.5-8.0, non-ionic surfactant (surfactant) 0.5-3.0, etidronic acid 5.0-10.0, isopropyl alcohol - 1.0-10.0, oleic acid - 0.1-3.0, water diluent is the rest. The composition is in the form of liquid or gel.EFFECT: producing a highly effective composition that has increased rate of hardness salt deposit dissolution and low consumption when used.5 cl, 10 ex
Liquid detergent composition for hand dish washing // 2608735
FIELD: household chemicals.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a liquid detergent composition for hand dish washing, providing improved lustre, containing: (a) 0.2 % to 3 % of weight of composition as a whole, chelating agent, selected from a group, consisting of glutamic-N,N-diacetic acid, salts and derivatives thereof, diethylenetriamine pentamethyl phosphonic acid; diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid, methylglycine diacetic acid and mixtures thereof; (b) from 15 % to 30 % of weight of composition as a whole, anionic surfactants selected from a group, consisting of sulphate and sulphonate surfactants; (c) from 3 % to 20 % of weight of composition as a whole, nonionic surfactant; and (d) from 0.5 % to 10 %, of weight of composition as a whole, surfactant selected from a group, consisting of amine oxide and betaine surfactants and mixtures thereof, where total content of surfactant ranges from 18 % to 60 % of weight of composition as a whole, and weight ratio of overall surfactants to nonionic surfactant ranges from 2 to 10. Present invention also relates to a method of cleaning tableware and use of chelating agent.EFFECT: obtaining a detergent composition which provides improved detergent action and lustre.13 cl, 21 ex, 4 tbl
Foamless detergent for washing metal surfaces // 2532919
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: detergent for washing metal surfaces contains phosphoric acid, nitric acid and water. The claimed detergent additionally contains a tetrasodium salt of oxyethylenediphosphonic acid and an inhibitor of acid corrosion CI-1M, with the following ratio of components, wt %: phosphoric acid 40-60, nitric acid 20-40, tetrasodium salt of oxyethylenediphosphonic acid 2-4, inhibitor of acid corrosion CI-1M 1-2, water - the remaining part.EFFECT: obtaining the detergent providing an increase of washing quality and service term of metal surfaces due to the reduction of their corrosion, increase of stability in application and storage, extension of an assortment of universal detergents.3 ex
Composition for surface processing, containing compounds of phosphonic acids // 2527448
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compositions for surface purification, including detergent washing compositions, dish-washing compositions, compositions for textile softening, and solid surface cleaners. Invention, in particular, relates to composition, containing considerable quantity of surface-active agents in combination with additional quantity of compounds of phosphonic acids.EFFECT: obtaining composition, providing better efficiency with significantly reduced side, for instance ecological, disadvantages.12 cl, 2 ex

Liquid detergent composition for manual dish-washing // 2527423
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention relates to liquid detergent for manual dish-washing, which contains: (a) from 0.2% to 3% of the total composition weight, of chelating agent, selected from the group, consisting of glutamic-N,N-diacetic acid, its salts and derivatives, diethylenetriaminepentamethylphosphonic acid; diethylene triaminepentaacetic acid, methylglycenediacetic acid and their mixtures, (b) from 12% to 45% of the total composition weight, of surface-active substance, selected from the group, consisting of anionic, non-ionic, cationic, amphoteric, zwitterionic, semi-polar non-ionic surface-active substances and their mixtures, and said composition contains from 5% to 30% of the total composition weight, of anionic surface-active substances, selected from the group, consisting of sulphate and sulphonate surface-active substances; and from 3% to 20% of the total composition weight, of non-ionic surface-active substances, where said non-ionic surface-active substance includes branched surface-active substance, where weight ratio of the total content of surface-active substance to content of non-ionic surface-active substance constitutes from 2 to 10, and where average degree of branching of alkyl chain of surface-active substances constitutes, at least, 10% of the total weight of surface-active substances. Claimed invention also relates to method of dinnerware purification.EFFECT: obtaining detergent composition, providing improved purification and improved lustre.11 cl, 21 ex
Biocidal compositions of hydrogen peroxide with improved activity // 2437928
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a biocidal composition containing hydrogen peroxide in concentration of 0.05-50% (wt/wt) and a compound of formula 1: (OH)(2-m)(X)(O)P-[(O)p-(R')q-(CH(Y)-CH2-O)n-R]m, where X is H or OH; each Y is independently H or CH3; m equals 1 and/or 2; each p and q is independently equal to 0 or 1, provided that if p equals 0, q equals 1; each n is independently equal to 2-10; each R' is independently an alkylene radical containing 1-18 carbon atoms; each R is independently H or an alkyl radical containing 1-18 carbon atoms; and R'+R≤20; in concentration of 0.01-60% (wt/wt), as a biocidal composition. The invention also relates to use of the disclosed composition as a biocidal composition, as well as for purposes where there is need for disinfection and/or sanitation activity.EFFECT: composition has excellent biocidal activity.25 cl, 9 tbl, 10 ex

Inhibited detergent solution for cleaning metal and glass surfaces from petroleum products and fatty contaminants // 2432388
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: solution contains the following in g/l: potassium hydroxide 20-40, potassium pyrophosphate 15-25, propanol 5-10, press liquor 900-1000 ml/l, o,o-dimethyl-o-(3-methyl-4-nitrophenyl)thiophosphate 0.7-1.2, 2,5-dichloro-3-nitrobenzoic acid 1.2-2.9, water - up to 1 l.EFFECT: high degree of purification and high anti-corrosion action.2 tbl

Phosphatised alkanol, its application as hydrotrope, and detergent composition containing said compound // 2392280
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to phosphatised 2-propylheptanol alkoxylates containing 2-4 ethylene oxide links and 1-3 phosphoric acid residues in the form of phosphoric or polyphosphoric acid or acid salt ethers, and to application of phosphatised 2-propylheptanol or phosphatised 2-propylheptanol alkoxylates containing 1-3 phosphoric acid residues, 1-20 ethylene oxide links and 0-3 propylene oxide and/or butylenes oxide links in the form of phosphoric or polyphosphoric acid or acid salt ethers, as hydrotrope for C8-C18 alcohol alkoxylate containing 1-20 ethylene oxide links and 0-3 propylene oxide and/or butylenes oxide links, in alkaline solution, especially in compositions for commercial cleaning of solid surfaces.EFFECT: obtainment of novel hydrotropes and efficient detergent compositions based on them.12 cl, 7 ex, 12 tbl
Anti-corrosion detergent compositions and use thereof in cleaning dental and medical instruments // 2388797
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: detergent composition has pH ranging from neutral to alkaline and contains an aqueous solution. The solution contains 0.005-10% surfactant with low foaming capacity; 0.005-10% corrosion inhibiting compound selected from C4-C16 alkylpyrrolidones and C1-C18 alkylamines and 0.01-15% modifying additive for preventing precipitation when metal ions react with the said surfactant. The cleaning solution contains a corrosion inhibitor and leaves a small amount of residue. The compositions are used not only at the washing stage of the cleaning cycle, but at one of the subsequent stages of the rinsing cycle in order to optimise cleaning and prevent rusting.EFFECT: improved anti-corrosion and cleaning properties.14 cl, 3 tbl

Alkaline washing agent for cleaning metals // 2359013
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: proposed washing agent contains the following, in g/l: sodium hydroxide - 1.16-6.38, sodium silicate - 0.01-0.70, tri-sodium phosphate - 0.016-0.09, complexon - 0.0095-0.05, mixture of non-ionogenic surfactants of the Berol DGR81 type - 0.078-0.428 and the rest is water, with mass ratio of mixture of sodium hydroxide and complexon to the mixture of non-ionogenic surfactants equal to 15:1.EFFECT: washing agent provides for high detergent power and has low foaming.1 cl, 2 tbl, 6 ex
Synthetic detergent aos // 2354685
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: detergent contains the components as follows, wt %: anionic surface active agent (SAG) - alkylbenzol sodium sulphonate 10-16; nonionic SAG - oxyethylated fatty alcohols or oxyethylated alkylphenol 2-5; sodium tripolyphosphate 15-25; organophosphonate compound - sodium salt 1-hydroxyethylidene of phosphonic acid or sodium diethylentriaminopentaxys-(methylene phosphonate) 0.2-0.6; polycarboxylate 0.5-1.5; carboxymethyl cellulose 0.3-0.6; modified polyalkylene glycol 0.2-0.6; optical bleaching agent 0.05-0.3; soda ash 3-6; liquid glass 3.5-6.0; enzyme 0.4-0.7; defoaming agent 0.05-1.5; aromatiser 0.15-0.3; sodium sulphate and water to 100.EFFECT: higher efficiency of bleaching detergent, all type decontamination with additional softening of fabric and without irritation of hand skin during manual washing, lower temperature modes of washing, reduced damage effect on metal parts of washing machines.10 cl, 2 tbl, 5 ex

Detergent for cleaning of metallic surface // 2326935
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention is used in metallurgy industry for degreasing rolled metal products on the aggregates of continuous processing before application of different kinds of coatings (zinc, galvalume and etc.). The agent contains in g/l: sodium hydroxide 5.4-12.0, sodium carbonate 3.3-8.2, trisodium phosphate 0.6-1.25, sodium tripolyphosphate 1.0-2.5, hyrdroxyethylated alkylphenol on the basis of propylene trimer containing in a molecule 12 moles of ethylene epoxide 0.17-0.37, polyethyleneglycol esters of synthetic primary alcohol of C12-C14 fraction 0.14-0.23, alkylphenilpolyoxyethelenglycol acetal 0.11-0.28, chelate 0.02-0.075, defoaming agent 0.001-0.0025, water - 1 liter. Mass ratio of the blend of the organic and inorganic part of the composition to the blend of surfactants is 24.5:1. Chelate consists of disodium salt of tetrine, hydrous and trisodium salt of hydroxyetheledenediphosphonic.EFFECT: increase of purification degree of metallic surface thanks to high cleaning capability of the composition and foam forming decrease.2 tbl
ultipurpose liquid detergent and cleaning agent // 2167191
The invention relates to a liquid aqueous peroxide-based formulations wide functional applications and can be used for washing and bleaching textiles, as well as for washing and cleaning hard surfaces from contamination

Detergent-disinfectant for dairy processing equipment // 2165961
The invention relates to liquid detergent and technical disinfectants and can be used in the food industry

Tool for cleaning hard surfaces // 2143464
The invention relates to means for cleaning metal and non-metal surfaces from contamination

Cleaning agent for glass "second" // 2083651
The invention relates to the purification of contaminated glassware and crystal

Detergent // 2041257
The invention relates to household chemicals, in particular the production of pasty synthetic detergents with antimolnoe effect for washing and processing of wool yarn and products made from it

Detergent composition for cleaning surfaces // 2034913
The invention relates to an acidic detergent compositions that can be used to clean painted metal surfaces, transport and other structures from dust, dirt, grease and oxide contamination resulting from subsidence metal " dust from wear of the brake pads, track and wheelset, and for cleaning glass surfaces from all kinds of pollution

Composition for cleaning hard surfaces // 2021337
The invention relates to compositions of household chemicals, namely, compositions intended for cleaning of all kinds of kitchen utensils, items of kitchen utensils, all vodouderzhivayuschaya surfaces, panels, doors, window frames, cladding materials, plastics products, imitation leather, ceramics, floors of any type, carpet cleaning, carpeting, textile upholstery and car