Containing hydroxy groups (C07C47/26)

C   Chemistry; metallurgy(319045)
C07   Organic chemistry(61593)
C07C47        Compounds having ; cho groups(815)
C07C47/26                     Containing hydroxy groups(3)
ethod of production of 1.3-diol // 2261242
FIELD: methods of production of 1.3 alkandiol.SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of chemical industry, in particular, to production of 1.3 alkandiol by hydrogenation of the raw material, containing 3-hydroxyaldehyde at presence of a catalyst and a source of hydrogen, where as a source of hydrogen use a synthesis gas, and the catalyst represents a heterogeneous catalyst containing copper on the carrier; and also to the method of production of 1.3-alkandiol by conversion of an oxide in the process including a hydroformylation and hydrogenation. At that it is not obligatory to realize the indicated phases simultaneously in one reaction vessel. The reached technical result consists in essential reduction of the fixed value of equipment and in bringing to a "single-phase" production of 1.3-propandiol (or a similar 3-alcandil) from ethylene oxide (or a corresponding oxide).EFFECT: the invention ensures essential reduction of the fixed value of equipment and reduction to a "single-phase" process of the propandiol or alkandiol production.9 cl, 2 tbl, 2 ex